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  1. Month 8

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    It has now been about 8 months since I have started taking spironolactone as well as acidophilus. A couple of weeks ago, I was starting to get spots again, so they decided to up the dose from 100mg to 150. Honestly, I didn't see much improvement. I then was prescribed amoxicillin to take for 8 weeks. It is supposed to help my body absorb more of the meds. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I don't think it has really kicked in yet. My skin is not bad right now, but I do have a couple spots on my jawline that are getting a little painful, and I have texture on my cheeks. It is really just little spots and bumps. What is really getting to me though is the PIH. I am thinking about getting a chemical peel this summer, maybe even micro needling, but that is my last resort. I doubt it was my diet, but I am trying to clean it up a little bit and I think I am going to switch from foundation to a cc cream to maybe free up my pores. I am also trying to drink more water and green tea to try and get rid of these spots. The face wash I used before was the Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser, and I think my skin really liked it. However, it wasn't exactly drugstore, so once I finished the bottle I switched to the Biore baking soda foaming wash. Maybe my skin is adjusting to it, and that is what is creating the texture. I just hope it goes away soon. Other than that, my skin hasn't changed much. I have been thinking if going on birth control and ditching spiro would be a good idea because on spiro people still get occasional spots and I'm wondering if birth control would work better? But at the same time, I cant go through another initial breakout again. It's not my best skin day, but it's definitely not my worst. I even started going out without makeup. (for hiking, I didn't want to risk breaking out from it) but its something i guess. It's not much of an update, so sorry if this entry is a little boring. But I guess boring is good in this case.
  2. Spironolactone & serious nausea

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    Hi, I'm brand new to the website but hoping someone can help me. I started Spiro for my hormonal acne about a week ago and I all I've been able to get down in the past 48 hours is a luna bar. I don't have an appetite but also even the thought of food is making me sick. I exhaustingly agreed to spiro after trying every natural alternative. I stay away from all medications normally, even advil. I tried birth control for my acne a while ago but it didn't help much and i didn't like being on it, once i stopped taking it my acne exploded. Also for anyone taking spiro, do you continue to take it forever or does it clear your skin and then you can stop? I meant to ask my dermatologist but the appointment was a bit overwhelming. Thank you for all of your help.
  3. PLEASE HELP Here is the short version of my acne story: In december 2017 I stopped taking my birth control pills. This sparked the fire that has engulfed the past 3 months of my life. I began seeing more acne than I was used to (I knew this was from stopping my birth control) so finally in March 2018 my dermatologist prescribed me 150mg Spironolactone. The first month of Spiro my skin was the worst I have ever seen it (purging from spiro). I am now in the second month and I can see the SMALLEST amount of improvement, but I am still breaking out. My entire teenage life I had taken minocycline to help my acne and it always worked great, but I stopped when I began taking spiro. I am now about to start taking minocycline again along with the spironolactone.However, I am very scared. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH SPIRO&MINO I need to know what this combination did to your skin if you have tried this. do you think it will be ok to start minocycline 2 months after starting spiro? PLEASE HELP
  4. Hello! I’m a 18 (about to be 19) year old female. I have been struggling with acne since I was around 14 or 15. My acne has gotten super severe only once, and thankfully minocycline quickly took it all away. Well, since then, I have been on antibiotics on and off, ranging from minocycline to doxy, and tetracycline. I have also tried many facial topical creams. Nothing has worked in the long term to cure my acne. (However, I do know that nothing will “cure” it forever..) About 2 months ago my skin got horrible again, but this time, instead of the acne being on my forehead, I got it on my chin. Very bad. I went back to my dermatologist immediately, and she reccomended either Accutane (hell no) or Spironolactone. So, I decided the spiro was a good choice. I started out the first two weeks with 25 mg / day, then upped to 50 mg / day at the two week mark. I also went on a two week antibiotic, Keflex, that helped reduce inflammation and calmed things down a little. I am currently on a day 31 and I feel as if my acne is a lot better, but there is so much scarring, and still new ones popping up, but slower and tinier. I never had cystic acne, but big, pustular, nodular acne that either came to a head or remained red and inflamed. I will also be starting Tri-Linyah Birth Control (generic for Ortho-Tri-Cyclen) on my next period, main reason being contraceptive.... but hoping it will help with my skin. I have experienced some side effects that I think are from the sprio, which are only dizziness & headaches. Did this work for you? Let me know if you have a similar story... please feel free to comment and share and reach out to me. xoxox till next time
  5. A little about me and my acne. I started getting acne when I was around 18 years old and It progressively started getting worse as I got older. Was put on topical antibiotics at first ( clindamycin then erythromycin/benzoyl). I used those topicals exclusively until I ask around 22 and didn't see much results. Then dermatologist put me on tretinoin .025% cream along with the topical antibiotics and It seemed to be working fairly well. But now, recently at the age of 25 my acne just isn't responding to topicals anymore. So finally my dermatologist decided to put me on Spironolactone 100mg and aczone gel. Before I started taking spiro & aczone i will admit my acne was not as bad as a lot of people who suffer from acne. I had 2 decent sized cysts on my left cheek but my right cheek was fairly clear besides my normal acne scars. But recently ever since I started spiro I have been breaking out. This will be my third week on spiro and I have been breaking out in places I normally don't like my forehead and chin. The acne on my left cheek has gotten worse and i started breaking out on my right cheeck now. For those of you who have been on spiro did you experience the same thing? Is purging a normal occurrence on oral medications or should I just consider this a run-of-the-mill breakout? THANKS!
