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  1. Hello everyone I have been on monitoring this forum for years for my acne. I haven’t found an answer to my current issue so thought I’d make an account and ask the real experts! Bit if a background: I’m 25 years old and have mild/moderate cystic acne. It has got worse over the years (since I was 13) but has never been horrendous (except for the few months I used isotrex) but is enough to cause me to not go out, cancel plans etc. I’ve tried all the usual things: duac, antibiotics (multiple times), isotrex, dairy free, finacea, acid peels (the list goes on...) so finally accutane was prescribed. My problem is that I’m now on month 4 and I’m still getting spots, not as deep but regular still. The worrying thing is im having almost zero side effects. My lips aren’t even that dry. If I don’t put lip balm on all day they’d be “tight” and uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I’m still using my finacea every day (am and pm) and it’s not irritating or drying out my skin at all. The only side effect really is I’m having heavy and long periods, where previously due to being on the implant, I hadn’t had any. I’m taking my pills with a high fat meal, although not at a regular time. Im also taking vitamin supplements: vit e vit b12 something for joints (begins with g?) probiotic tablet I’ve taken 20mg first month, 30mg the second month and now 55mg the next 3 months for a total of 5 months and I weight 56kg my in question really is: am I doing something wrong/ are my pills working?? Thank you!! X
  2. Day 11 I woke up with 3 huge under the skin pimples on my chin and I could feel one under my skin on the right side of my cheek bone. I'm assuming this is the initial breakout? I never get pimples on my chin..these are the worst pimples I have ever had. The only good thing about them is that they are under the skin and not red at all. Day 12: I woke up with another pimple on the right side of my face, however this one is a small whitehead. I put on makeup today and it looked horrible on my skin. It was a really weird texture and made my under the skin acne stand out more. I have decided to start doing the oil cleansing method with Jojoba Oil so I can really get all the dirt out of my pores and add moisture to my skin at the same time. I did put Epiduo on my pimples last night, and when I woke up this morning they seemed smaller but now my skin is very red/ irritated in the areas i put on the Epiduo... looks like I wont be spot treating anymore. Day 13: When I woke up this morning my skin looked amazing! The hyper pigmentation was very faint and the pimples on my chin are down in size by about 60%. When I put on makeup today the texture was perfect. My skin looked very smooth and I didn't have any oil throughout the day( I don't think I have ever experienced a day without having to blot my skin every two hours)! My scalp Is very dry and itchy, its so hard to stop myself from scratching it, I am going to invest in a really good deep conditioning treatment for my hair because i'm really scared it'll start to fall out. The corners around my nose are starting to become very dry and my lips are still about the same. They are no longer uncomfortably dry and I'm gonna have to give all the credit to Aquaphor for that one. Day 14: WOW! I woke up this morning with my skin looking the best that I have seen it in a while and I strongly believe this is due to the oil cleansing method and Accutane combined. I have been doing the oil cleansing method for the past three nights and let me tell you I should have started doing this a looooong time ago. I was just scared that if I tried it I would wake up with ten new pimples on my face. I couldn't take the dryness in my face anymore and I decided that since I am on accutane already I might as well just go for it. I remove my makeup at night with Jojoba Oil and then wipe that off with a warm paper towel, I then get more Jojoba oil and massage it into my skin for 2 minutes and remove it with a warm paper towel after, Finally I wash my face with a cleanser and apply CeraVe Moisturizer. My acne is down by about 90% and the hyper pigmentation is also down by about 50%. I'm so happy with the results so far and I do believe the OCM and Accutane combined have really helped my skin. Now I am not to sure if this was my initial breakout? I was expecting it to be a lot worse, I'm still going to expect the worst just so I don't feel discouraged if I do get another Purge. But for now things are looking great and my skin has never looked so good! I am loving this Jojoba Oil!!!
