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  1. Hi all, I’ve battled acne for quite some time now and am happy to say that it’s under control for the most part. My cheek on the other hand has been this way for about 2 years and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how to improve it. It doesn’t bring me down, but I have felt unhappy about it before. Thank you for your time and suggestions.
  2. I’ve had this six years, started on my upper back, slowly crept its way down and came to my shoulders and chest for a bit. Continued to spread downwards. It got really bad from when I was in highschool and they gave me P.E first block, didn’t let us use showers so we were told to use baby wipes. And i’d go the rest of the day with out showering after a serious sweat in the Miami sun lol. Acne has lightened up a lot since but isn’t cured, persistent blackheads, and persistent scars is what I have six years later s: Please help I haven’t shown my back to anyone or gone swimming in six years now.
  3. Day 75 (10mg/day) - Thought initial breaking out period ended, sadly I am still breaking out - Got every active acne extracted 2 days ago and there are 5 new pimples growing on my face already - Symptoms of depression - Mild pain in back and around heart area Day ~60 (Spot treated with TCA) - Very little improvement, one of the area became so much wider - I have done light peel 2 days ago and it made the treated area very red I decided to stop posting updates until this freaking stubborn initial break out period ends. I am seriously so freaking sick and tired of being depressed and frustrated, it is affecting me so negatively..
  4. Hello My name is Kiki im 20 years old. I took accurate for 5 months last year. During the summer I was outside and got a tan line on my foot and since then it hasn't disappeared my skin is uneven. I would post a pic but im shy. I also have a bunch of new moles that I didnt have before, Ihave been very suicidal and depressed since taking this drug. I don't know what to do I. thought my skin would go back to normal after stopping but it hasn't. I hate my body more than ever I don't know what to do or who to go to please help.
  5. Please help my acne scars

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    Hello Can you advise me on how to get rid of my acne scars? These are scars I've had for years, I live in Greece if you have any Drs to suggest. What kind of scars do you think I have? Thank you !
  6. Hey everyone, this post is gonna be a little bit shorter because I am gong to the dermatologist in 3 days so I will update everyone more after my visit with her. I will also be uploading a picture of my progress after being on 40mg for one month. So far I am so happy with the results and I can't wait to show you all how my skin is looking! This week I experienced a few nose bleeds but they were very light and short, lasted a total of maybe 45 seconds, I also have noticed that my arms are very dry and scaly... I think it might be eczema? My skin is still the same, and the awful breakout I experienced last week is finally cleared up. So far so good! Talk to you all in a few days.
  7. Hi, there were 3 sessions fractional laser for acne scars. I didn't see much impact. And I've decided that the wounds are appropriate for subcision treatment. I talked to my doctor and he told me I had to combine subcision + fractional laser treatments. In addition, fractional laser treatment is completely free. I'm just gonna pay for the subcision treatment. My plan was to make this subcision and suction. Can I still suction after fractional laser treatment? because my doctor will combine fractional laser and subcision treatment.. Does it hurt my skin? Normally, 3 days after subcision treatment, suction should be performed. I'il do it in seven days.. Do you think that's wise?
  8. Bev15 Rolling and Boxcars

