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  1. Hello, to all the wonderful people out there. I am desperately seeking for help. I'm completely overwhelmed with emotions after looking at all the pictures I will be adding to this post. I basically have some sort of acne/rash on my face that will not go away no matter what. I have tried retinoids, hydrocortisone creams, dermatologists, I've basically tried everything. I've spent tons of money on products, yet nothing works. I do not even know what type of acne it is. Please help me. I've outlined the main affected areas. Around the cheeks. When I touch the affected areas around the cheeks it feels as if its filled with fluids. It is very puffy. I also have very grainy-like skin on my forehead. My nose also seems to have the same skin texture. I desperately need help. Some insight on what I have would help tremendously. I've gone to dermatologists with no help. I do not know what to do. Having a proper diagnosis would help in so many ways as it would allow me to research different treatments. I don't know what to do. Thank you.
  2. Hi, could anyone please help me identify my acne? I've had it since March. They started forming around the time I had problems with my back and had to take antibiotics and injections for 2 months. I'm wearing makeup because it's more visible on camera that way but basically, I have tiny spots all over my face- mainly on forehead. They never come to a head, they just simply exist and ruin my life. Also, my face hurts and itches after I take my makeup off, or even touch my skin. I've been taking probiotics for 2 months but see no difference. I use Bioderma Micellar water to take my makeup off, La Roche Posay face wash and cream for sensitive skin. Also tried using Sulfur Soap as well as Black Mud soap but didn't see any difference. Anyone has any idea how to treat them? Could it possibly be Folliculitis?
  3. A little after starting the regimen my cheeks are clearing up (where my acne was/is) but now I'm getting super small bumps allll over my forehead and it's pretty noticeable. I go to school in a week I need help! Could it be from clogged pores from not exfoliating? Do you have this problem?
  4. Okay, here goes. I've never sought out help before about this problem. I know I should seek a dermatologist before doing anything but I keep asking my mother to make an appointment and she says she will but she doesn't, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Ever since I was about 10 or 11 (I am 14 now) I have had these skin colored bumps on my cheeks. Never my forehead. Just on my cheeks, and I never did anything for my skin back then (When I was 11 I washed my face occasionally but I didn't understand why, I just did it) but I don't think these bumps came from something I put on my face, as they continued to stay after I stopped washing my face for a very long time. They have definitely gotten worse when I aged, making me believe something is causing them. This summer I decided to get rid of them. I ordered African Black Soap because of everything I heard it did. I never heard a story that said it fixed the bumps I have but I wanted to give it a shot. So I tried it and I know this was wrong now and I wish I didn't but I would wash my face by covering the soap with water and scrubbing until my hands were soapy then washed my face (Before I put the soap on my face was wet with lukewarm water, and I would rinse with cold water). I just recently discovered that you don't wash your face with it like that, so I started taking a tiny chunk off and rubbing it into my hands until it was gone and my hands were all soapy. After that I use the "Clean and Clear daily pore cleanser" and then I would moisturize with a Ponds moisturizer. My skin is fairly oily, only sometimes. Especially after I wash my face, my cheeks, t-zone, forehead, and nose get shiny and stiff. At night I would use the "neutrogena oil free acne wash" (the orange one). But back to the bumps, I realized just yesterday I was getting bumps on my forehead! I was so upset, my forehead has always been the clearest part of y face and come soon it will look just like my cheeks! I am almost positive it is coming from something I am eating, maybe dairy? But as a picky eater you must understand it is very hard to drop an everyday food. Especially from a skinny child trying to gain weight, but I am going to try, as I eat dairy everyday (not excessive amounts, a normal amount. Like cheeses and cheese based snacks and other things, not milk.) I just want them gone. I completely switched to water instead of soda (I probably drink about 4 bottles per day). The bumps can get red but I just think that's due to my normally red cheeks. And to add to everything, Im getting the bumps under my eyes now too! I just wish they were gone! and after taking pictures I realized, THEY ARE ON MY EYELIDS TOO! Please help me. (The pics are disgusting, I know, but I need help.)