  3. Low dose Accutane, working?

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    Hi, Background: I'm a male in the 20's that have had flawless skin up until I turned 19 when I was going through a bad break up and other negative things striking at the same. I started getting skin-colored bumps on my cheeks and I started to pick them but they all became inflamed red cysts that left huge scars. From that point I went through a year of cysts only on my cheeks and awful scarring but started to calm down with time to white heads. Anyways, I started a course of very low dose accutane as I started getting clogged pores on my jaw line and cheeks which all became inflamed with time but a part from that my acne was mild. I was on 30mg/week to start with and later on jumped to 10mg/day and I cleared up pretty good despite having small white heads weekly. After being living in a very humid and warm country I started getting skin colored bumps again aon my cheeks and jawline which became cysts and left scars with uneven skin. I have been on 10mg/day on Accutane for 7 weeks now and have had this pores coming out but left scars. As I'm only in week 7 I have had more of these skin-colored bumps showing up on my cheeks and I'm not quite sure if they are being pushed up to the surface or if I am getting more of those even though I'm on accutane as I think Ive already gone through my initial breakout? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  4. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to notice the Accutane was working, I woke up with my lips feeling very uncomfortable. They did not feel dry, they felt more dehydrated (In my first post I talk about how I have very dry lips to begin with so I was concerned about that).I went out to buy some Aquaphor and that helped me so much! Now remember how I had the cluster of pimples on my jawline near my chin, well on day 7 I woke up with them completely dried over (almost like a scab) and my skin in that area looked like it was wanting to fall right off. I gave it a few hours before deciding to steam and exfoliate that area, right after I did that all the dried up pimples that I had were gone and the hyper-pigmentation in that area was very very light,it was like My sin had been healing that area for a month or two(usually right after I have a breakout that bad I get very bright dark red marks that do not fade for 1- 3 months.) Now for days 8-10 I have had extremely dehydrated lips, I have to apply the Aquaphor once every hour or more, I am going to have to start exfoliating my lips once a day because my skin is flaking off so easily. It doesn't hurt its more just a very uncomfortable feeling. One positive thing is that My hair isn't oily at all, Its been three days since I have washed it and it still looks fresh!!! I woke up with two very small whiteheads on my cheeks and a big pimple right below my lip, its not bothering me that much because it is not visible it just hurts whenever I touch it. Anyway that is my update for now, I'll be back in 5 days to update you all on how everything is going! Oh yeah I forgot to mention something.My period came about 5 days late, I am on hormonal birth control and my period is very regular so I am guessing its a mixture of the HBC and 40mg that made it come late? If anyone else has had this problem while on Accutane let me know in the comments because this is kinda weird.
  5. Hi everyone, Here’s some background information about me: I have struggled with mild to moderate persistent acne since I was 22 (I’m now 29). It was always manageable until about 1.5 years ago when my skin went from being a little oily to VERY oily which to my dismay = way more breakouts. I finally got an appointment with the dermatologist (it took forever - I’m from Canada) and decided that Epirus was the way to go. Im about to begin my 3rd week and I am definitely experiencing an initial breakout! My skin looks worse than before I started - it actually looks worse than I have ever seen it. I’m breaking out on my forehead and my jawline/chin and have a lot of closed comedones on my cheek which were there before starting my treatment. I hope my IB starts to calm down soon, it’s really killing my confidence!
  6. In the first picture you can see my acne right at the start of my accutane treatment. The second picture shows how my acne was after about 2 months (it was starting to clearing up). Shortly after I upped my dosage from 40 to 60mg. After that I’ve broken out badly. The third picture shows my acne at this time. Should I be concerned? I don’t like this at all. .
  7. Day 1

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    As you can see I have moderate acne, I will get maybe 5 cysts a year. I usually wake up to 2 new pimples every week which leave very bad hyper pigmentation that will last for more then 6 months. I am lucky in that I do not get bad acne on my forehead, back, and chest. I get all of my acne on my cheeks and recently it has been leaving ice pick scars, that is when I got serious about tackling my acne. Today is my first day taking 40mg, and the one thing I am nervous about is dry lips and eyes because I already have dry lips and eyelids to begin with. I'll be updating this once a week to let you know how each week has been and I will be uploading pictures of my journey once a month.
