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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been through the same thing and could help. I’ve never had great skin, and as a teenager always had mild acne, but once I got to 18 it evened out to the point where it had minimal impact on my everyday life. I’m 24 now, and around May/June my skin got so bad - moderate to severe acne - on areas of my face I’d never got spots before - with big painful cysts. I went to my doctor and was prescribed Epiduo which I eagerly used too much off and ended up with a chemical burn on my face. (I think almost anyone who has used this has done the same) It was so painful I couldn’t even wash my face. I slowly figured out how to use Epiduo best - every other night to get used to it - only a tiny amount - and eliminating all other harsh products from my regime. I’m now using it every night and using Avene cicalfate cream on areas that get dry or irritated. I’ve now been using Epiduo for two months and two weeks ago I was also prescribed an oral antibiotic to take alongside it. Currently my skin is terrible. I have been getting more breakouts instead of less, some areas of my face are extremely dry and painful whilst my t-zone is suddenly really greasy and oily which I’ve never had before. Also my scars and hyperpigmintation are dark and obvious regardless of any make up I put on to cover it. I started a new job two weeks ago too, Thinking if I was occupied and busy I would not have as much time to obsess over my skin and get depressed. But it has done the opposite I now feel anxious and panicky - have no idea how to get out of the job as I doubt anyone would understand the extreme impact my skin is having on me. It’s a really high pressure job in a law firm - and I’m guessing the stress may also be adding to my skin. And then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and feel sick. I then feel so angry and frustrated and hate myself. And he spots hurt so even if I avoid all reflections I can feel them all day - with some of them giving me headaches. I have a blood test tomorrow to test for PCOS and my doctor said if I have it there will be more treatment options and it may explain my mental health difficulties. My worry is the test will be negative and I’m stuck with what I’ve got. If nothing works soon I don’t know what I’m going to do. I keep thinking about hurting myself and suicide (several times everyday) perhaps as the only way to escape. If I leave my job I’ll feel like a failure and probably get quite depressed but if I stay im going to continue getting so anxious and stressed (over job and skin) that something bad is gonna happen to me. Please, I just need someone to help me or I don’t know if I can cope.
  2. Hi there. I went from 28 w/ years of nasty hormonal acne to 32 with none-to-socially acceptable acne. Here’s what I learned that works for me: Got off all forms of hormonal birth control at 22 and switched to Paraguard IUD. All hell broke loose. Yes, spironolactone works. Like, amazing glowing beautiful skin, reduced my anxiety, all sorts of things. Then 8 months into it one day my lower body melted into cellulite like I've never seen before (I was around 25 years old) & I stopped taking it. Talked to docs, read online, no one lists this as side effect but how can it not be if it's blocking testosterone? Body eventually went back to normal. When I was 28 I went to a holistic doctor who specialized in fertility/pre-menopausal women's health. She ordered me to get my gyno to do a full blood panel - and voila, I was PCOS. Said almost all of her PCOS girls have MTHFR gene mutation -- did gene test and voila, I have one copy of C. Resource: Main supplement regimen - Methylfolate, glutathione, multivitamin, Omega, (Thorne brand, quality supplements), probiotic (specifically: Integrative Pro Flora Women's Probiotic -- this one worked better than others. Stopped having trouble with yeast infections, too) Diet - PCOS (Resource: [The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility – 2005] ), and more importantly for me, FODMAP (Resource: No dairy, no coffee (if I must, no more than 1/2 cup or 1 espresso shot coffee a day, it is an endocrine disruptor). Switched to unlimited white tea, green also ok. Exercise - strength training 2x/week. I tend to be fatty, and I've noticed if I keep my weight at or under a certain limit, and probably more importantly under a certain body fat %, I have less hormonal and acne issues. For me at ~5'4 3/4" and working out light to modestly, that limit is 135lbs. Takes a lot of work for me to stay away from 30% body fat. Wash makeup brushes with antibacterial soap, I *wish* weekly (I use Sephora brand) Routine Wash face and moisturize every morning and night. If I really need something easy at night I like this brand of wipes: [red flower italian blood orange refreshing hand and face towelettes] I wash with CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser and that's it. Wash with this soap to keep bacne at bay: [Natural Girls Rock OIL/ACNE BAR – THE TRUTH] Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris on a cotton ball where I'm oily - on