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  1. I've been dealing with closed comedones above my chin for the past 5 months now. I'm down to only a few left on my right side and that's it! However, there's one that had a LOT of pus inside. I'm not even sure if it's a comedone tbh. The next morning it grew to an ENORMOUS whitehead. I stupidly didn't drain it (because people say not to and that it'll fall off on it's own). Well bad news. It didn't fall off, but instead went back into my skin. Now I have a large comedone that won't come to a head again (it's been five days since it went back into the skin). Will the pus eventually drain into my body, or should I lance it now and try to extract the contents? The thing is I'm worried that if I lance it, all that will come out will be blood and no pus and then I'll have to deal with a scab for no reason.
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time but this past year, I've been having a lot of problems with these tiny bumps that keep forming on my forehead, cheeks, and on the sides of my face. Right now, I have the most on the side of my face. I have done many research on these bumps on and other websites and I have yet to find an exact description of the symptoms so I decided to start my own post. So these bumps I've been having, they show a lot when direct sunlight hits it and I can feel them when I touch my face. They feel hard and forms in clusters. I've tried to extract them before. The ones that I managed to extract, has this hard substance that comes out. Hard pus? The color is kinda yellowish, greenish, whitish, lol I don't know but it's hard and it usually comes out as a whole. Then, there are other ones that won't budge when I tried to extract. The part of my skin that these bumps appear on looks kind of shiny/scaly, like the skin there is very dry or something. I don't know if these appeared because of my face makeup(which I've been using for the past 3 years with no problem) or if it's because I've been overdrying my face. I've tried almost everything... retin-a, benzaclin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... etc.. nothing seems to get rid of these. It just makes the area very itchy and dry which I think causes even more bumps? A year ago, I'd only have a few bumps but since I've started to use these products, I've been getting more and everytime I stop using it, they still don't go away. I'm feeling very hopeless and frustrated right now because they just won't go away !!. I'm not sure if they formed because of overdried skin, acne cosmetica or if they're comedones... can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do to get rid of these ??? Any help or comments are appreciated! Thankss.
  3. Annual Fall/Winter Breakout

    Hey all, EDIT: Preface: I have decided to change this topic into a cumulative, experiment report. In this topic, I have characterized Cyclic Fall/Winter Acne (the FW Cycle) as a moderate/severe acne break out cycle that occurs durring the Fall/Winter Season. This topic and report is devoted to finding the nature of and a possible, effective treatment for a reccuring acne symptom, the FW Cycle. In this report, I (and perhaps any willing volunteer will propose and test treatments for this type of acne cycle. The purpose of this report is to: -log the results of experiments that will be proposed, discussed, and conducted in this message board topic. -and, hopefully, ultimately find a way to cure the FW Cycle. The results and conclusions are placed at the end of this post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm starting to break out massively again but I think I'm beginning to see a pattern. I'm looking to see if anyone else is on the same boat as I am; and if there are people like me, maybe we can pin point a cause and find a way to solve this stupid problem for ever. :] I've been experiencing major breakouts during this time of year (Late Fall/ Early Winter) for the past couple of years (prior to 3 years, I generally experienced very mild acne). The pattern is as follows: -I start/continue to break out (whiteheads, pustules, some nodules and cysts) massively during the months of: Oct, Nov, Dec -New pimples/cysts/pustules stop forming but scabs/dark patches of skin remain on my face during the months of: Jan, Feb, Mar -I have very clear skin approximately during the months of: Apr through Sept -and the cycle repeats. This info may be useful: I am a 20 y/o asian male in college. I live in new england where the seasons change drastically. as mentioned before, prior to 3 years (before starting college), I generally experienced very mild acne and was relatively clear - even during winter. Also, during the clear phase, my skin is oily - especially during the summer; yet I do not break out at all (or have one or 2 minimal pimples). Unfortunately I did pick/mess with my face previous years (resulting in a bit of scaring last year). This year I'm trying not to mess with it at all. I want to rule out: -stress as I am equally as stressful during both