  8. Hi all! This is my first post ever, although I've spent hours reading this forum since years ago... Three years ago I thought that my nightmare with acne was over, and that I wouldn't come back here, but I was wrong. And this time I want to share my experience, I feel like I owe posting something. So if I can help feel better someone as I did reading other people's posts, I will be really really happy. I am 19 years old. My journey with acne started about 9 years ago, and I have had enough time to try almost all possible treatments; topic treatments, antibiotics, birth control pills, diets and exercises, food supplements (vitamins, zinc, etc), treatments in beauty salons... (I almost gave a try to acupuncture!) And Accutane (isotretinoin). My acne has never been extremely bad, or really inflammatory, but has always been persistent; small spots all over my forehead and cheeks, most of the time, and occasionally some bigger pimple. Not very difficult to cover the little redness with makeup but always with a very rough texture. My skin has always been my biggest insecurity, and there has not been a day that I haven't wished to have clear skin or worried about it. For me it's almost impossible to open up and talk about it with other people, and I have for sure stopped doing things because of how bad I felt. So, 3 years ago, finally, I was prescribed with Accutane, after having tried anything else. I was a little scared because of the side effects, but as soon as I started to see my skin somehow clearer, I couldn't live without it. I was so so happy and started to feel better with myself. I suffered dryness (I had sore hands) and back pain the most, but my new skin compensated it a thousand times. I finished the treatment and thought it was over, but 3 months later my acne came back. This time in a much more moderate way, but after having seen my skin so perfect, it was impossible not to get obsessed with it again. For the following 3 years, I tried again all the other kind of treatments -nothing worked. However, this time I started to accept my skin a little bit more, and not to be that uncomfortable with it, but still had some emotional breakdowns. Since then, I have been wishing to be prescribed with Accutane again, and I have even felt bad for throwing away the pills left from the first course. I also want to mention, that over all these years I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover and to empathize more with other people, you never know what others are struggling with... Last week I got prescribed a second course of Isotretinoin and I can't wait to see the first results. For now I'm taking a 30mg/day dose (I weight 50kg). I hope this time it will be the definitive one (hope is the last to die!) Here I will keep a personal log. Any advice, suggestion or comment will be welcome!
  9. Hello everyone. So I'm taking isotretinoin (60mg per day) (cystic acne) since 13th of September and yesterday I saw in my one hand some kind of irritation like when you have an allergy or something. Could that be because of the pills? Thank you and sorry for my English (I'm Greek)
  10. Progress

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    Starting this a bit late, but decided to record my progress. Currently ten days into treatment on 40mg of Amnesteem twice a day. During the first week I noticed a total change in how my acne behaved, while I still had breakouts (all whiteheads and one cystic on my right cheek) the pimples seemed to cluster together with smaller heads than usual, and they would heal and be gone by the next day. Up until the 8th day, I didn't experience any dryness other than slightly dry lips, but, oh boy did it hit like a truck. Woke up with a killer back ache (which may, or may not actually be from the tane seeing as it was gone the next day) and really dry skin and lips despite liberal moisturizing and aquaphore. Skin felt tight and hot, pretty uncomefortablefortable, but I guess its better than being extremely oily like usual. Tenth day, skin is even more dry, actually flaking around the corners of my nose and my chin area, lips might as well be a desert. And I'm noticeably redder in the cheeks area. So far feeling pretty confident in the decision to start taking it. Any tips on how to really fight redness and dryness despite good moisturizing?
  11. Hello, As a long-time reader of lots of these forums, I never felt the need to post anything as I only read. I read hundreds of these posts looking for answers for my acne. However, now having completed roughly 100 days of a 150-day course of Accutane (60 mg/day) I felt the need to make the case for Accutane and provide a personal take on it. Over the past few years, I've suffered from closed-comedonal acne. They always appear as closed comedones and, when they're ready, they come up as these big whiteheads that pop or dry up and leave a spot. There's been some scarring but not too much. I've tried everything in the past (BP, Salicylic acid, Tretinoin, clindamycin, Dapsone, antibiotics, non-dairy, etc!) so eventually my Dermatologist recommended Accutane as a sort of last resort. He reminded me that Accutane isn't necessarily indicated for closed comedonal acne and that it was sort of hit or miss as to whether or not Accutane would work for me. So, seeing as though I had ran out of most options, I started it roughly 3 months ago and here's a brief rundown of how it's gone: Nothing too bad/abnormal until week 3 when all the blackheads fell out of my nose in a matter of 3-5 days (crazy weird). It was at this time that my skin became more irritated/dry and my lips began to crack (also, for the cracking lips: BUY DR. DAN'S Cortibalm, once I used that my lips never bothered me again). It was about week 6-8 where my skin started to purge. All the closed comedones came out as they had before, in big whiteheads. It was, for lack of a better term, a shitty process.You just have to remember that this is a good sin and that the medication is purgin the acne from your face. The side effects I've felt have been some random skin rashes that go away naturally and the skin being more irritated/red as is common. A couple, perhaps more serious side effects that have occurred have been the fatigue and a downturn in my mood/mental state. The fatigue is real, sleeping feels amazing but it makes it very difficult to get out of bed. This can be a challange especially for me who is in Physician Assistant school and need to study a lot. The mental problems may or may not be related to Accutane as studies have disputed this side effect of the medication, but personally, it does feel as though I'm a little down so we'll have to see how my mood changes/improves once I'm off. Nevertheless, as of now, I have zero acne and, believe me, I check daily. As some may know, closed comedonal acne is sometimes better felt than seen but even washing my face and putting on SPF moisturizer I feel nothing but clear and smooth skin. It's almost surreal to feel clear skin as I haven't felt that in years. I still have a little under two months to go and will keep you updated but this is a real testament to Accutane and I encourage those to ask their doctors about the possibility to go on this medication when you're not seeing progress with other treatments/medications. It will take you for a ride, and I'm not saying it's a magic bullet as there are downsides to this process. However, if you can ride it out and push forward for 5-6 months I do believe it will be worth it. Take it from me who read numerous posts on this website and worried that the effects wouldn't be the case for me, Accutane can help you.
