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  1. Guys. Im looking for people to join me who feel strongly and passionately about the experience you have had with roaccutane. I was prescribed roaccutane on the NHS in Scotland in January 2014. I was on it for 6 months. Ever since I have finished. I've had depression, anxiety, dry thinning and brittle hair, constant dry lips, but the worst of all I have had severe severe IBS I literally couldn't work for 6 months because I go to the toilet about 15 times a day! Please guys. I really really want to find out about others experiences and maybe move forward with a lawsuit against the drug company. I totally understand that for so many people this drug has been amazing but unfortunately there is a huge amount of people that claim this has effectively ruined their lives. I being one of them really really want people to come forward because I genuinely feel like we deserve something wether it's compensation or an apology. I feel we deserve something, for so long I felt like I was going crazy but I'm not even 21 and what I've been through in the past 2 years it's like I've been completely robbed of my youth. I genuinely feel like a 40 year old. Please get in touch with me! X
  2. Hey guys, I’m a 19 year old girl and went on a very successful Accutane course of 40mg from December 2015 -August 2016. I don’t regret it and adore my current skin, but hair loss was always the ONE THING I didn’t want to experience. I was happy to risk the other side effects, even liver damage. What I didn’t want to do, however, was trade in one aesthetic problem for another. I started experiencing telogen effluvium hair loss in June (it was then that I started shedding moderate amounts of hair with bulbs). This got a bit heavier in July, and I really began to hate washing my hair because it was traumatic to see such loss. I avoided brushing my hair but generally tried to ignore it. In August, the shedding got extremely heavy. I would shed hair everywhere I went, and I’d brush my hair and see 80 hairs in the brush. It was horrible and I prayed it was peaking and would soon stop. September/October were absolute hell (it’s the 2nd of November today). Up until September, I didn’t notice visible thinning. That’s how I coped over the summer – I was shedding like mad, but my hair still looked lovely and luscious. Half way through September, my hair started looking much thinner. When wet, it looked horrible. Every time I washed it in Sept/Oct, I would lose about 250 hairs and then literally 400 hairs for 2 days afterwards. As my oil had come back at this point, I had to wash it at least every 5 days, resulting in regular trauma. I would sit in class, feel my pony tail and just pull out 40 loose hairs every hour. So, so horrible. Now, at the beginning of November? My parting has doubled in width. It's not terrible bit it's terrifying to me. You’re probably here to see whether accutane TE gets to the point of “embarrassing thinness”. The truth is I don't know, and that's what I have tried to find out online, in vain. I guess we will see what my hair is like in March! I want to stress that I don’t have “thin” hair. I am lucky that I had a lot of fine hair to start with, so I have decent scalp coverage still and a normal looking ponytail. You would see me and think I had nice hair, but I have lost 1/3 of my hair at least. And I’m still shedding heavily. I think the shedding is now less heavy than it has been these past two months, but who knows. REGROWTH: I checked my scalp today and am delighted to say that I have lots of 1-3inch hairs dotted around the place. They seem very fine and will obviously take months and months to grow out to the length of my others, but they will offer scalp coverage. I DON’T seem to be losing these short hairs, so (fingers crossed) hopefully I don’t have chronic TE. I am terrified to say anything now in case my condition worsens but maybe, just maybe, these past 4 months have been the worst of my TE and the shedding will slowly stop now over a few months. I will add pics soon and document this entire process... I promise I won't disappear. There is nowhere near enough information on Accutane TE out there, especially not posts from females who absolutely adored their former hair. It all seems to be guys questioning whether they have TE or genetic balding. I can't believe that my hair still looks like "nice hair" given I've shed so terribly for months. What I will say is that I am never, ever risking hair loss again. This will put me off ever meddling with the contraceptive pill, antidepressants, etc. Might sound extreme, but everything’s relative, and this is one thing that I was never prepared to deal with, and will hopefully never deal with again.
