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  1. Hey there users, (all my questions/points are in bold, the rest is just waffling/background info ) I've been browsing these boards a lot recently and 5 days ago decided to start the 'Caveman regime', I've read a lot of mixed feelings towards it on these boards, but can't seem to find anyone specifically writing about the question I have... A little background, i'm 23, male and have suffered with mild acne since I was about 16 - when I was 16 to 18 the acne was at its worst and daily I got new spots and they were all over. At the moment and for the past couple of years I get maybe 1 new spot every 2 or 3 days and my skin doesn't look so bad, but my skin is OILY, like on pictures that get taken and put on facebook my face just shines and looks horrible and I hate it, as i'm the only one in my group of friends with this problem - I know i'm not alone in this and probably everyone on here feels the same (sucks dont it!). ANYWAY.. Will the caveman be good to get rid of my oily skin? as i'm sure this is now the main cause of my acne, and if I didn't have oily skin, I wouldn't have acne... Also, i'd accept the few spots if my skin wasn't oily, it's the oil that is really upsetting me! It's day 5 on the caveman regime, I havent let water touch my face even in the shower, and i've got noticeably more whiteheads, like 5 on my face at the moment - generally I have no more than 3! I think from my research this is normal, Am I correct? Any other pointers on how to relieve my oily skin on caveman regime, or any advice that isnt related to the caveman regime? I'd really appreciate ANY input on this, as like everyone on here, i'm just sick and tired of having terrible skin, and mines not even the worse by far so I feel for those who are worse off than me. JRK
  2. DIfferin week8

    Hi everyone! So this is my week 8 of using differin. Last week was a mess. Still, this week is a mess. I have 2 whiteheads on right cheek and one on left cheek. This week I also apply benzac 5% for 20 minutes and wash out before washing my face with cleaser in both morning and evening. Acne reacted to benzac quite well but it leaves dry skin. I will keep using benzac but lower the time to 15 mins. My major problem for this week is scars which appear all over my face. Both left and right cheek got almost 50 red forehead have atleast 10 red spots. So I can assume that it looks ugly. I try not to look in the mirror and fortunately I have short eye sight so thag saves me when I am home wearing no glasses. My acne situation as I said, wasn't really good but better than last week. Week 7 I would give 5 out of 10 but for this week I would givr 6. I am feeling a little better bht still feel unsecure about the acne that could flame up at any time without reason. I think this is all for week 8. Hope my acne situation get better after this. Thank you for reading.
  3. I've been dealing with progressively worsening acne for about a year now. I'll get the occasional blemish on my forehead, but there's always a clump on both of my cheeks. It's always worse on the right cheek, not sure if that's a factor but I thought I'd mention it. I'm at the point in my acne journey where I've tried everything. Essential Oils, Natural Remedies, Skincare Products, Weekly $100 Facials, EVERYTHING, yet nothing has helped. I'm wondering if there's potentially a hormonal imbalance? My mom suffered from severe acne, as well as my older brother. Has birth control helped anybody in similar situations? If so, which ones? I read the best are Yasmine, Yaz, Ortho Cyclen and Diane-35, any particular ones you'd recommend? Or any other suggestions,- honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.