  12. Hello there, Just wanted to know, if somebody has experience of tanning while on accutane 20mg? I'm tanning few months, all is very good, no skin problems, but.. old red scars, red cheeks with large pores won't fade a away fast! There is some research on the web, about UV effect on skin wline on accutane? Niice and thanks!
  13. Acne location: Face. Current age: 22 Age of above usual acne presence: 19 Current acne status: Heavily improving. Forum post length: Long. Reason for writing: Nothing helped me with my acne, so after years I may of found actions that works, if it helps anyone else I would consider this well worth my time. Intro For the past three years I have struggled inflammatory acne that lead to pustules, cystic acne, and blackheads. I have tried long course treatments of anti-biotics(minocycline, doxycycline). Those temporarily helped me, but my acne returned with a vengeance soon after discontinuation of a 3 month treatment. Mind you doxycycline had no effect on my cystic acne, while minocycline had a mild effect. Present day acne state: My face is at a point where inflammation acne is no longer present and is starting to allow scars to start the maturation(scar healing) phase with complete proliferation(protective scab comes off). I still have a singular cyst but it is decreasing in size. Current treatment and regimen: List of products being used: Accutane 60mg daily two 30 mg doses 12 hours apart,Tactupump creme 0.1% adapalene 2.5% benzol peroxide, alcohol free aloe vera, Zinc supplement 50mg taken ~3 days(not taken same time as accutane to avoid liver stress). Product regimen: Accutane taken at 4A.M with fish oil(light snack too if possible), because fat content heavily increases Accutane bio-availability. Before you start your day wipe your face clean with alcohol-free aloe vera to clean off Tactupump creme from the night before. You can clean off the aloe with cold water right away or leave it on for 20 min then wash off. Zinc supplement should be taken 6 hours after initial Accutane dosage with food. This allows maximum time between accutane dosages which is hard on your liver. Accutane taken at 4P.M with fish oil and light snack. Before you sleep for the night, shower warm closer to hot then cold, then finish with a cold shower(no longer than 10 min total). Once your face is dry and you are not in a humid environment apply as little Tactupump creme as possible while still covering entire effected area(Do not spot apply). Repeat. Note some skin flaking while first starting Tactupump is normal, that should subside after your skin becomes used to the product. If you notice that your skin is turning leather like(you can see lines when pressing on your skin which feels tight an dry. Discontinue use of Tactupump, and moisturize using a daily facial moisturizer(non-comedogenic). You will feel a slight burn when applying that is normal for excessively dry skin. Know that if your apply too much Tactupump creme it is not anymore effective and leather like skin is likely to occur. *If taking accutane be sure to drink plenty of water but space out consumption to avoid dehydration caused by water pollution from over consumption* Things I have done to decrease chances of acne: Do not shower more than twice a day(once a day is my recommendation). - Your skin has billions of bacteriophages, this virus's name literally means bacteria killer. When you bathe strenuously you remove lots of these from your skins surface allowing superficial bacteria to grow easier. When you shower start out warn not hot, then finish as cold as you are comfortable with. This allows pores to open and clear out, then close tightly when introduced to cold water. Hot water is only used to help cleanse pores, cold water is used to close them but it also has health benefits, including boosted immune response. Effects on human body from cold bathing Replaced coffee with sugar with green tea with honey. - Coffee is an inflammatory and increases stress hormones produced by your body, sugar is also linked to increase inflammatory response. Green tea on the other hand is an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to decrease insulin resistance. Honey has many pro-health properties anti-oxidant, promotes wound healing, topical antibiotic, it also tastes good so why not have it in your tea. Health properties of honey Vegan diet(excluding fish oil taken with accutane, and honey with tea) - This I am doing because of the hormones you can absorb from food products such as dairy and meats. These hormones can cause your bodies natural hormones to become unbalanced which can release stress hormones on top of the hormone imbalance already caused from dairy intake. -List of hormones found and effects Avoid masturbation or excessive sex (men and women) - This is because the mechanism of the human body post-orgasm releases a cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones. The one I believe most responsible for acne would be "Prolactin" which increases heavily per orgasm. Prolactin in high amounts(hyper-prolactinemia) acts as a "5a-Reductase inhibitor or 5a-RI" which prevents testosterone being converted into dihydro-testosterone or DHT(the more potent form of testosterone)counter intuitive that less of a more potent testosterone causes acne but I will explain. *NOTE* I tried finding articles showing testosterone levels on people taking a 5a-RI but I could not find a single one, only ones showing lower DHT levels which is to be expected. My theory on why high prolactin from orgasms causes acne is because Prolactin inhibits natural amounts of testosterone from being converted to DHT. This causes a surplus of natural testosterone and when prolactin levels decrease a surge of DHT is produced leading to an extreme bodily reaction. The photos I have included are prior to treatment and present day. The prior to treatment photos all of the red spots had balls of pus under then which were sore and worsening each day, also my cystic acne is so deep you can't see any presence of them but at that point I had multiple cysts.
