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  1. DO NOT TAKE B5. B5 CAUSES MASSIVE HAIRLOSS. Regime: 1. Nizoral Shampoo every other day, leave in hair 10 minutes. 2. Propecia .05 everyday. Obtain Propecia from doctor and dissolve 1 pill in 20mL of 75% proof alcohol (ex: bacardi 151). Take 1ml via dropper everyday. You will see results in 3-4 months. *Girls can NOT take propecia. example of someone helped "I'm also 24 and about 5 years ago I started taking massive doses of B5 for my skin...But within three months, I'd seen not only a massive drop in the speed and thickness of hair growth...but I was shedding upwards of 50 hairs per day. My dermatologist suggested I get on Propecia, and I did. I discontinued the RetinA and B5 supplements shortly thereafter, as I was worried more about my hair then my face. My hair continued to shed for the next 3-4 months, until I had hit NW2, with hair that was thinner and a darker blonde. At that point, the shedding stopped and hasn't occurred since, but I have not experienced much (if any) regrowth." ~KenF
  2. Hi everyone, I've been suffering from moderate to severe acne for years and seemed to be able to keep it moderate by cutting out all sugary drinks and replacing them with green tea and water. I'm also taking a few supplements that have helped, including fish oil and a multi-vitamin. Anyway I seemed to never be able to get over the next hump as anything else I tried to take things a step further never worked. I then found out that the yellow/whitish tongue that I have may be a symptom of a yeast infection that may be an underlying cause of my acne. I mentioned this to my doctor who initially said it was a fungal infection and told me to use these drops on my tongue and then swallow the accumulated liquid. When this didn't work I took a course of Ranitidine which had no effect either. Most recently I was prescribed Nexium (40mg) and am beginning my 3rd week of tablets. The worrying thing is that the doctor says if the Nexium works, I will have to be on it for a lengthy period. My concern is that I have been reading up on the side effects, and ironically one is acne. Apparently there are multiple reasons why one might take Nexium and those suffering from acne usually state that they never had a problem with it before. If my yellow tongue is a symptom of something that may be causing my acne, I'm wondering if taking the tablets might do more good than harm. Cheers.
  3. Hey quick intro, i promised myself and some other people that when i found the real cure of acne i was gonna release it to help as many people as i can. I was fed up and done with all the products i have tried, even lemons, coconut oil, olive oil, aztec clay mask and all those natural things seemed to help but i would still break out, also i had the most clean diet you can imagine, only veggies and avocados but i would still break out! Why? I now have the answer - my skin was out of balance so no matter how hard i tried internally i would never clear my acne fully. I am now on day 25 of this regimen and i can tell you this i have not got 1 breakout since the day i started this regimen! My results: My skin is clear, the hyperpigmentation has got away 80% and keeps improving. I feel much better and i have alot of energy! My skintone has now been restored and it looks perfectly normal like when i was 12 I can pretty much eat all of the things i thought was giving me acne before (still eat very clean for max improvment) Other results: Dead skin on my face (goes away by time and is an overrated problem) Blotch easy if i eat spicy foods or if the temperatur is too hot! Kind of dry tight feeling in the beginning but gets better for every day. How to do the extreme caveman regimen: Stop washing your face: I am 100% sure all people in the world are born with a skin that is supposed to treat itself. After this regimen i dont even doubt it. When you keep washing your face 2-3 times a day using all kinds of shit chemicals or other things that cause irritation your skins "acid mantle" dont work and all the natural oils that are supposed to fight the bad bacteria keeps getting washed away. Simply your skin needs a break! Stop washing your hair - have you ever heard of those famous actors who dont wash their hair? After 25 days of not washing my hair i understand why. Notice that i was using an organic shampoo which SHOULD be one of the best naturals out there, but i had dandruff and i noticed that everytime i used it i would break out on my forehead. After 2 weeks the dandruff went away and i noticed today that my hair kind of healed itself and cleanse itself, in the beginning it was kind of oily looking but now it looks perfectly normal and i actully like it alot. Eat like a caveman: I always had a pretty clean diet that was very similar to paleo diet. All you have to do is eat like a caveman, google paleo diet and start eating like that from tommorrow. Some things i recommend you dont eat are: fruits, dried fruits and hazelnuts, peanuts. Don't masturbate: Yes stop masturbating, it definately is not a root cause of acne but it contributes if you still get acne! Let your body have a break and if you can't do this, try at least 1 mounth! For how long time? and what should you do after? Since i am on day 25 and not havent finished it yet its a hard question to ask, but what i do know is that i cleared my acne forever and thats why we are all here right? I cleared it in 25 days. I want to try this regimen for to more mounths before starting washing my face again. WHY!!?! because i got inspired by TheLoveVitamin and she had the best results on mounth 3 so why not continue? After you have done this, try wash your face with cold water every 3rd day. That is my plan and when i come to the part where i'm going to wash my face again i will update this thread. Thanks for reading i hope this will inspire you and cure your acne like it cured mine! And when you notice you can eat bad foods again, remember that a clean diet makes your skin heal faster
  4. Ivebeen taking vitamin A, D, E, for about 2 weeks now. I included zinc about a week ago. I originally started with a low dosage of vitamin A, however, I increased the dosage to about 200,000iu (retinyl palimate). My softgels are in 10,000iu but I see some that are 2,000iu? My acne began clearing when I had only vitamin A and D. However, since increasing the dosage my face has broken out. It might be because of the 100mg zinc temporarily included, but I'm really not sure. What gives? My face was doing fine and clearing up nicely until this. It could also be due to my football helmet. Should I decrease vitamin A dosage to 5,000iu-10,000iu? Is this just an initial breakout? Too confused right now
  5. Hello all. I've been suffering from very severe acne problems for over 2 decades now, and I'm very desperate. I've tried pretty much everything, including 4 stints of Accutane which worked, but each time I stopped it my acne and oil came back and each time I took it I had some horrific side effects. What I haven't tried yet though is Vitamin B5, and I'd really appreciate it if you can help me and answer these questions: For those who used B5 to successfully treat acne, what vitamins and supplements did you use it in conjunction with, what doses of the B5 and these supplements did you take, and what brands of these supplements did you use? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should go for a timed/sustained release B5 right? I'm looking to start taking B5 as soon as possible. If there's anything else I should know or any pointers you can give me before I start, please tell me. Again, thanks a bunch for the help. I appreciate it dearly.
