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  1. 1. Type of Progestin Every birth control uses progestin (a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone). There are many different types of progestin. It is very important that the type of progestin is LOW in androgenic activity, meaning it doesn't send your testosterone into overdrive and create acne. Here is a list to help choose a birth control. Neutral (won't affect acne either way) No hormones. Copper Paraguard IUD Good (can reduce acne) Drospirenone. Anti-androgenic. Used in Yaz, Yasmin, BeYa, Gianvi, Loryna, Ocella, Zarah Norgestimate. Low androgenic. Ortho Tri Cyclen, Tri Sprintec, TriNessa, Ortho Cyclen, MonoNessa, Sprintec. Cyproterone acetate. Low androgenic. Diane-35, Dianette. Chlormadinone. Low-medium androgenic. Belara. Not-so-good (may not make it worse, but probably won't make it better) Ethynodial diacetate. Medium androgenic. Zovia, Demulen. Desogestrel. Medium androgenic. Mircette, Apri, Reclipsen, Desogen, Kariva. Gestodene. Medium androgenic, Femodene, Femodette, Millinette. Norethindrone. Medium androgenic. Estrostep, Ortho Novum, Loestrin, Minestrin, Brevicon, Synphasic, Ovcon, Cyclafem. Bad (pizza face alert!) Levonorgestrel. High androgenic. Enpress, Plan B, Mirena IUD, Seasonique, Lutera, Portia, Amethyst, Alesse, Seasonale, Triquilar, Triphasil, Aviane. Nogestrel. High androgenic. Cryselle, Ovral, Ogestrel, Ovrette. Etonogestrel. Medium-high androgenic. NuvaRing, Implanon, Nexplanon. DMPA. Medium-high androgenic. DepoProvera. 2. Level of Estrogen Most birth control pills add in estradiol, which is a synthetic form of the hormone estrogen. Generally, skin is clearer when a pill has a moderate to a high level of estrogen. The new "low-dose" pills basically take an existing pill, and cut down the estrogen, so you have way more progestin circulating in proportion to estradiol. It still works for birth control, since you can prevent pregnancy with progestin alone. But cutting the estrogen is bad news for acne most of the time. This isn't a comprehensive list, but some common low-dose BC you should avoid: No Estradiol, all Progestin Depo Provera Implanon NuvaRing Mini-pill Mirena IUD Nexplanon Ultra Low-Dose Alesse (Aviane, Lessina, Lutera, Sronyx) Levlite Loestrin Fe Mircette Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo Low Dose Cyclessa Desogen Levlen21 LoOvral Microgestin Fe Nordette Orthocept Seasonale (Seasonique) 3. Hormone Stability For many, the right progestin type and the right estradiol level will clear them up just fine. For others, however, an extra step is needed. Some acne sufferers have breakouts every time their hormones fluctuate, such as at ovulation (when testosterone rises), or leading up to menstruation (when progesterone rises). Many pills, since their primary purpose is to prevent pregnancy as invisibly as possible, try to replicate normal hormone fluctuations. So each pill has a slightly different set of hormones, to put your body in a cycle. Some people just cannot get clear with their hormones changing all the time. If this sounds like you, please consider trying a "monophasic" pill, which keeps your hormone levels at an even keel throughout the month. Example: Ortho Tri Cyclen is a "triphasic" pill which varies your hormones. A better option would be "Ortho Cyclen", a "monophasic" pill that keeps them stable. Monophasic Pills (NOT a comprehensive list, same colors from Progestin Type List) Alesse Brevicon Diane-35 (Dianette) Kariva Ortho Cyclen (MonoNessa, Sprintec) Yasmin Yaz Demulen (Zovia) Make it easy for me, what do you recommend? For some of you, this is just way too much information. However, don't just go to your dermatologist and tell him/her you want birth control. Many dermatologists, however