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  1. How long were you on Accutane for? And what kind of acne did you have (moderate, severe etc.) What was your dose and did it work for you?
  2. I have been dealing with acne for nearly 4 years now. It was very minimal at first and only got it sparingly but over time it has definitely escalated exponentially. I went to my family doctor to see what I could do to treat my acne. My skin type is oily, and I have semi-large pores. I do not have many blackheads at all. My main concern is acne and the red marks left behind and some slight scarring. I have tried many things from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and even some more natural treatments such as honey or African black soap. Nothing has worked. I am currently on a once a day 100mg doxycycline prescription and a benzoyl peroxide face wash prescribed to me. I will be going to the dermatologist October 3 and I was wondering if it is possible to be given accutane on a short notice. It will only be a consultation but I would love to start accutane as soon as possible. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. The doctor had said he believes I have genetic acne because my aunt, mother and grandmother all have had a past with acne too. I’m scared the dermatologist will not listen and will try and push more face washes onto me and I will have to wait many months before I can try and treat my acne from the root cause. Can anyone let me know their experience with their dermatologist and how soon they were prescribed accutane and what they had done prior?
  3. Holy heck it is closed comedone time, my dudes. They are everywhere. I didn’t used to break out on my cheeks but now I am. I still believe that it’s the comedones being expelled because I shamefully picked one of the more painful spots and a small, teardrop-shaped hard piece came out of my pore, almost like a small piece of uncooked rice. From previous experience, that’s similar to what is in closed comedones - really hard semi-spherical bits (don’t judge me, this is science). Good news: nearly all of the blackheads on my nose are gone, my body acne is almost gone as well, and my neck no longer breaks out. Bad news, aside from above: I got a cystic spot INSIDE my earlobe somehow (it feels like an airsoft bullet is in the exact center of my earlobe, just above my earring hole) and my period is wildly late. My research around sites like these said that having a really late period in your second month is quite normal, so I’m just hoping that it doesn’t decide to show up in the next few days, as I am moving into my apartment on Saturday. Products used: -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good. -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed -Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY) -Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: Distilled 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. Used only in the evenings after showering, or if I pick my face. -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!) -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression (many sites suggest also taking a vitamin C supplement with NAC; I take the daily multivitamin below and a little bit of an “Immune+” Emergen-C packet [the type w/vitamin D, since my multivitamin doesn’t include it] every other day) -Kirkman’s Multivitamin without vitamin A or D Symptoms: -Dry face: Not considerably; worse in breakout areas and chin -Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than past weeks but not tragic -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. -Depression: Decreased actually, potentially from NAC -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into -Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows. Less in the past two or so weeks. -SUPER late period, and a few scattered false alarm days where I got that feeling and just knew that it was gonna stab me in the uterus within the next 24 hours. Ladies, you know what I mean.
  4. So I think my weeks may be one off on these posts, but when I go back and look, I can’t see where the mistake is… idk. Ever since my dosage was upped, I’ve been getting a long and irritating breakout. I know it’s probably my body expelling the deep acne in my skin, but it HURTS and my skin picking has become a lot more challenging as a result. My closed comedones have become more numerous and obvious, yet all of my mirrors in my room are covered to dissuade my picking sessions so I’m not exactly sure if my comedones are the exact spots painfully coming to a head or not but the breakouts seem to be in the areas where those are the worst. I thought it was PMS but now I really think it’s just the Accutane. Products used: -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good. -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed -Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY) -Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: DISTILL THIS bc its super concentrated. I did 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. I started using soap on my face again, but only in the evenings when I take a shower because I’m starting to need to wear more makeup to cover up spots and water alone won’t take off my concealer. -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!) -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression -Multivitamin: Recently purchased Kirkman’s multivitamin without vitamin A or D bc it’s important to get your vitamins especially when on NAC, but DON’T take any more vitamin A while on accutane, since the medicine is derived from A. Symptoms: -Dry face: Not considerably; worse in breakout areas and chin -Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than past weeks but not tragic -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. -Depression: Decreased actually, potentially from NAC -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into -Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows. Less in the past two or so weeks.
