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  1. Hi i have important exams next week and normally I hide my acne, only this time a comedone grew into a huge painful bump on my chin. It also hurts to move or eat. Normally I get those on my temples Should I pop this or leave it? I added a picture. I'm afraid to inflame it even more and my skin is sensitive because of roaccutane in gel form. then again.. What if it gets worse? What is your advice And also does anyone what type of acne this is : a cyst? Inflamed whitehead? Thanks in advance xxx
  2. What do you think to be better and why? On me, I know that popping some spots on my face leads to spreading, whereas other times the spot has gone and not returned. I know it’s not just me who wants to weigh out the pros and cons.
  3. Skin Condition Unlike yesterday, my skin was much less red when I woke up this morning Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks The pimples on my lip are all no longer active,but still have a mark I plan to pop the 3 tiny whiteheads on my chin (Bad, I know, more on that later) Skin feels tight but not as flakey The one pimple on my forehead is also no longer active The deep "underground" pimple is smaller, dryer and less painful than yesterday Application This morning I washed my face with warm water and then my sulfacleanse I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed I applied a thick layer of moisturizer After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it I decided to pop the whiteheads on my chin. I know its bad but here is my method that never seems to give me problems (I got it from Dr. Oz) Make sure your pimples are ready. There should be a very white soft head on the pimple. Take clean hands and a clean needle to a clean pimple. (I use peroxide on it all) Insert the tip of the needle in the SIDE of the whitehead. Remove the needle and GENTLY drain the pimple. I don't try to squeeze out every drop of pus. I give it one gentle squeeze and whatever comes out comes out, and then I move on. IDEALLY I would pop my pimples at night so they have time to heal while I sleep but these 3 were so ready to pop. I decided to ice my pimples again today I focused on the deep underground pimple and the ones I had just popped. I took my doxycycline Midday I washed with cerave hydrating cleanser I moisturized The reason for this mid day wash is to remove the layers of moisturizer,dirt, and oil from the morning and prep my skin for makeup as I was going out that night Makeup green color correcting primer BB cream on my problem areas SUUPER light dust of translucent powder Before bed Washed my face with my cerave hydrating cleanser waited 20 minutes Applied a pea sized amount of adapelene all over my face waited 5 minutes applied moisturizer. Lots Feelings/Thoughts/Observations Less dryness than yesterday for the most part, except a little more than usual around my eye area. Im continually puzzled by this because i dont apply any adapelene in that area and I make sure not to accidentally spread it there when applying moisturizer I have less than 2 active pimples on my face currently. The rest are in the process of healing/ The big underground pimple continues to show improvement Notes Take this weeks survey please! im curious to see you guy's experiences (see yesterday's post) If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!

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    someone please help me I need to heal this and don't know how
  5. I had this pimple on my forehead that was a smallish red bump and I tried squeezing on it but nothing came out but I kind of scratched the top off of it. The next morning it was pretty swollen and I could feel a big bump underneath. I got in the shower and once I got out the whole area had turned yellow. I squeezed it and a bunch of pus came out so I thought that was the end of it. A few hours later it scabbed over but I could still feel a bump and it was still swollen and sore. I got in the shower again that night to see if maybe there was still gunk in there and sure enough when I got out the entire area was all yellow again. I squeezed and it exploded with more pus coming out. It appeared to be flat but when I ran my finger across it I could still feel a bump and it was still really sore. The next morning the same thing happened when I got out of the shower. I squeezed again and more stuff came out, but I can still feel a little bump and its still pretty sore to the touch. The scab is crusty and yellow and I'm sure there's still stuff in there even though it looks flat because I can still feel the small bump. I've been squeezing until I don't get any more gunk each time, so I don't know how there could still be stuff in there. How do I get this thing to be gone for good?
