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  1. Hey everyone. I'm writing this as a summary of my Accutane experience. I'm a 34 yo Male who's suffered from moderate to severe acne since my mid-teens. I know it's cliche, but I've done everything under the sun (basically all products) and very expensive food sensitivity tests and monthly esthetician visits. My acne would go through brief periods of clarity (although there was always a little acne) and then breakout quite regularly. About once a year i would have a MAJOR breakout where white heads would pile up on top of each other. It would last about a few weeks and then go back to my regular (but steady) breakouts. Early this year I decided I wanted to FINALLY do Accutane. I had previously abstained from doing it mainly because of the initial breakout (i had heard horror stories) and some of the side effects. I ultimately decided to bite the bullet, as the breakouts were causing me to be antisocial and really affecting my quality of life. In short (and so far), it's been the best decision I've ever made. The initial breakout was minimal- no more than a normal breakout- and lasted only a week or so. I had all of the usual side effects: rushed face, dry skin, bloody nose in the morning, very dry lips, a few sporadic rashes on my hands and arms... nothing crazy. I will say a rather odd side effect i got was sweating in places I wouldn't normally sweat: my eyebrows and the tip of my nose. I never had any major side effects or experienced any change in mood. In terms of the acne and breakouts, I started seeing results almost immediately. I'm now on my sixth month and haven't had a single pimple in over 2 months. My doctor put me on Absorica, which is better absorbed into your system and doesn't require you to take the pill with a meal (although i always tried to take it with a meal or snack for better absorption)...My doses were: Month 1: 40mg/day Month 2: 60mg/day Month 3-5: 70mg/day Month 6: 40mg/day I'm really excited (and anxious) to see what happens after I stop taking the medication. I can say (even with the annoying side effects) that my quality of life have greatly improved- I don't have to worry about waking up to a new breakout or constantly checking for new zits or dreading pictures or mirrors. I remember reading these forums all throughout my early adulthood and finding comfort and support in people's stories. I hope this might encourage someone who's on the fence to make a decision or at least consult a doctor about taking Accutane. I will post a few months after i complete my treatment and let you guys know how I'm doing. Best, D
  2. Hi, I’m new to the forum, but i’m really in need for support. My derm is now on holiday, so I cannot reach him, and I have a question. I stopped accutane about 2 weeks ago, and yesterday night I tried drinking for the first time after September 2017 (when I started accutane). Yesterday I drank firstly a shot and I noticed that alcohol wasn’t burning my throat. Then I took a drink and I noticed that I wasn’t tasting alcohol! I couldn’t smell or taste any alcohol, so I asked to my friend if in that drink were alcohol and he thought I was jocking because it was superstrong. I continued drink but it wasn’t as good as before, it was really like just drinking water. So I finished my drink and stopped drinking becouse I was really scaried. I’m really scary of this, has anyone experienced that? I couldn’t find anything in internet. Could it just a temporary side effect? If anyone has experienced that, if I continue drinking I will eventually get drunk or not?
  3. Hello! i recently began taking isotretinoin, 40 mg a day (just over a week ago). I didn’t notice any side effects until two days ago, but it was just the cracked lips. Last night, after feeling fine all day, I suddenly started shivering uncontrollably, and nothing I did helped me get warm. I took a shower, put on extra layers, and got under several blankets, but I couldn’t stop shivering. I also felt extremely sore. My whole back was sore, and the muscles in my legs, chest, and shoulder were too. After a few hours, i started to get really hot. I don’t have a thermometer so I can’t confirm whether I had a fever, but that’s exactly what usually happens when I do. The achy muscles have persisted to today. I’m confused though, because I have no other symptoms of a cold or the flu. No congestion, sore throat, vomiting, etc. So I guess I’m just wondering whether this could at all be related to the isotretinoin? And if so, is it something which would go away after a few days, or is it something to be worried about? Thanks!
