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  1. Hiya, I’ve posted on here a few times about my chin acne journey - which has made some progress I suppose, as it definitely isn’t as bad as it used to be. It cleared nice when I was on holiday last year in Greece (I thought it was due to the sun and the sea water, considering I live in England), but since then it seems to have gone quite downhill. I have exams now and I think maybe stress is why my chin has erupted in spots again. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not terrible, but it’s enough to knock my self confidence, and honestly I’m so sick of it (I’ve had acne for over 3 years now). I have my college prom in July and I really want to look my best, so please please please if anyone knows anything that might help, let me know. I miss when I could go makeup free when I go out, I probably sound so over dramatic but at the end of the day, any form of acne whether it be severe or light, can still lower self esteem. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
  2. I started the regimen around January last year and discontinued after 2.5-3 months. My skin was red, irritated and inflamed, and I spent the next few weeks stopping and starting on a lower dosage, applying the regimen only once a day - all to no avail. It's a safe bet to say I'm allergic, which is unfortunate. After that my Acne came back, not as bad as before, but it did come back. I then went strictly non-processed vegan and my skin began to clear again, however not as great as with the Regime but it was a development. Then sometime around June I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disorder that saw me taking anti-rejection medication, same as a transplant patient would take, and my acne came back in full force. I stopped the medication and sought out a naturopath who treated the Autoimmune Disorder by targeting my Adrenal Gland (with the goal of lowering it). My skin hasn't been as bad as it was on those two medications since I was a teenager first breaking out with acne. I've never had really awful scars that left indentations (rolling, boxcar) and yet now every blackhead or whitehead I seem to have leaves me with them, even without me intervening by touching them. I've read that skin changes when you hit 26, which I turned late last year. I'm more worried that the targeting of my adrenal gland has left me with thinner skin (which I read is a side effect of an under active gland). I was also using ClindaTech topically to treat my skin around this time, recommended to me by my dermatologist said I could apply it generously. I was using: 1. 2. but my skin wasn't improving, despite blackheads just falling out at times - they still left a mark. What I'm using now: Serum: Day Moisturizer: Primer: Night Moisturiser: I just want to repair my skin of rosacea, scarring and indented scars. Ideally I want to treat the acne first but I'm worried my skin can't handle it. Everything just seems to leave a mark and my skin is already dry, when it use to be very oily, and it just doesn't respond the way I knew it too. I come out of a shower that is lukewarm with my skin looking like a tomato. I read that Rosehip Oil, MSM cream and Mederma would help with rosacea, indented scars and general scarring (in the order of products listed). That's where I'm headed next. I'm out of ideas, if you have any please help. :<
  3. Effective, Inexpensive oral treatment for Demodex Skin Mites (parasites not bacteria) - can be curative! If you are not responding to standard antibiotic treatment for acne or rosacea, I strongly recommend that you get tested for demodex skin mites. I had misdiagnosed demodicosis for many years. None of the 4 board certified dermatologists who treated me for acne ever tested me for demodex - they should have. It was misdiagnosed as bacterial acne and allergic conjuntivitis - standard anti-bacterial acne treatment did not help. I had symptoms of Rosacea Type 2 (P&P) and Type 4 (ocular) but without the typical redness of rosacea type 2. Demodex can cause redness but can also not cause redness - depends on the individual's response to having demodex. Every human over the age of 5 has these microscopic mites. They may become overpopulated if the immune system is