educated they are, don't make very informed choices about hormonal acne. They'll just give you whatever brand is giving them free samples that month, or else their knowledge of hormonal acne is 10+ years old (concurrent with when they graduated medical school). So, if you just want an easy answer, this my Top 6 list. 1. Yasmin (or Ocella or Zarah) • best type of progestin, monophasic, 30ug of estradiol 2. Yaz (or BeYaz) • best type of progestin, monophasic, but only 20ug of estradiol 3. Ortho Cyclen (or MonoNessa or Sprintec) • good progestin, monophasic, 35ug of estradiol 4. Diane-35 (or Dianette) • good progestin, monophasic, 35ug of estradiol 5. Demulen 1/35E or Demulen 1/50E (or Zovia 1/35E or Zovia 1/50E) • okay progestin, monophasic, 35ug or 50ug of estradiol 6. Ortho Novum 1/35 or Ortho Novum 1/50 • okay progestin, monophasic, 35ug or 50ug of estradiol Frequently Asked Questions What about the mini-pill? There are several different brand names for the mini-pill. A mini-pill uses only progestin and has no estrogen at all. Mini-pills are a terrible choice if you have acne, as they frequently cause acne in people who never had it in the first place. Some of the implant types of birth control, such as the Mirena IUD, also only use progestin, and can increase acne. But my friend is on ______ and her skin is great! Even though it's on your bad list! Look, I am just here to provide information and some general principles. There are always exceptions, and new information is coming out all the time. Feel free to ask questions, but in the end, you're gonna do what you want...if it doesn't work out in the end, well I won't say I told you so.
  2. Hi guys, so yesterday was my first day of taking Accutane or Roaccutane as we call it in Europe. My dermatologist prescribed me only 10mg of Accutane daily, so i decided to do weekly logs, not only because I noticed that not many people get such a low dose as 10mg daily, but also for me to note the progress. I will be taking Accutane for 6 to 8 months with possible increase of the dosage to 20mg daily after the first month. My dermatologist said 20mg is maximum that she'll ever give me. Just a quick history of my acne: My acne started as I turned 15 and I am 20 now. I have never had severe acne, but mild to moderate (depends on the part of the year). Each summer my skin was clear, I had BABY SKIN EVERY SUMMER, but as Fall/Winter came I would get baaad breakouts. I've changed 3 Dermatologist and tried everything - from topical treatments to antibiotics. Doxycyclin cleared my skin completely, but as I stopped using it acne came back. Minocyclin did something only when taking 100mg daily (50mg daily did NOTHING). Azithromycin which I have been taking until yesterday did nothing at all. After 4 years I started getting acne on my chin area which I have NEVER had before. I have always had them on the inner part of my cheeks (which I do not anymore!). So after going to a gynocologist last year he told me I have mild PCOS! And wanted me to take bcp which I refused until a month ago. I am now taking Belara and have started seeing small results after 3 weeks. Unfortunately my acne is not only hormonal, which is why I will be taking Accutane. My derm explained to me that each year after summer (because I spend the whole summer at the seaside and a lot of time under the sun) comes to thickening of my skin which is why I always start breaking out each Fall. So she thinks the only solution is Accutane and I believe her because she is the ONLY dermatologist that accutally made an effort to take a look at my skin and took time to explain everything to me! So this is my story, I hope someone will read it and will maybe find out something useful! :-) Each week I will post the changes I see (and the dreaded IB)!
