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  1. As a teenager I experienced a small pimple here and there, never anything cystic and never anything I would describe as acne. It wasn't until I turned 23 that my skin began having issues. I returned home from a family vacation with a pretty bad breakout. I tried over the counter products for a couple of months before I decided the breakout wasn't going away. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who took one look at my face (not a very close look) and told me that I had adult acne. Because I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide (works on my pimples but leaves the surrounding skin itchy, red, and swollen) I was prescribed a tretinoin cream and medication. I never filled the medication prescription because back then I was still sure the breakout would go away and the side effects of the pills scared me. I don't even remember the name of the pills. I used the cream for a couple of months and found my skin itchy and red and aggravated. I read that this was the initial break out, but the breakout lasted too long for me and I was so impatient, I stopped using the cream. I suffered for a few more months before I booked an appointment with an esthetician. The esthetician went through my makeup bag and threw out every pore clogging item I used on my face. She set me up with new cleansers and moisturizers, and with mandellic serum. I visited her office monthly, alternating between vitamin a peels and gentler treatments, and upping the mandelic serum formula every once in a while. After 3 months I saw a substantial improvement, and after 6-7 months my skin was completely clear. I stayed clear for over a year with less frequent visits to the esthetician. Then, after moving and starting a new job, I started breaking out again. I do have a small problem with picking my skin. I know that makes it worse, and I'm sure that's what intensified the breakout. I was stressed, which caused acne, then I was stressed because I had acne. I booked an appointment with a new dermatologist and she was much more helpful. She diagnosed me with hormonal acne and I started taking spironolactone- which combined with my birth control pills, seemed to help. I saw a great improvement but never got completely clear. I decided I wanted to try isotretinoin. It has been one month now and I have seen promising results. My next post will be all about the first month.
  2. My Acne Story

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    So, I'm 18 years old and I have been struggling with acne for about 10 years. I know it's weird to think about a 4th grader having acne, but that's the earliest I remember having it because a kid in my class had called me "pimple face". This isn't really a post to tell you guys how I cured my acne, because I still struggle with it to this day and I still have acne. I guess what I want to say is just that I truly understand the struggle and that you're not alone. To begin with, you should know that I've always dealt with extremely oily skin/hair. I had/have severe acne, which I don't think was cystic, but I had pimples covering every spot on my skin. I had acne all over my face, my chest, my back, and even a few on my upper arms. When I was in 4th-5th grade (when my acne started on my forehead), my parents allowed me to try Proactiv. I now believe that that really wasn't a good idea because I feel that Proactiv progressively made my skin worse. After that, I remember trying countless drugstore face washes, creams, etc. Over the years I have gone to the doctor/dermatologist so many times and have gotten 21 different prescriptions, but none cleared up my skin. The prescriptions I've taken/tried are as followed: Differin 0.1% (prescribed to me 3x) Clindamycin Phosphate 1% (prescribed to me 3x) Minocycline 100mg Retin-A 0.025% Tetracycline 250mg Amoxicillin 500mg Benzamycin 3-5% Vibramycin 50mg Accutane 40mg (went on two courses) Differin 0.3% (prescribed to me 3x) Adoxa 50mg Avidoxy 100mg Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Spironolactone 50mg Keep in mind that these are just things I received from the doctor. I tried SO many things. Accutane was the only thing that cleared my skin twice, but my acne/oily skin came back in less than 3 months after both courses. It's a lot to go through as a teenager, and I know I probably shouldn't have taken so many medications because "almost everyone gets acne in their teenage years", but mine was so bad. I literally was the only one in my high school class that had extremely greasy bumpy skin while everyone else around me had smooth normal skin with the occasional 1-2 pimples. I can't even tell you how many times I've had people ask me if I washed my face correctly or if I wanted to try something that "helped their friend". It had affected my self-esteem so much. At one point in my life, I refused to look into mirrors because I didn't want to look at my acne. I also avoided certain clothes because I had so much acne on my back. I can't even tell you how many times in my life that I have broken down and cried for hours because of my skin condition. After my second course of Accutane (which ended earlier this year), my oily skin and my acne started to return. I did some more research and found out about Spironolactone. I went to see an endocrinologist to get my hormones tested. And while I did not have any hormonal imbalances or adrenal/thyroid problems, she wanted me to try it. And to be honest with you, one week on Spironolactone was worse than any side effects I ever got from Accutane both rounds. I drink about 1-2 liters of water a day, but within 9 days on Spironolactone my skin dried up so bad (it flaked whenever I washed it). In addition, the edges of my lips cracked no matter how much Aquaphor I put on it. I was only on Spiro for 9 days until I stopped it. (As of today I've been off Spiro for 3 days) I hated the side effects it gave me, and I worried that in the future if it did end up working my body would depend on it and I would always get acne again if I ceased to use it. So I guess that brings me to today. I have just decided to try and take care of my skin naturally and wait for my acne to go away with age. I wash my face twice a day, then I use Benton BHA toner, spot treat using tea tree oil, and last Benton Aloe Gel for moisturizer. I currently switch back and forth between Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH and a moisturizing face mask. My acne, I assume, is purely genetic. While my mom never had bad acne, she had the occasional big pimple here and there when she was younger. My dad on the other hand, suffered with bad face/back acne just like me. He tells me that his cleared up by the time he was 21-22. Although he still has oily skin today, he doesn’t get acne anymore. Frankly, I’m so sick and tired of depending on medication to solve my acne when I know deep down that it might not even work. I’m slowly growing out of my teenage years and am starting college in 9 days. Hopefully, I learn to love myself more, accept that pimples are cute and pink, and they finally leave me somewhere soon down the road.
