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  1. Doxycycline destroyed my gut

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    I took doxycycline for 2 months, stopped for about a year and a half and its still draining me. My energy and motivation have gone way down and i'm finding it hard to socialize. I'm hoping you guys have some insight on what sort of blood test can determine whats hurting my stomach, what specifically do i ask my doctor to look for? How can i treat it. I'm still using probiotics and they make me bloat like crazy, and i find it hard to track/feel the benefits of it in my own stomach recovery
  2. Human microbiome is a big eco-system/community with trillions of living microorganisms that reside largely in your gut. Another microbiome as a host to millions of microorganisms/ bacteria is your skin. And in every microbiome ( your gut or skin ) you have good and bad bacteria. But as within any ecosystem - balance is the key. By certain things trying to destroy or introduce we can throw things out of balance. So when the bad bacteria begin to outnumber the good bacteria, your health is more likely to suffer. Simply because your gut bacteria has become unhealthy. And from my own practice by helping hand full people with acne / and other similar "health enthusiasts" like me, have showed impressive results that damaged and unhealthy gut bacteria is one of the reasons behind your acne! So, when it comes to microbiomes, the good bacteria are essential for maintaining healthy balance. How can you know if your gut bacteria is unhealthy? 1. Do you have acne? 2. Do you have to use a toilet paper? So as a small resolution - Acne is just a symptom caused by much bigger problems! And unhealthy gut bacteria is just one of the big problems! Be aware that yogurt, kefir, and probiotic powders will not solve your unhealthy gut bacterias problem! For this reason, if you are interested to know the truth behind how to take care at least one of the main generators behind acne - send me a message, and lets have a free 15 minute chat! Sources:
  3. hi guys. im 21 right now and was prescribed amoxicillin when i was around 15/16/17 (honestly have no idea exactly when) i haven't been on amoxicillin the entire time. whenever my skin is clear, i try going off but within a few weeks all the acne comes back. i know amoxicillin def works for me, but when i am on it i am also less stressed because i just don't worry about if my skin will breakout, etc. (so clearly i need to work on stress management as well) anyways, i want to get off of it completely but my question is, will weaning off of it really help my skin not freak out as much? weaning off amoxicillin will take about 2-3 months because i'll start at every other day, every 2, every 3, every 4, every 5, etc. until i'm off. so, if weaning has no benefit, then i would rather just quit cold turkey for the millionth time anyone with experience with this, please let me know! thank you
  4. Hello everyone! Before we start, sorry for my English, it's not my native language. Wanted to share my story and ask couple questions. I'm 22 y/o male, have been having acne for near 8 years. It started in the puberty and has never gone away since then. I wouldn't say that my acne is too dramatic, according to the photos and other users stories I have mild to moderate acne. Mostly, it is focused near corners of the lips and above upper lip, sometimes I have zits between the eyebrows (hate those ones the most) and occasionally on jawline and neck (mainly, after careless shaving). Analyzing my acne itself, I have to note it's pretty bad: a large number of pimples are formed under-skin, they are inflamed and pretty painful, usually it takes a couple days before the white head is shown, plus they leave nasty hyperpigmentation marks. The strange fact, I have never had acne on my cheeks and just a couple times had pimples on my forehead. So, here comes the first question: 1 - Does localization of acne in particular areas can mean something? I haven't fought the problem until last year. Once I got up and said: "F**k that shit, I can fix it". First, I went to the dermatologist, she made a couple of tests and prescribed topical lotion with Erythromycin, speaking honestly, it hasn't helped at all.Then, my dermatologist advised me to visit an endocrinologist and check intestines (hope this word is correct). The endocrinologist made some blood tests as well and found that amount of Helicobacter Pylori bacterias was a way higher than it should be (10x times increase). Worth to notice, that I felt constant tightness in my belly, after consuming the food, and my overall diet was pretty bad and unhealthy. Afterwards, the