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  1. Hello everyone, I decided to go with a combination of subcision and filler (Juvederm) thanks to the great knowledge provided by "beautifulambition." This forum a whole lot better place with him here, and I appreciate him for taking the time to help the people on this forum. After doing careful research, I ended up choosing Dr. Peter Rullan due to the great experience some other people on this forum had with him, and he was recommended by beautifulambition. He's a fantastic, caring doctor and I highly recommend him. Besides having a superb doctor on your side I think it's also important to take care of your health as well, so your body can produce the collagen needed. Below are the pictures before the subcision. I've not had any prior treatment for my acne scars, which are between 1-4 years old. Right Side: Left Side: The procedure took about 30 minutes. Getting the anesthesia, surprisingly, wasn't painful at all; I remember it being a bit more painful for dental work a few years ago. I didn't have any numbing cream either. Overall, I'd give the whole procedure a 3/10 for pain. Immediately after though I had some wicked swelling, and I did start to feel a bit more pain. The pain was went up to 5.5/10 right after the operation. I didn't take any pain meds. I just took some vitamin c and protein (MacroBar snack bars from Whole Foods); shortly after I took a 2 hour nap. By the time I woke up the pain was gone. I ate a lot of salads, green smoothies, and protein (chicken, 100% grass fed beef), so I can get my body everything it needs to heal properly. 3 Days After -- Right Side: Left Side: I decided to take a shower about 24 hours after the procedure. I used a gentle cleanser for my face as well. I then applied a moisturizer with vitamin c. I applied the cleanser and moisturizer each day once per day. After 2-3 days the swelling went down big time. I didn't apply any ice since I was told the more swelling/bruising the better the results. The yellow swelling started on the 3rd day, and lasted until the 6th day. My eyes got slightly affected (you can see the above pics), but it quickly faded away. 5 Days After -- I had a follow up for more filler. The doctor said everything was looking very good, and he did not think I needed much more filler. He used a little over half a syringe in total (first day + follow up) I believe. The doctor noticed a spot he missed for the subcision, and he treated that as well. He also noticed a raised scar right next to my left-side's laugh line, and he offered to treat that as well for free. 9 Days After -- Right Side: Left Side: The possible final improvement looks very promising. It's hard to tell, for me at least, what the final improvement will be since some areas are still slightly raised up (swelling/bruising, etc). But each day it's getting better and better. My favorite part of the day now is sleeping, since that's when you heal the most Will follow up about 5 days from now.
  2. my subcision experience

    My treatment journey started in 2014, I did to Palomar laser with no luck and no improvement. So I stopped, until I saw a post on this forum. The post recommended Dr. Morganroth who is in the Bay Area. The girl saw a great improvement after the first treatment and did three in total. She mainly had rolling scars, so subcision worked very well on her. I have a combination with boxcar, ice pick, and rolling scars. I hate mostly the two large box car scars from adult chickenpox when I was 18. The next I am concerned of are the small tiny but very deep boxcar and icepicks. I did two sessions with Dr Morganroth costing $1500 each session and saw improvement. I am not sure where to go next. I probably will do another subcision with him, because I saw that the two chickenpox scars that I hated most indeed raised, even though the edges are still clear. Any advice on how to blend the edges and make it less visible is appreciated. So here comes the pictures before the treatment. Sorry for the different lighting.... Here are forehead comparison before the treatment and after the 2nd subcision forehead before forehead after There does not seem to be a huge difference on my left cheek
