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  1. Roaccutane journal 10mg /day I am 24, female, and have been struggling with chin/jawline acne. This is a week by week journal of my skin while on 10mg/day roaccutane. I am currently 3 months in and will update as I progress. Week 1 (ending 9/6/18): Slight lip dryness (dry from winter anyway-not sure if this is a side effect) No new breakouts Still lots of existing congestion under skin around chin area (large cystic as well as little bumps) Week 2: (ending 16/6/18): Around 4-5 new whiteheads on chin Lips getting a little drier than they usually do in winter Skin a little drier than usual One new cystic pimple on chin Existing congestion still there Week 3: (ending 23/6/18) Whole chin/jawline breaking out. Looks awful, sore to touch Lips a little dry Week 4: ( ending 30/6/18) 3 new pimples Still lots of existing congestion and redness Lips a little dry Week 5: (ending 7/7/18) Exactly the same as week 4 Week 6: (ending 14/7/18) 2 new pimples on chin Skin a little dry A few nose bleeds Lips quite dry Still lots of congestion under skin Week 7: (ending 21/7/18) Congestion under skin Lips dry 2 new pimples Week 8: (ending 28/7/18) Dermatologist appointment, staying on 10mg/day I told derm I hadn’t noticed any improvement yet she said it’s still too early and to be patient 2 pimples from last week still here 3 new pimples Congestion Dry lips Week 9: (ending 4/8/18) 6 pimples Some congestion still Lips cracked and bled on their own for the first time Skin dry but manageable with constant moisturising Week 10:(ending 11/8/18) 5 new pimples Lips very dry white and flaky Pimples went down by Thursday Noticeably less congestion this week (from what I can feel when washing my face) Still have redness on chin area Week 11: (ending 18/8/18) One pimple on forehead Almost no congestion under skin 2 tiny whiteheads on chin that I popped Week 12: (ending 25/8/18) Almost no congestion under skin No active pimples so far
  2. no idea acne or rosacea or cause of guess is unclean polluted water or harsh product usage..acne only occurs below eyes and chin...every single mf pimple leaves a mark/spot somewhat permenant.. what do i do? want clear skin back again so bad..lost all my self esteem and confidence. any help or idea? plz most acne is pus filled..& inflammed. going on accutane good idea? i fear it will come back due to water usage again(tap water) not really sure if water is like that or its just my excuse thanks ❤
  3. Persistent Hormonal Acne Help!

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    Hey guys! I am in need of some help with my hormonal acne. For the past year or so I have had consistent hormonal acne on my chin, specifically on the left side. I have comedones, blackheads, white heads, dry skin, and redness in that area specifically, with some small instances on the middle of my chin and left side. Occasionally also on my forehead and nose. While I’ve always had acne, I’ve never really struggled until I got the Kyleena progesterone IUD. Since then it’s been non stop mini breakouts, including my first ever cyst (which is still going strong) and my first ever acne scars. Hasn’t been a nice experience, and it’s really messing with my confidence honestly. I really need help with what to do to help it out. What to eat or not eat, vitamins to use, and product ideas. I currently do consume a lot of coffee/caffeine and also a lot of dairy. Should I cut those out, and if I do how long should I wait to see if that’s my problem. My skin routine is thus: Morning - wash face with spin for perfect spin brush (regular head) and green beaver green tea citrus wash. Then apply skin cuticles blemish and age defense to breakouts as a spot treatment. Then apply the ordinary’s niacinimide treatment to whole face. Let dry and apply dr. Haushkas quince day cream. Do not apply a sunscreen, because I am afraid it will mess with my sensitive skin. Nighttime - wash face with spin for perfect skin brush and green beaver green tea citrus wash with spin for perfect skin (regular head), apply the ordinary’s niacinimide serum, then apply benzagel 5 on breakouts (on 2 nights one night don’t apply) and then dr. Haushckas quince day cream again. I also sometimes use corsx acne master patches over night on breakouts. While these have been working, I still need that something to get rid of this stubborn acne on my chin. Looking for product recommendations, things to try or take out of my routine. Or is my routine fine and I just need to change my eating habits??? Any and all advice is welcome! TLDR; looking for routine/life advice on stubborn hormonal chin acne, for fixed and prevention. Side note, please rate my acne!!
