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  1. Is my back bad enough to get a prescription to help? I have flare ups and it's been worse than it is now. Over the counter washes and other products don't really help.
  2. Hello, Can someone please tell me the severity of my back scars, and maybe a way to treat them, thanks, also please be honest. This is a month ago, and they kinda look better now, smaller and lighter, but still brown, i also have black/whiteheads on my back, some of them and somewhere raised skin(i have no idea why). My face is significantly better.
  3. Hey guys, So I've been using a benzoyl peroxide wash on my back for almost 2 months now, and this is what it looks like. It hasn't really improved at all. How bad does it look? Should I see a dermatologist for this?
  4. Hey guys, So I've been using benzoyl peroxide to get all of my acne under control for the last month and a half, and it has worked for my face, chest, and one of my shoulders. However, I still suffer from I guess mildish bacne and acne my left shoulder, no matter what I do. I change my sheets every few days, always wear a new shirt to bed or to the gym, and have cleaned up my diet as well. But still, every few days, I get a very itchy red bump on my back or shoulder. My back especially itches badly when I get a new break out. Is acne ever itchy, or is this something else, like an infection? I've had ongoing acne in these places for like a year now, I haven't seen a dermatologist yet.
  5. So I've had acne/back acne since I was around 13. I'm 26 now and still have it though it isn't nearly as severe. I used to eat very poorly and that definitely didn't help anything. My diet is a lot better than it used to be but I still eat junk food/fast food/sweets/ect. occasionally. Once I started drinking more water, drinking green tea, ending showers with cold water and taking vitamins and supplements, it has improved tremendously. I get new breakouts on my face here and there and I still have some on my back/chest as well. Some weeks it clears up almost fully and others it doesn't look great. I do a lot of research into vitamins and supplements that could contribute to clear skin and I've come up with a concoction that seems like it has helped a lot. I would like to hear from anyone if they have had success with any of these vitamins/supplements or any suggestions on if I should cut some out or add new ones or even alter the amount taken. I will list the vitamin and supplements below. I take each vitamin/supplement once a day Vitamin A - 8000 IU C - 500 mg D3 - 1000 IU E - 400 IU Apple Cider Vinegar - 450 mg Magnesium - 250 mg Zinc - 50 mg Magnesium is one of the newer supplements that I've added to the mix. I've read and heard that it is beneficial for sleep (I've had sleeping issues since 13), anxiety and of course, acne. Apple Cider Vinegar capsules are the newest supplement that I've added. I've heard so many testimonials about how apple cider vinegar helps with acne whether it's topically or internal. I didn't really plan on incorporating this because I didn't know they made capsules of it. I just saw it at the store one day and figured that it would be a good addition. If anyone has any suggestions or questions about the variety of vitamins or supplements that I take, please let me know. I want to make this assortment the most effective as it can be. I also don't want to be over doing anything that can contribute to breakouts. I hope to hear from some people. Thank you.
  6. I've always had what I consider acne prone skin, but it's always been moderate. My skin is oily, I sweat a lot. It's not uncommon historically for me throughout my life to have multiple breakouts of various types all at once (I could have a cystic pimple on my chin, blackheads between my eyebrows and a whitehead between my boobs). But it was also not uncommon for me to have no significant breakouts at any given time. Even as a teen my acne was not bad. The only time in my life I ever had SEVERE acne prior to the past year was my first pregnancy (female infant) at age 20. My face erupted in tons of huge cycstic breakouts along my jawline throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester. It looked like my face got in a fight with a bee hive.After that my acne was low key. Breakouts whenever, sometimes more in the summer. Nothing severe. I even had 2 more babies (male infant born at age 30 and female infant born at age 31) and no severe acne during those pregnancies either.Dec 2014 after last birth, I got Mirena IUD birth control. December 2015 I stopped breastfeeding (I mention these things because of hormonal coorelations)SPRING OF 2016, maybe March, maybe it started a little before... my back and shoulders started breaking out heavily. It has persisted now for over a year (it's now summer 2017) and it hasn't gotten better. If anything it has gotten worse. I have red bumps, whiteheads, blackheads and cystic acne (some of these are more prevalent in certain areas on the back and shoulders)I workout regularly and I know that my oily/acne prone skin and my heavy sweating isn't helping but there has to be a root cause, a reason why it started, a reason why it won't stop.... a way to make it stop
  7. Accutane

