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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if ships to the Caribbean and what would be the cost?
  2. After Popping my a bumb on my nose i decided to peel of the skin that was on my nose, it then turned pink and grew back darker then my orignal skin tone. Will it go away after awhile and will skin grow over it so that its normal again
  3. hey all! I've been using the regimen for 1 year. my skin has slightly improved in acne, but I still have it. The only difference is instead of about 8 there are around 3 pimples on average. still, I get cystic painful pimples but also normal ones still with scars everywhere. Since using my skin has become very dehydrated, peeling in some areas and oily in others. I follow the regimen precisely the only thing extra I do is with using the moisturizer I also use CeraVe because of how dry it can get. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME (for reference I'm a 16-year-old, Female)
  4. hey I've been using the regime for a year now. Some of my acne has cleared up but not all of it. My skin is oily in some areas and unbearably flaky and dry in some which all started after i used the regimen. MY skin still stings from using BP. I use two pumps because I've been using the regimen for so long but i don't think its still suppose to burn. I follow everything exactly also i use AHA. should i decrease the amount of bp that I'm using? for reference I'm 16 years old with moderate acne that scars very easily.
  5. I have been using the regimen for a year now and one thing that i found was really important to apply was sunscreen. For me i would always put sunscreen on after moisturizer or i would add it to my moisturizer in the morning but in my regimen i always had to blot away excess moisturizer because i put a generous amount on because my skin has always been very flaky using My favorite way to apply sunscreen is using a makeup sponge. After i put my moisturizer on and let it sit i blot of the excess to leave my skin bare than i take my beauty blender sponge and get it wet, then apply it to my face almost like i would apply foundation. This has been so amazing in the summer because before my sunscreen would ball up on my face because of my moisturizer. I use the Neutrogena face sunscreen by the way!
  6. I have been on the regimen since March 11th and I'm confused because initially I had bad breakouts on my cheeks. That cleared up very well with the treatment in the first month then I began using AHA+ on April 11th. I loved the results I saw from the AHA as well, but Around April 17th I noticed tiny bumps popping up on only 1 side of my nose and they progressed to both sides and actual nose as the weeks went by. I wasn't sure what was causing it and thought maybe I wasn't cleaning well enough since it was only 1 side at first, but I just stopped using the AHA+ this month (June) just to see if it was the cause. This isn't an area where I normally breakout so I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone else experienced these same bumps around their nose area? What should I do? I'm so self conscious, my birthday is this month and I just want them gone! Early April (Right before breakouts started) The Breakout (Last week, but they are still coming)
  7. Hi everyone, I’m new to the regime and can’t seem to find an answer on this: Is it ok to rinse your face throughout the day with water only AFTER you have gone through the regimen in the morning? Basically, when I work out - I would ideally like to be able to lightly rinse my face with water. But I’m concerned that this will wash away the treatment and moisturizer. Do I have to reapply both the treatment and moisturizer? Do I have to go through the whole routine again? Is there a minimum time frame that the product has to be on the face in order to be effective? Thanks for the help! M
  8. Ive never made a blogpost before, but i thought i really needed to write this down. Ive used the regimen for 2+ years i think. Ive been struggling with acne for 7 years since i was 10 years old. My acne is really on the surface and not really cystic what makes me 'lucky' i guess. But i do have severe acne, it is literally everywhere. And mostly whiteheads. But the regimen worked great for me for about a year. After that my acne slowly came back. I kept using it because of course i wanted it to work as well as it did. But what i didn't know was that when i decided the regimen really wasn't working anymore and i quit. My acne got from about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 to a 11 on a scale of 1-10. I could never imagine i ruined my face so badly. The years and years of benzoyl had ruined my face. And if i would've known this would happen i would probably not have used it this long. I think it is an amazing product for a temporary solution. But you are ruining your skin/face if you use this for years. It is such a strong product that there is no way it is healthy for you to use this for years. I wish i would've seen that sooner. I now am on accutane because my face got so extremely bad after i quit the regimen. Hopefully that will work for me. I do not want to make you scared of starting or quitting. But if you start i hope you know that this is not a permanent solution. You can't keep putting a heavy cream on your skin twice a day and think your skin will be fine. Also if you decide to quit i would recommend to really do it slowly. Don't go cold turkey but try to slowly get off it. But i hope that if you're someone who starts. Please don't use it for longer then 6 months. Your skin will be thankful and it will safe you so much misery. And i do think Dan is amazing for creating a formula that can give you a break of acne. But in the end for me (and a lot of others ) when you quit it only gets worse. i read a lot of blogs that say the same thing so do your research before starting and if you want to quit!!!
