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  1. Usually my skin is pretty clear but recently on my chin a bumb formed. It was one of those under the skin pimples that developed on my chin and it was my first time getting one, before that I only got white heads. It was tender to the touch and kind of big, but it was the same colour as my normal skin tone so it wasn't that noticeable. However the feeling of it annoyed the crap out of me and i wasn't sure how long it would take for it to go away on its own. So I tried to pop it (I know, bad idea) before it came to a head, nothing came out and the skin was much more sensitive and became more irritated. The next day the pimple turned dark brown although there is no scab, it's still sore when I touch it. Currently it's big and dark, is there any way to lighten it?
  2. Hi i was just wondering if showering after work has an effect on my skin, i cleanse and tone in the morning before work and when i get in from work i shower quickly because i have a dirty and manual job, is this over washing? I dont put any prodcuts on my face in the shower just lukewarm water? Then before bed i cleanse tone and moisturise, i have moderate acne btw.
  3. All these bumps popped up on my face that I am not used to. Please help me figure out what this is called or how to treat them. this skin I am used to is this ...
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    Hi! I hace moderate acne and incredibly pily skin, and no products seem to help! Has anyone found products that help their severelyoilu skin? Thanks!
  5. I don't have the money or time to go to a dermatologist in person (at least not right now). About two months ago, I had a horrible break out on my left cheek and the acne was spreading to other areas of my left cheek and I felt a tingling sensation. I got a prescription from an online dermatologist for Aczone, Tazorac, and Doxy and I have been using it for about a month and now there are no more bumps on my skin, I just have uneven area of pigmentation/dead skin cells on my left cheek that don't seem to be going away. Even though acne is completely gone in that area, I can still feel my left cheek tingling (which makes me think there is still something on my skin). I went to an esthetician and she said that the area literally looks like scratches. I thought the prescriptions would take care of the problems on my left cheek quickly. Does anyone know what I might have or may be going on with my skin?

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    MUST GIVE THIS A TRY^^^^^^ hello I'll try to make this short and sweet but basically I have been struging with acne (mostly hormonal but occasionally caused by other things) for many many years. Some years it as not as bad as the others but you understand. If you have been struggling please read! ive tied everything from proactive, clean and clear, neutrogena, clinique, pretty much all of those popular drugstore brands. Every single one promise results but at the most I just maintained my acne- never solved it. I eventually went on doxycycline and that seems to clear most of it but when I got off of it the breakouts starting up again and they were worsened by stress and other info like makeup. I tried birth control because everyone said it helped : made it worse and made me very insecure and sad. I got off birth control because it wasn't for me and continued to try new brands from ulta. I began sing a derm that recommended me to use clean and clears blackhead eraser scrub, ry night saying "i need to scrub"..? She seemed smart but she didn't really take too much time to help me out with my skin and tried to prescribe me a million pills instead just fixing my skin on the outside. I started working at a place that includes skincare in their service and I began seeing a Estitician there became friends. She commended some of the products we sold there were on the pricey side to very good quality. SPEND MORE MONEY!!!!! CHEAP PRODUCTS WILL NOT FIX YOUR PROBLEM!! I'm telling you this from experience. Spend the money. Will help in the long run. Don't feel pressured to take all these antibiotics to fix your skin, buy GOOD QUALITY .