  4. Annual Fall/Winter Breakout

    Hey all, EDIT: Preface: I have decided to change this topic into a cumulative, experiment report. In this topic, I have characterized Cyclic Fall/Winter Acne (the FW Cycle) as a moderate/severe acne break out cycle that occurs durring the Fall/Winter Season. This topic and report is devoted to finding the nature of and a possible, effective treatment for a reccuring acne symptom, the FW Cycle. In this report, I (and perhaps any willing volunteer will propose and test treatments for this type of acne cycle. The purpose of this report is to: -log the results of experiments that will be proposed, discussed, and conducted in this message board topic. -and, hopefully, ultimately find a way to cure the FW Cycle. The results and conclusions are placed at the end of this post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm starting to break out massively again but I think I'm beginning to see a pattern. I'm looking to see if anyone else is on the same boat as I am; and if there are people like me, maybe we can pin point a cause and find a way to solve this stupid problem for ever. :] I've been experiencing major breakouts during this time of year (Late Fall/ Early Winter) for the past couple of years (prior to 3 years, I generally experienced very mild acne). The pattern is as follows: -I start/continue to break out (whiteheads, pustules, some nodules and cysts) massively during the months of: Oct, Nov, Dec -New pimples/cysts/pustules stop forming but scabs/dark patches of skin remain on my face during the months of: Jan, Feb, Mar -I have very clear skin approximately during the months of: Apr through Sept -and the cycle repeats. This info may be useful: I am a 20 y/o asian male in college. I live in new england where the seasons change drastically. as mentioned before, prior to 3 years (before starting college), I generally experienced very mild acne and was relatively clear - even during winter. Also, during the clear phase, my skin is oily - especially during the summer; yet I do not break out at all (or have one or 2 minimal pimples). Unfortunately I did pick/mess with my face previous years (resulting in a bit of scaring last year). This year I'm trying not to mess with it at all. I want to rule out: -stress as I am equally as stressful during both fall and spring semesters; -food as I try to be as healthy as humanly possible all year round; -the cold since Jan/Feb is as cold if not colder than Dec (although this does not rule out the changing of the climate from warm to cold) [i say "want to rule out" because I can't totally be sure of it..] I did not keep good records of these patterns until last year. -------------------------------------------------------------------- So if your symptoms are similar please feel free to comment. In fact, I would really appreciate it! I am curious as to and would like to hear about: -If there are Similarities and/or Differences between my situation and yours. (ie. how long ago did you first experience this cycle, severity, time frame) -And what you've done/tried out to stop this vicious cycle -Theories as to what you may attribute this cycle to -And any other comments/questions you may have Please post in detail; I'm trying to understand all I can about this situation. I feel the more we know the closer we are to solving this problem once and for all. Together maybe we can find the cause(s) and figure a way to stop this affliction once and for all. Thats all for now, Thanks!! CM :] ps. Will update more if I get responses from people with similar experiences. pps. I originally posted this topic in the severe acne section thinking that Pustules were Nodules. EDIT: Please reply in the format listed above; makes it easier for me to see/log stuff; Thx! :] EDIT: Changed topic into report. Pre-face added. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This section will be devoted to theories and corresponding experiments: Format is as follows: Experiment # a) Theory b) Experiment Details c) Conclusion d) Other Comments e) Contributor Experiment 1: a)Lack of Hydration b)Drink 6 full cups of water every day, Cetaphil 15 SPF Moisturizer every morning c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster Experiment 2: a)Poor Diet b)Eat healthy; avoid fast food c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster
  5. I had a very large, red, inflamed whitehead at the bottom of my cheek. I was holding a warm compress to it this morning to try to get everything out and the whitehead started to melt out of the skin. I gave it a tiny push with my fingers to see if anything else could come out, but barely squeezed because I know how bad that can get. Nothing else was coming out and I didn't want to squeeze, but it still seemed sort of raised, so I continued to spot treat. But now, the skin is very hard underneath and tender to the touch. It does not seem like anything is left. It also does not seem like a sudden cyst because it is pretty flat. I don't really feel a prominent lump, the skin is just hard. Anyone know what this could be? Could that indicate healing? Please help.
  6. Hi! So sometimes I get these tiny, under the skin, skin-colored whiteheads that are really impossible to extract without severely irritating the surrounding skin (I know this from experience which has caused me to never touch my face anymore lol). In this stage, they don't bother me because they are barely visible and I have suffered from severe acne in the past so I know how much worse I can have it. HOWEVER, over time (sometimes weeks or months), some of them will surface and turn into these HUGE, red, swollen pimples that eventually come to a nice head, but take a few days, look horrible, and leave some red marks behind. I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience and can recommend treatment for when they are in that tiny stage before they become big. I usually just left them alone (other than my nightly regimen of retin-a). Today, I started spot treating them in the morning with salicylic acid using a q-tip. Do you think this will help? Any other ideas? Thanks!
