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  1. Help!!!

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    I’m not sure how good this picture is, but I’ve been struggling with acne on and off. Finally, I found the regime which helped my acne tremendously. However, I am now left with dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and possible scarring. I have no idea what to do about it. Currently, I’m still following the regimen but it’s doing nothing to even my complextion. If anyone has any tips/advice about what’s going on, it would be much appreciated. At one point I believed it just large pores, but now I’m thinking Ice pick scaring. Also, my t zone is darker thank other areas of my face. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Hey guys, I was on accutane from July 2017 to January 2018, it was one of the worst experiences of my life! It broke me out it large cystic painful acne and left my face wreaked with hyperpigmentation and scarring; my face is worse than it was before! It’s now been five months since I completed accutane, I have managed to get the hyper pigmentation down through the use of Mario Badescu’s Gyloic acid cleanser and The Ordinary’s AHA + BHA peeling solution, however my progress has slowed to a halt and my skin hasn’t improved at all in the last month! I’m also starting to break out more (which I expected) but they are just creating even more hyper pigmentation. I have no idea what to do and I wanted to know if anyone could give me tips on reducing hyper pigmentation?? I have attached pics of my skin currently; and if you want to see it before there are pictures in my profile under the posts section. thank you soo much. I really hope someone can help me
  3. Forehead Acne Scarring???

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    Hello users! Since around 8th Grade I have had moderate acne (In 9th Grade Currently) I ordered the regimen and have been using it for about 5 days now (ik its not a lot) but every morning it seems like my skin is getting clearer and clearer! But since there aren't any extremely noticeable pimple on my forehead, I realized I have a decent amount of semi dark spots on my skin from past pimples. Assuming they were scars, I looked up what forehead acne scars look like and they definitely aren't the same. Some of them divot and others don't. Tbh they aren't even that noticeable and maybe not even permanent but I just want to know what they are called so I can possibly look up quicker ways to possibly remove them. Thanks! Feel free to ask as many questions as you want! They also might just be new scars that still need to develop, Im determined to stop popping pimples on my forehead. Unless of course if they are huge whites then I can use a sterilized needle and extract the white stuff.
  4. Hey guys please please help me with these marks leftover from past acne. I’ve suffering from acne since the ages of 16 (now 18). But yeah anyways I recently found a routine that helped my acne greatly. But as that went away, these brown marks started to emerge and it’s been been months but they don’t seem to be going away. It makes me so depressed legit. How long does something like this take to go away!? I’m only using the lemon juice method, which seems to work so slowly that I can barely notice any difference. How do I speed this up??? Thank you guys
  5. From the album Microneedling Journey

    Right before my first time microneedling using a 0.25 roller.
  6. From the album Microneedling Journey

    Right before my first time microneedling with a 0.25 roller.
  7. I have several of these on my nose (this one being the biggest) they have been there for a while. Are they small keloids? would kenalog reduce them??
  8. Hi I'm a 19 year old girl and have just completed my first year in college. My struggle with acne started when I was in 7th grade but it started to get severe as years passed by. It spread to my back and it is still full of acne marks. It is so bad that you can hardly see any school I would mostly be this girl with low self confidence and I pretty much turned into an introvert. I would talk less and would always worry that the other person would notice my acne more than my words. So many times I was called names like spotted dear. It's hard to focus on the good things in life when people keep reminding you about your weaknesses. When in school I thought that by the time I would reach college my skin would be clear. I went to so many doctors but every time it turned out to be a waste of my parents' money and time. So many times I felt like killing myself and just end this once and for all but I won't ofc. I'm just tired of people asking me if it's chicken pox on my face. I'm tired of wearing full sleeves even in the hot summer. All I want is a normal life like my friends. You know like start dating but I can't.Acne has cost me a lot of precious years and what not. I'm just tired and this is the first time I have opened up about it. Please tell me how I can I can help myself.
  9. So basically I have scars on my face where some of them are scratch marks from when I was a child my sister scratched me. Other ones are scars that randomly appear and never go away. i also have few pimple marks from when I was a teenager (24 now) but they don’t fade at all. i also tried jolen (hair lightener) when I was 14 and for some reason it burnt my face and my pores are now wide and damaged from it(did it only once and I know it was that that damaged my pores.) apart from physical exfoliation which I stopped two years ago I don’t use anything abrasive. Never used acids or retin a in my routine as I am too scared. Please suggest what I can do? Will I ever get rid of my scars? What about scars that randomly appear and they weren’t there before?
