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  1. Basically, I had been on 20 mg of accutane for a very long time, my skin had completely cleared up quite fast in the regimen, and I continued to use accutane (20 mg per day) even though my skin was clear. My dermatologist convinced me to stop the treatment a few months earlier, so I didn't get the full dose, and we stopped doing blood work for the last few months of accutane because they always came back normal.Now fast forward a few months later, I'm starting to get little tiny pimples/bumps on my forehead and some on my cheek and around my nose. I have 2 months of leftover accutane and I began taking one 20 mg capsule per day, for 3 days so far. Then I messaged my derm asking her if this was okay, she says no it is not that accutane requires strict observance (although she didn't test me for bloodwork for a while). My question is, should I stop, or is it okay to continue the 2 months to clear this up? Also, if I stop now, does that mean I have to wait another 5 months to get acne scar treatment, since you are supposed to wait 5 months after accutane has finished to get scar treatment? Or does the 3 pills not matter. Thank you
  2. Starting Isotretinoin 40mg

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    Hey guys! I barely started isotretinoin! I'm on my 6th day. I noticed since starting my medication that I've been getting painful cystic acne, I've never really had to deal with cystic acne. Is this common? When will my acne start to clear up ? the only other side affect that I've had to deal with is just dryness so far.
  3. Hi there. I've signed up for an account here to vent more than anything else, and perhaps find some support if there's anyone else in a similar situation. I'm female, and I've had mild/moderate acne since I was 14. It's been a part of my life for nearly twenty years now, and yes, I'm SICK of it. I'm sick of not being able to answer the door without make-up, of being afraid to do any watersports with people I know, of worrying about how much of my back is visible in the top I'm wearing. My scars are turning into extra face lines. It affects my mood, my confidence, my self-worth, my work, and my relationship. (try feeling sexy when your face is painful and bleeding!) My mother suffered from acne into her thirties too, and my brother had a very, very severe case, so there are definitely some dodgy genetics going on. When I was in my teens, my mum claimed that nothing the doctor would prescribe would ever work for me, so I might as well not bother. I also have a problem with picking. I've been a keen picker since I was a kid (I used to pick at mosquito bites, and then my moles. Gross. I know. At least I've stopped the mole thing now). Anyway, for a long time my parents said my main problem was that I was a picker, and that led to my thinking it was all my fault, and just in my head. It wasn't till I was 21, therefore, that I went to 1) a cognitive behavioural therapist, who told me I might actually have genuine acne beneath my picking problem, and therefore 2) a doctor about my skin. . Through my twenties, I tried Zineryt, Lymecycline, Dianette and Erythromycin. None of them did a great deal, while the Dianette gave me migraines and caused constant periods, so I wasn't on it for long. I still battled mentally with the possibility that I had made it all up, and that my picking was the main problem and that I didn’t actually HAVE acne. I finally got to accutane/isotretinoin when I was 29. O.M.G. For the first time in my life since 14, I had clear skin. It was incredible. And it was the confirmation I needed that my skin problem was not in my head/all my fault. I WAS actually picking at things that were there. Towards the end of the treatment, I started getting quite severe headaches every day, and so I had to stop taking it. But my skin was clear for the next two years, and the headaches did eventually go. But then, two years ago, I relapsed and the acne and picking came back with a vengeance too. Another course of isotretinoin cleared it up almost instantly, but again the headaches returned and I couldn’t take a high dose at all. I tried eyedrops and painkillers to help with the migraines, but they just weren’t enough in the end. So I had great skin but couldn’t go out into the daylight!!! Now, a few months on from ceasing treatment, my skin is spotty again. I’m thinking spironolactone might be my last hope. My skin always gets worse in winter (nothing to do with hormones, I realise), and is always worst from ovulation to pre-period. I know my serum hormones are normal from previous blood tests, but I’m wondering if the androgen receptors in my skin/organ tissues are the problem. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly hairy, although some thicker hairs have started appearing on my upper lip and chin now I’m an aged, old woman, and though the hairs on my arms are very fine and light, there are a lot of them. Also have to shave my armpits daily - is that normal? Extra embarrassing info – I get B.O. the MOMENT I get sweaty. I HATE it. Always have. Not even replacing old tops with new, cotton ones (you know how some start smelling really quickly, EVEN after they’ve been freshly washed?) seems to battle my horrible pits! All that went away while I was on isotretinoin. I smelled sooo nice. Another problem that runs in the same side of the family is low bone density. Is it related, I wonder? Will spiro solve all my problems?? Is anyone else/has anyone else been in a similar situation or in a family with a similar history? Ugh, I just want to be free of this curse. Thanks for reading.