  7. I extracted some whiteheads last night, nothing major, and put some benzoyl peroxide on them, usually works and clears them up in a day or two. This morning the whiteheads were a bit swollen, (I've had cysts before and this did not feel the same) kinda wide, red but not painful. Later in the day the former white heads doubled in size. I freaked and went to a clinic, they gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics for skin infections. Still not totally sure what is going on, pretty sure the are not cysts, never had this happened before. Any guesses?
  8. Hi, so I posted a while ago expressing my concern over my skin, my acne in particular. I know that my acne isn't severe- or even close, but I am asking for help because I personally want help as I am unhappy with my skin, so please don't comment if it isn't going to do so. I have continued to stick to my normal regime, in hope that doing nothing would help, but as expected I was wrong. I've took the pictures attatched today which is probably my best skin day in a while but as I type this I am in so much pain from my chin acne that I can't even move my chin. I am becoming desparate as summer approaches- I still don't know whether my acne is hormone caused as I just have it all the time so I can't tell if it gets worse on my period or not. Originally my acne was mainly concentrated on the centre and crease of my chin, but recently it's been spreading all over my face. The acne is also painful under the skin cysts which are most difficult to get rid of. They even show through my makeup - that I hate wearing but I have to due to my self consciousness. To add to my problems I am under a lot of stress and am currently on a weight loss regime. I am desparate now so could you please recommend advice and products. I have normal/combination sensitive skin and bright red acne scars so I could do with a product to lighten those. Thank you!
  9. I used to pop my pimples a lot (yes, I know, biggest acne sin) but only if it was a big, bright whitehead. I would use a needle just like recommended. But, I was told that seeing blood and clear liquid were actually good things, because it meant all pieces of infection and bacteria were oozing out. Now I just learned from that blood and clear liquid are bad signs. So, two questions: What is the clear liquid? Why is seeing blood and this clear liquid a bad thing when popping zits?
  10. urine therapy

    Hi. I know this topic is strange, but urine therapy has really been working for me. Its been about three weeks since I started. The first two weeks, after rubbing fresh urine on my face, I would rinse it off with water after a few minutes. I realized that the effect wasnt as strong after rinsing it off with water, so I stopped doing that the 3rd week. Now my skin is much softer and clearer. For the past few days, I have also stopped using soap or cleansers and I stopped wearing makeup and moisturizer on my face. I also broke out a lot the first two weeks. The urine was breaking me out in places where I have pitted scars and I have several shallow scars that are about 8 months old, so I broke out on several of them. Now I just have a few whiteheads that go away in about 3-4 days so it isnt much of a problem anymore. The whiteheads are just the urine's way of pulling out the toxins from my skin and flattening out the scars. My skin looks so much more even toned and glowy. Except for the few whiteheads I have, it looks like I'm wearing a light layer of makeup; thats how much my skin has changed. My scars arent lightening as much as I hoped but they certainly are not as violently red. Overall my complexion looks much healthier. My regimen (Morning and night): 1.Wash your hands with antibacterial soap 2. Splash face with warm water in the shower to open the pores (No soap!) 3. Pee in a cup catching the midstream urine and massage gently into the face (I massage it in a few times; pouring a little bit at a time in my hands). Do this for about 3 minutes. Longer the better. Afterwards do not rinse your face with water or put soap on it. After you get out of the shower, your skin will look more rosy and after 30 minutes, when you look it the mirror you will notice that the redness of your pimples and marks will have gone down a little. Also, you may think not using soap is disgusting but urine is sterile and it gets rid of the dirt itself. Soap strips the natural oil and destroys your skins natural defenses. Nightime (before bed) regimen 1)Pee in a cup (midstream urine) 2)Get some toilet paper and fold it so it is the size of your cheek. Put it in the urine and then on your cheek as a compress. I put it on like a face pack for about 10 minutes on my face and it usually brings the pimples to head overnight or the day after. It also gets rid of the itchinness and pain that is associated with cystic acne within a few minites. 