cheekbones/sides of face, nose and chin (not on my dry forehead). This made a HUGE improvement and I believe a critical step. I use before moisturizer. Moisturize with CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM. I believe chemical (and most) sunscreens are contributing to the problem, so I don't use AM. If I don't want UV damage, I cover my skin or limit exposure to <= 20min. I also do not use sunscreen on body -- it makes my back breakout. When I absolutely must use SPF on face, I only like titanium dioxide. In morning, ~5 minutes after moisturizer, I use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream instead of makeup. I absolutely cannot wear makeup everyday - doesn't matter brand, type, noncomedogenic - I only do makeup for important meetings or evenings (dates, parties, formal events). Absolutely must wash face before going to bed, or there will be a breakout 1-3 days later. Daily makeup routine: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage + MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural if I must cover up blemishes (skip if I can), then a little Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour Occasional makeup: Christian Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, pretty much anything In the beginning, I mixed 3 parts castor oil (I like this one: [Natural Girls Rock PREMIUM CASTOR OIL (100% PURE)]) with 7 parts sunflower oil (I use this one: [Flora Sunflower Oil] ) to make an oil wash. Google "Oil Washing." I massaged into cheekbone, cheek, and nose areas only. Massaged, massaged, massaged in hot shower, cleaned off with help of a steamy washcloth. The idea is oil dissolves oil. This really did get my cheeks on track -- could not use on jawline or under chin though, caused breakouts. I did this frequently, every 1-7 days, in the beginning. Now I only do occasionally, when I feel oily, wore makeup, etc (not more than 1x/month). I really have to keep up with these things to maintain my skin. If I slip for a week (for instance, I've been drinking red bull everyday for 2 weeks), I'll get a jawline/chin breakout. Hope this helps!
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    As you can see I have moderate acne, I will get maybe 5 cysts a year. I usually wake up to 2 new pimples every week which leave very bad hyper pigmentation that will last for more then 6 months. I am lucky in that I do not get bad acne on my forehead, back, and chest. I get all of my acne on my cheeks and recently it has been leaving ice pick scars, that is when I got serious about tackling my acne. Today is my first day taking 40mg, and the one thing I am nervous about is dry lips and eyes because I already have dry lips and eyelids to begin with. I'll be updating this once a week to let you know how each week has been and I will be uploading pictures of my journey once a month.
  4. So a year ago I started taking Spironolactone 100mg and Birth control. I had really oily skin, VERY oily, and my acne was hormonal, around the jaw, cheeks and my chin. It took about four months for me to see results. I have had nice clear skin for about 6 months and the oil isn't there anymore and I don't even have to was my hair all the time because i have a less oily scalp. Well all of a sudden this week my hair and face got super oily again and i got one cystic pimple on my chin. I was so happy before, because i had nice skin and literally all of sudden this happened. So I don't know if i need a stronger dose of spironolactone or what, but It just really upset me this week. Any help would be appreciated
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  9. So I've been off Accutane for 2 months now and it's been interesting to see how some things have changed. The first thing I noticed was about 3 weeks after stopping Accutane my hair started getting oiler and oiler. I now can barely go without washing it every other day whereas on Accutane it was over 3 days. I was hoping it wouldn't go back to this but at least it's not as bad as before Accutane....yet. About a month after stopping Accutane, my face got oiler (though that could have been the extreme summer heat also). Now there are days where i don't even moisturize and I've had to change my products again. I have also gotten a couple small pimples since stopping but nothing to really worry about at all. The best part is that I still have not gotten any cysts and that is really all that matters to me. I know it's still early but i'm hopeful that 6 month or a year from now I will still be cyst free. When I went off of Sipro, I began getting cysts worse than ever about 4 or 5 months after stopping so we shall see.
  10. I was wondering if any of you have had experience with your acne getting severely worse after being put on spironolactone. I’ve been on it for the second time now (the first time worked beautifully) for 4 months (2 at 100mg, 2 at 150mg). My skin originally just had some Whitehead’s and two or three cysts on my chin. Now I have a bunch of under the skin cysts on my chin and all over my cheeks. im worried that it won’t get better, but I’m also afraid to wean off of it in fear of it getting even worse.