  3. (sorry for my english) (and for a long text) Hey everbody! I am writing on because I am lost and depressed and my life is forever ruined... when I was 17, i start getting really bad acne, because off milk products, weight gainer and SH*TH. that time, I did not think about changing my diet, to a vegan I just thought I was unlucky. when I was about 19 I began Accutane, and back then I didn't know the side effects besides dry lips,skin.. I am 22 know an have scars on my temples an cheek. I was on accutane about 6-8month I think..(can't really remember how long ) anyways.. 6 month after I got a MatrixRF laser, that was on a high setting. downtime 14 weeks with scabs all over my face! after that treatment I was red for many months.. but my scars began to fade an got better. I was glad an did not think so much about my scars. besides that MatrixRF laser, I would receive free CO2 laser from one of the biggest an qualified hospital in Denmark. after the CO2 laser I began to noticed my scars were getting worse then before the treatment an my skin looked old a bit tired. after that I got a depression and my life turned, social life, hard times for my girlfriend I then talked to a friend who also had bad acne and many scars years back. (now with beautiful skin) he showed me the dermaroller/dermapen and still get a treatment ones every 6 month. 3 months after the CO2 laser I got a dermaroller with dermapen treatment. my skin react normally after, peeling and redness. maybe a small redness still was there months after... anyways I still thought/think my scars was worse after the dermaroller, and maybe saw some new scars... but know I just think it was my mind, because my scars was getting worse after the CO2 laser.But also after the dermaroller I thought my skins looked even more old, like the dermaroller have made my skin older. I dont know if it still are damage from the CO2 laser with the worse scars and age skin. and I am just F*UCK in my head or what! BUUT after that my depression was getting even worser and seeked a new special doctor with only experince witch acne and acne scars! I told him my story with all the treatments and he told me , i had the scars that SUBCISION would help with.. and the thought about subcision afraid me.. but when I was visiting the doctor I was crying about the hole thing I have been through and trusted him.... Now after the subcision I have new surgery scars all over he putted the nodule and the injection before the treatment. I had the worst swelling an a lot of hematoma, purple/blue/black Lumps right after and know its over 2 months since the treatment, and i regret it BIG time... my skin look like shit with more scars all over... I think I am a bad healer after accutane and I easily get scars.. but back in then, before the laser I did not know.. not intil after the subcision I dont know if I ever gonna hell properly again or ever can get the new worser scars better maybe after some time, I should dermaroll again, with small neddlees with 3 months between... are there any scar treatment for bad healers ??
  4. On realself there is this patient of Dr Rahimi- I have rarely seen scars in similiar depth and texture that respond that well to subcision+ laser or any kind of scar treatment at all. Lighting conditions are exactly the same. Has this guy just superior wound healing abilities to the common acne scar sufferer? Is it micro-swelling? Sad to see what this doctor seems to have become. But this result is one reason I'm not gonna give it all up.
  5. Results after subcision

    Hello to every one. I have acne scars and I did subcision with needle one week before. first days my scars are gone totaly but after a week when the blood clots under the scars gone my scars come back.... I want to know is this usuall and will I see any results in the future or no this result (1%) is the finall result ?
  6. I've had acne since I was 18 yrs old. Over the years, I have tried Chemical Peelings, Fat Fillings, Sculptra and Restylane fillers and Fraxel laser. Some produced good results but didn't last long, so I wanted something permanent. Upon hearing recently about the FDA approval of Bellafill, I decided the try it with Dr. Jason Emer, who introduced himself as the expert, who oversaw the FDA testing. First consultation: (150$)After a quick glance at my face, Dr. Emer offered everything on his shelf: Fraxel, Scuptra, CO2 laser, Bellafil....etc. And like a car salesman, every time I said, I'd tried these things and hadn't work, he would come up with another one.And when I said I was not interested in temp solutions, he offered a new filler: Renuva. It was very expensive, he said, but it was permanent.When I said that I can't do multiple treatments due to the nature of my work, he suggested doing everything in one session: subcision, Bellafill and Renova fillings, Fractional and CO2 lasers at the cost of $6,531. And when I expressed concern about downtime, he promised that I'd be back at work within 3 days. I was a bit suspicious after the consultation. So I did some research and learned from other patients' testimonials that the recovery from laser takes weeks, not 3 days, so when went back for the treatment, I told Dr. Emer that I wanted to skip the laser. Post treatment ($4300) Even without the laser, my face was bruised and swollen for more than 2 weeks. Dr. Emer acted surprised when I went back for a check-up. Two months later, there was no improvement, so I revisited Dr. Emer office. His assistants agreed that my pre treatment photos looked better. But he insisted that the post treatment were much better, but I was unable to see the improvement. This time he claimed that I needed at least 10 treatments in order to see an improvement. If you do the math, we are talking about $50,000. I demanded to see photos of successful treatments, but he couldn't provide any, insisting that he treated celebs, which I find hard to believe, giving that he desperately promotes himself on the internet. Unlike Dr. Emer, celebs surgeons are very discreet and they don't need to advertise themselves on the internet. Verdict: Doctors who promote themselves aggressively, by posting false positive reviews and photoshopped pictures on the internet, are to be avoided. I know it's hard to resist their tempting promises to heal you for good, but one should start with their own personal doctor and seek out their recommendations before rushing to the internet. Photos: Before and after, taken and processed by Dr. Emer's photographer. Pay attention to the post treatment photo: Its size and resolution is 5th the size of the pre treatment photo. Even with this photoshopping, they couldn't improve it much. Action: I've submitted a complaint about Dr. Emer to the American Board of Dermatology.
  7. How long should i wait between subcision treatments? What is the minimum time? I have deep scarring so i will probably need 2 or more subcisions. Thank you all for your answers
  8. I am 32 year old with acne problem for a long time. Acne had settled down and left me with rolling scars that I have been trying to fight for years. I did microdermabrasion, and two years ago started Fractional Laser CO2 but it did nothing to help with my rolling scars. Thanks to this community that I begin to relook my options and special mention to Mr. Matt, Greg and many others that took the effort to share their experiences and give hope to many. I just had my subcision done exactly 2 weeks ago - with suctioning done from the 3rd day till today. Procedure is much the same as what everyone had mentioned, however I didn't have much bruising. It swelled up on the very day, turned slightly purplish the next day and 3rd day onwards was just yellow patches and I was able to see my depressed scars pretty much the same as before. My doctor did mention that the bruising should only be slight. I told him that I often see comments that the more bruises you see the better it is. However he said that some bruises are bad because it is 'overdone' Well I hope so and shall wait and see, since it has just been two weeks and hopefully the work of the collagen does it job soon. Once in a while I did feel some aching/throbbing reaction. During these two weeks, I have also been applying vit c serum once to twice a day, unfortunately it gave me some rashes - Doc says it is because it is drying out my skin. Now I am not sure if I should continue this. Additionally, I am also taking Meiji Amino Collagen Supplement. Will be updating this post again on the outcome to share with all my experience in this long journey that I will continue to fight. And to everyone who is in this journey too, don't give up!
  9. Hello, As you can see, my problem area is mid face, cheeks only. I tried dermapen, the doc told me I wouldn't have complications, I did. I had hyperpigmentation. A few months later, my scars seem to show more, maybe due to loss of facial fat. Another derm told me genesis cutera for texture problems as my scars are shallow to moderate. To me, they're pretty deep. He did an awful job with subcision, I see no difference in my scars. My question is, what would you recommend? PRP? Fillers? Laser? Please keep in mind that I get discoloration easily (like I did after a dermapen session, the brown spot is still there after a year). Thank you in advance!