  6. Will my hair fall out or will my acne be back worse then ever by taking at length, and eventually stopping spironolactone? How long can you take it for? I'm curious because I have a prescription for it (again). First time I only took it a few times but it gave me a low blood sugar feeling. I was told to take a lower dose but haven't tried it. I am worried about taking it because I had been taking birth control pills for almost 10 years. I still had some cysts come up, up until a few years ago. My face towards the 10 year mark was getting clear and little oil! But they are more aggressive now that I stopped taking them 1 year ago. Very oily. My hair fell out in the beginning. My periods were so late. Got hormones checked, I'm good apparently. I didn't know these things could happen, every doctor always said you can just stop taking birth control pills and nothing will happen (I'd wanted to before many times) So what about Spiro? Any not talked about side effects? What should I know? How long can you take it? I am 33, is it like BC pills in that you shouldn't take too late into your 30's? I feel like I learn more of what I should know from the internet than a doctor about side effects etc. So I appreciate your time letting me know your experience with this medication.
  7. I'm 20 years old with hormonal acne and I've been taking 25mg Spironolactone for just over a month now and in the past week I've had 2 migraines with auras. I only ever used to get these migraines when I was on birth control for over year, which I am now banned from taking as a result of the health risk. I can understand that the excess estrogen from BC would cause my migraines but as an anti androgen, I don't understand why Spiro is doing the same, especially in such a short amount of time. I know that spiro states that headaches can be a side effect but anyone who's had migraines knows that there's a huge difference between the two! Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? I can't carry on with this medication if I continue to get this side effect so any help would be much appreciated! Update: all my migraines previously to spiro have been hormone related but can the diuretic effect of spiro be causing them? I've been trying to make sure I drink a lot of water but I honestly haven't been keeping track with all the stress of final year at uni! Going to start being thorough with my water intake this week and report back if I notice a difference!
  8. I am so sorry for not posting in like, four months! I think the reason for that was that I was starting to feel okay about my skin, and I just kept blowing off posting on here because it reminded me of how long I still have to go. I believe I am now on month 7, and I have definitely seen results. I went from a full-on breakout of the entire face to just occasional spots, although I have a few more than usual rn, and I think that is because of my diet being so poor lately. I will start to eat better again and hopefully, my skin will get better too. I think I will start posting pictures just to show you my progress. Keep in mind, all the red spots on my skin are either PIH or scarring, I'm not sure which, but if someone could help me if with figuring that out I would be so grateful! Here is my skin rn: The dry spots are just spot treatment. As you can see, I don't have much texture anymore. What I have to deal with now is the aftermath of my past breakouts, and I honestly don't know how to, because I don't even know what they are. I have talked to a dermatologist who said it was PIH and a facialist who told me it was scarring. Also, I will try to update more frequently, every couple of weeks, but I guess last time proved I can't make promises :D. I would greatly appreciate help with this, from what it is exactly, to what to do about it. I would love so much to go make up free by the time the next school year begins
  9. So I've only been on a low dose of 25mg Spiro for 16 days now and for the past couple of days I've experienced sore and tender breasts on the under side of them, more than I usually would during PMS. I've heard that spiro can cause breast growth so was just wondering if this might be the case? I barely fill an A cup, always had oily skin and moderate acne since 10y/o and when I gain weight it always goes straight to my belly and face/neck. All of these are signs of high testosterone/androgens, so do you think that the anti androgen use of spiro is taking affect already or is it too soon to judge?