  4. I’m currently nearing the end of 3 months on Isotretinion, and starting to develop a rash on my arms, stomach and inside of my thigh. Starting to get a bit worried and wondering if anyone else had this and what they did to remove it? I’ve been using e45 spray moisturiser on my arms and putting sudocreme on after it’s dried. I have scratch marks from where I’ve itched at it. Pictures attached. Other side effects I’ve had are dry lips, dry face, muscle aches, eyesight being a little worse towards night time, and recently come down with flu.
  5. So it all started out when I was 11 to 12 where my hair clogged poors and consistent itching after dandruff because of Candida I have had since age 1. I have had a personal doctor work on keeping it under control (and also my overall health) with coffees, teas, antioxidants in royal jelly, probiotics in yogurt,for leaky gut ps100 supplement pills, also triphala, I even had black tea for months on and off, (white tea) really long ago, glycoside or glycozine I forget but I think it was for my spleen, sero-plus for mental clearance, blue berries for antioxidants and finally right now mulberries (ewgh) for even more antioxidants. I DID THESE AT DIFFERENT TIMES IN MY LIFE DO NOT TAKE TWO DETOX THINGS AT ONCE because you’ll break out and if you have Candida it will go out of control. I started acne masks when I was just starting to get it but what I didn’t know was that Apple cider vinegar would aggravate my acne to come out even more, (since at that young age all I ate and drank were sodas and chips) which fed my Candida thus acne at a young age, as I spiraled down isolation and depression I started not caring any more but still tried with steaming (non consistent) and ended up wanting proactiv (worst decision) it’s chemicals were too strong all at once making huge cystic acne appear. Eventually I got to acutane which worked until I stopped, I started clindamycin and had gone trough ever organic cleanser and toner which was working but my diet wasn’t , if I had kept using rose Mira’s products I would have cleared up but instead I used more toxic charcoal cleanser and rotating face brush irritating my face. I even used hot peppers hoping it would detox my system faster (maybe it did who knows) but I got to thinking and started sweating more with exercise and then I’m just on my 2nd month of vegetarianism (tried vegan, too hard) I’ve noticed a difference ever since I started using azeliec acid, clindamycin and zinc pyrithione together from curology. I have just got prescribed minocycline but researched to learn it kills the little good bacteria I have (I’m not going to take it) I’m starting benzol peroxide again(hopefully it works)
  6. 6 Months off Accutane! I cannot believe it has been 6 MONTHS since I have been off Accutane and 1 YEAR since I started! First off, if you are reading this, I encourage you to start reading my blog posts from the beginning to see the stages of my skin and the progress I have made throughout. Being on Accutane for 7 months came with a lot of self confidence issues as my skin got significantly worse throughout the process. After reading many blogs and talking with my dermatologist, I was told that my skin would get worse before it got better. That was definitely correct! Seeing that I was a picker, I would pop all my cystic acne and whiteheads knowing that the consequences of scaring. Today, my skin has never looked better... I cannot believe how much it has transformed! After coming off Accutane, my dermatologist told me that it can take some time for redness to fade (which it did). I was told not to do any facial treatments for at least 6 months to let my skin re-adjust and breathe. He put my on Retinal-A cream which has definitely helped with the post scarring marks and redness. I have NOT had a single pimple/cyst since coming off Accutane (Knock on wood). Post Accutane Side Effects As people on Accutane know, you experience very dry skin. When I was on accutane, I had dry skin mostly on my face and also a dry scalp. I could go 1 week without washing my hair as it never got greasy which was amazing! Now that I have come off Accutane, I do have my oily skin and hair back but not to the extent that it was before starting accutane. One thing that I did notice after coming off accutane was some hair loss. Every time I showered, I would lose a chunk of hair which made me very nervous. However it did slow down after 2 months of being off Accutane. If I had to guess, I probably lost 20-25% of my hair but seeing that I have a lot, it didn't really make a difference. Don't let this scare you as I was told that not everyone can suffer from this side effect! Makeup - IT Cosmetics After coming off Accutane, I did some research around makeup knowing that I wanted to be very cautious with what I was putting on my skin. After a trip to Sephora, I came