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time but this past year, I've been having a lot of problems with these tiny bumps that keep forming on my forehead, cheeks, and on the sides of my face. Right now, I have the most on the side of my face. I have done many research on these bumps on and other websites and I have yet to find an exact description of the symptoms so I decided to start my own post. So these bumps I've been having, they show a lot when direct sunlight hits it and I can feel them when I touch my face. They feel hard and forms in clusters. I've tried to extract them before. The ones that I managed to extract, has this hard substance that comes out. Hard pus? The color is kinda yellowish, greenish, whitish, lol I don't know but it's hard and it usually comes out as a whole. Then, there are other ones that won't budge when I tried to extract. The part of my skin that these bumps appear on looks kind of shiny/scaly, like the skin there is very dry or something. I don't know if these appeared because of my face makeup(which I've been using for the past 3 years with no problem) or if it's because I've been overdrying my face. I've tried almost everything... retin-a, benzaclin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... etc.. nothing seems to get rid of these. It just makes the area very itchy and dry which I think causes even more bumps? A year ago, I'd only have a few bumps but since I've started to use these products, I've been getting more and everytime I stop using it, they still don't go away. I'm feeling very hopeless and frustrated right now because they just won't go away !!. I'm not sure if they formed because of overdried skin, acne cosmetica or if they're comedones... can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do to get rid of these ??? Any help or comments are appreciated! Thankss.
  6. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a ringworm or pityrosis rosea because they both look similar. I get slightly itchy sometimes but it's bearable. I have been around a lot of people since I got it but nobody seems to be infected with anything. I just started applying ketoconazole cream on it before I make an appointment with the dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis.
  7. Hey everyone. Joining because I'm really confused on WTF is happening. a little backstory: My skin has never been perfect, but has always been pretty good. Forehead/T-Zone is pretty oily and I get a few pimples from time to time. Recently I bought the Biore Acne Clearing Scrub with salicylic acid. Used it for 2 (maybe 3?) days and there might've been a small difference. Except I noticed that my skin's texture was getting slightly oily? Looking back I think that was irritation. Then on the 3rd day, I went to the mall with a friend. I think we were goofing around and maybe - maybe!!!! Some fragrance got sprayed onto my face. This is one theory. When I come back from dinner, I notice that my skin is very red and irritated. Think it's dehydrated, I used a rose face mask. This might've made it worse. The next day the rash is worse. It's on my forehead and around my nose mostly. By the 4th day of the rash (today) there are several white bumps. I guess these are whiteheads, but I thought whiteheads only occurred when skin is oily, and I mine has definitely been very dry and irritated. Where there are the most clusters of these bumps between my eyebrows and around that area is the itchiest. So I went to the dermatologist and was little disappointed because she was very quick and didn't really say what was causing it. She gave me OVACE Topical lotion 9.8% and said to use it at night. I'm scared to use it incase it gets worse. What do u guys think? PLEASE HELP!!!
  8. Tiny bumps

    I've been using black soap for about two years now and I've been having reactions from time to time And my forehead is becoming really bad idk what to do anymore. Can someone please tell me what this is and what to do about it thanks a lot
  9. Hi all, I have had small colorless and painless bumps all over my forehead for about 2 years now. They can only be seen well when up close or when the sunlight catches them. The skin on my forehead also feels extremely rough due the size and consistency of these bumps. I used to have mild to moderate acne, therefore I believed that this condition was just another way that my acne was coming through, however my skin has been almost 100% clear for the past year, yet these bumps/ texture persists, leading me to believe it is not a form of acne. I have read online about forms of folliculitis and fungal/ yeast related conditions that seem to be extremely similar to my condition based off of descriptions/ images that I've found. Pityrosporum folliculitis is the condition that I have found is most similar to mine based off my internet research. I'd like to note that I am in the process of getting an appointment made with a dermatologist, however I am asking here anyways because I have seen many cases of misdiagnosed conditions, particular those related to fungus/ yeast. I'm posting this in hopes that somebody who has first-hand experience with this condition can instantly identify it and maybe even give me some advice in helping to treat it. In the mean time, I plan to switch brands of shampoo, start exfoliating and improving my diet (I know these things may not help, but they're things that are probably not a bad idea to do regardless) I have attached several images of the affected area that I hope are of decent enough quality to help somebody identify this condition. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help. I know that I am on an acne forum and I explicitly say that I don't believe that it's a form of acne, however I'm not completely sure, and if it isn't, it is very similar and seems to be easily misdiagnosed as acne, therefore I'm hoping that somebody has experience with it. If I'm in the completely wrong place, feel free to point me in the right direction.
