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  1. I’ve read many things online but cant seem to find what exactly I have on my forhead. I got it so suddenly about 3 weeks ago.
  2. I’ve always had very clear skin but for about a year and a half now I’ve developed these red looking bumps on my face, they’re kind of raised, mostly flat, they don’t itch or anything and they don’t seem like pimples. It also seems like it’s undernesth my skin. Someone told me it’s the bacteria that causes acne on my face but they recommened me a $100+ product. I’ve switched my products time and time again, I use home remedies, they won’t go away. People tell me it could be due to stress? But I’m not stressed out. Someone please help i just need answers.
  3. Hi! I need help about my forehad acnes/bumps, i dont really know what they are or what caused them and what should i do to get rid of them so please help me ~ I’m 16 years btw
  4. Help!

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    Hi all, I am writing this post in hopes that someone can figure out what is going on with my face. For years, I have used Neutrogena because it has helped my skin. Back in June, small bumps began to appear on my forehead and I thought it was just bad acne. I drank tons of water and used my Neutrogena but the bumps were not going away! They were not itchy and looked terrible in the light. I did research and thought that it was pityrosporum folliculitis. Doing more research, I saw that Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo helped with this problem. I tried it out for a month and it lessened the look of the bumps but it did not get rid of it! I went off of Nizoral because it was drying up my face and from there, it felt like the bumps were getting worse and definitely not going away! At the end of August, I went back on Nizoral and it made my skin even worse. I stopped using it after two days when I saw that it was making my skin worse. I went back to my normal skin care routine with Neutrogena and started using vitamin E oil on my face. However, it is still not clearing up my skin and I'm gaining acne that hurts because they are under the skin. Are there any products you guys would recommend? I am Filipino, 18 years old, and have oily skin. Please help! Thank you.
  5. Hello, Does anyone else have this kind of acne? Anyone know what it is? I’ve tried just about everything in my lifetime and nothing seems to improve my condition. I am in my late 20’s now and have had this for about 15 years. Please see the picture to see if this is something you can identify and any advice for what helped. Most of the time you cannot see the acne, only in certain lights. Then it looks awful. It’s almost as if every pore has a bump.
  6. I N T R O Hello! I am a 14 year old girl and I have these small colourless bumps on my forehead. I never really cared about my appearance or what people thought about me, until high school came along and then that’s when people’s thoughts really got to me. 1 2 Y E A R S O L D When I was 12 I had clear skin, I never really washed my face just put on moisturiser as I thought that I was too young to invest in skin products that I didn’t actually need. Towards the end of year 7 I noticed these small bumps appearing on my forehead and my pores becoming bigger, but I never cared. Then I realised it was the beginning of PUBERTY!!! Yes, puberty! The thing that everyone has to experience to be able to grow as a human, the thing that us people experience to show the fact that we are growing and leaving our childhood behind. 1 3 Y E A R S O L D When I turned 13, I noticed more and more small colourless bumps to appear on my face but I still didn’t care. As more of these bumps appeared on my face I bought my first face mask, face wash and moisturiser (Clean and clear foaming face wash, clean and clear moisturiser and a clay face mask from target). These products made me notice a difference to my skin but the problem was that it didn’t really help the small bumps on my forehead, but it did only help my pores and make my skin smoother besides my forehead. Later on the year I still didn’t care about my looks and just stuck to my studies. 14 Y E A R S O L D This year I became more self conscious about myself and to be more specific the way I LOOKED. I began to look at myself in the mirror more and became more concerned about these small bumps on my forehead. What I then did was watch a bunch of YouTube videos of these girls explaining their story on how they got these small bumps disappear and what products they used. As I began to watch these videos I began to invest in more skin care products and NOTHING WORKED! T H E P R O D U C T S - Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser - Nivea daily essentials 2 in 1 wash and scrub - Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (Still using) - Neutrogena deep clean purifying clay cleanser and mask (Sometimes use as a mask) - Lush angels on bare skin fresh cleanser (Still use) - Natural aloe Vera - Apple cider vinegar - Natural lemon juice - Clean and clear daily moisturiser (Still use) C O N C L U S I O N Yes, I know I had used a lot of products and non of these have worked! Currently I am using the cetaphil gentle cleanser (to wash my face morning and night), the lush angels on bare skin fresh cleanser (night), neutrogena clay wash and mask (I use it as a face mask only sometimes) and the clean and clear daily moisturiser. All I want is to feel confident with myself and I constantly have hope but get crushed with every end results. Every time I go to school I see girls with such clear skin and wonder how it feels to have such a gift, girls that have clear skin don’t understand the pressure to feel humiliated to be the only girl in class to have these bumps on your forehead. I need answers!! Can someone please suggest a product or products for me to use. Can someone please tell me what these small colourless bumps are and what I can do! M Y S K I N - Oily T zone - Dry chin (Sometimes) - Dry under eyes (Rarely) - Dry forehead (Sometimes)