  3. Hi gang! My background: Lurker for close to 10 years, almost as long as I have had acne. I am a mid-20s college student raising a sibling. In other words, I have no time. I want to look presentable, though. This is why clearing my skin naturally is so important to me. I also don't wear makeup.. so it's magnifies the issue. I'm a hard INTJ, if you dig MBTI. That means I'm typically anxious and tense, which I'm sure is a big part of my acne. BCP (Yasmin) cleared my skin in my teens. Went off of it because of some of the possible side effects, then went on Spiro, which worked perfectly. However, I want to heal my body. I don't want to be on medication forever. Both my parents have adult acne, so I could be looking at hard cysts on my face with other inflamed red rolling hills until I hit menopause. I was going to do Accutane, but stopped when I realized I would have to go back on Yasmin (i.e. my skin would be perfect on yasmin so I doubt the accutane would cure me.) I am using the Neutrogena light therapy mask right now. It is helping but I doubt it will help as much as I need. I eat a diet of chicken, vegetables, and glucomannan/oat fiber (non-soluble fibers that fill you up and pass right through.) I have always had chronic constipation, so I take Miralax. When I don't take it, the inflammation gets worse. I have noticed that if I eat a ton of vegetables, my skin can get inflamed. This worries me. When I don't eat, or eat tiny portions to keep myself from starving, acne is reduced. But how can I sustain that? It doesn't seem possible. I know tanning and sweating/working out have helped in the past, but on this diet I have no energy to work out. I am scared of how hungry it would make me. No, not anorexic. I'm 5'6 and ~140. If you have read this far, my heartfelt thanks. I am so grateful for this community. Acne is such a difficult disease to deal with in the modern world-the shame, I mean. MY QUESTION: Is there anything else I can do for my acne naturally? Should I just suck it up and go back on Spiro?
  4. Where do I even begin. I took birth control (portia 28 I believe) for the first time because I was sexually active at the time. I had clear skin prior to this, I don't think I ever got huge breakouts since high school- anyway, fast forward to a few months after stopping birth control I had comedonal acne. It's gotten progressively worse, and it's been 7 months now and my skin is the worst it has ever been. I have horrible (sore and painful) white heads and just really bad acne. I went to my GP and he prescribed me Alesse 28 about a little over a month ago but 5 days in I stopped taking it because I felt like it was breaking me out even more and I had terrible mood swings. It was awful. I went back to my GP and now will be starting a very low dosage of Accutane Roche, however I just noticed that he prescribed me Alesse 28 AGAIN! I sat my butt down for a good amount of time doing extensive research and found that Alesse was horrible for acne and that it may actually aggravate hormonal acne even more. I'm going back to my GP on tuesday to discuss this with him and also give him a list of all the other BCP's that have more anti-androgen properties (i.e Diane 35, Ocella, Zarah, Yasmin etc). I guess I have two questions: 1) What is the best BCP to take while on Accutane? I've done extensive research and I haven't really found a solid answer. I'm just tired of my skin suffering so much- it's taken such a toll on my confidence. I have hormonal acne and in the past have taken: Portia 28, Aleese 28. I've done diet changed, drank (still do) buckets of water. I've tried taking Omega-3's, Probiotics, Vitamin B. I've tried topical medicine (Dapsone gel 5%). 2) Will I break out if I discontinue taking BCPs after Accutane? And is it possible to take Accutane without BCP? I will be taking a low dosage of Accutane (10mg) for the course of 2 months, just to see if it works with me, but I'm so frightened to take BCPs after my past two horrible experiences with BCP that led me to take Accutane. I also live in Canada, so no iPledge here. I am single, and have been abstinent for 7 months now and do not at all intend to be with anyone for the next year. Will not taking BCP while on accutane effect the way it works on my skin? Do I need to take it for my hormonal acne to disappear, or will Accutane be enough on its own? I would immensely appreciate any sincere advice given. I'm sick of waking up to my aching face and new pimples all over. I'm tired and fed up. I want to start my journey with accutane as soon as I possibly can (and yes I do know about the side effects of taking accutane; I watched a lot of videos and read many things but I've solidified my decision to take accutane) Wishing everyone the best, x K
  5. Hi! I just started takling yasminelle 5 days ago. My doctor prescribed it because I am really self concious about my mild acne. I have been reading such horrible things in here about this pill, so I want to know this; if I my skin reacts badly to the pill, when will that happen? would it have happened right away? I am very nervous and considering to quit it already because I am scared that my skin will freak out. please help, thanks
  6. getting off of BCP after accutane..

    A little background - I'm 23 and am currently on my second course of Accutane. My first course was completed when I was 17 and it kept me clear for about 5 years. I started taking birth control during my first round of Accutane and have stayed on it ever since. I really want to get off the pill when I'm done with Accutane in about 2 months but I'm extremely worried that I will start breaking out and that going through Accutane will be for nothing Has anyone had any problems when they stopped taking the pill directly after their Accutane course? I'm just concerned since I've been on birth control for so long that my hormones will be all out of whack, thus resulting in acne. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated !!