  10. I have visited this informative and honest forum so many times and I thought it is my turn to write to share my experience so far. Currently, my experience of subcision 7 weeks ago is not very positive – at the moment. It seems many people have had good experiences but I do think my old acne scars appear worse and I have some raised nodules. I don’t want to put any one off having treatment as we are all different and things still could work out for me. The main reason I am posting is 2 fold – to let others know of my experience so far and to get some advice from those that can hopefully reassure me or not as I am really upset and very down about what I thought would help my acne scars that have bothered me for so long. So, I had dermapen (fms), subcision and TCA (100%) N Cross seven weeks ago - I have mentioned all the concerns to the renowned dermatology professor who administered the treatment and I have been informed that everything is normal and things will settle in time. However, this is quite difficult to hear and accept when the skin is looking worse and consequently making ne feel self-conscious and awkward in social situations. I have also been advised that if the nodules bother me still if they are present later on then he can inject a solution into them (that solution presumably being a corticosteroid such as Kenalog). Please, can anyone advise me on the following questions as I only have his opinion to go on and I don’t know anyone else who has had any treatments like these. - Will I see an improvement in the scarred areas? - When will the nodules go? - What will help the nodules reduce apart from the steroid injection? With many thanks
  11. Hey Guys, This is my first post on this forum. So firstly, thank you all the members for all the valuable info here. Luckily, I'm at a point where I do not suffer from acne anymore (Thank you Accutane, you miracle drug). After much research on this forum, it seems like subcision + suction/fillers, and/or microneedling seem to be the preferred route of treatment for depressed acne scars. But, at the same time I have read that subcision works only for rolling scars. I was wondering if subscision would work for my scars (pics attached). If not, what would be the best course of treatment for these scars (microneedling, enerjet, skin graft?) Also, I am based in Toronto, Canada but can also travel to New York if necessary. I compiled this list of doctors to check out. Anyone I should add/remove from this list? GTA: Dr. Benjamin Barakin Dr. Paul Adamson Dr. Collin Hong NY: Dr. Nelson Novice Dr. George Yang Thank you all! Your responses are much appreciated.
  12. Hey guys, My face is covered with acne scars that have surfaced mainly from picking at my skin. I've had 2 lazer resurfacing treatments in the past, costing a total of 2 grand. The treatments didn't really do much, so I've spent the last year and a half researching other, less expensive options. I ended up purchasing a dermaroller that had the best reviews. It was supposed to be a really good quality roller, but it felt as if it was causing microtares so I never used it again. I later purchased TCA 100% in attempts to perform the cross method. I did a test spot on the side of my forehead, where if it worsened the scar I wouldn't mind so much. Everything went fine with the test spot, but still I've been really nervous to try it on my cheek, as I'm terrified of making any of the scars that do bother me, worse. Since I want the end results to be better instead of worse, I'm constantly searching for any new tips/tricks on performing the cross technique, just in case I missed anything. Also, it's because I'm still a little unsure of the types of scars I have in the first place, and from what I understand the actual TCA application is different for icepicks and boxcars. The area that bothers me most is my left cheek, so I've posted pictures for some input on the types of scars on my cheek. And, if they're mixed, which ones (specifically) are the icepicks/boxcars. The two pictures are the same, but in the second one I've pointed to the specific scars I need to identify. I'd also really like to hear what you guys think would be the best treatment in removing them. Should I continue on my quest to perform TCA cross? Should I just go buy the derminator? Maybe get subcision? Also, I'd like to hear if anyone has any advice on performing TCA cross. During application, should the toothpick actually touch the walls inside the scar? I've read yes, and I've also read no, that it should only touch the very bottom. I've also read that if you only do the very center it could widen the scar. It's all just so confusing and I wish someone would tell me definitively where exactly the toothpick should touch for the types of scars that I have on my cheek. Please send your thoughts and any advice!
