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  1. Just further to my post about introducing the AHA to my 17 year old sons routine. As mentioned he's been on the regimen for 4 weeks and still battling breakouts. I have yet to order the AHA cream but I have an excellent AHA cleanser which has kept me clear for years and Im wondering if in the meantime he could mix a little bit of this into his cleanser once per day? It's 12% strength I think so i thought just using a little bit could gradually get his skin used to it. What do you think?
  2. Hey guys, theres this thing called "isoderm liquid" thing in my house, my sister got it from a dermatologist so i guess its prescribed. Any idea what this isoderm liquid thing is?searching on google comes up as isotrenetoin but no mentions of isoderm. Thanks
  3. I just ordered a 10% Glycolic Avis cleansed from amazon and used it about 3 days ago, I have oily skin, however, I used it once and my skin was so tight I could barely smile it felt like. i had never been so dry in my life! I was like okay, maybe my skin just has to get used to it so I’ll ride it out. With symptoms continuing, I used it a second day like an idiot!!! Keep in mind I’ve never used glycolic acid! So, i woke up the next day and my face as as dry as the sahara. Very uncomfortable, tight, and itchy!!! So I didn’t use it again and went back to my cerave hydrating cleanser. Now I have very itchy, dry, reddish skin around my chin and mouth area. There are teeny tiny little whitehead looking bumps. It is veryyy itchy. I am freaking out! Has anybody else experienced this with glycolic acid?? What can I do??? I’m thinking it is perioral dermatitis but i’m not sure. Sorry for any typos I am frantic!!!!
  4. Sorry went a little nuts with the tags on this thread probably. Anyway, Ive been meaning to make a post about this for months. I literally cannot stop using BP gel (cream? gel? not sure its white). I have been using it pretty much every time I shave/wash my face for years. I wash my face about once a day, sometimes every two days. I have good hygiene, but I find if I wash more than that my face looks 10 times worse. Also, the BP is necessary every time now. I will have the same areas (on sides of chin, neck around adams apple) cropping up with the same big red breakouts. They arent like normal pimple, there is no white head or core, its just a hard PAINFUL red bump. You cant even pop them, they are just big painful red bumps. These also show up on my legs and butt. The products I use are the following: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (cleaning, also use for shaving as its better than any cream ive used)) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Store brand BP gel 10% (I try to dilute this a little with water before applying) Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant (I also use some crafting clay in my hair, professional Sebastian, figured should mention as I am a side sleeper, i use this rarely) Not only am I having the red bumps problem if I dont use the BP, I also have large black pores and white clogged gross sebum pores. I know its terrible to go around squeezing them all, hence why i got the glycolic acid AHA gel. Even after using that for months its no better. I have researched far and wide for years, read every article out there I feel like. I am still having same issues. Would love and appreciate anyone who knows anything else. Thank you.
  5. I first bought the Acure Facial Cleansing Gel after reading multiple reviews in Amazon from people swearing it helped them clear their acne. It was also during a time in my life when I was so fed up with my acne that I was willing to try anything. I had started to believe that I needed to switch to "all-natural" products. When I first started using this, I genuinely believed that it was gradually helping me clear my skin. I used it for half a year. It was only when i threw it away that I realized how wrong I had been. I stopped using it a few months ago after my first visit to my dermatologist in which he gave me a new face wash (Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser), antibiotics (Doxycycline), and a gel (Duac). It has been almost 4 months and my acne has since cleared completely. I'm wondering now if this is a result of these new products, the removal of this face wash, or a combination of both of these factors. Has anyone tried this face wash, and if yes, did you have any problems with it? There are no reviews for it on this website, which is why I'm asking if anyone's tried it. Please respond!