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    Alright so I literally never post on anything like this and this is my first time. I am 24 years old and I have struggled with acne since I was about 14. (10 years of this shit). My acne has never been insanely terrible in the sense of it’s covered my face from forehead to chin but it’s also not a “spot here and there” type deal. ITs pretty consistant. My face almost never 100 percent clear which sucks. I get pretty severe acne too. Cysts (I think) and all that. I’ve always got after marks/scars to deal with. I’ve tried a ton of different stuff to help. Over the counter stuff a bunch of home remedies like salt water, honey and cinnamon, tea tre oil etc. out of all the stuff i have tried the best was neturagema stubborn acne cleanser and that worked pretty well for about a year but now it doesn’t any anymore. I have suffered from severe depression and have bascially zero self confidence because of acne. I can barely look my wife in the face without feeling insecure, we cant even have dinner at the table without me having an anxiety attack over it. I don’t talk to anyone else about my battle with this. Antways, I’m at a bit of a crossroads over the last month my face is worse it’s ever been and I’m lost. I started the caveman with water routine to just stop using everything. I’m about a week into it hoping that it will “reset my skin” or something. I can’t add afford to go to a derm. I’m kinda thinking about trying the regimine on here or trying to get accutane but honestly I’m defeated. I’m tiredness of trying to fight this I feel like I could be a different person if i didn’t have acne. I’m afraid of becoming “dependant” a product, I just want normal skin, but honestly I’m to the point where I don’t care how I get it even if stuck on a treatment for the rest of my life. So any advice?
  12. Hey all, Been an acne sufferer for over 15 years (about to turn 30). Been on every perscription, accutane 3 times, and have been taking .05% retina nightly for the past several years with the bp every morning. Recently been getting more nodular acne and the current probiotic I took for 1.5 months wasnt doing anything (it was 10 bil units, 2 strands, and i overlooked the refridge statement so they could have been dead for all I knew). Decided to give Doxycyclin another try. 2 weeks into it my horribly large cyst and acne seemed to be kept at bay. I decided to switch probiotic brands to one my aunt swears by. She said the 15 bil Renew Life Ultimate Flora was the only thing that finally cured her severe acne in her late 20's. Since I was on an antibiotic, I decided to go for the 30 bil. 1.5 weeks into the probiotic and I am feeling a lot better in the gut and stomache, but over the course of 2 days I have another large cyst on my forehead, the one i went on Doxycycline for is starting to surface, and I have 5 new large inflammed pimples that are quickly developing heads. This all literally happened over night which never usually happens. Interesting enough, they were all in areas where i had redder spots with no bump, or where I had cysts before. I stopped the probiotic today. I think at the very least I shouldnt have gone up to 30 bil. I ordered the 15 bil to see how that goes once my face calms down. Reading more and more I do think there is a connection between the health of the gut and acne. Could this initial break out be a sort of purge? I really want to keep taking a probiotic, but not if it will result in permanent severe acne. I was wondering if any of you had a similar experience and what you ended up doing? Got a derm apt next week because im officially drained with stressing over my skin. While I dont want to, I am even entertaining the idea of accutane a 4th time or trying 16,000 to 24,000 iu a day of vitamin A with supervision and approval from my derm.
  13. Hi there, my name's Jane and I'm a 24 year old female. I have been battling acne since I was a teenager. It started out with some red spots and over time, it has slowly gotten worse to the point where not only is my face always inflammed, but the texture is bumpy and uneven. I have a feeling my skin is as bad as it is now because of a combination of things: hormones, from picking at my skin, overuse of products, usage of well water as I live in a rural area, and perhaps some sort of fungal thing. I have similar looking breakouts on my shoulders and some down the rest of my back as well which leads me to believe that it isnt just what I've applied to my facial skin, as I haven't used any products on my shoulders/back except for a few. I've tried all kinds of products and nothing seems to show any improvement except for 2 (but only minimal improvement): Nizoral (with 1% ketoconazole) and tea tree oil. The tea tree oil keeps pustules/cysts from getting more angry and keeps more from popping up overnight, but it can only do so much. My spots are constantly there. The Nizoral is helping with my tiny bumps, but not with the other types of pimples I have. (I'm thinking these tiny bumps could either be closed comedones or pityrosporum folliculitis?) I'm going to be starting birth control for the first time within the next few weeks (contains estrogen and progestin) so I'm interested to see if that helps. I'm going to see a dermatologist soon, but my insurance is not the best so I'm afraid they won't really try to understand, they'll just try to prescribe me something based off of past cases. From what I've seen and read online, acne is better dealt with internally when nothing seems to work. My blemishes have always bothered me, but as I grow older I find myself becoming more emotionally and psychologically damaged from it. I feel ugly and dirty, invalid, unhealthy, and unworthy of attention. I'm extremely fearful of exposing my skin. I just started a new relationship with a guy that I really like (we've been together almost 3 months) and I'm afraid that he will leave one day because of it. I don't want to go to work sometimes and I don't have a lot of friends because I don't want anyone to see my skin (which keeps me from being too social). I have half a closet of clothes I've never worn because of the spots on my shoulders/back. It's been years since I've gone swimming or slept over someone's house. I try to always wear makeup unless I'm at home with my parents. I mean, you can still see the uneven texture of my skin through the makeup, but it's better than having my face look as red as it is. It's at the point now where I just want to stay home until my skin clears up, but obviously that's impossible. I'm just here to ask if anyone has any insight on to what type of acne I really do have and if there's anything they suggest to help me clear my skin? Thank you in advance.