across this line called IT Cosmetics ( which is supported by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to help people cover rosacea (Skin disease causing red pigmented skin). I decided to give it a try seeing that I had post acne redness and some scarring. I wanted makeup that felt like I wasn't even wearing it. Let me tell you... YOU NEED TO TRY THIS BRAND! I was so impressed on the coverage I got from the products I used. You don't have to use a lot and it instantly transforms your skin by reducing the redness! Products info below: Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream - Put this on first before applying a foundation. You can even use this as a quick cover up without anything on top if it matches your skin colour! Your Skin but Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ - I use only 2 pumps for my entire face. It blends beautifully and leaves my skin glowing! PLUS it has sunscreen!! Your Skin but Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder - When I don't feel like wearing the CC+ Cream, I use the powder version for a quick touch up! Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finishing Airbrush Powder - Helps keep a matte look. Skincare Routine Update Here is an update on my skin care routine. Face Wash - Cerave Hydrating Bar Toner - Lush Tea Tree Water Moisturizer - Cerave Daiy Moisturizing Lotion Prescription Medication - Retinol A Cream 0.025% Remember for those suffering with acne, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I encourage everyone who is on Accutane to document your progress. You will be amazed at the progress month after month. Feel free to comment if you have any further questions or are looking for support! Stay Positive!!
  7. I’ve suffered from acne for about 4 years and it has really affected my confidence and the way I acted when I was with other people. It got really bad earlier this year that I finally decided to visit a dermatologist to see what they could offer me. I have been on a variety of antibiotics before (can remember the names) and they have never helped so Accutane was the last thing they could offer. I have been on it now for 101 days (14 weeks) and I have we seen a lot of improvements, however I am still not confident in the way I look as have been left with quite a lot of red acne scars (especially on my neck) which is really getting me down because they have been there for a long time. I am currently on 40m/g day and was just wondering when I can expect these red marks to fade and my forehead acne to clear as it has bee there foreveeeer. thanks
  8. Hi! So I’m an 18 year old female weighing about 120lbs. I’m currently on month 2 of my accutane treatment and I’m taking 60mg a day. So far I’ve had extreme back pain, dry lips, and nosebleeds. Other than that, I have not had any dryness on my face and I’ve seen no improvement in my skin and I’m breaking out on my neck, chin, and forehead which has never happened to me before (my acne has always been on my cheeks). I emailed my derm and she said that I should have seen improvement by now. Has anyone else taken a long time to see results? I just want to know if I should stick with the medication. I’ve tried everything else and this is my last resort.
  9. Hey y’all, I’m new to I decided to finally join the community after literally googling about acne every single day during any free time I have. Boy let me tell you, I’ve been through it. I started getting small forehead bumps around age 13 (nothing too noticeable.) Gradually, my skin became worse and by age 16 IT WAS DISGUSTING. I’m talking pimples stacked on pimples, pus oozing out my face. I could feel people staring at my acne infested cheeks. I kept thinking it would go away and three years later, at age 19 it still takes a toll on my self esteem. And please don’t ask if I’ve tried other medications because I HAVE. Seen over three dermatologist that prescriptive a hand full of crap that is all bullshit not my opinion. I admit- my acne has calmed down since high school but still I avoid any type of interaction with people because of it. No selfies for me and I em need to consider the lighting in certain social places before going.ikr, sheeshhhh. I have developed a social anxiety and that is a struggle especially when dorimg in college, where you are constantly surrounded by people and can’t hide your face. GUYS I FEEL SO UGLY ALL THE TIME. Anyway, I am considering taking Accutane in the fall( I would take it now but it is June and i heard your skin will fry and I’m also trying to be drunk all summer). A part of me is very excited but another part is fearing the worst... my fear is so great that i might not follow through with it. Also, for my ladies i really do not want to experience getting dry down there! I appreciate any words of advice you guys have for what’s in store if I choose to actually take it.