  9. Hey guys so i've been using the regimen now for 10 months and my skin definitely has gotten better acne wise even thought i still do get some pimples that scar sometimes but its better than it was at the beginning. My issue is my skin texture, its still dry peeling and flaky just like the first few months of using this treatment. I've tried to lower bp, use jojoba oil to get rid of peeling skin, I've used so much moisturizer, i started using cerave moisturizer as well as the one and jojoba oil together because my skin was so bad, i use aha+ regularly. but i don't think it helps because its not really dong much. Should i start just using bp at night? HELPPPP
  10. So I’ve been on the Regimen for just over 2 months now - a point at which many, many people have said they’ve started seeing results to the point where their skin has pretty much stopped forming new pimples altogether, or they may get a breakout every week or so. I wish I could say the same thing. I’ve had moderate acne and very oily skin for 5-6 years of my life now, and I have tried countless treatments ranging from natural to chemical; different brands, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, zinc, African black soap, aloe Vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel - but none have made my acne disappear for good. While my skin had improved, it was still far from anything I’d be happy with. I would still get new pimples every day or every couple of days, and after switching up products I would get breakouts of small bumps around my T-zone. I would get both small and large, deep pimples at that point. That’s what my skin was like up until I started the regimen. Far from perfect, but not as bad as it was before. I decided to start the Regimen because every time I would research acne solutions, I would always stumble upon good reviews of the Regimen - of people saying after they’ve tried everything this finally worked. I decided I really had nothing to lose; my skin wasn’t getting better. I haven’t resorted to accutane yet - that would truly be my last option. Now I knew, going into the regimen, that it would get worse for the first few weeks but then show significant results. I also knew it would dry out my skin a lot to the point of flakiness, so I was fairly prepared. The first night I tried the regimen, a deep pimple that had been forming just disappeared when I woke up. I was really starting to have hope. Then the weeks that followed we’re absolute hell. I don’t think my skin had ever gotten so bad as it had then - from weeks 3 to 5 my skin felt like it was bubbling because large pimples would form in clusters and wouldn’t go away for days, and new ones would form right after. I would get several new pimples a day and would end up popping several everyday too (which is bad, but I really had no choice because they would all come to a whitehead at one point, which looked disgusting to me). The good news is that the small bumps on my T-zone completely disappeared and my skin there was smooth. Just that my acne went from moderate to what felt like severe. And another thing - I would get pimples in places I’ve never had before, like on my jawline, cheekbones, and center of my cheeks (closer to my nose). That was the entire first month. I felt like absolute shit and really wanted to quit, but I had heard that it takes a good 3 months at least to become clear. I wanted to stick it out for the whole 3 months first and see where to go from there. But I was really starting to lose hope because although I heard of people’s skin getting worse for the first month, I didn’t think it would get SO bad that my acne would jump from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. Then something wonderful happened! Around week 6, the right side of my face became COMPLETELY clear. Not a single pimple, big or small, in sight. The left side was clearing up as well - just some recently popped pimples flattening out. I had barely any new pimples forming - but that lasted for just a day or two. Then out of nowhere my skin started freaking out again. I literally hadn’t changed anything about my routine. I had been following the regimen to a T - exactly as instructed (or so I thought). 