  4. I´m on accutane and have taken 300 pills of 20mg. Early on, I experienced getting many tiny, small bumps on my forehead and I dont know why... See my pictures. What are they and will they ever go away? I´ve never had this before and sometimes it´s itchy and red. Kind of looks like small blackheads, but they never disappear.. Also, I just get them in the centre/middle, not the whole forehead. It is driving me crazy and I dont understand why I´m having them since my forehead´s never been my problem-area... And one more thing, this is my second round of accutane, and this was NOT something is had my first time around.
  5. Day 93

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    Just for the updates.. so over the last few days my acne did improve..I also started using retina A...however in last 1 week my skin has taken a sudden turn and all of a sudden I am breaking out again..I finally thought I am making some progress and then this happens.. anyways I will try to keep the blog updated.. it's just that my heart breaks everytime I write the same negative update.. still waiting for that one positive update that I can give to everyone.. if hell is real then it's here
  6. Before using Accutane get a test for Demodex Skin Mites I see a lot of posts from people who have relapsed after stopping Accutane. The relapse may be due to not treating the correct cause of the acne lesions. Microscopic demodex skin mites can cause acne like lesions. If your acne is not responding to standard antibiotic treatment, your doctor should test for parasites. Demodex brevis live in the oil glands and Demodex folliculorum live in the pores When the mites die they may clog up the gland and/or pores and cause hard red cysts, pustules, whiteheads or blackheads. The mites live and die on a 2-3 week cycle so the acne may appear hormonal. Accutane has a lot of dangerous side effects. Accutane works by reducing both the size of oil glands and the oil output. The mites eat oil. Accutane may starve them, at least while you take it. Problem is the mites may not all die. After stopping Accutane, you may relapse if they get out of control again. There is an easier, safer, and quicker way to treat demodex. The scientifically studied treatment uses two old and relatively much safer drugs to kill the mites. The parasite treatment takes just 2 weeks and it is inexpensive with generic drugs ($13.03 with insurance / $52 USD full retail price). The parasite treatment doesn't have all of the dangerous side effects of Accutane. The parasite treatment also gets to the root cause of the acne lesions caused by demodex mites. Demodex Mite Treatment published in The International Journal of Infectious disease in 2013: Scientific Medical Paper is here : Using the more effective 2 drug combined treatment (from paper) based on body weight for the oral Ivermectin: 1. Two doses of oral Ivermectin one week apart. Each weekly dose is 200 micrograms Ivermectin per kilogram of body weight. Worked out to 12 mg per dose for me. Take on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. 2. Oral Metronidazole, 250 mg. three times a day for two weeks. Do not drink alcohol while taking oral Metronidazole and for 72 hours after taking the last tablet. As always, it is best to discuss this treatment with your doctor. These are prescription drugs. My family doctor was most helpful. If demodex mites are the cause of the acne, treatment using generic Oral Ivermectin and Oral Metronidazole can put the skin into remission. If you don't have demodex, then this parasite treatment will not help. Before exposing yourself to the dangers of Accutane, it is worth asking your doctor to test for Demodex skin mites.