    Hi I'm new here, I am a 17 year old boy and have been dealing with acne since the 8th grade . Acne has made my life so difficult to starting high school and meeting new people. I first have had acne all over my face and as time went on, it moved to my back. Big, painful, embarrassing and ugly looking cysts on my shoulders and lower back. After every other medication has failed, accutane was suggested for me. I am on ( most likely ) my last month of the treatment, which was 9 months and my face has a couple pimples left and my back is pretty clear, but I have marks and scars all over and I have two or three really painful ones on my lower back. I am really stressed out and upset because this was supposed to be my last month. I have been on 80 mg for about 4 months I think, the rest was 60 mg then 40mg when I began. I've become depressed on this medication and have had every single side affect out there (or so it feels like) does I really just want to know your experiences with post treatment. I have a lot scars which affect me just as much as the acne and I don't think I will stop breaking out after I finish accutane. Thank you for listening and I hope that there is still hope for me and that last month break outs are normal? Or something like that also: if anyone has done laser treatment with scars please let me know, I was considering getting that, my mother has said she would do it, but I don't think she knows how expensive it is- or so I've heard. Please let me know the post-accutane process. Thanks
  8. well here it goes! About four years ago i developed very severe nodular cystic acne. What started out as your normal whitehead bacne quickly escalated into one of the worst cases most doctors i went to had seen. I used to have a posting up about my fight and problems and i removed a while back. I am finally here to recap and review and to ask for advice on this new proposal into permanently curing this issue from my body. The photos posted will show what i had to go through, days, weeks, and months of over 50 open cysts that would re open and bleed all over my clothes, bedsheets, and pretty much anything my back touched. It was a norm for me to wake up in the morning stuck to my bed because the cysts had dried up with the bedsheets, fusing me to my bed. Every morning was a series of dealing with the pain and ripping myself out of bed. After numerous dermatologist trips, no one knew what to do. It started with doxycycline, and then bactrum, and minocycline. Finally i found a dermatologist that was making progress with improving my acne and finally helping me start the uphill fight. She hit me with the accutane. after 3 weeks and a crap ton of cortisone, my body gave up. I had upped the dosage to 40mg per day and the flare ups caused all the cysts on my back to double. It was living hell. It wasnt thee accutane that gave me depression, it was living with all the cysts afterward. Plan B was to start me on a high dose of doxycycline so inflammation would recede and allow some of the cysts to clear up. Two years later, i was acne free. the occasional cyst would show up on my back, and my face was that of a normal teenagers with normal acne. and well my back has turned into that of a freak show, with deep big connecting scars that look like that of a burn victim (made for a cool "i was in a fire cover up story). And now here we are in the summer of 2017. Doxycycline has become ineffective, so i stopped taking it. after a couple months i still had no acne and was used to the occasional back cyst that would come up and dry away after a couple of weeks on its own. graduation and senior year ended with a very bad mishap. I was jumped and suffered a broken jaw, surgery and meds along with all the trauma and stress really threw me off of my clear skin streak, and the flares restarted. in a quick burst, now my chest has broken out in the "stage one" cysts. These are what i call the small cysts that later turn into the huge ones that i had on my back. I quickly used some of my own medical knowledge and past experience to fight this. I started on 1000mg of fish oil, 50 mg of zinc, and twice a day probiotic pills respectively; along with using a tretinoin topical cream for my face (0.05%), my face has returned to its nice and 95% clear state. My chest has drastically reduced, there are no new flare ups, and now they are slowly going away. now i know this is only a temporary solution to this ever plaguing problem i have been dealing with on my back and now chest, and being on vacation in lebanon, i decided to go for a second opinion to a very well known dermatologist in Beirut. After the initial consultation, she saw all the scars on my back and the new cysts on my chest, and immediately prescribed me accutane. Im ready to pull the trigger again on this drug, but she gave me a very odd and apparently "new protocol" to taking this drug for people that have severe nodular cystic acne. for the next 6 weeks i will be on tetralysal 300 in order to reduce the inflammation around the cysts and to clear up my body so i can start taking accutane. But here is the weird dosage idea. Apparently here in the middle east and europe, this is a very common route to take to combat this type of acne. she wants to put me on 10mg a day, every other day for 8 weeks. If my body can handle it she wants to up the dosage to 20mg a day every other day or, if i cant handle it, to keep me on the 10mg cycle for another 8 weeks. Basically she said im looking at 2 years on accutane. The attractive side to this is i can expect little to no normal accutane side effects, and i will be able to prevent the "first month flare up" that accutane causes when taken normally. I dont know about this i feel like im going to be a guinea pig for this weird trial type regiment. Please feel free to lerave your opinions/experiences with low dosage accutane, and hopefully this will be my last fight i have to fight with this dumb acne!!
