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  1. Hello, i had 2 fraxels and 1 co2 done on my face. I have used hydroquinone for a long time but it did not bring my complexion back to nirnal as it was supposed to. Since then I have been trying to get back my ‘normal’ complexion in more natural ways. I have added vitamins to my diet, also using aloe vera right from the plant. Anyone have experience in getting your complexion back to normal without a chemical peel? My face has been through a lot so I am really trying to do things naturally. Any advice is appreciated!!
  2. Hello all, i had 2 subcision treatments, one of them left me with a raised scar. I guess I was not a good candidate. I am now waiting to see a bew doctor who can hopefully help me make it go away. I had 2 fraxel treatments and 1 co2. I noticed that after my 3rd laser treatment, which was the co2 that was done at the same time with my second subcision, so as I stsarted healing my cheeks started losing collagen. Basically the skin is kind of flat and wrinkled, very noticable especially when I smile. As you can see I did not have the best of luck with these treatments. I wish I could go back to the way I was, icepick scars and nothing else. These new issues are much more noticable. Of course i contacted the doctor that treated me, of course he denies everything and tells mey cheeks looked like this before. I do not have it in me to fight it. Feeling depressed and not want to be around people. My face looks 15 years oldeer than my real age (which is 39) Does anyone have a personal experience similar to mine? I started taking collegen supplements in the hope of replacing the collagen i lost because of the co2 but i am not even sure it could make a difference? I am also taking vitamin c, l lysine, and a b complex. Is there a way the body can replace lost collagen in the cheeks or am i stuck like this? I have an appointment in september to see a cosmetic surgeon. i went to see a dermatologist (a new one) and he sent me to a plastic surgeon basically. it is awful i have to wait so long to have a consult. meanwhile my cheeks are atrophied and i also have that scar/lump i got after the subcision. if someone has some good advice, i’d appreciate it. Thanks for reading. Edited to add: i also have wicked hyperpigmentation since the lasers and instead of going to another agressive treatment i would rather treat it myself. Any suggestions? i started using really aloe leaves and just rub the juice directly on my skin. Anything else i can do other than an actual chemical peel?
  3. what treatment works

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    Hi, im wondering if anyone can advice me what treatment should I go for. I did about 6 times of fractional co2. I’m thinking of going for tca cross or infini or ematrix
  4. Hey everyone - decided to make a post as I'm currently healing from a laser procedure performed last Friday (27/04). I have severe (mainly) rolling and boxcar scars. I've tried erbium (twice), fraxel (4x) and CO2 core laser (1x), I've also had subcision and filler performed on my cheeks. Before all this, I was on accutane for a year. So if anyone has any questions, let me know! I'm going to post pictures right now as I'm healing and what I looked like before. I know people are a bit skeptical about lasers as am I, I must admit. The laser I was treated with is CO2 ULTRAPULSE. I'm from Auckland but was treated in Brisbane, Aus. The cost for one treatment was $1400 AUD by Dr. Lim. I went to the clinic on Friday, got numbed up, had injections, etc. The procedure itself was only about 10 minutes and the pain was about (7/10). Immediately after, I bled and continued to bleed the following 4-5 hours post-op. My face started to swell on the second day post-op. Now I'm about 3 days post-op and the swelling has gone down, but obviously I'm in no position to leave the house as I'm very very red and yuck looking. I'm not sure how many treatments I will need as obviously this is very touch and go. But the doctor did say I would see a lot of improvement this time around. The ULTRAPULSE from what I understand, is more aggressive. I will update if anyone is interested. Post op: Scars: Scars:
  5. Hi everyone! I have really bad acne scars I'm currently seeing a dermatologist right now and have my next laser treatment in APRIL/EARLY MAY (so really soon!) To date I've tried fraxel (to no avail), fully ablative laser resurfracing (erbium), fractional laser resurfacing (CO2 Core Laser) as well as filler/subcision. The reason for my post was 1) to answer any questions for those seeking scar treatments and 2) show people my scars. I've also added my gofundme page here if anyone would be kind enough to donate. Thanks everyone! Edit: Do not post a link for a GoFundMe Page for treatment - Mod's, this is not a advertising site
  6. Hi guys how are you . i ve been suffring from acne scars for 5 years . i went to dermatologue and she suggested to me a 60% co2 laser . as you see in the pics i have a many types of scars . from 2 grade to 4 grade . so what do you think ??? will co2 give me a good results ??? is 60% laser strong enough ????