  10. About 4 years ago I started getting these bumps on my forehead and ever since, nothing has worked for them except accutane. They never seem to go away, and I can no longer be on accutane because of the side effects. I have searched forums and such for help, but it seems like no one else's is quite like mine. Any ideas? Is this even acne? Could it be fungal? I've attached a photo, any help would be great'
  11. Small bumps on cheek

    I have these raised bumps that appear on my face after work and usually my skin turns quite red and my cheeks feel really warm. I don't usually wake up with them. They appear usually in the evening, and they go away quite quickly overnight after I wash my face and apply hydrocortisone cream. However, I'm wondering what they are? To me, they don't seem like acne as I've had acne before. They only appear on my cheeks. Does anyone else have a similar condition? I'm going to follow up with my dermatologist in a couple of weeks, but a few opinions/feedback from people who have something similar would be great. Products I use: - Neutrogena Oil free acne wash - first aid beauty moisturizer - benzaclin cream - Aztec indian healing clay mask (weekly-biweekly)
  12. Tiny bumps that don't go away? It may be PF!

    I am so grateful for this website! Without it, I may still be dealing with one of the worst skin conditions I've ever had. I wanted to write this in the hopes that someone else can benefit from my situation. Starting in the summertime, I suddenly got hundreds of tiny little bumps all over my forehead. Assuming it was because of my bike helmet (I am an avid mountain biker), I washed my helmet and made sure to keep my skin clean. It did nothing to help my skin. Then, the bumps made their way down my temples. By the end of May, my face was covered with hundreds, if not thousands of tiny, flesh-colored bumps. No amount of makeup would cover it and my skin looked like I had a disease of some sort. I've had acne since I was 16 (I'm 30 now), but this was something totally different. None of the bumps came to a head, they didn't hurt at all (like my cystic acne) and there was never any cycling through it getting better, then worse. It was always really bad. I assumed they were clogged pores, because if I squeezed them hard, eventually something would come out. Of course I went to a dermatologist after 6 weeks of no results. I live in a small town, so our doctors aren't quite as good as other areas. She didn't even ask me to take off my makeup to have a closer look. I was diagnosed with demodex dermatitis (a type of mite that can irritate skin) and was given a prescription. As soon as I got home from the doctor, I looked up demodex dermatitis. I saw red, rosacea-like skin. Mine looked NOTHING at all like that! So, I started to do some research on my own. I kept a log of what I was finding online and products I was trying. It turned out to be over 30 different treatments, ranging from gycolic acid, salicyllic acid, benzoyl peroxide, oil cleansers, face masks, switching makeup, to hypoallergenic pillows, to all natural acne products, to proactiv, and prescription acne medication. For over 3 months, I was trying anything and everything. When my baby nephew was born, I refused to hold him because I didn't know if my skin condition was contagious. On my 30th birthday, I wore my hair covering as much of my face as possible so my friends wouldn't see my skin. I spent much of my summer isolated from friends and other people. When anyone looked at me, I knew they were wondering about my skin. Finally, one day I was looking at photos of skin allergies (I looked up so many skin photos in 3 months, it would amaze you), and I came across a photo of someone's forehead that looked EXACTLY like mine! I followed the link to find that the condition was called Pityrosporum Folliculitis (also called Malassezia Folliculitis). The more research I did about PF, the more I realized, "OMG, this is what I have!" PF is a fungus overgrowth caused by an imbalance of the natural bacteria and fungus found on your skin. Gross, right? When the natural fungus on your skin isn't kept in line by bacteria, it can cause a major skin reaction. Well that's cool, especially because I've been using an antibiotic on my skin for a year (clyndamyacin). Here's what else I learned: -PF feeds on oil so you need to use oil-free moisturizers during the outbreak - antibacterial items remove bacteria, so they should also be avoided. That means no hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, or Clyndamyacin - there is a test for PF that is a simple swipe of the skin (though