  6. Well, I think I've found it... I think it's finally over! it's been about 2 months, and *no new breakouts*. Absolutely none. I'm... shocked! After all this time, I think I finally found the acne cause and solution, for me. Two months ago, I started taking vitamin D supplements, about 1000IU per day. Nothing else changed: work has been no more or less stressful, my diet hasn't changed, nothing significant in personal life. I just noticed that my skin is always better after getting a little bit of sunshine, so decided to try taking vitamin D... and, voila! My skin has *never* looked better... It actually looks kind of pretty! It's hard to believe it could be so simple, yet it kind of makes sense: I never had acne until moving from Arizona to Seattle, and, it always got worse in the winter. The only other time I had acne in my life was while still living in Arizona, I tried a brief stint of eating a very, very low-fat diet (yes, I was young and foolish), and wearing sunscreen religiously; perhaps since vitamin D is fat-soluble, and I was avoiding the sun, I was just unable to synthesize or absorb it. And, sure enough, once I abandoned the low-fat foolishness, the acne disappeared as well. Until I moved to Seattle, that is, when it returned with a vengeance. The only heavy-duty medications I tried were retin-A for a year, and orthotricyclen for four months. Both were ineffective, unfortunately: the retin-A had absolutely no effect (after a frickin year!!) and on orthotricyclen I still had reliably regular monthly breakouts, plus some in between. I tried eliminating various foods from the diet: chocolate, dairy, peanuts, and citrus, all to no effect. Also, I absolutely don't eat processed foods, and very little sugar; mostly whole foods, lots of veggies, low sugar, lots of fish oils, only grass-fed organic meat when I do eat meat, blah, blah, blah, etc etc, all the usual recommendations. I got extremely sick of claims that acne is punishment for dietary transgressions -- I *don't* eat crap, at all, yet still had acne. Anyway! All this is to say that after 3 years of trial and error, I've been pretty much stumped! Until now... taking vitamin D. It's very weird. It's possible that this one simple thing, vitamin D deficiency, has been the problem the entire time. Wow. It's been about 2 months, so I'm hoping this keeps up. If anything changes, I'll let you guys know, but... so far, so good! If anyone is still trying the litany of various dietary/medical/vitamin tricks, well, don't forget to give this one a try. Not the cause for everybody, I'm sure, but if there are any others out there like me, maybe this will help!
  7. Dessert Recipes and Ideas

    Since our new moderators unpinned it. We didn't seem to have one of these threads so I'm starting one for the resource. Here's a fancy looking one from Martha Stewart. Very pretty and elegant if you arrange the slices back into pear shape. Granola-Almond Pear Crunch Ingredients Serves 1 * 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice * 1 ripe Bartlett pear (red or regular), cored and sliced lengthwise into 8 wedges * 2 tablespoons almond butter (or melted dark chocolate) * 1/4 cup granola (or better yet, make your own mixture of nuts or oatmeal and spices.) Directions 1. Spread one side of each wide bottom of pear wedge with almond butter. Place granola in a bowl and nestle pears, almond-butter-side down, in the granola. I notice they neglected to tell you what to do with the lemon juice, but it's usually sprinkled on fruit to prevent the fruit from turning brown due to the anti-oxidant activity of the vitamin C. Picture
  8. Hi all, I know people are posting with amazing cures all the time so I don't want to say that this is going to 'cure' everyone's acne and it is 'the' treatment for everyone. However, I do want to share my results b/c they've been a shock to me. Just for a short background, I've had acne for 10 years tried everything. The only thing that ever worked was Diane 35. However, I react badly to bc pills so I had to quit and my acne came back worse than ever afterwards. I was almost at the point of doing another treatment of accutane when I read somewhere that evening primrose oil can regulate hormones and help with acne. I thought, well since I know that my accutane is related to hormones, I should try this....knowing that I've tried a million supplements before that were supposed to "cure" acne. So three weeks ago I started taking 500mg of evening primrose oil with 15 IU's of vitamin E every day. (I also take a multivitamin and Vitamin A everyday). I figured it's probably not going to work so I start scheduling my appointments to get myself accutane. Three weeks later and I can't believe it. My skin is clearing. Right now I only have 2 active pimples. The rest of my face is clearing (no active acne, just scars slowly fading). I can't believe this. I've tried everything and this thing I decided to just throw in for kicks is actually working. I don't know that this is going to work for everyone since I know my acne is hormone related, but if your acne is related to hormones i would suggest adding this to your supplements. It's great b/c you don't have to change your regiment at all. Good luck to anyone else who tries evening primrose oil.
