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  1. Hello. First of all, don't get too excited if you're in a similar situation to me and were hoping this post would hold the fix for long-term (Ro)accutane damage. I just wanted to express my situation and see if anyone can help. I'm bored of reading depressing no-way-out answers and I refuse to give up and stop trying to fix myself. I'm also not inviting those who say the side effects aren't caused by this drug - I am 100% sure, and have read enough posts from others to know that Accutane isn't simply 'out' of your system after a month. I've read several theories into why things like IBS, Erectile Dysfunction and knee problems can occur months or years after stopping treatment. I'm talking about the liver storing the high-levels of Vitamin A, Accutane staying in the colon, and even something - which if it's true means only bad news - to do with DNA change and 'Telomere' shortening, which means a slow but sure decrease in health(This has been written by Nathan Carr, who you may of heard of). But I'm not writing to find out which of these theories, if any, is true. I want to see if anyone can actually give good advice on supplements/diet, or whatever else, to repair damage from this poison. Below, I will list the details of when I took this drug and what side effects I have + how I cope with life. One last thing - Anyone saying that these side effects are rare, i.e 1%, forget it. 1% reported. Since taking this drug, my life has been limited and difficult. I'm not in that 1% statistic because I haven't reported it directly to the manufacturer. I expect the figure is a lot higher. As I said, side effects can come on AFTER taking this, so people could be ignorant to the cause. However, I know better, and after watching my health drop dramatically while/after taking Accutane, I can firmly say it's the cause. Let's begin ... Basics: I'm 21 at the end of this month. It's now 5 years since I touched Ro-accutane (Ro-accutane is just the British name for it). I took it from December 2005 - May 2006. I was meant to finish in June, but stopped due to feeling very depressed/suicidal (because of the drug). My problems are below... - Dry Eyes (Severe) - E.D/ Low Libido (Started last year and has gone on consistently since) - Hair-loss (Including eyebrows, facial hair 'gaps' and body hair) - Slow Healing (Shaving is a pain now - No, it's not my technique) - Lack of sebum (oil) - Brain Fog/ Memory problems - Somewhat minor - Anxiety (mainly because of the other side effects - i.e. dry eyes causing me to feel embarassed about eye contact) - Excessive hair (Not related to head, but my beard grows high up on cheeks and even on the outside of my nose) - I believe I look older than I should due to lack of oil - Joint/Muscle problems - Aches/ Slow recovery - Excessive sweating.. Terrible if I go running at the gym, for example. - Dry mouth - Nosebleeds more than I should - Fatigue - Overall depression and confusion (*Rhetorical question* Is this a direct symptom or am I like it because of all the other side-effects stressing me out?) That's what I can think of for now. Of course, I wasn't told about half of these being a possibly problem and I was told any side-effects will be temporary. I was 15, so I had no reason not to trust the Doc's word. I've tried lots of different supplements (a lot of which I still take just incase they are helping/slowing down the problems) including Omega 3, Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera Juice, MSM, Colostrum, Garlic, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Quercetin, Tumeric. So, yeah, I've tried a lot of things. The Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root are recent additions because despite having my liver test results come back as positive, I've heard your liver can still not be functioning correctly and people are given liver tests monthly while taking this drug for a reason, right? I'm starting to eat better foods as this sh*t taught me that Natural is the way to go. I still binge on cakes and that occasionally - Mainly for comfort. I'm average weight and height, but want to cut out processed foods to support my body. I don't want to make this EXTREMELY long, so I'll cut it short. I'm currently seeing a Homeopathy about these problems. And Yes, I know "Science says it's boll*cks", and I don't understand how it's supposed to work, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and give things a go. I don't have high hopes for things getting better these days, but I'm not giving up. There is so much more I could say, but let me know your thoughts. I don't want to hear negative and hopeless responses. What HAS helped you? seems to be the biggest place to speak about this, but we NEED the word out, so the 'experts' can do the research instead of hoping for someone else to fix us. Thanks for reading, Indy.
  2. Cystic Acne and Biotin

    Hey guys, So I was just wondering if I could get anyone's opinion on this before I see my dermatologist. My whole life I've never really had much acne. I did start getting a little bit of hormone related acne starting a year ago, but it was very mild, and actually starting clearing up in February/March. However, I started developing much more persistent and sometimes cystic acne around April, which is just after I started taking 10,000 mcg of biotin daily for hair growth. I took the biotin for 2 months, and then stopped it in May, since I figured it was causing the cystic acne. However, the acne has not stopped. I still develop cysts almost every day on my back, and my shoulders are still very broken out, and nothing over the counter is helping enough. Is it possible that taking so much biotin for a few months would continue to give me acne even after stopping it like 3 months ago? I've always thought this cystic acne was hormonal, but now I feel like maybe it was the biotin. Any thoughts?
  3. So my acne consists of small, flesh colored bumps around my mouth and mostly my chin area. It's been like this for almost or just about a year now and has increasingly gotten worse. The area where I do have acne is slightly red JUST IN THAT AREA, which is around my mouth. Not cute. I'm almost positive this is hormonal. I started getting it around the time I had developed anxiety. Now that my anxiety has been gone for months, I want my acne to be gone! I started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo about a month ago. I am not seeing much improvement but I know this is too soon to even tell. I've been told by my gynecologist that it will take three months for my body to adjust to the pills. I'm only 18 and having acne is the worst--especially from having flawless skin to this. It takes a toll on my self-esteem. If anyone has birth control stories DEALING WITH HORMONAL ACNE ONLY--please share! I also know that hormonal acne is usually either cystic or small comedones around the chin area. Also I have a pretty good diet. I take Vitamins E, C, Fish Oil, and Biotin everyday. I drink PLENTY of water--about five bottles daily. Drink at least a cup of green tea a day. And I eat healthy, with occasional sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth! I hardly ever drink milk. I heard that Zinc and Magnesium is good for your skin also. I'm thinking about buying them tomorrow. For skin care, I wash my face in the morning and at night only and I use a facial scrub once a week. Please people share your stories and help me out! I'm desperate.