  10. Hey, I'm a 17 year old male who finished a 6 month 40 mg/day course of accutane about a year ago. While on the accutane, I didn't really have any issues, but the problems started after I stopped. Ever since I stopped, it felt like my entire life has been turned upside down, and I started experiencing horrible side effects which are as follows: -Hair loss: I've always had thick and curly hair, but shortly after stopping accutane, I noticed my hair started falling out in droves (mainly in the shower). The hair loss has slowed since then, but it hasn't shown any signs of improving, and my hair is noticeably thinner. -Stomach problems: I never really feel "hungry" anymore, my stomach just hurts, and I eat to alleviate the pain. When I do eat, I'm never satisfied after finishing, and it feels like my metabolism has slowed down greatly. It also feels like foods have lost their taste for me. -Back pain: I used to be extremely active, doing lots of body weight exercises, but I started having horrible back pain towards the end of the accutane treatment. Anytime I would bend over or twist in either direction I would experience a very sharp pain in my lower back. This has gotten better, but only after I cut back significantly with my exercise. -Cold hands: After stopping, it's as if my body's ability to warm itself reduced dramatically. My hands are always EXTREMELY cold, and I've become very intolerant to cold weather. Whenever I exercise, I don't really feel that "hot" and I'm not satisfied stepping into an air conditioned room on a hot day like I used to be. This one seems to be unique, as I haven't read of anyone else with this side effect. -Eye strain: My eyes are red 24/7 since stopping, and I'll often get headaches after low exposure time to screens. I used to be able to look at screens nonstop for hours at a time without any issues whatsoever, and now I can barely keep my eyes on my monitor for half an hour without getting a headache. -Sexual health: My libido went down like crazy in the months following accutane. I went from masturbating twice a day to once a week, and I don't really feel attraction towards females like I used to. -Mental health: This is the worst out of all the side effects I've listed. Ever since stopping, I've had ZERO drive to do the things I used to love doing. I used to always keep myself busy when I had nothing to do, but now I'm passionate about literally nothing, and I lack the mental energy to keep myself occupied when I'm bored. I feel as if I've lost my soul entirely, and I don't know what to do about it. Also, I don't ever feel genuine happiness like I used to. The memories I had before accutane were filled with joy, but now it's as if I'm living in a world of black and white, and the "happiness" I feel nowadays is nothing compared to what I used to feel. So is there anything I can do to get my life back on track? Or am I just another doomed statistic?
  11. As of yesterday, I've been on Absorica (accutane/isotretinoin) for 3 months collectively. It's been 2 months now that I've been on my maintenance dose, which is 60mg... (30mg AM, 30mg PM) I've been clear since starting the maintenance 60mg, which is amazing. This is even with skipping my pills on most weekends. I do this because I typically have a few drinks on the weekends and I don't want to mix this medication with alcohol because you are supposed to avoid alcohol entirely while on it. The only issue I've had since upping to the 60mg is a weird breakout on my chin. These just appeared a few days ago. This is not a type of breakout I have ever dealt with before though..... It is completely confined to my chin and its just little red bumps. Honestly it looks worse with makeup because of my dryness. It could be caused by my dryness, honestly. I've been putting pure Aloe Vera, and polysporin on my chin to help. Other than that, 3 months in.... my skin is doing great. Lips..... dry. Aquaphor is still helping, and burts bees occasionally when I am out in public and don't want to bust out my giant tube of aquaphor. Oh, I also wanted to mention.... STAY OUT OF THE SUN. I wore sunscreen but did not reapply one day that I was out in the sun most of the day. My forehead burned and it took 2 weeks to return to its normal color and stop peeling.