fall and spring semesters; -food as I try to be as healthy as humanly possible all year round; -the cold since Jan/Feb is as cold if not colder than Dec (although this does not rule out the changing of the climate from warm to cold) [i say "want to rule out" because I can't totally be sure of it..] I did not keep good records of these patterns until last year. -------------------------------------------------------------------- So if your symptoms are similar please feel free to comment. In fact, I would really appreciate it! I am curious as to and would like to hear about: -If there are Similarities and/or Differences between my situation and yours. (ie. how long ago did you first experience this cycle, severity, time frame) -And what you've done/tried out to stop this vicious cycle -Theories as to what you may attribute this cycle to -And any other comments/questions you may have Please post in detail; I'm trying to understand all I can about this situation. I feel the more we know the closer we are to solving this problem once and for all. Together maybe we can find the cause(s) and figure a way to stop this affliction once and for all. Thats all for now, Thanks!! CM :] ps. Will update more if I get responses from people with similar experiences. pps. I originally posted this topic in the severe acne section thinking that Pustules were Nodules. EDIT: Please reply in the format listed above; makes it easier for me to see/log stuff; Thx! :] EDIT: Changed topic into report. Pre-face added. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This section will be devoted to theories and corresponding experiments: Format is as follows: Experiment # a) Theory b) Experiment Details c) Conclusion d) Other Comments e) Contributor Experiment 1: a)Lack of Hydration b)Drink 6 full cups of water every day, Cetaphil 15 SPF Moisturizer every morning c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster Experiment 2: a)Poor Diet b)Eat healthy; avoid fast food c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster
  4. I was clear for a few days and then this odd-looking pimple/cyst started forming on my chin a few days ago. There's this solid yellow mass in the middle, and it looked so close to the surface that I decided against my better judgment to try to pop it a couple days ago. I first tried with my fingers, and nothing came out, so I got desperate enough to try to lance it with a needle (bad idea, I know). I thought, even if this left a scar, at least the contents of the spot would be drained and I wouldn't have a big lump anymore. But even the needle didn't puncture the yellow spot and no solid pus ever came out; just clear yellow oil. I'm confused because the yellow head is so obviously visible and it looks like whatever's in there could just burst out any second, but nothing has come out and it hasn't shown any improvement, even when I don't touch it. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar pimple with a visible yellow ball lodged so deep in the skin, and if so, how they may have been able to draw it to a more superficial head or made it go away faster. Thanks! I'm in my second month of Accutane btw.
  5. So I had this red pimple on my thigh, close to the buttocks, it was red and kinda swollen, didn't hurt, had no head, it got worse since it's an area I sit on and is moving all the time, It got a head, and after picking at it a bit, I noticed that it's not ready for me to touch it, and just used benzoyl peroxide to clean and help with it, right now I'm using antibiotics to help with the pain, it clearly has a lot of pus clogged up, which I am not touching and just using warm water and alcohol to clean, and I just wrap it up with sterile gauze pads (which everytime I change have yellow pus on it, had some blood in the first few ones but not anymore) swellness came down as well. Should I just keep treating it like I wrote, or could it be something more serious? It's painful, but not too much, red - but not swollen. I added a photo of what it currently looks like, excuse the quality.
  6. I do get the occasional pimples on the cheeks and forehead but there really small and goes away within 3 days. I notice that with every pimple I get it ALWAYS turns white then pops on its own and eventually fades, but as for my nose they become huge and really red then they slowly start turning white and pop on its own and it would bleed. Then it would turn white again and pop over and over. I have 4 big ones on my nose right now but one of them popped and has a blood scab. I wash my face twice daily following with a spot treatment containing salicylic acid and then a moisturizer. The pimples on my nose go away within 2-3 weeks and I've tried everything from Bp, tea tree oil, salicylic acid but nothing decreases the size of the pimple! How do I make the healing process go by faster and avoid future pimples on the nose! Also I keep my diet healthy avoiding greasy and fried food and I drink 2L of water everyday and I take alesse birth control which has helped my skin a little!
