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  1. So I want to start what would be considered the caveman regimen. The only thing is I live in south Florida and I wear sunscreen every single day, it’s something I can’t go with out. My face would fry. I want to start only washing with water and using no products on my face and see how it goes. Is water okay to use as the only thing to get the sunscreen off my face at the end of the day? I’ve always been made to believe you need to wash sunscreen off your face. I read online people suggest using an oil cleanser or oil to remove things like makeup. I would assume that would work for sunscreen too. But then isn’t that technically washing your face? I have light to moderate acne, and nothing I have ever used has made it stop completely. I always have at least 1-5 small zits or bumps on my face. I want to try this do nothing routine and stop wasting money and time on products and let my skin heal and do what it’s supposed to do for itself. However I can’t not wear sunscreen. Anyone have any experience or done this themselves?
  2. Hi, Not washing face doesn't work. Caveman regimen is a fail. If your skin barrier is broken (acne, rosacea, etc.) You have to wash and moisturizer, end of story. Thanks. You're never going to have skin like those people who say they "never wash their face" because you don't have those genetics. You probably look better than those people though once you get your face clear.
  3. So I’ve decided to do the caveman regimen. This is a last resort for me. I’m a 21 yr old female, I’ve had acne since I was 13. I’ve been to the dermatologist about 5 times. I’ve been put on different creams and have taken different pills. I’ve also tried facials and changed my diet to a healthier one about three years ago. I feel as though I’ve tried about everything, except accutane. My acne isn’t that bad. It’s not cystic, it’s never been cystic. I get small Whitehead’s all over my face though. My whole face looks bumpy, and feels that way too (I don’t have much acne on my chest or back). Even when I took pills these bumps would never completely go away. The rest of my family has never had acne, they get the occasional pimple, but nothing like what I’ve got. I heard about this no wash regimen about a year ago, but I never tried it because I was nervous. Now that it’s summer, I thought I’d give it a try. What’s the harm this could do anyway? So I started this regimen 25 days ago. The first week was hard. My skin looked fine, there wasn’t any major differences. What was hard was how bad my face itched. I also felt gross going to bed without using anything on my face. I also felt a bit dry. The second week is when I started to see the dead skin mask, mainly on my chin. My forehead almost completely cleared up, it was amazing. My cheeks were the main problem, new little Whitehead’s had started to appear. These Whitehead’s would go away pretty fast, within a day or two. My skin still itched like crazy. I got my monthly cycle and my chin did get two normal sized pimples. These pimples went away within three or four days. Now I’m on week three. My skin still itches like crazy. In fact, I think the itching is worse? I think this might be because it’s healing? I feel like this week has just been a big purge, my Whitehead’s are small, but red, so it makes my face looks red and spotty. My forehead is starting to get some small bumps like it had before. My chins dead skin mask is beginning to peal off naturally, the skin underneath looks smooth. I’ve had a hard time looking in the mirror this week, and I’ve also began to have doubts. I only have three more days until it has been a month, and I can’t see any huge improvements. I’ve heard this takes more than a month to start seeing results, but I’m not sure if I’m that patient I’m going to try and stick it out for as long as I can. Although my skin is itchy and spotty at the moment, I feel like this is better to when I washed it with different soaps. For the first time in years I’m letting my skin breathe and do it’s own thing. I’m not sure if this regimen is for me, but trying it out hasn’t cost me anything, or made my skin worse so I don’t regret it. I started this log because I’ve lost a bit of hope, and I feel like making a log will help me stick to this. I think I need to give this regimen more time. I’m on day 25 right now, I’ll make another log in a couple days. This has all been a bit brief, with my logs I plan to go into more detail.