  3. Well hello there! Since Im bad with introductions Im gonna start with the normal procedure. Im a 18 year old male who struggles with mild to moderate acne since the last 3 years. I tried to think that it goes away, but my derm told me that this is not going to happen in the near future. I took Duac Acne Gel for 2 years in combination with a custom moisturizer mixed by my pharmacist. Since summer last year my acne got frequently worse and I started to desocialize as coping mechanism because i consider myself pretty self-judging. Skin picking doesnt help that. At the end of each month i try to upload pictures i take. Anyways~ Today I got Isogalen, basically Accutane. As i dont live in the US where you take high doses I do start with 20mg per day, taken in one capsule a day for 3 to 4 months! For the first 2 weeks Im gonna decrease my Duac usage and double my moisturizing as Ive rather dry skin (seems to run in the family yeah...) Maybe i slip in a few personal things as I am a very emotional and extrovert guy (usually..) and a dedicated music lover haha First real entry will be tomorrow, as this is "day 1" where nothing really happens. And my formatting sucks xD Hope to keep you updated 'till the end~ See ya! Ps: The Cure fcking rocks during rainy afternoon time
  4. Hi Everyone! Warning: Long Post Ahead.... So this is my first post but I felt it was necessary bc it might help others lol. I'll start off with a little background on me and my journey with acne. I've struggled with acne on and off (like 95% on) since I was 10, 11 years old, in 5th grade. I'm now 25, about to be 26. The only time it was "off" was when retin A was working when I was using it and for a few years after my 1st dose of Accutane. My acne varied between moderate to severe; when it was bad, oh it was bad but it sure made me grateful the days I woke up with only two or three pimples on my face. I dealt with blackheads, white heads, cysts, red bumps.. It was whatever my face and hormones were feeling for the week. I remember right before school ended my junior year I got a huge pimple that didn't wanna budge right in the middle of my cheek and that was my final straw.. I found a Dermatologist that prescribed Accutane and started it as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure I was on 30 mg 2x a day. I remember from week like 3 or 4ish to week 12ish being absolute hell.. dry skin, which was manageable because of how oily my skin was before, but the chapped lips and cracks around the corners of my mouth is something I won't forget. But just like that it was done, my face was clear. I finally had clear skin by the middle of my senior year and it felt great. Fast forward to 2012ish, I'm 20 years old, stressed because I felt stuck in life and in an unhealthy relationship. My acne started coming back with a vengeance.. I always ask myself if the stress of my relationship made it return or if it was just an inevitable thing. Since then, I've been back on the journey to curing my acne.. the past few years I've been on retinA, starting at .05% strength and working my way up to the strongest dosage after that didn't work. It did nothing, my go to acne medicine didn't work anymore on my skin. I tried a new dermatologist and he had me try epiduo. It did nothing, in fact I actually think it made my face worse. I will tell you, I do not care how bad my face gets break out wise while on a new medicine, if I've made it to that point I'm sticking it out to the 6 month mark because then I know it's not working if my face isn't better by that point. I think benzoyl peroxide makes my face break out more than helping. I started googling "small dosage of Accutane" hoping people have had success jumping over the IB by doing so. I found a lot more information on it then I thought I would and figured nothing else is working at this point so what do I have to lose. But I also found it difficult to find a blog where someone continuously updated on their progress, which is what led me to making this one lol. So at this point my face isn't as oily and isn't as bad as the first time I went on it.. I deal with tiny black/white heads that are everywhere but probably only noticeable to me unless you're close to my face, but oh do they bug the shit out of me. I also deal with red bumps on the sides of my cheeks (mostly my left for some reason) and then occassionally the corners of my mouth/forehead. People say my skin looks good for someone who's going on Accutane (my best friend yelled at me today when I told her bc of how miserable the IB was the first time hahah) but it's literally the only thing left or I continued numerous medicines and creams to maybe never find one that works. But with that being said, my face never has a point where it's completely clear and as a 25 year old it's frustrating. Now my derm isn't my favorite, sometimes I feel like he doesn't understand what I'm trying to say and kind of rushes, but since his office is close and he prescribes Accutane he would have to do lol. I explained I wanted to do a low dose of Accutane and I ended up getting prescribed 40 mg/day but I just can't get myself to start that high, it sounds like way too much. I decided I'm going to start out with 40 mg every other day and see where that goes. I might as well mention I'm a woman, I stand 5 ft 2 and weigh probably around 105 lbs. I'm going to try to keep this as updated as possible and include pictures. Remember everyone reacts differently so please be patient, it is worth the wait! Wish me luck everyone! p.s I also just got a spray tan in these pictures which always makes my acne look a little less worse hahah Routine: -Wash morning and night with dove soap -Moisturize with Equate All Day Moisturizer that has a 15 SPF (Off brand of Okay Complete All Day Moisturizer) -40 mg claravis every other day -Regular chapstick brand chapstick This might change as I go but that's currently what I'm doing as my routine. Also, I'm open to suggestions on avoiding the IB so if you have any advice or were one of the people who avoided It, feel free!!!