  7. Lately I noticed that I’m the only one in my family who has/had any bad skin like they all basically had perfect skin their whole lives and then there’s me and I have acne up my a** but lately I’ve just been keeping it simple washing my face with benzoyl peroxide and spraying with rose water and at night I put adapalene on just the really bad area and I haven’t stopped because I wanted to stop spendjng so much money on skincare and then I looked back and realized that I always had perfect skin when I would just wash my face and put baby lotion on when it was dry and then I started using all these crazy products and I always start one and it either stays the same or gets worse and I get angry so I stop using it and start using something else. Did I really just play myself for a whole 2 years
  8. The question has been circling in my mind for a while now... is the fact I’m having more sex the reason I’m getting acne? Ill give you some background info on my situation. I’ve never had any huge breakouts for most of my life. Always had clear skin. Until I went on the implant/met my man. i hated the implant and had it removed pretty fast. They say the hormones leave your body, but I’m not sure if they have? (Could be a factor) I have been vegan for over a year, but recently gluten free and unfortunately I wasn’t watching what I was eating for a few months. Gluten free products are processed, packed with tonnes of sugar and unhealthy fats which cause candida overgrowth which can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome thus leading to acne because leaky gut is where what you eat goes into the blood stream and passes through the blood brain barrier... check can cause an immune response. I had been eating grains and dairy for years so the damage to my gut wall was already pretty bad. I meditate a lot and raise my vibration so my body physically cannot eat low vibrational foods. So, with my boyfriend, we were staying up late sometimes 1-3 am sometimes 4-5am. We were eating Red Thai curry with rice (GRAINS GRR) without realising the damage was and doing. It’s also very sugary and fatty. So there arenthose factors. I hadn’t been exfoliating or using any products consistently - but I am now. My routine is working and my skin is starting to clear slightly. I keep food diary. Ive sarted working out 5 times a week.(cardio, yoga, walks) I stick to time-restricted eating. Which is where you eat in a 8-12 hour gap. Your liver had a circadian rhythm too. I do not eat anything processed, I eat fresh leafy green vegetables. Around 5-7 a day. I try to eat a small amount of fruit (because fructose is still inflammatory) lots of herbsand spices. Maca, hemp, linseed etc. I drink lots of water. Now to talk about the other factor that’s playing on my mind. My partner and I have a age gap relationship which makes me think his gut bacteria, which can be found in his saliva is being spread to me through kissing. When we do oral I get a yeast infection. We also sometimes have sex 2-4 times a day. We have sex lots during the week we are quite horny for each other. However, it can be so overwhelming and stressful because it feels like I’ve tried everything and how am I supposed to heal if my boyfriend is the one with an overgrowth so ever time we get intimate I’m at risk of an acne break out?! ...and he also has stubble (which is irritating to my skin and stimulates oil production, clogging the pores. ) is being respectful and not kissing me too roughly any more. But sometimes I still feel sore around my chin after a long session of making out and love making. He understands and listens to me and has been cooking us healthy food when I stay over (which is 3-4 times week) he is making an effort. He has athletes foot which is a sign of Candida over growth- he really wants to heal it too! my main question is: Are my hormones going crazy because of all the sex? Should I take a break from sexand see if my acne goes away? Has anyone else experienced this? please help! Who has usedClindamycin Phosphate? Does it work?
  9. Hi all, so about a week week or so ago I was on clarithromycin for tonsillitis. After 4-5 days on this I experienced a pretty strong allergic reaction. My skin on face and body was really dry and red, and hot. It was a little itchy. Now it’s a week post. the skin on my face is very dry, tight and flakey. I moisturise multiple times a day and all over my body it’s still very dry. My face gets so oily during the day normally that I have to blot it constantly but now no oiliness. Even the skin around my eyes was flakey and my eyes and face feels tight. My question is: I have a subscision with prp treatment and possible pdo threads in 4 days. Will this severe dryness impact on my ability to heal? Was thinking like when accutane patients can’t have treatment with their really dry skin... thanks!
  10. It started about 4 years ago. I got my first buttox zit. Or so I thought. I had a couple here and there but only on the buttox, then approximately 3 years ago, I noticed them coming up the small of back, between the shoulders, which I figured could be normal and I'm a "late-bloomer." Found unit couple my first fiends got scabies; so I went to the doc and got the cream and used it. These never went away and didn't look like that anyway so I let it be. well 2 years ago I began to get em in between my pecs dad eventually they moved all over my chest, ribs, and now even my thighs and beginning down my arms. i gone to the dermatologist, even got a biopsy, not bacterial.. so he thought follicular and prescribed a plethora of antibacterial soap and topical steroids. THE soap (hibiclense) and others, had literally no effect, the topical steriods (currently on triamcinolone acetone ointment 1%) they work for the first week ridding about 70% but they always come back and the ointment has no effect week 2 no beyond. Any thoughts thoughts or suggestions please let me know.