  7. Help! A couple months ago seemingly out of nowhere I got what looked like a random dry patch between my eyebrows, no biggie, I applied some moisturizer and went about my business. As time went on the patch still hadn't gone away and was now not only even flakier, but had a few slightly raised pimple-like bumps and spread with some swelling. okay, must be my hormones doing something funky to my skin, right? I lightly exfoliate the area, apply thin layer of persa-gel 10, and moisturize often. long story short this THING between my brows not only stuck around for a good month or so, but it was a big red, deeply scaled eyesore from hell! nothing I did (or didn't do) seemed to help and when it finally went away it left a scar that luckily has faded with time. few months later this thing has shown up again in the same spot, so far its not too bad but with new years coming I want to look good and honestly would rather not have Franken-zit living on my face and screamingat people. I wash my hands, clean my face, and practice good hygiene, so what is this? why is it happening, and how do I treat it? is it even acne? HELP!! p.s: sorry for poor picture quality, it was hard to focus in and I was NOT going to ask my father to take a picture for me lol.
  8. today was ruined because my skin is breaking out I hate meeting new people I had to new my fiance's parents and pus was not the first impression I wanted to make worst of all his mother gave me acne tips in front of his family nobody needs to give me tips I am doing the best I can so when I got home I bawled my eyes out the wedding is in a few weeks and I do not know if I can stand in front of a crowd of people with my skin make up can not cover it and wearing make up will cause me to break out I am so scared acne will ruin my wedding day
  9. Okay, this is my first post. And I just registered to reply to a three week old post. I am sorry! I do not know my way around these forums yet. But I had this same problem earlier today and when I googled it, this post was one of the first results that pretty much explained what happened to me earlier today. I will be going over to introduce myself momentarily. And I really like this on-line community. I am happy to have found it. So with that said, I have had this weird bump on my face towards the side of my cheek for as long as I can remember. I don't even remember this developing on my face that is how long it has been. For years It's just sat there on my face, healed up, just a round spot raised above my skin that was definitely harder than the rest of the skin on my face. Just this one little spot. It's always kind of drove me crazy. Any who, a week or so ago I started messing around with that spot on my face. I have no idea why, but I poked a needle into it. My face is prone to ingrown hairs and I had just gotten over a practically bad in grown hair earlier this month. So I thought, 'maybe this spot on my face from over the years was an in-grown hair from a very long time and i should just poke at it and maybe dig something out and within a few weeks it'll no longer be there.' The needle picking and squeezing lasted less than a minute, for real. I gave up. Yes, this spot did get sore and very red. But didn't swell up or get painful. It wasn't a big deal. It was just healing. For some reason this morning the spot on my face starting getting to me and I was in the bathroom and squeezed it a bit. To my surprise puss started coming up. This was weird, it didn't feel painful or anything and showed no sign of puss in the last week. I thought it was weird so I squeezed a little harder. Within moments the largest amount of puss that has ever come out of my face forumed on my fingertips, i was a little shocked! I pinched the puss to wipe it away from my face and that is when I noticed that it was in a sac. A very large amount of puss encased in a sac that had just worked itself up from underneath several layers of skin. Oh, I was mortified and fascinated all at the same time! It was a perfectly clear, perfectly round, sack of puss protruding out of my face. I really pinched it the second time and it popped open. It was a very thick, very off white kind of puss. I moved it around in between my finger tips to investigate. At first, I thought it was puss with a lot of hair particles in it. White, clear, thin, tiny hairs. But now I realize that the puss inside the puss sac was more like fiber. Does that make any sense? The puss sac was still hanging out of the spot on my face after the puss had popped. The layer of skin or whatever that held the puss inside the sac was thick. I was able to pull the sac out of my face. Now the spot on my face is no longer raised above the skin. But it is practically a whole in my face. The skin on my face feels in that area feels normal. There is no spot that is raised above the skin,. And I expect it to heal up just fine, with hopefully hardly any scarring. I am a bit worried about that. But oh well, at least it's not raised anymore. It seems as if the spot on my face that had been there for as long as I can remember was raised up above the skin because there was a MASSIVE sac of some sort filled with some unusual kind of puss literally just lived there. It was so far down in my skin and had been there for so long that normal squeezing on it wouldn't do anything. But when I popped it with a needle a week or so ago it got a bit more opened. I am happy it's going to heal up and the spot that annoyed me so very much for so very long is no longer going to be there. But I am mortified at what came out of my face. I am a little paranoid, thinking I have some sort of type of cancer or something. I guess I posted this because I want to hear someone's opinion. Because this situation is very hard to put into words to research through Google. Thank you for reading! And I welcome myself to, Kodee.