  5. Turning 22 next month and still have never kissed a girl or done anything for that matter. The thing is my skin is clear but my confidence is shot from the good 4 years I had severe acne. I just feel so inexperienced at this point that there is no reason to try. 15 year olds have more experience than me.
  6. Hello fellow warriors! ABOUT ME: AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 175cm WEIGHT: 75kg BEGINNING OF ACNE: 2012, age 15 (RO)ACCUTANE ROUND: 2 ACNE TYPE (*current course): mild, persistent = annoying/disturbing/noticeable (*1st round I had horrible back,neck,shoulders,face acne) DAILY DOSAGE: 40mg (2x20mg) MY STORY I'm 20 years old. My acne started destroying my life back in 2012, right when I started high school. I had horrible spots on my upper back, shoulders, back of the neck, hairline, some on the chest and sure a lot on my face. After everything failed, my then-derm prescribed me 20mg for 10 months. I was 50kg then. I don't really remember how (if) was my IB, but I remember that after 3 or 4 months in, results started showing. After I finished, I had perfect results! Skin was perfect, clear, unbeliveable. But not for long. 6-8 months after, some of the acne returned. Not as bad, but anyway. That was in 2014. From 2014 till this year it was very dynamic. There were times when I had horrible face, and then it was time when I had "decent" face. But after all, it was never perfect as it should be. Usually it was pretty good in summer time, and then gone bad when fall/winter started. Always! I visited derm once again last year and we tried: doxycycline, zalna gel, + a lot of other creams etc.... and nothing worked. That was earlier this year. Asd summer again started, my skin improved and I didn't use any creams or pills. Then august ended, and summer almost ended. My acne slowly began to return. I decided to visit my derm again. She straight away recommended another course of roaccutane. I was READY! I was very happy. Because I know thats the only medicine that helps! CURRENTLY So I started this course on 27th september this year. 20mg in the morning, and 20mg on evening. My comulative dose is 8760mg. After some calculating and reading online, I believe thats pretty low. But maybe it isn't required more in second course. I asked my derm and she said that here (Europe) dosages are as they are and that in USA they have a lot higher dosages. Dont know why but okay, I believe she knows what's she doing. What acne type I started roaccutane with: I started with mild but persistent acne. Few on the back (max 3-5 at same time but persistent and repetitive), back of my neck was bad, painful pimples that are under the skin, you know what i'm talking about, also whiteheads there, a lot of them were on the area where the scalp begins. My face: forehead pretty clear, some spots on my temples, little bit on my cheeks, but most of it were on jawline/neck area, somewhere inbetween. Not cysts or big whiteheads, but noticeable annoying and persistent spots. Sorry I don't have pictures from before I started. But it wasnt that bad, a little bit better than in current pictures bellow. TODAY IS DAY 90, EXACTLY THREE MONTHS. My side effects and results so far, alright so here it goes, get ready: DAY 1-5 Nothing changed at all DAY 5 Lips started drying intensively (lips still dry till this day so I wont be mentioning them again) DAY 5-13 Nothing much, maybe a bit dryier skin, but nothing much changed. But one magical thing happened. No more back acne, no more back of the neck acne. Till today (25.12.) I maybe got 3-5 there max. DAY 14 Prepare yourself now. Alright. So day 14 was a milestone. Like I said, I had spots on my jawline/neck , these little spots went full-on hardcore-mode now. Woke up with HORRIBLE red spots there, and I could see little whiteheads forming. I don't have pictures from here because I was afraid to even open the camera on my phone. DAY 15-30 First month over, this is the time when I learned to avoid any possible mirror or frontcam. - No improvements. Definitely not. It only went downhill a bit, but still most of spots were on the jawline/neck area. Some on the cheekbone also. - My joints started hurting AS HELL. My mid to lower back was horrible. I could barely move when I went to the bed. Pain lasted for 10 seconds before I could move again and go to sleep. - Nose! Oh my god my nose. It was SO dry! It hurt so bad. I had bloody boogers. Sorry