  3. I was following the paleo diet (no grains, sugar, dairy, or beans and focusing on fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, lean meat, etc.) and it was not only helping my body but also my skin. It looked a lot firmer, healthier, and had more life to it. And no breakouts in sight. A month into my diet, I got sick... very sick. I won't go into the nitty gritty details but I ended up in the hospital needed fluids due to dehydration and also just double checking that it wasn't anything serious. I have never been sick for that long - it took me 2 weeks to feel like myself again! Anyways, after being so sick I could not handle ANY food (I could barely handle liquid) so I was eating popsicles, gatorade, and that's about it. All sugar and dyes. It was a big shock to my body to go from such clean eating to total junk. Once I could finally eat food again, I had horrible cravings for all things carbs, sugar, and dairy! My skin absolutely reflected it too!! Clogged pores, a few zits, no radiance, fine lines are more noticeable. It amazes me more and more how much diet and acne are connected! I am looking forward to diving back in to the paleo lifestyle and continuing to see the awesome results that I had previously been enjoying. I am still using retin a micro .1% 2x per week and no longer have any side effects from it. My Acne Story: The Craziest Acne Treatment I Tried: Every Acne Treatment I Tried: The Good, The Bad, & The Stupid: Retin A Micro Side Effects & Results: If you are curious about my paleo journey, you can check it out here:
  4. My Acne Story

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    So I've always had almost perfect clear skin as a kid and even as an early teen, even while always having oily skin. However, as I got older I started noticing small breakouts, but not many. They usually went away rather quicker and left little to no marks on my face. Around age 15-16 my face became REALLY oily and I started developing blackheads, but they were barely noticeable. However, recently, now aged 17, my acne has been getting really bad and bothersome. Sometimes it calms down, and sometimes it just flares up. I used aloe vera gel from the leaf ifor a month with some improvements. However, I started to develop a patch of small closed comodones on both cheeks that make my face look rough. I began to use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and this just dried out my face and made it flake, although I do admit I overused it by using 4-6 pumps every time I used it. I left the wash and began to use Clearasil, with a Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Toner, and then some oil free moisturizer. This regimen helped a little, but barely. I'm just lucky my skin flared up AFTER prom and graduation. I turned to a natural face cleanser, raw African Black Soap. This soap made my face tighten, which some moisturizer solved. I have been only using it for a week (as of August 24, 2015) and to be honest, it has made me breakout. Some people say there is a purging period but who knows. Before beginning the ABS, I had pimples that I hoped the soap would remove, but it didn't. Out of desperation, I popped them. They oozed so much gunk (sorry, TMI) but they left red and dark spots. The picture where my face doesn't look too bad is a picture before I started the ABS and before I popped them. The picture with all the pimples and redness is after I popped them. Seeing this picture made me cry a little - I had never seen my face so horrible ever. I will begin, starting tomorrow, using Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask with 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide while also using the African Black soap. The ABS will be for the morning while the neutrogena cleanser will be for nighttime. I will be posting updates on how my skin will react. Hopefully I get good results since I start college in a few days.
