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  1. Are Pumpkin Seeds good for acne?

    I recently had a bad breakout from taking Saw Palmetto and it left ugly red marks on my cheeks. I have been eating a small handful of organic raw pumpkin seeds everyday and my skin looks smoother. Has anyone's skin cleared up from eating pumpkin seeds? Is it good for balancing hormones?
  2. I was looking back at photos from when I was 14 and I was amazed at how clear my skin was ! I was a late-bloomer, so puberty didn't catch up to me until I reached 15(ish) - It got me thinking, that maybe my acne was hormone related and so I have been placed on Diane-35/Dianette/Co-Cyprindiol. I've decided to do a weekly log (as such) so that I can hopefully look back and see some improvement ! Started: 26/10/17 (aged 17 and 1 month) Skincare Regime Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser (twice daily) Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exofliating Scrub (4 times weekly) Manual Cleansing Brush (twice daily) Witch Hazel Tea Tree Oil Acnecide Treatment (5% Benzoyl Peroixide) Biore Charcoal Peel Mask Oil Free Moisturiser Co-Cyprindiol (35mg) Pill Nivea Essentials Night Moisturiser WEEK ZERO (26/10/2017) Co-Cyprindiol - One Pill Taken First Day !! I'm not starting my skincare regime until Monday (30/10/17) so I'm trying to leave my skin be, i.e no foundation, makeup. I've told myself no touching, squeezing or picking. My forehead is bumpy and somewhat oily. The acne is worst on my left temple. Some whiteheads around my mouth and cheeks. Lots of Blackheads now my nose. *Fingers crossed* (Image as of 25th October 2017 in Bathroom Lighting)
  3. Those of us revisiting this thread once again for answers, for a product that works, for another human to relate, we all have one thing in common. We suffer daily, or once monthly, or for the lucky ones once a year. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your breakouts we all know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. The thing is when you make the choice to go out the door in the morning and face the day, you have just made a very important choice whether you realize it or not. You have just taken a brave action. If you can go out in the world, push through the pain and ignore the anxiety associated with being seen full breakout, you can conquer ANYTHING! I want all acne suffers out here to realize that we are all cut from the same cloth and we wouldn't be dealt the shit-skin hand if we all weren't strong enough to fight our way through it. Please consider this the next time you feel like saying no to going out with friends or going out to lunch with your family on the weekend. Remember the badge of courage you wear on your face and that those that matter most to you don't mind and wouldn't have you any other way. Look I started this a week ago and I will not give up. I hope you feel inspired, Love and Peace abides!
  4. I’ve had acne since I was a freshman in high school. I just graduated last may, and my acne has severely gotten worse. I used to pick at my face, and pop all of my pimples until there was blood coming out. I stopped, and I don’t pick at my face unless there’s a bad pimple that needs to be popped. This has really taken a toll on my physical appearance as I feel nobody will love me with acne. I feel ugly. I feel everybody stares at my face. I work with little kids, and they all ask me, “why do you have all those dots on your face” it hurts me, and I want to make this disappear forever! I’ve tried aloe Vera, proactive, peroxide, I tried exfoliating but that doesn’t work either. I need these dark spots/scars to go away!!! It’s ruining my life !!
  5. I had a horrific acne breakout about an year a go and had to take 6 months accutane course. Accutane worked like magic and my face is 100% clear, but after that i got these super cool hypertrophic scars on my chest and shoulders, which look like acne but doesn't go away. I know i can't get rid off them completely and i'm okay with that, but when i can start waiting to see even for little improvement? At the moment i use silicone gel. Will it help for theee scars and what do you recommend? Has anyone else had these? Please share your story.