  9. Hi all. On the product reviews page, there are some very high reviews for Vitamin E, but these are mainly for topical application. Some people have had breakouts with topical vitamin E due to possibly clogging pores, which I think has scared some people away from trying oral Vitamin E despite some very good reviews within the topical reviews. There has been a lot of speculation that Vitamin E orally could increase all-risk mortality. I've had a good look into it and it appears that these findings are often sketchy but also many studies finding that Vitamin E doesn't affect mortality rates at all. So it's common knowledge that Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant for skin and its main route to the skin is through secretion via the sebaceous gland. We also have squalene in sebum, and we don't want to form the highly damaging squalene peroxide (Vitamin E can prevent this conversion). The more sebum we have (which is largely genetically and hormonally controlled) the more Vitamin E we need to stabilise the squalene. So it makes sense that oral Vitamin E, in the natural form at a reasonably low dose (400IU a day) should help with stabilising these sebum lipids. Secondly studies have shown that along with low levels of serum retinol and zinc, Vitamin E in serum is low. Thoughts?
  10. I hope I can be of help to all the acne sufferers reading this post right now. I have been an acne sufferer for the past 14 years. I could remember those darn pimples swelling on my face especially when my period comes along. Years have gone by, and I have noticed that my face had gotten worse. From mild to moderate pimples, I started to have moderate to severe acne I believe. I was even scared to look in the mirror just to see those ugly, big red bumps all over my face. After one bump or another disappears, 3 to 8 big, ugly bumps appear. I had big, ugly scars that I wanted to hide from the world. I have gotten tired of hiding from people especially my friends. Fortunately, they have been very understanding of my condition. I have not tried everything, yet I have tried sorts of soaps, exfoliants, creams, washing my face regularly, changing my diet, and hoping on green tea, sweet potatoes, and vitamins. I have tried Benzoyl Peroxide when I was in college. It helped to fade a lot of my acne yet leaving behind ugly scars. Ever since I got tired of using it, I noticed that my acne became worse to the point that I was not leaving home for almost a year because acne almost covered my entire face. I know the feeling of having that low self-esteem that my mother had even saw me crying to death because of this dreaded disease. After that year, I started to work in one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines when my acne started to clear a little while. My cousin there suggested that I use Golden Horse cream. It made my face became almost clear after an episode of horrible acne when first using the product. However, my face didn't clear up that much. However, acne still returns with a deep vengeance. When I got back to school again to pursue another course, stress swelled up and my acne worsen. I used creams to battle the acne off but to no avail. I just don't understand why my acne won't just stop. I know I just can't control my diet that I was even having a junk food for breakfast. When I realized that I was really having this gruesome difficulty, I started controlling my diet as I have learned from the Internet. I tried to eat sweet potatoes and green tea while avoiding sugars and processed foods (such as colas, junk food, bread, rice, pasta, etc.) for almost 2 months. I even almost overdosed myself with expensive vitamins. I lost weight and my acne was controlled, yet my acne still return over a short period of time after I started to break my diet. The worse thing was in every small pimple growing on my face, expect that it will grow to a horrible, big bump and would disappear in a matter of weeks or more than a month (or even months!) and more big bumps will grow before the old ones disappear. I was very desperate in searching for a solution. I searched websites to help me with this terrible problem that almost ruined my life. Finally, I have stumbled through an article in the Internet claiming that ginger tea works wonders. It made the author cure his severe acne and he was drinking 3 cups per day. Why not give it a try? So I continued to control my diet and started doses of ginger tea of 2 cups per day. Fortunately, I did see wonders. What I have done was this. I started to use lukewarm or even hot water to wash my face twice a day (can be very antibacterial as my sources have suggested) for I was only washing my face with cold water. From what I have learned in the Internet, a mild soap (I have been using guava soap. It had glycerin, olive oil, and guava extract in it. Very mild.) can be very helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by acne. I drank 2 cups of ginger tea per day, commonly for breakfast and before going to bed. As for the acne and small bumps that were still remaining, I have used zinc oxide plus calamine ointment after washing my face. I'm not rich, you know. I have to find means that are not costly. For a month, I noticed that my acne had been disappearing. I noticed almost unnoticeable very small pimples (slightly red) not growing to very big bumps that can be too pronounced on my face. I put some ointment on them everyday and they disappear quickly. The miracle here was my acne doesn't respond to any ointment I put on my face. The bumps took a matter of weeks or even a month before disappearing. And now, if I apply this ointment on my face after every wash on even a big, red bump, it disappears in 2 days or utmost, 5 days. At least I have found some miracle in here! Maybe I can attribute this to ginger tea as researches claim that this tea is anti-inflammatory. I have been taking doses of green tea and eating sweet potatoes for 2 months while having my diet controlled. I have lost only my weight but the acne still continued after breaking my diet. I started ginger tea with my diet controlled and it had worked some wonders. When I started to get back eating processed foods and all those nasty stuff that can contribute to acne but still drinking ginger tea, it really is a miracle that my face is still 96% clear up to now. MY FACE HAD NEVER BEEN THIS CLEAR. Now, I am drinking ginger tea once a day only at breakfast. My only problem now is that there are still acne scars left on my face. Maybe I can find a natural way to remove these in the future. Maybe those who have read this post should try. There's nothing to lose in trying. I hope I can be of help to all those battling with terrible acne.