low due to an illness, etc. The mites eat oil. Any drug or diet change that reduces or levels out the oil production of your skin may appear to improve or control the mites. Drugs like Accutane or possibly birth control pills work by basically by starving the mites and reducing the population. As soon as you stop that drug, the mites may rebound. The oral parasite treatment kills most if not all of the mites. The oral treatment is effective over your whole body to kill the mites down in the glands not just on the surface of the skin. This oral treatment is effective for the eye lids, where you can't use a topical treatment that might burn or irritate your eyes. Demodex mites can infest any oil gland or hair follicle. The combined oral parasite treatment in Case 1 is what worked for me. Oral treatment took 2 weeks. Face and eyes still clear at 10 weeks post treatment. The good thing is that this oral treatment uses 2 old drugs that are available as cheap generics. My insurance copay for both drugs was $13.03 - without insurance full retail price was $52 USD. The treatment that worked well for me was: 1. Two doses of oral Ivermectin one week apart. Each weekly dose is 200 micrograms Ivermectin per kilogram of body weight. Worked out to 12 mg per dose for me. Take on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. 2. Oral Metronidazole, 250 mg. three times a day for two weeks. Do not drink alcohol while taking oral Metronidazole and for 72 hours after taking the last tablet. As always, it is best to discuss this treatment with your doctor. These are prescription drugs. My family doctor was most helpful. Here's a list of reported case studies indicating repeated success using Oral Ivermectin and/or Oral Metronidazole in treating demodex mite infestations (diagnosed as demodicosis, demodex folliculorum, rosacea, ocular rosacea, blepharatis demodex, acne, hormonal acne, adult acne, body/back/scalp acne etc.). Case 1: Scientific study of 120 people with skin lesions and anterior blepharitis (ocular rosacea). Compares effectiveness of Oral Ivermectin alone versus Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole. The combined treatment was highly effective at putting the demodex infestation into remission or showing marked improvement. Case 2: Combined treatment Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole. Note: initial use of topical metronidazole gel (aka Metrogel) was not effective. Oral Metronidazole made a big difference in recovery. "The diagnosis of demodicidosis was confirmed and the patient was advised a single oral dose of ivermectin 12 mg and daily application of topical metronidazole gel. After a few days, the pustules started to subside. However, the response was slow and so the patient was put on daily oral metronidazole. Rapid recovery was achieved with oral metronidazole therapy. Subsequent follow-up evaluation showed excellent control of the disease and repeat skin scrapings were negative for Demodex mites." Case 3: Treatment with Oral Metronidazole only. Success on a patient with demodex folliculorum, that had been unresponsive for 5 years to Oral Ivermectin only and a variety of topical treatments. Case 4: Treatment with Oral and Topical Metronidazole. I suspect the oral drug was what worked. In another report, scientists put demodex mites into liquid metronidazole - it did not kill the mites. The oral drug is believed to kill the mites by changing something in their environment or something that the mites consume. Case 5: Treatment of scalp folliculitis with Oral Metronidazole + Topical Permethrin cream. Case 6: Severe Demodexfolliculorum–Associated Oculocutaneous Rosacea in a Girl Successfully Treated With Ivermectin Interesting: Initially Treatment with doxycycline and topical tacrolimus for 2 months achieved temporary improvement in the skin lesions - did not help the eyes. Doxycycline was discontinued. The patient had a flare 4 weeks after discontinuing doxycycline; restarting the drug did not result in improvement. A trial of oral isotretinoin was administered for 2 months. She continued to use topical tacrolimus. There was some improvement in the skin lesions; however, the eye issues were not improved . In this case a single dose of Ivermectin cleared the eye and skin issues.