  10. I hate hate hate hate hate these horrible closed comedones. I know they don't look as obviously bad as cysts and pustules, but I have a serious problem with them and can't help but the squeeze the things, so they then turn into inflamatory acne. To anyone looking at me, they would think I have have mainly inflamatory acne because of the horrible redness, hyperpigmentation scars, pustules, scabs etc. I do have inflamatory acne as well, but I think it's mainly noninflamatory, but due to my obsessive picking, it looks 100x worse and turns into inflamatory. I figrued if I stopped getting these closed comedones, then I could stop obsessively squeezing everything. I've tried mandelic acid on them, which didn't help, antibiotics did nothing but I suppose that's more geared towards inflamatory acne, and I'm now on hormone treatment which I've read should help. I'm only a month into it though so I don't know if mine is actually caused by hormones yet. I've not tried benzoyl peroxide yet or saliclyic acid, but I hated the horrible flakey peeling skin that I got with the mandelic acid, and this is a side effect of both products so I'm reluctant to try them. Anyone have any advice or ideas?
  11. Hi everyone i have a question i been wondering for while now. Sometimes when i get a pimple on my body and im popping it, there is this long solid white pus like thing that comes out. It thicker than a hair but not to long. Sometimes when i pull off scabs they are stuck to the scab but they dont feel like normal pus. Are they a type of cyst or something else. If you know please message me with your thoughts. Thank you
  12. Hi, Pictures here! I seem to just get horrible white pustules come and go around my mouth area and in the corners of my nose. I have been to the doctors 7 or 8 times in the last year trying to get rid of this. They have told me they think it could be a number of things. A bacterial infection, folliculitis, mild acne. I have been on Fluloxacillin (sp?) twice for 2 week period first (which very almost cleared it up fully), then a further 2 week period with little effect. I was then put on oxytetracycline, was on that for a long period with little effect and now they have put me in lymecycline. I take my medication religiously and have tried many topical treatments. Does anybody else have something similar, what can I try? I know its not as bad as a lot of peoples on here, but it really affects me as its right on the lip line in a lot of cases. Thanks.
  13. Simple Dietary Cures for Pimples

    ●●●Simple Dietary Cures for Pimples & Boils●●● The excessive consumption of Vitamin B12, which is found in non-vegetarian foods, is one of the most important causes of pimples, acne, boils and other skin eruptions. Specifically, the excess of COBALT, which is a constituent of Vitamin B12, is the REAL CAUSE of the problem. ★★★According to the ORIGINAL RESEARCH done by me about 40 years back, the excessive consumption of COBALT-rich foods, drinks and dietary supplements can cause pimples, acne, boils and rashes in susceptible persons of any age group, which includes even OLD PERSONS!! The consumption of even small amounts of a COBALT salt like COBALT SULFATE can cause massive eruptions all over the skin of the face and the body of a susceptible person.★★★ The non-vegetarian foods may be eaten in moderation by those who are prone to pimples and boils. Eating 2 eggs per day can give me pimples, even though I am over 73 years old. The persons susceptible to pimples should eat only about 100 grams of meat, chicken or fish on 2 days in a week. If they eat more meat, chicken, fish, lobsters and other non-vegetarian foods, they should first boil them in a large amount of water, and throw away the water to reduce the Vitamin B12 content of such foods, before they cook them further. Even the vegetarian foods like chocolate (cocoa), some beers, some spices and condiments, dry fruits and nuts, which contain large amounts of COBALT, can cause pimples and other skin eruptions. The consumption of foods, drinks, and other edible preparations containing COBALT and Vitamin B12 must be restricted by all patients who have pimples, acne, boils, measles, chicken pox or rashes of any type, which produce pus in the skin, or even in other parts deep in the body. Besides the non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish, chicken and eggs, even the consumption of Vitamin B12-containing milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream and other milk products should be drastically restricted, or even avoided for some time, by the persons suffering from the skin eruptions. They can obtain CALCIUM from green leafy