  4. Hi, I have recently been prescribed isotretinoin which has really started to dry my skin out. My current moisturizer is not helping at all and I am really fussy about which moisturisers I use as most seem to break me out in spots. Are there any that you could recommend for me? Thanks.
  5. Is this rosacea?

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    Hello everyone! I’m new to this site and recently been having some bumpy skin. It doesn’t seem like regular acne to me, but more a rough/bumpy skin texture that is concentrated on my forehead, and large pores. I’ve been scouring the Internet, and I’m wondering if it’s fungal acne or possibly rosacea. I don’t know if this looks familiar to anyone, but I’d appreciate some advice. I’ve been to a dermatologist (about 3 months ago) and she gave me clindamycin antibiotic gel which definitely has helped with the regular acne breakouts. (My skin is also very sensitive to salicylic cod and benzoyl peroxide. It tends to do well with sulfur washes though). Thank you!
  6. Hi I was put on Ocella (the generic form of Yasmine) around 6 weeks ago. A little background on my skin - I have suffered acne for around 5 years, with extreme progress on retinoids. I do however notice that I am extremely oily and have pretty bad breakouts around my period. As a result, I am taking Yasmin. This past month and a half has not been good. First month was okay, but I had horrid breakout right before my period. The second month, my skin has been getting more oily and I have been breaking out in more whiteheads and cysts (especially in areas that I normally breakout before my period). I just want to know if this is consistent with anyone else's story? Will it work for me? I leave for college in 6 weeks, and I am terrified. Thank you!
  7. I have these small flesh coloured bumps all over my face. No matter how much I take care of my skin and am consistent with a routine nothing seems to be working! I’m not sure whether it even is acne, it seems more rash like so perhaps folliculitis, but I’ve been suffering with it for a while now and just really want to find out what it is/a solution.. I will be seeing a dermatologist soon. Thank you!!
  8. So I think my weeks may be one off on these posts, but when I go back and look, I can’t see where the mistake is… idk. Ever since my dosage was upped, I’ve been getting a long and irritating breakout. I know it’s probably my body expelling the deep acne in my skin, but it HURTS and my skin picking has become a lot more challenging as a result. My closed comedones have become more numerous and obvious, yet all of my mirrors in my room are covered to dissuade my picking sessions so I’m not exactly sure if my comedones are the exact spots painfully coming to a head or not but the breakouts seem to be in the areas where those are the worst. I thought it was PMS but now I really think it’s just the Accutane. Products used: -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good. -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed -Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY) -Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: DISTILL THIS bc its super concentrated. I did 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. I started using soap on my face again, but only in the evenings when I take a shower because I’m starting to need to wear more makeup to cover up spots and water alone won’t take off my concealer. -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!) -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression -Multivitamin: Recently purchased Kirkman’s multivitamin without vitamin A or D bc it’s important to get your vitamins especially when on NAC, but DON’T take any more vitamin A while on accutane, since the medicine is derived from A. Symptoms: -Dry face: Not considerably; worse in breakout areas and chin -Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than past weeks but not tragic -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. -Depression: Decreased actually, potentially from NAC -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into -Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows. Less in the past two or so weeks.
  9. My skin was very clear when I was young (like 11-12years old ) but soon later I started getting these little bumps on my nose that weren’t normal whiteheads or blackheads I overlooked it because it wasn’t that big of a problem. Soon later it started spreading to my cheeks and the overlaps of my nose at a alarming rate . I started using facial products such as simple to wash my face but it still wasn’t stopping. I get separate spots for my period and when I know I’ve eaten a lot of bad food but it has been 3 YEARS and it has only gotten worse. Now it’s spread out to you upper lip, the whole of my cheeks, my whole nose , the bit between my eyebrows, my chin . I exfoliate twice a week I use clearsil on my skin perfecting face wash on my face and I drink a lot for water but nothing has helped M.D. is it’s starting to spread aim help me please x Sorry the pictures are not that clear p.s bumps are small in a certain area imagine 100small bumps on your cheek area
  10. As a male I wouldn’t normally wear a facial mask but after hearing about matcha powder and it’s inherent positive affects I tried it. Not that it matters but if you’re wondering I bought it from <removed external link> Matcha green tea detoxes the body so I bought some of that too and started using it religiously. It has really helped my skin and it could help yours too.