  13. Hello everyone! Im new here but i've been a lurker on this website for months now.. after obsessively searching scar treatments and reading SO many posts on here, I finally decided to create a post. Im planning to get my atrophic scars treated once and for all. Ive tried just about every topical under the sun (ones that claim to get rid of scars) .. I'm done doing that, it's clear that topicals do nothing for ATROPHIC scars (maybe hypertrophic but not the indents). As far as scar treatments, I haven't done anything besides apply those "scar" topicals and i derma rolled myself maybe like 2 times (didn't see improvement i probably should've been more consistent or diligent with it but whatever i don't think it would've helped much anyways) I am from long island and I have a consultation with Dr. Marotta (plastic surgeon located in smithtown, ny). I chose him because its near-by and his website claims that he performs scar surgery revision (subcision, fillers, punch float, etc). its so hard to even find a drs website on long island that even mentions subcision as this is what I'm particularly interested in. Ive done a TON of research on here, reddit, and real self and i think there is a general consensus that lasers are just a huge disappointment and huge waste of money, thus I'm going to clearly state that I do NOT want laser treatment. It seems that subcision has the best results. Im trying not to make this post overwhelmingly-long (however it looks like it already is), i just don't know how to sum this up but i promise my future posts won't be this long i just want to give a background on myself: So, Ive had scars on my face since I was a little kid. When I was like 9 or 10 I played man-hunt outside and fell and scratched my face. Back then i never listened to my mom telling me to "not pick" my scabs and I would pick that sucker off every time a scab formed. And what do you know it turned into a long, thin line scar thats slightly indented. It always bothered me but i learned to just deal with it and i guess i got used to seeing it over the years so i just figured whatever. I also have 2 circle scars on my forehead, from burning myself with the curling iron when i was like 11 (idk why the heck I was using a curling iron at that age).. they are completely skin-colored (they look exactly like chicken pox scars although I never had chicken pox), they also never bothered me much because they were skin colored and they've been there for so long that I have also gotten used to them too. As you can tell, I was pretty reckless as a little kid, and obviously didn't care about my skin. Fast forward to my teenage years and i started getting acne (not SEVERE, SEVERE but worse then your average teenage case of acne). I am olive-skin toned so every single time I get a pimple, it ALWAYS leaves a dark red-brown spot that takes months up to a year to fade (I've also used countless topicals that claim to fade the marks but also never work). Every pimple on my face leaves a hyper pigmented mark every. single. time. (whether i pick/pop it or not!) ... Acne runs in my family both of my brothers had pretty severe acne (one went on accutane for it), but my derm never agreed to put me on accutane because my acne "wasn't bad enough." She just prescribed me topicals that i was never consistent with and threw them out after like a week of not getting results (i wasn't a very good patient). So I stopped going to derms as i pretty much got my acne under control over the years via birth control and OTC spot treatments. I still had a lot of breakouts, but i was good at applying makeup so I just went on with life. Now as I've stated, I always get hyper pigmentation from acne (its annoying AF but i can cover it with makeup), but i NEVER used to get atrophic/indented scarring from my pimples. Until now. Im 24 now and in March I had a super stressful event in my life occur that caused a horrible huge cystic outbreak. yes, CYSTIC huge pimples that took forever to go down. In May they finally cleared up and my skin is clear from acne (as I've been super diligent with my skin lately), but theres still a ton of red marks and now atrophic scarring from where the cysts were. So now I have like 2 boxcar scars (one in the middle of my 2 eye brows, and one right smack on the left cheek that looks like a dark gapping hole) and 2 rolling scars on my right cheek right next to the line scar that i got when i was a kid! I know some people probably have it way worse, I'm not trying to be insensitive or ungrateful that all i have are 4 indented scars from acne, but along with these scars, a million red marks, AND The scars from when i was a little kid, my face just looks like shit . I don't think ill ever get to the point when i can leave my house without wearing makeup. (And even With makeup it still looks really bad because of all the indented scars!) Its taken a huge toll on my confidence and after reading a ton on these forums, reddit and real-self, and watching youtube videos.. I'm ready to just consult with a surgeon and get some improvement. I researched a ton about specialists in acne scars and the best near me seems to be dr. novick in NYC. which I will consult with if dr. marotta doesn't seem like he's experienced enough. I haven't read any reviews on scar revision from dr. marotta but he has a ton of amazing reviews for other services he provides (so overall he must be a good doctor), and he's responded to a lot of questions on real self about acne scars, so as far as acne scar surgeons on long island, he seems to be the best. On my consult Im going to see when the last time he did subcision on a patient, ill find out how confident he seems on revising acne scars and ill obviously ask to see his patient before/after pics. If i feel the least bit unsure about his capability and expertise then I'm going to just make the trip out to NYC to see dr. novick, i just wanted to see what this guy is all about first. My consult is july 10th ill keep you guys updated!