vegetables and from CALCIUM pills, instead of getting the mineral from milk and milk products. The patients who are prone to pimples and boils should NOT eat bread, cereals and other foods that are FORTIFIED with Vitamin B12. Such persons must also avoid the pills that contain Vitamin B12. If they require the B-complex pills, they should take the pills that do NOT contain Vitamin B12. As Vitamin E is an antagonist of Vitamin B12, it can help in reducing the pimples, acne, boils and rashes caused by the consumption of excess COBALT. The mineral SELENIUM, which produces a sparing effect on the need for Vitamin E, may also be very helpful in controlling these skin eruptions. The foods rich in Vitamin E and SELENIUM, like whole-grain cereals, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, help in preventing pimples and boils. Vitamin E can even be taken in the form of pills, but the daily dose should be restricted to about 10 to 20 milligrams if the treatment is for a long period. ★★★Persons susceptible to pimples and boils should not have dental fillings, caps or bridges containing any traces of COBALT. Their teeth should be free of COBALT, as otherwise such persons can continuously suffer from the rashes of pimples, acne, boils and other skin eruptions, which can lead to horrible scars on their faces and other parts of their bodies.★★★ Among the other dietary factors that can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils is IODIZED salt, which should be restricted or replaced by non-iodized salt. Pickles, chutneys and other foods, which contain MUSTARD seeds, powder and oil, should also be avoided, as they are known to cause pimples in many people. Mustard oil should NOT be applied to the faces and hair, or used for massaging the bodies, by such persons. Other foods, which should be avoided by the persons susceptible to pimples and boils, include some mixtures of spices like GARAM MASALA, GROUNDNUTS (peanuts) and their oil. The consumption of protein and fat-rich dry fruits and nuts should be restricted, as they are also rich sources of COBALT. The excessive consumption of proteins and fats of even vegetarian origin can do great harm. ★★Lack of sex and the retention of semen for long periods in their bodies by young men can cause or increase pimples and boils in many of them. The regular ejaculation of semen prevents the formation of pus in the bodies of men, and thus stops the eruption of pimples and boils. The consumption of aphrodisiacal drugs for sexual stimulation can increase the formation of semen, which can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils in the persons who are prone to the disease. So, if they want to avoid getting pimples and boils, they should NOT use sexual stimulants.★★ ★★★Lactating mothers should NOT avoid breastfeeding their babies, as the retention of milk in their breasts can give them pimples!★★★
  14. Hi, I think I have a very mild form of acne in that some days (every blue moon) I can be *almost* completely clear. But most days my face looks like this... <- PICTURES! 95% of the time it only appears around my mouth. Every day I wake up and Im almost guranteed to have a little white pustule in either or both the crease of my chin or crease of my nose. And then I get the odd one every few days just appear somewhere around my mouth. These stay for 2 - 4 days typically. I do get large spots, but rarely and usually my own fault for wresting my chin on my hand or something. From my nose upwards (apart from the nose crease, shown in photo 2) my skin is perfectly normal and I'm completely satisfied with it. I usually treat them by either lancing them with a needle to drain them or just by folding some tissue into a point and jabbing at them until they burst and I wipe away the excess. I did used to use fingers and just pop them, but I got scarred at the end of last year and I have banned myself! I then wash my face in a bowl of luke walm water and sea salt(I've found this to help sooth my skin), then moisturise my face with Simple moisturising cream. This is done in the morning and at night before bed I have tried a BP cream, just slathered it in the crease of my chin nightly, but these pustules just appear under it the next day. I dont touch my face, I dont pick. I have a balanced diet, I do it salt and sugar but I also eat plenty of fruit and veg etc. The only thing I haven't done yet, is gone and see a doctor. I was trying to fix this myself without anything prescribed, but unless I can think of anything else, thats going to be my next step. Anyone got any ideas what I can try? Sorry for my crap writing. Im english but I dont flow well when I write!
