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  1. Yasmin is making me oily?

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    I'm on Ocella (generic form of Yasmin) and have been taking it for the past 6 weeks in an attempt to clear up my period breakouts. I've noticed that in month 2 my skin has gotten a lot more oily, resulting in white heads, clogged pores, and a few cysts of week. I am aware I need to wait it out- but has this happened to anyone before? I knew my skin would get worse, but I didn't think it could get even more oily!
  2. Hi, First of all, a small rant: My first year of university starts in about 2 weeks and it sucks that after years of being insecure I still have to deal with this. I'm even considering not going at all, because when I get bad breakout I'm not able to go outside anyways. Backstory: I'm 19 years old (female) and I've had acne for years since I was 14. I've tried topical creams, antibiotics, peelings and even a whole 6 month roaccutane cure. Nothing helped in the end. Okay so I've been on the Yasmin pill (birth contol, generic) for 4 months now. The initial breakout was horrible and lasted for 2 whole months, it's a wonder that I got my diploma at all. At first I thought it was getting better but I'm in my placebo week and once again I'm still getting the worst chin breakouts (yes it happened before this week) and also between my eyebrows. Like really bad, I can't go outside. Just as bad as before I started the pill. So now I'm even regretting starting birth control since it feels like I just added scars from the initial breakout for nothing (mentally and physically). Does anyone have an opinion or did anyone go through something similar?? My doctor told me to wait for 4 months so I did, should I conclude that it doesn't work or give it some time once again? It really feels like a hopeless case and I don't know what I'm doing wrong or should be doing

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    PLEASE PLEASE I started Ocella about six weeks ago and since my last cycle my skin has been hell- it has been getting progressively worse. My skin is so much more oily that in usually is, resulting in small white heads all around my face. Normally, I only get cystic pimples right before my period and now they are popping up randomly and weekly. I am losing hope - my skin has not looked this bad in a long time. I have been canceling plans with friends because I am so insecure I really do not know what to do.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm an 18 year old female who is currently on depo-provera. My skin is normally oily, acne-prone, and sensitive, but recently I've dried it out completely by overusing benzoyl-peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. My room was very hot at night until I got an air conditioner, so I was sweating a lot in my sleep. I would wake up to 30+ pimples; most were tiny and cluttered all over my face, but I had about 5 painful, cystic ones along my jawline. I was too impatient/fidgety with my skin and wanted instant results, so I overused products. My chin, nose area, and jawline is extremely dry now. I've laid off the products; I only use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash twice a day (in the morning I use less), and to moisturise I use Pond's Dry Skin Cream. I've also been exfoliating twice a day using St. Ives Gentle Oatmeal Scrub/Mask. I think my acne is actually improving. I don't pick my skin!! The skin dryness is the problem. You could not believe the hell I went through trying to choose a facial moisturiser. I tried Neutrogena Grapefruit Acne Moisturiser, but it burned and dried. I tried Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream, but it also burned me! I knew the burning was due to my skin's recent abuse, but I NEEDED a moisturiser or else my face would hurt too bad from the peeling. In the end, I chose Pond's. However, my skin has yet to recover from the acne treatment abuse. After I moisturise in the morning, my skin is dry and flaking again in 30 min. so I reapply. The greasy feeling is better than the pain/stiffness of my jawline. It's dried out again completely by evening. I also suffer from hyper pigmentation, where the redness/bump from previous acne doesn't fade (at least not very fast). My neck/chest have been getting tiny pimples every now and then, too. I know that my acne is likely a combination of environment/hormones/genetics (my dad has moderate acne and he told me that his skin is very sensitive to stress). I plan to stop the depo-provera shot (it can cause acne) and start the pill again. Here's everything personal about me that could affect my skin: - I suffer mildly from anxiety/depression -I try to stay away from dairy/refined sugar (if I do eat it, it's in moderation) -I eat healthy foods for skin, like berries and dark greens -Sometimes I use black tea bags as a redness spot treatment and drink the tea for the antioxidants - I drink lots of water Bottom line: Please tell me how to fix my skin's moisture, I 100% prefer my oily skin to this dry skin. When I have the money, I plan to incorporate more products (toners, serums, masks) into my routine. Also, it feels as though my breakout is never ending. Although I don't wake up to 30+ pimples anymore, there's plenty of bumps and new pimples replacing old ones. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I'm 19 and I have been battling acne for the past five years or so. Like most my skin dips up and down constantly, some years are worse than others. This past year I had a flare up, and so I went back to Retin-A. While that did help my skin a lot, I was still left with pretty tough and extreme breakouts right before my period. In an effort to combat this, my doctor suggested Birth Control. Took Levlen for a month and that screwed up my stomach so I stopped. Then I started Microgestin Fe 1/20, which at first was a godsend. By month three, I was having an extreme cystic breakout and had to stop. SO naturally I schedule an appointment with both my dermatologist and OB/GYN. OB suggested I switch to Ocella, which is a generic form of Yasmin. My dermatologist enthusiastically agreed with this choice, she also switched me to 0.1% Tazorac and 4% Hydroquinone to combat acne scars. I want to blog my journey - because I want to finally overcome my acne once and for all.