there was no way I was going back to my derm. They already proved themselves worthless twice) - the treatment is a topical cream called ketoconazole Fortunately for me, ketoconazole is also the active ingredient in a dandruff shampoo called Nizoral. Based on my research, the shampoo is often used to treat PF. I immediately went to the store and bought it. I did a test on the back of my jawline for 2 days to make sure I didn't have a reaction. I just left it on for a minute then washed it off. No reaction occurred, so I used it on my face. Here was the process: Every morning and at night- do not skip a cleanse! Wet your face with warm water. Massage a quarter-sized amount of Nizoral on the affected area. Leave for as long as you can (sometimes I'd go 10-15 minutes, and yes, it tingles). Wash off with warm water and moisturize with oil-free moisturizer (I used Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil-free moisturizer). If I could stand it, I'd try to not even use a moisturizer to prevent adding excess oil to my skin. Ladies and gentlemen, I noticed a change in about 3 days. The bumps were smaller and my face no longer felt like braille. After over 3 months of dealing with this horrible, self-esteem crushing problem, 3 days made a huge difference. I've attached photos of what I saw. I saw ZERO results after 3 months, and actual progress in 3 days. I continued to use Nizoral twice a day for 3 weeks before the bumps dried up, then kind of sloughed off and completely went away. I also waited about a week before I incorporated any other acne medication into my routine. I figured, I'd rather have 4-5 zits then thousands of bumps. I still use Nizoral periodically to make sure this stuff NEVER comes back. My biggest hope is that someone here can benefit from my experience. I wasted a lot of time and a LOT of money trying to make my skin condition go away, and all it took was a $8 bottle of shampoo from Target. Good luck to you! UPDATE: It has been a year since I went through this ordeal, and I just want to communicate that I still see small flair ups sometimes (though they are MUCH less than before) so every time that I go biking, or spend time in heat, I make sure to use my Nizoral for 5-10 minutes and it goes away, often overnight. That stuff is the only thing that works!
  13. Has anyone tried doing photodynamic therapy for comedonal/non inflammatory acne?? Or for cystic acne, but maybe noticed any closed comedones go away as well? I'm seriously looking into it, but I don't want to make my condition worse. Any help is appreciated!
  14. My skin condition: The skin condition that I want to address in these blog posts is only concerning the scar-like, soft, flesh colored bumps that have appeared along the center of my chin and out towards the corners of my mouth. They are not pimples, acne, or hypertrophic scarring (though I will get into eliminated diagnoses later in this post), and they have gotten increasingly more noticeable in the last 3 years. Please see pictures for reference. My Health History: To start, I am a 30 year old, 5'4" female who is approximately 30lbs over my healthy BMI weight. I have a history of: cystic acne that has been 'mostly' clear for 2-3 years. I occasionally have a breakout during my cycle, but these are rare and typically do not result in scarring and resolve within 1-2 weeks. My acne was particularly bad in my early teens and again in my early 20's. In my teens it was centralized in my T-zone, but during the later stages in my 20's was primarily along my jaw line. large pores excess oil production on my entire face, not just the t-zone. It is common for me to use 8-10 oil blotting sheets/day. mild hair thinning (within the last 5 years) mild male-pattern hair growth (mostly around the chin/upper lip area) excessive sweating Keratosis Pilaris on arms and legs As a child I had a rare form of recurring Pityriasis Rosea- my last episode was when I was 25. Woohoo! So, as you can see I was blessed with all the things that make women feel super sexy! Joking aside, for all of us struggling with these abnormalities, please try to remind yourself that there are people suffering with far, far worse. I know this condition (and others) can be embarrassing, unsightly, and all-together soul-crushing at times, but for every ugly bump we have is someone suffering from deforming burn scars, flesh eating bacterial infections, and life altering conditions that can't be treated or covered with makeup. I am CONFIDENT that we can not only treat what we have, but that there is a biological solution that does not require lasers, acid, or the use