  7. About 5 days ago, I began using a benzoyl peroxide face wash from Kasier Permanente at the advice of my dermatologist. Other reviews say that bp face washes cleared up their skin almost within a week but I don't see any results yet (although, I will keep using it for a few more weeks since everyone has different skin types). I've only been using washing with it for 30 seconds a day and using a lotion (Johnson&Johnson) or sunscreen after, but it seems that it might be worsening my acne. I mainly have groups of small bumps (I stopped getting cysts & large pimples before using bp and still don't have them) on my cheeks, that hurt a little if I press on them. I don't know if the bp wash is bringing up these bumps to clear out oils and bacteria underneath my skin. Has anyone experienced this? And does it really worsen your acne before improving it? I don't have any dryness or swelling at all, maybe a little itching. I also use a cerave facewash with salicylic acid at night. Should I be using the bp wash for longer amount of time (1-2 minutes?) for greater effect? Thank you if you read all of this and any advice will be greatly appreciated
  8. These small under the skin bumps have been on my forehead for over a year now. I’m currently using retin a however I still have very congested skin. Anyone know what this is? And how I can fix these bumps?
  9. So I have struggled with small bumps on my forehead for about half of my life (since my teenage years). I had MASSIVE forehead envy whenever I saw someone with a smooth forehead. It seemed too that when I was stressed or tired the bumps would get worse, which made me think it could be some kind of allergy or rosacea for a while. Now I won't oversell my problem - the bumps were colourless and only noticeable when the light caught them, so it could have been worse. I've also had a touch of acne rosacea on my left cheek my whole life, which recently (due to a massively stressful year) exploded into what looked like adult acne all over my chin (which would NOT go away). I won't go into everything that I tried to clear my skin, because - trust me - I tried it all: dandruff shampoo masks, elimination diets, antibiotics, every lotion and potion known to humankind... I stopped short of lazer therapy - although I believe that probably would have helped enormously. I also saw dermatologists and doctors with mixed success. Below are my two significant skin issues and what worked for me, FINALLY. ------------ Small bumps: I looked into every theory under the sun around small bumps - malassezia yeast, rosacea, pimples, mites, etc. At the end of the day, based on what worked for me I think they were actually just clogged pores... Yep. I am dead serious. SO clogged that nothing would shift them. I think the reason they got worse when I was stressed was because my skin probably became more congested or flushed and the oil, etc. had no where to go. So what worked? Chemical exfoliation. It was seriously that simple. But you have to get something of decent quality. I had a few false starts in this area until I went to a lazer clinic and had a series of chemical peels and hydrofacials, which dramatically cleared my skin. I later had a hydrofacial which did nothing, so I determined it was the chemical peel that made the difference. But I didn't want to be trucking off for an expensive chemical peel every month, so I looked for a good at-home product. What has worked for me is Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel. And NO moisturiser, etc. You basically have pores that are prone to clogging and unable to clear away blockages - treat them as such. Acne Rosacea: So I would suggest everyone suffering adult cystic acne to consider whether they might actually have rosacea. Is there a trigger for your acne - eg stress or diet? Does it flare up and then calm down within 24 hours (but not actually ever go away)? Then it is likely rosacea. I had to go to the doctor because a cluster of what I thought were big pimples on my chin would not go away. They were red and angry and no matter what I put on them they stayed right where they were - except when I went on a couple of days holiday, during which they almost disappeared. The doctor put my on a low dose of antibiotics (doxycycline) and told me to never put the steroid cream given to me by the chemist on my face again... BUT while I think the doxycycline is definitely helping, my acne rosacea suddenly went away when I realised I was VITAMIN B deficient. I worked this out because there were strange glossy patches on my tongue I had never seen before. I looked it up and apparently it indicates a vitamin B deficiency. I looked at the list of symptoms of deficiency and realised I had many of them - including skin rashes due to the body not being able to deal with inflammation! I had also weirdly bought Vegemite a week earlier (very high vitamin B content) because I had a craving - and I HATE Vegemite! So I immediately bought a good quality vitamin B supplement (Blackmore's Executive Stress Formula, because I know the deficiency and resulting rosacea were all triggered by stress) and within two days the rosacea began to disappear. Four days later my chin was clear again. That will teach me to stop taking my daily multivitamin! --------- I know the above might sound simple, but it really was a long journey to get there because it was so confusing to work out what was happening with my skin and there were SO many products and so much conflicting information (I seriously spent a small fortune trying to clear my skin). I felt as thought I had already tried to treat my clogged pores, so had dismissed that as a possible cause of the small bumps. I was just using the wrong products (physical scrubs that just irritated my skin). I sincerely hope this helps someone else facing these two skin problems. Good luck!