  6. Never in my life i felt so down. Acne sucks. It is making me depressed and im crying while typing this. I need some words of encouragement. This may be long, but please take time to read, i somehow need to share this to somebody or else i'll break down. I used to have a very smooth and clear skin, but during summer before my 12th grade this year, i had a couple of pimples and bunch of comedones on my cheeks and forehead. They werent really noticeable unless you look at my face really close but it already bothered me a lot. By july, i realized it was already a mild acne. I tried a lot of otc facial washes and creams. Nothing worked! I tried to be positive and i just thought this was just a phase and maybe my hormones were just messin up with me. It will subside in the next few weeks. BUT LAST OCTOBER, IT GOT WORSE. I noticed that the comedones became inflamed and there are lots of tiny red bumps on both of my cheeks and forehead. My face feels so rough and my skin is so ugly under the sun or any bright lighting. I am a member of a dance troupe in my school. I used to be very confident and felt pretty every performance. But because of this acne i lose a lot of confidence and i felt ugly in front of people. I cant look into their eyes because i am afraid they will notice the pimples and spots on my face. I even consider leaving the troupe(still considering) I know what i have is nothing severe. But regardless of severeness, it is still acne and acne sucks! It ruins my self esteem! Last month, october, i talk to my mom and i broke down crying. I told her how stress i am and i guessed she felt the pain and suffering i have because the next day she took me to a dermatologist. She prescribed me 0.025% tretinion(every night) and clindamycin (2x a day). I follow what she said obediently. I experienced the redness, dryness and peeling. By the 4th week i thought i was finally clearing because my left cheek was finally smooth and bump free. My derm scheduled me for a follow up after a month. I went to my derm this nov. 10 and she said my face improved. I agreed because i did notice the difference. She told me to continue the tret and clindamycin and added a new cream , the super whitening complex to be put every night after the tretinion . I asked her if this will cause break out or if this has side effects, she said that no, this is purely for whitening and lightening the spots. BUT LAST WEEK, i had new bumps again! I am now on my 6th week and again my left cheek which i thought is finally clearing has new red bumps again. Also im experiencing peeling, dryness again and my face is so itchy most of the time. My right cheek still has bunch of red bumps and a lot of red spots that are very noticeable. I cant even put powder on my face because it is so dry and its peeling, the powder wont scatter evenly. I dont know why but maybe the tretinion cause this again? But i thought i passed that stage already during my 3rd week. I am so sad. I also skipped my dance practices. I refrain going outside as much as possible. I spent most of my time searching the net about this horrible acne, but nothing really helps. I had the obsession of looking in the mirror from time to time. My mom told me that im showing the signs and symptoms of depression. I do think so. Im trying to be optimistic but i cant help it. Every time i look in the mirror i felt worst and this acne fills my thoughts all day long, i cant focus on other things. I still continue the treatment. Im hoping to be better next week. I posted this because i want to know if some of you has the same or had been in the same situation as mine because i felt lonely and alone. I miss my beautiful skin.
  7. Hello fellow warriors! ABOUT ME: AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 175cm WEIGHT: 75kg BEGINNING OF ACNE: 2012, age 15 (RO)ACCUTANE ROUND: 2 ACNE TYPE (*current course): mild, persistent = annoying/disturbing/noticeable (*1st round I had horrible back,neck,shoulders,face acne) DAILY DOSAGE: 40mg (2x20mg) MY STORY I'm 20 years old. My acne started destroying my life back in 2012, right when I started high school. I had horrible spots on my upper back, shoulders, back of the neck, hairline, some on the chest and sure a lot on my face. After everything failed, my then-derm prescribed me 20mg for 10 months. I was 50kg then. I don't really remember how (if) was my IB, but I remember that after 3 or 4 months in, results started showing. After I finished, I had perfect results! Skin was perfect, clear, unbeliveable. But not for long. 6-8 months after, some of the acne returned. Not as bad, but anyway. That was in 2014. From 2014 till this year it was very dynamic. There were times when I had horrible face, and then it was time when I had "decent" face. But after all, it was never perfect as it should be. Usually it was pretty good in summer time, and then gone bad when fall/winter started. Always! I visited derm once again last year and we tried: doxycycline, zalna gel, + a lot of other creams etc.... and nothing worked. That was earlier this