for no pictures. reason written up there. DAY 32 second month started "Please dont wake me up till april 2018." My forehead and temple area EXPLODED! Everything from jawline/neck area moved to my forehead and temples. Great, now I oficially have whole face in acne. Joints still hurts a lot! DAY 33-75 No change. Breakout after breakout. There seemed to be no end. Hopeless and depressed a lot. My skin was horrible. Somewhere around day 40-50 my nose stopped being so dry finally. Still a little but a lot better. Joint pain seemed to decrease around day 50 also. Still there but better. DAY 75 till today Well at around day 75 it finally felt like horrible breakouts stopped. My forehead started clearing intensively and it's now first to be pretty much clear. Still maybe 1-2 spots on forehead but a LOT better than before. On jawline/neck area I have maybe 1 small spot on each side of my face and thats pretty much all of my ACTIVE spots. Now, there are A LOT of red marks left after breakouts. I have basically whole sides of my face in red marks. My temple area is worst. In certain lighting it looks like I have perfect skin, but under the light, you can see a lot of these red dots. Is there anything I can do about those? How long until they all fade? PICTURES First, I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of myself during my horrible IB, but if you want to know how it looked like, look at current pic and imagine it about 50 times worse. I was ashamed to even open front cam on my phone, I was afraid to even look in the mirror. I'm still anxious about mirrors but it's getting better. Can't wait to look in the mirror again and to like what I'll see. First few pictures are from times of my clear skin (summer time mostly). And 2 others are current with red spots left after horrible IB. If anyone knows how to fade them faster, I'll be more than pleased to hear! Goodluck to all of you, people without acne can't even understand how we suffer! I know how you all feel! Everybody who is going through horrible IB right now, hold on! It will get better! Drug is working! Everybody who is still considering using accutane, DO IT! It changes your life. Good luck to all of you. I'll keep updating in this thread, so stay tuned. First 4 pictures are from the times when I had clear skin. Last 2 are current.
  7. Accutane Journey

    Will be starting Accutane this week! Follow me on my journey as I update this thread every week (or at least try to) My current skin situation: Super PERSISTENT acne. Clogged pores on my forehead, eyebrows, temples, both cheeks, basically everywhere but my chin. Sometimes on jawline. A lot of blackheads. I'm pale and therefore my skin is very prone to hyper pigmentation scars from acne. Sensitive skin and very acne prone. Extremely extremely oily skin (genetics). I use be covered in cystic acne two years ago, but since then I stopped using all acne treatments (bp, salicylic acid) and so far I just get the occasional cysts. Definitely not as severe as before and so far I'm dealing with pustule acne. Current skincare routine: AM: Cerave foaming cleanser Cerave AM moisturizer with spf PM: Clinique take the day off cleansing balm to remove my make up with a warm clean facial cloth Cerave foaming cleanser with clarisonic no moisturizer because my skin tends to do significantly better without it And that's it so far! Because my skin is so oily now I'm definitely going to switch up my skincare routine once my skin dries up from the Accutane. My derm discussed with me that my treatment will most likely be 20 mgs the first month and 40 mgs for five months. I really hope this will help some of you planning on taking Accutane, because I know before I made the big decision, I did as much research as I could. I read every thread and forum possible that related to my acne story.. I've had acne on and off for about half my life and I'm 21. My skin is the type of skin where I would find a skincare regime that works wonders but overtime, it will get used to the products and not work anymore. I've tried antibiotics, topicals like differin, bp, salicylic acid, birth control, tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, acv, aloe vera, you name it. I tried to go vegan for awhile and that didn't change anything. I know I'm ready for Accutane, even though my acne isn't severe, I'm just tired of finding a solution and having clear skin, but having a relapse every time..