  4. i've had SD on my face for a month now. last week i finally went to my derm because nothing else was working. he prescribed nizoral cream. i know i've only been using it for about a week, but i'm still anxious about my results. for a couple days it was starting to peel off, but last night it came back full-blown and i'm getting really depressed because i finally cleared my skin up recently and i thought i wouldn't have to deal with this "feeling-too-ugly-to-leave-the-house" nonsense anymore. from what i can tell the peeling helps but as my skin is sensitive i don't want to use any harsh potions to induce peeling. my doc said i could go back and see him if the nizoral cream didn't work within two weeks, and i'm glad he's willing to help me combat this aggressively, but i've done some googling and i'm getting scared because i'm hearing these horror stories of people having to deal with the same SD patch for years. i'm currently using nizoral and pine tar soap and also taking acidophilus, biotin, zinc, and vitamin c. anyone else know something i can do? i heard that washing your face with head and shoulders and leaving the lather on for a few minutes helps?
  5. Aftermath of biotin

    I have always had horrible skin, but found products that have completely cleared up my skin for the past year and a half. I started taking a hair, skin, and nails product having no idea about biotin's effects. My acne went crazy. I stopped immediately and things got better, but it is certainly not anywhere close to what it was and it has been three months now. Any ideas?
  6. I am writing this because after the gut-wrenching months I have experienced I thought maybe someone else may benefit from this ordeal. Every time I went online all I saw were HORROR stories. Even though my doctor assured me this was reversible and temporary, no one was posting solutions or follow-ups indicating that the hair loss had been resolved. I found this scary and disheartening. So, I tried to be hopeful that my hair would get back to normal and vowed that if it did, I would post the information so that others can read it, maybe use it, but above all, find a ray of hope. I hope it helps! And, please remember to consult with your physician before trying anything you read here. Facts: 1) My hair is close to African-American hair. It is very curly and fine, and it is very dry. Just a bit less coarse and more manageable. I had a lot, lot of hair and it was pretty long (waist-length). I’m Puerto Rican, if that helps. My hair was pretty healthy; I do not color and only use a very mild (olive oil) relaxer in roots for about 10 minutes, every 3 months. I do not use hair dryers or tools. 2) I am 5’8 and approximately 133 lbs. I am a 38 year old female. I have a pretty healthy diet. Eat fruits, veggies, meat, etc, regularly, but definitely do not follow the “2 servings of these or that per day.” I am not a health nut, I eat what I want, but do try to have a good balance per week. I also exercise 4-5 days a week. 3) My acne was fairly mild before I started accutane. However, I had some recurring, cystic acne that was not going away and seemed to be getting worse. 4) I had tried pretty much everything on the market, prescribed medication from dermatologists and natural remedies, such as apple-cider vinegar, etc. 5) Was on accutane for 8 months starting at a 10mg dose for the first 2 months, and then increasing it gradually up to 60mg/day, which is my recommended dose. I was due to reach my cumulative dose on October 30th. 6) Some time towards the end of September, about a week after I went to 60mg (from 40mg), I started noticing a lot of breakage. Since I was never told that hair loss was a potential side effect, I did not correlate it to the accutane until weeks later. Story: About 3 weeks into this mess it occurred to me that it may be related to the accutane. So, I went online and started reading all the HORROR stories. I freaked out! The more I read the more upset I got, and then every time I washed my hair, clumps came out. Also, the texture of my hair changed considerably. My hair became coarser and brittle. In between the first two major episodes, the hair loss was slightly more than normal. But in the second episode I had enough hair to fill up my palm. And, I had several small bald spots where you could see my scalp. I was horrified! My hair was pretty healthy and I have never had an issue with hair loss in my entire life. I spoke with my doctor and she indicated that yes, this was a possible side-effect of the accutane. She explained that it is completely reversible, but that it takes about 3-6 months for the hair loss to stop, based on normal hair-growth cycle; and, another 3 months for the hair to begin growing normally. I was horrified. I thought, in 3 months all my hair will be gone! I will spare you the gory details on how upset I got. I actually believe I had my first anxiety attack ever! I was pretty depressed and terrified. I also felt stupid! For putting myself through this when my acne wasn’t that bad in the first place. So, I started searching for options/solutions online hoping to come up with something that would speed up the entire process. And, that would restore me to my actual, real self… hair and all. What I purchased: I tried various products including NuHair Regrowth kit and various other options for a couple of weeks. Could not tell if they were working or not, but ultimately, I decided to got with as little as possible as described below. Most of these items I have used regularly in the past few years. Conair Shower Comb (wide-tooth with almost ¼ inch space between) Has wider teeth than my regular comb and I thought it would help minimize the breakage/pulling during detangling Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Shampoo Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recover Hair Mask Infusion 23 (Repair & Renew) Leave-in Treatment Organic Jojoba Oil I purchased a few months prior after reading about it from when (ironically) preparing for my post-accutane days. It was mentioned as helpful for acne and I then found out it was great for skin, hair, scalp, etc. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (mostly for curly to kinky hair) Horsetail capsules (400m) Biotin capsules (5000 mcg per day) silk scarf What I did: The regimen below is what I did from month 2 through 8. I washed my hair only once a week at the beginning. Then, only once every 2 weeks because the stress of the hair washing was taking a severe emotional toll on me. I was very gentle with the shampoo and used warm/cool water. I did not dry my hair with a towel. I just squeezed out excess water and soaked it in Infusion 23. Applied the Neutrogena conditioner. Then detangled with comb slowly and gently and let it air dry. Took 5000 mcg (5mg) of biotin daily. And, 2 or 3 capsules of Horsetail daily. I tried very hard not to touch my hair or put it up or pull it in any way. Was careful when putting sweaters on and taking them off, etc. Because my hair is long I used an octopus clip or pins to keep my hair up when cooking, going to gym, etc. Putting it up in pony tail or bun pulled. At home, I usually had it down or pulled back from my face using light headbands. I used the silk scarf when sleeping, but I found it easier to wrap it around my pillow than to sleep with it on my head. The coconut oil I purchased because I have curly hair and once the new growth started coming in, it was coming in curlier and kinkier than usual. So, I sometimes used a tiny bit to try and tame the kink. In month 3, I started applying a bit of coconut oil to the scalp the night before hair-washing because I read it helps strengthen new hair. I used the jojoba oil on my hair and scalp and hair once every few weeks. After the initial month or so of depression, I tried to get back to my normal routine. Started going to gym again, meditating, and trying to rise above this mess. Believe me, I know it’s hard. I felt, “If one more person says don’t stress about it, I am going to slap them!” I am not a patient person, so this waiting game did take a toll on me. I don’t know how much of this helped or how much was my natural hair growth cycle. If nothing else it will give you an idea of what worked for me. And, like I said at the start, it will present an alternate outcome to all the discouraging horror stories online. I am now at 7 months since stopping accutane and my hair is on its way to normalcy. Re-growing is hard because the hair is growing kinkier and curlier than it was before, so I am just trying to let it grow a bit longer and stronger before I try anything else. But, the shedding is minimal and it is growing back (approx. 5 inches) and getting stronger. I’m looking forward to the one year mark when I hope my hair will be completely back to normal. *** I also found out later via blogs that L-arginine supplements and black tea hair rinses can be of great help. I am using them now, but my hair was already on its way back when I started them. There are other products out there with great reviews such as NuHair, but I stuck with what I described above. Best of luck!! *** Important Note: I did find that the 2 times I had major hair loss, I had just introduced a new conditioner or shampoo in an attempt to contain the problem. I am not sure if it was the actual product or my hair reacting to something different. Either way, I went back to what had always worked for me. So, if you have routine products for strengthening/moisturizing your hair, you may want to stick with those.
  7. This isn't really anything new as there are dozens if not hundreds of people complaining on this board about accutane side effects. If possible, I'd like this thread to be used to discuss mainly hair loss (and, inherently, any other problems that might be addressed through similar treatment). What happened: I'm 24. A couple of years ago I started accutane by doctor's order because of cystic acne on my face (a first, even though I've always had regular acne breakouts every once in a while). 6 weeks in and I started noticing that my hair started falling in the shower at an unprecedented rate. This was very noticeable (mainly because my hair was pretty long, and by long I mean nearly 2 feet long) and it was pretty scary. I've NEVER had my hair fall even in the shower, changes of seasons/temperature, etc. I only took the accutane for two more weeks until I figured out it was that causing the hair loss, and then I stopped. And I kept losing hair. For months. To the point where I was forced to cut it short. My hair had always been thin but pretty strong and I had my head full of it. No baldness from my mother's side. Fast forward two years to today, my hair is now extra thin as I've suffered follicle miniaturization. I've lost like half of my hair. I still lose some hair in the shower (not close to as much as before obviously), and I've been taking a vitamin and zinc supplement and using a caffeine shampoo prescribed by my doctor for the past 6 months. Haven't really seen much change, it just keeps getting worse as my hairline is also receding. TL;DR: Took accutane for nearly 2 months, hair started falling out and thinning at an alarming rate. It's been almost 2 years since and the lost hair never came back, and the remaining hair is super thin and weak. Possible treatment? When I first started realizing it was the accutane that was causing this from reading about it on the internet, I never thought about doing something to stop or slow down the process because, from my understanding, the induced hair loss would be only temporary. Naturally, I was wrong. So, after nearly two years, is there anything I can still do? Minoxidil aside, which I haven't tried long term (I did it for 3-4 months and then I stopped for some reason). I've looked into some cases and I'm thinking of doing the following, and I've already started doing some of these: Slightly change my diet (eat less sugars and fats, even though I already don't eat much of those, fast foods, etc), eat fruit and fresh vegetables every day, green tea every night, cut a bit on dairy products (mainly cheese, which I eat alot consistently); Milk thistle phytosome, two 150mg capsules a day; Biotin 1000mcg once a day (starting at this dose because my skin is oily and I want to see if I can get an acne outbreak from this before I potentially double the daily intake); And now regarding this: Has anyone ever tried something similar and had any luck? Or is this a bad/useless idea? Should the biotin be a problem because of my oily skin? Should I already be starting out with a higher dose of biotin (2000mcg/5000mcg)? Should I be taking something else alongside the biotin? Like any supplement with B vitamins, L-cystein? After two months of milk thistle phytosome, would it be alright to move on to a higher dose of regular milk thistle? It IS considerably cheaper, but also the bioavailability of the silymarin is much lower so I don't know how this would affect things). Should I get back on the minox and do it consistently for at least a year? I've been looking into this for hours on end for the last few days and I'd like to share experiences and see if this is really a good idea. I REALLY want to get my hair back, or part of it at least. It absolutely destroys me knowing that doctors just keep prescribing this without warning of this kind of side effects.