  11. i am a 41 yr old male and over the last few years have gotten a number sebaceous hyperplasia on the face. I have tried the following with results: -topical retin-a micro (tretinoin gel) 40% decrease in size of papule -topical tazorac 50% decrease " -topical epionce lite lytic lotion 50% decrease " -topical cp serum 10% decrease " -topical cellex-c 5% decreases " -benzoyl peroxide 20% decrease " -light electrocaughtery-not recommeded since approximately 1 out of 4 result in a noticable hole in skin due to unpredictable results. -levulan-decreases papules 75%-100% but result is temporary.lasts couple months.not worth the money and time you spend red and peeling to get final result. -fraxel-reduces papules by 60% but result is temporary not worth money spent -oral isotretinoin aka Accutane at 10mg per day 99%-100% decrease in papule within 14 days**this is the best solution i have found** switch to 10mg once every 2- 3 days. the only frustration is getting a dermatolgists to prescribe isotretinoin. none will suggest isotretinoin unless you ask and beg for it. this is due to the big scare with accutane and risk of suicide. the new mandate in the u.s. by the fda and ipledge does not allow a dermatologist to write a isotretinoin prescription for sebaceous hyperplasia. it is not a covered prescription on health insurance for sebaceous hyperplasia either. my dermatologist told me isotretinoin works great and nothing works better, and that no topical lotion will resolve sebaceous hyperplasia. but he was bound by the rules of ipledge. i had to persuade my derm docter to agree to give me a prescription, then go over the internet and order it myself from a canadian pharmacy. thus paying for it out of my own pocket. isotretinoin miraculously relieved me of sebaceous hyperplasia completely within 14 days. you are supposed to limit your alcohol intake to little or nothing per day due to the taxing affect alcohol has on your liver and the potential toxic vitamin a affect in isotretinoin. i have not been able to find any studies that indicate any negative affects of low dosage 10mg per day of isotretinoin. although with equal success, i changed to 10mg once every 3 days, after the first 2 weeks of daily dosage. i know with higher dosages for severe acne such as 80mg to 150 mg per day can pose some additional risks. in any case no matter what dose, it is suggested to get liver function tests periodically to check if your triglycerides are at the proper level.
  12. Hello all. I've been lurking around here for some time, occasionally posting where I could be of help. My acne has always been moderate, but bad enough that it affected my mood and I wanted it gone. Nothing I tried worked really well (I want to be 95% + clear) until pretty recently. Here's what I changed: 1) Started on a liver, kidney and blood cleansing tea 2)Started taking non-dairy probiotic These 2 things have had phenomenal results. But first, the details: 1) For the tea, I researched an extensive list of herbs. I buy: red clover flowers, burdock root, yellow dock root, dang quai root, milk thistle seed, cleavers, schisandra berries, echinacea, and dandelion root. I won't go into specifics but everything's in there for a reason. I grind the milk thistle and put a little bit of everything into a pot and simmer for 30 minutes. Things that are more expensive I use less of. I drink this and then simmer and drink again, 2-4 times. 2) My Probiotic It has 4 billion cells per capsule, with 6 strains of bacteria. Rather than taking 4 at once, I take 1 between meals, 3-4 times a day. That's it. Costs me 1-2 dollars a day, if that. I highly recommend anyone explore these options before giving up. I almost did. My diet, cleansing and supplement regimen remain unchanged for 4 months of so so I don't think they've played a part, but here they are anyway: 1) Diet is pretty starving-student simple. I live on eggs, quinoa, soba, miso and veggies. 2) Supplements include fish and hemp seed oils, vitamin C ascorbate, grape seed extract, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid. I take these not for my skin but for general health. 3) My cleanser is the best in the world. My cleanser I start with that and add a strong infusion of green tea, camomile, rooibos and honeybush. Then I add grape seed extract and matcha green tea powder. I am so happy it is beyong words. I've blown hundreds of dollars but it's all worth it now. Hope this helps some people and spread the word, liver and bowel health equals clear skin. (PS to al the skeptics like Ben, what of the studies that say silymarin, the main beneficial compound of milk thistle can treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions when taken INTERNALLY? Don't have references now but will modify post with them later.)