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    Hi! I do have a mixture of rolling and box scar with it seems to be like blue pigmentation on my temple with my other acne scars that are about almost 4 yrs old now. I have been doing microneedling (at home) for about 2 yrs, not on a regular basis tho. My doctor have advised me to undergo IPL + Resurfx but I am adamant about the treatment, one because it's $600/session and two I'm not sure if he's giving me the right treatment for my scar. He barely even touched my face too. I'm gonna attach some of my pictures so you could help me.
  9. Hello. I am new here and I created an account to see if I could get some advice from people with experience with acne similar to mine. In the past, my acne wasn't as severe in the pictures (seen below) but it still bothered me then. Back then, my primary care doctor had me on birth control (Tri-Sprintec). I was on it twice. The first time was for 1 year, 26 days (12/20/2015 to 01/14/2017). The second time was 9 months, 8 days (2/12/2017 to 11/19/2017). It did help my acne then but over time I noticed I was developing varicose veins on my thighs so I stopped. Also, I wanted to try to cure my acne naturally (without the use of drugs). The varicose veins have faded away. Currently, my dermatologist recommends Retin-A (0.025%). He says my acne isn't severe enough for me to be on Accutane. I don't even want to go on Accutane because of how intense of a drug it is so I'm glad he doesn't recommend it for me. Should I get started with using Retin-A? My esthetician recommends a glycolic acid peel (30%). She uses Image Skin Care products. Should I go ahead and get the peel? I know these pictures aren't the most flattering or best quality but the lighting is decent enough. This is the worse my acne has ever been. I don't want to go back on any type of drugs as I stated earlier. Is this acne hormonal? It seems to become more intense as I get closer to my menstrual cycle. Lately, though it seems like it has become worse. It appears on the sides of my face, my jawline, and under my jaw. Is this acne cystic? It's red, deep, sometimes itchy, and sometimes sore to the touch. Is rosacea acne a thing? Sorry, this is so long. Thank you for reading. Any feedback is appreciated. Pictures:
  10. I am left with these horrible scars after adult acne. I have had chemical peels, dermaroller, laser treatments with barely any results. Should I be looking into subcision? Please help me understand these scars better and find the best treatment for them.
  11. Hello forum, 1st post here. I've had mild/severe acne about 10 years ago and haven't treated acne scars. My questions - what are my type(s) of scars?; Treatment options?; European doctors/clinics that people with my type(s) of acne scars and skin tone had positive results with (high sample sizes)
  12. ResurFX?

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    Anyone here have any experience with the M22 ResurFX nonablative laser for acne scarring? I have mild shallow boxcars and icepick scars on my cheeks and forehead I'd like to reduce. Treatments cost about $400/session and require 3-4 sessions. Please share with me your negative or positive stories! TIA
  13. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to notice the Accutane was working, I woke up with my lips feeling very uncomfortable. They did not feel dry, they felt more dehydrated (In my first post I talk about how I have very dry lips to begin with so I was concerned about that).I went out to buy some Aquaphor and that helped me so much! Now remember how I had the cluster of pimples on my jawline near my chin, well on day 7 I woke up with them completely dried over (almost like a scab) and my skin in that area looked like it was wanting to fall right off. I gave it a few hours before deciding to steam and exfoliate that area, right after I did that all the dried up pimples that I had were gone and the hyper-pigmentation in that area was very very light,it was like My sin had been healing that area for a month or two(usually right after I have a breakout that bad I get very bright dark red marks that do not fade for 1- 3 months.) Now for days 8-10 I have had extremely dehydrated lips, I have to apply the Aquaphor once every hour or more, I am going to have to start exfoliating my lips once a day because my skin is flaking off so easily. It doesn't hurt its more just a very uncomfortable feeling. One positive thing is that My hair isn't oily at all, Its been three days since I have washed it and it still looks fresh!!! I woke up with two very small whiteheads on my cheeks and a big pimple right below my lip, its not bothering me that much because it is not visible it just hurts whenever I touch it. Anyway that is my update for now, I'll be back in 5 days to update you all on how everything is going! Oh yeah I forgot to mention something.My period came about 5 days late, I am on hormonal birth control and my period is very regular so I am guessing its a mixture of the HBC and 40mg that made it come late? If anyone else has had this problem while on Accutane let me know in the comments because this is kinda weird.
  14. Wanted to Share... Thank to Dr Lim For his contributions to the acne scar community. Happy Watching. Welcome New Poster's. You can PM - message me for help (please be patient), post, or read the FAQ - the very top post of the acne scar sub for recommendations and general information. BA
  15. Hello every one. I'm Pin, a new member, and this is my first post on this website. I have a problem with acne and now, there my acne scars on my face. Could anybody suggest me how to heal acne scars? Please give me some advice. thanks.
  16. Hello everyone, This summer I had a battle with acne and am now left with scarring. I no longer want to leave the house or look in the mirror. Every time I wash my face I end up in tears. Its time to tackle this. I have been using a mild cleanser, ziana(tentonin 0.025% and clyndamycin 1.2%), and marula oil. I also have started to use 10% lactic acid weekly to help with hyper pigmentation. I am having troubles identifying what types of scaring I have. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also I am in Vancouver Canada. If anyone knows any specialist in the area please let me know. Thanks
  17. I'm new to the site but there are some really cool, knowledgeable people here. I figured the first step to clearing my skin is to know what I'm dealing with. I don't have active acne anymore, just the scars, and I'm in my 20s now.