  6. Day 8?

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    Okay so I had a little bit of what I think is an IB. What happened was I got a bunch of little pimples all around my mouth area. And then I still had some of the bigger ones I had before taking Accutane. So all in all I probably had a total of 15 pimples all along my chin/jawline and like I said most of them were little but anyways my chin mouth looks like a minefield on my face so of course I had to mess with them. :/ Yes, I tried popping them ALL. they look red now and some of them didn't even pop. What are your guys' experience with popping pimples on Accutane. Keep in mind I'm barely starting my second week. I really hope I get some responses on this one. For examples, how long do they take to heal, how long were they red? Like I said most of them were small so I don't think they'll scar? I've never really had an issue with scarring on my face with pimples before Accutane so I'm hoping Accutane won't change that? I feel soooo stupid for messing with them but I couldn't freaking help it! Ugh.
  7. Hello! I was just wondering if you guys think popping a pimple can lead it it causing more acne in the surrounding area. I had a semi inflamed acne bump on my cheek.. I applied witch hazel, washed my hands, covered my fingers in toilet paper, tried to pop it.. some stuff did come out, but it wasn't a completely successful extraction.. I immediately put witch hazel on it, then after that dried I put on some aloe on the bump and a little around the surrounding area. So I think I did all I could for someone who was extracting a pimple.. but my fear since the bump was on the apple of my cheek is that since it wasn't a completely successful extraction and I had to use a lot of force that I spread the bacteria to the surrounding area, and that I will start getting inflamed acne on my cheeks (I never usually get this type of acne there ever) So I'm mostly asking you, do you think popping pimples can even spread infection to other areas it was popped in? And do you think a one time thing is something that could cause inflamed acne in the whole area, or do you think I'm safe? Thanks (:
  8. Hi im 15 yr with combo skin. I have some very noticeable pimples around my mouth, one on my upper lip line, one just next to my mouth, and other ones but they cure easily. i use the rapid clear salycylic acid spot gel along with the scrub,cleanser and toner. ive been doing this routine w grear results for about 1 1/2 week and this morning. last night the acne on my upper lip line was half blood dried up and half just normal pimple. and the one next to my mouth r clusters and they were fine, today i woke up with a huge pus on the upper lip line and on the acne next to my mouth. i popped the upper one ok with an extractor but is now filled with white transqul kind of fluid or pus. and the one next to my mouth , i popped it wrong and i popped the skin of the cluster if that even makes sense. so basically the actual pus wasnt all out yet but i damaged my skin and is now bloody and swollen. what should i do with both of them? pls help...
  9. So about 1.5 weeks ago I popped a white head that was on my cheek and since then after that it has been red, painful and hard. I had not been doing anything besides washing it with my Clarisonic but yesterday I decided to put hot cotton ball to the area in hopes of decresing the swelling and getting out what was inside of this huge red swollen bump while I believe is infected. After 1 day of putting the hot cotton ball on the site my swollen bump has increased in size and it is now more red everywhere around the area! I put alcohol on the area and then put the hot cotton ball on it and it has still not gone away! It is still huge and red and swollen and still has a hard bump, but the hardness has gone down a LITTLE, and now it is BLACK too! I have attached a picture of the site I put aloe vera or neosporin on the area twice and it has not seemed to help! I have also been washing the area but it has not helped. Please let me know what to is a HUGE red,black, swollen bump and I am scared it is going to look like that for a long time....
  10. Anyone Ever Experience This?

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    For the last 4 months I've had what I believe to be a rash under my lower lip to the right of my mouth. It happened after an appointment at the dentist where I had fillings and a root canal done. I thought it had to do with all the stress I was going through during that appointment, as well as all the drooling/irritation going on in that area. These bumps aren't like normal pimples, as they are very small (no head), pearly looking, and when I wash the area they will usually "pop" and leak clear fluid which dries up and forms a small amount of dry skin that flakes off. Again, these "bumps" are extremely small. I'm so baffled at this rash. I've tried cortisone cream which makes it go away but the rash returns after 5-7 days after stopping the cream, as well I've tried BP and Clindamycin gel which again makes it go away only to have it return 5-7 days after stopping use. So bizarre. Any ideas would be helpful.