  8. Claravis Journey

    It's my first day of taking Claravis... So this is my first attempt at keeping a record of my newest fight against acne... I'm a 30 year old woman who has dealt with acne since puberty. It was really terrible during middle and high school, but by college I was on birth control consistently and it really evened things out for many years. The problem is that in the last 8 months or so, my acne got really bad. Breakouts around my jawline and ears were especially terrible, and I'd never dealt with that kind of acne before. Before it was usually just on my chin and sometimes forehead, and occasionally near my nose during my period. I generally didn't have particularly good skin, but it was manageable. I learned the jawline breakouts are hormonal and fairly normal around age 30, but my skin was worse than it had ever been since I was a teenager. At this point, I was ready to do some serious work to finally fight it. I went on oral antibiotics (Solodyn), as well as topical tretinoin (Atralin) and benzoyl peroxide (Onexton), which weren't terribly effective but did help. After a few months though they just really didn't help much so my dermatologist and I decided to try out Accutane in its current form... I shied away from it in the past, but now I'm 30 and don't want to deal with terrible skin anymore. I have to say I'm pretty nervous, but optimistic. So today I took my first dose of Claravis, 40 mg. Since you're supposed to take it with a big meal, I took it with a bowl of homemade beef stew and a fish oil capsule. My stomach is a little queasy (I wouldn't say I'm nauseated but I don't feel great), and my mouth is a little dry... So maybe this is due to the pill, but it's a little early to tell. To mitigate the side effects, I'm trying to use as many preventive treatments and be as proactive as possible. I moisturized the hell out of my skin already. I always drink a lot of water, so will up that as much as I can. I also already regularly moisturize as soon as I'm out of the shower, and plan to do so before bed as well. I also keep lots of lip balm and hand moisturizer with me at all times, so I try to will be prepared... Question 1: I've read that fish oil is good for keeping your skin and hair healthy, and keeping them from drying out too much. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does it seem to have any effect on dryness? I anticipate serious dryness no matter what, of course, but I'm trying to keep it in check. Question 2: I also have heard about taking biotin for hair loss--this is something I'm really afraid of, since I actually really like my hair! Has anyone had any positive results by taking biotin along with Accutane or Claravis? Any feedback or support is much appreciated. I will try to post as often as possible in order to help others and track my progress... Thanks!
  9. Linoleic acid is a vital component in normal sebum that does what it is supposed to: Protect the skin. Skin/sebum in people (and other mammals) prone to acne and other skin problems have been found to be deficient in linoleic Acid. Sebum deficient in linoleic acid is hard and sticky and clogs pores. It looks greasy and has fewer protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Key points: Acne and other problem prone skin (in people and animals) are lacking in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a component in the ceramides that make skin strong and impermeable and thus less easily ruptured and less sensitive to irritations. This can be changed with topical application. Grape seed and Safflower oil are over 70% linoleic acid. Linoleic Acid inhibits the enzymes that convert Testosterone to DHT. Both types. So it can help with hirsutism, hairloss and acne. Linoleic Acid is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from UV damage. Linoleic Acid inhibits melatonin and thus fades hyperpigmentation. Linoleic acid is anti-microbial as the P. Acnes blamed for acne. Linoleic acid deficiency causes an increase in interluekin -1a which is a factor inflammatory response. Tretinoin (Retin A & the like) alters the lipid profile improving the linoleic acid composition. Linoleic Acid improves the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) and retinoid X receptor (RXR) situation that regulates sebum production and hyperkeritinization/differenciation (and is what accutane affects) Linoleic acid is involved in the formation of Lamellar granules that produce the enzymes involved in normal exfoliation. They also form the armor that makes your skin strong. Acne prone skin has been found to contain fewer lamellar granules. Ceramide in a deficient skin barrier is lacking a protein called sphingosine. In winter our skin produces less sphingosine which is one reason acne often worsens in winter. Topical application of live cultured yogurt can boost production. Thyroid hormone affects lipid profile. One way that perhaps both hypo and hyperthyroid conditions affect acne. We don't necessarily have a dietary or systemic deficiency in linoleic acid. Just in the sebum and thus a topical application is the best course of action. This tendency is genetic. Examples of skin problems affected by a deficiency in linoleic acid include acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilares, hypersensitivity to allergens, and dry itchy sensitive skin of all types--aka dermatitis. A What To Do About This Post : It also might repel pests like the mites responsible for many skin irritations. And hopefully mosquitos, fleas and ticks for your pets sake. Excerpt from a good paper: ----------------- Nearly all the items in the list of roles played by linoleic acid in sebum above affect acne. i only bolded the ones that most here would recognize as causes of acne i.e. the inflammation. Note: These oils are not stable and should be stored in the refrigerator. Get a small, preferably dark colored bottle to keep a small amount at a time in your medicine cabinet. ------------------------ So, my dog is prone to itchy skin and is extremely sensitive to flea bites. Which attracts more fleas. They like dry, irritated, easily permeated skin. Most healthy animals aren't that bothered by fleas and some don't get fleas. My brother had an indoor/outdoor cat that didn't. And I have a friend with a dog and cat that don't get fleas which is amazing in this climate. So, there's probably something different about these animals. Just like there's something different about we acne prone people that makes the SAD diet leads to acne in us, but not everyone else. I've been looking in to what I could do to improve his skin and have found information on some dogs having a deficient skin barrier because their skin is lacking a ceramide. That lead to me finding info on them lacking linoleic acid, just like acne prone skin. And I discovered there is a topical 'spot on' treatment called Allerderm Spot on Lipid Complex