  12. So I have officially been on Accutane for 8 months now. Cyst free for over 5 months! A couple weeks ago I decided to go down to 20mg (10mg in morning and 10 at night) as the sides of my mouth were so raw and peeling the size of a penny. I looked like the joker, haha, but really it wasn't funny. As soon as I decreased the dose, it healed up and so it will just take me a week or so longer to finish up my course. While my lips are super dry, the rest of my skin isn't and I just need my regular lotion once a day. Hair has been status quo and besides one tiny whitehead a week ago, skin has been great. I'm excited to get off of Accutane but also quite nervous. I'm trying to be hopeful. Though the knowing that I could go back on if needed is a helpful safety net (even if it's not a guarantee it will work a second time).
  13. Just started Accutane 40mg a day and 10 days in and im really red in cheeks and nose. I was wondering if this will subside during the treatment and my skin will even out or is this going to last the entire treatment. Anybody experience this and what did they do about it. Any feedback is appreciated
  14. Hey guys so after my skin took a toll for its worse at aged 20 since I got a horrendous UTI > staph infection > follucilits and trying so many antibiotics, peels, topicals, my doctor put me on a low dose of 10mg accutane again for a month to start ( he did mention I might want to take the 6 months course) Note : At 15, I took the same dose for about two weeks as he said it was a mild case. This cleared me up nicely and I didnt get any IB/much side effects. However right now at 22, a week into the medication I went through and am still now going through a horrendous IB ( it's day 14 now). I'm breaking out in pustules (never had them until now) on some places I've never broken out before (my cheeks, forehead...cheeks being most prominent and scary lol) with small bumps here and there on my jawline...chin is clear though. And its tiresome to have achy bones/ minor headaches...maybe this happened now because I've been drinking less water + stress due to my busy schedule now while on accutane? At the moment I'm also taking EPO, probiotics. I plan to take lysine soon too. I've sliced out alot of sugar in my diet and eating a balanced meal more healthier stuff now. I've recently done a thyroid test as well but since the levels are only slightly elevated I was asked to redo it again in a month time to confirm anything.I'm pretty sure I have a hormonal imbalance just like my mom (she was put on spiro for 3 months which cleared her face) but my doctor suggested accutane instead for me. For now, my facial routine is to wash twice a day with a cleanser, use aloe vera gel + sunscreen in the day and mosturizer + clindoxyl spot treatment at night. All the products used prescribed by my doctor. The clindoxyl seems to work on drying the spots and aloe is really soothing. I was wondering if I could ask my doctor to increase my dosage to make it more effective? I'm a little afraid that the current dose doesnt work? Should I ask for spiro/take it together with my accutane? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated! I feel horrible having to go to university/work with a mask because everyone around me usually has clear skin....I'll try to update with pics when I feel more confident
  15. Hi! Welcome to my log! So a little introduction: This is my first time going on Accutane. I've suffered from extremely persistent acne for about 6 years, and I've decided that enough is enough! Throughout my struggle, I've tried probably every single medication there is on the market. I've been using the Regimen for the past 2 years or so, and it's helped me immensely. Although my acne is relatively mild (borderline severe) now, my face is still extremely oily to the point where I need to wipe my face every couple minutes. I don't get cysts very often, but I do get tons of inflamed whiteheads and pustules that take a while to go away and usually end up scarring. I tend to have maybe 3-4 actives at a time, and my face hasn't been clear in a very long time. This has been my regimen up until today: Morning: - face wash - Cerave lotion (occasionally with a few drops of jojoba during the winter) Night: - face wash - 2 pumps BP - 1 pump AHA+ mixed with 1 pump Cerave lotion (sometimes jojoba) Supplements: - 60mg OptiZinc (zinc + a bit of copper) - 10,000 IU Vitamin A (going to remove this now) - 400 IU Vitamin E - 1,000 mg Vitamin C - 400 IU Vitamin D3 (starting this now) - 1,000 mg Calcium (starting this now) - 500 mg Magnesium (starting this now) Other Notes: - I never touch my face - I'm super gentle when washing/drying my face - I don't eat dairy - I basically only drink water (and lots of it!) I weigh about 150lb (68kg) and I'm on 60mg/day of generic Absorica. I'm going to try to update every day for the first few weeks, and then maybe every week after about a month or two. Ahh I'm so excited! Wish me luck! Day 1- 60mg total Nothing to note yet! I definitely ended the day with more pimples than I started though, but that's not anything out of the ordinary. I probably have 4-5 actives right now and tons of healing scars. I used 1 pump of BP today instead of the normal 2, and I'm gradually going to decrease this until I feel my face is too dry, after which I will stop using BP altogether. Added a couple drops of jojoba into my AHA+/Cerave in order to combat the upcoming dryness. Also, I'm starting to apply Dr. Dan's Cortibalm tonight.