  7. I'm 22 years old suffering from severe acne that started last December 2017 and had the worst breakout last February-March 2018. Last March 15, 2018 my dermatologist recommended Isotretinoin 20mg/day, I got my capsules the day after, after having my blood works. But I did not take the medicine that day because my family received an email from the embassy asking us for a medical examination for our visa as an immigrant. I was afraid it might affect my med exam results thats why I decided to take isotretinoin after. From march 16-april 3 (the day of our med exam), my cystic acne dried already and left severe hyperpigmentation on both of my cheeks and on my chin but I still got 1-2 not so cystic pimples like the normal ones. Last april 6, I went to my derma to ask if how will I take isotretinoin. since she's not around, her assistant called my derma and she told her that i take my medicine 20mg a day. it's my 6th day now and still haven't experience any side effects. i got 6 small pimples not so big and cystic and i don't know if it's the isotretinoin thats causing them. I still have an oily face though and not yet experiencing dry lips nor dry skin. i want to know when will i start clearing up? and will the isotretinoin lighten or remove my severe hyperpigmentation caused by my past acne? pls help i feel like the medicine's not taking any effect on me. LOL
  8. Hi all, 30 years old 221 lbs 5"10 male 20mgs daily of isotretinoin (accutane) today marks the first day of my accutane journey. My doc is starting me off on a low dose (20mgs a day) and i will be on it for 4 weeks, after that she may raise it or keep me the same. This past Saturday, i stopped taking Minocycline (been on it for 9 months) and I am still afraid of breaking out for stopping the mino, but my derm told me if I do experience a breakout, then she will prescribe me septra or prednisone. I am extremely hopeful and going to try and stay positive throughout this entire process, but I am slowly making myself aware that these next 6-8 months might be the worst of my life. I am doing this for myself, my mental state (acne has taken a toll on me mentally even tho i have dealt with it for 15 years different levels of severity), and for my 2 beautiful children (my son Elijah 8 and daughter Aaliyah 4) i swear I dont fear ANYTHING else except breaking out. Being on antibiotics for almost 2 years (mino and doxy) and every time i either lower the dosage or stop cold turkey, i break out like crazy and it does a toll on you mentally. So I am just going to say screw everything else and go head first into Accutane and hopefully I will not have to deal with acne or any breakouts after i finish my treatment. i have already bought Dr. Dans cortibalm (for dry lips), I have cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and since i do already experience eczema I am going to buy an Aveeno lotion for my hands and arms. I am more than happy to hear from ANYONE about tips and tricks or whatever to make the journey easier. good luck to everyone else who is also on this journey!! One thing i will say is that antibiotics freaking SUCK!!! I should of just went on Accutane 2 years ago instead of freaking antibiotics lol. so far after taking my first pill, I am experiencing an upset stomach....i had to go to the bathroom and had like diarrea (ew lol) ...other than that, I actually feel better mentally and more calm.
  9. Hi there, I'm currently on 20mg dosage (have been for almost 2 months) but want to increase to 40mg. Can I just take four of my normal tablets or do I need to actually get the 20mg per tablet package? Hope that makes sense! Thank you! Grace
  10. I've been taking Isotretinoin 30mg now for about six weeks. I've had no awful side effects, except the usual dry skin. Last week I started to notice a ringing in both of my ears when it was quiet, which is still persisting now. I'm also getting dizzy spells which makes me feel lightheaded. This has been going on for a week now. I saw my GP and he examined my ears and couldn't see any sign of infection. When I asked if the Isotretinoin could cause this he didn't really know, as it's a specialised medication. He looked up the side effects which simply stated 'can cause hearing problems', which isn't very helpful! He said it was probably just a viral infection like labyrinthitis, which would go away on its own. I may be worrying about nothing, but having read a lot of stories about people whose hearing has been permanently damaged by Accutane, I'm concerned as to whether the dizziness and ringing are being caused by the tablets. I really don't want tinnitus forever and don't want to risk hearing damage. I'm contacting my dermatologist this week but in the meantime wondered if anyone could shed some light on this, or have had any similar experiences. If I was going to get these symptoms as a side effect, wouldn't it have happened when I first started?