endocrinologist said that Helicobacter Pylori can contribute to skin problems and cause acne and suggested antibiotics treatment. She prescribed me Doxycycline and Clarithromycin internally. I took this stuff about the week but skipped a few doses because of self-foolishness and was about to visit the doctor again and explain the situation, but the magic has already happened. After ending the antibiotics course, my acne has stopped, I was cured! Clean face, no more pimples and, BTW, belly tightness has gone away, moreover I even could eat a lot of sweets and chocolate at nights without any problems. In the Spring I started to see pimples again. Actually, they were super minor and rare (1-3 small pimples a month, completely manageable). Starting from the middle of Summer my situation began to worsen, I was constantly getting new acne after eating shitty food, my belly tightness has come back at some degree. After that, I improved my diet and was able to keep the face in very decent condition for about 1.5-2 months plus I discovered this forum and found couple great products which work for me quite good (will be listed the at the end of message). Unfortunately, I have screwed up my diet again a month ago, which has triggered pretty bad acne, comparable to the one I had before treatments. I'm going to visit doctors (derm and endocrinologist) again and this time solve this problem once and for all. Thanks for reading, I would like to ask couple more questions, maybe someone has been to the similar situation and can give useful advice. 2 - Does someone know how Helicobacter and Acne are connected? Are they connected at all? It appears like both of them could be treated with the same antibiotics. 3 - Has someone had belly issues and acne? Have you managed to solve them? 4 - Any other recommendations and advices? Products that I use: 1. Cetaphil moisturizer. Best moisturizer that I have ever had, made my skin smoother, improved the tone and I believe it helps with healing hyperpigmentation marks a bit. 2. Mandelic acid serum %10. I have found this thing on this forum, it makes hyperpigmentation marks fade much faster. 3. Benzoyl Peroxide 10% lotion. I haven't used this stuff long enough. For some pimples it works good, for others doesn't do anything, also it can easily burn your face, so I try to use it very carefully. Also, going to start using some retinoid, after antibiotics course, hope it will combat the issue from other angle and help to maintain a good result. 4. Dermaroller 1.5mm. Use it very rarely, but there are a plenty of stories over the internet in which a dermaroller solves different skin problems. Probably I should learn how to use this thingy correctly.
  5. Hey guys! I'm not sure who, or if anyone will even see this but I really want to share my freaking TRANSFORMATION with others who are going through something similar. I will include photos for reference. For the past 4-5 years I've had severe acne/blackheads/red marks and I missed out on a lot of life from hiding in my house. I went to several estheticians and dermatologists and it felt so hopeless to not see even the slightest results in my favor. I was helpless, it was endless. I have shed a lot of tears, I was constantly feeling shame. I tried EVERYTHING and as some of you know, it became quite expensive. Upwards of 6,000 in fact. Tretinoin, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, every vitamin, every natural resource possible, egg white masks, hormone balancers, freaking everything. I thought I must have had something wrong with me. It was a terrible feeling. My most recent facialist told me NO MORE OIL, so my first wave of success was just that: #1. NO OIL Oil free products aren't hard to find, and there are so many good ones! Unfortunately I still was not as clear as I wanted to be, but it was better. #2. NO SILICONE I happened to come across a youtube video about some girl's struggle with acne. She mentioned that silicone was the culprit. Now, silicone comes in MANY different names, but if the word ends in -CONE, run away. Dimethicone, trimethicone, etc. Run. RUN dude. Silicone is in EVERYTHING. Even powder. Ugh. Good luck finding ideal makeup. Thankfully some oil free & silicone makeup DOES exist. I'm currently using Juice Beauty Oil Free moisturizer and bare minerals makeup (but only the ones without silicone!!!!!) It is the enemy. The rest of the factors like water/healthy diet are obviously important too, but I just wanted to share that since I went silicone free, I have also become acne free. Within three weeks, my acne was gone. I am free. I pray for those who still have it, it's one of the hardest things that I've ever been through.