year. Asd summer again started, my skin improved and I didn't use any creams or pills. Then august ended, and summer almost ended. My acne slowly began to return. I decided to visit my derm again. She straight away recommended another course of roaccutane. I was READY! I was very happy. Because I know thats the only medicine that helps! CURRENTLY So I started this course on 27th september this year. 20mg in the morning, and 20mg on evening. My comulative dose is 8760mg. After some calculating and reading online, I believe thats pretty low. But maybe it isn't required more in second course. I asked my derm and she said that here (Europe) dosages are as they are and that in USA they have a lot higher dosages. Dont know why but okay, I believe she knows what's she doing. What acne type I started roaccutane with: I started with mild but persistent acne. Few on the back (max 3-5 at same time but persistent and repetitive), back of my neck was bad, painful pimples that are under the skin, you know what i'm talking about, also whiteheads there, a lot of them were on the area where the scalp begins. My face: forehead pretty clear, some spots on my temples, little bit on my cheeks, but most of it were on jawline/neck area, somewhere inbetween. Not cysts or big whiteheads, but noticeable annoying and persistent spots. Sorry I don't have pictures from before I started. But it wasnt that bad, a little bit better than in current pictures bellow. TODAY IS DAY 90, EXACTLY THREE MONTHS. My side effects and results so far, alright so here it goes, get ready: DAY 1-5 Nothing changed at all DAY 5 Lips started drying intensively (lips still dry till this day so I wont be mentioning them again) DAY 5-13 Nothing much, maybe a bit dryier skin, but nothing much changed. But one magical thing happened. No more back acne, no more back of the neck acne. Till today (25.12.) I maybe got 3-5 there max. DAY 14 Prepare yourself now. Alright. So day 14 was a milestone. Like I said, I had spots on my jawline/neck , these little spots went full-on hardcore-mode now. Woke up with HORRIBLE red spots there, and I could see little whiteheads forming. I don't have pictures from here because I was afraid to even open the camera on my phone. DAY 15-30 First month over, this is the time when I learned to avoid any possible mirror or frontcam. - No improvements. Definitely not. It only went downhill a bit, but still most of spots were on the jawline/neck area. Some on the cheekbone also. - My joints started hurting AS HELL. My mid to lower back was horrible. I could barely move when I went to the bed. Pain lasted for 10 seconds before I could move again and go to sleep. - Nose! Oh my god my nose. It was SO dry! It hurt so bad. I had bloody boogers. Sorry for no pictures. reason written up there. DAY 32 second month started "Please dont wake me up till april 2018." My forehead and temple area EXPLODED! Everything from jawline/neck area moved to my forehead and temples. Great, now I oficially have whole face in acne. Joints still hurts a lot! DAY 33-75 No change. Breakout after breakout. There seemed to be no end. Hopeless and depressed a lot. My skin was horrible. Somewhere around day 40-50 my nose stopped being so dry finally. Still a little but a lot better. Joint pain seemed to decrease around day 50 also. Still there but better. DAY 75 till today Well at around day 75 it finally felt like horrible breakouts stopped. My forehead started clearing intensively and it's now first to be pretty much clear. Still maybe 1-2 spots on forehead but a LOT better than before. On jawline/neck area I have maybe 1 small spot on each side of my face and thats pretty much all of my ACTIVE spots. Now, there are A LOT of red marks left after breakouts. I have basically whole sides of my face in red marks. My temple area is worst. In certain lighting it looks like I have perfect skin, but under the light, you can see a lot of these red dots. Is there anything I can do about those? How long until they all fade? PICTURES First, I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of myself during my horrible IB, but if you want to know how it looked like, look at current pic and imagine it about 50 times worse. I was ashamed to even open front cam on my phone, I was afraid to even look in the mirror. I'm still anxious about mirrors but it's getting better. Can't wait to look in the mirror again and to like what I'll see. First few pictures are from times of my clear skin (summer time mostly). And 2 others are current with red spots left after horrible IB. If anyone knows how to fade them faster, I'll be more than pleased to hear! Goodluck to all of you, people without acne can't even understand how we suffer! I know how you all feel! Everybody who is going through horrible IB right now, hold on! It will get better! Drug is working! Everybody who is still considering using accutane, DO IT! It changes your life. Good luck to all of you. I'll keep updating in this thread, so stay tuned. First 4 pictures are from the times when I had clear skin. Last 2 are current.