  13. Hi! I have created this post to share my experience with Epiduo for anyone who is currently undergoing treatment or is thinking about starting on Epiduo! Before I begin, let me tell you a bit about myself. My acne history: I am a 19 year old female who has extremely oily skin. Acne for me started a few months after I turned 16. As the years progressed, my acne exacerbated from mild to moderate. I had tried many OTC products to help initially, however none sufficed. My acne is cystic, I have scarring lesions and extremely congested skin. However, my acne is ONLY on my cheeks, the skin surrounding my cheeks are extremely healthy and not congested at all. My acne journey (pre-epiduo): As we all know, having acne can have us googling and researching all kinds of things to discover what causes our acne, what triggers break outs and what changes we can make to eliminate it. Through research I had discovered that my high glycemic diet (lots of processed food and sugars which raised my glucose levels) were a reason for my aggravated acne and causing breakouts. So I began a new diet of low GI foods and cut out all processed foods as humanly possible. My break outs were less severe however my acne still remained. My skin was still severely clogged and congested my break outs still persisted. The only thing really that changing my diet did was lower inflammation of my acne. The second thing I tried doing was the whole "natural" regime. I quit chemicals and all facial cleansers on my skin for six months. I used honey, cinnamon, yoghurt, tumeric and basically any home remedies my hands could find. This was also during my change of diet, and once again nothing had changed. The only positive of the home remedies were lightening of acne scarring as most of my home made remedies had lemon. However, my cystic acne remained. My Epiduo Diagnosis: After two years of trial and error, my skin cleared up 30% over the two years. Despite me being less stressed a bout the state of my skin, my skin was still extremely congested and clogged pores were evident. I had blackheads and multiple closed comedones. My dermatologist diagnosed me with moderate cystic acne with scarring. My Epiduo Regime: So as per my dermatologists request, I picked up Cetaphil in the GENTLE formulation, despite having oily skin I did not pick up the oily skin formulation as my dermatologist said my skin was going to take a beating. I also use Neutrogena combination skin moisturiser (was using it before my epiduo regime and it has never broken me out). My routine is very simple, the first week of using epiduo I used it twice a week. Removed make up with micellar cleanser, used cetaphil, used epiduo on my face for twenty minutes and then applied moisturiser. Using epiduo sparingly is crucial and infrequnetly within the first month of using it is the most important thing to preserving your skin and not shocking the skin. After the first month I began using it three times, then four times then eventually seven days a week. My first week of using epiduo for seven days a week resulted in extreme flaking, sensitive and inflamed skin and yes - a purge. I am going to insert pictures within my next post and continue my story if you guys are interested...
  14. Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide?

    I read this post which is now archived and wanted to follow up on it – Has anyone else tried this? I can't see much about niacinamide on this site, it's not listed in the reviews/supplements section. This is strange considering it's used in a large number of skin products and there's lots of buzz: “Niacinamide (also known as nicotinamide) is a compound derived from niacin (vitamin B3) (Surjana 2011). It has been shown to exert anti-inflammatory action within the skin. In a randomized, controlled clinical trial of 65 subjects, 5% nicotinamide performed comparably to 2% clindamycin (both as topical formulations) in reducing acne severity scores (Shahmoradi 2013). As a dietary supplement of 600 mg one to four times daily (in combination with azelaic acid, copper, folic acid, pyridoxine, and zinc), it reduced symptoms by over 80% after 8 weeks of treatment in a clinical trial of 235 subjects. This was an open-label trial in which the nicotinamide supplement was compared to the existing acne medication of the subjects. Nicotinamide succeeded in significantly reducing acne lesion counts and improving appearance as reported by the subjects (Shalita 2012). In a Japanese double-blind, placebo-controlled trial examining sebum production, fifty subjects received a topical 2% nicotinamide moisturizer daily and fifty subjects received a placebo. After two weeks of treatment, sebum production of the nicotinamide group was reduced significantly in comparison to the placebo group (Draelos 2006). A separate randomized, double-blind multicenter trial compared a 4% nicotinamide emulsion to a 1% clindamycin formulation, both applied daily as topical formulations. The nicotinamide formulation was found to be superior in terms of safety, tolerability, and efficacy (Morganti 2011).” Source I'm trying 3g (6x500g) orally a day. Day 2 so far. The only negative side effect is very mild asthma/hayfever type wheezyness (I was asthmatic as a kid), but it's also known to be a mood enhancer and I'm feeling that effect already I'm interested in using it topically, does anyone have tips on making their own topical solution? I was thinking of adding it to the jojoba oil I use daily as a moisturiser, I could open up some of the gelatin capsules and mix in the powder. I'm a 38 y/o male, white with greasy skin. My acne is mostly small pustules in my nose, hair + beard area so it's like folliculitis. I have already found success with B5/Pantothenic Acid, Zinc Gluconate and Fish Oil (Vitamin D3+A) capsules, which dry my skin out and minimise breakout. I was on Lycmecycline antibiotics for way too long, it was only semi-effective. Also trying barberry root and taking acidophilus probiotic capsules atm. My dad jokes that my room is like an apothecary because of all the pills, lol But imo systemic > topical