  11. Anyone starting accutane soon?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I just want to share with you my accutane process. I think it will be nice to exchange opinions and experiences. I'm actually starting next week. it will be nice to meet some people that are in the situation I am, Thanks for reading me!
  13. Hi everyone, I have was prescribed to take 20mg of roaccutane for my mild cystic acne. I took 20mg a day for exactly 7 weeks but i have stopped taking the tablets due to lower back pain and blocked eye glands (dry eyes). I have been off of accutane for 2 weeks now and my skin is still clear (yay) and my eyes are 100% better. But my lower back pain is still giving me grief. Has anyone else experienced this lower back pain and if so how long did it take to go away after stopping accutane? thanks
  14. On Accutane

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    Hi Guys, I am currently on my second cycle of accutane. however, i have loads of acne scarring which i want to get rid off. ive suffered from acne since the age of 12 and now am 27. Although the first cycle of accutane helped, there was alot of scarring left. I want to know does the DERMINATOR work and is it safe to use whilst on accutane i have been reading on the product, seems to work, wanted your opinions and reviews. Thanks
  15. I started taking accutane for a couple of months when I was 14, a year passed and my skin is fully clear however I feel that my brain isn’t. All the issues that have appeared post accutane keep in mind, I never thought would happen to me in a million years. My personality has completely turned onto its head from hyper, outgoing, “alpha male” esc to now mute, shy and anxious. I used to deny depression was ever a thing but now, I wish for death every waking moment. My energy is also as low as ever and as a result of that I can’t even bring myself to start studying despite being so close to my GCSE finals. I feel bedridden and fear what might happen to me in the future. Things I have never experienced before accutane were; constant brain fog and inability to focus or think straight, crushing self-esteem issues where I’m afraid of being in public or interacting with other people including my own mother, worst of all severe BDD where i attribute every single negative feature in my life to my seemingly unfortunate looks. I want to know if anyone has ever experienced anything similar to this post accutane and if there are ways to cope or lessen the toll this is taking on my life. I seriously believe that my brain chemistry has completely changed ever since taking accutane. I’m seriously in need of help, Iam lonely and feel like a complete burden to society.
  16. 33yo Male, roughly 85kg. Approx. 8 years low dose. There aren't many anecdotes on long term low dose isotretinion use so here's my experience, I'd be interested in any general feedback from MD's. My skin issues started at around 14, extreme amounts of oil and moderate acne. I never really had severe cystic type but tried every treatment under the sun including antibiotics and topicals with limited success. Fast forward to 18/19 and I was referred to a dermatologist who agreed that I suited Accutane (my younger brother who had severe acne had had good success with it). I ran a full course under supervision and had good success, though it didn't last. I forget the dates now but maybe a year or so later I went on another full course, yet again I was clear for a time but around a year later the issues were there again. The hyper oiliness was always the first thing to come back, the acne was reduced to my face only (had been pretty bad on my back prior to accutane) but still would get the occasional cyst. I went though a period of trying various topicals and although I could keep the acne mostly under control, nothing at all helped the oil. I was also incredibly prone to infected ingrown hairs and seb-derm on the scalp and in the ears. I came across studies of low dose accutane and wanted to try it, but couldn't get derms to agree. Tired of being now around 24yo and still feeling bad about myself I obtained accutane from the most reputable online pharmacy I could find and started on 20mg a day. After about 12 weeks I was completely clear and oil-free, all my other issues related to oil were resolved too. From then until now I've mostly been on 80mg a week (20mg mon to thurs, lowest effective dose after experimentation) with occasional breaks until symptoms reappear, the only side effect I've had constantly is dry lips. I workout reguarly and still drink at weekends (probably more than I should but thats a seperate issue), I've had bloodwork done on average annually and had no problems. I have no side effects that I can attribute to accutane, I try and eat healthy and take milk thistle, NAC and fish oil reguarly. I still can't reduce the dose without being mirror shiny at the end of a day, I've taken breaks and tried topicals but all symptoms of excess oil reappear. On this maintainence dose, I can wash my face with water and use a basic moisturiser and still have flawless Matt skin at the end of the day. I don't like taking medication like this but really don't see a better way, I'm too old to be a greasy teenager and it badly affects my state of mind otherwise. I don't want to risk my health for vanity, but don't feel like I'm enjoying life otherwise. Anyway, that's my story. Comments welcome.
