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  1. Dry skin

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    the problem now is that my face is very dry, i can feel like a layer of dead skin just accumulated on top of my lower part of the face. I want to exfoliate it so bad, but i shouldn't according to the regimen. and yes i do follow the regimen instructions diligently so i do use enough lotion by Dan and i have ordered the jojoba oil and AHA as well (didn't use yet). But it so disturbingly flaky. like around the mouth area and chin. also on the forhead. and those areas seems a bit dark as well. btw i am on the second week of regimen only! I actually have acne on my cheeks mostly and just a pimple on chin and forehead sometimes only. but i did use the BP all over my face. And the first week i used a pea sixed amount for the face and increased a bit in the second week according to instructions. I really need to know what i do wrong? i dont want to be looking like this always, its not super dry, but i had oily skin before and i used to exfoliate daily . so This is a huge change for me right now. And also i feel that my zits on the cheeks they are still there. a few went and again came back. so i wouldn't say i got any bit cleared. (i dont touch my face) and also i do still have hyper pigmentation of my cheeks too. they did fade a little i believe. just a bit. I am not exactly the happiest. and i could ever think is about my face all the time. i wonder if this is working or if i should have ever started this in the first place. So any suggestions? Is this state normal? should i continue with the regimen? how long do i wait till i see results? I need motivation please!