For damaged epidermal barriers that involves putting a blend of lipids in a spot on the dog, usually the neck, where he won't lick it off just like with the spot on flea treatments. That means you must be able to change your lipid profile with topically applied lipids!!!! And you might not necessarily need to apply it directly to your acne prone skin if you don't want to. The way allerderm is not applied to the itchy skin but to some spot where the dog won't lick it off. Since dogs can't have grapes, I'm trying safflower oil instead of my preferred grapeseed for now. The rest of you should try grapeseed. Grapeseed is a little more potentially comodogenic. Here's some of the info and a study on dogs and Allerderm: More info on Allerderms informaton sheet. Explains some of the ways a linoleic deficiency causes many skin conditions. (but i've found more, including acne) : http://www.virbacvet...OCT09.sflb.ashx Dosage for Dogs and cats 6 pipettes of 2 mL each (0.068 oz) for small dogs and cats ≤ 20 lb 6 pipettes of 4 mL each (0.135 oz) for medium and large dogs ≥ 20 lb I've been trying to find the ingredients in the spot on treatment for dogs and cats. So far, all I've found is that it contains ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol without specifying which. I'm pretty sure it includes some omega 3 in addition to the linoleic acid. I've found info on capsules to be taken orally. They have a couple of formulas: Allerderm EFA-Caps Guaranteed Analysis (per capsule): Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 80 mg, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 50 mg, Linoleic Acid (LA) 30 mg, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 18 mg, Vitamin A 800 IU, Vitamin D 25 IU, Vitamin E 11 IU Allerderm EFA-Caps Ingredients: Fish oil, borage seed oil and sunflower seed oil (sources of fatty acids), glycerin, purified water, d-alpha tocopherol (source of vitamin E), vitamin A palmitate Allerderm EFA-Z Plus Guaranteed Analysis (per mL): Linoleic Acid 510 mg, Vitamin A 136 IU, Vitamin E 1.9 IU, Zinc 2.1 mg, Pyridoxine HCI 0.10 mg, Biotin 2.0 µg, Inositol 0.38 mg Allerderm EFA-Z Plus Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, fish oil and borage seed oil (sources of fatty acids), zinc sulfate, natural and artificial flavoring, alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), silica, propylparaben, inositol, pyridoxine HCl, vitamin A palmitate, methylparaben, biotin A pretty good paper: Atopy, pyoderma and the skin: Barrier function and beyond....... About dogs and cats, but there's lots of reference to human skin problems and research and products for humans. There's quite a few citations at the bottom that I haven't looked at yet.
  10. I went to my doctor today with a printed list of questions about Accutane hair loss. Here they are, with the answers in bold. How does Accutane cause hair loss? What is the cause of TE? Lack of sebum? Damage to the hair follicles (interruption of keratinization)? Hair follicles are not damaged. A change to certain chemical receptors - none related to hair loss - makes them more responsive, and this causes a "shock" to the body. Lack of sebum is also a factor. How long does hypervitaminosis A last? In other words, how long does the excess vitamin A remain in my body? Does eating foods containing vitamin A prolong the hypervitaminosis? 2 months. Eating foods with vitamin A does not make a significant difference. To that point, women are allowed to get pregnant six months after Accutane. Does Accutane decrease the amount of biotin produced by the liver? If so, do biotin supplements help? Possibly. I was advised to take mega-doses (2.5mg) of biotin. She also recommended protein drinks! In general, does Accutane accelerate MPB? Is miniaturization a function of time or of physical cycles? Yes, Accutane can accelerate MPB by prompting the growth of new, crappier hairs after the old, good ones are shed. MPB is a function of time. One does not progress toward MPB with each new cycle, but generally through one's lifespan. In other words, at a specific age. My hairs are fine all over my head, not just on my crown. To what extent does Accutane miniaturize hair follicles? What about "hair abnormalities"? No clear answer. "Hair abnormalities" does not specifically refer to anything. Explain in general the relationship between Accutane hair loss and MPB. By shedding anagen hairs originally destined to remain in the head for 2 to 6 years, one begins growing new hair that is affected by MPB. In other words, by shedding hair through telogen effluvium, one's hair jumps forward to a cycle affected by MPB. How many patients have you seen recover from Accutane hair loss? All of them. She has had only six patients out of hundreds lose hair. In terms of months, what is the shortest and longest amount of time of recovery? Shortest amount of time: 6 months. Longest: 8 months. My scalp is itchy and flaky. Why? Dandruff! Caused by Accutane dryness. She recommended anti-dandruff shampoo. My face has become slightly more oily recently. Does the extra oil indicate the effects of Accutane are wearing off? If so, is this the initial sign of hair recovery? Yes! My nails have pits on their surface. Could this be alopecia areata? No. So: The hair should grow back. Guys with hair loss in pattern areas might be predestined to suffer MPB, but not necessarily. If MPB concerns you, as it does me, Propecia and Rogaine are the treatment options. I urge men to investigate Propecia's side effects: not only impotence, but possible breast enlargement [!] and changes to the shape of one's penis [!!]. My doctor said that none of her many patients on Propecia have suffered these side effects, and that the drug is a really safe one. Yeah. Like Accutane was safe. Hope this helped!
  11. Vitamins For Acne?

    I am on ortho tri cyclen BCP and it has given me horrible hormonal acne, worse than it was before I started the pill. I am 25, and just NOW getting acne when it has never been a problem before, not even in my teens. I told my doctor after being in the pill for a little over 3 months that it was breaking me out, she agreed and wanted to give me oral antibiotics. Doxycycline to be exact. This is stupid. Antibiotics, as all women on BC know, decrease the effectiveness of birth control as an actual contraceptive. So, why not just stop if I'm going to take antibiotics? I told her I would see a dermatologist instead, and ask for something topical. That happens next week. In the mean time... Has anyone tried using vitamin A, D, E, or Biotin as andietary suppliment to combat acne? I've read many articles online about how these are supposed to be good for your skin, but you have to be careful because too much of any of these can be toxic. I would really like to try giving vitamins a shot, and see what hat does. Has anyone given vitamins+BCP a try? Instead of antibiotic pills.