  7. Hey all! Wow... So I can't believe I'm back on this site 10 years after I signed up. Back in 2006 when the Regimen didn't even exist. Crazy! Well, I'm 26 years old now and sad to say I'm still not finished with this whole acne thing. Shortly after I joined in 2006, I found a treatment that worked for me - birth control pills. It was obvious that my acne was hormonal (I had the painful cystic kind around my chin/mouth area) so BCP was the perfect solution for my skin. I have been clear since. I wish I could stay on the pill forever, but I'm married now and considering getting pregnant in the next couple years. I'm freaking out about going off the pill because I know my acne's going to come back and maybe even worse than before because I'd be pregnant. I would really like to be proactive and try to prevent a war zone on my face as much as I can. Does anyone have any insight, advice or suggestions on getting off the pill and keeping my acne under control? I have thought about "weaning off" the pill and changing my diet (cutting dairy, etc). My options with medications are limited since I would have to use products that are safe for pregnancy. Thank you all in advance!
  8. Yaz - month 3, acne much worse?

    Hi everyone - I'm on Yaz and am almost halfway through my third pill pack. In the first two months, my back and chest were clear and face was experiencing mild-moderate cystic acne in the chin/jaw area. Now, my back is getting a few cysts again and my cystic acne on my face is basically the worst it's ever been - a new cyst or two a day on my chin. I wanted to know if it's normal to experience an "initial breakout" this late? Should I stick with Yaz? I'm also on 50mg per day of Spiro but am hoping to increase the dosage to 100mg soon.
  9. I've dealt with problematic skin for most of my teen years, only now at 25 I am seeming to get the hang of it and have had very clear skin for quite some time. A big contributor to my skin finally clearing was Spironolactone. I was put on spironolactone 100mg for about 4 months which worked wonders for me but I was nervous staying on a medication for too long so after my major breakouts went away and my skin was finally looking beautiful I went off the Spironolactone and just stayed with Yasmin. I had great results with just Yasmin and took it for a year with NO BREAKOUTS. It was amazing. A week ago my pharmacy offered me the "generic brand" of Yasmin called Zarah saying it was the exact same BCP but about $10 cheaper. I decided to give it a go seeing as I was saving myself at least a little money. Well let me tell you it was not worth it at all. My skin completely freaked out. I had a terrible hormonal breakout on the left side of my jaw, mood swings, angry all the time (which is not me), pains in the left side of my lower abdominal area, and even some break outs on my cheeks which I've never ever had. I told my pharmacy and they wouldn't change me back to my old faithful Yasmin, they made me pay for another 3 months again! I was so disappointed and stressed which probably just made my skin worse. Because of the severity of my acne I am back on Spironolactone 50mg. I need to know if anyone else has made this switch from Yasmin to Zarah. Are they really the same? Here is a picture of my skin at its absolute worst. Which is right now.