  11. Before using Accutane get a test for Demodex Skin Mites I see a lot of posts from people who have relapsed after stopping Accutane. The relapse may be due to not treating the correct cause of the acne lesions. Microscopic demodex skin mites can cause acne like lesions. If your acne is not responding to standard antibiotic treatment, your doctor should test for parasites. Demodex brevis live in the oil glands and Demodex folliculorum live in the pores When the mites die they may clog up the gland and/or pores and cause hard red cysts, pustules, whiteheads or blackheads. The mites live and die on a 2-3 week cycle so the acne may appear hormonal. Accutane has a lot of dangerous side effects. Accutane works by reducing both the size of oil glands and the oil output. The mites eat oil. Accutane may starve them, at least while you take it. Problem is the mites may not all die. After stopping Accutane, you may relapse if they get out of control again. There is an easier, safer, and quicker way to treat demodex. The scientifically studied treatment uses two old and relatively much safer drugs to kill the mites. The parasite treatment takes just 2 weeks and it is inexpensive with generic drugs ($13.03 with insurance / $52 USD full retail price). The parasite treatment doesn't have all of the dangerous side effects of Accutane. The parasite treatment also gets to the root cause of the acne lesions caused by demodex mites. Demodex Mite Treatment published in The International Journal of Infectious disease in 2013: Scientific Medical Paper is here : Using the more effective 2 drug combined treatment (from paper) based on body weight for the oral Ivermectin: 1. Two doses of oral Ivermectin one week apart. Each weekly dose is 200 micrograms Ivermectin per kilogram of body weight. Worked out to 12 mg per dose for me. Take on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. 2. Oral Metronidazole, 250 mg. three times a day for two weeks. Do not drink alcohol while taking oral Metronidazole and for 72 hours after taking the last tablet. As always, it is best to discuss this treatment with your doctor. These are prescription drugs. My family doctor was most helpful. If demodex mites are the cause of the acne, treatment using generic Oral Ivermectin and Oral Metronidazole can put the skin into remission. If you don't have demodex, then this parasite treatment will not help. Before exposing yourself to the dangers of Accutane, it is worth asking your doctor to test for Demodex skin mites.
  12. So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakout. I am guessing it was hormonal as I broke out a month ago at the same time as I was experiencing blood spotting and my boobs had swelled that week. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me Yasmin as I have been having weak periods every now and again since September last year and he thought this would regulate my periods and help my acne settle down. Now when I say I had a breakout I don't mean 3 or 4 spots on my chin, I am currently sitting here with around 20 spots on my face! I have never had a breakout before only the occasional pimple. I am unsure whether to go on the pill I am worried that it will cause my acne to get worse as it has been slowly getting worse and worse since the breakout in early march. I'm already vegetarian but over the month I have cut down on dairy, I'm drinking more water, taking vitamins, drinking green tea, eating more vegetables, I've been using a topical cream named Zineryt (for the last week) and all has led to no results so far! I'm feeling lost on what to do and I already suffer from body dysmorphia, all I now see when I look in the mirror is a girl covered in spots and I need to find a way out of this mess. I'm extremely distressed, cancelling on friends, hiding away, finding myself skipping university lectures etc. Also, it is making my anorexia hard to deal with again as it keeps telling me to just lose weight so my body won't be able to have the energy to produce the hormones. I DON'T WANT TO RISK EVERYTHING I'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR IN RECOVERY, I know I'd be put back in rehab. So any advice would be very much appreciated! Should I start on birth control? Would that be advisable? What were your experiences? I mean the doctor thinks so but he only chatted with me for five minutes so he doesn't fully understand my situation at all.