  11. Hey guys! So I've been taking these blood cleansing tablets for the past 2 days and my right cheek is breaking out in red, irritated pimples! (damn you purging phase) These pimples seem to be super inflamed and no matter what I use they become bigger and red. Do you guys know of anything to put on them to take down the redness or swelling? I'm just afraid they are gonna burst on their own and leave nasty marks... :/ WELL, actually a couple of them have already And no I have not been popping or irritating them on my own at all!! I'm not using any harsh cleansers or anything! Help, please?
  12. Open Wound - Help Please

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    Hi everyone, I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out with my problem. On a day to day basis, I only suffer with mild acne (usually blackheads/a few whiteheads) since changing my birth controll pill I've had not as many problems with cystic acne like I used to. But the other day, I woke up with a huge tender painful cyst on my chin I know I shouldn't have, but I went into panic mode and tried to pop the cyst with a needle after applying heat to it. I know I'm wrong in doing this, and I'm paying for it now I had to re-pop the cyst yesterday as it developed a small head, but since then it doesn't seem to be healing at all. It's still a bright red, oozing open wound. I applied some antibiotic cream last night before bed but woke up this morning with still an open wound with a slight yellowish crust covering it. To me, it looks infected and I'm beginning to get worried. I'm currently living in Canada for a year (I'm from England) so I don't have a derm or a doctor I can visit, a walk in clinic would cost me a lot of money. So is there anything I can purchase over the counter to try and heal this thing up? I've had a band aid over it for a couple of hours but when I take it off the band aid is covered in lymph fluid (sorry for the gross details) I've heard things about anti fungal medication for open cystic wounds, could this help me? Or an oral pill to help infection maybe? Or just keep washing it at night and keeping it covered with an antiseptic cream? Please help.
  13. Sudden Adult Acne Age 19

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    Hi, so until the beginning of this year, I've always had pretty manageable skin... Breakouts here and there whenever I was on my period or wasn't eating right, but most of the time, my skin was perfectly fine and I barely wore makeup. However, all of a sudden in the span of about 2 weeks, my face erupted with a bunch of white heads and puss-filled nodules around my T-zone... in a matter of weeks, that spread all around my face, and cysts and nodules started popping up. It's been about 5+ months, and it still continues to erupt. I've tried Yaz - but it just made my face 10 times worse and made me go INSANE. I also could not breathe while on it. I'm currently on minocycline, and it is helping a little, but it definitely isn't clearing up much. I eat very healthy and exercise on a daily basis. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, and have no clue as to what I should do. Derm told me awhile ago the mlno should have cleared it up - it hasn't, obviously. From having perfectly clear skin to this, I don't know how to deal with it.
  14. What The Hell Happened?

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    Been on the Regimen for like 4-5 years now, and while I get the occasional pimple here and there I've been about 99% clear for the most part. Fast forward to June of this year. I went to Vegas with a couple of my buddies, and upon returning I started to get pimples here and there. I thought it was because I switched my shaving cream (turned out to not be the case), then I thought it was a preworkout supplement I was taking (again, not the case). The funny thing is that I'm not getting pimples like I used to. Before I would get whiteheads. Now I'm getting hard, red bumps that never come to a head. If I leave them alone, they don't go anywhere, and if I try to pop them they just get worse. It's like a lose lose situation here. Granted I'm getting one every week to two weeks, but once you've been clear for a while it's extremely annoying. The heat here in New York has been ridiculous this year, and I find that I'm always sweating. I've never washed my face with anything except water, because my skin dries out easily. Could the extreme heat here (for NY standards) be the cause of my acne all of a sudden? On a side note, I'm considering popping this pimple on my chin with a needle. I don't plan on squeezing it or anything, I just want the acne medication to actually be able to do its job, but it can't if it can't get to the infection. It's like one giant clogged pore that has a hard spot in the middle. How many damage can a little prick with a sterilized needle do, especially if I don't squeeze it?