  5. Hello! So I’m an 18 year old female and weighing 115 llbs and I’ve been on 60mg of accutane for three months. Im ending my 4th month of treatment in 2 weeks and my skin is still horrible! I don’t have the typical dry skin that everyone complains about but I do have horrible eczema. That’s about it for the side effects. During my last derm appointment they said that I wasn’t improving and so they switched me from Claravis to Absorica. So it’s been a month of Absorica and the only thing I’ve noticed is that I have eczema on my hands. Will it ever get better? My treatment is supposed to end in 2 months and my skin is still so bad. I’m so embarrassed I can barely function. I’m terrified accutane won’t work for me. Has anyone else been slow to clear up and how did it turn out for you? Please help.
  6. Hello everyone so I have been on accutane for about a month now(40mg/day) and have recently been feeling super tired, I am going into my senior year of baseball and we lift weights in the morning and recently I have been way to tired to do a good job, so I was wondering if it is smart to stop treatment about a month in, or if I am able to stop until the end of the season and take it after baseball if that would be possible. thanks
  7. Week 2 on Accutane

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    I finished my second week of accutane a few days ago and my skin is blemish free! It’s been years since I’ve had not one spot on my face! My skin hasn’t broken out in over a week now but I’ve noticed that in certain lights my skin does look more uneven and my pores look larger. I’ve read from other people’s blogs that their pores became less visible after a few months so I’m hoping this happens with me too. My lips and skin aren’t as dry anymore so I haven’t felt the need to use moisturiser this week or apply as much lip balm. I feel like when one symptom goes away another appears, as my eyes are starting to hurt and feel quite dry now. So far I feel quite lucky with my experience, I’m only on a low dose at the moment so I hope things continue to stay this way when my dosage increases.
  8. Hi guys, I would really appreciate your help! I’m 20 y/o and I’ve been suffering with mild/moderate acne prone oily skin for almost 10 years now. I’ve tried many things over the years such as proactiv, Salicylic acid cleansers and toners, BP spot treatments and cleansers, low dose tetrinoin, tea tree oil, also I’ve taken vitamin D, zinc and I’ve tried spearmint tea. The only time my acne was very mild was when I was on the pill (ortho tricyclen lo) however after 2 years it started getting to the worst it’s ever been to the point where I thought the pill was causing my acne. I was also dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, which seems to aggravate my acne x10. I came off the pill and I know my hormones need time to regulate, it’s been 5 months but my acne is still back and it has even spread to my back and chest. I usually get whiteheads and lots of clogged pores with an ocasional cystic pimple. After so many years I’ve getting tired of dealing with this and it really eats away at my self esteem so I’m just looking for some advice... is there anything else I should try? Or is accutane my only option at this point?
  9. I began to struggle with acne when I was about 15 years old. During my senior year of high school, I was started on my first dose of Accutane, which was successful in clearing my acne. However, I had to stop taking the medication after 5 months because I was experiencing severe irritability and depression. I experienced terrible panic attacks for the next four years, and my acne returned, full force. During my senior year of college, I reluctantly chose to go on Accutane once again. “It’s a lower dose, so your side effects will be controlled.” These were the words spoken to me by every doctor I encountered. No one warned me that what would result months afterward would be my own personal hell. Once again, I had to stop taking this medication after 5 months, because I began to develop fatigue and migraines that were out of control. I had vision problems, and began seeing stars and spots in my periphery. I began to lose balance and I lost interest in things that I loved. My anxiety began to become off the charts, and depression began to sink in deeper and darker than it had ever been. Perhaps the worst side effect has been numbness and tingling and this prickly, almost cold-like, sensation down the left side of my body. It begins in my head and makes its way all the way to my foot. It has been constant since I stopped taking the medication. My headaches have been out of control, and I have about 3 migraines a week. I used to run half marathons and workout every day, and now I am lucky if I can get up to do yoga or go on a walk. I eat healthy, and I have seen 7 doctors in the past 5 months. Each doctor keeps diagnosing me with “Chronic atypical migraine.” My MRI showed nothing and my blood tests come back completely normal. But I can guarantee that something is not normal. I am fighting every day to find what it means to be “Normal” again. I am tired, I have headaches daily, I am anxious, I experience severe numbness and tingling, and I feel as if I have lost a lot of my zeal for life. I am writing this to see if there are any fellow friends out there who have also suffered from bizarre symptoms with no diagnosis? I do not know if Accutane is linked to these symptoms, but I truly do feel as if it plays a huge role. If you have experienced these things, PLEASE impart your knowledge or advice to me. Anything helps. Cheers and blessings!