  6. So im struggling with mild-moderate acne a few months now and every morning&night i'm washing my face off with "Future deep botanical cleanser". Its probably not very known , but i have got it from my cosmetician. Its kind of this muddy liquid with flakes in it -- I have been wondering if that might be not good because it is a cleanser and a not face wash. it really does'nt feel soapy-like. I do have very oily skin. I'm not eating greasy food/dairy, and am using DUAC gel. Maybe my problem is the very basic--my cleanser?? THANKS
  7. Hey guys, So I have been using Cetaphil's gentle cleanser to wash my face for about a year. However, it still dries my face a ton!!! I thought it was supposed to be one of the least drying products out there! If anybody has any experience with another cleanser that might be less drying please let me know. I can't even go swimming without my face looking totally dried and flaky. Please please please let me know if any of you guys are using a product that is less drying. It would help me immensely. Also, please don't just tell me to use water because I've tried and it just breaks me out more. Thanks
  8. Have anyone tried this one? Because I'm thinking about trying it out but I would like some opinions and reviews^^
  9. Does anyone use only the cleanser and moisturizer to treat mild acne? Can I use the BP as spot treatment at night only?
  10. Makeup during regimen

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    I wear makeup everyday . Will the acne cleanser remove all the makeup . Anyone recommend it ? I bought the whole regimen but I do wear makeup everyday and wasn't curious .
  11. Products

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    How can i buy these products?
  12. Hey peepsels, I recently had an order go missing and I'm a bit short on cash to buy another lot until next month due to shipping costs bla bla bla. I can get by on what Ive got except I'm out of cleanser! Can anybody recommend a substitute cleanser to help me keep up my regimen in the meantime? Thanks
  13. I am using Moiz cleanser whose ingredient is similar to Cetaphil but without paraben and SLS. It suits sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Cleans well without foam and the consistency is thicker than Cetaphil. Check this out [Link removed]
  14. Hello I've now been on a treatment for 4 months and it has surely helped me. I do however still get pimpels (mostly whiteheads) every day and my acne doesn't seem to make any good progress. My current treatment consists of: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The products I use are all from Exuviance. This sunday I purchased the 2,5% Benzoyl Peroxide and I'll swap it with the toner that I'm currently using. I hope the BP can prevent my daily breakouts and clear my skin. My question is just should I buy the other products as well? I'm happy for the cleanser and moisturizer that I currently have, but I'm worried whether the BP will work since I'm not using the other suggested products? So what is yours suggestions? Should I try it out and buy the other products from the Regimen if I don't see any positive results? Greetings from Denmark Please reply if you have any questions
  15. I'm thinking of starting the regimen, since it seems like it has helped a lot of people, but I'm not sure if I want to use alle the products. I allready have a cleanser I like because it's very gentle and not very drying(I've heard the regimen clenaser is quite drying), and since the moisturizer has such bad reviews I thought I'd skip that too( I have my own moisturizer) and only try the benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide is supposed to be the actual treatment though, isn't it? Anyhow, would it be stupid of me only to use one of the products, or can I stick to the products I currently use and just add the benzoyl peroxide? Thanks in advance<3
  16. I'm going to be starting Isotretinoin at the end of this month and I'm still undecided if I should use Cerave or Cetaphil products. I've been leaning towards Cerave's products at the moment because the hydrating cleanser looks like it would be a good, gentle cleanser that won't dry my face out along with the moisturizers. I've looked at many other forums were people have said what they believe is better, but they really have not helped me in my decision because they were comparing what they have used to what they haven't . Which one is truly better in your opinion? P.S. It does not matter to me that they aren't good at taking off makeup. I plan on using an oil cleanser to remove makeup before washing my face. And if there are any good products that you recommend I use let me know please!! Thank you so much!
  17. After cleanser

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    Hey everyone i just wanted to ask if i'm the only one that has super dry skin after cleanser. I dont know if this is normal or if its normal after pb? i'm on my 2nd week now and really pray and hope that the burning and dryness will go away. I'm really worried about that because it really hurts Please help me~~ Thank you
  18. Hi all, So I started using the regimen about 4 days ago. I have only been applying a pea sized amount of the BP once a day, at night, as I wanted to see how I reacted. The first day after using it my skin was fine, and the second day my skin began to get a bit flaky, the third day my skin was VERY oily but also itchy and flaky. Tonight would have been my 4th night of applying the BP but I have refrained because this evening my skin has begun to get quite red. Is this normal for this early on in the treatment? and should I carry on or should I start using it every other night until the redness subsides? Also it might be good to tell you that a year or so ago I used 5% BP on my face every night for a week with NO moisturiser at all, and one morning I woke up and my skin was extremely dry and flaky and was quite red and swollen. Now I don't know if this means I'm allergic. I'm more inclined to think that this was becuase I really didn't know what I was doing at the time and my skin reacted badly as I applied to much BP too quickly without replenishing any of the moisture that the BP takes away. So people, was are your thoughts? Thanks!