of a blade. My Current Skincare Routine: In the past I have used every form of acne cleanser, lotion, topical treatment, and miracle fix you could think of. I wish I would have known about taking the simple, more natural approach before destroying my skin with chemicals. I have never taken oral treatments such as spironolactone or antibiotics, but I did use a lot of acid based products that irritated, burned, and angered my skin. The following routine has been consistent for the last year and a half, with slight variations in brands. Night Routine: Remove makeup with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic face wipes. I try to use something that is exfoliating. I particularly like Boots No7 Brand All in One Wipes. You get a lot for the price, they are well-saturated, and have never made me break out. I then tone my skin with witch hazel Next I take a damp cotton pad and add a few drops of jajoba oil. I smooth the cotton pad over my face for the purpose of a "final cleanse" but also to moisturize and prep the skin. Jajoba oil will not clog pores as it is very close to human sebum. It actually can trick your pores into producing less oil. I then use a vitamin C serum to moisturize and help treat my uneven skin tone, light scarring, etc. I have begun using Differin Gel in the last 3 months for the purpose of increasing skin cell turnover and improving my skin's texture and any residual scarring from my years of acne. I have been extremely happy with it and only had light redness and flaking within the first two weeks of use. Since then my skin has become more even toned, my scars have been fading, and I am able to wear a light coverage foundation (sometimes I wear nothing) without feeling as if my scars and discoloration are showing through. Morning Routine: In the shower or at the sink I wash my face with another face wipe (this time I add a tiny bit of baking soda for exfoliation) and then tone with witch hazel. I use a light moisturizer for sensitive skin and usually add a drop of jajoba oil for added moisture to my cheek area. That's it! I have not been breaking out on this routine and would feel comfortable recommending it to others. Both my night and morning routines are safe for people with sensitive skin with the exception of the differin gel. Prior diagnoses: I have been told that these bumps are hypertrophic scarring, sebaceous hyperplasia, cholesterol deposits, fungal infection, and flat warts. While sebaceous hyperplasia seems to be the most common diagnoses, nothing about them looks like sebaceaous hyperplasia, nor do regular treatments for SH work. I say all of these are wrong, and it is actually something internal with either a hormone imbalance or thyroid disorder. I will post tomorrow with pictures and an explanation of all things I have tried!
  15. My skin feels and looks grainy and bumpy. Like sandpaper. I've tried everything and nothing gets rid of those tiny little bumps. They're all over my face and i know they're not pimples or whitehead bc i cant pop them. I want my soft skin back. Please help me. Also, my skin is getting red very easily, and i get hives everytime I scratch any part of my body. Do you guys think those things are related? Sorry for my bad english.
  16. I used this hair gel one time and my face immediately had a reaction. I broke out in a bad rash and was itchy for a few days. I obviously stopped using it after that first time, but it's like it permanently ruined my skin. i've had these tiny, colourless bumps all over my forehead ever since. (attached image doesn't show them too well) i've tried EVERYTHING (ok maybe not everything but you get the point) to get rid of them, but nothing is working. i've tried diet restrictions (i'm vegan so cross dairy off as possible cause), exercise, drinking tons of water, face masks, washes, exfoliants, natural methods (tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar etc.) you name it. but nothing works. does anyone know what i can do, any face wash or lotion recommendations, anything at all? thank you <3
  17. Hey guys! I am becoming really worried about what is happening to my skin. I have been on the regimen for 5 weeks. Every night, I seem to wake up with little red bumps. They are itchy at first, and when I itch them, they get bigger, more red, and inflamed. I have no idea what to do. I am afraid that the BP or Cleanser is triggering these bumps/rashes. I am also using the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water Cleanser before using the cleanser. I would really be grateful if anyone let me know what this is and how to treat it. Thank you!