10 seconds to cleanse (2 pumps). Wait to dry. Apply finger’s length of BP (and I also gradually built it up from the start as Dan directed). Let dry. Apply 2 pumps moisturizer. And I used all of the regimen’s products too. At this point, I realized the one thing I wasn’t doing right was rubbing the BP and moisturizer in for about 3 minutes and then letting the rest to soak in. I had been doing it for a minute or less (never timed it and was kinda impatient). I’m not sure how big of an effect this had but I made sure to time myself every time I did the regimen from that point onward. Flakiness was also pretty bad at this point. I should also point out that I did and continue to wear makeup everyday for school, just because of how bad my scarring has become. About halfway into month 2, around week 6/week 7, I noticed that after that one day of clear skin, my skin did get worse but not as bad as the first month. Rather than large clusters of breakouts, my pimples were more spread out. However, while during the first month my forehead was completely clear, now I was getting new pimples on my forehead every single day. On random parts of my cheeks too, and on my jawline and chin. They were smaller pimples for the most part, but some were deeper cystic ones. Around this time, I introduced the AHA lotion and switched the regular moisturizer with the Cetaphil moisturizer because of how bad the flakiness got and wouldn’t go away (both really helped with flakiness, but I can’t tell if they help or worsen my acne). Now I’m just a week into month 3 and I have barely seen any improvement. I admit, my skin was not as bad as the first month of the regimen, but now I’m getting random, noticeable forehead pimples. Every day I wake up to like 4 new, painful bumps on random parts of my face and several smaller whiteheads. The pimples are slightly smaller than before, but overall I feel like my skin might be worse than when I started the regimen. Somehow through all this I still have hope, that maybe one day I’ll wake up and have absolutely no pimples, just scars (should say that the first month of the regimen left me with deeper scars than I ever had before, but I’m less worried about that as this can be covered up or solved later). Does anyone know if this is normal? To be more than 2 months into the regimen and still get regular, pretty bad breakouts daily? Has this happened to anyone and has their skin still cleared up with the regimen? Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Feedback would be much, much appreciated.
  11. Hi I've currently been using the regimen for roughly four years, before that I did the whole anti-biotics, creams and lotions from the doctors. It was actually Isotretoin that cleared me up but sadly my acne come back after (not as bad though). Now I'm 26 I would like to stop the regimen altogether, has anybody had any experiences of coming off? I can get anyway with just doing the regimen (with AHA) once a day at night before bed, without any major breakouts. However after a few days of not doing it I'll break out, should I ride the breakouts out in the hope I'll be clear after a few weeks? Any experience/ advice would be helpful. Thanks
  12. AHA Making Skin Peel?

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    I've been on the regimen since November 2017, and I added AHA to the regimen in the beginning of February 2018. I put it on at night time 1/2 and 1/2 with my moisturizer, and I've noticed that shortly after applying the AHA, it will start to kind of crumble up, especially around my chin. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm not too sure if I should just go ahead and stop using it or not, because I am seeing results in regards to my hyperpigmentation.
  13. Hey everyone, OK so I live in Sydney Australia and want to give the Regimen a go. I haven't received my package yet but I've been reading up on how to cleanse properly and all that. I checked out the reviews of the moisturizer and they concern me. I don't want to have a yellowish tinge to my face after application. I don't wear makeup so if this is going to make my face a strange colour then I might have to give it a miss. I am keen on everything about the Regimen except the moisturizer. Apparently the reviewers say that the old formula was awesome but objectively, the new one is really not working for most people. I believe the Regimen will get me clear and I want to follow all the instructions but I dunno if I should try a different moisturizer than the one that will arrive in my post? Thanks for reading this and have a lovely day <3 Cheers Jess
  14. Teens

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    Acne regimen is it allowed for 15 yrs old?