  15. Growing up I had very severe cystic acne. I would get huge pimpels on my face and back. About 3 years ago I went to a dermatologist and was put on amoxicillin. This antibiotic killed the bacteria that caused acne, thus while on it I didn't expeirence any breakouts, and my skin was finally able to heal. Recently my new dermatologist was looking to take me off amoxicillin, but the problem I kept running into was my acne would start to return within a week of being off amoxicillin. In my mind there was only 1 of 2 ways to be completely acne free - Constantly have an antibiotic in my body that would actively kill the acne causing bacteria, or create an environment in my body in which acne couldn't thrive. I tried doing the latter through taking vitamins. I tried vitamin d, e, a, zinc by themselves, but none of them ever kept my acne away. Because the vitamins by themselves weren't working I decided to try Alive Multivitamin. I read somewhere that vitamins work together or something, that the body uses them in various ways, and was thinking that even though i was taking e or a specifically for acne, maybe my body needed more than just these. I started taking Alive about 2 months ago and haven't had a single breakout yet. My acne hasn't returned, and I haven't had a single pill of amoxicillin. I am also taking 30,000 IU of Vitamin A daily with my 3 Alive pills as well. So, this is what's worked for me. I would suggest that anyone who has acne or is on an antibiotic and is looking to get off of it, to try a multi vitamin like Alive because your acne could be related to a major vitamin deficiency. Feel free to ask any questions, or let me know how Alive is working for you. I get mine from IHerb: - SuperGao
  16. Hey everyone... So, although I have been on the regimen for almost a year and have seen amazing improvement, I am still disappointed in the presence of my scarring and occasional new zits. When I get a pimple, it is one of those deep painful ones that cause a large raised bump and sometimes don't even come to a head. In the past I've made the mistake of digging for it to dry and get it out, but I obviously know how wrong that was and am now left with some scars. I was recently reading about the impact of holistic medicine on acne and the success stories that have emerged from the use of Vitamin A, E, Zinc, and Borage Seed Oil. I am very interested in investing in some of these vitamins if it will make a difference, however I'm unsure which ones to take, and when it becomes too much. Anyone with some history in this matter, I would greatly appreciate your reply. I am not naive enough to believe a vitamin can cure all my problems and transform my skin overnight into a vision Kardashian-like perfection, but at this point ANYTHING is a help. Hope to hear from someone......anyone.........please
  17. Hey everyone... So, although I have been on the regimen for almost a year and have seen amazing improvement, I am still disappointed in the presence of my scarring and occasional new zits. When I get a pimple, it is one of those deep painful ones that cause a large raised bump and sometimes don't even come to a head. In the past I've made the mistake of digging for it to dry and get it out, but I obviously know how wrong that was and am now left with some scars. I was recently reading about the impact of holistic medicine on acne and the success stories that have emerged from the use of Vitamin A, E, Zinc, and Borage Seed Oil. I am very interested in investing in some of these vitamins if it will make a difference, however I'm unsure which ones to take, and when it becomes too much. Anyone with some history in this matter, I would greatly appreciate your reply. I am not naive enough to believe a vitamin can cure all my problems and transform my skin overnight into a vision of Kardashian-like perfection, but at this point ANYTHING is a help. Hope to hear from someone......anyone.........please
  18. Ok lets just get straight down to business. I've had acne for not even a year and it has already amounted to this. Cystic acne started developing within 5 months of me getting acne and they haven't stopped since. I currently have 15 cysts on my face and I cannot touch my face without a pinch or throb of pain. Started Roaccutane (or accutane) 11 days ago and would like to share some photos with you guys to show you my progress throughout the 6-9 month course. I'm currently on 10mg for 1 month then bumping to 20mg. I am currently experiencing an initial breakout (or flare) like reaction and my lips are starting to dry up. This photo here ^ is well before I started accutane and was when I decided to do something about my acne. This is my first day on minocycline ^ , it had no effect - in fact (not the drugs fault) it got worse. I was getting acne on my jaw line I was so disappointed and made me so anxious to start accutane and get rid of this awful acne. So I did it's been 11 days, here is my week 1 progress photo(s). Please stay tuned for the weeks to come! Week 2 has arrived here are the photos for my second week of accutane, dry lips, dry eyes and very itchy legs. xD I don't know why but yeah.