  10. I have struggled for acne longer than I can remember and have finally reached my breaking point. I am reaching out to the community for a little guidance on the situation. I have struggled with some form of acne since I was 18 years old. At 18, I had the worst breakout of cystic acne I have ever experienced over the course of 4 months. After trying several topicals, my derm finally prescribed me Accutane which remedied the problem for about 3 years. From 21 on, my acne slowly began reappearing but was manageable with OTC cleansers and washes. When I was 24, my acne returned with a vengeance. I started using the Nuva-ring BC which controlled my hormonal acne and got it to a manageable level (but never fully clear). About 3 years later I had to quit using it due to other health issues and I was on the hunt for a new BCP. I went to see my OBGYN, who informed me I could no longer used oral BCP due to my high blood pressure and my only option was a Mirena IUD. I asked several times whether the Mirena would cause my skin to get worse and was assured that although it would not make it worse it would not make it better either. For the last two years with the Mirena, my skin has been an uphill battle. I have gone to my derm more times than I can count and tried everything from months and months of oral antibiotics (minocycline), .05% tretinoin cream which was later bumped up to .1%, sulfur sulfacetamide and clindamyacin foam/gel. Nothing worked, and worse of all..the array of topicals and antibiotics aggravated my facial eczema that I havent dealt with since I was a child. As a last resort, since I cannot take Accutane since I would like to have a child in the next 5 years, my derm prescribed me Spironolactone. I started on Spiro at 50mg daily for the first month and saw no improvement. I did some research and decided to add Inositol in my regime in the hopes this would combat my hormonal acne. This helped and I had two weeks of amazingly clear skin and 2 weeks of standard breakouts. This past month the derm upped my dosage to 100mg daily and I had clear days here and there, but when I brokeout it was in places I never use to get acne and it was more cystic, which I havent dealt with since pre-accutane. Going into my third month of Spiro, continuing to take 100mg daily, I currently have 7 large active pimples on my cheeks, countless small whiteheads on my foreheadand 2-3 whiteheads on my lower chin. It is nowhere near my time of the month so if anything this should be one of my clearer weeks. I am reaching out in the hopes someone can give me some advice. Have you take sprio and had similar problems? Could it be the mirena? Is it safe to supplement while taking Spiro? I also recently added fermented cod liver oil and zinc to help with my eczema..should I stop those as well? Any input would be great!
  11. Wondering if anyone can help me.. I have been on Yasmin for nearly 8 months for birth control and to help with acne. However, when I recently went to get another pack of pills, they told me Yasmin is now called Lucette. After some research I found out that Lucette is actually a completely different pill that has the same active ingredients as Yasmin but is much cheaper to produce and therefore more cost effective for the NHS. At first I was annoyed that I was lied to by the doctor, but I'm willing to give them a go. Has anyone experienced any side effects changing to this pill? I'm particularly worried about my acne coming back
  12. Week 12

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Here's Week 12 update on my skin! Hormonal acne showed up this month around my jawline for the first time in a month but very minimal (two?). Seems like I break out more during ovulation. Other than that, hyperpigmentation seems to have faded a little!
  13. Week 8

  14. Week 8.5 Improvements!!

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Today is not Week 9 yet but I wanted to update because my skin is looking great! TMI but this is my third day of my period and you can see evidently that there have been hormonal chin breakouts but I didn't get cheek cluster/jawline breakouts this time around!! I definitely feel it's conducive to my diet/new lifestyle. My face is overall a lot brighter than before
  15. Week 8

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Hello! We're entering Week 8 and I have several skin regimen updates! First off, last week I was reading that Bronner's Castile Soap was really good for getting rid of cystic acne so I used it last week (Week 7) but by a few days of using it, my skin was incredibly, incredibly dry and irritated. It contributed to a lot of the redness I was experiencing. Since stopping that and returning to my trusted Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser that I've been using for years now, my skin is starting to return to normal. Lifestyle/Regimen as of Week 8: -Have started making juices in the morning through some concoction of kale, cucumber, apple or apple, carrots, lemon. It's only been three days since drinking this, but I FEEL my skin is slightly brighter. -Continued Dairy-free, Meat-free, process-free, gluten-free, low sodium, I generally don't eat rice/grains except for oatmeal in the morning. -Vitamin D3+Calcium 1000IU daily -DIM daily -vitamin C serum at night after cleansing -Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Witch Hazel as moisturizer -Natural Shampoo/Conditioner, daily-ish hair wash Skin Update: -the breakouts on temples have subsided because I've started washing my hair every day...My hair is dryer though which really sucks. It's like I have to choose between good hair or bad skin.... -ovulation was a couple days ago--got a few breakouts near my chin but no jawline breakouts! -breakout on the right side of my face near cheekbone. I've been trying to keep my cheek area clear (especially on my right side) but this happens.. -overall, skin seems to be improving--brighter, less visible acne red marks.