3)Take it off before sleeping and do not rinse your face off. The compresses are very effective. You can also use them several times a day and they speed up the healing. Please try it. I did this a few months ago and it broke me out in these small pimples so I stopped, but I didnt realize that it was healing me. I thought the urine was full of bacteria, so thats why it broke me out, but it was actually just cleaning out my pores. Urine is completely sterile and fresh urine has absolutely no bacteria in it if it is caught midstream. I know that within a few weeks. my skin wont have any zits anymore. I remember I had a patch on my forehead like 2-3 inches where I always get red inflamed pimples and it was extremely discolored. The first 1-2 wks of urine therapy, it broke me out in that area pretty badly with three large inflamed pimples, but they came to head and healed in a few days.Now that area is clear and smooth. The discoloration is completely gone and I dont think Ill ever break out there again. Once urine breaks you out in an area, it never breaks you out there again. It cleans it out completely.
  11. Anyone know what these bumps on my cheek are and how to get rid of them? They are very visible in sunlight and make my face look like it has a rough texture. I have had them for ages and don't seem to go away! Flesh colored bumps is best how I would describe them. I don't get much active acne anymore but these stubborn bumps have always been there. Any help would be great thanks!
  12. Wagwan, lately i've been getting new spots on my chin only every day or two. I never used to be very spotty, until like 6 months ago. I can't recall much I did differently then to now, so can't understand why i'm getting them. They're only ever on my chin which is weird. I wash my face twice daily with tea tree wipes, followed by tea tree face wash from the body shop. I've used stuff like clearasil but not sure if it worked or just lead to me having more spots. Some of them are more painful than normal cause when I touch them (clean hands) they just feel like they're gonna explode haha;)I just don't understand why i'm getting them though, so if anyone has any suggestions on products, pills, any of that stuff then that would be v helpful. Cause seriously, they've been really bad this week (possibly cause of recent mock exam stress)? But yeah, any help is greatly appreciated. FFFF SPOTS!Must also add that i'm male and I go gym about 4-5 days a week, I also eat quite a lot.
  13. Hi, okay so I need desperate help from all the acne solvers out there in the universe. I am a 17 year old girl, and have had relatively clear skin my whole teenage life- even when I hit puberty. Except for the past year my face (chin especially) has been HORRENDOUS. In the pictures attached you can see what it looks like. It is incredibly painful as you can probably imagine and had been consistently like that for a year (as I mentioned before). I've been forced to wear tonnes of makeup just to cover the redness, and even when one pimple fades, a red mark is left over and a new one pops up. I've slowly became depressed over it and I am incredibly self conscious- to the point where I won't even let my family see me without makeup on anymore. PLEASE if anyone knows how to help ( without going on medication) I'm begging you to, I can't deal with it anymore. I've been cleansing with Liz Earle cleanse and polish- which I've been using for my whole life, then using their toner and moisturiser. I've not used many acne treatments because they never even to make it better- only worse. Thank so much, your help is much appreciated!
  14. I've had these whiteheads (I think that's what they are) under my skin on my cheek for over a year now and I tried pushing them out long before but nothing came out. What are these and how do I get them out?? It's been irritating me now since it's been blemishing my face for so long. My mom suggested I get a needle and poke it out like that, but I don't think that's safe. It feels like a ball under my skin that like directly under my skin but covered up and moves it's my skin.
