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  1. My Accutane Diary

    Hi, I'm 20 years old, dealing with mild to moderate acne for about 7 years now. Tried many topical and antibiotics, birth control pill is the only one to make a difference but it comes with too many side effects for me so finally got put onto Accutane. Started last week on 20mg a day. I will be on 20mg for 2 weeks after which I will go up to 40mg until my next appointment with the dermatology nurse on the 1st June. Week one - I've been ill and so I don't know if some of the changes I've been experiencing are due to that or the medication. I've been licking my lips a lot so they're sore and dry. Wake up every morning and my upper lip especially looks swollen. Dry skin around nose but thats probably because I've been wiping it so much due to the flu. Some dryness near chin, no break out, active pimples/white heads dried up. Went to the park to run around/exercise a few days ago and my muscles are still in pain - don't know if that's due to the accutane or just because I pushed myself too hard (worked out after a long time). Really looking forward to taking the higher dose and seeing some real improvements in my skin. I am currently still on the birth control whilst on Accutane just to minimise the initial breakout and will be stopping it after I finish this pack.
  2. One Week

    It has been one week since i started taking the 10 mg pills twice a day, so 20 mg. There hasnt been many changes yet, but i have had stomach pains twice, but I took paracetomol and they went away. The ores around my nose have become very visible and large, and Ive been getting tiny little bumps around my chin and forehead where i dont usually get them. Havent experienced any dryness in the lips and skin, although I feel more thirsty. I hope my skin will start to clear up soon.
  3. Hi there! This is the first blog that I'm adding to give some useful tips for acne. I'm sorry it took so long to add a blog. So first off, here's my current routine: I wash my face with water in the morning. I exfoliate in the morning with a toothbrush dipped in some epsom salt and baking soda, but I only do this twice a week after I wash my face with water. I then apply Cerave moisturizing cream to my face. At night, I wash my face, usually with the Dove sensitive skin beauty bar, or sometimes just with a gentle, natural bar of soap. After washing, I put on a mask. The mask that I use depends on the day. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I put a mix of epsom salt and baking soda on my face with some water so it becomes more like a paste. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I put calamine lotion on my face. I leave the face masks on for 15 minutes and then wash them off, but I leave the calamine lotion on for as long as possible. Then on Fridays and Saturdays I just put epsom salt and water on my face. I don't put on a face mask on Sundays. Before bed, on a clean face, I apply my prescription product, Biacna. And that's it!! I'm about 90% clear, and I know that my routine will probably change, but for now my skin is happy. Some tips that I have If anyone would like to try any of the aforementioned products: Biacna/Ziana is a prescription product. My dermatologist gave it to me. It's a combination of tretinoin and clindamycin phosphate, and it is extremely expensive. I believe it's around the 80-90 dollar price range, but the price may vary per location. You do get a lot of product, though. I personally wouldn't recommend it, the only reason I'm using it is because it isn't breaking me out and I hate wasting products. It doesn't seem to be helping my acne in any way, but hey! Results vary. The Cerave moisturizing cream is pretty cheap and available at Walmart or Target. It comes in a tub and has ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are both good ingredients for acne. It has a thick consistency, so a little goes a long way. It has petroleum jelly in it, so beware if that breaks you out. Go for the lotion instead, it doesn't seem to have any petroleum jelly in it and is more lightweight. Baking soda does alter the pH of your skin, hence why I use a balancing moisturizer and only put it in my face masks twice a week. Calamine lotion is a very thrifty acne remedy, I bought it for a whopping $2.50 at the dollar store! If your skin dries easily, only use it as a spot treatment, otherwise you can spread it all over acne prone areas with a q-tip. I don't think daily use of it is a good idea, as it can give you a couple of itchy rashes with prolonged use. (Like I said, it's drying.) As always, test each product out on a small area of skin before using it. Everyone has unique skin, and what might work for me might make you break out, and I wouldn't want that! This is just my routine. You don't need to do the same thing. As for my diet, I stopped eating a plant-based diet and moved to a low GI diet. This diet really has been one of the best things for my skin, but I can't say that I haven't slipped up and ate the odd corn or cookie. Nobody's perfect. I think anyone should try this diet for at least a few weeks. It's very simple and doesn't in any way feel like a diet. You never really feel restricted. This is pretty much it for my current skincare regimen. As always, comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated. I hope this can help someone. Have a lovely day!
  4. Day 1-3:The first three days I haven't experienced anything. Luckily, I haven't gotten any headaches or stomach aches! I'm usually very sensitive to any medication so this is good! Day 4: This is today. The inside of my nose is starting to get dry and is SO itchy...I noticed on my nose and a little near my eyes on my cheeks is kinda dry, but barely noticeable. I'm just looking at everything so closely I can't help it! Pretty much my whole face is a little itchy but not bad. No new pimples yet. Also, oil production is still the same.
  5. Post as of 18/02/2016 Hello folks, I am 18(5'8"and weigh 65 kg)and of Southeast Asian-American descent.After battling with acne for over five years,I finally got accutane!You can think that my acne isn't bad enough to start accutane,but the real reason for starting the drug is that I'm extremely prone to scarring(whether I pick or not),even from whiteheads!I have also got body acne-nothing bad but quite extensive.Another thing that bothers me is that the scars also have Post Inflammatory Erythema(PIE) which seems to stay forever.I do also happen to have PIH at patches. I've apparently exhausted all possible anti-acne antibiotics and topicals and after fighting with mild-moderate acne for five years I'm finally here able to take accutane.My daily dosage of accutane has been adjudged to 50 mg a day-30 mg in the morning and 20 mg at night. BTW-I'll be taking ROACCUTANE since I'm outside the USA. I'll be uploading pictures weekly and when I'll have a bad breakout or a noticeable improvement.I hope that I don't get the initial breakout.WISH ME LUCK! Below are some before pictures.As you can see,my acne is mainly cystic and all of them cause scarring.front with flashfront without flashleft with flashleft without flashright with flashright without flash
  6. Signing off???