  10. Hiya, I’ve posted on here a few times about my chin acne journey - which has made some progress I suppose, as it definitely isn’t as bad as it used to be. It cleared nice when I was on holiday last year in Greece (I thought it was due to the sun and the sea water, considering I live in England), but since then it seems to have gone quite downhill. I have exams now and I think maybe stress is why my chin has erupted in spots again. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not terrible, but it’s enough to knock my self confidence, and honestly I’m so sick of it (I’ve had acne for over 3 years now). I have my college prom in July and I really want to look my best, so please please please if anyone knows anything that might help, let me know. I miss when I could go makeup free when I go out, I probably sound so over dramatic but at the end of the day, any form of acne whether it be severe or light, can still lower self esteem. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi, im new here and i would love to know if someone know how can i remove our just r educe the size of scars. Im free of acne because 1 year ago i started roaccutane and now this the gift from a severe 2 years of acne..and im super tired of having this..i just want to go outside and not having issues with my face.. I WOULD LOVE SOME HELP <3 THANKS.
  12. Duration : 2 + years now. What I took : Flucloxacilline (7 days, 2 years ago didn't work), Fucidin Pills (11 days, derm told me to stop it) and cream, Minocycline (Not sure if it was this one) What I'm taking now : Doxycycline pills, erythromycine topically (don't seem to be working, even aggravating it and making new ones appear) Test results : streptococcus pyogene OR staphyloccocus aureus + malassezia furfur OR malassezia furfur and some labs found nothing Effect on me : Little red dot which seems to be the source which keeps growing with a raised red skin all around for 2 to 3 weeks then they slowly retract and leave a nasty scar, no pus, painful. What I didn't try yet : Anti fungal agent (except on my feet where I had a minor athletes foot which disappeared) / Anti parasistic agent. Also have normal acne it seems (which disappeared with the doxycycline BUT the pimples in the pictures attached reappeared right when I started the doxy) I will keep updating this thread, hoping to be cured some years in the future... Pictures attached...
  13. Hi, To make it easier for people who wish to skip ahead, I have divided this thread into two sections: (i) MY BACKGROUND (ii) ADVICE I NEED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (i) MY BACKGROUND I was a long time lurker on this forum before I decided to join in 2018 as part of my new year's resolution to beat acne. I am a 21 year old South Asian male, who has had acne for the better most part of my life. Since 14 years old, I started breaking out and although I thought it was the worst thing ever back then, trying to hide it from my girlfriend and all, it really wasn't that bad compared to what has become several years later. When I turned 18 my acne just became full-fledged ewwy (for lack of a better word to describe it). I had tons of hyperpigmented marks from old acne, as well as existing spots from active acne, and it has pretty much been this way for me until I turned 20 and I said to myself, "$h!7 I can't go on like this much longer. I need to fcuking get rid of this acne and go out and enjoy my life like the rest of the kids!" I mean don't get me wrong, the reason I didn't try treating my acne when I was younger was because my elders and school teachers always used to tell me that my acne will go away by itself when I become an adult (which is, let's call a spade a spade here, just a myth they want us to believe to make us feel better) and of course, it never did. So then I decided to take matters into my own hands. Come 2018, at 20 years old, I started researching the internet to educate myself about acne, that's when I stumbled across you guys at, which was kind of like the first step for me in realising that I was not alone in what I am experiencing and what I feel, but all in all, my research left me even more confused about my acne because there were so many options, costs and side effects to consider and there was no one size fits all solution. So, I was like fcuk, what to do now? So, in January I decided that the first wise step would probably be to visit my GP and talk to him about my acne, so I did and in the course of that time (January until now), I have been trying to do everything under the sun to get rid of my acne, and now I am almost 100% cleared from all ACTIVE acne. I don't want to go over the specifics of what products or treatments I used in this thread because that's not what this thread is about, I just wanted to give y'all some quick background info about me as a person and an overview of my journey thus far, but I will be HAPPY and HONOURED to share the products I used and more in another thread if anyone is interested. Until then, what I will say to anyone out there who suffers from active acne and is seeking treatment or currently undergoing treatment, is never give up because believe me, there IS a treatment or 'lack of treatment' (because treatment is not always the answer) out there for you which will CURE your acne, you just haven't found it yet, but as long as you don't give up and become more cognisant of your body day by day, one day you will find out what truly works for you and as much as I hate to say that because I firmly believe the world would be much easier if one solution worked for all, unfortunately that's not the case for most things in life and acne just happens to be one of those things where something might work for one person but it might not work or even worsen the results for another person. So by trial and error, identify the foods, products, treatments or other bad habits that flare up your acne and eliminate them from your life completely. I hope that helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (ii) ADVICE I NEED As I mentioned, I am almost 100% clear from all ACTIVE acne, which from what I have read on the forum, is the first step of this two step process towards achieving clearer skin. Now what remains for me is hyperpigmentation and I believe some scarring (I can't really determine how bad my scarring is beneath all the red marks.) For the record, I have never been on accutane or antibiotics before, and the last time I used a benzoyl peroxide cream was 27 days ago, and I have not taken any acne medication since then. After observing my pictures, I want some advice on the following things: 1. How bad is my hyperpigmentation (be honest, I don't mind), and would you recommend me to take laser treatments for my hyperpigmentation or should I just let it heal up naturally (which takes a very long time for my South Asian skin)? Any experience, thoughts or recommendations on lasers would also be appreciated. 2. From what you can see, how bad does my scarring look and would you recommend me to take laser treatments for my scarring or is my scarring okay enough to go unnoticed by people in a social setting? i.e. Should I be concerned with my scarring or not, is it really that bad? 3. And lastly, are the laser treatments for scarring and hyperpigmentation different? Is it safe to combine the two treatment processes and do any derms/clinics (any country) offer both in one package at a reduced price? Thank you.