  4. Before using Accutane get a test for Demodex Skin Mites, bacteria and fungus (Malassezia, Yeast, etc). I see a lot of posts from people who have relapsed after stopping Accutane. The relapse may be due to not treating the correct cause of the acne lesions. Microscopic demodex skin mites can cause acne like lesions. If your acne is not responding to standard antibiotic treatment, your doctor should test for parasites. Demodex brevis live in the oil glands and Demodex folliculorum live in the pores When the mites die they may clog up the gland and/or pores and cause hard red cysts, pustules, whiteheads or blackheads. The mites live and die on a 2-3 week cycle so the acne may appear hormonal. Accutane has a lot of dangerous side effects. Accutane works by reducing both the size of oil glands and the oil output. The mites eat oil. Accutane may starve them, at least while you take it. Problem is the mites may not all die. After stopping Accutane, you may relapse if they get out of control again. There is an easier, safer, and quicker way to treat demodex. The scientifically studied treatment uses two old and relatively much safer drugs to kill the mites. The parasite treatment takes just 2 weeks and it is inexpensive with generic drugs ($13.03 with insurance / $52 USD full retail price). The parasite treatment doesn't have all of the dangerous side effects of Accutane. The parasite treatment also gets to the root cause of the acne lesions caused by demodex mites. The oral Demodex Mite Treatment was published in The International Journal of Infectious disease in 2013. Scientific Medical Paper is here : Using the more effective 2 drug combined treatment (from paper) based on body weight for the oral Ivermectin: 1. Two doses of oral Ivermectin one week apart. Each weekly dose is 200 micrograms Ivermectin per kilogram of body weight. Worked out to 12 mg per dose for me. Take on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. 2. Oral Metronidazole, 250 mg. three times a day for two weeks. Do not drink alcohol while taking oral Metronidazole and for 72 hours after taking the last tablet. As always, it is best to discuss this treatment with your doctor. These are prescription drugs. My family doctor was most helpful. For fungal infections or demodex mites, borax shampoo and borax body soaks can be effective. Anti-fungal drugs can also be helpful for fungal infections. If demodex mites are the cause of the acne, treatment using generic Oral Ivermectin and Oral Metronidazole can put the skin into remission. If you don't have demodex mites, then this parasite treatment will not help. Before exposing yourself to the dangers of Accutane, it is worth asking your doctor to test for Demodex skin mites, fungal (Malassezia) infections and bacterial infections.
  5. Hi, It's been over a month now since i started using the regimen and my face is still red as if sunburnt. Is this gonna go away soon or am I allergic to the regimen (bp?) Check out pics below. Warning: looks horrible.
  6. Fungal acne..?

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    I've been reading a lot about how papules/pustules/whiteheads can be caused by the overproduction of candida... do you think this could be it? I used treatment before but I always had a few large papules remaining on my cheeks.. hen after getting off due to the unbearable itchiness of BP, my skin went into a frenzy and now I have this acne. My skin always feels like its tingling and crawling then I get whiteheads around my chin the next day. t(a little scarring because I due tend to pick at them) I just started using Lotrimin ultra on my skin 2x a day (started yesterday)..... wondering if this could help. below the first is a picture of my skin at its worst!!! (November 30 2017) and the second picture is my skin now
  7. Hello all, Hoping this gives me either piece of mind! I have been on isotretinoin, specifically myorisan, and have entered my last 3 months at 40mg x2 daily. In my last two weeks, starting Jan 16, 2018, my face almost randomly started to get flushed when: under a harsh light in the studio, computer screen, sun, and when embarrassed. Now, before I get the "why haven't you been ______?!" or the " well duh those things will cause that", keep in mind that this WAS NOT as severe as before when it was irritated. I take it with fish oil ( until recently I switched to flax seed), I put Neutrogena anthelios 60spf on every day, drink lots of water, moisturize, and am careful to not take the pills too close together. It has happened at random times when none of the situations listed above are present. I am afraid this is permanent and am confused by its sudden appearance. Can anyone relate? Can anyone advise? Does this continue after? I have received advice to take Zinc 50mg orally to help with the sun portion of the problem and as of today returned to fish oil ( taken with both doses of 40mg )