  4. OK, I'm a 17yo female with most likely hormonal and inflammatory acne. My acne started when I was around 11 right at the beginning of puberty. I would describe it as mild: quite a few small blackheads/big pores (especially on forehead and front of cheeks), several small inflamed bumps at any given time with a couple small pustules (usually around chin, forehead or front of cheeks), I occasionally get cystic pimples (or "underground pimples) that are painful and inflamed. Always a couple blackheads and pimples on back and shoulders. I always used a combo of benzol peroxide and salicylic acid, although I went through month long periods of only one or the other. I tried incorporating an oil mix (jojoba, argon, etc) but it made me look greasy and seemed to cause congestion. I occasionally use diluted glycerine to moisturize my face and aloe vera when I literally cannot with my skin. I try not to pick but I do end up touching my face a lot. When I eat high glycemic foods I see an effect on my acne almost immediately, such as small pustules appearing by my nose soon after and an obvious increase in pustules and inflamed acne the next couple of days. I find that when I eat a lot of carbs I tend to get cystic pimples on my back. Because of this I make and effort not to eat too many of these foods (although I still eat sugary foods from time to time and carb-load for sports). I eat dairy but no straight up milk because I am lactose intolerant. I'm also a competitive swimmer and have around 8 practices a week, so my skin gets very dry because of all the chlorine (most likely aggravating my acne). Ok so I decided to a modified caveman regimen because I wasn't going to quit swimming. So basically I just stopped using my topicals and only rinsed my face with water after swimming. Obvs my goal was to obtain the beautiful clear skin that was supposed to happen but really I just wanted to not have such irritated, itchy dry skin all the time that would end up super oily at the end of the day. I also exfoliated a tiny bit with my fingers and water occasionally. Also I know that with swimming and stuff it wouldn't be possible to have that perfect acid mantle and cultivate good bacteria but I thought that it would still greatly improve my skin barrier or whatever. So first week-ish of the regimen I was camping so literally nothing touched my face except for some lake water (which I thought was ok since dirt is supposed to contain a lot of good bacteria etc). My skin immediately broke out into a ton of pustules, especially in my general mouth area (chin, above lips, smile lines). They were small and surface-level but I didn't pop them so I looked hideous. My cheeks also started to get really bumpy (like a breakout ready to happen). On week 2 and 3 I seemed to be getting less pustules than the first week but it was still a lot more than normal, but I was breaking out a lot basically everywhere (even places that normally didn't get too much acne) and my whole face, especially my chin, was inflamed. It was itchy, painful and very terrible looking. On top of that my forehead started to get super congested. BUT I was seeing signs of things that I thought meant that the regimen was working, like a ton of dry skin and my pimples would crust over and recede fairly quickly. I also noticed that a lot of my pores seemed to be pushing out plugs if that makes any sense (like I could often pull them out with tweezers and my chin pores had little short strands of white sticking out of them). K so last week (I gave it 4 weeks so that the skin could flip over or whatever) and my skin is DEFINITELY the worst it has ever been. Tons of pustules, inflammation and blackheads everywhere. Like I cry evertime (except not really, but I am someone who is very resilient to being judged and stuff and am not prone to anxiety, but If I was OOH BOY, like I probably would've quit so soon and actually cried myself to sleep). Like my mom even confronted me about it (a fair bit) cuz she was disgusted and thought people would start treating me badly. Recap: Good things that happened - less oil production - I became mentally stronger - I gained a lot of confidence (cuz I realized not everything depends on looks) - I started to accept and love my body (since it was the only good thing about me physically during this time) - I realized that my skin was best when I just used salicylic acid (benzol peroxide is a little too harsh in my experience) - I became way better at not picking (especially when it comes to not popping) Bad things - I became v ugly (thank god my skin doesn't scar easily!!!!!!!!!) So ya, basically if you have hormonal/puberty acne DO NOT DO THIS. Even if it works out you'll basically give yourself depression during the months required for purging. I would instead recommend a healthy diet, salicylic acid 1x/ day, diluted glycerine for moisture and acceptance of non-severe acne because it is NOT A BIG DEAL. If anyone cares I can upload some pics of my skin. Also I'm giving it 2 more days cuz I'm a fighter.