  16. Hi everyone, I have been taking a low dosage accutane (10mg a day) for around 6 months. I have recently noticed that I have quite a lot of peach fuzz (fine little hairs) on my face. These hairs are blond in colour, so barely noticeable and predominantly located on the side of my cheeks and near my jaw. By no means am I a hairy person, I’m incredibly pale and can usually get away with shaving my legs once every 2 to 3 weeks. That’s still the case and I have not noticed any change in body hair, just facial hair. I don’t know why I have just noticed the peach fuzz on my face. I mean, I know we all have facial hair, but I’m either just noticing it now or there’s more hair growth. I’m not planning on shaving my face but I have noticed that my makeup can look quite cakey. In certain lighting the hairs are a lot more noticeable (especially with makeup on). If if you have experienced something similar let me know! Did it get better after accutane or continue? Women - do you shave your face? Thankyou!
  17. I've seen lots of threads on people facing this issues, as I did myself. Are you feeling this way? Do you believe a single, or multiple products will gain back your confidence? What are things that you do to prevent from being stressed, upset, ANGRY, due to the way acne has effected you?
  18. I have a sebaceous cyst on my arm and I am currently in the fourth month of Accutane (30 mg). Can I do a sebaceous cyst removal surgery while on Accutane, or do I have to finish my Accutane first?
  19. Hey. I was recently diagnosed with acne conglobata, which I'm told is a severely inflammatory type of cystic acne. couldn't find much personal logs of this hellish thing and navigating healthcare has been challenging to say the least so I decided to talk about it online in the hope of connecting with people also familiar with it, (which is equally terrifying as it is liberating.) currently waiting to start roaccutane treatment -and learning how to access dermatology healthcare in the UK. Having a miserable time emotionally and physically, trying to stay hopeful, and aiming to document the process. Here is some acne chat for anyone who may find it useful
  20. Hi! I was just recently prescribed Accutane and I am about to start my first course of 60/mg day tomorrow. I have been using the regimen EVERY SINGLE DAY (BP followed by AHA+ mixed w/ moisturizer) for about 2 years now, and I'm terrified of what is going to happen to my face if I stop cold turkey. I was thinking of gradually decreasing the amount of BP I use from two pumps down to one until I feel the Accutane is making my skin too dry to use any more. My face has always been extremely oily and I honestly don't remember the last time I had dry skin, so I'm not too worried about the BP drying me out immediately after starting Accutane. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions? P.S. If anybody has any suggestions for good supplements to take while on Accutane that would also be greatly appreciated
  21. (Skip to the middle where it says "importnat part" if you don't care to find out if we've tried similar things or have similar types skin, etc. and you just know you have hormonal stuff going on.)Hello, so I have been using products for a couple years, loved them, the do help, but it's expensive and time consuming, don't want to buy regular and travel size etc. My mom had deep, deep acne as a kid and still has scars at 53 as we know cystic acne can be genetic My acne is mostly on my chin, cheeks, near mouth, on neck, and back indicating a HORMONAL link. I get deep ones on my neck and cheeks especially I tried to balance my hormones to combat it and eat little dairy to help that as well. I exercise and carry a massive 64 oz water bottle that i go through 2-3 times a day every day. I get 6-10 hours of sleep every night usually around 7. Never sleep with makeup on, always go through my elaborate skin care regimen (mostly stuff besides cleanser, and also use glossier aha+ solution.) And have little stress in my life that's unman aged, I meditate, have a good attitude, and rarely have to face anything too terrible so that's