  10. Hi Everyone, In 2013, at age 23, I started having mild pustule breakouts on my chin. I had a few pimples in my early teen years, but nothing major. The weeks that passed got worse and worse. I went to the derm, who diagnosed me with "textbook hormonal acne." I started at 100/mg of spironolactone and yasmin (ocella) birth control. After a few weeks of worsening acne, the spiro was my miracle. I was crystal clear FOR YEARS. An occasional pustule...maybe once a month? After a few years, my derm suggested I lower my major issues 100>75>50. Until very recently.... After about a year of alternating between 50/mgs and 25/mgs a hormonal acne is back and with a vengeance. I have not changed a single thing in my lifestyle: diet , exercise, skincare routine. I'm still on my birth control...but one after another, the pustules have started popping up again. I have about 5 active on my face right now. It's VERY similar to how my first initial skin issue presented in 2013. I'm so scared this will return to the state it was in 2013. Has this happened to anyone else? I've found older posts with woman saying the same thing. The drug had failed them and became ineffective. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
  11. Here are my pictures of my skin currently. I have like 2/3 active zits on my forehead but there are always little zits under the skin of my forehead that are not visible in pictures. I also have a lot of red/brown scars, overall redness, blotchyness and hyperpigmentation that you can clearly see.
  12. It’s been almost 4 months now that I’ve been on 100 mg of the Spiro and about 4 weeks ago I increased to 125 mg. I think I am seeing very slow improvements with each month that goes by but I’m still getting new zits every other day or every 3 days at least. I am continuing to try to keep positive but I guess I’m still waiting for this miraculous “perfect” skin that I read about on reviews. I’m seeing a new dermatologist in two days so I am hopeful she will give me some advice and a new perspective on this whole situation with how long Spiro can take. I am still getting the zits pretty much all over my face. It’s not cystic but just annoying pesky white heads and I get blind painful ones on my chin. I seem to get a lot along my hairline as well. I get ones that are flesh colored and that I can feel but that are not very visible unless I’m in certain light that shines across my face. This is what just drives me crazy. It’s like when will they just stop coming?? Sigh! My skin care routine is as follows is anyone cares..... at night I wash my face with watered down Dr. Bonners Tea tree castile soap, I then tone with the Pixi Glow toner that has 5% glycolic acid, and then I put on either Epiduo and a Clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide mix every other night. The in between nights I’m using a serum that has glycolic acid in it from the same brand Pixi. I feel like both those Pixi products have helped alot especially with my black heads on my nose. I spot treat with Tarte Blemish Bully too, sometimes at night and sometimes I’ll use that during the day as well. In the mornings I only rinse my face with water and then use the Thayers witch hazel rose water toner, then I put on Paula’s Choice Salicylic acid BHA toner and then I moisturizer with Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. This routine has seemed to be good and my skin is not dry or too flakey. I also use 3 different masks through out the week. I use the Magna Minty mask from Lush on Saturdays, the Pixi Glow Mud mask on Tuesdays, and then I use Pixi Peel and Polish now Thursday. I feel like keeping myself on this consistent schedule helps me know exactly what is working or not working for my skin. I try to post pictures tomorrow, again, for anyone who actually cares and reads my blog. Blessings to all!
  13. Hi, So I’ve been on Spironolactone (100mg) for a full 9 months and Minocycline (100mg) for 5 months and I am finally 100% clear! To anyone dealing with the initial breakout, mine was horrendous, and the minocycline definitely got my skin into check. I can proudly say I haven’t had more than one or two pimples in the past 3 months, and if I do get them, they’re gone in a day or two (unlike the weeks it would previously take to clear). That being said, I’m interested in weaning off the minocycline because I’d like to just continue spironolactone. I am currently taking minocycline 100mg every other day instead of every day, and have had a few minor pimples pop up. I can feel some under my skin, though, which had completely stopped previously. I want to ask if anyone has experienced going off mino while staying on spironolactone? I know a few pimples are to be expected as my skin gets used to the bacteria, but will I break out intensely or get cystic acne again? This is my first time having clear skin in my life and I’d love to keep it that way. I know spiro doesn’t always work until 9 months to a full year of use, so I’d be willing to stay on mino for another 4 months to be sure I’m 100% clear. Any advice or experience would be much appreciated. I’ll also try to answer any questions you may have about spironolactone and pcos. Thank you.