  6. I'm on my sixth week of Ocella and my skin is suffering from weird under the skin bumps and some of the most painful cysts I have ever had. I was originally put on Ocella to help my skin. I typically break out around a week before my period, and then the breakout begins to heal as soon as I start bleeding. My morale is so low. I feel like I am losing hope. I am not sure If I can finish three whole months on this for it to not work. What were your experiences on Ocella, especially during the first few months?
  7. Hello everyone! I started my fourth pack of Loryna birth control exactly a week ago and have noticed a great amount of improvements in my skin. As mentioned previously in my other posts, I had a terrible initial breakout after starting the BC. Sadly, I took the pills solely to get rid of my cystic hormonal acne so it is unfortunate that my face reacted so terribly. I am glad, however, that it has completely gotten rid of my original acne and the acne from the initial breakout period. The only thing left to do is to lighten the post inflammatory erythema (PIE for short). The scarring is pretty bad—what are some ways to speed up the removal process? I just starting using Vitamin C serum so I'm hoping that'll do the trick. The first photo was from a little over a month after starting the birth control, the second is from almost a month ago, and the third is from last week. The first picture wasn't even when my acne was at its worst (hard to believe, right?). Regardless of the scarring, I'm really happy that my skin is starting to get better.
  8. I've always struggled with hormonal acne along my jaw, having at least one along that area at all times. I've been on birth control (min ovral) for about 2 months now and my acne around that area has gotten really bad. I wake up with 2-3 new painful cysts on my jaw every day now. I don't know if this is still the initial breakout from starting the pill or if the pill is just worsening it all together. At what point can I expect my acne to get better?
  9. So yesterday I was prescribed the specific Tri Lo Marzia Birth Control pill for my acne. The nurse told me this pill helps really well with acne and her experience but before it clears up your, the acne gets worse. My acne is already pretty bad and I do not want to worst acne than what I have now. Are there any other methods to get rid of acne without it getting worse before gets better? I’m way too nervous to take this pill because I start school in two weeks and I don’t want to have huge breakouts on my face. One of the common main side effects of this pill is acne and that’s what I’m worried about. Does anyone have experience with this birth-control pill and can give me some advice,
  10. Hello! It has been awhile since I have posted here. My acne, for the most part, has been manageable for the last couple of years but in recent months has become quite bad again, so I am looking for some insight. Here is some background: I am currently taking a generic brand of Ortho Tri-Cyclen for acne treatment as well as my method of birth control. I have been taking this for about 3-4 years. It was sort of my last resort before going on Accutane/Isotretinoin. I started on it around age 16 (I am 20 now), and initially saw some great results. Prior to the pill, I had moderate to severe acne with some cystic acne flare-ups from time to time. For about 3 years, I never had a cystic pimple again. Mostly whiteheads and small red bumps, localized mainly on the cheeks. Overall, much more manageable and less destructive to my self-esteem. I finished high school with a pretty clear face - yay! For maybe the last 6 months or so, I've noticed things progressively getting worse again. This is also about the same time I started working third shift (11pm-7am) - I have heard this might be partially to blame. Cystic pimples every now and then, bigger and more persistent breakouts that have spread to other spots on my face. Definitely transitioning from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. Now, my face is the worst it has looked in years. White heads and bumps EVERYWHERE, including cheeks, jaw, forehead, eyebrows, lip/chin area, etc. 3 giant, ridiculously painful cysts have finally healed on my cheeks but I feel more coming. Also, for the first time I skipped the placebo pack of pills the last week of June for a wedding. For the entirety of July, my skin has been so painful and inflamed and I have seen new pimples surfacing every day. My question is - can missing that one period trigger such an intense breakout or is something else probably going on here? Has anyone else experienced this? Is it unusual for a birth control to stop working as effectively for acne treatment? I don't know if it is because of the birth control, my current work hours, stress, diet, or a culmination of all, but if this persists I will be tempted to go on Accutane and I really would like to avoid that. I have tried many topicals, Minocycline, and Doxycycline. Any input or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  11. So I have been using the regimen for almost a year now and my skin has finally cleared up. I have recently decided to start birth control as a form of protection, however, I am really worried that my skin will go back to how it was. I was prescribed Tri-sprintec. If anyone of you have tried that brand and have advice that would be great or any birth control and have advice and opinions I’d love to hear it!