  15. Agh! Need Help!

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    So I had what I'm assuming what a small cyst on my nose, I had hurt a lot and it was bright and shiny. I unfortunately popped it later, and got blood and pus.... But a week a half later, there's what seems to be a zit in its place, but it doesn't hurt, it just bright red. Ughh need help, anything I can do? Here's a pic:
  16. Please Help!

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    Hi, I'm new to the forums but having had a read it seems like a good community to reach out to for some help! I'm 22 and have always had spots of some kind but never had really bad acne. I exercise regularly and generally have a good diet. A few weeks ago my right cheek started getting incredibly red and irritated and lots of small spots started forming, it was really angry and was hurting/itching a lot. Following the advice of some friends I switched from using Bulldog Skincare products to the Clinique 3-Step Anti-Blemish formula. I've been using this for about a week now and the results aren't great for me. My right cheek is still hugely painful, itchy and irritated, and more recently the spots have turned into quite large whiteheads (I've attached pictures of when it was red, and now when it's whiteheads). I've been good at not scratching or picking/popping any of them but it's getting to the stage now where it's so bad I don't even want to leave the house. I work in a really busy retail store so I'm constantly dealing with people and I'm spending all day conscious of people looking at my cheek. I also start a new university course mid September and I can't bare the thought of having to show up on the first day with these whiteheads. I know the skin goes through a purging phase when you switch to a new regime but should it really be this bad? I really don't know what to do at the moment! ANY help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Oh also, I'm in the UK so as far as I'm aware I can't use the regimen .
  17. so my skin is very random, some weeks itll clear up, some weeks itll get bad. idk what to do. i moisterize twice daily and shower every night, and clean pillow cases and sheets every few days. my diet is the same thing always, very clean foods. its pretty bad right now, the picture really doesnt show all the spots..but most of them are under the skin and i cant pop them. as you can see i have a ton of previous marks left from past acne, that i want gone very badly. i know my skin isnt bad enough for accatuance, but any help is appericated. its really bumming me out, and its the only thing that upsets me .
  18. I am 24 years old and have had acne for about 10 years. It's been mild to moderate to bad - but in the last two to three months all Hell has broken loose. I barely have an unblemised bit of skin on the lower half of my face and my cysts are HUGE, painful, angry red pulsating monsters. Today was a low. I was taking a test (I'm in a Masters program) and was hunched over my desk looking down at the paper when I heard/felt a small "pop" and all of the sudden green pus was dripping off my cheek and onto my Scantron! I was so freaking humiliated and I had to TURN IT IN with the pus stains on it. The cyst was enormous and probably contained half a teaspoon of pure pus I was crying just trying to finish and trying to hide my burst cyst. Ugh! I have tried it all. Minocycline, Bactrim, Benzaclin, Tazorac, Yasmin, Proactive, and of course benzoyl perixide and salicylc acid. Nothing really works and this is ruining my life. I don't want to even leave my house and I am in pain all the time. Here's the kicker - I can't take Accutane! I am allergic ro it. Tried it once about four years ago and my tongue swelled and I had to call an ambulance. I'm thinking of asking for a skin graft of healthy skin unless you have more ideas because I simply can't live this way. I look like a complete beast, I'm dripping pus, my face is so sore and crusty! I am supposed to be out meeting guys and having fun Instead I feel like one of the characters in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Hellllp please!!