  7. My Story of failure

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    Hey Guys, I found this forum today and I am relieved in a way I can speak to like minded people because my general friends/family do not understand what I go through on a day to day basis. In my teen years I suffered severe acne. Parents took me to a dermatologist, took accutane for the time needed. Yes it was a temporary fix. But what came afterwards was what has affected me for years and still to this day it kills me to see everyone around me with nice skin and I have been unlucky. Being a 20 year old with fat loss in cheeks is a very rare occurence. Some dermatologists said it was the accutane, others said its my "genes". Not ONE family member of mine has what I have. At 22 years of age I moved states to get better medical advice and start a pathway to treating my scars/fat loss/large pores. After going to apparently the best dermatologist in the area, I started undergoing a treatment plan which consisted of a few co2 laser sessions. With high hopes I did everything right, after 8 weeks there was very little improvement and no collagen reproduction whatsoever. Tried a second co2 after 12 weeks, same result. Very little improvement. As a matter of fact I believe I may have lost more fat. After a few weeks I got hyperpigmentation. Did a series of peels with same thing again, little improvement. Did another cycle of accutane, little improvement and horrible experience. Last year I decided to go to a different dermatologist. They tried to fill my face up with fillers and botox for the forehead and cheeks. Botox worked for a while. A month to be exact. Only 1ml each side was put into my cheeks. Little improvement but they definitely underestimated how much I needed to fill my face up. Now at 27 I have gone to another dermatologist yet again. I have started a new treatment of co2 laser but they have done a subcision treatment and a tca peel in certain areas. I am being hopeful with this new treatment but with my past experiences its playing with my mind. The day after co2 my face looked so full. if only that was a permanent look I am after other possible treatments that have been proven to work if this fails. I have spent easily over $15000 in just treatments alone only to see the same face in the mirror everyday without improvement. Some of the users here complain about a couple of scars here and there. I would kill to have what other complain about on here. I have attached pictures of my scars, this is 1 week post co2 (today)
  8. Skin condition

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    Hello everyone, that's my first thread on this forum. Found it somewhere in the Internet cause I was looking for help and here's my story. As I started puberty, I got acne. It wasn't as bad as in some cases but it left me with scars - especially on the temples. Anyway - when I was 18 I've started taking isotretinoin for about a year and I got rid of acne. About a year after my isotretinoin therapy had ended I underwent a sieries of fraxel laser treatment (for the scars) - the last one was 2 weekes ago so the skin doesn't look healthy yet (redness and the peeling). I'm describing this so that you knew my situtation. I'd like you to assess condition of my skin. Especially the center of the forehead - don't you think there's something weird going on - I've got a problem with those dark little dots, what are they, are they scars? How can I get rid of them? Sorry if I made any mistakes writing this - English is not my first language .
  9. Laser treatment Combo

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    Hey guys, Today i just got a laser combination treatment for my acne scars. I basically have all of my scarring on my temples and cheeks which are mostly boxscars, and a old chicken pox scar in between my eyebrows. I'll spare you guys the long storey of my acne scarring struggle and just get straight to the treatment. Today I just had my first round of Micro Laser Peel + Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. Both lasers are made by the same manufacturer called Sciton. The Fractionated laser they used was called the "ProFractional". See below for the before shots and the gruesome day 1 photos. Warning it is bloody.It was super sketch making my way out from the office to my car. I literally had to cross one traffic light and sprinted 2 blocks to my car lol. Hopefully I will be ok by Monday. Also the before photos do not show my scaring on my cheeks that well, as I was only focusing on trying to show the scarring on the temples.