  14. I am 24 years old (female) and have been dealing with adult hormonal acne on my chin/jawline on and off since I was 19. I want to share my story and everything I tried so that I may help someone else who has the same type of acne as me. Reading forums on other people’s acne experience was a huge help for my mental health, it was comforting to know I wasn’t alone (not that I would wish this upon anyone) and it was helpful to learn about the failures and success stories of different acne treatments which helped me make important decisions. When my acne came back this time, I was almost 24, I had just started a new relationship and a new job, and my acne was seriously affecting my self confidence. My acne was only mild-moderate (picture attached) but extremely persistent (always had multiple breakouts at any one time). Below is a summary of everything I tried and how it affected me. 1️⃣ Topical treatments: Benzyl peroxide: not a cure for hormonal acne, didn’t help at all, seriously irritating to my skin, would not recommend. Topical antibiotic: not a cure for hormonal acne, didn’t help at all,also irritating for my skin, would not recommend. Topical vitamin A: I saw no change in my acne, and it dried out my skin. This didn’t work for me, but I have heard many good things about vitamin A for skin in general , it just wasn’t a solution for my persistent hormonal acne. 2️⃣ Contraceptive pill (Yaz) I was really hoping this would work, and I think I think does for a good percentage of girls with hormonal jawline/chin acne, but after waiting 7 months with no change, I gave up on this as a solution. I also experience mood swings on this pill ( well, one mood, a crying emotional mess). 3️⃣ SGA I went to clear skin clinics for SGA treatment (sebatious gland ablation) I spent around $1000 on 12 SGA treatments, and saw no improvement ( according to clear skin clincs most people only need 6-10). The staff were lovely and I have heard that it has a decent success rate, but it didn’t work for me. Note: I also tried all the clear skin clinics products for around 6 months ( cleanser, serums, moisturiser etc). Personally, I find that a gentle face wash like cetaphil is better for me, and the products didn’t help my acne, but I do love their moisturiser and will continue to buy it. It’s the first moisturiser I feel comfortable putting on my acne because it’s lightweight and doesn’t seem to make my acne worse. 4️⃣ Roaccutane After 9-10 months of mild-moderate persistent acne and feeling completely hopeless, I did what I should have have done months earlier and went to a professional dermatologist. I highly advise going to a dermatologist! I was prescribed roaccutane 10mg/day (with potential for 20mg/day after the first month). I am currently 20 days into treatment and will post a roaccutane journal once I am further into treatment . ❗️Update: I am now on week 18 of treatment. My roaccutane journal now posted and results so far are very positive! Also I remained on 10mg/day to prevent increased side effects ( my skin and mainly my lips were getting dry) Note: I was scared to try roaccutane after what I read on forums, but after talking to my dermatologist she answered all my questions in detail and replaced my nerves with excitement. It is worth at least seeing a dermatologist and getting their medical opinion if you suffering from any type of acne. 5️⃣ Diet For me, diet can have a big impact on skin, but did not stop/cure my hormonal acne. By drinking lots of water, cutting out sugar and alcohol, increasing exercise and eating skin friendly foods (below) I could improve skin appearance and reduce but not eliminate my acne. It’s not easy and I do still have my bad food moments, but it is worth trying to maintain a good diet in conjunction with other treatments. almonds sweet potato carrots avocado broccoli green tea salmon blueberries spinach pumpkin seeds eggs ginger People who have never experienced acne will probably never understand the crippling effect it can have on self esteem and overall mental health. Persistent acne (even mild/moderate) over a long period of time can be distressing. I am hoping that there is a solution that works for every person who is affected by acne. I’m hopeful that after many failed attempts, roaccutane will be that solution for me. ❗️Update : I am now on week 18 of roaccutane 10mg/day and my skin is clear! I only started seeing improvement around week 10, and had my first week without a pimple by week 13. I do still have a small amount of congestion but haven’t had a breakout since week 13! I have also posted a detailed roaccutane diary for anyone who is interested.