  5. So it's been two weeks since I posted on here! Here's the update: So my first trigger food once I started reintroducing foods back into my diet was eggs. I added grains and my skin was fine. Then I added chicken - another breakout. Then red meat - another breakout. Then dairy - another breakout. (I did let my skin breathe in between adding foods for a few days so I knew it was the food and not a residual breakout from a previous food) I will say that the breakouts were not bad, just whiteheads, not the cyst that popped up when I had eggs. So, I have decided to go vegan. It looks like animal products are the things keeping me from clear skin. It's been three days since my last breakout and for the past three days I've been eating vegan and my skin is looking goooooooood. I am honestly amazed that my skin is this good right now. I will say, I am not going to a very strict vegan. If someone offers me a non-vegan cookie, I'm gonna take it and deal with the whitehead the next day. But hopefully staying vegan for the majority of my meals will keep the serious acne away. I'm still only washing my face with micellar water. No harsh creams and no foundation. I'm thinking maybe once I'm really confident in my vegan diet, I might reintroduce foundation, but I haven't decided when or if I will do that. I've really loved being proud of my natural skin
  6. Hey everyone. So I now decided to finally make a log of my before and after pics (I was mainly waiting to see if my skin really was better or if it was just a phase). Attached I have a before and after pics of my skin, arround 1/2 years appart. It was a hard journey but you can never give up on it. Before the two pictures I tried a lot of stuff from antibiotics to accutane. Nothing worked. So I took the issue on my own hands: I changed my diet, mainly through elimination diets. Tried vegan, paleo and keto. The one that worked for me was a dairy-free low fodmap paleo diet (I know, long word). I changed my habits - stopped smoking, reduced alcohol intake and stopped drinking caffeine. Adopted a minimal skincare regimen. Only water (and moisturizer if I have any dry area). Only shower my hair and face every other day. Taking a full body shower everyday dries my skin way too much. And one that I think helped me a lot: went to a psychiatrist to deal with my anxiety and constantly high stress levels. And this is the basics of it. If anyone has a specific question, feel free to ask >Oh, and I'm sorry I don't have more pics of the before, but at that time I avoided taking pics at all costs.
  7. My skin is still so clear!! After chocolate I added whole wheat in the form of Ezekiel bread, whole wheat crackers and whole wheat eggless waffles. No breakouts at all! Next on the list is refined flour. I figured that if whole wheat is fine for me, I've already introduced gluten. The only reason I want to get refined flour out of the way is not because I really want to eat much of it, but because I have a bridal shower coming up that's tea party themed and I really want to be able to eat scones and tea sandwiches without worrying about my skin. So white flour is up next! Let's see how it goes!
  8. So the next food I introduced into my diet was chocolate (mostly because I've been craving it hardcore). I introduced it three days ago by making my own chocolate, since I wanted to avoid dairy and processed sugar. Basically I melted down unsweetened chocolate, added coconut oil and some maple syrup, flavored it with either cayenne, coconut or cinnamon (I made three batches), then layered the melted chocolate in mini muffin liners with slices of banana. Then I just cooled them in the freezer, easy peasy, no refined sugar or dairy needed! And they're SOOOOOOO delicious! I can't wait until I can do this with peanut butter and pretzels. Anyways, today is day three of chocolate and no new acne!! I have one little bump between my eyebrows but that's just because I was plucking too vigorously. The cyst from the eggs is disappearing nicely. I really hope eggs is the only allergen but my prediction is that the casein in milk products is going to be another culprit. One step at a time...
  9. How has it already been 20 days?? Since the mini breakout after eating pineapple, I have had no new breakouts! Yesterday I introduced coconut oil back into my diet, which I'm not worried about, and so far it has done nothing to my skin. My hyperpigmentation is still fading. Can't wait till it's totally gone because that's really the only thing that's making my skin look blemished. I started wearing lipstick again since my skin has been so stable. The whole waiting 4 days to introduce a new food is really going to test my patience, especially if my skin is doing well, but I can't disrupt the 'experiment'. (That's how I have to think of it or else I'll cheat!) Lord, give me patience!!
  10. So over the weekend I made a discovery - pineapple makes me break out!! I'm not really sure why, because I can handle other high sugar fruits like mango, maybe it's because of the enzymes? But whatever the case, I now know one of my trigger foods! So exciting! This really just gives me hope that this is all going to work out in the end, that I'm going to know 100% what makes me break out and what doesn't. The reaction wasn't bad, just a couple tiny whiteheads, but obviously the goal is no whiteheads at all, so that means pineapple has got to go! Skin is still looking good besides the 3 tiny little whiteheads that formed after drinking pineapple juice. In the pics, you can barely see them so I'm hopeful that they'll be gone soon. Still wearing no foundation but I added some retinol cream every once in awhile to help with the hyperpigmentation.
  11. So the red splotches and whiteheads that formed after the sugar scrub are now subsiding, so that's good. Still drinking only juice and water. This time was much easier to start juice fasting because my body has been totally detoxed from carbs so I don't crave them at all. Yes, I do miss the taste of them, but my body isn't like, "GIVE ME CARBS". I'm really happy I am reintroducing foods one at a time after this - it's going to give me so much clarity as to what causes my acne. I'm also hoping that I can stick to this no foundation thing forever. I love not having to worry about putting it on before I go out or taking it off at night. Part of me is hoping that makeup was the issue the whole time and I'll be able to eat whatever the heck I want! But let's be realistic. That's probably not the case. *sigh* Another benefit of juice fasting is I have SO MUCH free time now! I am amazed at how much time we spend preparing and eating food. It's kind of crazy...
