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  1. Has anyone been successful in covering up ice pick scars? I have tried a few primers and foundations but they seem to make my skin more oily and the scars become more noticeable. I'm new to make up. Most of the stuff I tried was recommended on YouTube videos however those people didn't seem to have deep ice pick scaring to begin with. I'm starting uni soon and would like to be able to cover up my ice pick scars better. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everybody! In about a month, my boyfriend and I are going away to the beach. I'll be wearing bathing suits, so I'm very worried. I have pretty dark acne scars on my chest, shoulders, legs, and even butt. I do have some current acne as well, which is just as embarrassing. I'm super grossed out by my skin at the moment, and I've been trying a lot of different things to try to make it go away. If it matters, my current regimen is: -Exfoliation -All natural soap -Clean and clear body wash -Desitin for my shoulders, chest and face -Acne clearing lotion by greenheartlabs for my lower regions -and soon I'll be adding Mederma in an attempt to lighten my scars. Anyways, if this all fails, I'm going to need a quick fix- either gradual self tanning lotion or makeup (for my body). I've purchased the tanning lotion and plan on trying it out soon. I'm extremely pale so any impurities on my skin are very obvious. I could always use makeup as well, but I'd be embarrassed if it rubbed off on my boyfriend or something. Does anyone have advice/tips on whether self tanner or makeup is better in terms of covering up body acne and scars? Thanks :)