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  1. 4 year struggle

    Hello guys. So I want to tell my story and ask for your advice. My acne has always been a struggle. For the last four years it has been on and off. At first my acne was not really that bad. I had oily skin or maybe combo and I kept it under control with different topicals but then it went crazy and I had pimples and under skin bumps all over my face (like innflamed ones, my face was all red). Obviously I got some blood tests done also hormone tests and turned out that I had polycystic ovary. Doctor prescribed me to birth control (yaz) and for the most part it cleared my skin. I was on it for 6 months. When I came off the pill (cause my ovary was fine and there was no need for me to take it anymore) My skin went crazy again and I went to different dermatologist. She prescribed me antibiotics at the time tetracycline and I took antibiotics for 6 months. Tetracycline at first and Doxycicline for last month. It helped my skin sooo much but again when I stopped taking them my skin started breaking out...The she prescribed me to erythromicine and some topical creams. I stopped taking them by my desicion cause I think that 7 month for antibiotics is too long and I'm afraid it will do big damage. I really don't know what else to do. It is almost impossible in my country to go on accutane. My acne is not severe , but it is very persistent and my skin is extremly oily. When my skin breaks out it makes me very depressed and damages my self esteem so much... Please tell me about your experience and anything I can try... I've heard that taking out dairy from diet can also help (tell me if you know something about this.)
  2. if anyone could please offer advice that would be great. i've never had this happen before. so i had a pimple on my forehead the other day that came to a full head (like i had to pop it, there was no other choice) and so i popped it and i barely had to squeeze to get the head out. but i kept (gently) draining it and there was so much fluid coming out but i kept draining until it stopped. so i went to bed and woke up the next morning and there was this redish purple area around where the pimple was which i though was strange. i just put some of my acne treatment on it and then a few friends invited me to go swimming. when i got home from swimming i realized that all of the skin around that pimple had peeled off and now it looks really gross and i don't know what to do!!
  3. Hi Forum, I am two weeks into The Regimen. I actually have tried it before but my sister (who has seen good results) said I quit too early, so I am trying it again. I am starting to see the same reaction that caused me to quit last time. Basically, my entire face (and now parts of my neck, where I never get acne) are having these red splotchy marks. Please see the photos below. I've been telling my fiance that this is part of the Week 2 adjustment/major breakout period, but she's saying they look more like an allergic reaction/hives (since the red marks don't form whiteheads and don't look like my normal acne). I wanted to get the forum's thoughts on if any of you have seen this type of reaction before? Do you think I should stay patient and with it? I am following The Regiment to a tee (slowly ramped up BP to two times a day now) and using some SPF (the one recommended on the site) mixed in with my moisturizer in the morning. Thanks in advance for the help! Matt
  4. hi can someone please recommend how to heal this. it was a pimple that had to be released from pressure. after it popped, it has left this. its like a crater within the skin, the middle has white soupy-ish not solid skin and the outside is a bright red ring. this happened on thursday. usually my acne scabs are gone by now, but this is a thing of its own. I've tried keeping neosporin and aquaphor on it at night but its made zero progress. i also tried just letting it dry out and crust up and that hasn't made it heal any more either. i really need help. i finally got my skin to a point where i was happy and now this happened and i am having trouble getting out of bed and facing the world. please someone help me.
  5. Bumpy Texture

    From the album Joey

    Have this rough texture on both of my cheeks it came on my face right after puberty and stay there for years been wondering what products i can use to smooth it out.So far i have used AHA and moisture on it but don't really see any results was wondering what would you suggest
  6. I wash my face every morning with Cera Ve and overnight with Cera Ve and my Mia 3 brush. But it seems like no matter how clean I keep my face, I have little white bumps on my forehead that are only visible in certain light. They're not whiteheads, but they do pop and puss or something comes out. I just really want help and I want to know what this condition is because I'm really insecure about it. Thanks.
  7. So I've been on tazorac for 7 weeks now and still getting cystic acne. Should I just stop and ask the doctor for a different medication?? When I originally went it was just hormonal acne on my chin, but now it's on my cheeks and their big and cystic. I take bactrum and wash my face with cetaphil face wash. Any suggestions??