  15. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  16. Hey guys! For over a year now, I have had a small-medium patch of tiny little bumps (almost like white heads) and darker pigmented skin in the area on my cheek! The reason I've only started worrying now, is because it seems to have spread on to my other cheek (refer to 2nd photo) and ignore my lil bit of peach fuzz in photos! The patch is not painful, or itchy, it's just kind of there! I tried apple cider vinegar and betamethasone, toothpaste, the whole nine yards. If anyone has any suggestions or has experienced this/knows what this is (or if I should just see dermatologist) please respond below! If you zoom in on photos you can see all the tiny little clusters of pimples(very weird!). Anyways, Thank you so much for your help in advance! Best wishes.
  17. Okay so I've suffered with acne since primary school. I'm 19 now, but my skin is the worst it's ever been. I have no idea what type of acne I have, it's red marks and white heads on my cheeks, underskin cysts, forehead is relatively clear but bumpy. Is is moderate? Mild? Im not on birth control, would try a pill again, but apprenhensive about which one to ask for. I get quite depressed on the pill as well. Currently using Lumie light treatment and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, I have used stronger cream but just seemed to use my skin worse / aging. I wear make up about once or twice a week. I can't see make up being the issue as I used to wear it everyday and my skin was better. However, my skin dramatically improved in summer when I was using sun beds and tanning on holiday. I thought because of this light treatment would help, but my acne soon became worse post-summer / sun exposure The first pictures is my skin in summer and the second lot is my skin now.. Can someone just assess my acne and give honest advice? Thank you
  18. Forehead bumps

    Hi, I'm 18 and I had really bad acne when I was younger. My skin is now way better than it used to be, but still I have a lot of these small bumps under my skin. I'm not sure what are they. I went through many different treatments but I can't get rid of them. They're skin coloured and absolutely nothing can make them dissapear. It could be whiteheads, but it seems to be much deeper under the skin. I've seen a doctor, I got a some benzoyl peroxide cream but it didn't work at all. Thanks for any helpâ˜ș
  19. Sudden Outbreak

    Hi I cannot find any answers to this so I thought I'd ask here. I've been acne free for half a year now with the Regimen but occasionally, without any obvious cause, I experience sudden outbreaks (like overnight) of many (painful) whiteheads, large and small, all over my face but mostly concentrated about my upper lip and the immediate left/right of my nose. I continue the regimen but these acne are more painful than regular whiteheads in that they are very very sensitive to the touch (even the small ones), whereas regular whiteheads are not that taut and painful. It almost feels like an allergic reaction. Anyone experience something similar? I do not have any major dietary/hygiene changes, this happens maybe once every 2-3 months with no clear reason. Also, compared to "regular" acne, this outbreak acne stings alot more when I put the benzoyl peroxide on it.
  20. I have really clear skin but for the past few months I broke out a lot on my forehead. The pimples have cleared up but now I have these smal skin colored bumps that you can see in the sunlight or under bright light. will these bumps go away?? And how long will it take??
  21. Hey!! I have question, I dont suffer from horrific acne, I'm 18 and I get the occasional spot here and there but nothing completely drastic and life changing. I've been exfoliating since February, before then acne in general was non-existent on my face. I guess I just hit a stage of puberty and then whatever is happening made its mark. But my type of acne comes in the form of little white spots on my forehead and chin, I'm guessing there whiteheads there usually just a small bump and they come in clusters of about 3-4 but on my forehead since February they have become gradually worse. I was on epiduo which didn't clear the whiteheads but stopped them from multiplying, I was on epiduo for about 3 months, my chin became a problematic factor which contributed to my acne, but my chin was covered in red pustule zits that were big lumps and were quite painful to deal with. Funny thing was that epiduo cleared it up pretty quickly, but then it came back and it was on and off for several months... Until I came off epiduo and then the zits on my chin dissapered completely! There are still a few whiteheads there that are closed comodones but there are no more red pustule zits that are big lumps and were pretty hard and miserable to deal with. Right now my forehead is my most problematic area, with tons, (I'd say about 30-50) small bumps that in the right light are extremely apparanet and obvious and seeing people look up and become distracted by them makes me really self conscious. Ever since I came off epiduo my forehead got worse while my chin got better, which is what I didn't understand. I have combination dry/oily skin. The only thing I'm currently using is a clean and clear exfoliater which doesn't seem to get rid of them, I'm going to go back on epiduo for my forehead as it kept the situation under control but I want to know how I get rid of these small whiteheads/ bumps on my forehead, they make me awfully self conscious and I just dont get what type of acne this is. I started using a natural clay mask and I feel this has been a contributing factor in making the situation worse, more started to appear and they weren't white they were just red which then developed into whiteheads/ closed comedones. I dont know how to see the last of them!! My acne is gradually getting worse I would say which brings me onto the topic of a skincare regime. Can someone tell me what is the difference between exfoliaters and cleansers? Do I need to use both? Do I need to moisturise with oily skin? Whenever I do a face mask it seems to make my skin more oily after and it makes me believe it's drying my skin up? I appreciate anyone for reading this and I'll take any advice. Thank You!!!!