  14. Guys, I'm feeling a little overloaded with information, having trouble keeping something simple straight and can't find the answer. When paired with subcision, is a non permanent filler more effective on shallower or deeper rolling scars? I have pretty varied depth of scars so I'm trying to figure out whether I really need filler for my rolling scars, or if suction will be sufficient. On another totally separate note, 2 additional quick Qs: 1. For those that have suctioned after subcision, how bad does the bruising get? 2. Are there any men on here who have suctioned and gone to work with bruising? If so, did you use make up and, ifnso, what did you use?
  15. Hey, yesterday I had subcision done on both sides of my face. It went fine except I'm worried about the large scarred areas he subcised on both sides on my upper cheeks under my temples, these entire areas are raised and swollen and have been so since yesterday. I'm scared I'm forever going to have two big lumps on either side. Is it normal to get lumps in areas from subcision the same day as treatment? They are swollen and hurt to touch. I'm not sure if this is just normal swelling. I mean these areas are a few inches in diameter and I heard lots of snaps as my surgeon cut through the fibrous bands. I had tons of scars in these areas from cystic acne. Update: Before and two weeks post-subcision (right side) Left side (wish I had a higher quality before picture to show how bad it truly was)
  16. Hi all, I am looking into subcision treatments and was wondering if anyone has had good results from anywhere within Sydney, Australia. Any recommendations would be great!!! Also, how long should one wait post accutane to receive subcision treatments? Thanks, hotdog1996
  17. Subcision with TCA CROSS?

    Understanding that treatment is a long road, I'm trying to start my more invasive scar treatments asap. However. My dermatologist suggested that for my first treatment she do a subcision and TCA CROSS during the same visit, followed by a very diluted (like 10-15% TCA peel). I explained to her that doing the CROSS would limit my ability to suction after the subcision. SHE HAD NEVER HEARD OF THE SUCTION METHOD. 2 questions: 1. Is it common to do a subcision with TCA CROSS? 2. Do I run for the hills from this Dr.? There are other doctors in my area but cost is a factor and her prices reasonable. I'm wondering whether I can stick with her and just sort of control my treatment.
  18. Tracking progress of my subcision treatments and a few other at home treatments. Lots of additional progress pictures and a video of me stretching and animating my left cheek in my albums. Subcision was performed with 18 gage and 20 gage needles, saline was injected after the subcision. Before/After 2 subcision treatments: (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) Approximately 3 hours after 1st subcision: Skin Details: Age: 31 Age of scars: 10-15 years Skin Type: Caucasian, Fitzpatrick 2.(My evaluation) Scar Types: Moderate(3) and Mild(2) per Goodman and Baron qualitative global scarring grading system, consisting of rounded boxcar scars and rolling scars. Tethered vs Non-Tethered? Most scars disappear completely or nearly completely if I stretch them far enough, or stretch from opposing sides of the scar at the same time. Some scars pucker when I animate.(My evaluation) Treatment history: Smoothbeam (many) - 10+ years CO2 Laser - 10+ years (I have no idea what improvement these laser treatments yielded, I took no pictures and have a very poor memory of my skin. I also had extremely unrealistic expectations, I don't think I would have been happy with anything less than 100% improvement at the time) Dermastamp 1.5mm (very mild treatment only on worst scars) - 06/29/2016 TCA 12.5% peel, 2 layers - 07/17/2016 Subcision 1 - 08/10/16 Dermastamp 1.5mm - 10/28/2016 TCA 12.5% peel, 1 layers - 11/17/2016 (Poorly done, gauze I used was too absorbent, not enough of the acid was applied to my skin) Subcision 2 - 12/13/16 Suction Device: Kangzhu 12-Cup Biomagnetic Chinese Cupping Therapy Set Current Regimen: AM Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Milk CeRave Moisturizing Lotion Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 PM Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin C Ester and DMAE Cream, every third or fourth day Retin A 0.05% instead. (As needed Organic Jojoba Oil and additional CeRave Moisturizing Lotion. Also some Eucerin Eczema Relief given to me after subcision) Vitamins & Minerals: 25 - 50mg Zinc 5000IU Vitamin D3 NeoCell Super Collagen Type I & III + Vitamin C (Only during subcision recovery) Youtheory Collagen type 1, 2, & 3 (Only during subcision recovery) - trying this brand for 2nd subcision Dr. Peter Rullan of Chula Vista, CA is the doctor who performed the subcision. He and all of his staff that I interacted with were great.