  14. In December 2017, my doctor put me on spironolactone for my hormonal acne. It's been about three months to the date since I started it and it's done wonders! I know that it can take around 3 months to really work so I've waited to make this post until now. Currently, I'm on 100mg a day. For the most part, my acne is completely clear, considering what it used to be. I had the rocky mountains on pretty much every inch of my face except for my nose. I will still have 3-4 active blemishes at a time so I'm wondering if I should ask my doctor for a bit of a higher dose. Maybe 125-150mg? I'm wondering what dosage your doctor has you on if you are taking it.
  15. ~3 month Update(104 days) Ok I just finished writing this and it's SUPER long so I apologize in advance lol but I felt I had so many updates and things to report Okay so it's been about 3 months and a week. I haven't updated in awhile because things have been starting to look up and I honestly didn't wanna jinx it lol. When I last posted I was in an awful place. My skin was just so bad and not getting better whatsoever. I was on 100mg spiro and 100mg doxycycline. After about 2/2.5 weeks of that nothing really changed and the cysts were continuing to pop up pretty much every day. I feel like I know my skin fairly well and decided to add another 50 spiro everyday so I'd be taking 150mg of the spiro and 100mg doxy. (I know not smart to do without consulting my derm but I wasn't seeing her for awhile and I just knew I needed a higher dose) Anyways after about a week or two of upping to 150 all my really bad cysts started to dry up and kind of flatten out if that makes sense lol. What I also noticed was I wasn't really getting any new ones. I'm not sure if it was the doxy that has caused this shift or the upped dosage but I think it's a little bit of both. I had a couple great days where I barely had any raised bumps on my face. I currently have a few pimples but they aren't like what I had been getting constantly. And I'm pretty sure they aren't really hormonal but more so from not washing my makeup off fully and eating really unhealthy/drinking this weekend. My face feels so much smoother where there isn't any active pimples. My whole left cheek is pretty much al smooth aside from two small raised bumps that are slowly diasappearing. My right is where my bad habits this weekend seemed to show. There's about three raised bumps I can feel. One kind of big one that's still trying to heal on my chin from a previous bad breakout and the others are not bad at all compared to what I have been dealing with the last couple months. I am by noooo means where I want to be and my skin still looks pretty awful. Most of the marks though are scars now and just really dark spots that I have to start working on but at least I can cover most of it up pretty good with makeup. I feel way less depressed and don't feel the need to constantly hide in my bed and cry because the state of my face now is so much more manageable with makeup and I don't feel gross going in public now because like I said my face is mostly smooth aside from a couple active bumps so they don't look gross under foundation at this point really. Anywaysssss, I had a dermatologist appointment today and I told her how I started to add a 50mg and it really seemed to be helping along with the doxycycline. So I'm going to stay doing the 150mg of spironolactone and she wants to up my dosage of doxycycline to 150mg - she had this whole explanation about how it's different or something then what iv been taking and should really help but we talked about so many different things I don't even remember her exact wording. So I'll be taking 150mg doxycycline now which my skin responds really well to so I'm really excited for it to improve even more than it has in the last few weeks. I'm also going to start taking my doxycycline at night as opposed to with the 150mg spiro in the morning. Taking all of that at once is just way too much for my body to handle. I have to eat a huge breakfast and lay down a lot taking all of it at once and it just makes me so out of it and not feeling great for the rest of the morning/day. I know I should've been splitting it up since the beginning but I had started out doing it all at the same time and since I was seeing a silver lining finally I didn't wanna mess with what I was doing. So tomorrow I'm going to pickup my new doxycycline prescription which actually won't be ready till after 3pm which is good so I'll be forced to take it at night and get into that habit lol. Last but not least for my update, I was prescribed a new topical which is mostly to help my scarring and dark spots so that's a good sign that we are starting to work on that since it seems like I'm getting less active pimples. (Fingers crossed). It's called Tazarotene cream(.1%). I'm only going to use it once or twice a week o start because I don't know how my skin will react and I'm pretty sure she said it can be extremely drying and peely- something I hate cause that looks so bad under makeup. If anyone has used this PLEASE tell me your experience. I've been trying to read up on it and I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews. A lot are