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  1. Extreme overnight dandruff

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    So to begin with im 14 regular hair. Previosly bleached, dyed, relaxed, keratin treated, and sometimes blow dryed and straightened. Well i do hurt my hair alot but i do lots of good to it aswell. After i had my keratin treatment with 3 weeks i mixed coconut oil, hair oil and castor oil and applyed them wrapped my hair and left them for 4 hrs. When i removed them and washed my hair i had the WORST dandruff you will ever witness. My scalp was litteraly peeling like a sunburn. HUGE flakes falling everywhere and it was just endless. No itch, no burn, no redness and i had dont this treatment before aswell. A couple of washes later that night i knew somwthing was serious so i told my father (emergency doctor) who told me to take locoid drops for 7 days. The dandruff decreased big time but then came the pimples and the itch and again the dandruff but this timw with a great amont of hairfall so i went to a dermatologist and she gave me similiar drops and nizoral shampoo and she said i should use both for atleast a month and a half and she said she think i have sebaherroic dermatitis. I never had dandruff before in my life and this was my first time. What do i do ?!