  5. My Story With Acne

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    So where do I start? Hopefully not with the whole puberty talk but just the acne problem that comes with it should do (chuckle). When I was in grade 5 about 11 I got my first zit on my nose. I didn't know until then but that was a pustule where there was a red inflamed look to it. Of course no one in my class was use to it so they called me rudoph the red nose reindeer. Kids can be cruel right? Well needless to say, I just brushed it off until I started middle school in grade 6. That's when my small zits around me nose spread all over my cheeks, chine, forehead and temples. I was then called pizza face by everyone and I could not handle looking at the mirror. One day, I saw an ad on t.v called Proactiv® and I told my mom if we could try it. So once i started using the 3-step system, I immediately saw a massive improvement for the first 2 months. Unfortunately, due to the hefty price, we could not buy it anymore so I had to opt for the cheaper drugstore products. My acne came back and I was desperate to find a cure. I then came across a system very similar to proactiv® called Acnefree® and that cleared me up and even better than proactive®. I continued to use it for 2 and a half years until it was discounted in Canada so I was left with acne coming back. I know, what a pain, right? I started using other products like Oxy which was very decent and good and very fast and cheap to buy! Clearasil is one of my favourites because it works great and feels great. Neutrogena® is also and still today my go to brand and of course clean and clear® has a multitude of great products. So as you can see, I had to go through many phases of ups and downs until I founds things that worked. You guys can too! I'm 17 now and I can say that my hormones are starting to slow down with that my acne is also not as active unless if I'm stressed.
  6. Differin 3% Experience

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    I decided I wanted to tell people about my experience with differin so I figured I would start a blog on here! Background on my skin, I started getting acne when I was in 6th grade, never severe but pretty moderate. Then my freshman year I decided to go on birth control to see if it would help, and it did a little bit but not much. During my sophomore year i found out I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to benzoyl peroxide, harsh face scrubs, and some other random things. Lucky me, right? At the end of my sophomore year I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me differin 3% and doxycycline. It took the full three months to get any results. I had no changes in the first month, just some minor flaking but moisturizer took care of it, the second month my skin began to purge these big painful pimples that seemed to take forever to clear up. And in the third month my skin was clear but more oily. At my three month check up he said I could try switching to the 1% to see if it would help with the oiliness. So I did. And that was the stupidest thing to do. My skin stayed clear for maybe two more months but then began to break out all over again. I was pissed. It was my junior year and I was back to feeling so insecure about my face that I would stay home sometimes just to try and clear it up faster. During christmas break I went back to using the 3% and my skin was awful. It was red, dry, and irritated. My skin was peeling off and leaving me with raw patches that only aquaphor would heal. You know how when your sunburns starting to heal and you peel off chunks of dead skin? That's what my face was doing. In May my face was still breaking out, but it was also so dry. I would get out of the shower and it would literally be a layer of dead skin on my face that you could see. It was like differin was just tearing my face apart. I tried cetaphil, cerave, ponds, clean and clear, and aveeno moisturizers and nothing worked. I switched to a cream cleanser by burts bees and it helped some but didn't take it away completely. My parents decided it was time to go back to the dermatologist and I asked for ziana and aczone. He said it was a good idea so I am now using those prescriptions. I will be tracking my progress! I don't know why my skin reacted so badly to the 3% differin the second time I used it but I will never go back to it. I know it works great for other people and I'm glad it does but it just didn't do it for me!
  7. Hello to anyone who is taking the time to read this... My name is Ali. I am a soon-to-be-21 year old psychology major, and I also study public health and nutrition. Woo! I love it !! I am also dealing with acne! Boo. My struggle with acne started when I was 18. From puberty until I turned 18, my skin was flawless. But then I suddenly began breaking out very rapidly and severly for no apparent reason. This was extremely traumatizing for me. I quickly began to hate myself. In no time, I was a master of drugstore cosmetics and probably tried every facewash known to man, as well as proactive. Nothing was working. I tried exercise, increasing sleep, managing stress, changing my diet, birth control, etc. And although these things would help slightly( except birth control), it would only do that--help. Nothing was curing my acne and stopping it from forming. It was awful. I could talk to you for hours about all of the trauma that acne has caused me. I don't remeber what it is like to look in the mirror and not be afraid of what I see. But I do remember how much easier and happier my life was. I go through everything that anyone suffering from acne experiences. I sit in my room alone a great majority of the time because I am too embarressed of the way I look. I turn down invitation from my friends all the time because their skin is perfect