  15. Last 2months i started to experience breakout. Every time i wake up in the morning there's always about 3-5 pimples with pus inside on my face. They heal fast about 1-2 days they're gone but after that the pus always comes back on the same exact spot or near to that area(forehead,cheeks, and chin). I'm not picking it but sometimes i accidently popped some while in the process of washing my face. I just want to have my clear face back like before. age:16 skin type: oily;acne prone skin
  16. Hello, this is my first post. Thank you for reading and for any advice. Here are some pictures I took while composing this post. This is after a couple days of prescribed treatment and weeks of my own treatment. In 2008 I was diagnosed with folliculitis. It was on my face only. My entire face was covered in acne-like whiteheads and papules. I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since puberty. I knew that this was something other than acne. I went to the dermatologist and he immediately diagnosed me with folliculitis. He gave me a fungal shampoo. That didn't work. I went back a week later and he gave me a prescription for topical Clindamycin and an oral antibiotic. He told me not to sweat (difficult since I live in Florida). It cleared up. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. Over the past four years I have suffered from folliculitis. I am now 40-years-old and I kind of just live with it. I try to treat it with stuff I have: Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic acid cleansers, a combo clindamycin/Retin-A drug (Ziana), salycilic acid. This stuff doesn't make much difference. I have to wait it out. It lasts for about a week or so and clears up. I didn't go back to the dermatologist because I found that no matter what I used it cleared up on its own and nothing seemed to speed recovery. Folliculitis is very emotionally distressing. I'll have clear skin for months and suddenly notice clusters of pinpoint whiteheads and know I'm soon in for a face covered in papules and pustules. One year I probably had it six times per year. A couple years were great and I would only get a couple outbreaks. Even though my dermatologist advised me not to sweat I exercised and did hot yoga. When I was doing hot yoga I didn't have any folliculitis. I went to YMCA and did spin and aerobics and I didn't find that sweating brought on the folliculitis, if anything it seemed to be better when I was exercising. This was probably a coincidence. I realized that my folliculitis was not aggravated by sweat; it was something else that was entirely random and unpredictable. Random to me at least. I never knew what was or is causing it. I have wondered if my makeup or beauty products were contaminated. I wondered if it was my food. I wondered if it was poor hygiene. I am now beginning to believe it is a case of gram negative folliculitis (my doctor thinks it is) and not a contaminated product or hygiene. He did tell me to throw away my makeup. For the past 6 months, or longer, I have not had any folliculitis. In mid-November I had a UTI and was prescribed Bactrim. I had a rash on my face, neck, and chest (photosensitivity rash) and stopped the antibiotic. Soon after the rash I broke out in folliculitis. Like always I waited for the folliculitis to clear up like it usually had in the past. I still had some of the Clindamycin/Retin-A combo drug (Ziana). I put this on my face and it would look better but I couldn't get it to fully heal. Just when I thought it was clearing up, it would come back. I was never prescribed Ziana. My mother gave me a tube, to treat my regular acne, she was prescribed a few years ago. Maybe it was in 2008 when all of this started. I can't remember. I do know that I stopped using Ziana for a while because in the past, I noticed that it did nothing and was not useful in clearing folliculitis. I used it again this year because I was desperate and maybe it would help this time. It wasn't working fully (maybe it made it come back). I couldn't get rid of the folliculitis. This week I went to the same dermatologist that I saw in 2008. He took a look at me, asked me what was happening over the last four years, and told me it was probably gram negative folliculitis. He gave me a prescription for SulfaCleanse (sulfa face wash) and told me to buy PanOxyl bar. He told me to wash with PanOxyl in morning and Sulfa wash at night. He told me to lather the PanOxyl and Sulfa and allow it to sit on the face for 10-20 minutes. I have been doing this for the last two days. The folliculits looks a little better. My face is red and dry, and starting to scale, but that is to be expected. He told me the next step was Accutane and to come back when it was "particularly bad" so he could culture it again. In 2008 he cultured it and the results came back negative -- normal skin flora. Nothing grew in the lab. Here is what I have and haven't done: -I have NEVER been on long-term antibiotics. Over the last four years I have been prescribed an antibiotic four times. Levaquin for UTI, Bactrim for UTI, a sulfa for UTI, and amoxicillin for an for a run of the mill upper respiratory illness. I have photosensitivity reaction (fairly common occurrence) to most antibiotics. In my entire life I would estimate that I have only been prescribed antibiotics around ten times. I do not seek out antibiotics unless completely necessary. I have not taken long-term antibiotics for any illness, including acne. -I