  9. I recently got prescribed .025% tretinoin for my back acne. I usually shower at night, but my doctor advised me to wash the cream off in the morning. Am I supposed to shower twice? or do I switch to showering in the morning?
  10. Am I doing it right?

    Well, I just graduated from high school, and I started getting body acne around my sophomore year of high school. I rarely ever get pimples on my face, except for a few here and there. Well, I play basketball, and workout a lot, and I sometimes went literally all day with a heavily sweaty shirt on, and not changing until I got home, sometimes late at night, and I'm pretty sure this causes acne and makes it worse, correct me if I'm wrong. I also drank a lot of milk every single day, and ate all of the foods that supposedly worsen acne. I never really paid any attention to it until not to long ago, because I realized that it was pretty bad and I had to do something about it. I cut out dairy, most grains, peanuts, and just all junk foods in general, and I've been showering using neutrogena body clear body wash and I also exfoliate a bit using a wash cloth. I alternate between cold and warm showers, because I'm not sure which benefits more. Since I've started this, my body acne is nowhere near 100% clear, but it's gotten wayyyyy better than it was. I've also been going in the sun little bit for the vitamin d, but I don't spend too much time, because I realize it could be harmful. Am I doing anything wrong and is there anything else I could try to completely clear my body acne? And also was he cause of it because I'm a 17 year old boy that is going through puberty, and the other things I listed earlier? Thank you!
  11. I've been dealing with this s*** for over 4 years now and I said to myself that this will be the last summer I'll lose. I have severe acne from upper back to shoulders and chest. It drives me crazy and hope you can understand. I also had severe acne on my face but I've been using a glycolic acid cream everyday for the past 5 months and it worked great for my face, mostly done, only a few red marks left and after i'll take care of the deeper scars. On my body I started only 2 months ago to apply glycolic acid. It worked alright but it's not even close to be good, I still get cysts and breakouts. For my diet, i started 1 month ago to cut almost everthing, dairy food, no meat only salmon, gluten free, sugar cut to 0 only fruit intake, drinking plenty of water and taking 1 cold shower everyday because i'm pretty active and it's hot outside. Anything you think I should do? It literally making me go mad. Summer it's coming and there is no way I can take my shirt of, on of the reasons would be that my skin is really sensitive because of the glycolic acid, and my skin it's looking awful, everytime I look into the mirror I feel like there is no point of still going... Please don't suggest me accutane since I cleared up my face I don't want to go trough all that again. Anything else it's much apreciate and sorry if all this is a little to agressive...