  10. hi, i am 15 and i have a really weird forehead texture which looks rough and there are tiny bumps. specifically, this only shows up in photos and looks far worse outdoors. for awhile i thought it was folliculitis and tried nizoral but that didn't work out too well. i've tried paula's choice bha as well however even after the purging period i would get random cysts on areas i'm not acne prone to. exfoliating somehow makes my skin have an even worse texture (palmer's brand) so i stopped doing that and replaced it with a chemical peel. i was wondering if maybe acv could help? thanks!! skin type: combo, oily tzone dry cheeks current skincare routine am- spectro cleanser jelly lotion pm- ponds cold cream spectro cleanser jelly lotion the ordinary mandelic acid (every 2-3 days) thayers witch hazel rose scented aloe vera pictures below are outdoor lighting photos and indoors my skin looks much better x
  11. 22 year old male here. I've dealt with bad acne since puberty. After graduating college and several months on the regimen, my face has miraculously cleared of active infections. However, the raised bumps on my nose still remain. Whenever I broke out on my nose, usually a finger-tip sized red area would appear and would be painful to touch. Usually it'd become raised, and then burst and turn dark red for a while before subsiding. Does anybody know if this is hypotrophic scarring? Sebaceous hyperplasia? And what kind of treatment would be best to get rid of these stubborn rascals? When my nose turns red from cold weather, the bumps usually remain less red than the rest of the nose.
  12. I’m a teenager and acne’s been an issue for my since I was 12, so about a year and a half now. It’s clearing up with my African Black Soap and Bentonite Clay, but I still have small colourless bumps under the skin that I can’t get rid of no matter how much water I drink or clean my skin. I really want to know how to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads too without pore strips or scrubs as they’re bad for your skin. How do I get rid of these bumps, blackheads and acne scars safely? (apple cider vinegar breaks me out; so does Tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil and honey).
  13. Basically I've had these ever since age 12 or so. I'm unsure what these are but they're really small/fine flesh coloured bumps. I've been doing research online but I don't think they're sebaceous filaments or closed comedones. They're really not painful at all. If anybody knows what they are then please could you provide tips on how to get rid?
  14. I can't identify what these bumps are. I've been trying to get rid of them for- no exaggeration-- 10 years now (I'm 21). I don't think they're scars because I got them before I ever got pimples. They can get more or (slightly) less prominent depending on what I put on them but they've never gone away entirely. These ONLY exist on my chin and don't exist anywhere else on my body. One derm said he thought it was closed comedones and maybe some milia but only prescribed differin and sent me on my way, and unfortunately I haven't seen a change since then. I tried extracting one years back but it didn't really work. This is driving me insane! (Both photos were taken this morning, but in different lights) I've tried a salicylic acid wash, 5% benzoyl peroxide, BP pads, Differin, moisturizers, clay masks, sulfur, the whole nine yards. I wash my face every day and apply sunscreen when I go out. I change my pillow cases often. I've tried cutting and limiting dairy, and I drink PLENTY of water. THoughts and insight GREATLY appreciate, thank you
  15. Hi So I have had these forehead bumps forever now - didn’t really bother me as they aren’t awful. But they have been here for ages and I’ve tried so much like benzoyl peroxide, apple cider vinegar and have a face wash with salicylic acid from mario badescu also with a toner and buffering lotion (as I didn’t have any facial routine before). If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of these please tell me thank u
  16. I have these small flesh coloured bumps all over my face. No matter how much I take care of my skin and am consistent with a routine nothing seems to be working! I’m not sure whether it even is acne, it seems more rash like so perhaps folliculitis, but I’ve been suffering with it for a while now and just really want to find out what it is/a solution.. I will be seeing a dermatologist soon. Thank you!!