  12. Hey guys. I had my breaking point with my skin around 10 days ago where I had a total melt down when looking in the mirror. I went off to the doctor who rxed me 10mg of Roaccutane. I’ve had a crazy IB, my skin is actually swollen, red and full of sore cystic acne. Does anyone have any positive stories of how long the ib took to disappear? Feeling like this is making me Look so much worse.
  13. Hello, after looking at multiple threads I realized I should start my own. I’m a 15 y/o female (USA) and have been struggling with moderate to severe acne on and off since for 4 years. I originally tried Epiduo, but a few months ago that stoped working. My derm perscribed edpiduo forte, but that dried and irritated my skin. She then had me try differin gel. After 3 months and no results I went in again. She perscribed doxy, aczone, and clindamycin gel. It’s been six weeks since then, and if anything my acne has gotten worse. I’m breaking out on my cheeks and chin/jaw for the first time. Additionally, the cysts around my temples are scarring. Long story short, what is the “next step”. Is it too early to ask for accutane?
  14. Hi, I have a new dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I know for a fact that they'll just suggest new antibiotics or a second round of accutane. Standard treatments. So I just wanted to get some ideas here first so that I would be able to present them tomorrow. Back story: I've had acne since age 14, I'm 19 now. I've tried doxycicline, minocycline, duac gel, treclinac gel, different kinds of topical creams. I've been on a full 6 month accutane course, the acne returned after a year. I've done a chemical peel I've been on birth control (yasmin) for 3 months now. No improvement. I don't think giving it more time will do anything? it just gave me a bad initial breakout and I'm back to square one now.. So my doctor (not the dermatologist) told me that I should wait for 4 months for the birth control to kick in. So I have an appointment with him in about 4 weeks. With university and everything coming so close I have no energy or time to wait for nothing. Thus the dermatologist appointment tomorrow, I wanted to see if there were other options bcz I'm pretty sure birth control won't do anything (I know my skin). Which sucks because it works amazing for so many people and I tried almost everything else and I literally locked myself up for months waiting for this to work. Anyways. Any ideas? Should I change birth control, or wait? add spironolactone? I don't even know if I have hope or patience anymore for any of these but still any ideas would help and are welcome.
  15. a couple of posts over the past couple months started me rethinking the copper IUD..So I started.looking back at my own timeline...I started researching. I did find a lot out there on various message boards (anecdotal). It's not evidence, but I was literally finding hundreds or THOUSANDS of women with the EXACT same symptoms and timeline...too coincidental. It's well known that it will cause A LOT of women to bleed much heavier and/or longer during menstruation. There had to be an explanation for this?! I finally found a study that found the copper IUD shortened women's luteal phase and that at the end of the cycle progesterone and estrogen were both slightly elevated. No mention of Testosterone at all though...Hmm. It was something--despite this, there is still argument whether or not it affects your hormones. (If it has ANY effect on the cycle, it must, right?) I FINALLY found something DISTURBING. They use heifers for the study (they use pigs for most studies really, because if it works in a pig, it's pretty much how it's going to work in a human)...anyway, I found THIS study: In a nutshell--it JACKED the hormones. Observed over the 120 days were lowered progesterone levels (probably due to anovulatory cycles) and simultaneously testosterone levels were elevated as much as 8 TIMES control levels. They observed the formation of 2 or more cysts per ovary....and significant weight gain. Essentially, using the copper IUD gave the pigs a horrific case of PCOS.