  8. So yesterday I was browsing an old log that said to put desitin (diaper rash cream) on your face to get rid of acne and red marks. So me being tired trying everything from seaweed to vinegar wanderd over to the baby section of CVS. They had the desitin but I decided to take a chance and go a gentle route. I bought a baby wash, the desitin, and a baby moisturizer. These have oats, Aloe Vera, and calendula which have anti inflammatory soothing properties. When I got home I used the wash, a gentle toner that I had lying around, the moisturizer, and finally the desitin. When I woke up this morning I was SHOOK. That giant comadone that I had been furiously rubbing stubborn acne gel on (for a week 2 times a day) was gone. I have been using acne products for over a year so maybe that is what was aggravating my skin. It's only day 1 but I'll update you on my progress
  9. hi! i have a lot of questions and need some quick advice but i'm going to give some background info / my personal experience first (just skip down to the questions if you would like!) BACKGROUND INFO- okay so i've had mild to moderate acne on and off since i was about 12 (in 15 now). i used to get pimples only on my forehead and they were never big at all. usually skin colored so they never really bothered me. i would also get blackheads around my nose but they were not noticeable. ( my mother always taught me good skincare and i've ALWAYS washed my face twice a day even being so young i never forgot to wash my face morning and night. ) about a year and half ago i started developing pimples on my cheeks that were sometimes red but not large. i would pop them sometimes (if they came to a head) but it wasn't a habit or anything. since the first time i got pimples on my cheeks my skin has been a rollercoaster ride. my skin would get very clear but then break out again and sometimes i would pick at them and make them way way worse. i tried every acne product on the market but nothing completely helped. this summer i switched to a new charcoal soap (little seed farm activated charcoal soap) a new spot treatment (yes to tomatoes salicylic acid treatment) and started using pure aloe as my moisturizer. in about a week my skin was almost completely clear, it was amazing! i honestly was so excited to go back to school and not have to wear any face makeup. then 2 days into school starting, my face went crazy. (i think it was a combo of stress and hormonal acne) but it was really bad. my mom bought me some benzoyl peroxide spot treatment to use instead of my salicylic acid one but other than that i didn't change anything else. i used that and in like 3 days my skin was almost back to normal. CURRENT PROBLEM (need help!) a few days ago i got a few pimples that weren't too bad but they all came to large heads so i popped them. one of them kept draining that clear liquid and wouldn't stop! but i kept dabbing it with a tissue and let it keep draining. the other ones popped pretty cleanly but one of them stung rlly bad when i put salicylic acid in it, but i didn't think much of it. so the next day i wake up and there is a giant purple mark around the one that drained a lot and the one that burned was really red. i just did my normal routine and ended up going swimming with some friends. when i came home the skin all around the purple one had peeled off and left this nasty wound and the other one looked pretty bad too. i've been putting neosporin and aloe on for 2 days but they still look pretty gross. i have school tomorrow and i usually don't wear makeup to school and i don't want to! i don't think makeup would cover it up anyway honestly. any advice that might help it heal atkeast a little bit overnight ?! i know it won't go back to normal overnight but there has to ben something to make it less gross. OTHER QUESTIONS- i have my first derm. visit on thursday and i was wondering what to expect on a first visit and if they will give me a prescription right away??? do all prescription products make your skin purge really bad? has anyone else had a scab fall off on its own and still left a "hole" in their skin?! how can i fix this or is it permanent? EDIT- if anyone wants to see pictures of the problem just let me know. i would also like to add that i only drink water and do not consume dairy and that helped me a lot with forehead acne. these wounds on my face are just really offputting and they are making me really sad and uncomfortable right now especially for someone who does not like makeup. (i also have gym in the morning at school and sweating with makeup on just makes matters worse.)