  16. Week 7

    From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Here's my face Week 7 into this diet. Ovulation was a couple days ago so I've broken out on my chin, and a little on my inner cheek but I haven't broken out on my jawline. The most prominent breakouts you can see are the forehead/temple acne. Most likely due to my hair (got new side bangs that go across my right side of my face). I used to break out a LOT during ovulation especially cheek/jawline but seems like that has subsided a little. Going to shower everyday now and wash my hair every day which is kind of a pain but I think the only way I can battle my temple acne -___-
  17. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    It's Week 5 and I've noticed some improvement in my skin! My skin is brighter overall and my hyperpigmentation seems to have faded slightly. My period started two days ago and I had minimal breakouts just before it. Around my mouth mainly. The breakout last week was worse. Usually, in the days leading up to my period I have a huge cystic breakout not just around my mouth but along my jawline and my temples. This time, my breakout was minimal I'm so used to experiencing constant breakouts at certain points in my cycle that this is definitely a shocker for me. Correlations: Diet, Decreased Moisturizer Usage, Elimination of Conditioner, Started taking Vitamin D supplement 3 days ago Going to continue doing what I'm doing and hopefully these breakouts will minimize even more at which point I can focus on just getting rid of hyperpigmentation! :)
  18. From the album No Meat, No Dairy, Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Diet

    Hello! This is week 4 and I'm super excited to update on how my skin has been doing. A couple days ago was ovulation (sorry tmi) and lo and behold I broke out into some hormonal acne around my mouth and some on my cheek. You can see they emerged two days ago (photo attached below), leaving a lot of redness. Today, however, my skin is looking a lot better. The breakouts have flattened out as they've bled and "purged" already so my face is just red marks at this point. In addition, I purchased a 0.5 mm dermaroller which I tried out today!! It hurt and left my face red for an hour or so but I definitely see my face is a little brighter (might be just in my head). But the bumps are minimized and all I need to combat are my red marks. I have a feeling I'll break out again before my period in two weeks but I'm hoping for the best through my diet. CHANGES MADE: DIET: ALSO, I don't know if this is a common trigger food for acne but I consumed half a package (natural, no salt) of peanut butter in the last week--correlated to my breakouts? Peanut butter is dangerously addictive. But scared, and not willing to take the risk, I've stopped eating PB and any alternative such as almond butter. If I don't breakout before my period this time around, I'll know peanut butter may have contributed to my ovulation breakouts. SKINCARE ROUTINE: I used to think that the more moisturizer I used the more supple and smooth my skin would be. WRONG. After a certain point, your moisturizer will clog your pores. Key is to apply only the necessary amount. I've used 1-2 pumps of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion which probably has been conducive to a lot of my clogged pores. So, keeping my usage of moisturizer minimal. Instead, if my face feels like it could use a little bit of moisture I apply some alcohol free witch hazel ALSO, noticed my conditioner has some pore clogging ingredient despite the fact that it's SLS free, Paraben free, and natural so I've decided to stop using that as well. A lot of my acne is temple/hairline so there might be a relation there.... -___- Will update again next week Below is Week 3.5 (ovulation, as noted before) and beginning of Week 4 (today). You can see my marks have flattened and my breakouts are less noticeable. Week 3.5 Week 4: TODAY
  19. I just started taking a new prescription of Spironolactone (100mg a day) and I've been on Ocella birth control for years. My period is always on time. This month, since starting spiro after my last period, it seems to be late by a day. I could get it tomorrow and have but I always have a sign of it by today at the latest. I have only read that people take bcps to make their periods regular while on spiro. Could it still be the spiro? Im sexually active so I would like to know what's up. Thank you for any wisdom!