  12. Hi guys, I had this pimple since new years eve (maybe it appeared due big intake of alcohol, I have seborrhoeic dermatitis and I shouldnt drink it), it appeared couple of days later after it near my nose almost under my eye. I started oil pulling with virgin coconut oil once daily and also taking 5 mg biotin, 35 mg Zinc L-Carnosine and 2 000 mg of MSM few days before the pimple appeared. I tried popping it after few days when it appeared, it just got swollen (with area around it) and did not disappear. It remained pretty much same whole time, until I tried squeezing it again about a week ago, it too became swollen with area around it, head did not came out, just little bit of colorless liquid/Water, and I think it very slightly changed a shape, imo because of squeezing. Could it be something serious, or just some stubborn pimple? I am hypochondriac, lol. Never had a pimple like this before. Are they common? How should I get rid of it? Thanks. it doesnt hurt, or itch. I do not feel it at all. I it approximately 0,2-0,3x0,1 mm in diameter. first picture: second: third: fourth:
  13. I've never posted before, but I stalk these boards on a daily basis. I'm 25/f and JUST recently (about a week after my 25th birthday) started getting insane breakouts (for the last 3 months now I would say light to moderate, since i've seen that others out there have much more severe conditions. None the less, its all new to me and in my eyes i feel like its severe *i know its not* but its depressing to not want to look in the mirror, and to not feel pretty... ever. never thought my face would effect me so much. ughh. Im about 99% sure is obviously hormonal. More along the lines of an hormonal imbalance then just "that time of the month" hormonal. I've dont all the face washes, proactive, ACV, black African soap, blah blah blah. I never wear make up now if fear it will make it worse. I moisturize with jojoba oil. Right now I'm using a new Acne Free fash wash with jojoba oil and oatmeal, it's decent I guess. I take probably too many supplements. Fish Oil 1000mg 3x Zinc 50mg 1x day B5 500mg 1x day Neem 475 mg 3x day(havent been taking it regularly anymore... dont think it works) Turmeric 400mg 3x day (havent been taking it regularly anymore... dont think it works) Evening Primrose 500 mg 3x day Burdock Root 425mg 3x day Saw Palmetto 450mg 2x day Alpha Lipoic Acid (facial complex) - has 400mcg of biotin / 30IU of Vit E / 100mg of Alpha Lipoic acid / 200mg Flaxseed / 10mg Black pepper complex Ive been taking all the supplements for 2 months now, besides the B5 and ALA, which i started 2 weeks ago. I recently started drinking Green Tea and Peppermint tea 4-5 times a day, which I thought was like a miracle but the improvement was only short lived. Imagine that! any suggestions? I just got prescribed orthro tri cyclen birth control. but dont start it till sunday. I have no insurance so the doctors is out of the question for now --- planned parenthood gave me the birth control. I'd love to get my hormone levels tested. ugh! I'll attach a picture even though its not a good one, my cell phone takes crap pictures. my face is red and irrattated from over washing and there is ALOT of little bumps under my skin that u cant see. ha, id actually like my face to look like the picture when I look in the mirror. lol
  14. My Accutane Log

    So, I decided to start out a log of my progress with Accutane. My Backstory -I am a 21 year old male. I have struggled with acne since I was about 14. Before that, I had no problems at all. All throughout high school, I just tried over the counter things, and nothing ever seemed to help. -My senior year is when things got really bad. I started breaking out all over my chin and mouth areas, as well as my cheekbone area. I have no problems with my forehead (Thank God!) -About a year and a half ago, I decided I needed to make a change. I was once a relatively popular guy and then all of a sudden.... I was hideous. These are pictures of me in December 2009. -So, I finally decided to go see a dermatologist. He prescribed me Clenia for the morning, Epiduo at night, and Doryx. He also told me to avoid dairy. After about a year and a half of that regimen (I only did the Doryx for about a month), it is now July 2011. It worked well for a little while, but it seems that all the acne is coming back. The dermatologist just recently prescribed me Accutane 40mg with an antibiotic, Duricef, to fight the infection until the Accutane starts to work. -Here are some pics of me now. -So, as you can see, that did clear me up quite a bit. But the scarring is something that I have to live with now. I plan on doing a few laser treatments after I am finally cleared up. -Anyways, here goes my log, I hope my story ends up inspirational! Day 3 -Popped my third pill today and I am really experiencing no side effects yet. I can see my face drying out a little bit. But nothing major. I am taking biotin, vitamin E supplements, and fish oil to try to keep my skin as healthy as I can. I use a vitamin E moisturizer as well as a moisturizing toner. -Any suggestions on chapstick? I am just using Nivea chapstick, but I don't think it will work very well.
  15. Anyone here take high amounts of Biotin and MSM for the hair? Reason i'm asking, is bc I think one of them is making me break out. Has anyone experience breakout with any, esp. by taking high amounts??
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new to these boards but ive been lurking them for quite awhile. I decided to finally register once i was prescribed accutane about a week ago. I am not worried about any of the potential side effects such as dry skin lips sore joints etc EXCEPT for possible hairloss. I've done alot of research + based on what ive seen from my friends who have taken it, it's not that common...I know around 8 people who have taken it, and only one has hairloss. It's pretty bad...but then again theres no way to tell if its directly related right? So what I'd really like to know is any possible tips or advice from post-taners who suffered no hairloss, or people who HAVE had hairloss after/during accutane then had it grow back?? From the research ive done ive found some vitamins/ supplements to take that may or may not be helpful in HOPEFULLY preventing accutane associated hairloss. I'm currently taking (while on accutane) : -5000mcg biotin once a day -12.5 mg silica once a day -2000 mg omega 3 fishoils once a day -400 IU vitamin e /day -30 mg zinc /day i also bought baby shampoo so my scalp wont be irritated? not sure if that would effect anything tho lol i guess i sound pretty obsessed, im just worried!!! any replies are appreciated thank you!!!