  15. moisturizer

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    I am in the second week of the regimen with all of the products. I am having trouble with the moisturizer, though. I am using it as directed, and with several drops of jojoba oil with every application. However, it feels like it is not absorbing into my skin, just staying on the surface and leaves me looking really oily. I also don't like the yellow stains it is leaving on my pillowcases. Should I give it more time, since my skin is still adjusting, or should I try a moisturizer like CeraVe or Cetaphil? Thanks!
  16. Hey guys! I've recently introduced Niacinamide (Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary) into my skin care regime and I was just wondering if it would create or cause a negative reaction on my skin. I'm planning on applying the Niacinamide first, then wait a bit for it to absorb. Once done, I'd layer the AHA Lotion ( on top. Does this sound suitable? Please let me know, any responses are much appreciated! Thanks
  17. Hi guys. So I’ve almost been on the regimen for a year now. I am happy to say that I am now maintaining 99% clear skin, but my face is still red from the bp. I currently use cleanser, pea size amount of bp, and cerave lotion in the am, and cleanser, pea size amount of bp, and cetaphil lotion in the pm. I still get a very red face after applying this very small amount and it is so frustrating. I only wait about 2-3 minutes after showering before applying bp, and the same amount of time between treating and moisturizing. Is that my problem? Anybody have any good recommendations for a better pm moisturizer? Somebody please help me. I am so frustrated.
  18. Hi there! I'm 18 years old and i live here in the PH. So, I've been dealing with my facial acne since i entered college. My acne started when I was in my first year first semester. My acne can be classified in between mild and severe. From time to time, I managed to get clear skin but it will only last for about a week or two. Then new sets of pimples will arise. I've already tried TONS of products like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, aloe vera and different BRANDS like eskinol, nature republic, celeteque, nivea, garnier, and many more. I've never felt really sad and conscious about myself until today (dec28, 2017 - im now in my 3rd yr in college). Why? Because i've recently MANAGED AGAIN to clear my skin, i thought i'll be able to clear my skin for a long time but it only lasted 3days. And i'm really starting ti get depressed. Anyways, my skin care routine is as follows: 1. Cleanser (Glycolic Acid soap) 2. Toner (Eskinol) 3. Acne treatment (Quick Fix - Pimple Eraser) 4. Moisturizer (Aloe Vera Gel) 5. Scrub (1-2x a week only - Human Heart Nature Detox Scrub) 6. Masks (1-2x a week only - either beauty fix oil control peel off mask, Aloe Vera Mask, Atomi Peel Gel Mask) I don't know what else to do!!! I think I'm doing everything that I can. I am OK with my DIET. I ALWAYS drink about 8 glasses of water or more. And I always clean my face using my regimen! I don't know whats the problem with me. Please help huhu *inserted is my current skin condition: I have an active acne in my chin, the rest are just acne marks (red ones)
  19. From the album *NEW* Youtube video

    Beauty & Blemishes, Is a video and written blog movement that highlights inner beauty despite flaws! My channel focuses on Skin care,Wellness/lifestyle, Self Love, Inspiration, Beauty, plus more! This video highlights the products I have been using for 1 year from All products can be purchased from their website.
  20. I’ve been using the regimen for about 5 days now and my skin looks worse than when I started. I know you’re all thinking “you need to get used to the BP” but I’m pretty sure it’s not that. I was using bp (5%) before I started the regimen so I’m still starting off with a small amount once a day but my skin is used to the bp since I had been using it before. The cleanser seems fine as well but the moisturizer makes my skin extremely oily! I have oily skin as it is but the moisturizer makes my face looks like it’s full of sweat after just an hour of applying the moisturizer. Too much oil makes you break out and my skin has been really oily since i started the regimen. It’s really frustrating because my forehead had become like 90% clear before I started the regimen and now it’s breaking out bad again so it’s really discouraging! I will continue the regimen but without the moisturizer. I will substitute it for the aveeno moisturizer. Any advice?