  19. Does anyone have experience with the Clearogen brand and/or the soniclear brush?
  20. Does anyone have experience with The Body Shop face products? Ive heard great things about the tea tree mask and the tea tree gel to spot treat but was not sure if anyone has had experience with their other facial products ? (ie the tea tree perfecting serum, tea tree daily facial cleanser, the vit e hydrating toner, the vit e overnight moisture cream,the vit c daily moisturizer, the stay matte tea tree daily moisturizer) Any help would be appreciated!!
  21. Help!! I've run out of my products. I purchased the 8oz initial kit, and it hasn't even been a month and I'm out of my cleanser and moisturizer. I still have plenty of the bp, thankfully! But I really need to know the best cleanser and moisturizer to use in a pinch from the drugstore until I can order more from the line. I once found some info on this website about alternative products but am having trouble locating it again. Please help before tonight, when it comes time for me to wash my face. Lol
  22. Hi everyone, **Before you read any further, I wanted to let you all know why I am posting on tonight. I've been wanting to post this for a while because I know that many acne sufferers stalk each post and forum daily, endlessly looking for cures and solutions. I know because that's exactly what I did for 8 years straight. And I know how much of a negative impact suffering and obsessing over the clarity of your skin can have on your personal life, friends, family and academics. You are not alone and you are actually stronger than most people by having to go through this kind of emotional distress in life. It will make you stronger and smarter later, trust me. TBH, I can actually say that most readers and posters on this site are extremely literate and excellent internet researchers (always looking for that next possible cure haha). A bit about me, I am 25 years old and have been suffering from acne since middle school. Starting in middle school, I used by first acne product which was a Neutrogena acne bar soap. Of course, this escalated with the severity of my acne and I ended up using Proactiv all throughout High School to keep my skin clear. I thought that Proactiv was amazing at the time. Regardless of the price, it kept my skin crystal clear and who could really put a price on that right? ...Wrong. When I started college, my acne started to change and Proactiv was slowly losing its effectiveness (I had to start using it twice a day, faithfully again to reap 85% clarity). It was during this time that I started to obsess HARD about my skin and was probably on more than my studies. Acne held me back from dating, social confidence, attending class and more. I feel foolish that I let it affect me so much looking back, but I also know how real it is to have acne put you back... Fast forward 6 years and I was still on as well as googling any type of successful treatments out there (on bodybuilding. org forums too). I stopped using Proactiv and started experimenting with Cerave, Neutrogena, 5-star acne products on Amazon... anything really. And yes, I gave it 4-8 weeks to see if it was actually working. During this time, I was really messing up my skin. Coworkers and family were actively asking me what happened and recommending products to me which drove me insane and also really tore down any confidence I had even more. I even went to a dermatologist and the first thing he recommended was Accutane (rude but also understand some people had great outcomes with it). After I was faced with the decision to either go on Accutane, start antibiotics (which I definitely do not recommend!!!) or just let my acne go crazy and leave a lot more hyperpigmentation. ---I decided to just face my fears. At this point my acne was pretty bad and I did not want to risk my health just to have it potentially fixed for an indefinite amount of time. I decided to just listen to my dad and let my skin heal without products FOR A WHILE. No, this post isn't some hollistic preaching to use all natural products.. it's my successful experience with clearing my acne that I feel obligated to share with everyone in the hopes that I can help someone, or anyone. REGIMEN For the first month, I transitioned my skin off all my products. Using just warm water to rinse and pat dry with a towel. Yes, you will accumulate dead layers of skin. Try not to scratch or pick (unrealistic, I know). During this month, you will obviously have a period of increased acne, your face will itch when you sweat and your acne will heal faster when irritated or popped. The goal is to let your skin barrier heal and “reset”. *****Special PSA about acne products… QUIT while you’re ahead. Like everyone has mentioned to you, acne products are all a scam in the end. What they essentially do is kill all the bacteria on your face and sterilize your face, which does prevent acne and clear you but requires you to never be able to go without their products or change anything up in your routine without sudden breakouts (from bacteria reintroduction). Your skin is supposed to have good bacteria and your skin barrier works over age and time to normalize your skin oils to prevents clogged pores/pimples. What I am saying is, acne products are just a trap.