  18. Forehead acne out of control

    Hi. Well heres another acne story to add to the list. Being age 17 I suppose its to be expected, due to hormones and all, but my acne seems to have gotten out of control, especially in the forehead area, but now its appearing on the side of my face and cheeks, as the pictures show, along with the occasional bumps on my nose/chin (Yeah, I'm a mess). I've tried many products,primarily ones containing salyclic (?) acid and BP; I'm using one that is BP 10% now, been using it for roughly a month but to no avail, and it dramatically dries out my skin to the point where washing it makes it turn red. Any suggestions for treatment? It's all I've been thinking about and I at least want to be able to lessen it if i can. I also have black spots forming on my face, which doesn't help the predicament either :(. I'm worried it wont go away after I hormones settle; I'm also hoping I didn't do any damage to my face by testing a variety of acne washes. Thank you for your time.
  19. help! :(

    ive got this bumps on my forehead and its open i want to get rid of it :'( please help. it looks horrible on person
  20. Please help. I've had these bumps on my forehead for a year and theres nothing i could do to get over it. i dont know what to do anymore and this is my biggest insecurity. please help me i just want a smooth forehead
  21. Sagging pores

    I am seventeen, female, and I noticed within the past few months that my skin is aging rapidly compared to before. I am a skin freak, I own every type of skin product and I keep track of my skin and it isn't doing so well, as well as my products not even working on my face anymore. I use to not have any visible pores on my cheeks, now they are large and some even misshaped from what I can see. I have always had sagging and very thin skin under my eyes and tried accepting that I would always have it but I already have fine lines on my face and lots of sagging on my cheeks. I have dark and visible pores along my nose, cheeks, and between my eyebrows and they seem to stay clogged even when I try exfoliation. It also looks like I have little mini cysts in my cheeks. My face started producing more oil after my pores became more visible. I've never had any major acne problems, this all came out of nowhere and is a mystery to me. I am on a vegan diet, I take enough vitamins and I exercise (not enough though) and I don't think it's my diet. I also stay out of the sun and heavily wear sunscreen. The only problem I have is much stress in my life that is not easy to get rid of and I am aware that stress affects your entire body including skin. I also have generalized anxiety disorder, and I sometimes forget to stay very hydrated. Could these problems be contributing to my mega fast aging? Should I see my doctor due to the rapid changes? Is there anything I can do to reverse it at my age without spending tons of money on treatments? What can I do to prevent it from getting worse (if even possible)? Please, I need help! P.s. I know my skin could be much worse, please be patient with me and give me tips because I've never had to deal with this problem before, thank you! and sorry for the not so detailed pictures...
  22. So I have been having a very strange issue with my skin and searching for answers is not working. For about a month now I have noticed this white raised bumps in the corner on my mouth. I started freaking out thinking it was herpes - but it does not seem to be that because they haven't gone away and the remedies for that are not working. They are small and white and they have not gone away. Then I have been noticing clusters of them on my chin now. I'm 22, male, 6 foot, and overweight and living in NYC - I'm not sure what is going on. I have just recently gotten full-time work and got health insurance so I will be going to a doctor as soon as I find one and get my credentials. I'm starting to think this is something crazier and scarier. Any idea what this could be?
  23. Hi everyone. I'm struggling here, I have little small bumps on my face, they are super annoying and somewhat itch every once in a while. I've tried witch hazel, acne treatments, exfoliating, face masks, aveeno clear complexion cleanser and certainly using garnier blackhead charcoal scrub. It is seeming to help the most out of everything. It's made them smaller they're noticeable in the sunlight now. I used to have clear skin until I got off my birth control and I got dermal piercings in my cheeks. So, at first I thought maybe I'm having a allergic reaction to the metal. So I got them taken out 2 months ago it got worse and then went back to the way they where. I then thought maybe it's milla. I started exfoliating and it made no difference if not worse. I finally just started using different things in hopes for a treatment. I went back to researching and thought maybe it's cosmetica acne, I went out and bought the charcoal scrub and seemed to be helping in the beginning but it's not helping anymore and I have family pictures coming up Sunday ... Foundation makes it look worse and cakey...I don't know how to cover it. I'm upset about that no way of covering it or anything..... I was hoping someone can tell me what product or foundation I can use to help cover it, or even a treatment for this mess... I inserted a photo of it and the clearness I used to 8 months ago. Excuse the screen shot I've been trying to get a hold of beauty gurus on YouTube or instagram but of course no one answers me. Ha.