  17. Hey! I just started my accutane journey and I'm wondering 1. how I can tame down my IB? benzoyl? tea tree oil? clindamycin topical? Or leave it alone? 2. How much fat do i need to eat when I take the pill? 3. Please recommend me a good face wash/ and moisturizer! Thank you!
  18. This will be a somewhat unique experience as I am currently taking 100mg Testosterone every week, which is what has exasperated my teenage acne. It is a common side affect trans people taking T experience. I thought my skin was bad when I was a teenager but that was nothing as compared to now. I get new break outs everyday. Antibiotics and cream regimes did nothing and neither did anynatural regime. I have every type of acne under the sun. It's on my face, my back, and my chest. Working on my diet did, such as cutting out dairy and gluten and drinking lots of water. But not enough to really write home about. I'm terrified to say the least. But I have to keep telling myself that it might be worth it. I have been putting on make up everyday for the last 18 years of my life and I am ready to stop. The last year, while feeling much more comfortable in my skin than I have before due to the T, has been hard in terms of the acne itself. It's blown any potential confidence building away and it is frustrating. I am currently taking Vitamin E for scarring and fish oil to help with problems I have with mild elevated cholesterol. I use Bert's Bees Intense Hydration mask and that seems to work along with the Bert's Bees cream cleanser. Before I put on my make up, I use Lush's Skin Drink lotion. It's amazing. More updates as we go! Week 1:Day 3: Neck hurts but it's only about a 4 on the pain scale. Not terrible but a little uncomfortable. May have been exasperated by some heavily lifting and gym time. However, I didn't get much sleep last night because of it. At the end of week 1, the neck pain subsided but I still can't seem to bend my head all the way back without it hurting a little. Lots of dryness around my mouth as well.
  19. Hello everyone. I created this account today so I could share the story of my recovery from post-Accutane hair loss. I promised if I ever found a solution I would post it for everyone to see. My shedding was so bad I thought it would be beyond repair. Apparently that is not the case!! I hope this helps some people out there. I just posted this to reddit: If you have any questions I’ll answer them in direct messages!
  20. 24/M First a bit about my acne before my rant. I had cystic acne all of high school which really killed my self esteem and social skills. I was put on antibiotics which cleared things up 100% for about 3 years. 4 months ago after my breakup I started to breakout. I was put on antibiotics yet it seems I've built up immunity to them. My derm put me on accutane. 3 weeks in I had a pretty bad IB, my whole right side of face broke out in cysts. Recently it has cleared up, but some new spots are forming on my other cheek. Side effects include dry lips, dry face, fatigue, joint pain, muscle soreness and maybe depression. Now comes the part where I discuss why I might be depressed. So I went through a really tough breakup about 4 months ago with my ex-girlfriend. She was the love of my life (and still sort of is), yet she couldn't do the distance anymore. She and I were heavy gamers (Which is where we met), and she streams on and is quite big on there. Ever since the breakup I haven't been gaming at all because everything reminds me of her, and I have no friends anymore because she and I met all the friends either from gaming or her twitch channel. Obviously they prefer her over me cause shes gorgeous. I feel like I'm constantly in a competition with her because I know she goes out every week and probably gets hit on my numerous guys. And it's really difficult to deal with because I have no friends to go out with to forget her. Before taking accutane I was feeling optimistic about life and my future for the first time after my breakup. A month in to taking accutane at 40 mg a day, I just feel worthless and I feel like I wont make any friends or find another love. I'm fairly attractive I guess but the accutane is making me so anti social because of how tired it is making me so it's hard to be interesting to others in order to try and make some friends or find another girl. Should I keep taking accutane? I really don't want my acne to return but it feels like I've tried every other treatment. Sorry for the long post.