  13. Hello everyone, I really want some opinions, because dermatologists don't seem to know what my skin problem is. They say it is my skin texture. Or they prescribe some stuff that should burn the upper layer of my skin which doesn't help either. My skin is so ugly, i have never seen ugly skin as mine. Especially when the light catches my face from left and right and under fluorescent lighting. The tiny bumps become very visible and my t-zone looks dead and red. I have no clue what those bumps are. What my skincondition is. It doesn't look like acne. I got them from an allergic reaction of a cleanser 12 years ago, they never went away. After that a dove soap made my face (T-zone) turn red, it never recovered from that. My skin looks from close up like that of a burned skin. The right and left side of my skin are clear and smooth. Also around my mouth. But my T-zone is horrible. What can i do about this? Cut some food? Maybe some trigger redness. So on the first picture you see me as i would look like from the distance. The second and the third picture is me from the side, where I look like a normal human with normal skin. The other pictures are all from the front (close-up), where the light catches my skin. You can see how bad it is. It looks raw, red, weird, oily, dry and bumpy. Even burned skin look way smoother. The zillions tiny bumps never go away. I would like smoother skin. It makes me incredible insecure. It looks like i am not hygienic. Several years ago I've tried many things (clarins, dior cleansers, drugstore cleansers, microdermabrasion, exfoliate). Didn't work, seem to make it worse. Now i only use cbd oil to clean and moisturize. I don't use make-up on my face either. It doesn't heal my skin either. Who has the golden tip?
  14. Hello All, I've attached several photos, they include my forehead, cheeks and between my eyebrows. Q1: I would like to know if this is what you would call acne? Q2: I would like to know what is causing me to get these spots and how do I prevent them? Could it be my diet? I'm 18 years old and would have to admit that my diet does consist of a lot of unhealthy foods. Q3: I wouldn't mind getting spots, if they didn't leave behind dark marks that stay for ages! The most noticeable dark marks that I have is between my eyebrows and on my cheeks. Also, I have noticed that my skin tone is a lot darker especially on my forehead than when I was 12/13. I would like to know how to get rid of these dark marks left behind by spots and get my old skin tone back.
  15. Hey, I generally have very mild acne but for last few months have been taking protein shakes for energy before gym and to gain weight after. Started with whey protein and had the worst breakout since I was a teenager... (I'm now 27). So I let that clear and tried Soy, same breakout in and around my jawline. Then rice protein... and now most recently I've tried hemp and it's not as bad but still causing large cystic acne beside my nose. I've heard whey can be bad because of the link to dairy but I've never heard of the other proteins causing it as well... anyone else experience this or know why?
  16. Hi guys, so I started getting back and shoulder acne when I was 11/12, I’m 14 now. I got shoulder acne way before I started developing facial acne. My first treatment was Zineryt lotion and Duac gel( when I was 12 or 13), I had a big allergic reaction to the duac gel I felt like the zineryt didn’t help at all and it was spreading bacteria due to the application. Last October my face has NEVER been as bad in my life than then( foundation was my saviour). My blemishes were painful and embarrassing. My shoulders flared up as well, so I went to my GP and had Lymecline antibiotics which cleared up my face a little but not my back acne. Quinoderm antibacterial face wash cleared up my face.I’ve just finished my 6 week supply and I don’t really think I’ll carry on as I want something stronger. Does anyone reccomend anything ( not accutane) as I’ve been covering up my shoulders for the past few years due to the acne and I finally want to clear it up once and for All. Right now, my shoulders are smooth and only 4 or 5bumpy spots but there is still loads of red little smooth ones.... All responses will be highly appreciated xxx
  17. As someone with moderate faded acne that has tried so many products and failed I finally tried out the lush mask of magnaminty and I’m going to try it for two days each week at the same time as not picking I feel as theirs no really any videos showing the process of the product so here we go
  18. Ive been suffering moderate to severe acne in past 5 years. I have tried a lot of products like proactive, supermarket facial wash but nothing has worked for me. Even charted facial wash by dermatologist nothing was working. There was a point when i totally given up thinking i wont be able to find solution till a friend suggested to use Kojic soap and shiseido infuser lotion and moisturiser last month. I want to share it to everyone as ive been only using these products for less than a month and my skin is looking much better. It is a lot smoother and ive regain the vibrant skin i used to have 5 years ago. My skin used to be bumpy and was extremely red due to inflammation but only using the soap, infuser and the moisturiser for 2 weeks a huge difference was noticed by my family and friends. I want to share my story cause I totally know the struggle of acne and if ever encourage anyone to use these products because it might work for you too.