  10. How come it's SOOO difficult to find a doctor who performs the traditional CO2 ablative laser? I have looked across my state and cant find any doctors who do the traditional, not fractional laser. I really have been wanting to try it, despite its risk. Anyone know of a way of finding a dr who will do the traditional laser? Or does anyone know a doctor in the state of Florida who performs it? Any help is deeply appreciated
  11. Hi I'm looking for anyone who has had success in laser treatment for acne scars. I have ice pick box car and rolling scars. So if you can relate please reply. Please post what type of laser you had, how many treatments, when you saw results. thank you
  12. Hi, I've been suffering from acne & acne scars since high school and during my stay abroad (Canada & Aussie), I got a severe troublesome on my face. By the way I'm Korean woman. The troublesome looked like severe cystic acne and it itched a lot. As I came back to Korea, I got a treatment from Korean oriental clinic, which is similar to derma needing therapy. After the treatment, luckly, I looked a lot better than before, but many ugla scars remained. Because I used to work at sea, I couldn't get a treatment properly with a long term. Also, I couldn't do anything on the new acne at work and every acne left scars. So, I searched for every treatment starting from raser, healthy food, lots of water and needling therapy, seriously, everything. I found this scar treatment on Korean website. It's called self auto-regenerative treatment. Refer to the below website (It's Korean website tho) The doctor seems to be more specialized in deep wrinkles, I think. According to the website , the principle of this treatment is that some biological stimulation created by the combination of Co2 and hyaluronic acid generates a lot of collagen at once. I actually got the treatment this January and it really helps my scars to fade. Please see the two comparing pictures below; The big scar btw my nose and lips. (It's acne scar but looks like wrinkle because three pimples were there before.) 2nd pic is after 5months I got the treatment. Even tho the scar doesn't completely fade away, at least it doesn't stand out. I'm not sure if this treatment is also good for boxcars. Please share some information with me if you know this treatment or similar. P.s . This costs a lot... I did that small part and paid almost 1000$ USD. I'm thinking to get one more treatment after no more ance comes out. but it'll cost 5000& for both cheeks.. ... :'(
  13. Hi everyone, I am a 21 year old Asian-Indian origin female struggling from moderate-severe acne scars. I first battled moderate acne for years before going on a low dosage of accutane (10 mg) for four months after which my breakouts stopped. I haven't had a new pimple in months now (yeeeeaas, thankfully) but I have horrid horrid acne scars all over my cheeks. These are almost impossible to conceal with makeup so I had decided to visit a dermatologist who could help me get rid of these using different techniques. I went through 4 rounds of subcision+ co2 laser over the span of 2 years and I recently (last month) had a fraxel treatment done at a new dermatologist's place. Needless to say after spending all this money, time and effort I have had barely 10-15% improvement in the scars. This is incredibly upsetting and I was wondering if people here who have had scars and have successfully minimised them to a large extent could provide some insight here. I have attached two pictures here. This was the harshest light I could find and my scars do look pretty pretty bad here. appreciate the input!
  14. This thread will go thru my journey as I get my scar treatment. I plan on getting mixto with subcision with dr David rahimi. I am quite young only 18 so I figured why not get my treatment when my scars and I are young. Any my questions you have I will answer. I will post pictures of my scars once most people join in on the thread. But right now my scars are mild not super mild but not yet moderate more in the middle. I have mostly box car scars with a couple ice pick and about one your two rolling scars the are very shallow. i will start up dating this once people join in and I actually get my laser which will be next month when I graduate from hs. So around June 22. I already had my consultation and all that I'm just eating to save up a little more money and find a good date.
  15. I no longer have acne (accutane) but I have horrible redness on my cheeks which has existed for at least 10 years. I had VBeam done recently which caused purpula and heavy bruising, but it still hasn't got rid of the redness. I just want an even skin tone. Is fraxel worth a shot? Co2? I don't know what to do anymore.