  11. Hey everyone, I have moderate acne and about 80% of the breaks that I get fall under the cystic pimple category. I started the Clear + Brilliant treatment so that I can get rid of the scarring and at the same time I’ve been taking spironolactone 50 mg for about a month now. I’m still getting pimples under the skin. Im 27 years old and I don’t want to fight acne anymore. I’m so frustrated. As far as my daily routine, I use Cosmedix Gentle Cleanser and moisturizer. I can not use certain facial products or antibiotics while getting the Clear + Brilliant treatments. Which leads to my question, for those of you that have went through the Clear + Brilliant process.m, what acne products did you use? Please help, thank you.
  12. Washing with only water

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    So I want to start what would be considered the caveman regimen. The only thing is I live in south Florida and I wear sunscreen every single day, it’s something I can’t go with out. My face would fry. I want to start only washing with water and using no products on my face and see how it goes. Is water okay to use as the only thing to get the sunscreen off my face at the end of the day? I’ve always been made to believe you need to wash sunscreen off your face. I read online people suggest using an oil cleanser or oil to remove things like makeup. I would assume that would work for sunscreen too. But then isn’t that technically washing your face? I have light to moderate acne, and nothing I have ever used has made it stop completely. I always have at least 1-5 small zits or bumps on my face. I want to try this do nothing routine and stop wasting money and time on products and let my skin heal and do what it’s supposed to do for itself. However I can’t not wear sunscreen. Anyone have any experience or done this themselves?
  13. I’m 19 now and for the past 6 years I have suffered with acne. I have been to the doctor several times and each time they have been no help. The acne first started on my nose and it has never gone. I get the most horrific painful cysts so far under my skin there is no way i could pop them at all. They stick out of my nose and there is no way of hiding them. I currently have 5 on my nose now. Two have been there for 6 years they have scarred and left what I Am guessing is a permanent mound on my face, and about two times week I can put pressure on the area and spot juice comes out. The other three I have on my face are only recent and show no sign of leaving either. They are bright red and sore to the touch. I only drink water and I drink a lot lot of it and i excerise in moderation and don’t drink a lot. WHen I have been to the doctor he wasn’t sure at all what was wrong and thought I had a fungus infection so gave me a prescription for anti biotics which I never took as i got a second opinion was told the care am given should never be put near my face. I am sick of waking up every morning with these awful lumps on my Face feeling like there is nothing I can do. i debated at times buying a super sharp doe and syringe to drain them but I know I would mess face up. any help on an idea how to pop them or any treatment which will help clear them up would so so apprectiated I am loosing confidence constantly from them.
  14. How do I get rid of that on my cheek? Is it a scar? Idk! Help! It used to be a beauty mark but I accidentally picked it and ever since then it’s been messed up. HELP! Any tips pls!!??
  15. I figured I would tell all of my friends on here bye and I wish you the best of luck. I'm committing suicide soon.
  16. Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK). I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I was taken off prescription acne drugs because they said I didn’t need it however I was frustrated because I still didn’t have clear skin. I started proactive and again saw an improvement but still no clear skin as advertised. A year on and I still don’t know what to do, I feel like I’ve tried it all all. I’m 19 and I thought hormones would have settled by now. Also my brother got mild acne, went onto proactive and it cleared within months and he now has perfect skin. Why didn’t this happen to me? Should i go back to my doctor? I’m also looking into cutting out dairy and see if this helps at all. Anyone else seen an improvement without dairy? I would say at the moment I get spots on my T zone regularly but I do get the odd clear week. Spots on my neck/jawline area are constant. I wash my face twice a day with a daily salicylic acid cleanser and then use proactive spot treatments on problem areas.
  17. Hi readers I guess this is my 1 year and 2 months on differin. My situation right now is 70% better. The rest is uncontrol acne that would keep coming. I start to think that this is the most I could get from differin and benzac. I still have pastule, papule and cyst 2 - 3 in each week. Eventhough, I apply benzac all over my face at noght and spot benzac on the cyst itself, it does no effect or little effect to the cyst. My dermatologist recommend me to change to retin-a. Has anyone ever switch from differin to retin-a? Is it better with people who have problem with cyst? I have no idea how my skin got clogged and it forms a cyst every single week. Should I consider using something else to help the cyst? Please share your experince so I can end my cystic ance.