  21. Hi everyone, I posted a little while ago but I am 5.5 weeks into the regimen and my skin is breaking out worse than before. I have much, much more acne around my mouth and I keep getting constant breakouts there. In addition, my skin is extremely flaky even with adding jojoba oil. Is this normal? Should I keep pushing through or should I try something else?? I am using a pump and a half of the BP and I am following the regimen pretty much to a "T", just a side note. Attached is a picture of my skin right now.
  22. So I’ve been using a different acne kit to clear my skin and though it has helped, there has been some cons to it. The one I wanna talk about is the texture of my skin. The treatment has helped reduce the amount of bumps and pimples, but In doing so, it has made my skin look weird. Like it really looks and feels like there’s a different coat/layer on top of my actual skin and it just looks plain weird. Will the regimen do the same or does the skin actually look and feel smooth?
  23. So I’ve been using the Mary Kay acne treatment kit for over a year and it has helped my skin, but my acne isn’t completely gone and I still have really bad breakouts (my cheeks recently broke out a lot and my forehead still has bumps). The kit comes with a cleansing gel, a toner, the acne treatment, and a moisturizer. I have really oily skin (it’ll get oily like an hour after washing). I use the clean and clear oil absorbing sheets throughout the day to get rid of the excess oil but after doing so, my skin doesn’t look clear it looks dry and my skin is flaky. Just yesterday I found out that the acne treatment has 5% benzoyl Peroxide in it which I’m assuming is what helped me get my skin to where it’s at (both clearer than it was before and flaky). The regimen’s acne treatment has 2.5% benzoyl Peroxide. So my questions are, 1) is the benzoyl Peroxide in the regimen suppose to be what helps clear up the skin? because if so, I’ve already tried it (a higher percentage of it even) and it hasn’t worked. And I really don’t want to waste my money on something I’ve already tried before and didn’t work for me. 2) If it’s the whole regimen that genuinely helps clear the skin, will my skin get worse since I will start using a lower percentage of benzoyl Peroxide than im used to? and 3) would I still have to start off with a small amount of BP and work my way up or can I just start with a greater amount than is suggested for new comers?
  24. Hi everyone! I'm coming here for some ideas on what to do to help my skin now. Here is the quick run down: -I'm 19 - Have had acne for 5 years -Visited a dermatologist for 4 of those 5 years -I have been on finacea, clindamycin gel and lotion, minocycline, epiduo forte (this did help quite a bit but I still got frequent small breakouts), tretinoin .5%, retin-A micro .08%, Tazorac .1%, bactrim, onexton, benzefoam, tried Navan skincare vitamins (honestly don't know if these helped) -I had an allergic rxn to bactrim -went on bc but I got a blood clot so I CANNOT take bc -NOW: I am currently 3.5 weeks into the regimen and my skin is constantly dry and it has only gotten worse. I get painful breakouts around my mouth all the time. I am also on doxycycline. I just don't know what to do about my skin. I know that it is still early in my regimen but it is very disheartening to see my skin breaking out much worse now than it did before I started. I want to try everything I can before going on accutane because I really don't want to have to take it. It is very hard feeling like I have no power over my skin. This is especially magnified in college when you are constantly surrounded by people. What suggestions do you guys have for a girl who is just done with breaking out and has tried quite an extensive amount of products? I just don't know where to go next.
  25. Hello! I have a question about the regimen: does one product in the regimen complete the other? What I mean is if I replace one product with a product not from will it slow down the results because they all work together like a holy triangle? I have been using the regimen for some time now and I am so far pleased with the results and I hope I can continue to see these results in the same pace. I live in a country where it is cold right now which makes my skin really really dry and the moisturizer just doesnt do the job even though I apply a very generous amount. No matter how much I apply in the morning my skin will be flaky and feel like desert ground in the afternoon. I am thinking about replacing it for another moisturizer that I have which moisturizes my skin better but before I do so I wanted to consult with you guys. Has anyone tried it before? Is there some ingredient in the moisturizer that is like boosting the results or is its only job to moisturize? Thanks in advance