  6. A couple of weeks ago I came to the end of my tether with my skin. I had several cystic spots on my chin and closed comedones on my cheeks. Covering them up with makeup made them look way worse, and leaving the house gave me horrendous anxiety. I live with friends who have great skin yet always complain about their ‘spots,’ of which there are usually literally like 1/2. This made me stress about my skin all the more, leading me to break down one day and visit my uni doctors. I had worked myself up over it so much, that the second the doctor spoke to me I burst out crying explaining how I had ‘tried everything,’ and nothing was working. Admittedly so, I believe I was being very dramatic at this point, after building myself up so much. Infact I hadn’t tried benzoyl peroxide or salyactic acid enough to see the full results. I’m really annoyed with myself for freaking out so much. I’ll explain why— The doctor prescribed me with 8 weeks of Lymecycline antibiotics and Differin 0.3%. After using the prescription as instructed for four days I noticed all of the cystic spots on my chin had reduced tremendously. I only applied the Differin to my chin area, as I have a lot of nights out this week and was worried purge all over if I put it all over my face (I figured I could deal with an grim outbreak on my chin and clubs are dark anyway) however, my whole face began to dry out and become painful to move, which I was aware of as a side effect of the Lymecycline. I applied a little bit of cetaphil moisturiser overnight one night to help with the dryness, and when i woke up I was in shock. Tiny little blisters are covering my entire face. They itch like HELL and there are cracked, dry patches accompaning them. I discontinued the antibiotics, worried that I have now developed an allergic reaction or dermatitis. Two days after discontinuing: the rash is still there, and now pink raised bumps appearing under my eyes, along with spots on my chest and back which I haven’t had in a long time. I’m worried that this has completely worsened my case. I will wait another day or two to see if the rash clears up, but now I feel like I’ve set a new load of skin problems onto myself by using such strong treatments. Apologies for the lengthy post. Need somewhere to vent out. Any advice would be much appreciated ☹️☹️
  7. Hi how long would it take antibiotics to work for acne ?
  8. I'm basically at the end of my rope now, and I need advice. I've seen so many doctors for my horrible cystic acne, and I'm so frustrated that every one of them wants to just put me on a pill and not look at what's causing my acne. I feel so alone in this struggle. If my story sounds like yours, please just take a minute to help me out. I started out with mild acne when I was about 13 and used acne treatments like Proactiv. But that began to not be enough, and I went to the dermatologist, who quickly put me on amoxicillin and a million topical treatments I can't even remember. My skin did well on that, but as soon as I went off the antibiotic, my acne came back a bit worse. My doctor then put me on a host of other antibiotics. I was put on Solodyn, which worked until it made me break out in a bad rash. I was then switched over to doxycycline, which ended the same way. All this time, I'd been hesitant to try Accutane or birth control, since they seemed so invasive. So I went back on amoxicillin for some time, but when I went off of it, this terrible, terrible cystic acne reared its ugly head, and my face is still scarred from it. I'd have a dozen red, painful, inflamed cysts covering my T zone. I'm convinced it was the overuse of the antibiotics that caused it. I've had to take ibuprofen some days because it's so painful. I've had to go to the doctor because my acne has caused my lymph nodes to swell up, causing me to go on more antibiotics. I've had problems with anxiety, feeling like I want no one to see me, because of my acne. Finally, I'd had enough. I'd heard so many success stories about Accutane that I stopped fighting it and went on it. Within the first couple of weeks, I had horrible pain in my hip. And one morning, I woke up to find my lips swollen to twice their normal size. I immediately went off Accutane. After that, I lost total confidence in the doctors I'd been seeing. I wanted someone to look at all my symptoms, not just my acne. I stopped seeing the dermatologist, went off my harsh topicals like Tazorac and Acanya. I think my body was so overloaded with chemicals that it was fighting me. And this actually helped somewhat, though I still get two or three cysts a month. I've tried natural treatments like probiotics and garlic and even spearmint tea, which help to some extent. I'm better, but I want a cure. I want to stop worrying about whether I'll break out before a wedding or a social function. I want to be able to go makeup free and feel good about myself. So now I'm at a crossroads, and I don't know where to go. I have other symptoms that scream PCOS, like irregular periods and hirsutism. But I've had ultrasounds and blood tests and the works, and the doctors have been giving me a clean bill of health, leaving me feeling like there's something wrong, but no one can find it. Should I try natural supplements? Birth control? Acupuncture? If you're out there listening, I'd sure appreciate your help. I'm desperate.