  14. planning for filler

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    Hello, I have posted here in the past, and i thought i would give an update and let you know my future plans and how i have been healing. The procedures listed below is what i have done: - subcison with TCA- July 2016 -subcision with TCA -November 2016 -3 or 4 microneedling with derminator My thoughts on my healing/treatments: -The TCA cross applied to box car scars take a long long time to heal, some are still not fully healed. I think my skin type is prone to hyperpigmentation, so with TCA i urge you to be really careful especially if you are ethnic. In general, I think some scars respond better than others, and it can actually cause damage if not applied correctly. -I will not stop the use of TCA cross or any type of peels as i feel the improvement was minimal and actually made some worse. -I feel my old Dr. was too aggressive. I had subcision on both sides of my face, cheeks,upper cheeks and temples. I feel like the subcision did help especially on my right cheek. However, i got nodules both times and a couple of them took almost one year to fully go away. Future plans (procedure will be in early June) Advise/opinions are welcomed! -HA filler, i specifically want to fill the ugly ugly scar on my right upper cheek, MY MAIN QUESTION IS: Should i do subcision in that area and wait a while then do a filler? I have done subcision on that scar twice and i feel like it has improved a little. I do not think it is tethred, and I am hoping my new Dr. will be able to use filler only and no subcision -what HA fillers do you guys think will work? I realize its the injector that matters the most and all the reviews on my new Dr. are good. - I try to microneedle every 3-5 months "aggressively" with the derminator. Please share your thoughts with me, pics below are from day one with zero procedures to today. Thanks!!!!
  15. Hi all! I've come here with a few questions for you and would love any and all input First off, my nose has been red for almost 8 years now (I'm 20) and I'd just like some opinions on it, I've had severe acne since about 13 and it's really taken its toll on my life, my confidence has always been awful, I've struggled to make meaningful relationships with all but a few people, and that's due to going to school with those people, I've recently moved to a new area and although some of my old friends are only a bus ride away, many of them are busy and/or at uni, so I HAVE to make new friends some how but I can't with the way I look and my awful confidence, and romantic relationships have been out of the question for years. Now my acne has cleared up a little (it was quite bad and has left me with quite a scared face) the only thing truly bothering me at the moment is my ridiculously red nose, not only is it huge (I'm not sure if it swollen or not) it's also red, and has been since 12 or 13, anyway if anyone has some suggestions I'd love to hear it (I've attached some photos by the way). The second is my post accutane results and what I'm to do next. I'm not exactly super happy with the results, these photos are just over a week after my last pill (40mg a day for 6 months), my dermatologist was very happy with the outcome but I'm not too thrilled, there's still plenty of redness everywhere and I even still have some deeply inbedded cysts on my left check and my nose, though I haven't had a white head in months which is quite nice. I also would like some information on what I'm to do about scaring, my dermatologist said there isn't much I can do on the NHS which really sucks because I don't have the money for private treatment. What, if anything, would you guys suggest I take as my next actions? Thank you all
  16. Hi everybody, i'm writing because after 1 month of the regiment i am having a lot of breakouts. At the beginning everything was great, my skin cleared up very good but now in the last week my skin started to breakout with big pimples and cistic acne. I even started with AHA+ to stop the breakout but nothing... what i should do ? Was working so good at the beginning In the morning i put the products on my face, but i keep it all day long and before bed i wash my face and apply again the products but with AHA+. I am doing something wrong ? Please help me thanks a lot!
  17. Ok so the idea behind a nokor subcision is that it will rip the fibrous strands that are holding down a specific part of your skin, releasing it will plump up the scar, eventually it will retether? yes? but when it retethers the "pulling down of the scar" will be weaker with each subcision, correct? Why doesn't someone invent a procedure that rips through the fibrous band and at the same time disintegrates that fibrous band that will be floppy now, idk somehow burns it, without burning the epidermis. Pretty much like a nokor needle that at the same time dissolves the fibrous band?