  15. Hey everyone. I'm writing this as a summary of my Accutane experience. I'm a 34 yo Male who's suffered from moderate to severe acne since my mid-teens. I know it's cliche, but I've done everything under the sun (basically all products) and very expensive food sensitivity tests and monthly esthetician visits. My acne would go through brief periods of clarity (although there was always a little acne) and then breakout quite regularly. About once a year i would have a MAJOR breakout where white heads would pile up on top of each other. It would last about a few weeks and then go back to my regular (but steady) breakouts. Early this year I decided I wanted to FINALLY do Accutane. I had previously abstained from doing it mainly because of the initial breakout (i had heard horror stories) and some of the side effects. I ultimately decided to bite the bullet, as the breakouts were causing me to be antisocial and really affecting my quality of life. In short (and so far), it's been the best decision I've ever made. The initial breakout was minimal- no more than a normal breakout- and lasted only a week or so. I had all of the usual side effects: rushed face, dry skin, bloody nose in the morning, very dry lips, a few sporadic rashes on my hands and arms... nothing crazy. I will say a rather odd side effect i got was sweating in places I wouldn't normally sweat: my eyebrows and the tip of my nose. I never had any major side effects or experienced any change in mood. In terms of the acne and breakouts, I started seeing results almost immediately. I'm now on my sixth month and haven't had a single pimple in over 2 months. My doctor put me on Absorica, which is better absorbed into your system and doesn't require you to take the pill with a meal (although i always tried to take it with a meal or snack for better absorption)...My doses were: Month 1: 40mg/day Month 2: 60mg/day Month 3-5: 70mg/day Month 6: 40mg/day I'm really excited (and anxious) to see what happens after I stop taking the medication. I can say (even with the annoying side effects) that my quality of life have greatly improved- I don't have to worry about waking up to a new breakout or constantly checking for new zits or dreading pictures or mirrors. I remember reading these forums all throughout my early adulthood and finding comfort and support in people's stories. I hope this might encourage someone who's on the fence to make a decision or at least consult a doctor about taking Accutane. I will post a few months after i complete my treatment and let you guys know how I'm doing. Best, D
  16. DAY 16 update. So the combination of YAZ and Spironolactone has resulted in my period being extended to the current 15th day. My menstrual cycle is usually painful, heavy, and lasts around 5 days. (So heavy that I have to go for iron infusions at the hospital.) Presently, my bleeding has ranged between light/medium. The combination of starting the birth control pill again (after a long while) along with spironolactone has resulted in my hormones going slightly unhinged. While my hormones are still adjusting, I've been developing cystic acne in random places I never had to worry about. Hopefully this phase will soon pass!
  17. Thought I'd update again as it's been awhile. It's been 15 months (next week) since I finished my last course of lymecycline. I have been keeping my skin clear with nightly use of benzoyl peroxide (Benzac AC 2.5% which I have to buy from either eBay or Amazon since it's not available in UK shops for some reason). I still don't eat much dairy, I use almond milk on my cereal instead (but I still eat some dairy, I love cheese too much to never eat it!) but no longer take any supplements or ACV. Whether my skin has remained clear due to the BP, or maybe the fact that I will be 50 next year and it's bloody well time my skin started behaving itself, who knows? But I don't plan to stop using the BP anytime soon as it really seems to have been the one thing that has kept my skin clear. I actually came back here to read through my past posts to find out how long it took to get clear the very first time (5 weeks) because I gave a friend a small tube of BP to try as she's started to have the same problem (she just turned 36) - cystic acne is definitely not just a young person's problem!