  9. I’ve been off Accutane for 8 months with no hiccups or anything. I was used to tiny pimples that would appear once in a while and disappear the next day. However, recently I’ve started breaking out heavily again from before. I believe I am relasping as my acne from my body is back as well. Now my friend reccommended I try birth control since that was never an option my dermatologist gave me during our trial and error of acne medications. Is it wiser for me to go back on accutane?
  10. Hi, I have been using erythromycin for 2 years which has worked wonders, but has now stopped and I am going on dianette alone. 1. Will dianette be effective enough on its own does anyone know and 2. Am I now resistant to erythromycin forever or can you return to this antibiotic after a year or so break and it start to work well again? Thanks
  11. Defferin Gel (0.1%), with some antibiotic medication. My dermatologist told me there would be a period of my acne getting worse, then it should get better. It worked well in the first 2 weeks of applying the gel at night, the moisturising in the morning, washing my face both night and morning. Then it got a lot worse. It is now my fourth month of using the gel, and I'm growing frustrated with how bad my face is getting, especially because it's worse than when I started and my scars are getting worse. I was wondering how long everyone elses outbreak period was, and whether or not it's something I should stop.
  12. I have been dealing with acne for nearly 4 years now. It was very minimal at first and only got it sparingly but over time it has definitely escalated exponentially. I went to my family doctor to see what I could do to treat my acne. My skin type is oily, and I have semi-large pores. I do not have many blackheads at all. My main concern is acne and the red marks left behind and some slight scarring. I have tried many things from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and even some more natural treatments such as honey or African black soap. Nothing has worked. I am currently on a once a day 100mg doxycycline prescription and a benzoyl peroxide face wash prescribed to me. I will be going to the dermatologist October 3 and I was wondering if it is possible to be given accutane on a short notice. It will only be a consultation but I would love to start accutane as soon as possible. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. The doctor had said he believes I have genetic acne because my aunt, mother and grandmother all have had a past with acne too. I’m scared the dermatologist will not listen and will try and push more face washes onto me and I will have to wait many months before I can try and treat my acne from the root cause. Can anyone let me know their experience with their dermatologist and how soon they were prescribed accutane and what they had done prior?
  13. Hi everyone. So I am new to So around 6 and half months ago I started severely breaking out. I’ve never had acne before, I used to get a few pimples here and there and used to have a few hyperpigmentation spots, but nothing serious. Then one morning I woke up with huge nodular acne on my forehead. I knew something was up cause even though I got pimples before, this was completely different. It wasn’t normal pimples, they were deep within the skin. It was just on my forehead so I tried to stay calm about it. Then it basically spread to my jaw and then cheeks. So basically MY WHOLE DAMN FACE. Mid May I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and went to a dermatologist. He prescribed me tetralysal 300mg and retin a 0.05%. I am now on the 1st day of week 11 and I just broke out again! At the start of the course I would break out a lot! My IB was terrible! It came around week 3 and lasted till around week 8. Week 9 and 10 my skin started to clear, and literally just two days ago my skin was SMOOTH! All the nodular acne had gone, and I just had some really tiny pimples left, and now I broke out again at week 11. I’m freaking out. I finish the course in two weeks and I just don’t know what to do anymore. Is is it even normal to break out at week 11? Somebody help!