  18. To retinol or not to retinol, that is the question. So, I am thinking about starting a new regimen for some skincare concerns I have (mainly hyperpigmentation and scarring but also anti-aging related issues too) and I want to try using Retinol, but I need some advice. I have ethnic, oily, acne prone, sensitive skin and my current skincare routine consists of a cleanser, a moisturiser and a sunscreen (I use Cetaphil for everything), also I exfoliate gently with a hand towel every now and then. I have been following this routine for a while now and I can honestly say that I hardly ever suffer from breakouts anymore (just a couple of itty bitty whiteheads once in a while). However, this routine has done nothing for my hyperpigmentation and fine lines and that's why I am interested in incorporating other things into my regimen such as retinols or acids. But I am questioning whether it is even worth it for me to try something like Retinol at this stage since my skin is practically clear from all active acne? And if I stick to my current skincare routine, I will continue to control my acne and keep my breakouts at bay but if I use retinol or other products, I know for fact that they will cause my sensitive acne prone skin to purge and breakout which in my mind will be a huge step backwards because as I already said I don't even get breakouts anymore. So I need some advice guys; should I incorporate Retinol into my regimen and trade my hyperpigmentation for new active acne, or should I just stick to my current regimen, keep my acne at bay and not worry about the hyperpigmentation too much? I know experts propose the idea that Retinol and other acne medications cause the skin to purge because it regenerates new skin cells, unclogs pores and causes acne to come to the surface of the skin that would have come out anyways but my skin is practically free from all active acne right now at least on the surface level, so wouldn't using retinol and experiencing new purges just be a big step backwards for me? Call me misinformed but my mind is telling me this; as long as my acne is invisible on the surface level, then why should I bother too much with all the breakouts on the epidermic level? those breakouts will come out to the surface by their own at a more slow and controlled pace and they will heal at their own time. Anyway, my hyperpigmentation isn't going to heal by itself. So, I will appreciate all your advice and opinions. I am open to anything. Thank you.
  19. I'm 19 and I have been battling acne for the past five years or so. Like most my skin dips up and down constantly, some years are worse than others. This past year I had a flare up, and so I went back to Retin-A. While that did help my skin a lot, I was still left with pretty tough and extreme breakouts right before my period. In an effort to combat this, my doctor suggested Birth Control. Took Levlen for a month and that screwed up my stomach so I stopped. Then I started Microgestin Fe 1/20, which at first was a godsend. By month three, I was having an extreme cystic breakout and had to stop. SO naturally I schedule an appointment with both my dermatologist and OB/GYN. OB suggested I switch to Ocella, which is a generic form of Yasmin. My dermatologist enthusiastically agreed with this choice, she also switched me to 0.1% Tazorac and 4% Hydroquinone to combat acne scars. I want to blog my journey - because I want to finally overcome my acne once and for all.
  20. I'm on my sixth week of Ocella and my skin is suffering from weird under the skin bumps and some of the most painful cysts I have ever had. I was originally put on Ocella to help my skin. I typically break out around a week before my period, and then the breakout begins to heal as soon as I start bleeding. My morale is so low. I feel like I am losing hope. I am not sure If I can finish three whole months on this for it to not work. What were your experiences on Ocella, especially during the first few months?
  21. Week 2 on Accutane

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    I finished my second week of accutane a few days ago and my skin is blemish free! It’s been years since I’ve had not one spot on my face! My skin hasn’t broken out in over a week now but I’ve noticed that in certain lights my skin does look more uneven and my pores look larger. I’ve read from other people’s blogs that their pores became less visible after a few months so I’m hoping this happens with me too. My lips and skin aren’t as dry anymore so I haven’t felt the need to use moisturiser this week or apply as much lip balm. I feel like when one symptom goes away another appears, as my eyes are starting to hurt and feel quite dry now. So far I feel quite lucky with my experience, I’m only on a low dose at the moment so I hope things continue to stay this way when my dosage increases.