  17. Okay so im kinda new at this. So far this journey is OKAY. Im going to break this down as best that I can. 1st 2 weeks 30 mgs daily (DAY 1 started 9/22/09) -REDNESS & ITCHING! -NEW PIMPLES POPING UP LIKE CRAZY -DRY LIPS (they look like i have on hot pink lipstick..haha ) -2 bloody nose episodes -scalp became dry and itchy as well, i have a few scabs here and there with alot of dandruff -towards the end of the month peers have started to notice less oil on my face, and pimples started to clear. (WIth makeup (neutrogena concealer & Bare Minerals) my face looked very clear, but without the makeup my face was very red with red scaring.) -Hair is falling out in the shower!!!!!! started taking b-complex & Biotin!!! -kinda irritable, but im not so sure if its the sotret or the birthcontrol! im trying to figure it out. I think, but im not 100% sure, that the BC is making me moody as in cranky, and the sotret is just kinda making me a lttle on the lazy side, not as focused as I was prior, also easily distracted! (esp at work& school when i need to consentrate)!!!!!! End of month 1, start of month 2 (10/22/09) -By 10/23, i had about 2-3 more new pimples poping up on my face that looked so much clearer before these guys came back! =( -MD increased dose to 60mg daily, so the itching started up again, along with increased redness and the pimples like i just mentioned -I feel like i am definately getting impatient as far as my face goes! my mood cranky once again, impatient, lazy, achey, feeling kinda "down" as far as looking pretty.(bc i definatley dont feel pretty) - I also find that i am so easily awakened!!!! its hard to fall asleep, and once i do, i sleep well, but i wake up to the sound of a door opening, a phone ringing, or anything so small sounding, will wake me!! and Once im awake, i cant get back to sleep!!!! -im noticing more red scars poping up, and peer who was also on accutane, told me to use Vitamin E oil, works very well. -for some odd reason, my face doesnt really feel so DRY like everyone else is saying! ONly thing thats really dry are my lips, scalp, & hair. BUT my friend who was on this med is a nursing student, told me that you MUSTT MUST MUST moisterize! Reason being as she said is : If you dont, your skin will produce more of the sebum, thus.. (you gus get her point...) but IS THAT TRUE? can someone get back to me on that? haha id appreciate it -today is Nov 2nd, im starting to notice some of those active pimple go down, becuase i grabbed the pro-activ sulfur mask and just dotted some on the pimples after i applied the Vit E oil with pea-size Cetaphil Moisterizer. I see some affect, but does anyone think this is a good idea? If someone would get back to me on that i would appreciate it. Like i mentioned im new at this. Im getting impatient , ive been dealing with acne forever like i know everyone on this website has, im just desperate for this junk to just go away!!! Ill take all the adive I can get! Is this medicine making me crazy ??! or is it the Birth Control? should I still with the vitamin E oil and keep using the Pro- Activ sulfur mask when new pimps come up? Do I have to apply Moisterizer even if my skin isnt so dry yet? &&&&&& most importantly- WHEN AM I GOING TO STOP BREAKING OUT &&WHEN IS THIS MEDICINE GOING TO START TO CLEAR MY SKIN?? ADVICE PLEASEE THANK YOU! & GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ARE IN THE SAME BOAT AS ME
  18. Hello everyone. I'm Marissa and I'm new here. Well, it's been a long process but I'm finally starting Accutane. I'm 20 and I've had acne since I was 13. Unfortunately this summer I had a terrible flare up due to weight loss and PCOS. I tried Retin-A but it only made my acne worse for three months and then it went right back to what it was before the Retin-A. I've tried everything out there - antibiotics, combo birth control pills, topicals, you name it. Nothing works on my face anymore. Topicals don't even make my face dry. So this is it... Accutane. After years of putting it off because of the "scary" side effects, I'm finally trying it. And I have high hopes. This is what my face looked like a month ago: This is my face now (the day I'm starting my treatment): My face is less inflamed but my acne is so persistent. It refuses to get better than this which is why I've turned to Accutane. I also have a lot of PIH and I'm worried about this condition worsening OR becoming full-blown scars. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm 5'6" and I weigh anywhere between 107 and 111. My derm prescribed me 30 mg TWICE a day. I took my first pill tonight. Does this seem like too much to anyone? 60 mg seemed like a lot to me but I decided I would try it before I wrote it off. Oh and I'm actually taking Claravis but I don't think that makes much of a difference. DAY ONE: When I took my first pill I felt a little nauseous but I guess that's to be expected when you're loading your body up with 40,000% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A, huh? I'm worried about the side effects - namely, hair loss, depression, decreased muscle mass, initial breakout... Okay really I'm worried about all of them. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and I'm thinking that I'm actually going to end up causing some of these side effects by obsessing over them. And I am TERRIFIED of getting pregnant but I'm following all of the required birth control methods. It's still pretty scary though. Here's my regimen: MORNING: 30 mg Claravis 400 I.U. Vitamin E 1000 mcg Biotin Wash with Purpose cleanser Moisturize with Purpose moisturizer EVENING: 30 mg Claravis 720 mg Omega-3 EPA-DHA Wash with Purpose cleanser Moisturize with Purpose moisturizer AS NEEDED: Desonide Lotion 0.05% 250 mg Ampicillin (Antibiotic) Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Balm Carmex Moisture Plus How does this regimen look to everyone? I have friends that have taken Accutane and this is pretty close to what they did. Is there anyone else that just started Accutane? It would be nice to have some support from people who are taking the same journey as I am. I'm so sick of acne affecting my everyday life and making me AFRAID and ASHAMED to go out in public. It's even influencing my relationship with my fiance. I'm ready for a solution, not a temporary treatment. I'm ready to fight this. EDIT: Okay, my head really hurts. Is this normal on the first day?