  12. so today is my first day on the "caveman regimen". I woke up this morning kinda thinking the redness wasn't as bad, im 15 and have to deal with school and that kinda scares me with the whole "initial outbreak" thing as my acne is pretty bad. I have modified the caveman regimen a little, i just let the water from my shower clean my face, i very gently rub. and every friday i will be putting on witch hazel, all natural, no chemicals. i will provide pictures from when i woke up this morning. thank you and wish me luck on my acne journey!
  13. So on my Day 5 blog post, I said that I had been juice fasting for two weeks for spiritual reasons and then switched over to eating just fruits and vegetables. But for whatever reason, I can't do partial fasts. I mean I can DO them, but I get so spiritually distracted by eating that it feels like a waste. I end up constantly thinking about what I can and can't eat instead of thinking about connecting with God and my own spirit. So I've decided to go back to juice fasting until March 16th, and then reintroduce a new food every 4 days. My skin was healing very effectively on the first two week juice fast, so I'm expecting the same results. On Friday I tried a sugar scrub to get some dead skin off. The day I did it my skin looked great! But then the next day the skin around my nose was irritated, creating tiny little whiteheads, and I'm assuming it's from the scrub since I don't know what else it could be. Since they're not cystic, I'm not worried - I'll just remember to be more gentle.
  14. I’m 18, I’ve had acne since middle school however it was never bad and never hurt my self esteem really until my sophomore year of high school. My acne started to become more serious but still wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I started washing my face and using salicylic acid regularly, my skin would get dry because I never used moisturizer but not flakey or anything and I had virtually no excess oil. The acne didn’t improve so I cleansed more and more harshly, went to the doctor and they have me a medication but It didn’t help and I kept cleaning my skin way to much. It got to the point where my skin was so dry that if water even touched it it would begin to flake off so I started moisturizing and ever since then my skin has been extremely oily. I was medicated for a while but it only made my skin dry red and the oil remained moisturizer only making my skin look more oily. I continued washing my face with hard cleansers for a while and my skin worsened, becoming red, blotchy, and the acne had become quite severe. I came to the conclusion that my products and medications were causing the irritation and acne and started the caveman regimen, about to be 4 months later and here we are. I’ll include pictures of what my skin looks like, almost all large pimples have gone away but my skin is actually terrible. It’s blotchy, oily, and has little bumps all over making my skin just an awful texture all around. I haven’t met anyone with similar skin to mine which is quite concerning. Today is the first time in a long time that I’ve properly cleansed my face (cetaphil normal - oily not) as I feel as if I might have some sort of fungus due to poor hygiene(the caveman regimen). After cleansing my face feels very tight and dry. I read that heavy moisturizers are bad for fungus as they thrive in moist environments so I haven’t put on any moisturizer. I’ve read many of the article on this site but haven’t seen many with similar topics to mine. I would love to hear ANYONE’s opinion on this. I’ve gone to a derm before and they looked at My skin hardly asking me anything, Gave me a 7% bp face wash, and shooed me out the door. Life has been reeeaaal bad lately and this is with out a doubt the root of it, and unfortunately none of the people around me understand.
  15. This is the first time in a looooooooooong time that I've woken up every day for a week straight excited to look in the mirror! Every day I can see my active pimples getting smaller, my hyperpigmentation getting lighter, and no new pimples forming!!! *does a little dance* The saving grace of this diet has been avocados w/ Frank's hot sauce on top. I initially wasn't going to eat spices but I LOVE Frank's and had to try it - it hasn't caused me to break out so I'm keeping it in my diet. But seriously, if you haven't tried straight avocado w/ Frank's on top, do it. It is HEAVEN. This morning I tried out a gentle sugar scrub on my skin and it really brightened up the texture. I was SUPER gentle and my skin didn't get aggravated at all. Yay! Besides that, I'm still only using burt's bees moisturizer for sensitive skin, garnier micellar water and's AHA+ lotion once every 5 days. Since this is going to so well, and I haven't been tempted to break my diet or my routine at ALL, I'm only going to update this maybe once a week, unless I see something drastic happen or if I start breaking out again.
  16. I am feeling so good about the caveman regimen this time around. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel like my skin is looking better and better! No new breakouts, and the two spots I have on the left side of my mouth are getting smaller (well, the one is coming to head so it's further along in its healing process). AND it looks like my scars are fading more quickly (but it's hard to tell). All in all, I am VERY optimistic. My diet is still just fruits and veggies, nothing else. I really thought the sugar in all the fruit I'm eating would've been a problem but it isn't at all. And I still haven't put any makeup on my skin, I've only been wearing eye makeup. WOO!