  16. July 2016 Davin Lim on Energy Devices and Scar Treatment Interesting Infini (goes 3.5mm, laser only 1.5mm) is his favorite when he is the Fraxel Spokesman, he gets the machines for free and is paid to talk at conferences. Fraxel he said "is the most overrated treatments out there", good for minor scars but not many things. CO2RE is more powerful than the Fraxel device, even Re:pair. His number one recommendation seems to be Subcision & Filler depressed scars, & TCA Cross Icepics. As I have been saying in the FAQ for out Sub Forum... lasers are for surface texture and filler, subcision, microneedling, tca cross / spot tca peels, are great for scars before you go the laser route. Start with non energy treatments first and move to energy devices if you are ready ;-P He said to only do a derminator not a dermaroller they are not effective microneedles and often tear Syneron Candela Core / Co2re laser (good for acne scars "laser of choice acne scars" as it is customizable up to 80mj setting and can do hybrid mode like Total FX or shallow settings like Re:Store ETC All-in-one) Fraxel re:pair (tightens, refreshes skin, acne scars) Cynosure Picosure focus laser (great for large pores, no down time, ethnic skin, hyperpigmentation) Lutronic Infini Radio Frequency Microneedling (tightens & plumps, fractionated skin refreshing, goes deeper than laser, low down time) Ematrix (active acne pustules ablates top surface of skin) Scition erbium laser (great for ethnic skin or stacking with CO2 laser) Video Overview / Fractional laser resurfacing- dermatologist Review of All New Laser Technologies and Radio Frequency and Pluses of Each: Syneron Candela Core / Co2re laser with deep acne scars: Results of Laser Acne Scar Procedures: Subscision is Still the Best Cheap Non Laser Treatment for Rolling Acne Scars: Tethered / Anchored / Puckered: TCA Cross for icepicks Procedure:
  17. Hi, I finally thought I was on my way to my skin looking better until I decided to have one more laser treatment. I've had so many treatments... 3 Traditional co2, 4 fractional co2, tca, dermapen, prp and infini. Most of my scars have risen to the surface so I thought one more traditional co2 would do the trick... Wrong! I'm left with a much larger scar than any I've had before. I'm looking for advice on what I should do. I'm thinking excision. Any help please! The first pic is after and second is before
  18. Hi All, I've been lurking in these forum posts for a few years now but have decided to make an account to make my first post. What prompted me to create a new account is my severe acne scarring and finally wanting to do something about it. Trust me - it's pretty severe. There's no BDD misconception here and the information that I gained lurking these forums is that only Co2 ablative treatments can help (maybe subcision/suction for the really deep ones). I have a combination of boxcars, rolling, and icepicks all over my face but heavily concentrated on the cheeks area as well as the jawline and temples. This leads me into my next question: Does anyone know of any doctors/dermatologists in the Bay Area in California (or maybe even in the Sacramento area) that carries either MixTo or Fraxel Re:Pair (or similar lasers)? Thanks, facel3ss
  19. Hello everyone, Just would like to get some feedback from a least a few patients regarding the new Picosure Focus Laser. Picosure is heavily marketed as the revolutionary new technology to remove tattoos and less information on actual scar remodeling. My doctor is the only doctor in the entire bay area that has this laser as it is such a new technology. From website: Unprecedented innovation in laser technology. PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second. Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact for better clearance with fewer treatments and less fluence. The future is here. I haven't been on here in a couple of years. Just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with the new Picosure Focus laser for acne scarring. I'm getting my 3rd round of Mixto and subcision. I had two earlier rounds 2 years ago (read: 2012) I normally follow up with a couple of Genesis Plus treatments to keep an even tone and help with remodeling the scars. (Total procedures resulted in a 30-35% difference fyi) Yes I am happy with the results but of course if technology can result in better results then I'm all for it. Now, he wants to add this to the gamut of tools of the trade. I've done a few searches online and there's nothing at this forum or real-self. As always, stay fit, live happy, eat healthy and play often Cheers
  20. Dermabrasion + Recell + Co2

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    Four days ago (11/20/2013) I had dermbarsion, co2 laser and recell performed by Dr. Maini in Nottingham. Today I got the bandages off. While I’m too red to make a final assessment, I am optimistic that I will have a good outcome from the procedure. The procedure was carried out under local anesthesia. I’m not a huge fan of needles, so getting the injections was not too pleasant. Then the doctor took the skin sample for the recell. He took the skin from behind my left ear. The C02 laser was performed next. He did one pass of the CO2RE laser using the “deep” setting. Which means he making small deep injuries into the dermis. The CO2 was performed over my whole face, neck, and forehead. Following that he dermabraded my creeks using a dermasander (basically looked like a fancy piece of sandpaper). Generally Avita (maker of recell) recommend being conservative with the dermabrasion and only going to pinpoint bleeding. I asked Dr. Maini to be more aggressive, based on the papers I had read of the effectiveness of dermabrasion. There was quite a bit of blood, but the dermabrasion was not painful. The most painful part of the operation was when he was lasering around the edges of the face where I wasn’t completely numb. I’ve uploaded a bunch of before pictures to my gallery. You can see I have fairly extensive scarring around my cheeks, jawline and temples. Dr Maini said that dermabrading the neck area is not recommended due to the risk of additional scarring. He did laser the area. I’ve also uploaded two pictures from today into my gallery. You can see that I am quite red at this point, but I’m also optimistic. The doctor thought that I am healing quite well.