****** The next month and a half, I stopped using any products and continued with just warm washes. Again, lots of dead skin, faster healing of popped pimples and itchy skin. Keep going! The next month I started applying Aloe gel mixed with oil-free lotion on my skin to re-moisturize and build a healthy skin barrier again. It was really all about healing to this point. My skin was calming down but definitely still breaking out with the normal cysts and small pustules. However, it was nice to have such an easy regime and calmer, less angry skin. During the next month, I grew tired of not having clear skin so I reintroduced some products that were A) NOT made for acne reviewed and regarded highly to not break you out. I started with and I am still using Shiseido Men Foaming Cleanser (gentle and main part that cleared my skin) paired with Shiseido Men Moisturizing Emulsion (thicker than their hydrating lotion and does not clog pores while ACTUALLY HYDRATING for once!) I then introduced the Shiseido Men deep cleansing scrub to alternate every two days with my foaming cleanser to add exfoliation (Really took my skin to the next level of consistent clarity) and also added their oil-free SPF sunblock. That’s it really. I know I may have missed a lot of details that I forgot to mentioned but I have outlined my overall journey to reset my skin balance before reintroducing more sustainable, healthy products to my skin. This really helped clear up my skin and give my confidence back. I plan to be active on this forum for a couple weeks/months to help answer and clarify any questions! I hate people who post with “cures” in it and then fall off the face of the planet. ***side note** i acknowledge that I am a guy and understand that women are more prone to hormonal acne which cannot be solved by resetting skin balance/new cleansers. My sister has hormonal acne and I can say that birth control paired with snail essence facial products made her skin flawless.
  23. I just got my order but i could not find expiry date on 16 OZ bottle of Cleanser ? Can anyone tell me their expiry limit Also same of Jajoba oil. You reply will be appreciated.
  24. Hello, i'm Crystal and i'm 16 years old. I have never had bad acne. I would get pimples here and there, usually before my period. I loooove make up, (so yeah i wear a lot of that, but it has never affected my skin) I always make sure to wash it off before bed. I keep my skin care simple with the St. Ives Even and Bright scrub and the Clean & Clear Dual Action moisterizer. But 2 weeks ago, stupid me decided to try a cleanser. I bought the Biore Charcole Cleaser. I loved how it felt. Then 3 days later, my skin broke out like never before. I mean, it was horrible. It was on the tops of my cheeks, my forehead, temples, jaw and even down to my neck.. it was painful and oily and just absolutely horrible. I panicked and left that cleaser. I didn't wear any make up for a week, i only cleaned my face with water and made sure to moisterize well. I hoped it would clear up, but It's been about 10 days and my skin is still pretty bad. Most of the pimples are now dried out and flaky. Although, on the right side if my face, tops of my cheeks (like right under my under-eye area) i have about 5 horrible, still giant active pimples. It seems like theres and layer of skin over it and its super tight, they almost seem shiny. I'm now back on just gently using my usual scrub. But I need help.. ive never had a breakout like this before and i hate it. What can I do to get rid of it????????
  25. I recently have been able to cure most of my severe hormonal PCOS acne with banana peel, I left a review on the banana peel review page check it out if you want to find out about how I cured my severe acne. anyways I have been using this product I can say it definitely works. It doesn't dry out your skin it doesn't irratate the skin it cleanses and moisturises at the same time. Smells amazing to so far it hasn't gave me any new acne and removes makeup so good please let me know if you have tried his product and if it worked for you. Product : soap and glory peaches and clean cleansing milk.