  8. Sooooo... I started accutane Jan 11, 2018 and I decided that I should share my journey with you all. I’ve struggled with acne for 7 years already.. If I were to count all the money I’ve ever spent on acne fighting products, I’d probably be rich. I've tried just about everything including a vegan diet. I’ve finally decided to give accutane a try. I’ve always been afraid because of all the side effects but I’ve reached the point of just being fed up with acne and allowing it to put my confidence level very low.. my face has gotten even worse than what you see in the pictures but that is currently my face now. I struggle with so much redness and as you can see. I have a lot of acne marks. I also struggle so much with picking at my face that is why I have all those red marks. I’ve always said “I’d rather the scar than the big pimple” and now I have to pay the price... trying hard not to mess with it anymore. Also learning to love myself and look passed the acne. Ever since I began to struggle with it, I covered it with makeup. Makeup does an amazing job at hiding the redness which is what I’m so self conscious about but I’m soooo ready to finally be able to go out in public without having to use an ounce of foundation or powder. I’ve only been on accutane for 5 days but I’m beyond excited for what it’ll do to my face. I’ve seen such amazing results in other people and I’m truly praying that I can see those results in my face. We all know how bad acne sucks and no one really understands our pain unless they have to struggle with it. I have always struggled with it mainly on my cheeks, jaw line, chin, temples, and sometimes forehead. I will be keeping you all posted and giving y’all updates on my face. God bless you all and remember that our worth isn’t defined by the amount of blemishes on our face. Beauty is much more than what’s on the outside.
  9. Hi everyone! I just picked up my first Accutane (Absorica) prescription (40mg once a day), and will begin taking it later this week! I just wanted to keep a log of my experience and maybe help others who are thinking about using it! I have had moderate to severe acne ever since I can remember, probably starting around 7th grade. I am now 21, and I am still struggling with it. I have tried topical creams, antibiotics, and every secret home remedy, but to no success. It has definitely affected my self esteem, and I am ready to finallly (hopefully) see some results! I am currently on anxiety medication, and my joints already hurt a lot (oops) but I’m optimistic that the medication will not affect that. I will attach some pics of my face as of this morning and hopefully take some more along the way. Feel free to leave some comments!
  10. Hello Everyone, I've been suffering from those freaking acne on my upper lips, nose ends and the chin area. I am 33 now and the problem is around 10 year old. I have been getting these white pus, red acne every other 15 days since then but in less numbers, sometimes 1, 2 or 3 but not many but it takes long to make them disappear. I've tried all kind of antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, etc. etc. without any success. During last year after Christmas I've got flare of acne on my chin area and since then it got worse day by day. at the moment I am again taking antibiotic to calm them and in this process I have been completely hidden in my house. I am a professional but I made some excuse not to come to office in order to avoid facing people. I am so scared to face in this situation. Yesterday I finally get an appointment with new dermatologist and she asked me to take a course Isotretinoin 20mg/day for 6 month and she told me about its side effects in advance and also asked me to get the blood test done before starting the pills. Now, since yesterday I've spent around 5-6 hrs online to get the feedback and I am certain that this pill makes some magic but almost every story teller explains the scared part of initial breakout. to be honest I am so so frightened after reading all those stories of IB that I am in dilema whether to take this course or not. the only fear I've is the IB and my profession demands me to be in office and I am scared to face people when this happens. I would like to know your opinion and how I can hide my IB. Can I grow full beard ? will it help ?