not it. So I'm doing all the things you're supposed to...... I tried Skin care exposed many generic drug store products (cetophyl, nutragena, Clearasil, etc.) ACNE LASERS (do not recomend, it actually got worse, and I'm not sure why. I did over 10 treatments I believe because my boyfriend wanted to help me conquer this he paid for it so I'm not certain, but it was very painful, expensive, and ineffeftic sadly.) Trtroin cream and gel Many cycles of antibiotics (doxy) Llysiene DIM (did help a lot but didn't fully clear, best thing I've found besides spironolactone though, but more expensive.) Etc. (We've all tried lots of things, you get it, but I thought it might be relevant for people trying to figure out what they should try first or what might work for them based on our possible similarities) IMPORTANT PART: My roommate had really bad, scattered, cystic acne and one day it really started clearing up I asked what she had been doing and she said her doctor prescribed spironolactone. I asked my doctor to do the same, she was all for it. I take 50 mg The first month was really bad, I broke out REALLY hard. But I had seen all the positive reviews and photos that said this would happen and to stick it out, so I did. Month 2.5 I was so happy with my skin, it's SO SOFT and clear. It's incredible to be able to touch my neck and face without tons of textures. My skin did peel really badly around month 1.5-3 so be prepared. It was annoying, but worth it. MONTH 3 I HAVE ZERO active pimples and some red spots that are still healing (I did kind of keep picking throughout the months but I think I will break that as I have nothing left to pick) My makeup goes on incredibly, I am so, so, so grateful. I was so close to trying accutane but have been putting it off as a last resort because of the side effects. Now I'm free. I sent my doc a thank you card I'm so happy. Please, if you know anyone with hormonal ance, tell them about it, or try it yourself. With my very basic, terrible insurance it's FREE I don't pay a dime for it which is just yet another amazing perk. I want other people to be able to find their solution too.
  22. Hey guys, I was prescribed Epuris which is a mild form of Accutane a few months back and it has worked pretty well for my acne but I seem to have developed this crazy red rash on my upper thighs that makes it extremely difficult to walk without discomfort. It's hot, itchy and irritating. My Derm did a biopsy and said it was atopic dermatisis otherwise known as eczema. Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms to this? Thanks! Phil
  23. I was on retin-a for the last seven months and i gradually increased the dosage and went upto 0.1%. It didn't do me any good. I went to a derm and he is putting me on accutane. However I read somewhere that there should be some pause if you have been using retin-a.How long should I wait before going on accutane?
  24. Acne is such a cruel and underrated disease and I'll never understood why we never get sympathy but people with other diseases do. Besides that I've been alone since around 14 and i'm 22 now. Acne just wrecked my teen years and after two courses of Accutane its finally gone minus some redness. How am I suppose to salvage a social life at this point. I have major trust issues because everyone avoided me in school because of my face. No one at this age seems open to making new friends anyway.
  25. Hi, I just completed my 6th month on accutane, 60mg a day with a faty meal. I weigh 140. I have had many cysts come out but my skin starting from the 3rd month. Now my skin is very rough, scarred and i cannot tell if still active acne or not in many places. I have had dry lips and bloody nose. Many cysts have come out and become red marks but nothing has actually gone away and improved my complexion. I've had many of these marks/cysts for 6 to 8 months. Im going to see my derm in 2 days and am thinking about going off accutane and doing a retin-a, maybe ill have better luck reducing redness/scarring and overall complexion with that. Just wanted to get some insight and see if anyone has had a similar experience.