  10. I thought acne made me depressed... but damn at least when the benzoyl peroxide kicks in after 3 months (that's how long it takes me) I would have flawless skin!!! Pregnancy and breastfeeding ruined my skin>:( I never scarred as a teenager. Even if I popped a pimple, I usually never picked. Ugh I just feel like I have so many plans , specially romantically but I doubt any guy would feel turned on by acne marks . Ugh...... it's not even the red marks that piss off nearly as much as the small indentations and the new asymmetrical smile line I've been given thanks to acne marks. That started in April. I Have a photo gallery in my phone to track the progress. It's slow, I'm currently using Argan oil daily, vitamin c cleanser, BP, and a couple times a week I use Dans aha10% do ya'll think the Aha could help with small indented skin over time or should I just start derma rolling ?? I Have a 1.0 mm roller
  11. Hormonal Cystic Acne Help!

    i have had hormonal, cystic acne for years! Recently I have gotten my hormones tested and the results here in Canada were: high prolactin, low estrogen, lowish progesterone, low FSH, low LH, high cortisol and high DHEA with low free testosterone.. can anybody help me with this??? I am going to see a naturopathic doctor soon but unfortunately I don't have any insurance so it's very expensive.. just want to interpret this results if anyone has had anything fairly similar or any suggestions on what to do this acne is wreaking havoc on my life! Anything would be appreciated thank you!
  12. My oily skin is gone

    Im 14 nearly 15 and I've had acne and oily skin since I was 10 (i know I was young), but suddenly my oily skin has gone and in my t-zone it's normal and the rest of my skin is dry. Does this mean that my acne is going? As it has dulled down a bit lately. I just thought that I'm too young for my acne to go already, even though I wish it would.
  13. I have Hyperpigmentation and acne scars which have caused enlarged pores. They make my face look like they are a lot of holes. Also the dark spots are all allocated in one area on my face that it appears as if there is a line on my face as you can see in the second picture. I need help on how I can fix my face. I also start college again in two weeks and I already know people will judge me for this, or maybe I'm paranoid. Thank you.
  14. Hi, I've had mild acne for a few years now. Recently I've tried Australian Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Skin Wash which has worked very well. But I woke with an awful headache the first morning after using it for the first time the previous night. They calmed down slightly but were still a burden on my day. I've taken breaks from it to know for sure this is the cause of the headaches. Can tee tree oil cause headaches? Will I get use to it + they'll die down? Could it be one of the chemicals in the wash? Is it just me? - I don't seem to find this issue online or in the reviews... Any advice/knowledge would be appreciated
  15. I'm 36 years old and have struggled with acne since middle school. I've cut sugar, dairy, eggs. I've used BP, SA, Clindomycin and so many other products that I can't remember. Nothing has worked. I grabbed The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Night Lotion off of Amazon after reading reviews on a whim one night and after only a few days I've already had a significant difference my breakouts and reducing old red marks. I'm obsessed and cannot believe the change I've seen in my skin so quickly. I cannot recommend this product enough.
  16. Bacterial Acne cure needed

    I am 29 years old. Had acne since puberty. My skin gets hyperpigmentation and i have these black spots all over my cheeks. And i tried a lot of home remedies and nothing helped. When I was 25 years old i found a miracle cure called clindamycin which worked and kept my skin clear for 3 years. People used to marvel at my clear skin and asked my secret which of course i shared. And then all hell broke loose and now I have acne all over face which has progressed to cystic acne. It's been a year where I have tried 4 months of Spiro 100mg, 3 months of isotretinoin 10mg, 1 month of doxycycline 100mg and my acne doesn't seem to stop if I take a break. And even on medicines i am not 100% clear. I have tried benzoyl peroxide, Azelaic acid, multiple brands of clindamycin, adaplene, combinations of clindamycin and adaplene, clindamycin with BP and nothing works. Anybody , any help. I am desperately looking for it. Have posted in after 2 months of frantic searching through this forum and the internet for a miracle. I am obsessed. Fyi- i checked for pcod and i don't have it. My stupid ex dermatologist made me take Spiro guessing i would have pcod but thankfully no.
  17. A couple of weeks ago a rash started to appear on my chest, neck, back and few on my face. They're really small pimples with whiteheads and tend to not itch. They tend to easily burst with a scratch. I went to the doctors and they told me it was acne but I don't think it is. I've been on birth control for 8 months now and I've noticed that the pimples only appear during the three weeks I am on the pill and the week on my period they seem to clear and this cycle is consistent. I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and would suggest anything to prevent this from occcuring. I have stopped taking the pill and it's been two weeks but there isn't much of an improvement. Please help! It is effecting my confidence a lot
  18. Acne round mouth

    Hi, Recently I've had bad acne around my mouth mainly. I'm 19 years old, male. I've always had it growing up however recently it's got really bad (in my eyes its bad.) I don't really know where to go from here because it's been like this for over 10 days now. Keep getting really big red spots underneath the skin under and to the side of my mouth with yellow heads along the top of my mouth. Any suggestions on where I go from here would be great. Thank you!