  12. Hello, I've had acne on my back and chest for the last few years (I've just turned 20) and no matter what I do, it won't go away. I regularly change my sheets/clothes and always shower straight after the gym. I have very sensitive skin, if I scrub too hard in the shower, my skin will look red and irritated. I tried using benzol peroxide a few years ago and that didn't seem to make much difference. I've also used neutrogena body clear wash with salicylic acid and that was too harsh for my skin. I am going on holiday in about a month and would like to be able to take my top off with out feeling embarassed. Does anyone know of any body washes or general treatments that will clear the body acne but also is suitable for sensitive skin? Also, if anyone knows any short term solutions to help reduce the appearance/hide the acne that would be really helpful. *I currently use Aveeno body wash for sensitive skin when in the shower and don't apply any addition products. Thanks in advance
  13. i'm a 15 y/o girl and i've been on accutane now for two months. my first dose was 40mg a day, but last month my derm upped it to 60mg. i've heard this is a pretty high dose (i weigh 125 pounds). my symptoms have been really bad. i'm fair and i regularly struggle from facial redness but the accutane has made it even worse. every day when i don't wear makeup i get asked if i was outside and if i'm sunburnt. my dryness has been really bad too, which makes the makeup i apply to combat my redness look really bad. i was extremely excited to start accutane as for the past 4 years i have tried legitimately everything to get rid of my cystic/hormonal acne. all these symptoms would be tolerable if i was seeing improvement, but i'm not. i still have multiple small cysts on my face and any breakouts i do have are aggravated by the dryness. i have really bad bacne, and i've noticed my pimples becoming really red and inflamed, especially around my shoulders. summer is here and i'm too embarrassed to wear tank tops without my hair down because of how red and gross my back pimples are. i've been really self conscious and my mom cancelled my phone call to my derm where i was going to talk to her about the lack of improvement i'm seeing. i'm thinking about giving up on the treatment. i feel more self conscious now than i did before the treatment started. when did you guys start to see improvement? there isn't really a day where i'm not crying about how bad my skin is and how ugly my efforts to cover my concern areas end up looking. i guess i could just really use encouragement on how to finish my course without giving up, and any advice how to make it through/tips on how to make the symptoms bareable.
  14. Hi guys, I thought I'd share my experience with the drug Accutane which I have been using for almost 5 months to try to clear my body acne. There's mixed feedback out there regarding Accutane and its effectiveness so I wanted to tell you my experience. I've suffered from severe acne for roughly 3 years and mild acne for about 5 and after trying every over the counter drug, body wash and cream available I was finally offered Accutane! I can honestly say after 5 months the drug has completely cleared my back, shoulders and chest and there's only scars left! I was started on 40mg for the first month and then 80mg for the next 5 months. It's not been easy having to deal with all the sides such as headaches, dry hands and face and extremely dry lips but it has definitely been worth it! I'm now looking into products to help reduce the scarring but overall it has changed my life. If you have any questions about Accutane feel free to ask! I will also post pictures of day 1 and 4 months later. Ive still got 6 weeks to go so hopefully the good results still come!
  15. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  16. I don't know if this remedy has been shared before on but I felt like based on my results that I HAD to share how I cured my back acne. Maybe it will be able to help someone out as back acne is not a nice thing to have. Back when I was in college, I broke out very mildly with back acne. I did some google searching and saw that benzoyl peroxide was what would be helpful to cure it. I went to my local drug store and purchased the product "Benzagel 5." Within two weeks, my back acne was GONE. Fast forward a year later, I am now engaged and full of stress. I had stopped using Benzagel about 5 months ago and boy was that a huge mistake. My back acne came back in full swing and even more aggressive. I had ran out of benzagel and had completely forgot to purchase more so I started to use a proactive exfoliater - BIG MISTAKE. This made my back acne worse! So my fiancé ran to the store, bought me benzagel and I ordered PanOxyl 10% online thinking that maybe a higher percentage would help clear my acne faster. I have my wedding coming up in 2 months so I am willing to do anything to cure it. Now, one month later and my acne is GONE!! This is how I used the products: - Shower twice a day (Morning & Night) - buy a back scrub brush with bristles - Put a nickel size amount of PanOxyl on the brush, scrub for about a minute, leave on for about 2 minutes then rinse off. - then when you get out of the shower, rub a fair amount of benzagel on your back. **wait until it dries before you put on clothes or go to bed.. about 10 mins*** Do this every day and your acne will disappear. Also, within the first month of doing this, new pimples may pop up and that's okay! Your skin needs to rid the other clogged pores before it can heal. Doing regimen men will also dry out your back. It will burn and flake within the first 3 weeks but your skin does get used to it. I'm passed that part and my skin feels amazing and smooth. here is my before and after photo. (There are two blemishes in the pic but are old pimples almost healed. All my acne scars have gone away and I have had no knew acne in the last 3 weeks! This regimen isn't ready everyone as everyone has different skin types - if you have moderately oily skin, this regimen is great.