  21. Info On Lasers?

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    Hearing such discouraging stories about treating scars on the nose, I think I might have to resort to lasers for my nose. I don't know much about them, and my research hasn't yielded very informative anecdotes about people who've actually done it. a) Which laser would have the best effect on reducing/removing my scars? b) Which laser is safest for darker skin? And if my skin does darken, is there a way to lighten it back up? c) What is the approximate cost of getting just my nose or half of my nose lasered? d) How many treatments are usually needed for medium sized scars? Types of Scars I Have: Four scars between the middle of my nose and the tip. One medium sized icepick, one broad shallow boxcar, and two moderate depth circular scars. Quite a few enlarged pores in that area as well. Background Information: I had inflammatory acne but it's now under control. I am a medium brown skin color. I'd really appreciate any help I can get! I've been so helped and inspired by people's posts on this website and I barely joined yesterday! <3 P.S. I may try uploading a photo of my nose later, it's just really hard to find proper lighting in this house.
  22. Blackheads And Laser

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    Sometimes next year, I am planning to treat my shallow scarring with laser like Repair or Total FX. I have acne scarring on both cheeks. It's mix of rolling, boxcar, icepick. I also have blackheads, enlarged pore a little bit, very rarely get a new pimple. Recently I've been hearing from others(not a doctor, but people who underwent laser treatments such as CO2, repair) that laser treatment will diminish blackheads. Is it true? It makes sense a bit if I think about how laser works, but I am not fully convinced yet...also I am not knowledgeable on laser topic so much. Does anyone know about this?
  23. The Procedure

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    Today I went in for my Co2 Fractional Laser treatment at Harmony Laser Center, Colorado. Here's how my last 2.5 hours went: Prepping: I was at the laser center for about 10 minutes when I was then taken to the back by a very nice, welcoming nurse named Mary. While in the back, Mary explained to me what my skin care regimen is going to be for the next 5 days while applying 3 seperate topical numbing creams on my face (they all ended in "-caine") After signing a few quick forms and going over what my next week is going to look like and answering some of my questions it was time to get started (the whole process took about an hour and 15 min) They recommended I take my pain killers before the procdure but I forgot to Anyway, the cosmetologist, Kristen, told me 50% of their patients choose not to take the pain killers. So, that was refreshing. The Laser: When it was time to start, i was instructed to lay down on this very comfy hospital bed. I was then covered in a nice blanket and proceeded to have these little glasses placed over my eyes to protect them. Kristen told me she was going to focus on the areas that needed the most help first (my jaw line, my temples, some cheek area) and then she'd go over my whole face more lightly with the laser. When she started, I was absolutely SHOCKED! I couldn't believe how much it DIDN'T hurt!!! I've read reviews and watched some videos and everyone describes it as "being snapped by a rubber band" To me, if any of you (women specifically) have had your eyebrows threaded, the laser hurts less than that. Around my neck area though and jawline was very tender, i felt it more, but not enough to jump out of my seat crying or ask her to stop. Anyway, she went over my face 2 times. Come the end of the procedure my body was shakey, definitely, from being in shock and my face felt like i had a sun burn (a bad one) But, after Kristen applied some cream on it, it actually feels a lot better. My grandma picked me up and I went home. Day 1: My face hurts a little. It's more warm than anything. It definitely hurts to touch it and I do have to start using my antibiotics immediately. It doesn't hurt enough that I feel like I need to start using my pain killers. Having a fan blow on my skin or being somewhere cool feels 100 times better. I'm not allowed to wash my skin for 24 hours and I have to keep reapplying this gooey, creamy stuff. If you guys have any questions I didn't answer in my last 2 posts please feel free to write me. I've also added a photo to show you guys what fun I'm having. The picture: I'm not smiling because my skin feels really tight and it doesn't hurt but feels weird to smile. My skin looks like I've been tanning at the beach all day so you can see how the laser has burned my skin (my face looks relatively more tan then my neck) But I really have no redness or bleeding for right now.
  24. The forehead lines and the lines around my mouth