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    Just had TCA cross done on some icepicks and large pores by a reputable dermatologist. When I say just, I mean I did them around 8 hours ago. Is it normal that my open pores immediately look like icepick scars? They have frosted and then subsquently turned into deep pits. Is this normal? I know they are supposed to scab in a few days but they immediately look punctured and way worse then before.
  19. Acne Scar TCA CROSS???

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    Hello, I have this one scar on my cheek I'm super self conscious about. I think it's a boxcar scar (i feel like it's too wide to be an ice pick). I was wondering what acne scar treatments people would like would be the best for my scar type? Would TCA CROSS work (If i did that i would go to a professional)?? I included a bunch of different pics all taken in the same day with different lighting (harsh, natural) so you can gauge the depth and scar type. Any advice and guidance would be great. I understand that 100% improvement is not realistic, I just want to make some decent improvement
  20. Hello guys I have tried everything I could from home to cure my acne and scars. Can anyone tell me what kind of acne this is and also the scar type. Also it will be appreciated if you tell me about what would be the treatment for this condition/type. Thanks for all the replies in advance!
  21. So for a bit of context, the first two pics are of me before my microneedling session, and the last two are of me 1.5 months after my microneedling session. I know, crazy!! my skin has actually gotten worse because of microneedling. Is this normal??? I regret doing the treatment so much. will these new scars i have now ever fade away to a stage like it was before?
  22. Hi how long do you need to be Acne free b4 u start treating the Acne scars left behind? x
  23. Hello. For the past 2 years I've had what I believe to be acne scars on my nose and they absolutely drive me crazy . They're very noticeable and will not go away. My acne has nearly gone away entirely but these unfortunately still remain. I drink plenty of water and avoid sodas and junk food and I always keep my face clean to my best abilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope someone has an answer to what this is and how I can get rid of it. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone, Back story to my scars, I was in high school when my friend recommended an acne facial. My acne wasn't bad, and I'm not a skin picker. The person who did my facial was a cosmetologist at a beauty salon. Being a clueless high schooler. I let her extracted my acne WITH A DRAWING KNIFE. We continued treatments for 4 months with promises that my skin would be smooth and acne free. It left so many disgusing scars on my face. Besides from that, I have oily skin and large pores genetically, which adds to the bad texture. Looking back now, I felt super stupid because I paid over 800$ for these scars. If anyone can suggest treatment methods for these scars, I would be super grateful. I don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed. I'm afraid that I would make another mistake and make my face worse. Thanks for reading. Here's my face under my workplace's bright light:
  25. I’m a teenager and acne’s been an issue for my since I was 12, so about a year and a half now. It’s clearing up with my African Black Soap and Bentonite Clay, but I still have small colourless bumps under the skin that I can’t get rid of no matter how much water I drink or clean my skin. I really want to know how to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads too without pore strips or scrubs as they’re bad for your skin. How do I get rid of these bumps, blackheads and acne scars safely? (apple cider vinegar breaks me out; so does Tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil and honey).