have cleansed my face with a myriad of products. I will use everything from Dial antibacterial bar soap, to acne cleansers (PanOxyl, Neutrogena), to Ivory soap, to Ajax dish liquid for a quick cleanse in the kitchen sink (I know, not good). I use a glycolic acid cleanser called Wrinkle Revenge 2. Usually I cleanse my face with the soap that is in the shower and the Wrinkle Revenge a few times per month. Sometimes I use a night cream with retinoid in it by Neutrogena. After some preliminary research it seems that I may have destroyed the normal skin flora on my face with oral and topical antibiotics, even though I have not used antibiotics on a regular basis. I have read that when retinoids and benzoyl peroxide are used along with oral and topical antibiotics, they can have a synergistic effect. I do not think I have overused antibiotics but when combined with the BP and Retin-A, they were working together to destroy my face. Maybe? This is my educated guess, I can't know for sure. Right now, I am at a loss and pretty distressed. This last bout of folliculitis has lasted for a month. I have always been upset about going to work with folliculitis on my face (it's localized on my face only, never in my scalp, never on any other parts of my body). I thought I beat it for good when I hadn't had an outbreak in a while. What do you think of the PanOxyl bar and Sulfa wash my doctor has prescribed? Other than sulfa wash, and I know BP kills bacteria, I am not using the other antibacterials or antibiotics I have. I am never using Clindamycin and Ziana since I think these (combined with the antibacterial soap and other stuff I have been using) may be the culprits. Again, this is a guess and I don't know. The doctor told me to stop using antibacterial soaps and liquid soaps meant for hand washing. He told me to use Dove bar for sensitive skin after the folliculitis clears. I am afraid that the folliculitis will not clear and I will have to go on Accutane and I'm not to thrilled about that. Any advice or comments appreciated.
  17. Background: Female in late teens, have had acne since early teens. Escalated to moderately severe in my high school years. I had been seeing a dermatologist the entire time, their bp/salycylic acid/clindamycin regimen did NOTHING for my skin. I liked tretinoin. Antibiotics (specifically amoxicillin) CURED me of my acne. I was on it for 1 year+ and obviously had to stop. I have been self treating my acne for the past few months. Acne type: Moderately-severe. Skin is dry-ish especially in the winter. I sometimes get this horrible combination of extremely dry peeling skin+oil buildup on my face in the summer months. Regimen for 1 month+ and its results: Vitamins: Fish oil, all natural zinc, 2 garlic pills per day. Treatment: Gentle neutrogena fresh cleanser 1x per day at night, sometimes mixed with few drops of calamine lotion. occasional application of Povidone-iodine (Betadine) with a cotton swab at night. wash with just water in the morning. Diet: Spice and carbs heavy food (Indian food is very common in my household). NO junk food, no pop, little to no sugar. I will be able to take charge of my diet in a month when i start cooking again, and am thinking about eating a very veggie/fruit heavy diet. Exercise: Minimal, it has a very faint effect on my skin Results: Since i have begun self treatment cystic acne has stopped. Regular acne is still present in moderately-severe form. I am getting more whiteheads/pustules than I have ever gotten, despite being careful to gently exfoliate my skin and keep it clean. my acne is worst on one side of my face ONLY (from one the low cheek up to the browbone) I would really appreciate any help in diagnosing my acne and editing my regimen. I'm starting to lose hope and some days feel pressured to giving in to accutane.
  18. Hello, Ive been looking through these questions for about a week and I decided I needed help. I am 15 years old with combination skin, i dont take birth control, or any other prescriptions. I havent seen a dermatologist and please dont tell me i should because there arent any around where i live. My only goal this summer was to have clear skin before school. And i used korean acne products while i was in another country until this month. about a week an a half ago, i bought the neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne cleanser, rapid clear foam scrub, and the rapid clear acne eliminating gel. It works so well! After few days I was left with a few noticeable pimples and just mostly flat pimples. Of course it also started flaking. So i went and bought the rapid clear toner and the grapefruit moisturizer as well! But the first night i used it i only got 2 hours or sleep for some reason and my flat pimples became red and noticeable so i couldnt blame the products. Anyways.. My pimples were just being on and off but my skin wasnt flaking anymore. Last night, I went to bed after putting on the rapid clear acne eliminating gel and the pimples that were NOTICEABLE, became filled with HUGE PUS! well only one did and 3 others were normal pus. I popped it with an extractor (the big one) and clear fluid did come out and right when i thought i popped it right, now it is filled with some kind of WHITE thing but doesnt look like pus. and the one out of the other 3 pus filled acne i popped was BLEEDING and now the skin around it is swollen basically and it looks like pus came back again.. So help me, what should i do ?????