  10. I am 23 years old with a history of bad acne yet not severe on my face and back. Took a first treatment of accutane by taking 30mg daily for a year. That did clear up my acne for the time I was on it but once I got off acne reappeared - obviously it was way better but still very visible. Two years after that I got back on accutane starting of at 30mg for 5 months and then 40mg for 4 months. I weigh 90kg at that time and now 85kg. The last month and a half of treatment I had one single pimple and my face looked better than ever. Problem is that I did skip a few pills here and there and I did not take it with any food as I was taking it constantly at 10 pm (all 30 or 40mg at once). I thought that way the pill would systematically work better. I read it works best with fatty foods but it was late at night to eat. My calculations (very approximate) gave me a total of 9300mg in the 9 months I took it. As I finished my second treatment I went with no pimple for 2 months and now BOOM. I got almost the same amount of pimples as I did before. Lets say the improvement was around 25% which is really nothing. Right now after two months, literately, in a single day 14 pimples showed up and for a week they keep appearing more and more. Oil production on my face got way worse right on the week this happened. I got a cleanser with some form of antibiotics to help fight the acne but nothing happened, they still appear. My questions are: Did I take it wrong? Is it that bad to skip pills? (Notice that I skipped around once in 2 weeks) Is it bad to not take with fatty foods? Is it best if I split the dosage and take them 12 hours apart? Is it bad I drank a bit of alcohol and smoked marijuana? (Around a total of 5-6 beers per week) Should I have increased my daily mg intake? Maybe to 60mg or even 80mg? Is it best taken in a 5-6 month window instead of taking it longer? I keep reading that the daily dosage intake does not matter as much as the total dosage intake over the treatment. Please help!
  11. Hi guys... i want to discuss my journey with accutane and my doctor because nothing seems to add up ... I am 18 YO - 40kg i started accutane 3 months ago i have normal acne in my cheeks my chin and my body too and it start getting worse so i went to this doctor and she was so terrified to put me on accutane idk why and finally after she agreed and did my blood tests everything turns excellent so she prescribed me 20mg and the nurse told her why are u puting him on this? So she lowered my dosage to 10mg... so after 1 month i came back to her with my new blood tests and its excellent too ... so i told her what dosage im gonna take and how long my course will be?? So she said uhmmm idk maybe 2 months will be enough.. i told her that people take accutane for at least 4 months??.... so she put me on 10mg AGAIN! and this time she really didnt know what dosage should i take. After i finished my 2nd months i was on hurry because i was going to travel for about a month and there is no time for my blood tests and seein her so i took my prescribed 10mg accutane and get the medication and after I finished the 3rd month on 10mg again.. i went to see her but she is om vecation... im going to change my dector because im sooo sick of her . about my skin: month1: my face was breaking out less. month2: my face is kinda cleared up but there some acne that refuse to go away. month3: my face is kinda clear but it still oily a bit and i have 2 underskin acne that last for 2month and half and it hurts ..and there some acne on my chin and cheek that been there for 2 months and never seems to go away..pores still visible so my face is still not clear because 10mg is sooo low and dont do nothing So guys what do you think I should do? Im so lost and angry how i Waste my time with her
  12. Hi all, this is my first post here but I've lurked for a while reading some of your stories. I started Accutane five weeks ago. The first few weeks my acne seemed to be clearing up and I was so happy and hopeful that something was FINALLY going to work!!! However, I'm now on week 5 and experiencing the worst breakout of my life. In addition to the normal areas of my face where I would get acne, I also now have clusters of spots in areas I've never even had acne before (temples, side of face). Every morning I wake up, wash my face, and then cry looking at the mess that is my face in the mirror. Today I called in sick to work because I couldn't even bear to try and put on makeup or try and focus on anything other than my terrible skin. If any of you have stories of a bad initial breakout on Accutane but then achieving clear skin at the end, I could really benefit from hearing those right now . Things feel pretty hopeless.