  11. Those of us revisiting this thread once again for answers, for a product that works, for another human to relate, we all have one thing in common. We suffer daily, or once monthly, or for the lucky ones once a year. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your breakouts we all know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. The thing is when you make the choice to go out the door in the morning and face the day, you have just made a very important choice whether you realize it or not. You have just taken a brave action. If you can go out in the world, push through the pain and ignore the anxiety associated with being seen full breakout, you can conquer ANYTHING! I want all acne suffers out here to realize that we are all cut from the same cloth and we wouldn't be dealt the shit-skin hand if we all weren't strong enough to fight our way through it. Please consider this the next time you feel like saying no to going out with friends or going out to lunch with your family on the weekend. Remember the badge of courage you wear on your face and that those that matter most to you don't mind and wouldn't have you any other way. Look I started this a week ago and I will not give up. I hope you feel inspired, Love and Peace abides!
  12. I am only a week into my accutane treatment and I haven’t gotten a single new pimple. I can’t remember the last time I went a whole week without getting at least 1 new pimple. So, is this just a coincidence or can accutane really start working that fast?
  13. so I cut my hair and bangs to hide and cover my face (new all time low). This is my first week (day 4) of claravis. As far as worsening, I have one painful, medium sized whitehead on my forehead (covered kinda by my bangs). And another small whitehead on my lower cheek (covered sometimes by my hair when I wear it down). Well I have way more motivation to wear my hair down everyday now. It seems like before claravis I would get a pimple and it would heal and then I would get a pimple in the same exact spot and repeat and repeat. But it seems like now all those spots are being uprooted by the claravis which makes an ugly result but seems on the way to clear skin. Today is the first day Ive noticed dryness and its my chin: dry, flaky, itchy. I feel like maybe the med is just now starting to reduce the oil on my skin. Lips are dry but not extreme or cracked or anything. But I've been applying vaseline to my lips at night and applying chapstick liberally (sometimes Dr Dans although I dont think they are dry enough for that yet and sometimes just a generic chapstick). Also my hands seem to be more coarse and dry than usual so applying lotion to them after every time I wash them. For unpleasant side effects, I'd have to say headaches, stomach discomfort, and fatigue. I used the cerave facial moisturizer for the first time today and it feels fine so far. So stinging when I put it on so Im relieved about that. Tomorrow I plan on using the tinted moisturizer first, then the anti redness BB cream, then the usual liquid coverup. This seems excessive but Im too embarrassed to not wear makeup. I guess thats it for now. Just riding that wave... ♡A.D.
  14. I’ve been getting this eczema on my hands for over 1 week now. It started on one hand but has now spread to the second. It doesn’t look severe in these pictures but in daylight it’s really visible. When I started going on accutane about a month ago my doctor also prescribed me a lotion prescribed that contains 5% carbamide. I don’t know if it’s the lotion or the accutane that is causing my eczema so I just thought I would check here. Also no matter what lotion I use whether it’s the prescribed one, cetaphil hand lotion, facial moisturiser, hydrocortisone it always burns. My hands aren’t even that dry! No cracked skin, or flaking - my friend even said they were pretty soft. Not sure if I should contact my doctor again or if I should wait another week. Anyone who’s had a similar eczema? What caused it for you? We’re you able to treat it? Whatever help you can offer would be much appreciated!