  8. The never ending nightmare

    Hi everyone, The purpose of this post is to try and diagnose what the hell it is I'm experiencing in 2017! I'm 27, from a mixed background (African/lebanese) and have short hair which curles into small little balls. I'd always had acne on one side of my face, mainly the right side within my beard area - whether that was small cysts or nodules but I always seemed to be able to handle it whether that was through Benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics. However this year I've experienced something a bit unusual. In June I developed what at first appeared to be a simple cyst in the sideburn region next to my ear.. ... I had experienced cystic acne in this area before so thought the same kind of treatment would be adequate. I proceeded with the standard cystic acne procedure. I would heat press it whenever I got home from work, and apply a generous amount of BP around the area. Eventually the area appeared to flatten, however this was just the beginning of the nightmare. I believe what then happened is the cyst ruptured under the skin, and all the fluid in the cystic sack began to spread, down that side of my face. Fast forward 4 months later and I've grown cystic/nodular acne all down that side of the face. What's weird about this is that it's all within my beard, and only on one side of my face (the right side). The left side of my face has remained more or less clear. Furthermore, the original cyst and the whole region down that side of the face seems to constantly fill up with blood/clear browny-green smelly fluid only a few hours after it's been drained. It's legit the nightmare that won't end. As you can imagine this has left that side of the face very irritated and there is one patch of my cheek which has been so disturbed from the constant draining that it's hyperpigmated and pink. I've now been on accutane for just less than a week and already I'm noticing that I've developed more papules and pustles and my face continues to drain by itself which you can imagine has absolutely shattered my confidence, and left me so depressed that I've turned into a hermit, refusing to socialise out of fear of what others would think about my disgraceful skin. Has anyone else experienced this type of acne where once it's been drained it returns within a matter of hours? Is accutane the answer to this type of cystic-nodular acne that seems to keep returning? I'm currently on 40mg a day. Any kind of response/advice would be appreciated. Jay Thanks, Jay
  9. I'm 18 and I need help

    Hello, I need help. I'm dealing with acne since I was 12 years old and I just turned 18. Everytime I look in the mirror I feel disgusted. I can't even look people in the eye no more. I have a lot of these hard pimples without a head on my face and a lot of big black acne scars. I tried everything and nothing helps. Please help me, I just can't live like this anymore.
  10. Hello and hello fellow acne sufferers! I haven't been on this site in years. But....... The 100% cure for acne is....well....a mystery. I'm sorry to say that. It is. I have however....found my OWN personal....that's right, PERSONAL remedy for this self-esteem killing ailment. Unfortunately we are not all carbon copies of one another. That would make things much easier. So Here is what i do: Very abbreviated cause this could be ten pages What i not scientifically backed.....well....kinda. It's going to arouse many comments like " should not be doing that because.....this study shows this and that study shows that and my mom said this. I will submit to that. My methods are a bit crazy/extreme. life without acne has been....i guess.....what i always hoped my life would be without acne? I guess? I shower twice a week. For my facial cleanser i use nothing. For my deep exfoliation i use.....nothing. But occasionally for my facial toner.....that's toner you sickos......I boil six matcha green tea bags in about a cup of water and let it briefly cool and apply it to my face. No sea salt (if you're familiar with my old post about green tea toner) And to be honest i rarely even do this Umm....for males who produce a ton of androgens? might consider drinking Licorice Root and Burdock Root Tea. Licorice Root Tea has a substance called aromatase which has shown to convert your manhood into femhood. Seriously though.....if androgens are your issue.....check this out. Burdock root tea is an amazing blood cleanser and amazing for skin. I am not going to make this a headache to read. Here is the truth. I have taken some of the best advice ever given on this site by veteran members. And it helped. I changed my diet.......i changed my lifestyle.......i changed my attitude towards life........and I also realized that after being acne free for so many years....I had