  13. Hi everyone, When deciding on Accutane I didn't realize how vigorous and demanding going on the drug was. If you've been struggling with persistent acne like a lot of us out there, Accutane seems like the holy grail of acne medicine. Many dermatologists recommend that people who are interested in going on Accutane need to explore other options (if they haven't already) such as doxycycline or azithromycin to fight acne. These are antibiotics that target the acne-causing bacteria from within the skin. Many dermatologists also prescribe a topical retinea cream to dry out the acne. I've learned from experience that these medicines seem to work at first but in the end, don't seem to be very effective (at least for me). Then if the patient is still not happy with their skin, they can talk to their dermatologist about going on Accutane. This is what I did, and my doctor was hesitant and wanted me to try another type of antibiotic before going on Accutane. I explained my constant confidence issues with my skin and just the havoc it brings to my life, and she finally agreed that Accutane would be the right choice for me. Soon after she explained the various side effects such as depression, weight loss, severe skin drying, cracking lips, gastrointestinal issues, and many more. The main things doctors talk about when going on Accutane is pregnancy prevention. In order to go on Accutane, you must be on two separate types of birth control such as hormonal birth control and condoms. This is very important because if you do become pregnant while on Accutane the baby will have very serious birth defects. You get a very large packet when you leave with all the side effects and how to prevent pregnancy. In order to qualify for Accutane, you must pass two pregnancy tests and get bloodwork done before starting your course. From then on you must go every month for blood work and a pregnancy test, and you must fill out an online questionnaire before being able to get your prescription filled. Accutane is a serious medicine and your doctor must take the proper steps to keep you safe while you are on the drug. In the end, its worth it if you want to finally clear your skin!
  14. I am 23 years old and have been obsessed with clear skin for years. I had quite bad acne, not the severe kind, yet it was all over my face and back. This started when I was 14 years old and I tried to battle it with benzoyl peroxide and other creams that did nothing. I was and still am mentally annoyed by acne. Everyone tells me acne it is just a couple of pimples but for me, especially as a man that can not cover it with make up, it is a huge issue. At the age of 19 I started take Accutane by myself without a doctor's treatment schedule and I basically played around with it and got from 10mg per day to 30mg per day. This treatment that I followed lasted for a year and a half as I had reached a whole moth with only one pimple showing up or so. Then at the age of 22 I went to a doctor and he gave me a treatment. He mentioned I need a minimum of 8000 mg in my system for acne to trully go away. I was told to start taking 30mg per day and then advance to 40mg. This started last August and I finished treatment this June so around nine to ten months. I advanced to 40mg in January which would mean four to five months of 40mg and five months of 30mg which calculated give a total of 9300mg. I cannot swear that this is the exact total and I am scared that I might have taken less than the 8000mg. As I finished this treatment on June (this being my second treatment) I noticed I was clear in the last month and remained clear up until three days ago. So for three months I had zero pimples and my skin was clear as day. In the last three days I had a total of 14 pimples show up on my face some with puss in them and some bumps. I saw my face is once again as oily as before. It took months for the scars to fade and I am scared that once again I did the treatment for no results post Accutane. I am without answers to my problem and it is more than just a problem for me. I bought a cleanser when I had one pimple appear and moisturized my skin. I need help. Should I continue taking 40mg per day once again or up my dosage or just wait and see if this was a phase? I weigh 85kg (~92kg when I was on Accutane). I took Accutane at 10pm daily (I did skip it a few times though). I drank alcohol a bit and smoked. In the picture you can see two pimples on my left cheek and a bunch on my forehead.