    I don't think I'll be posting much more on this site. It has no benefit for me, and I keep coming across too many blogs that I really disagree with and find it so hard not to comment on.. I don't see any benefits in the network on it. I get that it can be supportive for some people but personally, it's doing nothing. I might post some update pictures when I feel I'd like to but for now, I'll probably be very quiet!
  7. Today marks my 11th day on Claravis 30mg twice a day. It also marks the fourth day in my period and my skin is basically undergoing anarchy. I have spots down my cheeks, on my chin, on my jawline, and between my eyebrows. Alongside the spots is pretty significant dryness. I have work tonight and am dreading going. I will post a picture. To be fair, my skin is not much worse than my skin normally is on my period, but the dryness and redness are not making it look very pretty. I also noticed that, with the dryness, my makeup is doing a terrible job of covering my skin. Symptoms: Dryness of pimples, dryness of nose, dryness of lips, dryness of skin, headache, nausea, increased appetite (period), fatigue Diet: About one liter of water so far, two cups of coffee, chicken fajitas with corn tortillas, a few spoonfuls of Ben and Jerrys "The Tonight Dough" ice-cream (sorry not sorry) Products: Neutrogena Deep Moisture face lotion, Cetaphil daily cleanser, Clarins spot concealer, Clarins powder foundation, Clarins bronzer, Josie Marin highlighting powder
  8. Not actually the same but on the last few day , it hasnt improved much so i cant really tell does it work or not. Beside , its only less then a week and im trying to be patient so hope its okey !! Like i told you before , i got these underskin acnes since i was at grade 10 grade and stuck there for 2 years,im at grade 12 now. i want to have the most wonderful year so i chose the regimen . I dont want my last year turn out to be horrible. I took a few photos of my cheeks the other days so you guys could see my condition right now Yeah... Its really disturbing to see ...those things but i want to memorize it so i can easilly tracking my step of improvement. As you can see,there are many many acnes on my face , so u are not alone.the white things around my mouth are dried skin. Thats all for today , thank you for reading,see you soon
  9. 14th week on Yasmin

    This week I started my 4th pack of Yasmin and it's the first time that it didn't broke me out at all (not complaining about the one teeny tiny spot I got) like it used to do while starting a new pack. My face hasn't been pimple-free since ages. Yasmin has work wonders for me so far. My periods are the most regular they have ever been. It hasn't done a lot to prevent my excessive hair growth, but the doc told me that I'll probably see difference after a couple more months of using the pill. I did changed my diet (back to being vegan, but not HCLF), just to make me feel happier and more energetic throughout the day. Also I've added a new skin care product, 1% Retinol treatment from Paula's Choice. Have been loving it since the first application.
  10. Testing out blog capabilities

    Just testing the blog to make sure entries are going live correctly. [removed]!
  11. 2nd week on Yasmin