  19. I have been a long time acne sufferer and have done a ridiculous amount of research and self tests to see what might permanently cure my acne. You could call it a Borderline obsession when it comes to looking for ways to cure my acne. Anyways, Largely I feel like a proper diet and a healthy ratio of omega fatty acids are what it largely takes to maintain mostly good skin. You may or may not be aware of Leo from clear skin coach but that was the first step I took to permanently healthy skin. Granted I'm always skeptical of those types of sites but he laid out a program that is very rigorous and shows that their is no single magic cure that can cure your acne. You have to do months of hard work to fix your internal problems and while some of his methods are a bit much and his recommendations for supplements can really add up in price, his principles are what should be followed. Anyways, I'm not trying to sell you guys on his program I'm just saying nothing can replace healthy living and following strict guidelines if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from adult acne like myself. It takes hard work. Antibiotics are simply a band aid that only make the problems worse in the long run. It amazes me how little dermatologist know when it comes to the overall harmful effects the pills they're pushing on their acne suffering patients. Trust me, it causes way more problems in the long run including worse acne returning. For a couple of years, I have dealt with 85-90% clear skin which is huge considering where I was before. What seemed to bring on pimples though still was intense lifting (mainly affected my body only), ejaculation, and large amounts of certain foods that trigger breakouts for me. Granted, the last one is within my control but the other two are things I can't willingly give up about 3 months ago, I got my blood work back from a check up that said I was low in vitamin d3 (I live in MN) and I noticed I felt like I was suffering from seasonal depression so I went on a mega dose regime of 50,000 IU of vitamin d3 a day and 5,000 IU of vitamin k2 (used to counterbalance the effects of large amounts of vitamin D3). Now I know after reading that you all think I'm crazy for going on such a crazy high dosage and how unsafe that is and blah blah blah... I have done a ton of research over it and the claims of vitamin D3 overdosing have been FAR exaggerated. Some studies have people taking as high as 1,000,000 IUs a day with no side effects whatsoever. I know many of you will disagree with me and that's fine. I am not sharing this post to start a debate but to let you all know what worked for me. When I first started the high dosage, I had no intention on helping my acne. However, even though I didn't attribute it to the vitamin d3 at the time, my acne had dramatically cleared up and for the first time in forever, I did not notice one new pimple forming, even though I was doing all 3 things that trigger breakouts for me more than ever. I at the time thought it was because I had stopped using sucralose which later proved not to be a factor. After using all of my vitamin d3, I stopped and started breaking out again. Still, I hadn't connected the pieces yet. A month and a half later, we went to Sanibel Island for a week where it was sunny everyday. After just a few days in the sun, all of my acne faded away and no new ones where showing (I had noticed this on vacations past but didn't think vitamin d3 could be the cause). This caused me to ponder why these effects happened whenever I was in the sun and than I had an aha moment. When I was taking large doses of vitamin D3, my acne was nearly non existent. I started back up again when I got home from vacation but this time taking doses of 30000 IU for D3 and 3000IU for k2. Almost immediately I noticed changes in my skin and very rarely do I have a new pimple show up now. I even feel like I can get away with being a little lazy with my eating and still be just fine. I have done a little digging online and have found a few other people who have noticed similar results with also some articles that shed some interesting theories why acne seems to be cleared from taking vitamin d3. I would encourage you all to do the same and do some digging on your own. Again, I am not looking to get into an argument and get attacked by others saying how what I'm doing is dangerous. I understand that initially it can appear dangerous. However, I have done my thorough research and feel quite confident and safe with what I am doing. If you would like to try but are worried about starting with such a high dose, I would suggest beginning with 5,000 IUs of D3 a day along with 1000 IUs of K2 and seeing how that works. If you do decide to give this a try, I would appreciate hearing from you how it goes. It only took a few days for me to notice results so after a week of trying this out, I would love to hear how it worked for you all!!
  20. Help! I've been reading thru the forums and to be honest, I've been bombarded by all sides about different regime!!! First, there is Dan's regime (doesn't really work because it makes my face dry and red). Second there's Antony's regime (something that I really want to try but then there's too much products for me to use. Now, I'm using the Water Only Regime and it done great things for my skin. My pimples are less red and visible now and my skin is a lot smoother and softer. I feel really great now that I'm now using loads of stuff on my face. But then, I've been researching on the net for so many months on acne and the ways to get rid of acne that now my mind is all filled up with different stuff. I'm CONFUSED!!! OK, about my skin. I started to have acne when I was 12. First it was just very mild acne on my nose only and I treated it with OXY and OXY BP gel. However, at 14, my acne spreaded to my cheeks and jawline. This time, I changed to Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and it did okay. At 15, I went to a doctor and under went this to laser treatment and got some pills (Accutane or something, I don't know) and antibotics and some topical facial wash and creams. You know what? It actually worked! Okay that's not the point. My face stayed clear for 6 months before I started breaking out again (that's when I stopped using my medications, ran out). Now I have small little pimples around my cheeks and jawline and nose (my forehead is clear) and I really want to get rid of them bad! My skin is a combination, oily at the T-zone but quite dry and the cheeks. I have MANY small pimples on my jawline, a FEW small pimples on both cheeks, only one pimple on my nose (but it is covered in small scars) and no pimple on my smooth forehead. Can anyone advice me on which regime to use and what diet I should go on and what cleanser I should use and what supplements I should take (I'm currently taking Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C, that's all). Really need help and I would be very thankful if someone can help me. P.S. Sorry about my ranting but i have to let it out of my system.
  21. Two months ago I stopped taking Vitamin B5 due to hair loss. My hair is still falling out in tremendous amounts but I am now starting to notice a bunch of new hairs growing in. I check my scalp regularly & each day I'm noticing more and more new hairs. I'm hoping this is a good thing but the hair falling out has not stopped yet. Anyone suffering from hair loss due to B5 please let me know if this has also happened to you.