  19. I really would like to share my recent success with more horrible acne scarring. I can't garauntee this for 100% of everyone, but if it helped me I hope it helps you too. I have had acne now for almost 8 years, and have had nodule acne mostly, deep and painful, and scarring. My acne is mostly cleared up, Im pleased, and my task has been to rid myself of my really bad scarring. I will have pics coming soon. But it was bad, now its almost unnoticable with makeup, and I hope it continues. I am thinking about a lactic acid peel, maybe, to help my scarring continue to improve, but I am not sure if it matters, because the redness is already almost gone after 1 and a half weeks of the protein mask I use : morning cetaphil cleanser st ives "fresh skin collagen/elastin" moisturizer night cetaphil cleanser baking soda applied with water as a paste, then wash off immediatly apple cider vineager (1:8 acv to water ratio at first then I moved to 1:1, sometimes I use 100% but it smells) leave on for 10 min, then wash off this apparentlyvbalances the pH of your skin and helps with breakouts protein mask(below) vit E oil, should use after the mask or really good moisturizer supplements I take: multivitamin omega 3 biotin zinc vit E (orally and topically) THIS MASK IS AMAZING FOR SCARS!!!!!(this is what really helped the most, its amazing) protein mask (try to do it every night until you have seen optimal results, then taper off, but still use it now and again because it makes your skin wonderful) 1.5 tsp egg white (can be from eggs or buy egg whites seperate) a few drops of lemon (lemon juice in a bottle, or actual lemon) whisk this in a tiny bowl with a fork(this is the easiet method to me), for about 1 minute until its all bubbly and frothy. Then apply to face, leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off (this mask is AMAZING, im really serious... in 3-4 days of this I had really noticable results, after a week my boyfriend was asking what I was doing because my skin looked really nice... so please use this)after this mask is when I use the vitamin E oil, because this mask tends to dry a little, and it is really important to maintain moisture when healing your skin. so in combo with the mask and vit E oil I recommend using a soft cleanser like cetaphil.
  20. I have been taking 80mg of Accutane since Sept 2008. My acne has cleared and my face looks great. The hair loss wasn't that bad once I started taking Biotin. However, I am in so much pain! To the point that I have been taking 4-6 Vicodin a day just to take the edge off. My back hurts, my legs, my fingers.. everything! It got to the point last night that my fiance slept on the couch because I am so uncomfortable in bed because of the severe pain, I was keeping him up at night. I NEED to stop taking this stuff. I don't have insurance and I don't want to go to my derm and pay $120 to get off if it. My question is this: Can I just stop taking it? Or does quitting "cold turkey" mess things up? Please help, I don't know what to do and I'm terrified that this pain will be permanent.
  21. Greetings! As I am loading up to start my first steps of the Regimen I have been doing some homework. I tryed reviewing what someother members found useful that I could try aswell and I noticed even Dan uses Fish Oil supplements. I read up on it and it's ability to have anti-inflammatory abilities which is obvious to be beneficial. Now I don't know what you guys think but I want to help my acne with as little amount of options as possible so I know what's working, less money, and know when I can stop using it. As of now I take a daily vitamin, zinc supplement, and biotin. So I guess my question is what do you guys think on adding this into my Regimen? Thanks, Dylan
  22. Ok so i'm a 20 yr old f on the thicker side but never considered myself fat... im only on day 22 of tane. Well now I am so tired all the time, I go to work and feel tired all day, I come home and nap, wake up, eat dinner, then lay back down. I know tane can make you more tired but this is ridiculous. ALL I want to do is relax. And i've gained like 3 lbs since I started tane. I know it doesnt seem like much but 3 lbs every month while on this adds up... and lately since tane..i havent been eating as healthy, I crave all the sweet stuff and I used to be a grilled chicken and salad type person. ah. help me out guys. What about diet pills for energy?? Anyone take them while on tane??? could it effect my liver? or any other suggestions would be great. 40 mg once a day 400 IU vit E 1000mg fish oil 1000mg biotin
  23. Does anyone know if Biotin clears up acne? Is it similar to Vitamin B 5?
  24. Quitting BP

    Hello everyone. I have used BP or SA for about 6 or 7 years and I would like to work on clearing my acne internally instead of externally. I went to a health food store and bought some vitamins that stated they were for adult, mild, non-cystic acne. I took them for a month and I can't say whether they worked or not, because I was using BP at the time. I ran out of them and decided not to repurchase. Right now I take a multi-vitamin, vitamin C and MSM daily. I came across some vitamins from GNC and I am debating whether or not I wanted to buy them. The ingredients are: Vitamin A 5000 IU Vitamin C 120 mg Vitamin E 60 IU Biotin 300 mcg Zinc 15 mg Selenium 50 mcg Proprietary Herbal Blend 150 mg Tumeric Root Extract Green Tea Leaves Extract Grape Seed Extract Cucumber Fruit Extract Burdock Root Powder Dandelion Root Powder Milk Thistle Seed Extract Yellow Dock Root Powder Cranberry Concentrate Hydrolyzed Gelatin 100 mg L-Cysteine 100 mg MSM 100 mg L-Methionine 50 mg Does this sound like a good vitamin for my acne? Thanks in advance for all of your replies!
  25. Well its been 2 months since i started taking 10g of b5 along with b-complex and biotin. I've been taking b5 for 3 months, but the first month i didnt take more than 5g. So I'm starting to cut down and will probably stop all together within the next two weeks. I wish it had worked becuase my face is so oily, but i guess it doesnt work for everyone. Time to try something else. Also I've begun to have sharp chest pain, and am wondering if this is related to the b5. It's not constant, only lasts for maybe 2 seconds. But it is annoying.