  15. Hi everyone, I am a 20 years old male. I am really worried with the current condition of my face. It seems to me that my acne has gotten a lot worse since I started taking accutane (20mg) 31 days ago. I have read many people saying that it is normal and even my derm warned me about the purging process that might happen along the way. However, it has been a hard time for me to go through and I started doubting the medication as the current situation is extremely bad. in addition, I also have a lot of redness that seems to never go away and this adds insult to the injury. Can you guys help shed some light please?
  16. I am currently on week 5 of my Accutane journey. Nothing crazy has happened, probably because I'm on a low dose of 30 mg a day. I have my next appointment this week and my mg will probably go up and I may experience more side effects. The only side effect I have had is dry lips (but still tolerable at this point), my skin has cleared slightly as in no new cysts have formed but I still have the ones that were there pre accutane. Excited to keep on this journey and crossing my fingers this minimal side effect thing lasts.
  17. I suffer from extremely bad oily skin. I have tried absolutely everything and spent hundred of pounds trying to find a cure to this, but have never been successful. The oily skin affects my mental health severely as I feel every day is spent obsessing over my face, and I have had enough. I previously had oily acne prone skin but I have been on antibiotics for the past year and my acne is not as much of an issue any more but it still remains, but it is the oily skin that is the real struggle. My face looks fine after washing, my pores don't look as an enlarged but after about an hour my face is completely shining and my pores are then huge. I would like to know if going to my doctor and asking for a low dosage of accutane to stop the oil production would be possible/beneficial?
  18. Spironolactone

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    Hi, I recently started taking 25mgs of spironolactone. My face is dry but other than that I haven’t noticed any side effects. Should I continue taking this pill or should I just try to get low dose accutane? My reasoning behind this is having to take spironolactone forever to keep clear skin?? My acne is mild but it causes depression and emotional problems for me. I’ve alwsys had 95% clear skin but started breaking out last year. I get a 2/3 cysts every 3-4 months.
  19. Hi! I used to post here a LOT ten years ago. It's been awhile, so if there is a more appropriate place for this post a mod can feel free to move it there or let me know and I'll repost myself. Ten years ago I was 25 years old and had severe cystic acne all over my face, as well as blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and papules. I am so sorry I do not have a photo--at that time not many people owned digital cameras and cell phone cameras took very poor quality photographs. I had been seeing dermatologists since I was 15 years old. I had tried tetracycline, minocycline, bactrim, oral erythromycin, topical erythromycin, benzaclin, duac, differin, aczone, tretinoin, retin-a, Yasmin, YAZ, and Ortho-Tricycline to clear my acne. Most treatments showed some improvement, then became less effective as months went by. I had also tried drinking gallons of water daily, cutting gluten from my diet, cutting dairy, and cutting meat. Changes to my diet had zero impact on my skin. Finally I was prescribed accutane. I was very nervous and anxious. Tbh I spent TOO MUCH time on this site. Certain people posting here convinced me that if I took accutane I would lose all my hair, have joint pain forever, and my acne might not even be cured. But at the same time, my acne made me suicidal and I felt I had to take the risk. I was prescribed 60 mg of accutane per day. I weighed between 140 and 150 lbs. at the time. I took generic Claravis. My acne slowly cleared over 6 months. When I went off accutane, my skin stayed clear. 10 years later my skin is still clear. The excess oil never came back. My hair is thick and full. I jog, bicycle, lift weights, and practice yoga daily with no joint pain. Accutane absolutely saved my life. If you are like me and depressed about your acne, and you have truly given every other avenue of treatment a fair shot, I believe you should give accutane a try and never look back with regret. I'm 35 years old and just now addressing my acne scars with a cosmetic dermatologist. The only scars I have are around my mouth. They are pretty severe but are nothing compared to the painful acne that caused them. I will make a separate post in the acne scar treatment forum (thread?) with photographs. I am having amazing luck with subcision and Juvaderm filler. If you read this long post, I hope it gives YOU hope! Not everyone comes back to share their success, but I wanted to because when I was struggling ten years ago these success stories were like a light at the end of a tunnel for me. Good luck to everyone XO
  20. So I’ve just finished my first week on Accutane! It’s annoying how slow it’s going I’m on 20mg a day and will eventually be upped to 60mg during a 4 month course. I haven’t suffered really with any side effects other than my lips being a little dry but Carmex seems to help. I was really worried about potential hair thinning too so I’ve bought some Nioxin shampoo to try and prevent that from happening. My skin is already looking better than when I first started but I can feel some spots coming around my nose. My chin is completely clear which is unusual for me as It’s normally my worse area for spots. I’m hoping to be one of the lucky few that doesn’t have an initial breakout but it’s still very early on. It really worries me that I won’t hit my cumulative dose and my acne will return after treatment. A four month course seems a little short compared to others..