    It was my second week on yasmin and what a week. Let's start with the positive things I'm not feeling nauseous anymore and my appetite is completely back. Also I went from an A cup to a B cup. Yay boobs. Time to face the downsides. I gained 2 kilos. Ingrown facial hairs. My pimples aren't healing at all and I decided to stop using Erythromycin since it makes my pimples look more reddish and it hasn't done anything to diminish them in 2 weeks. Spots are still coming up. Especially under the skin mostly on my forehead. I'm still going to post pictures of the right side of my face. It makes me emotional to know that this cheek was completely clear 2 week ago whatsoever I gotta stay positive...
  12. Week 13 - Month 3

    So week 13, it's gone quick. Ill be finish in 2 months according to derm! Positive experience all round. Symptons havent been as extreme as i anticipated. Dry lips and a dry inner nose is the only issues for me. Dry inner nose is sore and constant vaseline poking up my nose! Seems to have calmed down though Lips are fairly constant. But my skin in flawless except from odd spots i mean 1 or 2. Still have lots of scars but no bumpy oily spotty skin. Skin isn't dry. Just not exactly oily. Its great. Don't want to go off accutane incase it comes back!! I drink on accutane aswell you aren't supposed to but haven't had any negativey on me. Good experience, skin has neve rbeen this clear!!
  13. Skin Picking Breaking Bad Habit Journey

    hey guys! I'm currently on accutane and been on it for 3 1/2 months. my results so far have not been very good considering I can't stop picking so starting today I'm going to make a daily blog on breaking my bad skin picking habit. if anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated! Day 1: The morning went okay and I didn't pick because I wasn't too tempted to do so. After school I came home and used a hot compress and left it over my skin and washed my face. Afterwards, I dabbed hydrogen peroxide on each pimple/scab. One of the pimples came to a complete head, but it was quite odd because it was like the hydrogen peroxide got into the pimple and made it bubble inside so I popped it gently I also picked off a tiny already flakey scab, but it didn't do any harm. One of my biggest issues is touching my face throughout the day. I keep running my hands over my cheeks to feel any pimples/scabs which is making it worse as well.
  14. One Month

    FEAR ME! Yes! I quit benzoyl peroxide cold turkey.. One day I just .. STOPPED. OK. Well, I am at 1 month. I thought my acne was bad while on the REGIMEN. HOLY COW. This last month has been awful. I've broke out on my forehead and on my chin; places I've NEVER EVER got acne before. Not on my nose, however...strange. Not to exclude my cheeks and the sides of my face. During this last month I've had to prepare myself for college which means being out in public and showing them my ugly mug. I'm no stranger to a red bumpy face, I've had acne for the last 7 years. I've gone to junior high and high school with it, but never to such an intense degree. I'm super embarrassed and super ashamed. That does not stop me from continuing on, however. I've realized with great clarity that having acne is not just a physical thing, but very much an internal ... thing. Your perception on looks and who judges yo - yadadada i won't get into that who care.s Let me just say first off that I've been taking the regimen for about 6 months? I think. Maybe 7 and a half. It cleared up my skin by the very end, but my skin was TERRIBLE. As in, very very dry and irritated and looked like the desert dunes. You heard it here, folks. Benzoyl peroxide also causes aging. At least it does for me. My laugh marks (and that fine line beneath your eye that runes down to your cheek) are more defined and very noticeable. I look about 25 (I'm 19). Before the regimen, I will also add, I was on EXPOSED SKIN CARE (which is an overpriced overrated acne over the counter treatment). AND BEFORE THAT, I was on proactive. Back on route. So my skin was acne free when I stopped. It came back with vengeance in a week and a half. It happened over night. BAM. 4 white heads on my cheeks. The dream was dead. A few days later my forehead and chin started breaking out. I knew by then I was in for a deal of hurt. From then on till now I've had about 35 different pimples come and go. All of them were white heads, never the BIG DADDY. Those are the pimples that have been charging their power level for weeks deep beneath your skin. A GIANT bump that sits there on your face for a long time. None of those thankfully. When I lay in bed at night I can feel the pimples on my forehead pound. Whenever I accidentally brush my face with my hand, my acne stings for a few moments. Horrible, I'm sure this is hell. I'm also sure that I will be experiencing this for a very long time... I want to see this to the end. I want to be able to come back here, a year later or 2 years later and finally write - HEY GUYS I'M FREE! Or will I write; hey guys. I still have acne and it sucks... I've gotten those little sebum things on my face almost everyday, so I have to use some facial cleanser. I've decided my weapon of choice...Cetaphil daily cleanser. It's okay. I've been using it for about a week and it's whatever. Sad it doesn't help my acne at all, but also grateful it doesn't cause breakouts. Just cleans pretty well. A personal reason why I quit was because one weekend I traveled to Vancouver. It was a bright sunny day out and I took a small boat to travel with these other people. I sat across from a young woman and she had this pretty white dress on and a matching bonnet. Then I saw her skin. I've never seen a condition like that before..She was covered in these large red bumps. Not just her face, but all over her body; her legs, her arms, and her face. They looked very painful. I didn't want to stare, so I kept my eyes glued to the water. But, I did sneak one quick look at her facial features. She was smiling at something I didn't see. 'She is very brave,' was all I thought of during the boat trip. She was out trying to enjoying herself despite how she looked. That really hit me hard because I knew if I had her skin, I wouldn't be out on a boat with a lot of people on a bright sunny hot day. I would be in my room, yes yup. With the light off. I realized then that that was true beauty. She was incredibly beautiful, she outshined everyone I saw that day. So, I admire her and I also want to be beautiful in that way. I'm going to go rogue on this regimen and try to let my skin heal itself. I'll write in a month, maybe show some before and after photos. For sure I will come back, that is a promise. TL;DR : FACE BROKE OUT HORRIBLY - SURPRISE!
  15. Enjoy, homies. Let me know what y'all think! ❤️ Ps sorry I just realized I kind of look like an alien lol please excuse the blue bug eyes and large forehead. I promise I'm a human!
  16. Here ya go! Now back to True Detective...
  17. 2 Months Into Dans Regimen! Whoop!