  22. This was posted in the adult acne forum but I decided to make a thread here because i think it needs more attention and we need more people to try this. Anyways I've been taking Niacin for about a week and its giving me very good results. It's tightening my pores, i get less oil, and i just dont break out anymore. I've literally only had 2 pimples this whole week and they were so small that they disappeared once i popped them. When you take Niacin you get this thing called the niacin "flush" which is your body giving you a signal that you are detoxing. Basically what Niacin does is widen the capillaries around your entire body and including your skin. Wider capillaries = more blood flow to the skin = healthy skin Niacin also plays a role in liver function and aids the liver in metabolizing toxins. Here is some more info on Niacin If anyone wants to start taking niacin DO NOT GET THE NON FLUSHING KIND (niacinimide). You want the flush because it means that your widening your capillaries. Niacinimide will not widen your capillaries and you probably wont get results. Also don't buy the time released ones either. I just went to my local grocery store and bought 500mg tablets of Niacin for 5 dollars, its really cheap. When you start your gonna wanna take 100mg for 3 days, then 200-300mg for another 3 days, and then try taking 400-500mg. When you get to the higher doses you'll definitely experience the flush. If you're wondering what the flush feels like, it feels like nice hot sunburn all over your body with a little bit of tingly itchiness. Usually i can feel blood rushing to my head and it may get pretty intense. You just gotta do something (i play guitar) to keep your mind off of things for 30-60 minutes. I definitely think more people should be trying Niacin because its a very cheap supplement with good results and it doesn't require a strict diet at all. Right now I'm also taking 50mg of zinc and fish oil but I've been doing that for months and I haven't had good results since taking niacin.
  23. So i have started a new regimen which seems to be working in reducing my acne (which is mostly just clogged pores) i am not going to tell you what i am using (and taking) until i am sure that it is actually these things for sure that are helping. My original post mentioned that i was trialing Vitamin D however that really wasn't working out so i stopped taking it. If my current regimen keeps working i will post back within a few days so stay tuned. I have taken before and after pics of my new regimen.. i have posted it as a comment so scroll down this page and it should be there.. My original post: I was a user a few years ago with the same problem i am posting today. However in 2014 i somehow cured myself and i honestly do not know how! I remember i cured myself so good that no matter what i put on my skin i never got a single pimple or clogged pore or anything. I wasn't even using any fancy products. Well i dont know why and i dont know how but for the past 2 months the same skin issues started again. I didn't change anything with my products either. The only thing i remember was that i took a monthly Vitamin D regularly and also probiotics. I stopped both those medications because i literally got lazy and forgot to take them plus i was broke lol! my skincare routine usually just consisted of washing my face with the Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser (with a brush). So basically without going into too much detail the reason why i am starting this topic is to trial a Vitamin D3 and see if it makes any difference with my skin. This time though i am not going to buy a monthly Vitamin D3 i am just going to get the over the counter Vitamin D3. I will also start on my probiotics again. I am posting my before photos to this post and then report back possibly after a week with results. so stay tuned
  24. Hi All, I am 31 years old and have been suffering from Adult Acne for the last year- ever since I went off of my birth control pill and had a Copper IUD put in. When I was on BC my skin was effortlessly perfect for years, and since then I almost always have 3-4 spots including cysts that take forever to heal. I've tried mandelic acid peels and tee tree oil, both of which worked in the beginning and then stopped. I am getting married in 6 months and desperately want to stop this acne. I am going to try a low-carb/low-glycemic diet and the B5 vitamins for a month, and if it doesn't work, I am going back on the pill or blasting my body with antibiotics the months before the wedding, even though I know those results are always only temporary. New Plan: 2x daily mild face wash 5% Niacinamide (B3) serum 2x/week mandalic acid peels Less than 50 g of Carbs/day, all low glycemic 30 mg zinc 2.5 g Pantothenic Acid, spread out over 3x/day 900 g L-Carnitin, spread out over 3x/day Vitamin B-Komplex (no Biotin) Probiotic I would love to be able to give the routine more time, but I know it will take a few months for my body to adjust to the BC and for that to help my acne. I dislike being on BC, but if I knew how difficult it would be to get rid of adult acne I probably would have stayed on it. I thought if I just had a good morning/evening routine and used chemical peels 2x a week I would be fine- what a joke! It seems nothing I've done so far could stop this acne. So hopefully the big diet change and B vitamins do.
  25. I started using ACV topical about 3 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago, I started taking 1 tablespoon, 2x a day internally. I do believe it is working to clear up my face (I had a hysterectomy a year ago and since then have had adult acne that I never had before). However, a week ago I developed horrible chapped lips. It is almost like they are sunburned. They hurt a lot. I have been putting jojoba oil on them along with a natural lip balm I have been using for about 6 months. A few times it feels like they are getting better (they start to peel a bit) only to wake up the next morning feeling painful and burning. Everything I have seen online says ACV is actually good for chapped lips so I am not sure it is the ACV causing the issue. I actually think it is more likely a new multivitamin I started a few days prior to waking up to chapped lips. They contained 417% of the daily allowance of vitamin B12. After looking online, it appears that some people react to too much vitamin B12 and/or the source. I stopped taking them about 5 days ago but my lips are still painful (I am not taking any multivitamins right now - just vitex, vitamine e and calcium/magnesium/zinc). Could the ACV internally be causing my painful lips? Or is it more likely the new multivitamins and it is just taking a while for the B12 to get out of my system and/or my lips to recover. Thanks for any help! I want to keep up the ACV both internally and topically as I am seeing an improvement (regardless of the nasty taste - mixed with apple juice it is much better but there is just so much sugar in apple juice).