  16. Hi, I just wanted to ease my mind regarding the effects of stopping birth control pills especially on the skin which is usually acne breakouts. I have been on Alesse 28 for 4 months only. I am just wondering if anyone who took pills for a few months still got bad acne breakouts? I’m quitting BC pills this week but I’m also scared about its side effects. Please help me. Thanks : (
  17. Around January, I was prescribed Levlen for my skin. I was on it for two months, and my skin cleared up nicely, but I had to stop because it was causing severe stomach issues. My doctor switched me to Microgestin Fe 1/20. The first two months on micro, my skin was clear- I was even getting complements on how good it looked. I recently ended my second pack and started my third pack and my skin broke out horrible. I got cystic acne on my cheeks, and for the first time am seeing smaller pimples around my mouth and chin. The deep cystic pimples are starting to clear up, but smaller pimples arrive on the daily. I am just so confused - why am I just breaking out now? Has this ever happened to anyone before? Its my THIRD MONTH and I am just breaking out now - a good or bad sign? I have an appointment with a determatologist on the 20th, but just that seems ways away. I just feel so discouraged and self conscious.
  18. Hi! So I was wondering, what is the difference between spironolactone and birth control? In my case I'm talking about the yasmin birth control. You can also share your experiences if you want Thanks in advance
  19. Hi everyone, So I am a 15 yr old girl who was just put on Beyaz for my acne. The gynaecologist did a blood test around a week ago and said that there was 'nothing significant' with my hormone levels, but that Beyaz will help. Today I went to a dermatologist and she said that while Beyaz should help my acne, it won't clear all of it up and she wants to give me something stronger. A little backstory on my acne- It has been going on for years. 3-4 years of acne and I've tried everything under the sun. Minocycline, Aczone, Salicylic acid, Clindamycin, everything, and my skin did not react significantly to any of them. I've seen kids at school get and get rid of their acne while I struggle endlessly with it. I'm trying to decide if i want to try Accutane. Right now I'm debating if it's worth all the side effects. While I get the occasional nasty cyst on my chin, I do not believe my acne is cystic, but it is stubborn and it is beginning to scar. My skin also used to be extremely oily all over my face, but it changed and suddenly became combination, oily around my T-zone and dry on my cheeks. I narrowed this down to my cleanser which was too strong for me, but my cheeks have never returned to how they were before. Today I started the process of getting Accutane (I am also not sure what dosage she is going to give me just yet). She also prescribed me doxycycline just to tide me over for the month that I have to wait before I get Accutane. I am a little (okay, a lot) concerned of what Accutane is going to do to me. I know it's supposed to clear my face, but it's also meant for cystic acne. If any of you have any advice or comments about what I should expect, I would appreciate it.