    The 2 month mark is here! 8 weeks! This is a crucial milestone, people. A crossroad of sorts. This is the time I told myself I'd evaluate my progress and decide if I should continue... Well? What do you guys think? Is it worth sticking it out another month? Another 2 months? Forever?!?
  18. Fingers crossed my improvements stick! We all know how that can go
  19. Week 7. Werk!

    Same old same old me here, everybody. Still SO happy w my progress. Did get a few small zits here and there. But SMALL and FEW are the key words here. Never did I think I'd describe my acne that way! Woo hoo for small victories! Although I still have some dark leftover marks and one or 2 active pimples, I seriously am so happy I gave the regimen a chance. And to think of all the stuff I've been trying the last year! However, I'm keeping in mind the many factors involved here, and any of these (and problebly a combo of them all!?) could be the biggest influence: The regimen (Cerave cleanser, bp, moisturizer twice a day. Gentle, minimal application, minimal makeup) Trinessa (just started month 4) birth control pill. Generic for ortho tri cyclen Stress (10 weeks ago I started a new job.. Stress is down at least 50%, love my coworkers, been working out and being outside more) Diet (gluten free, minimal meat and dairy and alcohol, I do notice my skin gets worse when I cheat) So that's that. Yes my improvements are significant, but, like our trusty dermatologists say, there are MANY factors and variables involved with the cause and treatment of acne. One persons HG is not gonna be everyone's. Dan loves to glob on his BP like it's going outa style. My sensitive delicate skin can't handle that much so I stick to 1/3 fingers length on acne prone spots only. Dan loves his moisturizer. I couldn't take that stuff after just 1 week. So clearly although the philosophy behind the regimen can pretty much be applied to everyone, the little steps and ways you get there are unique. Listen to your body and don't fight it. You'll always lose. Til next week , lovers. Oh and PS: I went to a party on Saturday and totally got asked out! So much for tator tots and Netflix cuz this girl is on DA HUNT.
  20. Check This Out Week 6 Progress

    Dolla dolla bills y'all. Just hyperpigmentation now!
  21. Week 6 Can Get It!

    Womp there it is! Some amazing progress since I last posted. This pic is make up free and this is ALL hyperpigmentation!!
  22. Week 4 Optimus Prime-R...

    SOOOooo I mentioned last week that I wanted to try a primer/bb cream, yea? Yea, no... Bad idea. For only 2 days last week I tried the Smashbox primer light. It made my face dry as a dinosoar's ass. Needless to say, I live in the desert and it's over 100 degrees daily right now. PLUS the water in Vegas is super hard and terrible for dry, sensitive skin, like MINE OF COURSE LOLOLOL. So only 2 days of this stuff definitely made me break out. I went back to just my regimen and things are improving, slowly. You'll notice my chin is pretty pissed. But I think I need to come to grips with the fact that moisture is my BFF. I can't wear powder or a lot of makeup like I used to in Boston and California. With 2% humidity and -2% dew point ( ya that's possible, it happened today. It means rain would evaporate before it hits the ground. AWESOME.) I really need to minimize products and OD on moisturizer daily. I also broke out a little on my back the last few days, which I haven't done since before Trinessa. Wierd. Could be a weird body wash I used over the weekend when I was out of town? Who knows but let's hope it's a fluke cuz that's one thing Trinessa really cleared up nicely. Anyway overall things aren't bad and I can deal. The only bummer is that I was supposed to get dinner/drinks w this really cute guy friend of mine visiting town and I lied and bailed on him tonight. Because of my breakout. Honestly ladies and gentlemen this isn't the first time I've lied/bailed because of my skin and it just sucks. I'm 24 and single and it feels like everyone else my age has "grown out of their acne" and they just walk around with flawless skin they don't have to think about. Will that ever be me? I'm starting to prepare myself emotionally for the possibility that no, it'll never me me. Wah wah wah
  23. Week 3 With Dan The Man