  17. Man. This acne journey is rough. *Can I get an amen?* If you've been following my blog, my last post basically said I was going to keep wearing natural makeup, restrict my diet and maintain a minimal face care routine. didn't work. I was still breaking out around my mouth, which based on face mapping means that it was hormonal (which I've known forever). I restricted my diet even more and went on the Candida diet for a month. Still no change. Now, I'm a very spiritual person, and a little over two weeks ago I felt that God was telling me to fast for 40 days, drinking only juice and water. For two weeks, I drank only fruit juice and water (which at first I was worried about because, well, sugar!) and realized that my skin was actually getting better! After two weeks, I drank some juice that was pureed fruit and had fiber which kickstarted my stomach acid, causing me excruciating pain, and decided to finish the fast by only eating fruits and veggies (no oils or spices). Since my skin was looking better (and God was teaching me about inner beauty), I also decided to finish the fast without wearing foundation. When I had done the caveman regimen previously, I noticed great improvement in my skin, it was just way too dry, so this time I'm still cleansing and moisturizing, just not wearing makeup. Right now I only have two active pimples around my mouth which is the best it's been since I was on the strict caveman regimen before. After seeing this improvement, I'm realizing how awesome our bodies are! While we fast, the body eats away what is unhealthy and balances itself out. It really is quite amazing. Since I now know I can literally go two weeks without food and still feel amazing, I'm definitely going to be incorporating fasting days regularly, I'm thinking full water only fasts every Monday and Thursday. So anyways, here's to seeing what the future holds! Current regimen: -micellar water for cleansing -burt's bees daily moisturizer for sensitive skin aha+ lotion once every 4 or 5 days -eating fruits and veggies only for the rest of my 40 day fast -light exercise (yoga and walking) (Attached pic is mostly scarring, I swear only two of those pimples are active)
  18. Okay so exactly last month December 20, i started the caveman regimen. I was very happy because my skin don't breakout until now. I just quit cold turkey all of what i am doing, skin care and diet. Only water touches my faces for a week, and since i started the regimen i was eating anything, yeah you read that right, i started eating everything since that. All of the junk and processed foods, candies, sodas and everything. And also on December 23, the night started heavy drinking of alcohol for 10 consecutive days, yeah you read that right again. I'm talking about the passing out drunk and drinking til you blackout and wake up like 'where the fuck i am?". I was drinking for 10 consecutive days and sleeping around 4am. Simply, i just didn't give a single fuck about my face. And the best of this was, my face stopped having a single cystic pimples, i now only have a single and small pimple, and takes just a couple days to subside and it usually comes to head after a couple of hours. So basically, i was just the one who produces pustules on my face bc i wash my face with some soap and put anything on my face. I was stripping my acid mantle. So this is it started, first few days my face was very healthy, it was very moisturized looking, no dry spots, no new acne was formed and it had a dewy look. And after the first week, the dryness on both creases of my nose started, it was just a little dryness. Second week, the dryness was spreading and forming a very rough surface and affected the skin between the eyebrows, right lower part under my lips, one circle red surfaced dry skin on my left chin and just started spreading under my eyes. Third week, it is all getting worse, they are super itchy, red, flaky, and it fucking hurts and stings like hell. I am constantly picking at it's flakes because it is so itchy. I am constantly scratching it and picking the flakes because it's ugly. The skin under the flakes is very rough and pink and when i touch it my skin isn't smooth, its like it has a hard rough skin covering the smooth skin underneath. It also itch and flake terribly especially at night. I also not washing my hair with shampoos, only water and i have dandruff and it is itchy too. I diagnosed my self with seborrheic dermatitis. Does alcohol consumption affects my SD? How about diet? Should i go back to washing my face with mild soap? everyday? 3x a week? or once a week? I'm looking for aloe vera plant extract in my place bc i heard it lessens the SD. How do i wash my face with aloe vera gel? Do y'all have any suggestions for natural remedies? It is slowly affecting my confidence again but i'd rather have this than the cheeks full of angry pustules but shiitttt when the fuck will i have a clear skin? This is the only problem left on my face, pimples are not my problems anymore and SD replaced it.