  19. please help my forehead bump is getting worse. this bumps were so tiny and feels rough. my bumps has holes on top of it and when you squeeze it, it has some kind of oil crystal coming out. it looks horrible in personal. help please
  20. This is my skin. (See pictures) I'm 17 years old, female, and I have been dealing with acne since I was 12, but it properly started when I was 14. A brief background to my skin: I used Duac when I was about 15. It helped with my acne, but caused my skin texture to react leaving me with an orange peel-like texture, large pores. I think it is also due to over-exfoliation. I was prescribed differin later on, honestly didn't really do much at all. Just made my skin dry, the pore size stayed the same. (Ive tried DML lotion too. Applied it thickly like 6 times a day and it did nothing.) I have been dealing with this condition for 2 years now. I had poreless skin at about age 14. I am certain it is not to do with genetics either, both my family and parents don't have large pores. I will be going to try Paula's Choice 10% niacinamide from an FAQ that suggested it on here. Reviews are relatively good regarding the pore size, many saying their skin texture returns back to normal. But please anything you know is appreciated!! I am stuck. What's out there that I can use so my skin can return to normal? I am honestly so desperate. I have read all the forums there is out there.
  21. My acne cure after pill

    hey there I have literally never posted on an acne forum however I have trawled this forum and all over the internet for the past few years and can finally say my acne is under control (touch wood). I thought I would share on here what worked for me in the hope it might help others suffering! Basically, my story is the same as so many people - I came off the pill after around 10 years (dianne 35) and all of a sudden my face, and my back was a mess! I tried everything dietary first - I tried giving up dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, you name it. Nothing made much of a dent. I had literally never had bacne before so that was probably my most painful to deal with psychologically. So first and foremost - what worked for my bacne. I tried head and shoulders, specialty bloody zinc soaps, nizoral, everythinggg topical. Nada. What DID work was literally cutting a lemon in half grinding HUGE amounts of himalayan seasalt on top of it and then rubbing into my back. It sounds ridiculous but after a few weeks my bacne was gone. My face persisted. My face persisted with bad breakouts for another year. I tried every vitamin in the book. I was convinced my acne was hormonal (all the tell tale signs in terms of where I broke out and the type of acne it was. Plus I was 29, Im not going through puberty anymore!). Next I came across Estroblock (delgado). I took this with a liver supplement for about 4/5 months – slight improvement but not game changing. I then introduced their DHT blocker. This helped more but again, not entirely. THEN I introduced Evening primrose oil capsules. I took 1000mg 3 x a day. THIS is what I believe it my biggest game changer. Evening primrose helps regulate your hormones. And none of that 'better before it gets worse bullshit'. Within a few weeks my skin was ALOT better, almost clear. I have gone through about 2 massive bottles now (I use natures way - 200 capsules in each bottle) and my skin has stayed consistently good. NOT perfect, I still get pimples here and there but in comparison to what it was, so much improvement! I also break open a capsule rub it on my face at night as its great for complexion. I hope this helps somebody. To date I am still taking estroblock, DHT block and evening primrose. I am still dealing with alot of hyperpigmentation and some clogged pores (I did change my makeup to mineral to try to help this also) but compared to what it was I am ALOT happier in my skin. Goodluck everybody xx
  22. Hi guys... I feel a little bit stupid honestly for making my 1 month update sound so great. I truly felt like It looked alot better. I went to my parents house 2 days later after making this post and I ended up crying a ton to my mom about how much worse I felt like it looked. The lighting at my parents house is much brighter & every acne mark and pimple stuck out so much and was so red. Before I started Spiro I went there with no makeup & it looked better than now. It looks worse than the start. I know this is so common. I just thought my initial breakout was over, but my cheeks are continuing to purge AND my forehead has TONS of tiny pimples all over it. I feel like I did in middle school & it feels traumatic. I dread foundation. I can see the acne more when I wear it, but I still look better to other people and feel like I would not look professional without it because of all the red marks. I accepted a Nanny gig the rest of this week and it is all day Tuesday-Friday. I hate feeling like