  22. I began to struggle with acne when I was about 15 years old. During my senior year of high school, I was started on my first dose of Accutane, which was successful in clearing my acne. However, I had to stop taking the medication after 5 months because I was experiencing severe irritability and depression. I experienced terrible panic attacks for the next four years, and my acne returned, full force. During my senior year of college, I reluctantly chose to go on Accutane once again. “It’s a lower dose, so your side effects will be controlled.” These were the words spoken to me by every doctor I encountered. No one warned me that what would result months afterward would be my own personal hell. Once again, I had to stop taking this medication after 5 months, because I began to develop fatigue and migraines that were out of control. I had vision problems, and began seeing stars and spots in my periphery. I began to lose balance and I lost interest in things that I loved. My anxiety began to become off the charts, and depression began to sink in deeper and darker than it had ever been. Perhaps the worst side effect has been numbness and tingling and this prickly, almost cold-like, sensation down the left side of my body. It begins in my head and makes its way all the way to my foot. It has been constant since I stopped taking the medication. My headaches have been out of control, and I have about 3 migraines a week. I used to run half marathons and workout every day, and now I am lucky if I can get up to do yoga or go on a walk. I eat healthy, and I have seen 7 doctors in the past 5 months. Each doctor keeps diagnosing me with “Chronic atypical migraine.” My MRI showed nothing and my blood tests come back completely normal. But I can guarantee that something is not normal. I am fighting every day to find what it means to be “Normal” again. I am tired, I have headaches daily, I am anxious, I experience severe numbness and tingling, and I feel as if I have lost a lot of my zeal for life. I am writing this to see if there are any fellow friends out there who have also suffered from bizarre symptoms with no diagnosis? I do not know if Accutane is linked to these symptoms, but I truly do feel as if it plays a huge role. If you have experienced these things, PLEASE impart your knowledge or advice to me. Anything helps. Cheers and blessings!
  23. Alright, so I wanted to quickly jump on here and discuss my experience with curology - if you don't know what that is - it is a product with prescription type ingredients sent you you buy a dermatologist online. Go visit their website for more info. Anyway - my acne got bad this year and I was sick and tired of trying new things and not seeing any progress. I saw a friend on Insta post about curology and thats how I got sucked in - free sample plus shipping so I thought why not. Long story short - I simplified my routine A LOT - I stopped everything but a very gentle cleanser (Vanicream) and this curology at night. Wow. My skin has changed dramatically - for the better. I was waking up to 1-2 new pimples a day and now I get a new pimple once a week or every other week - a huge change from before. I want to help people in similar situations and even if you don't care to try the products I mentioned - I urge you to at least simplify your routine. xo C
  24. I am 23 years old with a history of bad acne yet not severe on my face and back. Took a first treatment of accutane by taking 30mg daily for a year. That did clear up my acne for the time I was on it but once I got off acne reappeared - obviously it was way better but still very visible. Two years after that I got back on accutane starting of at 30mg for 5 months and then 40mg for 4 months. I weigh 90kg at that time and now 85kg. The last month and a half of treatment I had one single pimple and my face looked better than ever. Problem is that I did skip a few pills here and there and I did not take it with any food as I was taking it constantly at 10 pm (all 30 or 40mg at once). I thought that way the pill would systematically work better. I read it works best with fatty foods but it was late at night to eat. My calculations (very approximate) gave me a total of 9300mg in the 9 months I took it. As I finished my second treatment I went with no pimple for 2 months and now BOOM. I got almost the same amount of pimples as I did before. Lets say the improvement was around 25% which is really nothing. Right now after two months, literately, in a single day 14 pimples showed up and for a week they keep appearing more and more. Oil production on my face got way worse right on the week this happened. I got a cleanser with some form of antibiotics to help fight the acne but nothing happened, they still appear. My questions are: Did I take it wrong? Is it that bad to skip pills? (Notice that I skipped around once in 2 weeks) Is it bad to not take with fatty foods? Is it best if I split the dosage and take them 12 hours apart? Is it bad I drank a bit of alcohol and smoked marijuana? (Around a total of 5-6 beers per week) Should I have increased my daily mg intake? Maybe to 60mg or even 80mg? Is it best taken in a 5-6 month window instead of taking it longer? I keep reading that the daily dosage intake does not matter as much as the total dosage intake over the treatment. Please help!