  19. Hi, just gonna give you guys a short intro of my acne story. Started to getting mild acne when i was 17 ish years old (i'm 23 now). It wasn't that much but my self -confidence hit the rock bottom when i had a few spots. When I was 20 I got better self-confidence and didn't care that much anymore but I still looked in the mirror every morning and evning for a new pimple. I haven't tried that many acne-products but a lot of cleansers-toners-moisturizer, but I have tried Acne.orgs regimen but my skin couldn't handle the BP so stopped using that like three years ago. When I stopped using the BP my skin got a lot better and I just used the Acne-orgs cleanser and a moisturizer from the pharmacy that had mineral oils and all that bad stuff in it. Since I just had like on active spot at a time i didn't care that much about my skincare-routine. But this summer my skin got very, very oily and I had to do something about it, so I tried a bunch of different products during the summer which didn't help at all, not for the oily skin and not for the "acne". My skin went from good, but oily, to bad in just a week, I got so many pimples and my self-confidence was gone again. I went back to dan's cleanser and the bad moisturizer since I know that my skin wouldn't break out from it. But I did know that they were causing the oily skin due to dehydrated skin. So a couple of weeks later with the bad skincare-routine my "acne" was gone, or almost, I still had a lot of red marks and 1-3 active pimples. In desperation i went to a beautysaloon or whatever you call it in english, and she gave me some products from Bioline that contained AHA and other good stuff that would take care of the oiliness. I tried this for 2 months and my skin got oilier and I got new pimples every or every other day. Then I tried a couple of other products for a short time which I know is bad for your skin, by switching products all the time my skin went crazy. Then one day I got so tired of the routine, and I tought that my friends don't use any products and they have good skin, of course they get some pimples from time to time but that's normal. So I decided to start the caveman regimen, i will only wash my face with water when i've excersised and my face is all sweaty. Other than that I will try to avoid water as much as possible, of course I will get water on my face when i shower but I will not care about it to much since the main goal of this regimen is to let go of our anxiety caused by our skinproblems. The first week I didn't noticed that much of a change, I got a bunch of pimples but I know that's because of all the products i tried the weeks before. The day I started this regimen (13 dec) I had probably my worst breakout since forever so I can't blame the caveman regimen the first weeks for any new pimples. Week 2, I could feel the flakiness started to form but it wasn't noticeble yet. My skin felt dry and it was as oily as before. Had new pimples forming every day but I guess that was because of all the products still. If I shouldn't have had that breakout the day I started i would say that my face was good if we talking acne, but all the red marks makes it look that I have so much pimples. Week 3, still get som pimples, some of them are gone within a few days and some is taking forever to heal. I actually exfoliated some parts of my skin with my bare wet fingers, mainly in my "mustach-area" and the nose. Seems like the oiliness is getting worse actually which is really discomforting. Everone else that had sucess with this regimen writes that their oiliness subsided during week 2-3 and that was what i was hoping for. If it weren't for the red marks now my skin would be good in acne, still get some spots but not that much it seems. Feels like all the clogged pore is purging and that their is no new one forming, some is like a white worm (disgusting i know) that i can easily just take off after a couple of days and some turns into a pimple. If it continues this way I know I will have sucess with this regimen, cause as I said, without the red marks from the first two weeks i wouldn't care about my face, just about my oily face. Since you should give a new skincare routine 6-8 weeks at least I guess I will give the caveman regimen that time as well, after all the years that i have totured my skin with harsh cleansers I know it will take more than 3 weeks to learn how to take care of itself again and balance the sebumproduction. The only thing that makes me a little bit worried is that the oiliness hasn't improved at all. Becasue of the oiliness I have to go to bathroom every hour when i'm with people to wipe away the sebum which makes me look at the mirror and destroy my self-confidence again. Well as I said, i will give this regimen at least 5 more weeks (I hope), I really hope this works cause the freedom of not having any skincare-routine is AMAZING. I will probably update in a couple of weeks or at the end of week 8.