  8. As the title says, I'm in dire straits thanks to nearly two decades of acne treatments. In case of TLDR, I was wondering (hoping, really) whether anyone else has been through years of harsh acne treatments and found a product, foodstuff or regimen of any sort that helped them recover fully or at least partially? Over 18 years and a gamut of registered physicians and dermatologists, I was prescribed, and thus took a crazy amount of acne treatments. I can't remember all of them, but several were: tretinoin/ Retin-A (10 years use, twice daily) antibiotics (7 years use) accutane (high strength; 1 cycle) BP facewash (10 years use, twice daily) Salicylic acid peels (5 years; weekly) AHA peels (5 years; bi monthly weekly) BHA peels (5 years; bi monthy) Exfoliation (about 7-8 years; daily) A topical roll-on solution that I forget the name of (on and off for about 10 years; stopped due to developing an allergy to it) Never once did any of these professionals warn me or my parents of the dangers of prolonged use of any of these products (not even that I should use sunscreen with them), nor did they ever link them my systemic health problems, which began to develop in my late teens (namely: hypothyroidism; PCOS; adrenal insufficiency; poor night vision; severe IBS; sleep disruption; fibromyalgia; diffuse alopecia; prematurely greying hair). The only 'moisturisers' I was advised to use were mineral oil, vaseline, and one that I forget the name of (basically mineral oil with other occlusive agents). As I didn't have a clue, and blindly trusted authority figures, I never questioned any of this. I went from having super oily, youthful, olive skin (I'm mixed ethnicity), to extremely dry, flaky, dull, rosacea-like (face only) and apparently prematurely aged skin. I believe my gut was absolutely wrecked by the antibiotics and Accutane, and a lot of these illnesses stemmed from that. The topical products I believe compounded the situation by destroying my lipid barrier, acid mantle, then over exerting my hexamer (?) limit (amount of times skin cells can turn over) and exacerbating my photo-sensitivity and the damage thereof. Over the last decade I've spent a small fortune on dietary supplements (all the major ones recommended for skin and gut health), most of which never had any lasting effect. I've very recently cut them down to the essentials that I don't manage to get in my daily diet (zinc picolinate with ascorbic acid; magnesium bisgylcinate; individual b vits; algae oil; vitamin d spray; vitamin k complex). For the last five years I've tried to eat as healthy a diet as possible, getting my RDA of as many of the vits and mins as possible. I drink 3 liters of water daily. Since last year been getting my caffeine from 2 cups of matcha green tea, and only drink on weekends (about 4 units once a week). I'd love to exercise, but extreme pain and frequent fatigue due to fibromylagia have made this currently impossible. For the last few months I've been using a mixture of aloe vera gel (fresh from the plant) and argan oil after cleansing with raw honey (once daily), and apply home-made sunscreen whenever I know I'll be in the sun for any extended period of time, although all of this appears to be merely stopping things from getting worse, as opposed to actually repairing any damage. I'm wondering if anyone else has been through similar treatments and managed to repair the damage to their skin, gut, or both? Can the lipid barrier repair itself, or at least be repaired? What about the acid mantle? Can micro-tears be repaired? Can sebum glands be restored? Once collagen (and elastin; although that one may be beyond the scope of this discussion) are gone, are they gone irreversibly? Looking forward to your input! Esme
  9. Is what I have just hyperpigmentation from acne or does it look like rosacea?
  10. Hi I am 19 years old and new to this forum. I've been battling rosacea for about 2/3 years but it never got to a severe point until now. This year I had a septoplasty which flared and started my seborrehic dermatitis and it worsened my rosacea. For those who suffer SD, you know it's a horrible condition which no one actually cares about given that it is very misunderstood. I've tried everything and nothing works until my dermatologist prescribed me low dose accutane (20mg) for 4 months. I currently am in day 9 and my seborreah has flared and worsened like never before. It is very very painful to see my face and I know many of you will understand the feeling of not wanting to go out because of your face. My nose is currently bright red and scaling and I have flaked all over my face including moustache, chin, nose, sideburns, ears, eyebrows, under the eyes, etc. Is someone in this same situation or was in this hell of a journey? Does it get better and is it really worth the suffering? Thanks.
  11. Does anybody know what this is, for the longest time I thought it was red marks but now I’m starting to think it might be seborrheic dermatitis because I’ve been getting dandruff in my eyebrows. My skin usually looks really good when I wake up, but immmediatly after I take a shower it looks like shit. Anybody got any idea of what I have?