  19. Hello everyone after some years pimples are Goan not completely but it's Goan and after that some holes Created in face I'm 19 year old so anyone have personal experience Some one told me that it's fill naturally itself and some one told me that its cannot filled
  20. so this side of my cheek has been getting a ton of bumps so I’ve been trying to get rid of them but they are just worsening. How do I get rid of what’s on my cheek!?
  21. Hi everyone, I have was prescribed to take 20mg of roaccutane for my mild cystic acne. I took 20mg a day for exactly 7 weeks but i have stopped taking the tablets due to lower back pain and blocked eye glands (dry eyes). I have been off of accutane for 2 weeks now and my skin is still clear (yay) and my eyes are 100% better. But my lower back pain is still giving me grief. Has anyone else experienced this lower back pain and if so how long did it take to go away after stopping accutane? thanks
  22. I am so sorry for not posting in like, four months! I think the reason for that was that I was starting to feel okay about my skin, and I just kept blowing off posting on here because it reminded me of how long I still have to go. I believe I am now on month 7, and I have definitely seen results. I went from a full-on breakout of the entire face to just occasional spots, although I have a few more than usual rn, and I think that is because of my diet being so poor lately. I will start to eat better again and hopefully, my skin will get better too. I think I will start posting pictures just to show you my progress. Keep in mind, all the red spots on my skin are either PIH or scarring, I'm not sure which, but if someone could help me if with figuring that out I would be so grateful! Here is my skin rn: The dry spots are just spot treatment. As you can see, I don't have much texture anymore. What I have to deal with now is the aftermath of my past breakouts, and I honestly don't know how to, because I don't even know what they are. I have talked to a dermatologist who said it was PIH and a facialist who told me it was scarring. Also, I will try to update more frequently, every couple of weeks, but I guess last time proved I can't make promises :D. I would greatly appreciate help with this, from what it is exactly, to what to do about it. I would love so much to go make up free by the time the next school year begins
  23. Looking for a bit of reassurance. Long term sufferer of mild/moderate acne (22y/o.) I was put on Lymecycline standard dose two months ago after my skin became slightly worse. (hadn't been prescribed anything but topical treatments for a number of years before this.) It has been terrible ever since. I've read a few hopeful posts about an initial breakout that eventually subsides but my face seems to be getting worse and I've just finished month 2. I would typically only have a handful of cysts over a year previous to lymecycline but since starting, I haven't had less than 3-5 active cysts on the go at any one time. Some days it feels as though it may be getting better and then some more painful, angry, huge ones pop up. It's very painful and my self-esteem is at an all time low and I'm having a hard time convincing myself to stick with the antibiotics. Wondering if anyone has had similar experience/words of reassurance? Thanks in advance!