I have to wear makeup. I love wearing it when my skin is all clear and I feel like I am using it for fun & to enhance my natural beauty. When I have acne, I feel like all it looks like is a failed attempt at covering up a bunch of gross bumps. I can't get over the fact it was flawless 2 months ago. I have been dealing with grief and depression severely & initial breakouts really really make that worse. I have thoughts like...I should've never started it because It just looks worse than the start and I have to wait months for it to maybe go back to normal. Acne causes so much negativity in my thoughts. I am a completely different woman when I had clear skin. I swear it affects every aspect of my life. I can't stop looking in mirrors and observing every imperfection. I am trying to be positive but I am so impatient. I am amazed it has already been 1 month though. It did fly by. I hope the next two months fly by and I start seeing a big difference. I hope my 3 month appointment is not me crying and upset but positive and seeing clear skin in my near future. When I said my skin had no active serious breakouts a few days ago...I swear they were just preparing to erupt or something. I just want to see some real improvement that isn't going a step forward and two steps back. I hope by month 2 I will have clear cheeks or a clear forehead. I just want one part of my face clear. I am almost out of my Clindamycin gel and I used it super fast. I over did it. I was thinking about replacing it with my Retina A cream but I stopped using it after I got bad cheek breakouts the day after using it last.I can't bare for it to get worse. I start my period this coming Sunday. 5 days. Maybe it is worse because it is a week before my period? I take out my birth control ring for a week for my period. I like the ring and don't want to switch to a pill. I stayed clear with the ring for a long time. I want to ask about Ortho Tri Cyclen or Tri Sprintec if my acne isn't making big improvements in 4 months max. I know I should have maybe waited for this update at the 1 month and 2 week mark, but I'm keeping it real with you guys. It felt better then it felt way worse.
  23. Ok so I have moderate to severe acne and I have a lot of whiteheads that I can never get rid of due to an old face wash that I've used , I recently bought the NEUTROGENA oil free stress control toner & ive been using it for about 1 week and I've been breaking out like crazy ! Idk if it's purging because there is 2% salicylic acid in it or if I'm just breaking out because it's not working ! I thought maybe my little whiteheads are turning to pimples and will soon disappear ? Idk I need answers because I can't find it anywhere & I need to know if I should continue using this or just stop
  24. Hey whoever is reading this, i'm 15 and currently a sophomore in high school. i've had ance since about 6th grade and it's gotten worse over the years. i've been on the regimen for about maybe 4 months now and sadly, my skin isn't clear. However, i do believe my skin would be beautiful by now if only i could stop popping all these pimples. i always tell myself, "DONT PICK!". This usually lasts for a couple days and my skin will start to clear up but then something triggers me and i start to pick. Then i ruin my face and feel horrible about myself. Am i the only one who goes through this? i really need help and i want to stop but it's like i'm addicted to doing it. if anyone could please leave suggestions or places i can go or things i can do to stop this obsession before i ruin my skin forever, it would greatly appreciated.
  25. Ever since I was 10, I've had acne, which 10 seems like a young age but it happened. In middle school, it got worse (one reason was bc I didn't really have a skin care routine). But in high school, it absolutely EXPLODED. Zits covered every square inch of my face (my forehead didn't really break out tho). So I was prescribed Minocycline and Birth Control & I used a Clinque skin care line, which all 3 helped get my acne minimal for about half a year or so. Then, it came back!!! So I switched out my skin care stuff for a prescribed face wash and a prescribed Clinamycin BP spot treatment. Those worked for about a month and then my acne came back again!! I've been off the Minocyclune for about 3 weeks but it didn't make my face worse or better. And in the past, I've tried EVERY thing possible: retinols, BP, salicyic acid, AHAs, charcoal washes, EpiDuo, Proactiv, washing my face with natural products, drinking lots of water (girl, i drink 8-9 water bottles a DAY), exercise regularly, you NAME it and i've tried it. So my new dermatologist told me I should get on accutane. my acne is mild / moderate, EXTREMELY prone to breakouts (even when I don't wear makeup for a week), and it's persistent in the same spot (usually around my chin area). Do you think i should go for ACcutane?? (I'm 17 btw so I've had acne for 7+ years now)