  12. Hello there. Currently i’m 15 years of age. I’ve had acne since probably age 12. I’ve used many over the counter products such at BP and minocycline and all this other stuff. When i first got on BP (benzoyl peroxide) I just slathered that stuff on my face. For the past 2 years my skin has been pretty darn red, dry, super sun sensitive, and irritated. To me it looks super bad and it’s kind of depressing. I kept using BP cuz if i stopped then my face would breakout. I do not have cystic acne or bad acne. Just bumps all over that’s been persistent. A week and a half ago i got put on accutane because i told my dermatologist i could not do topicals anymore cuz they are destroying my face. So far i’m on day 10 on accutane with 40mg a day. Now let me also say just my cheeks, nose, and chin are red. i wear a hat every single day. Therefor my forehead isn’t red. I also wear sunscreen, and for the past months and have not been in the sun much at all. i also moisturize like no other and have tried aloe vera and other masks and havent seen really any improvement:/ i asked my derm if have rosacea and he said its not common for someone of my age and he could diagnose me just for facial redness cuz there’s no way of proving it or whatever. not gonna get into that. Oh and also i went skiing 2 weeks ago and holy crap i was a tomato. even tho i moistirized and wore a mask the whole time, it made me soooo red. My few questions are as follows: will accutane make my face more red? after accutane do you think my skin will heal? are there any products you suggest after what i’ve said? will skin become less red or more red on accutane? please please please help!! open to any suggestions thanks in advance! UPDATE: So and accutane has definitely helped with my acne. the second photo is like 5 moths after first photo and i’m finishing my last month of accutane right now. Redness is still there and im jus prayin that it will go away after accutane. Pls comment on this post. Is my redness that bad right now? I’m super insecure about it. Is there anything you suggest to help redness? Will it go away after accutane you think?
  13. Please find relevant article attached regarding curing rosacea secondary to demodex infestation with oral ivermectin-metronidazole. Take this article to your physician along with pharmacological profile of the 2 medications to show they are safe and hopefully your doc will prescribe it
  14. My Accutane ~Journey~

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    So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  15. Hey

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    Hey everyone. I'm going to begin treatment with the Excel V next week. Pretty excited but not entirely optimistic... Gone down this road ten years ago with unpleasant results. (Bunch of scars from the YAG). Anyway I'm thirty four and was diagnosed when I was fifteen. So yeah, just about twenty years. Think that's plenty lol. I've found that Aveno ultra calming and rosewater works great at keeping down the inflimation down plus avoiding triggers. But I'm not quite content with that... Here is a pick of me roughly baseline. I'll return to this tread after treatment and post more. Thanks, hope this helps someone out there.
  16. Hi all, i wanted to ask for some advice about a skin condition i have and how to calm it. i have pretty sensitive skin overall, especially around my mouth. A couple years ago it was so cold that i would get these red patches that would take months to make them go away. Dermatitis and rosacea type symptoms. I have since aquired different moisturizing creams to use daily. Everything was fine so far and the fall cold and wind have not reactivated the patches. Until today when out of nowhere, whilst at a friends house, a red patch appears near my mouth. The skin looks red from the outside (just like the previous symptoms) but to the touch feels soft and a little painful. Kind of like a deep pimple. The skin felt tight but strange. Im still confused as to how this thing popped out of the blue in the span of 3 hrs. Really weird. What do you guys recommend? I won’t pick at it and just continue moisturizing it because if i use an acid it will make it worse. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  17. Hi guys, I am now 6 and half weeks into my journey. So far, my face is still clear and so much smoother. My rosacea is definitely so much better. I have breakouts on my body, mainly large cysts/boils, but the overall texture of my skin is a lot smoother than it was. there are still some under skin white bumps that need to come out, mainly on my chin My face is not that dry anymore, I use Boots Time Delay moisturiser with spf 30 every morning and that seems to be all I need. Nothing at night. My lips are dry, but still not bad, and my eyes are usually feeling sore tired and picky, but I guess I can live with that. I'm still on 40mgs a day, but I hope to up it when I see the derm next (on 24th) as my side effects are ok. I would love the boils to go do one!! anyway that's all for now. If there are any changes I'll let you know! Take care xx
  18. 53 and still having acne

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    I'm 53 now and started having acne trouble at about age 15. I've tried everything most product work at first and after a few months I'm back to the drawing board. I not only had acne but break outs of perioral dermatitis and as I got older I found out, my eye lids had rosacea. I've been using 'Nothing to Hide' by Plexy Labs for almost 6 years and will never stop using this product. It even helps with my wrinkles and my brown spots. Here are some reviews! http://[link removed]/
  19. Is this Rosacea??

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    Are these bumps on my right cheek Rosacea?? They're most red after I shower. I have mild redness on my forehead too. I blush easily but my face isn't red all the time. BTW the sides of my nose are somewhat red too, but it's not thick or anything. How do I reduce the redness? Will moisturizing with aloe vera or grapeseed oil help it? I'm 14 years old. Pleasee help ._.