  19. Hi everyone. Long time board lurker here finally mustering up the courage to post and connect with people who look and feel like me. And special thank you to @beautifulambition for taking the time to corral so much information in one place in that locked post (which I have read through many times). The amount of information gives me hope ... but also is overwhelming. So the question I can't figure out the answer to is: how deep must rolling scars be for subcision to be effective? I have moderate scarring (although to me it feels like it gets 10mm worse by the day and no one understands why I am so anxious about moderate scarring - they don't get how it will worsen with time if untreated). So I have a consultation in NJ (Bergen County) with a dermatologist this week that does scar procedures, but I am concerned she is not enough of a specialist and I am just trying to arm myself with information. On the phone she suggested TCA cross even for my rolling scars. I figured this forum would have an answer to my subcision question. And I am here because I don't Iike the realself forums - not enough of a community there. I have so so many more thoughts and questions, about dermastamping, length of results from a subcision, and many more, but I'll just leave it at this for now. Thanks for anyone who can take a moment to respond.
  20. Subcision post accutane

    Hi everyone How long should one wait post accutane to consider subcision treatments? I've read many different things on threads within this website, with some people saying to wait 6 months, others 12 months, and others saying it can be done within a couple of months post accutane - with only energy devices (such as lasers) being the thing you have to avoid for a 6+ months post accutane. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  21. Thinking of seeing Dr Chu...

    I've had to struggle with acne for most of my adult life. Eventually, I got it under control thanks to Isotretinoin. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s left me with various types of sunken scarring. I’m new to the world of acne scarring, and I’m slightly frightened by the amount of jargon and acronyms that have been thrown around during my brief reading on the subject. I did read through the FAQ, which was very helpful btw, and it seems like “subcision” followed by some form of “filler” is the way to go? I live in the UK and I’m on the verge of booking a consultation with Dr Chu, who was recommended in the FAQ. However, because I’m largely ignorant on the subject, would it be wise to see him? I would have to essentially go in partially blind and trust everything he suggests. I would love to research more deeply into everything, but I just don’t have the time to do it anymore. My work hours are insane and I have a million of other responsibilities I have to take care of. I’m hoping to get married in a few months, so I would like to get treated as soon as I possibly can. But as you can deduce, the wedding preparations are also eating away at my time. I’m also considering booking a consultation with Dr Patel, who is also in London. I’m particularly interested in the Enerjet machine he has. From my limited understanding, it performs much like a subcision + filler, but not as effective? The reason I’m drawn to it is the minimal downtime it has compared to subcision. I’m just looking for a bit of guidance really, and perhaps some reassurance. It feels like I’m about to take a big step here, and obviously, there’s a lot of money going to be involved. I want to make sure I’m at least on the right lines here. I’m getting older and I don’t want the scarring to become more prominent as I age. Thank you. BloomBloom.