  17. My skin was very clear when I was young (like 11-12years old ) but soon later I started getting these little bumps on my nose that weren’t normal whiteheads or blackheads I overlooked it because it wasn’t that big of a problem. Soon later it started spreading to my cheeks and the overlaps of my nose at a alarming rate . I started using facial products such as simple to wash my face but it still wasn’t stopping. I get separate spots for my period and when I know I’ve eaten a lot of bad food but it has been 3 YEARS and it has only gotten worse. Now it’s spread out to you upper lip, the whole of my cheeks, my whole nose , the bit between my eyebrows, my chin . I exfoliate twice a week I use clearsil on my skin perfecting face wash on my face and I drink a lot for water but nothing has helped M.D. is it’s starting to spread aim help me please x Sorry the pictures are not that clear p.s bumps are small in a certain area imagine 100small bumps on your cheek area
  18. I hve had bumps on my skin for almost a year now. I have tried benzoyl peroxide and sacylic acid . Neither have worked. The skin around these bumps can also get red. Any idea what causes these or how to get rid of them? Most of the time they are not noticable except in bad lighting such as this photo
  19. Hello, I have combination skin (Forehead and Nose) I have Acne mostly concentrated on my Forehead and I am 15 years old. I wanted to know more about Double Cleansing, but should I be double cleansing with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser; I am just curious about this because I don't want to hurt my skin too much I heard on the internet about double cleansing with oils, but I am not sure if we can double cleanse with this type of product get back to me when you can please, thanks!
  20. Hello, I have combination skin (Forehead and Nose) I have Acne mostly concentrated on my Forehead and I am 15 years old. I wanted to know more about Double Cleansing, but should I be double cleansing with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser; I am just curious about this because I don't want to hurt my skin too much I heard on the internet about double cleansing with oils, but I am not sure if we can double cleanse with this type of product get back to me when you can please, thanks!
  21. Hey, I'm on here as a last resort really. I've had bumpy skin for almost 5 years now with minor pimples here and there with the occasional cyst. I honestly have no idea what these bumps are. I've tried facials, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, topical cream from my dermatologist and even recently nizoral because I heard it could be yeast related. And no change. Here and there they get smaller but nothing really changes. The bumps are really noticeable in lighting and really hurts my self esteem. They aren't itchy and aren't really red. They are also soft not hard or filled with anything like whiteheads. They are just there. They are small and consistently on my forehead, chin, nose and alongside my nose. I really need advice or ideas, I'm open to anything. My skin type is combination. I've attached a photo. I took the picture in the worst lighting to show you guys the worst it can look.Thank you for your time.
  22. Have been struggling with this for years now. I rarely get any actual pimples but i have no idea how to get rid of these. I've tried numerous things. I do not use any face wash, only wash with cold water as i have very very sensitive skin and I noticed my skin stays clearer without using anything. I use a serum from Decleor and then moisturize and sunscreen with Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair morning and night. Please help.. if someone can tell me what it looks like and any remedies..
  23. Hey everyone, I have been sticking to a skin care routine for nearly two weeks now and it has helped clear some acne on my forehead. The problem is I don’t feel like the rest is going to go away. I’ve only ever had issues with acne/pimples on my forehead. Do you know what these are and how can I treat them? Do I need to change my diet - ditch the dairy or can you suggest some prescription medication? thank you
  24. I have never broken out before in my life. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Please help I feel so ugly and ashamed.