saying it gets worse first and I'm like uhhhh??? I JUST went through the whole it gets worse before it gets better for months with spiro so like if that's the case no freakin thanks. Still some reviews are super positive. I think I'll just use it as a spot cream on dark scars for now ? My derm said I could do that. And maybe on some of the lingering pimples. I really don't know what to make of it so any insight would be awesome! Oh also at my appointment she mentioned Aczone which I'm suppose to still be using? However I felt like it wasn't doing anything because I was still constantly breaking out so it just felt kind of pointless. I used a moisturizer instead every night and even during the day that has benzoyl peroxide in it and I think it's been one of the main things to help my skin. I'm not 100% positive because it could be a mix of many things finally helping but I think it works way better than the Aczone. However she told me Aczone can help with dark spots as well so I'm like do I start that back up again now that my skin has calmed down somewhat ? So again if anyone has experience with Aczone or Tazarotene I would love to hear what you think!! Okay I think that's finally it for this months update. I'm going to continue 150mg spiro in the morning and the 150mg doxycycline before bed. As for the topicals I think I'll try out the Tazarotene in small dosages maybe once or twice a week and kind of ease into it because if it's gonna be another initial breakout before it gets better it ain't for me lol. If you've made it this far thanks for reading my super obnoxious long update! I hope my next update will be even more positive than this one! Here's to clear happy skin
  16. Here are current pictures of my bare skin. I’m trying to keep positive because I can see improvement but it’s definitely not flawless like so many other reviews I’ve read. Maybe my expectations are crazy but I seriously want my skin to not have any blemishes. I am still getting under the skin zits on my forehead that do not go away unless I pop them. Then I’m left with terrible scabs, as you can see in the pic. And I still have these deep blackheads or something down on my chin that will not purge.
  17. I figured I’d write an update since it’s been almost a month since I created this blog. I’ve been on Spiro since October 31, 2017. I am currently taking 100 mg at night before bed. I started the dosage out very low and have gradually increased but I have not seen much improvement in my skin. I would not call my acne severe... BUT it is very very persistent; all kinds of zits and pretty much all over my face to some degree. Being 32 years old I would assume my acne is hormonal but I do not get a ton of cyst-like acne on my chin and jaw line; which is where everyone says hormonal acne manifests itself. I seem to get a lot of under the skin zits and white heads on my forehead. I have had 2 enormous cysts on my forehead (one in the summer of 2016 and one last November 2017) that I had to have cortisone injections, but it’s not common for me to get those kind. I do get very deep black heads down by my chin that never come to a head and just sit there for weeks no matter what I do. They’re not super visible but they are darker and in the right lighting I can see a bump. I currently have like 3 right 4 right now on each side that have been there since December. It is so frustrating! I just don’t know what to do to get rid of them because squeezing at them never gets it out and then all I end up doing is damaging my skin and causing scabs me even more hyperpigmentation. It makes no sense to me why the Spiro isn’t seeming to make a difference for me yet. I am trying so hard to stay positive but it is so emotionally devastating when I wake up everyday or every other day with new zits. I know so many women who have reviewed Spiro on this site say it takes MONTHS to see results. I keep telling myself that I need to give it at least 6 months. I am seeing a new dermatologist at the end of March. I am hopeful she can look at my skin and advise me of whether we need to bump up my dosage or if I need to consider Accutane. (I really do not want to have to take accutane) My regular practitioner is the one who is prescribing my Spiro and since she is not a specialist in skin, her advice was wanting me to make an appointment with a dermatologist. My heart aches having to walk this road. I just want to feel normal and know that my body is in balance. I am a mommy to 4 boys and I’m sick of this disease controlling my life and stealing the joy I should be having in this stage of our life. I have considered cutting out sugar to see if that works and could help but I honestly don’t eat unhealthy in general. I do not eat/drink dairy and I eat a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. We do not eat meat from grocery stores either. We are a family who hunts and we mainly eat wild venison for red meat. I just don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone is even reading this blog and you have any advice please comment. I feel alone in this battle. I no longer want to allow acne to define who I am. I want to be confident in myself and just have healing from this skin condition.