and I am the one with something wrong and it causes me anxiety (Even though my friends would never judge me--it just depresses me to be around flawless faces). I don't watch tv or movies because everyone has perfect skin and it makes me depressed. I am afraid to eat just about anything that isnt a fruit or vegetable because of what it might do to my skin. I cry, a lot. But not too much, because too much crying causes a breakout. My whole acne experience is just soo much sadness. And of course, the sadness I feel is all a state of mind and it is my belief about the way my skin should be that causes my sadness. I am aware of this. But it is just hard. I want my life back--I don't want it to revolve around acne anymore. I've come to realize that I will never be able to except it. I just don't have it in me. So, because of all these feelings I have, I decided to go to a dermatologist in March of 2012. I was given a benzyol perxoide and some other topical (adalpalene?) to put on. It didn't help at all. Then in August of 2013 I went back and saw another doctor. Of course, the first thing he did was put me on more topicals---tazorac and aczone. Again, no improvement after a month. Then, I was put of an antibiotic and this thing was the HOLY GRAIL !!!! I was on antibiotics from October until mid-December, and during this time my skin was the clearest it has been in three years. I was loving life again. I was seeing a new guy and felt sooo confident. I was able to go to sleep with him with a fresh face and no makeup without feeling self-concious, because there was nothing there but itty bitty blemishes ( and there was like...2). But, I couldn't stay on them forever. Once I was taken off of them, my skin was INSANE. My acne was back with a vengence!!! I got my first cysts in 3 months on CHRISTMAS MORNING. Ya, Merry Christmas to me. I was miserable. But, I was FINALLY allowed to go on Accutane. I had been waiting for this for sooooo long. My Accutane Journey so far: At the time I started accutane, my skin was already back to the mess it had been before I went on antibiotics (maybe even worse...) Month one: 20mg. I had a slight inital breakout. The only things that happened to me this whole month was dry lips, aches everywhere, and very slight dryness. My blackheads moved to the surface and began to just...fall out. (Sorry x] ) Month two: 40mg. This month, all of my balckheads were gone. I was still breaking as much as always though, which was frustrating.including cysts. I.HATE. CYSTS. I had a handful of little tiny blemishes from blackheads moving to the surface on my cheeks that would become inflamed occasionally if they didnt just fall out. I still had dry lips, eyes, pain in joints. However, the ONLY upside to this month was that was my face has zero oil. I used to be soooo oily but now my face is never oily. Or my hair. WIN. Month three: 60mg. I am currently starting my second week in month three. I take 40 mg in the morning and 20mg at night. At this moment, my face is looking pretty bad again. I am breaking out pretty bad on my cheeks and ONLY my cheeks (why is this?!) The rest of my face is finally perfect except for my cheeks--they refuse to stop breaking out. Some things to mention: -Everytime my dosage is increased, I break out again. -My skin was never dry or flakey since I started Accutane. Not even a little. -My lips are falling off. No seriously, I'm convinced.They are trying to escape off of my face. They have taken the biggest beating from Accutane. Poor things. I was convinced that I would escape the dreadful dry lips while on Accutae but nope, they crack and bleed everyday no matter what I put on them. -I broke out on this weird rash on my hands in month 2 which I still have. It looks like psoriasis. FUN! More psychological damage. -I have days/ few days or maybe even a week where my skin looks beautiful and I am finally convinced that I am finally done breaking out and now its only going to keep getting better....and then I break out again. Why. Accutane has been such a rollercoatser ride so far. It's soo frustrating to have such god days but then go back to having such bad days. Oh little tease. But seriously, let me stop breaking out now. Please. At this point, I am scared that Accutane isnt going to work for me. But then I notice that my blackheads did go away and maybe it's just going to take a loooooong, painful, time. We shall see. So...thats pretty much everything about my acne story and my journey with Accutane so far. I still have a long way to go, and I hope that I can finally have my clear skin back! Did anyone else experience this? Anyones experience with Accutane sound like mine so far? Any advice or stories? BTW...I just want anyone reading this to know..that if you ever feel alone or that you are the only one who feels these things...youre not. You at least know ONE person (me) who knows exactly how you feel. Im right here, right now, feeling the same thing. <3
  8. I used to have severe breakouts about two years ago. I radically changed my diet and began working out, and I was happy and healthy and got rid of my acne. All of last year, my skin was clear. It felt amazing. At the end of summer 2013, I began noticing little breakouts. I thought they would go away. I wasn't eating very healthy and I was drinking though. When school started, I became more and more stressed and worked out less and less. I began breaking out, my skin began spiraling out of control and now I'm left to try and get it back to how it was last year. I'm trying to workout again, relieve my stress and eat healthy but it's been hard. My acne causes even more stress and anxiety than I'm already dealing with. I don't want to see a dermatologist because I hate taking medication and using harsh products on my skin. Thanks for reading, if you got this far.