  14. Hello, after looking at multiple threads I realized I should start my own. I’m a 15 y/o female (USA) and have been struggling with moderate to severe acne on and off since for 4 years. I originally tried Epiduo, but a few months ago that stoped working. My derm perscribed edpiduo forte, but that dried and irritated my skin. She then had me try differin gel. After 3 months and no results I went in again. She perscribed doxy, aczone, and clindamycin gel. It’s been six weeks since then, and if anything my acne has gotten worse. I’m breaking out on my cheeks and chin/jaw for the first time. Additionally, the cysts around my temples are scarring. Long story short, what is the “next step”. Is it too early to ask for accutane?
  15. Hi, I have a new dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I know for a fact that they'll just suggest new antibiotics or a second round of accutane. Standard treatments. So I just wanted to get some ideas here first so that I would be able to present them tomorrow. Back story: I've had acne since age 14, I'm 19 now. I've tried doxycicline, minocycline, duac gel, treclinac gel, different kinds of topical creams. I've been on a full 6 month accutane course, the acne returned after a year. I've done a chemical peel I've been on birth control (yasmin) for 3 months now. No improvement. I don't think giving it more time will do anything? it just gave me a bad initial breakout and I'm back to square one now.. So my doctor (not the dermatologist) told me that I should wait for 4 months for the birth control to kick in. So I have an appointment with him in about 4 weeks. With university and everything coming so close I have no energy or time to wait for nothing. Thus the dermatologist appointment tomorrow, I wanted to see if there were other options bcz I'm pretty sure birth control won't do anything (I know my skin). Which sucks because it works amazing for so many people and I tried almost everything else and I literally locked myself up for months waiting for this to work. Anyways. Any ideas? Should I change birth control, or wait? add spironolactone? I don't even know if I have hope or patience anymore for any of these but still any ideas would help and are welcome.
  16. If you've ever thought about taking antibiotics for your acne, consider this a sign (or a warning), to stay away from the dangers of antibiotics. This is coming from someone who stayed on it for almost two years for her acne. Trust me, it's not worth it. In fact, I regret taking antibiotics for my cystic acne. A lot of people don't know the negative side-effects frequent antibiotic use can have on our gut health, skin and immune system. Antibiotics can actually change our microbiome (the essential bacteria that mainly live in our digestive system), which can then cause an imbalance. It can lead to leaky gut, inflammation, skin issues and other autoimmune disorders. Antibiotics made my skin breakout even worse after treatment. To learn more and see before and after photos of how my skin looked after the antibiotics treatment, watch the video below.
  17. Exactly 1 year ago I finally went to a dermatologist for acne that had suddenly onset 6 months ago on my cheeks- painful, "pustule" like, and AHA's and Clarisonic were not working. I tried Adapalene, antibiotics, retin-a, and birth control (in that order). At one point I was on antibiotics and retin-a, and my acne did not clear completely till I started birth control. Now, about 3 months after stopping birth control, my acne is starting to come back. I am still using retin-a and keeping up with the same skin-care routine. It is not as bad as it once was, however, I don't think i should accept the situation considering I had perfectly clear skin for months. Should I go back to my dermatologist? Has anyone else had a similar experience?- if so, what did your dermatologist recommend?