  18. So far, DAY 13 hasn't been great. I'm getting cystic acne in places I usually never have to worry about. For the past 2-3 days I've had a small/medium cysts growing on my forehead, hairline area and on my nose(!!it's big and red!!). Places I rarely have acne ffs! I think my hormones are trying to find middle ground (at least I hope) because YAZ has extended my period to 12 days. I will wait for my hormones to return from war. I've also started doing LED blue/red light therapy twice a week at a skincare clinic. Will go to my fourth session tomorrow. I think it helps? I've been using my Foreo ESPADA portable LED light daily as well for consistency in LED treatment. I have noticed that consistent use (and maybe including clinical sessions) has shown some improvements to the 1-2 cystic pimples I've had (near my hairline and on my chin). The one near my hairline disappeared and the one on my chin has almost been defeated! As for the aforementioned cysts on my forehead and nose, no luck :' ( My self confidence has been pretty low. I rarely leave the house unless I have to work or attend an appointment. Like most people suffering adult acne, it's been difficult and taxing on my mental health and social life. I loathe attending social events because I know I won't leave the house without makeup. The whole process of applying colour correctors, foundation and concealer drives me mental!! Don't get me wrong, I love make up...but not for reasons of wanting to conceal my imperfections.
  19. So I have officially been on Accutane for 8 months now. Cyst free for over 5 months! A couple weeks ago I decided to go down to 20mg (10mg in morning and 10 at night) as the sides of my mouth were so raw and peeling the size of a penny. I looked like the joker, haha, but really it wasn't funny. As soon as I decreased the dose, it healed up and so it will just take me a week or so longer to finish up my course. While my lips are super dry, the rest of my skin isn't and I just need my regular lotion once a day. Hair has been status quo and besides one tiny whitehead a week ago, skin has been great. I'm excited to get off of Accutane but also quite nervous. I'm trying to be hopeful. Though the knowing that I could go back on if needed is a helpful safety net (even if it's not a guarantee it will work a second time).
  20. Hey. I was recently diagnosed with acne conglobata, which I'm told is a severely inflammatory type of cystic acne. couldn't find much personal logs of this hellish thing and navigating healthcare has been challenging to say the least so I decided to talk about it online in the hope of connecting with people also familiar with it, (which is equally terrifying as it is liberating.) currently waiting to start roaccutane treatment -and learning how to access dermatology healthcare in the UK. Having a miserable time emotionally and physically, trying to stay hopeful, and aiming to document the process. Here is some acne chat for anyone who may find it useful
  21. Hey everyone I'm looking for some advice. I'm at the end of my ropes. I'm a 22 year old female who has struggled with acne since I was ten. I get a little bit of everything which is why I think it's been so hard to tackle. I've been to several different derms and tried a million different things excluding accutane. Up to date I've tried several different kinds of birth control (currently on orthotricyclen), antibiotics, creams, gels, washes, diets, natural remedies, chemical peels, extractions, you name it. I have strange skin, in my opinion, which produces a lot of oil but can still look dry and dehydrated. Every day, I drink only water (no caffeine or alcohol) and sports drinks after I exercise. My current treatment is oral birth control, spironolactone, retin-a gel, benzoyl peroxide cream, and oil free moisturizer. I cleanse with cerave(used to use cetaphil). I thought testosterone may be an issue so my dr. Prescribed spiro to see (no dramatic results yet but oil production has decreased). I do get red hormonal pimples around my period but the closed comdones and black heads have been a constant since I was 10 and are especially noticeable when I smile. I have no family history of acne or any skin issue really. I eat the healthiest, drink the most water, and sleep well most of the time so it seems unfair really when my brother can drink alcohol and mountain dew, eat cheetos and fried foods, sleeps about 5 hours every night and sits in front of computers all day has perfectly smooth skin!! I attached some pictures and I'm praying SOMEONE out there has experience and solved acne like mine! I want to see what everyone else has done that may help me since I've exhausted all my options. I'm desperate! (also my skin generally isn't so red as the pictures are making them see, i think it's just the camera, sorry!!) -sandypaws