  24. Cheap, Effective, 2 Week, Oral Treatment for skin and eye problems caused by microscopic Demodex Skin Mites. If your skin and/or eye problems are caused by demodex mites, this treatment may be a cure. The oral treatment kills the mites all over your body even in hard to reach glands. If you have ocular rosacea (aka blepharitis demodex) it is very important to get it treated before it damages your vision.If your dermatologist did not test you for Demodex mites, you should ask them to do so. Demodex mites have been implicated in Acne, Rosacea, ocular rosacea, blepharitis demodex, etc.The combined Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole treatment has worked for me. The report on this treatment was published in the International Journal of Infectious disease in 2013. Treatment takes 2 weeks using Oral Ivermectin and Oral Metronidazole. Insurance copay was just $13.03 (Uninsured retail about $52 USD. 2013 study compares using Oral Ivermectin vs. Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole to treat 4 different skin conditions including rosacea, acne, blepharitis demodex (ocular rosacea) etc.Results of scientific study on 120 people with confirmed Demodex mites:Remission: 71.6% of people in the study with the oral Ivermectin+ oral Metronidazole treatment went into remission vs. 45% on just oral Ivermectin. Marked improvement: 26.7% (Oral Iver.+ Oral Metro.) vs. 33% (Oral Iver. only). No Improvement: 1.7% (Oral Iver.+ Oral Metro.) vs. 21.7% (Oral Iver. only)Using the more effective 2 drug combined treatment (from paper) based on body weight for the oral Ivermectin:1. Two doses of oral Ivermectin one week apart. Each weekly dose is 200 micrograms Ivermectin per kilogram of body weight. Worked out to 12 mg per dose for me. Take on an empty stomach with a large glass of water.2. Oral Metronidazole, 250 mg. three times a day for two weeks. Do not drink alcohol while taking oral Metronidazole and for 72 hours after taking the last tablet.As always, it is best to discuss this treatment with your doctor. These are prescription drugs. My family doctor was most helpful.I had demodicosis caused by demodex mites. Onset at age 11.5 after a severe bout of German Measles and possibly the flu. Immune system was at rock bottom allowing the mites to become infested in spite of good hygiene. It got worse with every bout of the flu after that. It started with large blackheads, advanced into pustules, body acne and irritated red eyes.After being misdiagnosed with “allergic conjunctivitis” and acne vulgaris (bacterial origin) for 51 years, it advanced into blepharitis demodex (ocular rosacea) – painfully gritty, dry eyes with eyelashes falling out, etc. Over the years, 4 board certified dermatologists prescribed about 8 different antibiotics, Retin- A, Micro-Retin A, benzoyl peroxide, etc. None of the expensive treatment worked. They never checked for demodex mites.Demodicosis can be confused for “Hormonal acne” due to the fact that the mites live 2-3 weeks and may indeed be tuned in to the hormonal cycles of the body. The mites eat oil. When your hormones are causing more oil to be generated, there is more for the mites to eat. Any drug or diet change that levels out or reduces the oil in your skin can temporarily control the mites by controlling their food source. In other studies, the topical version of Metronidazol has not been found to be effective but the oral version is. Oral Metronidazol is believed to work indirectly by changing something the mites are consuming or changing the environment so that they die. Some papers report successful treatment with just the oral metronidazole. I'm at the 8.5 weeks post treatment mark. My skin is clear. My eyes are clear, no longer red, no longer losing multiple eye lashes near daily, no longer painfully dry, and are now working to make the oily tear film. I've been able to stop using Cliradex wipes. Still washing face and eyes with 1% Tea Tree oil face wash (Tranquil Eyes by Eye Eco) followed by spraying with the Hypochlorous Acid Eyelid and Eyelash Spray by Heyedrate nightly as a precaution to fight off future mite re-infestation. I am now taking a Lutein (10 mg) + Zeaxanthin (2 mg) supplement along with my Omega 3 supplements. These supplements have improved my Meibomian Glands function possibly by reducing lid inflammation.
  25. I've been on the look for AM and PM moisturizers that aren't heavy, greasy, or irritating, and I can't seem to find any that are any good. Anyone know of any good moisturizers that I can find in a place like Walmart or Target? Currently, I use Nivea Soft Moisturizer at night and Dollar Shave Club AM Moisturizer in the morning.