neglected the very people that helped change my life. So i'm here. To share if you would like me to I was in agony. Dealing with this sh#@. It's not fun. It actually has very deep and long lasting psychological effects. That i still suffer with even though i have somehow managed to beat it. I am more than willing to share my advice with anyone, i honestly am. If you've been around this site long enough you know that to find what works for you is a journey......but what the HELL ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. Go on the journey. It's all we have. i will not pretend to know this ailment inside and out. Does anyone? But if you want any more info on what i do let me know Thanks to Dan for allowing acne sufferers to share their stories. Most companies would ban that sh#@ and say USE OUR STUFF OR GET OUT OF HERE. If you go the licorice tea route......i might advise other less extreme peppermint tea. Licorice root works......i mean it really works. Taken in the right dosage....which i makes you think and act like a girl i shit you not. It lowers your free testosterone like you would not it comes with a price. I did not experience this with peppermint tea though. Or Burdock Root. if it tastes nasty.....and Burdock root does.....get some flavorful tea bags of your choice and mix it in Girls: I won't pretend to understand your conflict with using makeup to cover up vs. going all natural in order to heal topically. It seems like a huge struggle. To go natural means exposing your face to the world. And when your face is not what you would like it to's hard. As a guy i don't use's easier for guys. I'm sorry about that. But then again....maybe there are make-ups out there that don't break girls out. I personally like to look at raw female faces verses made up up faces. But that's me
  11. Sooooo... I started accutane Jan 11, 2018 and I decided that I should share my journey with you all. I’ve struggled with acne for 7 years already.. If I were to count all the money I’ve ever spent on acne fighting products, I’d probably be rich. I've tried just about everything including a vegan diet. I’ve finally decided to give accutane a try. I’ve always been afraid because of all the side effects but I’ve reached the point of just being fed up with acne and allowing it to put my confidence level very low.. my face has gotten even worse than what you see in the pictures but that is currently my face now. I struggle with so much redness and as you can see. I have a lot of acne marks. I also struggle so much with picking at my face that is why I have all those red marks. I’ve always said “I’d rather the scar than the big pimple” and now I have to pay the price... trying hard not to mess with it anymore. Also learning to love myself and look passed the acne. Ever since I began to struggle with it, I covered it with makeup. Makeup does an amazing job at hiding the redness which is what I’m so self conscious about but I’m soooo ready to finally be able to go out in public without having to use an ounce of foundation or powder. I’ve only been on accutane for 5 days but I’m beyond excited for what it’ll do to my face. I’ve seen such amazing results in other people and I’m truly praying that I can see those results in my face. We all know how bad acne sucks and no one really understands our pain unless they have to struggle with it. I have always struggled with it mainly on my cheeks, jaw line, chin, temples, and sometimes forehead. I will be keeping you all posted and giving y’all updates on my face. God bless you all and remember that our worth isn’t defined by the amount of blemishes on our face. Beauty is much more than what’s on the outside.
  12. Hi everyone! I just picked up my first Accutane (Absorica) prescription (40mg once a day), and will begin taking it later this week! I just wanted to keep a log of my experience and maybe help others who are thinking about using it! I have had moderate to severe acne ever since I can remember, probably starting around 7th grade. I am now 21, and I am still struggling with it. I have tried topical creams, antibiotics, and every secret home remedy, but to no success. It has definitely affected my self esteem, and I am ready to finallly (hopefully) see some results! I am currently on anxiety medication, and my joints already hurt a lot (oops) but I’m optimistic that the medication will not affect that. I will attach some pics of my face as of this morning and hopefully take some more along the way. Feel free to leave some comments!
  13. Hi all, I m a chronic addicted masturbator since i was 6 (i m 42 now) and some say that excessive masturbation like mine (i masturbate and ejaculate at least 7-8 times every day - i m a severe case) causes cystic acne. Is that true?Thank you all in advance.Regards, James Sapp.