  20. Bad Purging on Caveman Regimen

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    Hi there. I need some advice regarding the caveman regimen. A little background: I'm a 20yo female, and had mild acne from the age of 13-14 . around 17-18 I went through a really stressful period and it worsened into severe acne. I was put on accutane for a couple of months and it cleared me up completely.That was 3 years ago. I still get pimples that are fairly large and cystic every now and then. I used to have 1-2 new pimples on my cheeks every few days or sometimes every week and that was originally why I embarked on the caveman regimen. I can get the pimples under control using a BP cream my dermatologist prescribed me but I don't want to rely on it, plus I was starting to notice the cream did not really make my pimple go away, it just sits under the skin like a small bump. It wont go away but it wont surface either. I am currently on my 31st day of doing the caveman regimen. Some things I do notice that improved on this regimen is I get less oily. I would say 70% of my oiliness went away and my skin is no longer dry as well. the humidity could be very low outside and my skin still feels perfectly fine as if I had moisturizer on. some pimples also go away by themselves after one day or two which was nice. However I am breaking out terribly on my cheeks (1-2 new cysts/pimples every day) and I have whiteheads popping up all over my forehead and temples (which used to be clear before I started this regimen). It is so much worse that what I started with and I am starting to get flashbacks to 3 years ago when my skin was really, really bad. It's making me really depressed. I have read a bunch of reviews online and saw that the average time frame for people to actually see a decrease in acne is around 2 months and for their skin texture to actually improve it takes a bit longer (discoloration, dry patches, enlarged pores etc). Has anyone suffered through this and can share how long this purging phase lasted? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  21. Good news - I decided to go back to the caveman regimen! My skin definitely needed some to time to normalize while I was moisturizing and introducing hydration back into my skincare. My skin texture is back to normal, nice and hydrated! But I'm still breaking out around my mouth. Boo. Since the caveman regimen really was creating results for me, I've decided to go back to the caveman regimen but this time, moisturize twice a day and I will wash with a really nourishing, all natural cleanser at night. So basically I'm cutting out the makeup and makeup remover and HOPEFULLY this will be the cure! (Also side note: Bio-Oil made me break out and was not good for my skin, so I've switched over to Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin moisturizer with a drop of jojoba oil at night) AM: Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Moisturizer PM: Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Cleanser Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (with added drop of jojoba oil) Diet: Dairy free Vitamins: Betaine HCL L-Lysine Fish Oil Vitamin A Women's multivitamin Turmeric ACV Let's see how this goes! :)
  22. I can't believe it's already been over a month!! That went by so freaking quickly. So I've definitely pegged dairy as the culprit of my cystic acne. Last weekend, I ate a pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting in the center, then went to a Friendsgiving dinner in which EVERY DISH had dairy (except the turkey itself) and the next day - BAM. Cystic acne on my forehead. Since then I've been good about avoiding dairy and no more cysts - though today I ordered bubble tea not even thinking about dairy and I'm pretty sure it had milk in it. So we'll see what happens over the next day or two. Hopefully it wasn't enough to make a real difference!!!! So I live in PA and it's getting colder which is not helping the whole 'no moisturizing' part of this regimen. The area around my nose has been getting red, so I'm trying to see if I can add some kind of moisturizer once every couple of days. I tried jojoba oil but that made me breakout. Then I tried an argan/coconut blend and that made me breakout too. I just bought BioOil (mostly because my mom raves about it) so I'm going to see if applying that around my nose / lips area can moisturize it without making me breakout. This regimen (plus the elimination diet) has definitely revolutionized my skin. I feel like at this point it's just a big experiment to see which moisturizers will help deal with the dryness. I still am not wearing any foundation / concealer and am not washing at all. I definitely don't want to be a purist about this forever though. If I find a moisturizer that works and can get my skin clear on a consistent basis, I do want to add some kind of mineral powder foundation and a super gentle cleanser back into my regimen because I really miss makeup BUT I will not do so until I find the perfect balance and equation to clear skin for me. We'll see how long this takes.