    Hey kids. So I just finished week 3/started week 4. And I'm still pretty pleased w the results of the regimen! As a reminder I'm using 1/3 fingers length of bp twice a day, with dans cleanser and Cerave moisturizer twice a day too. I also just started my 3rd month of the bc pill Trinessa... I try and wear as little makeup as possible. Some Clinique concealer under the eyes and on any zits usually makes me half presentable for a day at work. But I'd like to start trying maybe adding a primer and/or bb cream to even out my skin tone. Any suggestions? It looks like the brand smash box gets good reviews, but I'm just worried about backtracking on all the progress I've made. Most face makeup makes me break out so I usually avoid all powders and foundations. But any recommendations from a similarly plagued individual would be delightful. As for the state of my breakouts, I'm obvi breaking out less. Not 100% but definitely a solid 80%... And the pimples I am getting are smaller and heal quickly. I totally think the whole "gentle" factoid from Dan is spot on. I notice much less redness and oiliness overall, and although I am a bit dry, I'd take that over shine any day. I think it's because I'm not scrubbing or rubbing my face really hard anymore either. The lather from the cleanser does such a great job that when I rinse it off any trace of makeup or flakes is completely gone! Well anyway guys this has been a long one so I'll spare you any more frivolous banter! Cya in a week, dudes. Peace
  24. Ready, Set Go! My Starting Point:

    Waddup acne peeps. SOOO This is where I started when I began Dan's Regimen. This blog is as much for me as anything, as this is the first time I've officially documented progress with any product. If people read it, grewl, if not, fine, at least I can see my progression after some time and actually see how far (or not far!) I've come... As you can see, most of my breakouts are around my chin/jaw and a tiny bit on my forehead lately. I know my acne isn't severe, but this is actually a time it didn't look that bad. It's mostly pustules that pop up for me, (inflamed red pimples with a fun white hat!) I've developed a habit of NOT popping them, as ready as they might look. I've noticed when I used to pop or scrub the white heads off, it would bleed, scab, then a white head (or 3) would pop right back up a few days/weeks later. So at this point I just let them go til they dry up and flake off on their own. Everyone around me at work just gets to say hi to my 6 or 7 friends on my face every day. DEAL WITH IT. I purchased Dan's cleanser, treatment and moisturizer 8oz each. This is ALL I'm using right now. I'm also 1.5 months into the bc pill Trinessa (which could also be playing a factor in all this! So sexy!) my GP put me on this after I was having spotting/cramping. She also said it should help w acne. We shall see! After the Differen 3% reaked havoc on my skin, I went back to aczone/ziana for about 7-10 days and my skin def calmed down a lot. But I just hate the oiliness and redness that these products give me and am hoping that this regimen can give me clear and normal human loooking skin. Feelin hopeful and excited! Also nervous and scared from all the reviews saying you go through a flake from hell before it actually works. But hey, I was one big flake for 2 years so it's nothing I ain't done before! If clear skin is on the other side of 2-3 weeks of lizardness, I'll take it. Flawless face here I come! <3
  25. Update: It has been 26 days since I started Retin-A, and I am sorry I am late to the party. I have been on Accutane before and my dermatologist has advised I move onto Retin-A to maintain my skin. My thoughts so far on Retin-A have been positive. I definitely did get the initial breakout but it went away pretty quickly and my face is a lot more calmer. I am applying it every night on top of my moisturizer and I think that helps with the flakes and dryness. Initially, I did get flakes but now I do not. Face is redder than when I was not using Retin-A, but cannot really tell. I decided to do this daily log because I am hoping (as long as it works!) to take this for the rest of my life, and I want to jot down how it goes. I will check in daily and keep updating the log as much as possible. My skin type is combo, acne prone, possibly dehydrated. After Accutane, I would my skin is fairly under control but I am still prone to mild acne. Keeping my fingers crossed for Retin-A sealing the deal. If you have questions or comments, post away~