  18. Am I beyond hope?

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    I'm new here, so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum — longtime lurker, but new poster. I've had hormonal acne since I was 16 or so, and though not terribly severe, it's deep cysts and they're persistent. After failures on topical retinoids and antibiotics, I had success on spiro and a medicated face wash with no topicals, but was weaned off of it since it was working well. Now, though, about a year off it, the acne is back in full force. I saw a new dermatologist last week, who told me that at my age (I'm 24), acne is generally "persistent" and there isn't much to be done, which surprised me. She said that I can go on spiro (at 50mg max - lower than the 75mg I'd previously been taking) for 8 more months tops (after that, it's apparently dangerous, though in the past I took it for almsot 4 years with no negative lab results), and then we can try Accutane, but at best, she can get me a two-year acne remission before it'll be back in full force and we'll be out of treatment options. Any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions? Different products? Should I see a new doctor? I feel extremely hopeless, and really, really stuck, knowing that, apparently, I'm doomed to have acne without a cure forever.
  19. Hormonal Acne Advice!

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    Hello everyone! I know long post... please give it a read?:) Ok, so I’ve been reading this forum form or years. You all seem to be very educated and know what you’re talking about when it comes to acne. I’m really hoping there’s someone that can give me some advice or suggestions for my acne. So backstory... had acne since 13, mostly just whiteheads and some pastuels on my forehead. Never on the lower half of my face where the hormonal acne “should be”. That bothered me so very much tried multiple different diets, creams, supplements... to no avail. Fast forward to when I turned 18 I started noticing more pastuels and some mild cysts along with the whiteheads. Again all localized on my forehead, but the cysts where only on my temples. My acne started to become more severe for me, but still classified as moderate. Again I started to try diets, vegan, paleo, Atkins pescatarian... etc. Tried many topicals for otc and perscription. Tried supplements, zinc, pantetheine, vit a... you name it I’ve probably tried it:(. So, I thought that my acne must be hormonal since no diet or amount of probiotics helped. So, I got my dermatologist to prescribe me Spironolactone. I was on that for two months OMG. No pimples after about a month. I was in what felt like bliss with my skin... but not in my head lol. The problem with this drug was it gave me severe depression, so I had to come off it. Within two weeks... boom, war zone on my forehead. So, then I had a DNA test done and he said that my testosterone was low and that I had estrogen dominance. Which had me very confused. I’ve taken dim for a month long before and my acne was at its worst, but maybe it’s detox? Or maybe Dim should raising free testosterone? Not sure. I know very confusing:( anyways, I’m only 20 and it’s T-zone acne which makes me think it’s puberty androgen induced acne since Spironolactone helped a lot! I have been on saw palmetto for months and that didn’t seem to do anything. But then again I seem to have estrogen dominance and I know. That phytoestrogens cause acne. Oh forgot to mention. I was on Diane 35 for a year and that also really helped my skin when I was 16. I am also female if anyone has some advice please please please let me know!!! I think I’m driving myself crazy over here
  20. I've been taking Saw Palmetto for a few weeks, bought a bottle of 595mg capsules and I take one a night. Maybe it's too much, I've thought about cutting doses in half. I have taken Spiro before, for several years and it was a great success with the acne, but left me feeling horrible and severely dehydrated no matter how much water I drank. How long does it take to start working? I've noticed oil production slowing down for sure. If you can, tell me: 1. How long you've taken SP 2. How much? 3. Are you also taking Birth control with it? 4. How long did it take to see hormonal acne subside? 5. Have you ever taken Spironolactone before? How did it compare?
  21. Fuck I just need to vent. I hate my skin so much I’ve had acne since I was 13 and I’m turning 21 in a month. I’m on spironolactone but it isn’t working ( 2 months on 100 mg) I just want to know if anyone else tries to complain about their skin when they’re frustrated only to have their family member, for example, yell at you? I only live with my mother and I cant talk to anyone else in my life, but she always gets angry at me and tells me to stop worrying about it LIKE THATS SO EASY. I’m fucking crying I know other people deal with this and that things could be worse but I hate that I don’t have someone who understands what I’m going through or can empathize. She knows that I have hormonal acne (genetically sensitive to male hormones, not from her side of the family) yet she’ll still fucking say you have to stop stressing, or eat plain, or just stop focusing on it!!! I already feel awful and then she makes it worse by making me feel like it is my fault as if I am not trying everything in my power to make it stop!!! I’m just feeling really alone and down about this, if anyone has gone on spironolactone and had success I would appreciate hearing it, i need some hope right now. :’(