  17. So I've had pretty bad acne ever since I was about 12. It really turned for the worst last year when I was 13. A lot of it is cystic which isn't great. I went to see a dermatologist and they prescribed me some stuff to put on my acne. I've always had acne the worst on my back. Now, I'm not saying my face is in great shape. I consistently put the medicine on and the acne was very slowly going away, but at some point it stopped working. So, I stopped putting it on for a while. I gave up. It got a hell of a lot worse in next year and I'm back on it now and seeing the similar slow results. I'm not gonna give up this time, but want to know what I can do to slow the acne for now. I'm going back to the dermatologist soon, so that'll be great. Any dietary changes you could let me in on? I know most of my acne is caused by hormones, but it still is frustrating when you can't take your shirt off on the beach or go in a pool.
  18. What are good treatments for back acne? Ever since i adopted the regimen, my face has stayed relatively clear for years. My back, too, is generally clear. But 2 months ago it started breaking out again and i have no idea why. Hasn't been this bad since high school Things i've tried to fix it: - Eating clean (i mean CLEAN... just finished a 30-day AlP diet... nothing but meat, certain veggies, certain fruits, and water. That's **lT**.) - Washing my back daily (with a 2% salicylic acid scrub + backbrush) - Drinking lots of water all day (i do this regardless) - Wearing a shirt when i sleep (been doing this for years) - Not wearing the same shirt for more than a day at a time
  19. I've spend countless hours on the internet reading about acne and have tried countless more products, none of which have completely helped. i've been on accutane which cleared my skin but of course it came back and it never really helped the blackhead situation, only white heads. birth control also helped but i recently went off of it (5 months go) and really don't want to take it again, but am wondering if my hormones are still balancing even after 5 months? im also vegan, i take vitamin a, zinc, maca, probiotics. i wash twice a day with a natural oil-free cleanser, tone, moisturize, do face masks, everything you're supposed to do, but nothing helps and i'm desperate and so tired of my skin looking like this. if you have any advice or anything you think might help PLEASE tell me! literally every pore on my face is clogged.
  20. I have had back and shoulder acne for a good 3/4 years now and it is starting to really affect my confidence. Of course it has always been an issue for me, as it stops me from wearing the clothes I want as well as being constantly self-conscious on holiday. However, I have now reached the point where I need to get rid of it desperately. I want to start using the body regimen, but was looking for any success stories/ first-hand experiences so that I can see whether it is really worth investing in?
  21. Hello everyone. I don't think I have posted here before but here goes. So like a lot of people on here I didn't have 'acne' troubles until beginning of 2013. yeah I had a pimple here and there but anyone with proper acne would consider that a blessing! I didn't think much of it. it went. but came back really bad October 2013 really sore massive pimples all over my jawline in the 'hormonal' area. I got so upset about it I rationalised it to smoking cigarettes and I quit and the acne cleared up. I thought that was weird considering I had been smoking for 10 years by that point. What I later worked out though was it started after I had microdermabrasion which really messed my skin up first time in late 2012 (first acne experience) didn't do it for months until the October flare up. Oh, I also used salicylic acid and BP to help me get clear. Anyways, I started vaping 6 months on from that event and smoked again for 7 months, stopped again, vaped again etc. no acne. I then got a massive pimple in January 2017 like the ones I had before that sent me crazy! roll in the tea tree, TCP, BP, washes etc and blasted my whole skin. 3 months on just more pimples but only in the places that were dry where I over done the product. I also had been 'exfoliating' prior to the outbreak. also I used to get the odd pimple on my back and got product happy there too and dried that up and guess what...more acne. trying something different. I'm using a face wipe to take of my make up, a light Australian body care tea tree wash, a lil BP on the jaw line, Clinique gel moisturizer and that's it. it doesn't feel tight or dry anymore and I'm on night 2 now. my is skin is oily type and I guess that's what it likes. for my back it a light squeeze of the foam tea tree body wash from the sponge down my back and rinse and then with some sudocream after as it really dry and needs a barrier. no exfoliating which is what I have been doing for months. I never needed all this crap before. My mum and brothers literally use water and no pimples ever and I don't think my dad used to wash full stop! washing hasn't worked so here I go. No exfoliating manually or chemically. Its the only thing I haven't tried! I will update with results. Also fruit and chocolate trigger pimples in me so none of that either. Any experiences from others along the same lines then please comment.