  18. Hey. I was recently diagnosed with acne conglobata, which I'm told is a severely inflammatory type of cystic acne. couldn't find much personal logs of this hellish thing and navigating healthcare has been challenging to say the least so I decided to talk about it online in the hope of connecting with people also familiar with it, (which is equally terrifying as it is liberating.) currently waiting to start roaccutane treatment -and learning how to access dermatology healthcare in the UK. Having a miserable time emotionally and physically, trying to stay hopeful, and aiming to document the process. Here is some acne chat for anyone who may find it useful
  19. (Skip to the middle where it says "importnat part" if you don't care to find out if we've tried similar things or have similar types skin, etc. and you just know you have hormonal stuff going on.)Hello, so I have been using products for a couple years, loved them, the do help, but it's expensive and time consuming, don't want to buy regular and travel size etc. My mom had deep, deep acne as a kid and still has scars at 53 as we know cystic acne can be genetic My acne is mostly on my chin, cheeks, near mouth, on neck, and back indicating a HORMONAL link. I get deep ones on my neck and cheeks especially I tried to balance my hormones to combat it and eat little dairy to help that as well. I exercise and carry a massive 64 oz water bottle that i go through 2-3 times a day every day. I get 6-10 hours of sleep every night usually around 7. Never sleep with makeup on, always go through my elaborate skin care regimen (mostly stuff besides cleanser, and also use glossier aha+ solution.) And have little stress in my life that's unman aged, I meditate, have a good attitude, and rarely have to face anything too terrible so that's not it. So I'm doing all the things you're supposed to...... I tried Skin care exposed many generic drug store products (cetophyl, nutragena, Clearasil, etc.) ACNE LASERS (do not recomend, it actually got worse, and I'm not sure why. I did over 10 treatments I believe because my boyfriend wanted to help me conquer this he paid for it so I'm not certain, but it was very painful, expensive, and ineffeftic sadly.) Trtroin cream and gel Many cycles of antibiotics (doxy) Llysiene DIM (did help a lot but didn't fully clear, best thing I've found besides spironolactone though, but more expensive.) Etc. (We've all tried lots of things, you get it, but I thought it might be relevant for people trying to figure out what they should try first or what might work for them based on our possible similarities) IMPORTANT PART: My roommate had really bad, scattered, cystic acne and one day it really started clearing up I asked what she had been doing and she said her doctor prescribed spironolactone. I asked my doctor to do the same, she was all for it. I take 50 mg The first month was really bad, I broke out REALLY hard. But I had seen all the positive reviews and photos that said this would happen and to stick it out, so I did. Month 2.5 I was so happy with my skin, it's SO SOFT and clear. It's incredible to be able to touch my neck and face without tons of textures. My skin did peel really badly around month 1.5-3 so be prepared. It was annoying, but worth it. MONTH 3 I HAVE ZERO active pimples and some red spots that are still healing (I did kind of keep picking throughout the months but I think I will break that as I have nothing left to pick) My makeup goes on incredibly, I am so, so, so grateful. I was so close to trying accutane but have been putting it off as a last resort because of the side effects. Now I'm free. I sent my doc a thank you card I'm so happy. Please, if you know anyone with hormonal ance, tell them about it, or try it yourself. With my very basic, terrible insurance it's FREE I don't pay a dime for it which is just yet another amazing perk. I want other people to be able to find their solution too.
  20. Hello! I haven't been on here in quite a while. I first posted on here about two years ago after getting off Ortho Tri Cyclen which caused an extremely bad breakout after I discontinued it. For the most part before birth control, (which I was only on for a year and a half), I had mild but manageable and controllable acne. After birth control, which I got off due to weight gain, horrible constant migraines that caused vomiting, and just overall not feeling like myself, I had a terrible initial breakout that I struggled with clearing. After different topical and using cefadroxil orally on and off for about a year my acne seemed for the most part gone. Then a few months ago I started having health problems, muscles aches, headaches, feeling tired all the time. So I completely stopped using my antibiotic. I did find out that almost all of my blood test, and vitamin levels were normal except ana. I am ana positive (a bloodtest used to detect antibodies) my only other test, which I basically had to repeatedly ask for, that came back indicating anything was my thyroglobulin antibodies which is a bit higher than normal, (only other one they ever did was TSH and that was always low but within normal range) . What I find odd is for the last few years since getting off bc, I've been asking for them to test my thyroid since my periods have been messed up, I'm super cold all the time, I bruise easily, get headaches, and have a family history of thyroid issues. Since I've been off my antibiotic I've been breaking out and now that I know my thyroid antibodies are high I'm wondering if this is why I've had such a problem for the last couple years with acne? Has anyone else experianced something similar or noticed a thyroid issue after discontinuing the pill? Sidenote, since I know its mentioned a lot. I'm aware antibiotics are bad long term, I was only taking them when I absolutely needed them, and they weren't the first thing I went to when trying to get clear. I was already taking, and continued to do so on the antibiotic, probiotics along with vitamins. I also eat relatively healthy, drink lots of water and I'm currently trying a gluten free diet since I hear it can help with thyroid issues.