  22. I have recently been drinking Dr Stuart's skin purify tea which is very cheap and can be bought from Holland and Barrett. I'm on day two and I think this is doing the trick from reaching deep inside the skin and purifying it, it's slowly turning all my closed comedones into red spots which means it's eventually going to go away And has cleared the root of the problem from under the skin. The baking soda was working however I realised that it wasn't fixing the root problem of the closed comedones so I'm going to see if this tea helps with the root cause of closed comedones from under the skin.
  23. Hi everyone, I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out with my problem. On a day to day basis, I only suffer with mild acne (usually blackheads/a few whiteheads) since changing my birth controll pill I've had not as many problems with cystic acne like I used to. But the other day, I woke up with a huge tender painful cyst on my chin I know I shouldn't have, but I went into panic mode and tried to pop the cyst with a needle after applying heat to it. I know I'm wrong in doing this, and I'm paying for it now I had to re-pop the cyst yesterday as it developed a small head, but since then it doesn't seem to be healing at all. It's still a bright red, oozing open wound. I applied some antibiotic cream last night before bed but woke up this morning with still an open wound with a slight yellowish crust covering it. To me, it looks infected and I'm beginning to get worried. I'm currently living in Canada for a year (I'm from England) so I don't have a derm or a doctor I can visit, a walk in clinic would cost me a lot of money. So is there anything I can purchase over the counter to try and heal this thing up? I've had a band aid over it for a couple of hours but when I take it off the band aid is covered in lymph fluid (sorry for the gross details) I've heard things about anti fungal medication for open cystic wounds, could this help me? Or an oral pill to help infection maybe? Or just keep washing it at night and keeping it covered with an antiseptic cream? Please help.
  24. For the longest time now I have dealt with these little white "things" (unfortunately, I don't know how else to describe them) that appeared soon after Dan switched to the new BP (the initial new one, not the current one) - and they have never gone away. They are on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin - and can be found everywhere on those locations. They are very noticeable - they are not hard, but they are not covered by skin and are not normal whiteheads - they are tiny (but again, noticeable), and protrude out from my skin. I can't remove them because the couple that I have removed with tweezers leaves a pore-sized hole that never closes. Thankfully, I tested that first by only removing around 3-4 total. Does anyone have this same problem? I did a search and thought it was milia, but I looked at pictures of that condition online and it's not that. The BP, I suspect is the problem, but I can't stop using it. Hard to believe, but I spent 9 years of dermatological visits and around $12,000 (no insurance until much later) on prescriptions and medications that had nowhere near the same results as The Regimen. Why do I think that it's the BP? Because at one point I didn't use the BP for approximately two weeks and the white things completely vanished - but I broke out really bad as a result. I need a solution to this problem, hopefully someone can help. It would be amazing not to have this dilemma; I am deeply embarrassed by it. Thanks in advance.
  25. How do I get rid of these and what's the cause for them?