  22. Ok so idk if anyone will care to read this but Hii! if you’re on here I’m assuming you’re going through a similarly hard time and I wish you the best and hope you find what works for you soon! ok backstory I have had acne since I was 13, I have it on my face (rarely on my cheeks though), and on my back and chest (though I am better at dealing with that for some reason) after years I came to the realization my acne was hormonal. I get painful “blind pimples” and whit heads, the worst of it is around my chin/jaw. I did everything suggested, including ridiculous things like oatmeal to the face only one thing worked, doxycycline, and for a year I was clear and it was as wonderful as I thought it would be...i think that is why it was so hard when it came back. I tried everything I could for the 10 months following it’s awful return. Unfortunately, spironolactone was last and did not work. So, well, here we are, the end of the road. I never wanted to go on accutane, but I’m 21 now, nothing else worked, and my level of self confidence is lower than the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. So, i give in and i hope it will take the one course and never come back so i can finally move on with my damn life! Month 1 day 7 So not much has happened...I think my face is starting to feel a little drier. I’m still dealing with a really bad hormonal breakout. I knew it was coming but it sucks that it corresponds with the first week of this medication. *little rant ~ My worst nightmare happened yesterday! Since my acne is around my chin, i have trouble eating. Sometimes the painful under pressure spots will pop due to the chewing (ugh horrible I know) it had never happened in public but I was always terrified that it would. Well...Yesterday. Was. That. Day. We went to the beach and at least it was the end of the day when we got food. When I got into the back of the car I saw it. In the mirror. The horror. It was really sunny so I saw the light reflect off the bead of blood and nasty that had popped on side of my chin. I spent the hour long journey home covering my face with the sleeve of my sweatshirt, then holding my bag in front of my face so my friends wouldnt notice. (Im realizing now how dumb I must’ve looked like picture it...gets out car *voice muffled by large bag covering face* “great day guys! Really fun... What? Why do I have a bag covering my face? Uh well...Why don’t you have a bag in front of your face? huh?! I gotta go!”) man it was the fucking worst, I hit a new low I’m desperate for this to end it ruined my otherwise nice day Respectfully, Bag-Face Lady. (That is my new name)
  23. Hi guys . I need your help in my condition . I uploaded photos for more clear vision . I have this condition since my late childhood . Maybe 12 years old untel now . 30 . I can not shave the beard because it will irritate my face and all comes nasty . So i keep it on . But still pimples all over my face . Oily skin all day . I wash it 2 to 3 times a day with a cleanser . I tried tea tree oil but nothing . Tried other pharmaceutical tubes and nothing . Maybe the only thing it changed it a bit is accutane . But i used only one packet and stopped . Too much side effects and poeple talking dangerous things about it . So what you think i should do ??
  24. just thought i would share a recent treatment which is working well on my adult skin problem (redness,small spots and cysty lumps), which is pure tea tree oil applied topically. since using tea tree oil ive stopped getting acne lumps and my redness has subsided. i had used tea tree oil in the past but it must of had other chemicals added as it made skin extremely red (pure tea tree oil = no redness for me) tea tree oil kills demodox mites and is antiseptic.
  25. Hello. Curious to see what others were prescribed/advised these two and how you apply them. My doc said differin during the morning every 3 days and benzaclin each night. I had irritation from benzaclin on night 3 but figured that I might've used too much too fast. Because of this I did not start differin yet. I ceased use immediately. I have been using Neutrogena's BP clear pore wash for 10+ years and never had a problem, so I'm assuming that the concentration was too high for something I wasn't used to (the 5% BP and the clin.). I stopped all BP for a few days and used a gentle precleanse to help soothe my face but now my face is clogged up because I'm Dumb and knew better, not irritated though. Usually I get a few pimples in a concentrated area and it goes away, but now I'm having small white heads on my cheeks and nose. I was thinking of using benzaclin tonight but heard that it's better to wash it off after 30 mins or so to ease into it. But I use a nightly toner to help ease my redness, so washing it off would just wash off my other skin products. Either that or use it every other day once a day. How'd you guys ease into it? As for the differin… do y'all think I should wait a week or two to see how my skin reacts to benzaclin? Haven't had acne problems in years but my stress has been kicking my ass. Any problems with using benzaclin in the day? I work in an office so I barely see the sun but the UV rays from the lights still pose a problem. To combat the dryness I started using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion but realized it was for the body. So hoping the face one isn't too thick and I can still be hydrated without the whole clogged pore thing. I used to use Aczone during the day but RIP to this product because of my insurance.