  15. I visited my dermatologist today (we've been working on my skin for about three years now) and we discussed my options regarding my acne and she felt accutane may be right for me given all of the other options we have exhausted. My acne has greatly improved since my first visit with my dermatologist, but it recently started flaring up again in the past few months. This time with more painful, deep bumps-particularly in my lower cheek/chin/jaw area. In my three years working with my dermatologist, I have tried the following prescriptions: Doxycycline, sulfur wash, Acanya (Clindamycin Phosphate and Benzoyl Peroxide) in the morning, and Retin-A at night. I also wash with cetaphil cleanser and a basic exfoliating scrub with my clarisonic morning and night. I understand that my acne is not severe, but I have tried just about everything that can be prescribed except accutane and we are hopeful that it can heal the rest of my acne. One of my concerns is the initial flare-up that many users experience. My acne is not currently severe and I have seen some cases where the initial flare can cause more cystic acne to surface, and I would be disappointed to see my skin look that rough once again. However, I am hopeful that the initial flare would be less severe since a lot of my acne surfaced while I was on doxy and the topicals (I am currently still using the topicals but no longer on doxy.) My skin is persistently oily, even on the many prescriptions I have tried, so I would like to think that the dryness I experience would be less severe than others, but I am willing to deal with dryness to get to the clear skin I desperately want. Another small concern I have is the birth control requirement. The possible effects of birth control such as weight gain is something I would prefer not to deal with as long as I remain abstinent, so I am hesitant about being required to take bc. My final concern is that since I will probably be on accutane my first few months in college, the sun sensitivity may be a problem because the university I am likely to attend is a ten minute ride from the beach. However, I am very pale so the use of sunscreen is not a new concept for me, haha! Do you think accutane is worth the many effects in my case? (Below are pictures of my skin in its current state)
  16. I've started Accutane on 40mg 1 year ago and finished 6 months ago. I was clear for about 4 months after ending the course and then it slowly started to come back. It's still not as severe as it was before, but I'm getting pimples more and more frequently now, currently I'm at about 50% of the severity and I feel like I'm slowly going back to the same old sh*t. What now? 2nd course is NOT an option for me, because of the side effects I've got - hair loss and insomnia. Second course would literally finish me off.
  17. So I’m starting on accutane today. Scared for my life but has to be done uplift my confidence.
  18. My Accutane ~Journey~

    So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  19. Is what I have just hyperpigmentation from acne or does it look like rosacea?
  20. day 19

    eleven more days till one month !!! my skin in terms of acne has been regular/bad, I've gotten a few more new pimples. before i started accutane i had a lot of blackheads on my nose but the texture of my nose was still smooth but now its become very rough and dry…maybe i'll try exfoliating. i have rosacea (thats what another derm said but i feel like its more my skin being really pale and my acne red and inflamed but anyway), and I've found that my face gets red in weird place nowadays but i have read that accutane does cause redness. also my chin and area of cheek near to my nose have started to become dry. lips are alright
  21. Week 1: Claravis

    today is officially my first day of claravis (isotretinoin). I'm on 60mg/day. I'm so relieved that I know two people close to me who have both taken accutane. I talked to both of them about it so Im really hoping thats at least two people who will understand what I'm going through. the lab draws every month are something Im definitely not looking forward to but my first lab draw (which was a day or two before I picked up the med) wasnt too bad. Im thinking I want to rotate arms every month so my arms dont get beat up. I tried to do some research (on reputable sites) of foods to avoid while taking accutane but couldnt find anything. I guess I'll try skimming that little packet that comes with it. I'll skip the scary parts..although Im aware of the risks. I'll try writing here on this blog once a week at least since I feel like it might help someone else going through the same thing. This isotretinoin is definitely an absolute last resort for me (26 years old with acne ). I have a personal journal also which I think has made a difference so I can just vent and get it all out. Waiting for that eruption of acne that can happen with accutane before it gets better. Feels like tiptoeing and trying to avoid land mines a little bit...but Im in it for the long haul. I often get these pit of my stomach feelings where I worry: well once the acne is gone I'll then have to face all the scars left behind (which I dream wont be as bad I worry). Catch 22 Anyway............back to reality... ♡A.D.