  19. Please Help.

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    Ok, so about two months ago I had a huge boil/cyst/pimple --I don't really know what it was- and I popped it (I know..big mistake). Well, now I have this really ugly scar. It's like a hole right on my cheek and it looks so ugly. It seriously makes me cry. I'm so depressed, I never want to go out anymore because no matter what I do it doesn't go away or get better, I've tried putting mederma, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, etc.. I graduate high school in 2 months and I Reallllly need it to be gone by then but I'm afraid it'll never go away. If you've ever had something similar to this please tell me it will away
  20. Hi Had acne for 5 years and now how things under control. All my skin care regime is using this cleanser once a day purechimp super-cleanser. I moisturise with this purechimp super face cream Less is more. Chemically harsh products often make things worse, which gets us into a vicious circle of continuously changing products. Keep it simple and stick to your regime. Give your skin a break. Acne is a hormonal thing and what you eat affects your hormones. Also what you do (too much stress) can also play havoc with your hormones. Unfortunately us acne prone people are more sensitive to changes in our hormones. Treat your skin from within. Cut out ALL Dairy, High GI foods, Sugary Foods that are high gi (sweets, cake etc), Cut down on Caffeine. Things to eat & drink: Drink around 2l water day Carbohydrates: wholewheat pasta, low gi bread, quinoa, granola bar, fruit, vegetables, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, good quality granola cereal, all-bran, homemade popcorn (easy and tastes great), Crisps (but don't over indulge), backed beans Sugar: mayple syrup, xylitol (amazing stuff), fruit, dark chocolate, agave nectar Dairy: rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, dairy free butter, dairy free ice cream now & then (made from coconut milk) Caffeine: green tea, matcha green tea and dark chocolate Meat: Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Tin Tuna Nuts & seeds. Pretty much all vegetables and fruit. There are a couple high GI ones if you want to be really strict and cut them out. All herbs & spices. Like to cook with olive oil. Vitamins you may like to include: A daily multivitamin Fish oil or cod liver oil Things to cut down stress (pick and choose): Bike rides/walks/Jogs Exercise at least 3 times a week in some way Some form of meditation daily would be helpful, stare at that bloody candle or something Take time everyday to do something your enjoy IMPORTANT: Sleep. Wake up at the same time every day and you will soon get into a routine. Everyone is different and may need to slightly tweak things. Once you get clear you may also be able to add some foods back in. But try not to over indulge in bad foods. I still have a take away now and then but when I do, I just try to avoid DAIRY. Personally believe dairy is the number one food to avoid. I also recommend you using Witch Concealer Spot Stick. Can be used by men & women. Gives you a confidence & you're not smothering your face with make up that would probably break you out.
  21. Red/blood Filled Pimple?

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    I was washing my face a few weeks ago when I noticed I felt a small bump, I left it and was going to wait it out and then deal with it, a few days pass and I popped a pimple that had formed now fast forward a few weeks and I am left with a dark.. blood filled pimple (I think its blood filled, it could just be heavily irritated) what do I do to deal with it?
  22. Several months ago, I got two gigantic cysts on my chin. I have already diagnosed their cause as hormone related, but I can't get rid of the remains! I also had both of them injected with cortisone twice, and to no avail. Now, six months later, I still have two red bumps on my chin ... they never come to a head and cannot be popped. At the suggestion of my dermatologist, every night for the last six months I have covered them with a Band-aid and a combination of vaseline and Epiduo to both keep the skin moist but also kill the skin and promote new skin growth. Needless to say, the buggers are still here and my dermo keeps telling me I have to "wait it out". I am considering getting several sessions of microdermabrasions to take off layers of skin. However, this is a very costly investment. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and if so, had you had any success? Any other suggestions are welcome ... my self-esteem has reached an all-time low and I am truly getting desperate at this point!
  23. Hi, I think I have a very mild form of acne in that some days (every blue moon) I can be *almost* completely clear. But most days my face looks like this... <- PICTURES! 95% of the time it only appears around my mouth. Every day I wake up and Im almost guranteed to have a little white pustule in either or both the crease of my chin or crease of my nose. And then I get the odd one every few days just appear somewhere around my mouth. These stay for 2 - 4 days typically. I do get large spots, but rarely and usually my own fault for wresting my chin on my hand or something. From my nose upwards (apart from the nose crease, shown in photo 2) my skin is perfectly normal and I'm completely satisfied with it. I usually treat them by either lancing them with a needle to drain them or just by folding some tissue into a point and jabbing at them until they burst and I wipe away the excess. I did used to use fingers and just pop them, but I got scarred at the end of last year and I have banned myself! I then wash my face in a bowl of luke walm water and sea salt(I've found this to help sooth my skin), then moisturise my face with Simple moisturising cream. This is done in the morning and at night before bed I have tried a BP cream, just slathered it in the crease of my chin nightly, but these pustules just appear under it the next day. I dont touch my face, I dont pick. I have a balanced diet, I do it salt and sugar but I also eat plenty of fruit and veg etc. The only thing I haven't done yet, is gone and see a doctor. I was trying to fix this myself without anything prescribed, but unless I can think of anything else, thats going to be my next step. Anyone got any ideas what I can try? Sorry for my crap writing. Im english but I dont flow well when I write!