  22. what type of bacne is this? I think it's genetic because my dad also had this when he was younger (I really hate my genes -.- ) I've started using Nautrogena Body clear body wash... What can I use with it? Is iodized sea salt water okay to use? I don't have non-iodized.. :c also benzoyl peroxide on my back seems to be really irritating it so what can I do? (Perscripted 5%) i would prefer natural home remedies thank you!^^
  23. Hello there! The title explains it all. I'm just here to share my tips/advice on how I got rid of my BACK ACNE. I kept it clear for about 6 years now. A little history of my back acne. I had mild back acne starting senior year of high school and lasted until my freshman year of college. Of course it was uncomfortable and bothersome. I took herbal medicine to clear my face acne and surprisingly after 3 months of taking it my face acne cleared. But apparently my acne grew on the my back instead of my face. So I didn't care much at the time because I was happy my face acne cleared. But it start growing a bit more then I tried to find a solution for it and it worked. But first I am not any certified professional . So it may help some people and it may not. So lets get to it. Advice: 1) Shower right away after a workout or sweating. Don't stay in the sweaty clothes too long (that's why I grew some more back acne). 2) Of course drink tonsssss of water! 3) Invest in loofahs! I change my loofah( ) every 6 months. I just buy the round soft loofah because I don't want to tear my skin or anything. 4) wash clothes every week or two. 5) If I don't exercise that day I would still rinse my body with cool/warm water. Products: (I only use two product or so ) 1) I use Lover's Care shower cream. One bottle would last my cousin and I for about 4 to 6 months. - I normally buy the Cherry Blossom, or Rose hip seed oil. The Aloe vera was alright not too bad. But my favorite is the cherry blossom. -the link 2) Afterwards i use the Nature's Shea Butter soap bar. - I buy three kind of soap bar Dudu Osun African Black Soap ( - Oatmeal complexion bar( my FAVORITE!) I bought 10 of these to stack up on it. - Super shea bar (it's alright, I use it when I run out of my oatmeal or dudu osun) The soap bars are expensive but it really helped my back/body acne. Shower Routine: (Scrub GENTLY)!!! 1) I would wet my loofah 2) Pump about 3 pumps of the Lover's Care shower cream onto my loofah & scrub (gently) around my body make sure if you have long hair that it is out of the way while you're scrubbing or back/body. 3) Scrub for about 3 to 6 minutes 4) rinse body with warm/cool water 5) grab my Oatmeal soap bar and scrub(gently) it onto my skin until I see soap on my skin 6) then put the bar into my container and use my hands to lather(2 minutes) the soap around my body then rinse off with warm or cool water. 7) I do all of this after I washed my hair. This is not any kind of promoting advertisement thing. This is what I have been using for the last few years. So if anyone try this let me know how it goes. Hope it help you guys! If any questions just leave me a comment. Have a nice day!
  24. Girl with body acne

    I have body acne that increases my back acne scars so currently I have hyperpigmentation all over my back from top to bottom. I feel like I can't be shirtless around anyone or even wear certain clothes that would show my shoulders or upper back. How often do you think guys judge your hyperpigmentation during sex?
  25. I have always been more physically developed than my peers, so i started to get the odd pimple now and then around the age of 11. By the time i was twelve i had developed spots on my back and chest, although mild, i went to the doctors and they gave me a gel. This gel did nothing, other than bleach all my clothes. i went back a year later when i was put on antibiotics, again these failed. i stayed on the antibiotics for about two years before last year when i started getting much more severe break outs. I had lots of big, deep, painful spots on my chin, forehead, chest and back so i was put on a birth control pill which worsened them even more, so bad in-fact that i could not sleep on my back as the spots hurt so much. After that i tried two more contraceptive pills, neither worked but my skin seemed to get a bit better. Three months ago i was put on differin, but i am yet to see any difference at all. most reviews i have seen say that their skin started to dramatically improve around this time (12 weeks) but my skin has not changed as much as other people have said it would have by now. My skin is worst around my period, although even when off it is still never full clear. Does anyone have any suggestions?