  14. I am one month on 50mg accutane. I wanted to share my personal cruelty free survivor kit (I.e. regimen) to combat symptoms dryness. A month in and my skin is not flaking. Please note, not everything is vegan. My motivation to share this stems from the belief and misconception that CeraVe and other such brands are the only go to for accutane. ----- Facial Cleanser (2 times a day): Biossance, "Squalane+Antioxidant Cleansing oil" ($30.00, non-comedogenic!!!, vegan) Facial Moisturizer (2 times a day, on clean face): Biossance, "Squalane+Probiotic Gel Moisturizer" ($52.00, non-comedogenic~, vegan) Biossance is expensive brand but it lasts long, particularly the moisturizer. I habe found it is well worth the money for the quality ingredients and use. Hair: Alaffia, "Neem Turmeric Shampoo w/ Rosemary and Tea Tree" - Dry Hair & Scalp line ($9.99, vegan) Alaffia, "Conditioner Tea Tree, Shea, & Turmeric Moisturizing Neem" - also for dry scalp ($9.99, vegan) (Upon research I've read that neem is great for hair growth and turmeric is great for hair loss prevention. Hello, turmeric supplements! Nice to see you over the counter ) Lips: Farmacy, "Honey Savior" - all in one skin repair ($34.00) (Versatile use for dry, cracked skin. I use this as a Lip Mask, a great dupe for Laniege's Lip Mask. Leave on as long as you can (e.g. at bedtime). No matter what you use this for, the tube will last you long.) My current body moisturizer had leaping bunny certification but lost it after they began selling in China. I won't be listing it here nor will I re-stock when I run out. I also have makeup recommendations for those who are cruelty free and on accutane. Although, I warn, I don't use high coverage foundation. Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. S.S.
  15. My derm prescribed me only 40 days of accutane but i think i need more amount of accutane to achieve a clear skin. So i am thinking to buy accutane without prescription. Is that okay?
  16. Day 28. Basically the same, more dryness. All pimples from last update still on my face with new pimples but I noticed they are being dried a bit faster. They still take forever to get dried up though. Going to go get extracted AGAIN tomorrow. I got extracted last Friday.. yet there so much more to extract tomorrow yoohoo! Few days ago, I woke up with extreme itchiness on both my hands (it literally woke me up at 12:30pm) and I could not sleep for a long time because of this extreme itchiness. This side effect is quite harsh.. so I decided to even lower my dose to 20mg/week. I am going to take 20mg/week for at least a year and going to start treating my pitted scar with TCA Cross treatment within few months when my face become completely stable with low dose Accutane.Hopefully, the side effects and initial breakout are less severe for 20mg/week.. - Not much difference on spots treated with TCA Cross. They still look pink/worse. I will probably update weekly/monthly from now.
  17. I am currently on 2nd course of Accutane but I decided to take low dose this time, for a long time. It is been almost a month. I was taking 10mg/day but decided to switch to 20mg/week because this initial breakout is too much for me. Anyone here on low dose Accutane? experienced I.B while on low dose?