  24. So my acne has actually gotten a lot better but still, once and awhile, I would get some nasty big yellow pus pimples on my cheek area Right next to my nose. Up until now, I was convinced that as long as you don't pop the pimple, it won't leave a Scar. That is exactly what I do but I've noticed something. When I leave the pimple and Absolutly do not touch it, it would eventually Dry up and become this yellow hard dried pus. It was this particular pimple that had been dried and in solid form for about 4 weeks now but once I accidently scratchd it off in the mirror, I saw a small Hole. I immediately covered the hole with medicine, and there was no blood. It was as if the solid thing had shaped and stretched my pore. I don't know if it will close up eventually but Ill see how it is in the morning when I wipe off the medicine. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I feel like what ever I do will lead to a possible scar and feel like if I had popped the pimple earlier, the would would seal up while its still fresh/ wet instead of leaving it to become streched and dry. I need help and opinions. I was thinking of semi popping a pimple to release half the puss so the pore wont be that streched when it dries. I don't know. I had also posted this in another section because I don't know, I feel really down and desperate.
  25. Sooo... Well, I've got acne. I'm 18 years old Male and it has become much worse in the recent few months (since about September, it has really started to bother me) with a slight improvement within the last couple or so weeks. I used to have light acne ever since I was about 14 (I'm putting that down to puberty but since I'm 18, I'm starting to worry. What if I'm past puberty and I've still got acne?!) but back then it was normal and while it did bother me, it was nowhere near as bad as it is now. I'll break the post down into sections since I'll assume its going to be quite a hefty read for those that bother. I definitely have a sensitive skin since lots of products can either really dry out my face or just make it turn red/rashy. Where is it and what is it like? Well, generally it is the worst (by far) around the chin and you could even say the jaw line. I also get it at a much smaller extent on my forehead and neck but the chin is the part that worries be the most. I've also got blackheads around on my nose and especially on the sides but once again, I can get that sorted once I get rid of the chin acne (however, if I can combine the chin treatment with treating the nose too then all the better). Overall (apart from nose), the acne mostly consists of either pustules or whiteheads (red spot with a white head) and in very rare cases, I have gotten a larger spot that was like a little mountain without a visible head (but as I said, these are very rare and I've only ever had them a handful of times). The way that my acne works is that it's always different. I mean, I rarely get spots in the same place, usually they're just random and they come and go as they please. Typically it's about 3 - 10 pustules/whiteheads on my chin and maybe a couple elsewhere (but this can change drastically). What have I tried so far? Well, my current regime (on and off but I tend to stick with this when I see that the "new" thing I've tried isn't working) is washing face with Bulldog Original Face Wash (its super gentle, has no fragrance or alcohol and brilliant ingredients.) and then moisturise with Bulldog Original Moisturiser (again, super gentle. Has no fragnance, no alcohol, brilliant ingredients and moisturises like a beast). I do this twice a day (morning, wash face before shower, moisturise face before leaving house. evening, before bed I wash my face and then moisturise once it has dried). Beside this I also take Zinc Picolinate 50mg (after breakfast) and Cod Liver Oil 1000g (at the same as the Zinc). I also used to take Vitamin B Complex and Calcium when I started taking these supplements (~ a month ago, maybe a bit more) but I cut out the Vitamin B because I thought that it might be the reason that I felt so sleepy and the Calcium because I thought that it might interfere with the Zinc. Occasionally (no more than 2 - 3 times a week), I scrub my face with Bulldog Original Face Scrub (as you can see, I like the brand. Again, scrubs pretty damn well and has no harmful ingredients). Here's a list of the things that I've tried so far: Zinc Picolinate 50mg - I read many posts regarding Zinc as the only