  24. I have almost tried everything for my persistent acne only on my forehead. I'm 19 year old girl,(also on bc pills)I've seen 4 different dermatologist and have tried differin-which burned my face, tazorac-which made my acne a lot worse for 4 months, ziana and minocycline- which worked very temporarily and did not defeat the acne, I stopped using the antibiotic because I was taking it for almost 2 years. Aczone-which made my skin scaly. I am now using tretinion .025% at night. It does help smooth out the bumps, but it's not getting rid of my acne. I struggle with a bunch of closed comedones on my forehead and blackheads. If I'm clear in the morning, it won't last and I'll have a bunch of bumps later. I also get bigger whiteheads, probably at least 2-5 at a time. I only have under the skin blackheads/clogged pores on my chin, along with blackheads on my nose. I've struggled with acne on my forehead for 4, almost 5 years. I now have post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Please help me I'm at my ends with this! I can't do this anymore!
  25. Hi everyone. I've been struggling with acne since August and I've really gotten to a point where I'm almost depressed by it. I hate leaving the house and I can't help but feel like everybody is disgusted by me. It's completely destroyed my confidence and I'm just so fed up with it. It somewhat comes and goes, but theres always at least 3 pimples- generally in the same spots. On my left and right cheeks and above my right eyebrow. I was using The Body Shop "Drops of light cleanser" followed by their aloe moisturizer. Although, I really wasn't getting anywhere. At the beginning of the month I had this gigantic pimple so I went to the store and bought Jojoba oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree oil. I'm not sensitive to tea tree so I created a moisturizer by mixing the jojoba and tea tree. Then I filled a spray bottle with water and tea tree, and another with water and apple cider vinegar. I washed my face with the same Body Shop cleanser and then sprayed my face with the apple cider vinegar and wiped it with a cotton pad like a toner. I then applied the jojoba and tea tree mixture and with a q-tip, put tea tree directly on my breakouts. Within 3 days all my acne cleared and I had nothing but acne scars. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I'm so disappointed because it really felt like I found a cure. I did have finals and was stressed but since then it has ended and my acne has not calmed down. Does anyone know why this would stop working? I went to the store and got Rosehip oil and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I now take off my makeup with the jojoba oil. I stopped using the Body Shop cleanser and started using the Cetaphil. I add a drop of tea tree at night and just use the cleanser alone in the morning. I'll do a couple drops of the rosehip oil and then after 5 minutes a drop of two of the jojoba and tea tree mixture. Then I'll like load up my pimples with tea tree. I stopped with the apple cider vinegar toner. I also got the St.Ives blackhead clearing green tea scrub and the Freeman Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar mask + scrub, which I use twice a week. It literally didn't change anything and now my skin has extreme dry patches where my acne is (cheeks, above the eyebrow, and also for some reason around my nose) so when I put on makeup it clings to the dry patches. I'm just so frustrated. My question is: What kind of acne is this? and what products can I use to help? Should I just go on accutane or contact a dermatologist? I've been raised to be against medications so it's really hard to get support from my family through this method, but if you think it'll help I'm willing to try. I was thinking of adding a couple drops of lavender oil into my jojoba and tea tree mixture. I'm also thinking about getting a facial done- maybe that would help? Honestly I just have no idea. Pictures: April 4- when my skin was at one of it's worst states #2 April 20- 5 days after I started the teatree and jojoba situation, and my skin was at it's best #3 May 16 - Today