  20. Hii, I'm kinda at a point where any light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared for me. But I discovered that the internet, and this site in particular gave me strength in a way, since people went or go through the same. Since I don't see any options anymore can someone help me and give an input? Doesn't matter what it is. I couldn't be more hopeless right now. Anything would help. I'm going to list the things I'm doing right now for my acne. But first let me give a background. My story I got acne when I was around 14, I'm 19 now. At first I got antibiotics (don't remember what). Everything I got prescribed did nothing. Around age 16 I went on accutane. Ages 16 - 17 I was about95% acne free. Ofcourse when I turned 18 it came back and it got gradually worse. Right now I'm back at age 14 when my acne was the worst. Or I would say I'm a bad case of moderate acne right now, but it feels just like when my acne was severe. I have cysts (such a pain, literally), whiteheads, closed comedones. I believe it's hormonal since nothing ever worked for me and it always starts with my chin having a breakout. But that would mean that if the yasmin pil doesn't work I'm literally out of options. Medicines I went trough Minocyline Doxycicline (helped for the months I was on it) Accutane (Yes full 6 months, after a year my acne is back.) Topical creams I went trough Benzoyl peroxide (Allergic) Treclinac (horrible) Duac acne gel (Allergic.. it has bp in it) What I take now Yasmin birth control (2 months and 2 days, no results yet whatsoever.) Zinc (does nothing) Current Diet I've been vegan for 2 years. I also cut out sugar and deep friend & unhealthy food. I know it doesn't make a difference but I'm still holding onto my diet. I also tried being gluten free for months which did nothing. Morning: Mint tea or green tea with some fruit or bagel Evening: Chicken and vegetables Yes, I'm aware I don't eat a lot but that's just how it is with my depression rn. Current Skin care Micellair water Garnier (removing make up) Zomedical oilacleanse (cleanser) Son & park (toner) Clinique moisture surge oil free (moisturizer) Dalacin-T 10 mg/ml (lotion from my doctor) P.s. I also went and got a chemical peeling, it helped for a week but the proces was hell and after a while my acne got even worse. I know I was supposed to do it a few more times but I don't think it would've made a difference. So here's what I'm thinking: Actually I'm not thinking anything, I literally feel like I'm just walking into a hopeless brick wall. But let's say I had to think something; First of all I thought my acne was hormonal. So going on accutane for the second time, would make my acne return. And I'm mentally unstable to go through that process again. My last resort was going on birth control. I'm currently on yasmin for 2 months and 2 days and even today I got a new breakout. I don't want to have any hopes, but if this doesn't work it feels like I'm literally out of options. Also, I left everything emotional and mental because of my acne as much as possible aside so that I could focus on real actions I can take. If anyone could share their thoughts or experience, anything would help!! Thank you so much for even reading this, it was longer than intended. Update 17-8-18: I've been on yasmin (birth control) for 4 months now and my skin is as bad and even worse as before.
  21. As I discussed in my other post, I started taking Loryna for my cystic hormonal acne and it caused one of the worst breakouts of my entire life. The breakout mainly took place on my cheek, a place I don't normally suffer from acne. I've been using various topical products, both organic/natural and acne treatment medications (salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide). The blemishes from the breakout are starting to heal and flatten out—most of the redness on my face is hyperpigmentation and acne marks with few cystic pimples lingering. However, my biggest fear is that the birth control won't clear any of this up and I may have to find another route. It's very discouraging because my skin wasn't this bad until I took the birth control. I'm halfway through the second month and my hope is that it will gradually clear the damage it initially made. Down below are pictures of my skin currently.
  22. Exactly 1 year ago I finally went to a dermatologist for acne that had suddenly onset 6 months ago on my cheeks- painful, "pustule" like, and AHA's and Clarisonic were not working. I tried Adapalene, antibiotics, retin-a, and birth control (in that order). At one point I was on antibiotics and retin-a, and my acne did not clear completely till I started birth control. Now, about 3 months after stopping birth control, my acne is starting to come back. I am still using retin-a and keeping up with the same skin-care routine. It is not as bad as it once was, however, I don't think i should accept the situation considering I had perfectly clear skin for months. Should I go back to my dermatologist? Has anyone else had a similar experience?- if so, what did your dermatologist recommend?
  23. I have been suffering from acne since 6th grade and I'm now 22 years old. I have oily skin and lots of pimples and acne scars. I have been on the nuvaring for almost 2 weeks now and I'm starting to break out even more. I heard lots of success stories of nuvaring clearing their acne. How long does the process take before I notice results?
  24. Paragard Acne

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    Ladies, I have recently gotten the Paragard in December. Beginning about February, I noticed cystic acne on my cheeks. I've tried everything to rid it. It has shown some improvement, but I still have several painful deep pimples on my cheeks. I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with acne and the paragard ? I know it is non-hormonal, but my body is very sensitive to a lot of things. Im just curious if there is any correlation between the two. I would love to hear any experiences that you have had !
  25. I started the Yasmin pill on the 26th of April in order to clear my hormonal acne which I only started to develop this year at the age of 22! But look at my poor skin it's only deteriorated, the full face image is when I took my first pill, the other couple of images is today while ending my second pack. I had blood tests and everything was perfect apart from low estrogens so I know it's hormonal. Should I continue to stick it out?! Or change to another pill? How long did it take you to clear your acne on the bcp? I'm losing faith!