  22. Hi All, I have went thru two subcision treatments and two TCA cross treatments. The second treatments was 4 months after the first and it has been about 6 months since my last treatment. While i have noticed some results, the scarring on left temple which are mostly icepicks have not seen too much improvement imo. I have micro needled three times with the derminatior. Do you guys think if i keep microneedling, the ice picks will improve? I really dont want to do any more TCA or subcision cause the side effects last way too long for me. I had bumps that took months (about 5 months) to go completely down and the redness from the TCA has lasted well over 8 months (still a lot of redness) . What can i do to improve my ice picks? will constant needling work? (once every 6-8 weeks) ?
  23. After Matrix RF laser with too strong power(6 month after accutane) and a fraxel, subcision treatments... this how my skin looks like today at a age 23... looks like a planet from space, with all the craters and big holes/scars..... you can't see it on the pics, but my skin also looks like I have been tanning sun 100 years efter day... like a leather bag..
  24. Hello All! Hoping to find some guidance. I have a few old rolling acne scars on my cheeks and have exhausted just about every type of treatment (peels, fraxel, microneedling, fillers, etc). I've been reading about saline subcision and feel it might make an improvement to the type of scars I have. I live in Boston and was hoping someone could recommend a practitioner in my area that performs this procedure. Looking forward to your responses Also, would love to hear about any success stories with saline subcision!
  25. Dermaroller DIY advice!

    Hi, I am posting today to seek your advice and personal experiences in the use and knowledge of Dermarollers in the treatement of acne scarring. I am very interested in using dermarolling as an effective way of tackling my own acne scarring I acquired many years ago. Before I continue Ill explain my own background in brief. I had developed moderate to occasionally sever nodulistic acne when I was about 16 years old. I tried many ineffective orally taken antibiotics which left me with no significant results. I took the next leap of faith and consulted a dermatologist. He put me on a course of Roaccutane (Accutane in the States) for around 3-6 months if I recall correctly. This drug worked wonderfully well and stopped my condition in its tracks, although the side effects i experienced were horrible eg. slight hair loss, dry skin, lips eyes etc and my ability to heal naturally was diminished!! I do believe the latter was a contributing factor to my present day scarring... Moving on from then, Im now 25 and taking positive steps to improve the marks im left with. The most destructive part about it all is the phsycological impact they have had on me. Dermarolling.... Ive done a fair amount of reading/research/talking to aesthetic nurses, doctors and practice secretaries about all the different treatments...peels, lasers etc etc. Ive sumed it all up and CIT dermarolling seems to stand out in the crowd. The pros seem to outway the cons in alot of ways, when compared to most other alternatives. The main reason has got to be that the skin layers are never "destroyed" via ablative methods ie. Lasers. Ive consulted a particular aesthetic doctor in London, who has already performed subcision on both of my cheeks. The pain was very unsettling and The was about 1 week ago and the swelling & bruising (only very slight) has subsided completely. The results have not been spectacular, as my scarring might possibly be of too shallow in depth for this type of treatement to have a significant effect! I asked the doctor this question and he stated that there is no limitation in depth for this treatement to have a positive effect. He stated his aim was to "free up" some of the underlying skin tissue prior to commencing a second series of treatments ie. Dermarolling, using the gold standard UK - Genuine Dermaroller. Im considering performing my own treatment at home using a dermaroller, provided anyone can answer the following for me: 1.) What brand/type/model of dermaroller in the UK would you reccomend I purchase? I have found the Aura Derma on ...see link below... The feedback seems pretty promising on this product. Have any of you used this or would you be able say whether it would be money well spent if I purchase one on these? 2.) Can you recommend a good numbing cream? Ive heard about EMLA cream...are there any other types out there that could be stronger if need be? 3.) Can you recommend any good post treatment creams, for boosting my skins recovery? copper peptides? If ive missed anything, please feel free to add anything I need to be aware of! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to your replies with any assortment of advice! Syrup