  18. If anyone could give me a little insight that would be great!! I have been on Isotretinoin (Claravis) for a about a month and a week now. My derm started me on 40mg once daily for the first month, and recently increased the dose to 60mg daily (30mg X2). By the first two weeks I came down with a horrible cold flu like symptoms with really tender/ swollen lymph nodes behind my ears and neck. About a week later it subsided. A few days after starting the 60mg, my cold came back, and this time swollen lymph nodes in ears, neck, and groin area. Has anyone else experienced this on Accutane?? I am particularly worried about the lymphs in the groin area. I was checked for STDs about a month prior to starting Accutane with no new partners since, and all was clean. In addition to this, I am also experiencing more common side effects Dry cracked lips and skin.
  19. I’m on day 105 in my accutane journey. With other words, roughly 3.5months in. So far it has been a lot of ups and downs. At one point I was clearing up really well, but ever since I upped my dosage to 60mg I’ve been breaking out again. I increased my dosage about 1 month ago and right now I’d say my acne is worse than when I started the course. When will it get better? btw I’m 16yrs old and weigh 160lbs
  20. I have been on accutane for 67 days now, at 40mg/day and I weigh 49 kg (108 pounds). Started with mild to moderate acne, and I feel like it’s worse now than it had been before I had started accutane. Bleh. I’m still breaking out pretty consistently around my jaw (cystic) and chin (white heads/normal pimples) area. Dryness isn’t bad at alllll. My skin is only dry after a pimple is popped and it starts to heal. Lips are dry, but not too bad at all either! I use blistex a few times a day and I am set. I wash my hair once every week/week and a half or so, but could probably go a month without washing my hair, so that’s a plus lol. The back pain is terrible though. Apart from minor dryness and bad back pain, some other side effects I have had recently were teeny tiny blister like bumps on my lips that stayed for about 3 days, then they disappeared. My left eye was swollen and sore for a day, then became normal again. I also went 7 weeks without my period, so I am not sure what’s going on with that. Honestly, my time on accutane thus far hasn’t been that bad at all. I know I'm only about 2 months in, but I feel like I’ll never stop breaking out. I always take my medicine right after I eat really fatty foods to maximize the absorption. I have had stretches of a few days where I am not breaking out at all, then it starts all over again. I hope this actually works:(
  21. I'm basically at the end of my rope now, and I need advice. I've seen so many doctors for my horrible cystic acne, and I'm so frustrated that every one of them wants to just put me on a pill and not look at what's causing my acne. I feel so alone in this struggle. If my story sounds like yours, please just take a minute to help me out. I started out with mild acne when I was about 13 and used acne treatments like Proactiv. But that began to not be enough, and I went to the dermatologist, who quickly put me on amoxicillin and a million topical treatments I can't even remember. My skin did well on that, but as soon as I went off the antibiotic, my acne came back a bit worse. My doctor then put me on a host of other antibiotics. I was put on Solodyn, which worked until it made me break out in a bad rash. I was then switched over to doxycycline, which ended the same way. All this time, I'd been hesitant to try Accutane or birth control, since they seemed so invasive. So I went back on amoxicillin for some time, but when I went off of it, this terrible, terrible cystic acne reared its ugly head, and my face is still scarred from it. I'd have a dozen red, painful, inflamed cysts covering my T zone. I'm convinced it was the overuse of the antibiotics that caused it. I've had to take ibuprofen some days because it's so painful. I've had to go to the doctor because my acne has caused my lymph nodes to swell up, causing me to go on more antibiotics. I've had problems with anxiety, feeling like I want no one to see me, because of my acne. Finally, I'd had enough. I'd heard so many success stories about Accutane that I stopped fighting it and went on it. Within the first couple of weeks, I had horrible pain in my hip. And one morning, I woke up to find my lips swollen to twice their normal size. I immediately went off Accutane. After that, I lost total confidence in the doctors I'd been seeing. I wanted someone to look at all my symptoms, not just my acne. I stopped seeing the dermatologist, went off my harsh topicals like Tazorac and Acanya. I think my body was so overloaded with chemicals that it was fighting me. And this actually helped somewhat, though I still get two or three cysts a month. I've tried natural treatments like probiotics and garlic and even spearmint tea, which help to some extent. I'm better, but I want a cure. I want to stop worrying about whether I'll break out before a wedding or a social function. I want to be able to go makeup free and feel good about myself. So now I'm at a crossroads, and I don't know where to go. I have other symptoms that scream PCOS, like irregular periods and hirsutism. But I've had ultrasounds and blood tests and the works, and the doctors have been giving me a clean bill of health, leaving me feeling like there's something wrong, but no one can find it. Should I try natural supplements? Birth control? Acupuncture? If you're out there listening, I'd sure appreciate your help. I'm desperate.
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  23. Day 40

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