  22. Hey guys I wanted to hear some more opinions about something I was thinking about, and that's giving up accutane. Im now on accutane since like a bit more than one month and my pimples got less, buuut my lips are dry like the sahara desert and my skin aswell plus my face turned red like a fucking tomato! Now the deal is.... since I really got into this skincare bs my face got worse and worse and I didn't even realize it. But now I do. I used to have some pimples here and there but ain't giving any shit and lived my life but when I got sucked into this skincare business my whole fucking world was building up on my skin. Long story short, my Parents never suffered as crazy from acne and i have the samw genetics as them if it's true that I'm not adopted so I was thinking about giving up accutane and just use water so fresh things up, like for example taking a shower after sport and shit like that you know...I'm really into martial arts and fitness and I ain't got time to worry about acne so leave your opinion
  23. Hi guys, so yesterday was my first day of taking Accutane or Roaccutane as we call it in Europe. My dermatologist prescribed me only 10mg of Accutane daily, so i decided to do weekly logs, not only because I noticed that not many people get such a low dose as 10mg daily, but also for me to note the progress. I will be taking Accutane for 6 to 8 months with possible increase of the dosage to 20mg daily after the first month. My dermatologist said 20mg is maximum that she'll ever give me. Just a quick history of my acne: My acne started as I turned 15 and I am 20 now. I have never had severe acne, but mild to moderate (depends on the part of the year). Each summer my skin was clear, I had BABY SKIN EVERY SUMMER, but as Fall/Winter came I would get baaad breakouts. I've changed 3 Dermatologist and tried everything - from topical treatments to antibiotics. Doxycyclin cleared my skin completely, but as I stopped using it acne came back. Minocyclin did something only when taking 100mg daily (50mg daily did NOTHING). Azithromycin which I have been taking until yesterday did nothing at all. After 4 years I started getting acne on my chin area which I have NEVER had before. I have always had them on the inner part of my cheeks (which I do not anymore!). So after going to a gynocologist last year he told me I have mild PCOS! And wanted me to take bcp which I refused until a month ago. I am now taking Belara and have started seeing small results after 3 weeks. Unfortunately my acne is not only hormonal, which is why I will be taking Accutane. My derm explained to me that each year after summer (because I spend the whole summer at the seaside and a lot of time under the sun) comes to thickening of my skin which is why I always start breaking out each Fall. So she thinks the only solution is Accutane and I believe her because she is the ONLY dermatologist that accutally made an effort to take a look at my skin and took time to explain everything to me! So this is my story, I hope someone will read it and will maybe find out something useful! :-) Each week I will post the changes I see (and the dreaded IB)!
  24. Life after acne

    Hey guys, I really want to crete a conversation about life after acne (once you cure/temporary fix your acne). This is a topic that is not discussed a lot and i think its important. I have been acne free for 1 year and i no longer have any pigmentation either. I no longer find the need to wear makeup, and i never worry about my skin anymore. I remember when i had acne i was self-conscious and i would tell myself "when i have clear skin i will have no worries." The truth is yes you may not be conscious about your skin, but other insecurities appear.I realised that i no longer obsess with my skin, instead i would be conscious about my weight or how thin my hair is. Its important to mention that i am on birth control (what fixed my acne) and i have gained 15 pounds, have a headache everyday and my hair is thin. However, the fear of going off birth control and have my acne back is still strong. I guess what i want to get out, is that i find that once you fix one problem, another becomes obvious. thats what makes us human. I have learnt to love myself and i think thats the real cure. I have been off birth control for a week and my hair is great again, my headaches are gone and i have lost alot of water weight. My acne may come back, but at this point i've decided to deal with it. I would love to hear everyone else's experience of 'life after acne' or even if you have temporarily fixed your skin issues.
  25. Happy New Year! I started my isotretinoin journey on September 6th 2017. I was nervous after reading all the horror stories. But I thought, if it gets too bad, I will stop. And after enduring bad skin, spots, cysts and boils for the last 25 years, I didn't think there was side effect that I wouldn't manage. I was right. My side effects have been minimal, some dry skin on my face (which is fine with a daily moisturiser and nightly smothering of aqueous cream; a little tiredness (but that could be my age); a little stiffness during and after exercise; a little bloody mucus when blowing my nose, but that is intermittent; my eyes are dry and wet at the same time(weird I know), and that is pretty much it! My mood has been fine, no headaches, or any other side effects to note. My skin is much softer and smoother, the blotches and tiny pimples I had on my face are gone. I still have some some redness to my cheeks, but I can live with that. I still have breakouts on my back (and other places) These tend to be on average about 1cm across and very painful. They last for weeks and weeks and weeks. I have redness/purpleness from older ones, but they have flattened out. On my last visit to the Derm, she said I will probably have an extra month at 60mgs, rather than increasing the dose at the moment. My next visit is 16th Jan, so we'll see what she says then. I am looking forward to my skin clearing and getting a bit of sun to help with the scarring. Wrinkles are next to target!! Love and peace everyone!