  21. My spots are healing really quickly now, or more specifically the scabs I get from picking at spots. The closed comedones on my chin are beginning to come to (somewhat painful) heads, and after starting 80 mg I had a second mini break-out that’s still healing. My body acne is almost entirely gone now though, which is wonderful. I had a deep, almost cystic spot on my cheek that concerned me for a bit because I had hoped those were gone for good, but it’s going away on its own. I am really trying to not pick, and I started taking NAC supplement (it's safe with Accutane, according to my derm) to help take the edge off of my impulses and anxiety. It’s actually working pretty well I think, it seems to be easier to stop myself from picking and I have been a lot more productive overall Products used: -Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night after toner dries -Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good. -Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day -Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed -Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY) -Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!) -NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression Symptoms: -Dry face: Not considerably, but my whole body is noticeably drier than when I was on 40 mg/day -Dry lips: Yes, but manageable -Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. -Depression: Less than last week, I’m a bit of a mess lol (NAC also seems to help) -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into -Hair loss: Less than last week actually, or at least I seem to notice it less
  22. Advice? Help?

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    Alright so I literally never post on anything like this and this is my first time. I am 24 years old and I have struggled with acne since I was about 14. (10 years of this shit). My acne has never been insanely terrible in the sense of it’s covered my face from forehead to chin but it’s also not a “spot here and there” type deal. ITs pretty consistant. My face almost never 100 percent clear which sucks. I get pretty severe acne too. Cysts (I think) and all that. I’ve always got after marks/scars to deal with. I’ve tried a ton of different stuff to help. Over the counter stuff a bunch of home remedies like salt water, honey and cinnamon, tea tre oil etc. out of all the stuff i have tried the best was neturagema stubborn acne cleanser and that worked pretty well for about a year but now it doesn’t any anymore. I have suffered from severe depression and have bascially zero self confidence because of acne. I can barely look my wife in the face without feeling insecure, we cant even have dinner at the table without me having an anxiety attack over it. I don’t talk to anyone else about my battle with this. Antways, I’m at a bit of a crossroads over the last month my face is worse it’s ever been and I’m lost. I started the caveman with water routine to just stop using everything. I’m about a week into it hoping that it will “reset my skin” or something. I can’t add afford to go to a derm. I’m kinda thinking about trying the regimine on here or trying to get accutane but honestly I’m defeated. I’m tiredness of trying to fight this I feel like I could be a different person if i didn’t have acne. I’m afraid of becoming “dependant” a product, I just want normal skin, but honestly I’m to the point where I don’t care how I get it even if stuck on a treatment for the rest of my life. So any advice?
  23. ive seen in many people's logs and reviews of accutane saying how they noticed that after the course of accutane their jawline went away and face got fatter. is this because of accutane or just lifestyle? i dont want to increase weight in my face lmao thanks! aoi
  24. I am a female, 22 years old. I've been on 2 rounds of Accutane and my acne came back. I've tried Doxy, Minocycline, Tazorac, etc. My dermatologist sort of said this was the last chance I had at getting better with this strong medication. The Retin-A is 0.1% and Spiro is 50mg. Now, my forehead is covered in white heads that are hard to get in photos and my cheeks are just as bad. Could my forehead be a fungal infection? Another course of Accutane isn't an option due to me developing severe migraines from it during the second course. I am also allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. My current skin care is the Salicylic Acid Cerave cleanser in the AM along with Cerave SA lotion and Neutrogena clear face SPF. Evening is Cerave hydrating cleanser along with the Cerave SA lotion and the Tretnoin when my skin is dry. I would appreciate any advice! Thank you in advance!