  18. I am a 26 year old female with cystic acne for 10+ years. After jumping through hoops, I am finally starting my accutane treament on Monday. I think I am as prepared as I can be, but a still a little nervous- as this is a pretty serious drug. I want to TRY to make the process as comfortable, easy & hydrating as possible, so I've accumulated some products before starting, but still on the hunt. I am looking for moisturizing, non stripping "simple" ingredients in every product that I use, but I was curious if anyone out there had any suggestions for affordable toner, hydrating under eye brightening cream, setting sprays, liquid foundation & concealer, and lastly, (which I am most worried about) any serums or treatments to help with scarring! Please feel free to share other products if they have helped you, as well as any tips or advice you think might be helpful. Thanks!
  19. Ok so just had a question: has been in existence for quite a long time. Loads of people document their journeys with scar treatments on here. Does anyone have links to someone who went through a lot of treatments and had success? I saw one from yeeeaarsss ago from a latin dude who lived in venezuela i think who would travel to uk to get treatments. His case has been one of the most astonishing success scar journeys I've seen. (If it was real, I got trust issues...i know). Hs thread was like 50 pages long i think, and it spanned over 2 years. His scars looked like they improved about 80% and he had probably the most extensive scarring I've seen. Does anyone else know of any success stories with scars? not acne just scars? that can be found here on thanks.
  20. Hey y’all!! Just wanted to stop by real quicks & drop my two cents on what helped me w my specific skin/skin problems. i made an account on here for the sole purpose of writing this post in hopes that it could help somebody out :-) So anyway, first things first I am in no way shape or form an expert on skin problems or nothing like that I’m just posting what worked for me personally. Alright so a lil background, I’ve had clear, smooth, baby-soft skin up until I graduated highschool in 2014. Then BOOM outta nowhere my face started breaking out. At first it wasn’t too bad, but it gradually got worse as I started stressing out about it & constantly picking at my face & using facial cleansers/products w out really knowing what it was. So that went on for a bit until June 2017 & then I had some kinda reaction to a clay mask I used & I was RED AF w no signs of it easing up. I’m talking about a patch of red w a couple cysts & of course scars from the picking. I finally thought to myself it might be time to go more natural, so i tried the oil cleansing for a bit which kinda helped but not really. Then i tried that wack ass fake black African soap from Shea Moisture & that didnt do NOTHING. So I started reading up on Cocoa butter when i came across SHEA BUTTER. Omg when i tell y’all that that is the best product EVER i am not joking. At first i Would use day & night after cleansing my face w that Castille soap & saw a lil difference. Then one night I got too lazy to wash my face so I just applied the Shea butter & lemme tell you that was when I found enlightenment & saw w my own 2 eyes the miracle of this product. My face was not firetruck red the next day but a more toned down pink, like some type of blush or whatever. Anyway your girl was onto something so from then on alls i did was wash my face in the shower w WATER ONLY (I used my spin brush like 2x a week, water only) & used Shea butter day & night. Eventually I started using it only at night & my skin has not stopped stopped thanking me for those changes. My skin is SOFT, my skin is SMOOTH, my skin is CLEAR :’-) SO TO SHEA BUTTER ps i don’t get pimples now but if i do I slap some tea tree oil on that bish & I go back to glowing BEFORE AFTER Diff lighting IK but work w me alright, I cant make night into day & I just wanna post this up already! Any questions? I’m happy to answer
  21. I have come to realize I have a poor healing response. Any pimple, especially in my cheek area will leave a very shallow indent in its place. I always knew that my skin healed slowly, but now I am scared to start trying different treatments, specifically using the derminator and tca peel. Can anyone give me advice in what route I should take, especially those with the same issue. Can using the derminator cause further damage if my skin's healing ability is not the best? thanks so much!
  22. So I don't even know where to begin with this , I just got out of a 10 year relationship and I am looking for someone a new friend , male or female with acne scars so we can talk and chat and relate to eachother and share eachothers life stories and stuff like that. I have my own place and everything and I am planning on moving some place nicer(warmer)I want roomates in the future. Please get a hold of me on here I will eventually post pictures of my scars and everything. I love my people , all of you. I have been a member on here fora bout 5 years at least . My old account was locked , my user name was faith&hope , I'm sure some of you remember me. Let's change eachother's lives by being good friends , not just friends on here , but in real life. Get ahold of me and message me please. I'm reaching out because sometimes I am suicidal. We can exchange phone numbers and facebook account s and stop being so shy over our scars and stuff. THanks ! Please reach out to me , I want to date a guy or girl with acne scars just like me. But I have personality behind these scars as well. Hope to talk to you soon
  23. Hey! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the hyperpigmentation and scarring that I have. The scarring isn’t that deep and looks to be small boxcars and a few rolling right on the surface of the skin. Help is needed! Thanks.
  24. Hi so im confused i have tiny holes in my cheeks besides my nose is it a scar or enlarged pores.Is there any way to get rid of it?and whats the best way to treat it?