  20. What is this?

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    I went on accutane for about 5 months, and I stopped in February for 2017. Therefore it has been just about 6 months being off of the medication. Ever since I came off of the medicine, my cheeks have been consistently red. It seems to get worse when I'm hot in an indoor room. This occurred while on accutane too. I do have red hyperpigmentation scars, but I also have "butterfly" redness. I'm not sure if I have rosacea. Any advice would be helpful please. Thank you!
  21. My forehead is noticeably tanner and more red/oily than the rest of my face (I always put little to no sunscreen on my forehead b/c I was afraid it would cause breakouts). My face in general gets red extremely easily, whether from laughter, excitement, heat, exercise, you get the picture (and every time my face gets red, my forehead is twice as red so its so embarrassing) :(. For example, if I wash my face, my whole face gets very flushed and red, so as you can see my skin is super sensitive and its super easy for me to get red. Even when I don't do things to trigger it, like after I am at school for the whole day, when I go to the mirror I can see that my forehead has become very oily and red as opposed to the rest of my face, which is normal skin tone. I really hate this because while I typically have mild acne on my forehead and some of it is red, the perpetual redness on my face makes it look SO much worse, especially contrasted against the rest of my face, and I'm so embarrassed whenever my friends comment on it or my general facial redness. What could the problem be? Why is only my forehead red? Could it have anything to do with my forehead being tanner/more oily? How do I fix this? Thanks in advance - i hope to fix this soon! I've always been insecure about my skin. Lately it's gotten pretty good except this stupid redness problem and I really want to fix it!
  22. I am a 29 year old female that's suffered from what I believed to be moderate hormonal acne for the last 5 years. Before that, I never got a single pimple, even throughout puberty. I usually have 2-5 cysts and 1-5 papules/pustules at all times. I rarely get black heads or white heads. All my acne is located on the bottom half of my face, on my chin and cheeks, not my nose. My skin is oily in summer, dry in winter. I am a vegetarian, I eat well, drink loads of water, exercise regularly etc. I started using Dan's regimen in mid January. I am using all Dan's products and follow the regimen vigilantly. My skin has only just begun to adjust to the BP, and I have seen no improvement with my acne. I experienced brutal initial breakouts when I first started the regimen, with new spots popping up in the weirdest places, where I had never had acne before. My skin was flaky, red, sore and itchy as it adjusted to the BP. Recently, I came across an article about rosacea and realised I have many of the symptoms. I flush really easily, I get random red patches on my skin, I often feel like I have foreign objects stuck in my eyelashes, and I have tiny broken blood vessels on my cheeks and near the base of my nostrils. Now I'm wondering if I should continue with the regimen? I've come so far and I don't want to quit. Can the regimen be used to treat rosacea? Or am I just making things worse?
  23. Has anyone tried it? Or any other natural supplement for acne? I've had rosacea for a very long time and while I never had great skin, I also didn't suffer from acne until I hit my 20s. I've gone back and forth about possibly trying Accutane, but considering that I'm prone to hair fall if I'm not careful and my skin is uber sensitive as it is, I ultimately decided that I didn't want to. Lately I've been looking for a natural skin supplement that doesn't have a long list of side effects. I read about AcnEase along with other skin supplements. It's difficult to know what's a good product between all the scams online. I actually placed an order from CleanZine, but there were multiple failed attempts to ship my order so I never got to try the product. One thing that stood out to me when reading about AcnEase, however, is that they have a supplement exclusively for rosacea sufferers. I just ordered my first batch of AcnEase. Still not sure if it will work, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Wondering if anyone has any experiences with it?
  24. The center 1/3 of my forehead is my problem area and although it is oily and acne prone (clogged pores/blackheads mainly), it looks scaly and red ALL THE TIME. I am not sure why this is the case because the redness does not improve no matter what I do. I am wondering if it is red from the amount of harsh products I have used on it in the last year. Anyhow, I am looking for a cream or moisturizer that could repair this skin and get rid of the redness without causing any clogged pores or acne. Does anyone have any suggestions?