  14. First 7 weeks

    Week 1-3: So I started out like a lot of other people thinking that I could apply Epiduo twice a day and get quicker results and boy was I wrong. My face burned so badly and itched like crazy these first few weeks. I experienced TERRIBLE peeling and flaking which was highlighted by make up. But there was no way in HELL I was going out in public without make up to at least cover the redness. So after about a week and a half of applying the cream twice a day I went down to just at night and I was met with much less peeling and irritation. So this picture is about a week after starting Epiduo forte. I was upset that I didn't discover this app to track my progress from the very beginning but oh well. Week 4:This is really when shit starts to hit the fan as far as the initial breakout goes... I feel like my cysts are starting to pop up a little more often and are slightly bigger and redder. But I am determined to keep going and push through this terrible period of my skin in hopes that I will one day have clear skin again. Weeks 5 and 6: Well things are pretty much the same as far as the breakouts go, although I have started out with more acne on my right side of my face so thats why I have been taking my daily picture on that side, the left has far less breakouts so I am less concerned with that side. It is also at this point in my journey where I have introduced supplements into my routine after researching online, I now take the following every day: Vitamin B complex, Evening primrose oil, Mega Krill oil, zinc, and a probiotic. It is also at this point where I have switched from CeraVe moisturizer to a VERY TINY AMOUNT of pure organic unrefined coconut oil. I also use the coconut oil to remove my make up. Heres a few pics from these weeks... Week 7: So here is where I have possibly noticed a positive change. I think that the cysts have lessened and the bumpy texture of my skin has only SLIGHTLY improved. I still of course have lots of scars and hyper-pigmentation but hopefully with time this will fade as well. This picture is of my skin as of today. It might look worse as far as red marks but as of active pimples there seems to be less than the past few weeks. Hopefully this is a good sign?
  15. Hello! So I have a question for anyone who may know this experience and have an idea of why it's happening. I had bad acne for a while and I went on Yaz birth control about a year ago, and it cleared my skin SO MUCH!! I haven't changed a single part of my regimen, but I'm suddenly (over the past 2 weeks or so) breaking out all over my right cheek, and only on my right cheek. Everywhere else on my face is pretty much clear, but my right cheek is covered in cysts and pustules. I'm so unhappy! I really don't want to lose all the progress I've made with my acne/scarring So I'm just wondering, does anyone know anything about why I'd be suddenly breaking out so badly on just this one part of my face? Some important info: I sleep mainly on the left side I do not hold my phone to my face at all, it is always on speaker I try my best not to touch my face Any help would be super appreciated!!
  16. Do NOT ever take Saw Palmetto!!

    I'm new here. I made this post to warn the other members about the dangers of taking saw palmetto. I'm a 27 year old female with PCOS and I have struggled with acne since I was 14. I'm not overweight like most women with PCOS are, I'm actually a bit underweight. The last time I had my hormone levels checked, it showed that my testosterone was slightly high. I also had elevated DHEA-S. My estrogen was normal. Last year I decided to take Saw Palmetto to balance my hormones. At first I didn't notice any results, then a few months later I started getting stubborn acne on my left cheek. They were mostly inflamed whiteheads and pustules. They left red marks even though I NEVER popped or picked at them. I suspected my diet was the culprit so I cut out gluten/dairy and went on a low FODMAP diet. No improvement. The breakouts persisted. My mom suggested that maybe it was the saw palmetto causing it, so I stopped taking it to see if it my acne would improve. It has been a week and my skin is starting to clear up! While I was taking SP I had weird side effects like: constipation, feeling groggy when waking up in the morning, slight nausea after eating breakfast, bleeding gums, hair shedding, easy bruising, and delayed periods. This is what I read about Saw Palmetto: "The plant steroids in saw palmetto also act on progesterone receptors, an action that causes a reduction in estrogen levels." "Like aspirin, saw palmetto extract inhibits an enzyme called cyclooxygenase, according to researchers from a 2001 "Journal of Internal Medicine" article. This inhibition can thin your blood and delay clotting, causing cause prolonged bleeding or increased bruising. If you are taking an anticoagulant or antiplatelet medication, do not take saw palmetto, as it could overemphasize the blood-thinning properties of those drugs. People with stomach ulcers, hemophilia or other bleeding disorders should also avoid saw palmetto." "Saw palmetto may damage your liver, especially if you have a history of liver problems or are at an increased risk for them. There have been reported cases of liver damage in people who took saw palmetto, although the exact cause of these rare side effects was not determined." "Another risk that may plague women who have taken this herb for some time is the reduced ability to absorb iron. Whether you have had problems with anemia in the past or not, taking saw palmetto for an extended period may increase your risk of becoming anemic." I know we think of herbal supplements as “all natural” and therefore safe, but the truth is that they can pose serious health risks. Your best bet is drinking tons of water, eating clean, sleeping at the right times, exercising, and living a stress free life.