  20. Hi, so I've never posted on one of these before but here is my story. I'm an 18 year old female. Everyone in my family has beautiful, clear skin, maybe a few zits during puberty, but perfectly cleared up by 18-19 years old. My skin was getting really good during the winter of last year, finally clearing up from teenage acne. I started birth control in March of 2015, right after my 18th birthday. The first brand I used was Orsythia. I used it for 3 months, and my skin was fine on it, but I kept getting my period for two weeks at a time, so my doctor switched me to Sprintec. Immediately I started breaking out on Sprintec, but at the time it wasn't terrible, it was just a few zits on my chin and on my cheeks. I have never had cystic acne before either, so I didn't know what it was. Since I started it in June and was working 3 part time jobs over the summer, I just assumed that it was due to the heat or to stress. I moved into my freshman year of college in September out of state, and that's when my skin got even more out of control. Huge, cystic acne on my chin and cheeks and jawline, scarring, leaving redmarks. It's been a huge blow to my self esteem and I was 100% sure it was caused by Sprintec because that's when things started to get bad. I stayed on Sprintec for 6 months and stopped taking it about 3 weeks-1 month ago. It doesn't make any sense for me to have bad, cystic acne when everyone in my family has flawless skin. I'm personally convinced that Sprintec started it, but after being off of Sprintec for a month I haven't really seen any difference and I'm still developing severe cystic pimples. Can anyone else relate to having Sprintec break them out? How long should it take for my skin to go back to normal? I've been using BP and Clindamycin and ACV toner topically, washing twice a day, and cutting out dairy only to see no difference. This is having an enormous emotional toll on me. Please help!
  21. I'll skip the novel about my 15 year battle with acne and fast forward to 2015. I have mild to moderate cystic acne on the lower part of my face- mostly the chin and jawline. In March I was prescribed Spiro by my derm, but quickly developed severe cystic breakouts. After 3 months of being miserable and peeing constantly, I gave up. There was no sign it was getting any better- and a few weeks after I stopped, my breakouts calmed down to pre-spiro level. In August I went on Yaz (not generic). I now have the clearest skin of my life, I really can't ever remember a time my skin was this clear!! My question is, I don't understand how spiro didn't work and Yaz did- Yaz has spiro in it (although a smaller dose). Does anyone know why this is? I'd really love to know!! I don't want to be on BCP's forever, but I will if it's the only thing that will keep me clear!
  22. Hey guys..which of the above is the stronger anti androgen? Spiro or Diane-35 (Cyproterone Acetate) Tried researching it but there's not much info.
  23. Dianette Diary

    After staying clear on Yasmin for 2 years, my acne flared up worse than ever 5 months ago regardless of the fact I was still taking my Yasmin religiously. Two months ago (almost) the docs and a private dermatologist changed me over to Dianette due to the Yasmin working so well for me the first time, however these hormones were no longer right for me anymore. I decided to make a log of my progress due to finding the logs of Dianette on here so helpful to read whilst I was waiting for my pill to kick in. I'll update as I go along but for now i'll explain week by week from memory. I am currently at the end of week 7 about to start my second month's 7 day break. Would LOVE to hear from people who have been on Dianette/ are thinking of going on Dianette or already are! Week 1- no change in my skin, still rubbish, but no worse. Week 2- no change in my skin, still rubbish, but no worse. Week 3- skin seemed to be calmed, not too bad due to the fact I was about 10 days away from a period. Still not amazing but no painful, scar causing sore break out like usually before a period. Thought the Dianette had cured me that fast and got super excited- unfortunately not. Week 4- my first week off Dianette as my first 7 day break. First 4 or so days were okay however towards the end of the break I broke out quite badly. Has left scars unfortunately. Week 5- spent this time recovering from the 7 day break break out. So skin wasn't looking all together great. Week 6- skin seemed to have settled, had 3/4 days of skin with only 2 or so spots and scars which were covered well with make up. Managed to feel okay to put make up on and go out a few evenings feeling really good. Felt so excited that my skin was better, had a great few days being thankful feeling over the breakouts however unfortunately it did not last Week 7- Skin flared- disappointed beyond words. Really thought i'd come past the acne! Ah well, hopefully month three will be better. Today is my last pill of month two. About to embark on my second months 7 day break. Will keep you all updated. Replies of any nature would be great! Haven't had the opportunity to speak to anyone with any experience of Dianette yet, so would be much appreciated