  19. i use the rapid clear collection from neutrogena. i have combo skin. is it good if a small pimple turns into a pus filled one the next morning. what shd i do w it just leave it?
  20. Hi im 15 yr with combo skin. I have some very noticeable pimples around my mouth, one on my upper lip line, one just next to my mouth, and other ones but they cure easily. i use the rapid clear salycylic acid spot gel along with the scrub,cleanser and toner. ive been doing this routine w grear results for about 1 1/2 week and this morning. last night the acne on my upper lip line was half blood dried up and half just normal pimple. and the one next to my mouth r clusters and they were fine, today i woke up with a huge pus on the upper lip line and on the acne next to my mouth. i popped the upper one ok with an extractor but is now filled with white transqul kind of fluid or pus. and the one next to my mouth , i popped it wrong and i popped the skin of the cluster if that even makes sense. so basically the actual pus wasnt all out yet but i damaged my skin and is now bloody and swollen. what should i do with both of them? pls help...
  21. I am curenntly a freshman in high school with fairly bad acne, that is mostly hormonal. I have mild acne on my chin all the time, while around once a month I get these large, painful cysts. Last year around November, I got a medium-sized cyst right in the area between my eyes. (Where sunglasses sit). I decided not to mess with it, hoping I could wait it out. Well, about one month later, I got tired of it, and it looked like it could be popped, so i did. Lots of gross stuff came out, and left this Huge scab where the cyst used to be, like the kid you got as a kid when you fell and scraped your knee. I put neosporin on it, and the scab eventually healed. Once it did, though, it left a pore-like hole, with marks around it from when i used my fingernails to pop the cyst. Worse, I constantly found and find myself having t o extract this white pus stuff from the pore, and none of this has shown any signs of improvement for several months now. Is there anything that I can do to heal this, preferably without having to consult a dermatologist?
  22. Boils/huge Pustules Whatever

    The reason I am posting this in this section is because I find people in this part of the forum more helpful and responsive. Anyways, ever since I stopped taking minocycline after 10 months, I have been getting these boils that are filled with pus. So first they are just bumps that you can feel, but then they come to head and get filled with pus and blood and rupture. They stay around for like 10 days before they start healing and takes a total of 2-3 weeks to go away. I got them between my legs twice and now on my back right under my neck, all within a month and they are quite painful once they burst and have this foul smell. I think I have a mixture of folliculitis and acne on my face but now I am starting to think.. is it possible I have a staph infection or MRSA maybe? I went to a doctor who prescribe me Bactrim DS for 2 weeks but I have not taken them since I just came off antiobiotics after two years, but I am seriously considering taking it to maybe kill whatever infection I have. What do you guys think it is? Any tips?
  23. I have small bumps on certain parts of my face (chin and mouth area). They usually aren't inflamed (but they can be) and each bump contains a bit of puss. Any idea about how to get rid of these? I currently use AHA but that doesn't do much. I used to use Dan's BP, but stopped because it seriously dried out my entire face (even with moisturizer), though I'm willing to try it again.
  24. so I went to my dermatologist and she took a look at me and said the obvious: STOP TOUCHING, PICKING POPPING. I gotta tell ya, that's probally the worst part. It seems that humans inherently want to pick and pop no matter how many professionals give sound advice and provide facts about the damage you cause by doing so. Long story short: MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP :DDD I was prescribed a retinol 150 cream. The stuff cost me $80 !! With a price tag like that it better be good, right? Well I experienced a shit load of peeling and I still am getting some dry side effects and peeling when I apply it in the evening but it is making the pustules that were previously destroying my face stop appearing. I am so unbelievably happy that I've been able to reduce the 10 or so whiteheads on my face at a time to 1 to zero. But my complexion still looks like hell due to the relentless peeling so I avoid going out at night. But during the day all I have to do is put some moisturizer(I like actinage soothing gel) and it even helps fade the red marks from past pimples!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as to the maintenance of my skin but I have high hopes for this retinol stuff. It feels like im typing this for nothing because i'm getting like zero feedback but idc, I just need to convey my emotions. When my phone is charged I will post progress pics. I'm very pale so my face kind looked like the surface of the moon. lol