  21. I’ve been on 0.05% tretinoin cream and 100-mg minocycline for almost four weeks now and my skin hasn’t improved and I think it actually got worse. I use the tretinoin at night and the minocycline twice daily. I know purging is to be expected but shouldn’t I have seen an improvement by now? Should I stick with this or just give up? Thanks!
  22. So I've suffered with really bad acne for a long time, it was bad to the point where you could barely see any clear skin. I went to a dermatologist and she put me on 30mg accutane everyday for almost 6 months, it did wonders and completely cleared my skin (I still have a lot of scarring and get the smallest zits every now and then, but I'm just grateful most of the acne went way). My dermatologist was surprised by how fast the medicine started working on me, the side effects started on my 8th day, and my really oily skin started becoming really dry. By my second month I was doing pretty good, I'd still get around 4 new zits every week, but it was way better compared to the big cystic acne I used to get every single day. When it got to the fourth month I was completely clear, I continued taking accutane for another two months because I was afraid it would come back. Before accutane I used to have really bad seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, it's really itchy, makes your hair oily and your scalp flaky and gross feeling. During my accutane course the seborrheic dermatitis disappeared in like the first 8 days, my hair was never oily. Now that I came off of accutane my skin is still clear but the dermatitis came back, I don't know what to do! I've tried a lot of products before and none of them work (or they do but it comes back really fast). I just wish I could be on accutane forever, I was never afraid of getting pimples or having an annoying itchy scalp while I was on the antibiotics. I'm constantly afraid that it will spread to my face and bring the acne back! It doesn't matter if I wash my hair every single day or only once a week, it is always there, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to do with any of my hair products cause I'm constantly changing them. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for any writing mistakes.
  23. Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your help on this since I’ve tried everything I could. For the past 2 years I’ve been getting tons of little white heads pretty much all over my skin, but mainly around mouth and on the forehead. They are very small and pop very easily. My skin always burns during this time and is very sensitive. I get them for 2 weeks every month (in various cycles) and then they disappear and my skin goes back to a normal state. They don’t look bad on the pictures but without makeup (sorry, I’m not confident enough to share those pictures) my skin is super red and irritated. I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists about this but none of them helped. One of them suggested going on antibiotics but I am quite scared as people often say their acne came back even worse. My blood results are fine, I’ve been avoiding dairy but I don’t find that food affects it in any form. I would really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!
  24. A quick overview of the last few months: prescribed Lymecycline for worsening moderate acne beginning of Feb. Ever since then I've had awful cystic acne.(never had this before) Doctor told me to stick with it for 3 months. I wish I hadn't. Finally off those god awful tablets but have 4 very inflamed, very painful, very red and very LARGE cysts on my face. They have been active for weeks, two of them over a month. Nothing I do seems to help. They are most probably infected- doc prescribed flucloxacillin which did nothing. Been referred to a dermatologist and left to deal with it solo for now. I have a good skin routine but have had to only use gentle products for a while due to the pain and broken skin. (i.e no BP/sulfur.) I have a clean diet with nothing that could aggravate acne. Taking a lot of supplements and superfoods to try and boost immunity/help fight the infections. Losing my mind a little. My skin has never behaved like this and the pain and swelling are constant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Hi everyone, one month ago I started a cycle of two months with tetralysal (an antibiotic) but after two weeks I had a really bad breakout so my dermatologist told me to take Minocin for 15 days, then go back to Tetralysal. I’m taking Minocin and I still have breakouts and idk if it’s normal, maybe my skin just need to get used to these antibiotics?