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    Hi! So I've posted on here once before talking about how I "cured" my acne (or so I thought) with the following skincare routine: Burts Bees peach scrub, Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar toner, Go Green serum by Mojo Spa (Chicago local), and the Origins Ginzing mouisturizer. While I had no big red angry spots while I was using this routine, my skin texture was terrible. My cheeks were super bumpy and if you caught me in the wrong light it was really bad. I decided it was because I was over exfoliating by using the peach scrub twice daily, which was maybe valid, but things went downhill from there fast. After seeing tons of instagram skincare threads I decided to try using Cetaphil daily cleanser. I switched around with a few things and tried out some different products which all irritated my skin (Juice beauty regimen, snail cream, dead sea mask, organic moisturizers, etc, etc,) but remained constant with my use of Cetaphil. My skin started breaking out horribly. I was literally covered in acne, my skin was the worst it had ever been. I didn't even really recognize myself. I attributed it to the other products I was trying out, but eventually I realized the cause was undeniably the Cetaphil (although the other things sure didn't help). I was wrecked emotionally and couldn't stand what I looked like and on a desperate google search binge I came across reviews of the Caveman regimen. It made sense to me and honestly I would've tried anything so I thought I'd share my results with you all thus far. I started on October 16th, and I can't even explain how hard the first day was. Showing my face in public with no makeup on was extremely difficult for me, I am a college student and I'm constantly surrounded by friends and peers who have perfectly clear skin and I was the most self conscious I'd ever been. However my skin felt thankful for the break. Although it did get very dry. I would recommend staying extremely hydrated the first week or so. At day 2 my redness was already down, but being in public was still difficult. The dryness increased and I got a ton of whiteheads popping up (which I read about in other people's experiences so I wasn't too worried). The whiteheads were super challenging because I looove picking at my face. And leaving a big gross white head sitting there was insanely difficult. By day 3 I had gotten pretty oily and the whiteheads just kept appearing. My skin felt better but if anything it looked worse. I had tons of dead skin, it was really dry and I was covered in whiteheads and hyper pigmentation. Side note- at this point I had been splashing cold water on my face at nighttime because doing absolutely nothing after years of skincare seemed really wrong. Day 4 was pretty similar. Still dry, less oil. My skintone was balancing and my redness was really going away. My parents came into town for the weekend so I went back to wearing makeup but I only washed with my peach scrub and sprayed some mario bedascu rosewater on after. Honestly the exfoliating felt really nice but delayed my progress. October 25 I was becoming much much more comfortable in my own skin and things were slowly improving, especially redness) but I still had big cystic spots and whiteheads. I had to go to a wedding and halloween parties so I was wearing makeup on the weekends again which once again messed with my progress. Nov. 6 I have only 6 ish cysts, a few whiteheads, some clogged pores on my forehead and a lot of hyper pigmentation but things are looking a lot better. Today (Nov. 8) was the first day that I was pleased with my skin texture, and the reason I decided to write this. Besides where the actual cysts/whiteheads are, my skin is flat and calm. And although I still have the pimples, I can tell my skin is much happier and that I'm on a good path. It's hard to explain the difference I feel but I do feel much healthier. I think that the best thing about caveman is that it forced me not to stress about my acne, and I was drinking tons of water to keep my skin from feeling so dry. It truly is very freeing and I've definitely noticed really positive changes. My skin isn't perfect, but there's no easy fix for years of damage from harsh products. I'll update again in a few weeks! Hope I helped someone (I know this isn't super informative but I would be more than happy to answer any questions)!!
  24. I cannot believe it is day 21!! I thought I was going to be way more diligent about posting here but life gets busy, what can I say? Anyways, I've been really good with my diet after I had an incident. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it. My last blog post talked about how much I missed cheese. Well, the next day I split half a pizza with my husband and yes - I broke out! And I don't mean the whiteheads I had before, I mean big ugly cysts. It took awhile for my breakout to mellow down but now I know that dairy definitely causes my acne! Before I just assumed it did because it does for so many other people, but secretly I didn't want to believe it, but now I have concrete evidence. Also, I've been eating a bunch of gluten with no breakouts so I know that's not an issue. It may still be sugar related as well (I'll have to eat sugar without dairy sometime soon and see if I break out) but at least I know dairy does for sure. Anyways, my skin is now pretty clear. I have a couple tiny whiteheads that I don't really know how to get rid of. I started using jojoba oil around my nose since it's been a little dry because of the cold and it's definitely been helping with redness. Part of me wants to start adding products and makeup back into my routine but the other half of me is scared to! I think I'll wait a little longer and see if the whiteheads clear up on their own.
  25. I didn't update over the weekend and I wish I would have. Because, like I said in my first post, I was trying not to binge on weekends and what did I do?? Exactly that. We'll see over the next couple days if anything pops up because of it. So the zit on my lip got HUGE over the weekend and it's finally going down but it's still super red. The forehead bumps are finally going away too. I haven't had any new cysts form yet since starting the caveman regimen (which is HUGE because I just got my period and I ALWAYS get cysts before!! Not this time!). I'm still nervous though because I had two huge sandwiches on nice gluten-stuffed white bread on Saturday AND I had my first bowl of ice cream in two months on Sunday (my husband bought my favorite flavor, what was I supposed to do??). So I'm praying no new cysts form because of my food mistakes this weekend. I do kind of feel one forming under my skin on my right cheek. I hope I'm just being paranoid and it's nothing. There's nothing to do but wait now. Booooo.