  21. Hi all, this might be long but plz bare with me and I am looking for any type of advice I have been on this site and it has been a gift and a curse to be honest. Ever since i found this site, i have looked for hours (almost every day now) to try and find something that seems to help everyone no matter the severity of their acne, but it seems as though there isnt something like that. I am 31 and have dealt with acne since I was 15 years old. I have had low-severe, moderate and mild acne from 21 years of age thru now. Acne has plagued me all my life basically but i never started going to a derm until about 2 years ago. That was when i was initially prescribed doxy and epiduo. It took me a year to clear and good lord that was the most confident time of my life when I was clear. But then i went cold turkey and stopped taking doxy/epiduo and boom, my acne came back and came back worse after about a month. So i went to a new derm and he prescribed me mino with retin a micro. I have been taking mino for going on 10 months (100mg twice a day) now and i recently stopped applying the retin A micro because it gave me a skin wrinkle (about 1 and a half weeks ago). I also broke out after going on a chinese food binge for 4 days straight (pepper steak with pork fried rice) and it caused me to go to walmart and I picked up Panoxyl 10% acne foaming wash and i have been using that day and night for a week and a half now and so far it has lessened my acne and no new break outs have occured (fingers crossed it keeps working). A couple months ago I read the negative reviews of minocycline and I tried weening myself off of it by taking only 1 pill a day instead of 2 and within 1 week I had a breakout with inflamed pimples and I panicked and have been on two pills a day every since and honestly it crushes me mentally and now I feel like acne is taking a control on my life more than it ever has...even when I had severe acne back in my high school/military days. I think about this shit every single second and It has even affected the time i spend with my kids as I find myself always looking for things to keep my acne at bay and have me get off of minocycline/any antibiotics for good. i have went to 4 different derms during my 2 years of going to them and the last two went straight for me to take accutane, but again, reading all the reviews on this site and on the internet about accutane, i am scared shitless of the side effects (especially erectile dysfunction) and I am also afraid that once i stop taking mino and go into accutane, that I will break out until accutane starts taking effect. i wanted to see if there was anything that anyone knew that would help with the initial breakout from stopping antibiotics and going into accutane? Would low-dose accutane be worth a try or should I go for the full course? i really would like advice/input from others because this is taking a toll on me and I dont want to continue this cycle as it has been affecting even my time eith my kids. The break out from stopping the antibiotics and then going into accutane is scaring the crap out of me...if the panoxyl acne foaming wash doesnt continur to give me results, i really dont know what else to try other than accutane... thanks in advance to those who can provide helpful input.
  22. I had mild acne and my doctor prescribed me Accutane. I started taking 20mg isotretinoin and just after 3 days my shoulder joints started paining. First it started on right then after a day on left as well. I stopped taking it immediately but it's been 4 days and my shoulders are still hurting. I am also starting to feel mild pain on some other joints as well. Will this be permanent? I'm scared.
  23. Today is my fifth day taking Accutane, and my face has definitely developed a few more blemishes. Really haven't experienced any side effects, although my lips are a tad bit dry. I will also add that my face is feeling VERY oily right now, but I have been reading that is usually pretty common when you first start your treatment. It just feels very weird because my skin is never very oily, usually more on the dry side. Oh Well. No initial breakout so far that has been too bad, like I mentioned above I have had a few more spots but they haven't been too bad. Ill try and update this blog as much as possible, some days I just forget and am too tired to write.
  24. I am just wondering if Accutane does really stunt growth and if so what dosage was taken when it occurred and how long you were taking it for.
  25. Basically I am coming to the end of my accutane treatment plan. I've been on 80mg for the last 2.5 months with no major side effects and clearing well. Here is my question. I have a trip coming up in April and I'd love to be done with my accutane course before I go. I could do this if I took 120mg a day for 2 weeks only. It would put me at 1.5mg/kg/day for 2 weeks only. Good idea, bad idea?