supplement that works and I thought I might as well give it a go. After lots of pain in the arse getting it (within the UK, it's impossible to get it at the high street so I ended up getting it from Amazon), I went for Zinc Picolinate (since there are at least 5 different types, I couldn't decide myself and ended up searching for an answer. Some dodgy link said that Picolinate is absorbed the best so I just trusted that). It has been about a month since and I can't see any improvement whatsoever. I realise that it might not be enough time to go ahead and write it off but I doubt it's going to be some miracle cure and it doesn't mean I'll stop taking it either way (got plenty of pills left). Stuff from Murad - When my acne first started to become worse (as I said, around September), I went ahead and bought some kit from Murad that contained all that was in the Acne complex kit but was named differently. I hadn't read any reviews on (even though I wish I had) so I wasn't aware about how this might or might not work. Turns out that it just made everything a lot worse. I followed the instructions with the 4 piece regime and after about 4 days, I woke up with a tomato red face that was almost like a rash. I of course, stopped using it straight away and the red face went away after about a week. Haven't touched that stuff since and I doubt that I'll ever will. Lots of high street scrubs, washes, moisturisers - Over all these years of having acne, I've tried a pretty big range of washes, scrubs, moisturisers. All the stuff was aimed for "acne-prone skin" (or some similar, marketing bullshit). Garnier, Oxy, Clean'n'Clear, Clearasil and others are just some of the names that I've tried and as far as my memory serves, nothing has been revolutionary enough to make a visible difference so I've kind of given up on that frontier. Tea tree oil - Years ago, my mother bought me a bottle of tea tree oil, claiming that it's really good for getting rid of spots and I just kind of ignored her. Recently, I found it again and after reading a bit on here, I realised that I might as well try it. It was 100% pure tea tree oil and my method was to pour a couple of drops in my moisturiser before I put it on (I put on couple of drops onto each handful of moisturiser rather than inside the tub). I done this until it ran out (about 3 weeks if I remember correctly) and while it felt and smelled nice, it has no real impact so once again, I gave up on that. Sleeping - This one is really odd but hear me out. For the last few months (might even go back all the way to September but not 100% sure on that), I've been sleeping during the day. The reason for this is that I often go to bed quite late and so I feel awful in college or work. Once I get home, I just get in the bed and sleep a couple hours. The reason that I even considered that this might be the problem is because I never washed my face if before I went to sleep so all that grime that had been building up till 6pm was just on my face when I went napping. I can't talk about results here since only a couple of days ago, I decided to stop napping altogether to see whether that changes anything Benzoyl Peroxide - Arguably one of the most common acne treatments. I heard about the success stories and wanted to try this right away. I read about different products that contain benzoyl peroxide, and even though PanOxyl 2.5% was the most popular, half the stories were success, the other half were horror. So, I looked around and decided to go for the Oxy On-The-Spot since this was by many, regarded as a more gentle method compared to PanOxyl. Tried using it for about a month until the tiny tub ran out and unfortunately, had no results apart from stained pillow cases and towels. Maybe I ought to try BP again but I'm afraid because of all the horror stories. I feel that I've forgotten something but I'll make sure to add anything if I do remember. What do I want? In a nutshell - to get rid of my acne. I know that it's nowhere near that simple but I require a few pointers in what to try next. I recently began looking at different types of face washes again (notably, the Sebamed Anti-bacterial Foam) but once again, a part of me feels that it's just another waste of money, no matter how many people praise it while the other half disagrees and wants to believe the marketing. Well, I guess that's it. I don't know what else to add but feel free to ask me questions or provide advice. Everything will be appreciated.