  17. Acne near temples

    Okay, so this has been going on for 2 1/2 weeks now. I’m trying to get rid of this acne. I don’t have acne anywhere else besides on my temples. I’m drinking lots of water, taking Multi-vitamins but still don’t know why it’s not going away. Please. Help. I don’t know what to do
  18. Adult acne

    Any suggestions for adult acne? I never in my life until after I had my first child when I was 19.. I'm now 22 and for the past 3 years I've had horrible acne, leaving scars, and can't find anything that helps.. I always wash twice a day.. exfoliate regularly, moisturize.. I do peels once in a while.. I've been perscribed benzoyl products but that didn't help either..I tried taking zinc which slightly helped.. I cut out sugar and bad food from my diet and that doesn't seem to be helping much.. i get the worst of the acne on my forehead.. need suggestions!
  19. Hi all I've been suffering with acne for the past 6 years currently 21, I have been prescribed medication after medication with no relief. i have currently been prescribed lymecycline but came across a video about l-lysine and pro-boitics, omega fish oils etc I'm just wondering if I'll be able to take the l-lysine and zinc and omega fish oil tablets whilst taking the prescribed medication. Hope someone can help, thanks in advance thought id add that it's my full face that I have acne, if any of you have any tips that may help, I've cut all the junk food from my diet, I'm drinking only water, eating fruits and exercising a lot more.
  20. Oily skin, without any acne

    Hi everyone, so I've got a bit of a weird one for you. I have really oily skin only on my forehead, but don't have really any acne, and my skin still feels slightly tight when I make a funny face, or raise my eyebrows. I suspect it has something to do with dehydrated skin, but I'm not sure what to do. I use a gentle oil based cleanser at night and a splash of water in the morning, and both times using a serum, as well as moisturizer after cleansing. Have any of you had this problem and been able to get rid of your oily skin?
  21. My Accutane ~Journey~

    So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  22. Turning 22 next month and still have never kissed a girl or done anything for that matter. The thing is my skin is clear but my confidence is shot from the good 4 years I had severe acne. I just feel so inexperienced at this point that there is no reason to try. 15 year olds have more experience than me.
  23. Long time acne problem

    Hi everyone, I am facing a acne problem from my teenage. I have consulted 3 to 4 doctors and followed the procedures but it is not curing. Some say acne will fade when age goes forward. I am 26 now and it is still there. I don't know what to do now . I have attached my picture of my acne. Also the acne in the picture is somewhat reduced but it is increasing and reducing day by day. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks
  24. Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask. My wife is due for March and she is currently having acne. According this blog [link removed], I believe what she has is a moderate acne. She has been on oral pills prescribed by a dermatologist for the last 5 days and the acne has just increased. We have our next appointment tomorrow. Does oral pills work in case of acne? If we do silk-peel, will it have any effect on our baby?
  25. Hello people! Today i finally decided to book an appointment for v-beam laser to speed up the healing process of the marks I have. I am really excited for this and my expectations are very positive. So lets get to the point. I have been taking a bunch of different vitamins and minerals that would improved my skin, amongst them I take vitamin A which will make my face sensitive for the laser so I had to stop with that supplement immediately. I wanted to ask you what supplements you are taking to help your skin remain clear(er)? I am currently taking omega 3, vitamin b5, c and e, zinc and magnesium. I have been reading more and more about natural supplements such as garlic and turmeric. Has anyone tried any of these or any other for that matter? Feel free to to share your thoughts and what you're taking daily! Ecna