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  1. Good Morning Everyone I ma not Lactose Intolerant and Not even Gluten intolerent as I had number of blood test and nothing wrong showed up But when I eat Gluten and Milk and some other stuff (now sugar) as well I get inflamation and pimples Please advice if this is leaky gut or insuline issue as something causes over production of harmones or harmones whatever Could it be some enzymes missing from my stomach or intestines where my body is not digesting it and trhowing it in the blood stream for white blood cells to attack ? Please help as I have no idea what is going on
  2. Hormonal Cystic Acne Help!

    i have had hormonal, cystic acne for years! Recently I have gotten my hormones tested and the results here in Canada were: high prolactin, low estrogen, lowish progesterone, low FSH, low LH, high cortisol and high DHEA with low free testosterone.. can anybody help me with this??? I am going to see a naturopathic doctor soon but unfortunately I don't have any insurance so it's very expensive.. just want to interpret this results if anyone has had anything fairly similar or any suggestions on what to do this acne is wreaking havoc on my life! Anything would be appreciated thank you!
  3. Hi! I've recently started using this AHA/BHA toner and it says that I need to use sunscreen with SPF 30 after applying. Do you guys have any recommendations? I've used the Cetaphil Oil control moisturizer with SPF 30, but that made my face break out....
  4. Hi! im a 19 year old female who's been dealing with severe acne since the age of 11 or 12. I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of it or at least lessen the severity of it- Dermatologist visits, diet change, exercise and lifestyle changes in general, topical and oral medications prescribed by dermatologist, OTC ointments and cleansers and masks and scrubs and exfoliants and on the spot treatments , I drink a ton of water every day, change my bed sheets and pillow cases almost daily, and am sure not to touch my face. I have become extremely self conscious of my skin and my skin condition is on my mind literally all hours or the day and I know stressing about it doesn't help. I wake up every day with more bumps under my skin or another whitehead. Every. Single. Day. I have no confidence because of my acne .i cannot leave my house without putting makeup on, which is only about twice a week. (I wear makeup that's safe for acne prone skin and all products I use are safe for acne prone ,sensitive skin, and I am extra careful to be sure to get all makeup off as soon as I get home). Even though makeup covers redness and discoloration and the reddish/purpleish scarring from the acne, it obviously doesn't cover texture. My skin is just very bumpy. It's like bumpy "blind pimples" under my skin that haven't come to a head yet so they arent whiteheads. I notice it especially when I'm examining my face in the mirror upclose and with my phone's flashlight on my face to really see everything. If I pick and pick and try hard enough to pop them ,they'll pop but it'll also leave a nasty bloody, wet scab from picking it to a raw pulp which is even harder ,sometimes impossible ,to cover with makeup since it leaks through makeup (luckily I've been able to control my urge to pick and pick and pick at my face lately) But my skin is just bumpy and with makeup you can still see the bumpy texture. The texture I think even looks worse with makeup on. What is this? They're mostly on my chin and jawline and cheek area. I do a microdermabrasion face mask once or twice a week, or basically whenever I wear makeup after I take it off at the end of the day. The mask I use is from a company called "e-ra organics" I think. And it comes in a small white bottle labeled "revive microdermabrasion". It exfoliates with the beads in it and makes sure all makeup and dirt is out of my skin On top of my generally bumpy skin texture I still get those red bumps up on my skin that aren't quite a head yet but aren't below the surface anymore. I usually end up popping them anyway as it's easier to pop and if done right don't leave scab. but when I do pop anything I make sure I use a clean needle and tissue/toilet paper and clean hands and I wash my face after wards. The condition of my skin is very frustrating but I'm really concerned mainly now about the bumpy texture. what is it? What can I do about it? Any products to help my skin texture ?
  5. Help me identify my acne

    I always seem to get this only on this side of my face? I've tried cleaning my phone/pillow case daily and always have my hair up. What can I use to get rid of these and stop them from reappearing?
  6. No more oily skin thanks to LED Mask

    Hi everyone! I'm a 28 year old guy who has very very oily skin since i was 12 where my skin gets very oily after just half an hour. Recently I bought an LED Mask that has about 100+ LED bulbs that emits red and blue LED lights as well as infrared. I have been using just the RED light (632nm in wavelength) mode for half-an-hour to one hour a day and after a month, my skin has been much less oily than before. I only used the RED light because I read that its wavelength can go deep to reach the sebaceous glands in the skin to reduce sebum secretion while the wavelength of blue light is unable to do so. In addition, RED light is able to stimulate collagen production in the skin and my face seems to be firmer. I did some research and found a study that says the following: "It has been demonstrated that red light can affect the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands and change keratinocyte behavior.Furthermore, red light might also exert its effects by modulating cytokines from macrophages and other cells, which in turn could reduce inflammation. " I will report back again after 2-3 months of usage. Hope this works!
  7. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time but this past year, I've been having a lot of problems with these tiny bumps that keep forming on my forehead, cheeks, and on the sides of my face. Right now, I have the most on the side of my face. I have done many research on these bumps on and other websites and I have yet to find an exact description of the symptoms so I decided to start my own post. So these bumps I've been having, they show a lot when direct sunlight hits it and I can feel them when I touch my face. They feel hard and forms in clusters. I've tried to extract them before. The ones that I managed to extract, has this hard substance that comes out. Hard pus? The color is kinda yellowish, greenish, whitish, lol I don't know but it's hard and it usually comes out as a whole. Then, there are other ones that won't budge when I tried to extract. The part of my skin that these bumps appear on looks kind of shiny/scaly, like the skin there is very dry or something. I don't know if these appeared because of my face makeup(which I've been using for the past 3 years with no problem) or if it's because I've been overdrying my face. I've tried almost everything... retin-a, benzaclin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... etc.. nothing seems to get rid of these. It just makes the area very itchy and dry which I think causes even more bumps? A year ago, I'd only have a few bumps but since I've started to use these products, I've been getting more and everytime I stop using it, they still don't go away. I'm feeling very hopeless and frustrated right now because they just won't go away !!. I'm not sure if they formed because of overdried skin, acne cosmetica or if they're comedones... can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do to get rid of these ??? Any help or comments are appreciated! Thankss.
  8. Is this cystic acne?

    is this cystic acne? and if so how do i get rid of it? i use panoxyl and apple cider vineger as a toner afterwards and an occasional face mask. i have been drinking water, my diets iffy. but ill do whatever it takes. ill be seeing my doctor asap but i want a second opinion, i dont pop my pimples but how do i prevent scars? and rid of scars if i do happen to get any... PLEASE HELP.
  9. can you tell me what type of acne i have and how to treat it? my pimples dont hurt to touch, i just really want to rid of them WITHOUT leaving scars
  10. I've been struggling with acne right on the apples of my cheek. This has been going on for a year now and yet again, I'm completely stumped. I'll sometimes get a few spots around my hairline or on my forehead, but my main concern is the cheeks. I don't even go out anymore. I'm obsessed with acne and conjuring up a "cure." As much as I try to let it go and wait for it to fade, it bothers me to the point where I feel completely depressed. My lifestyle, habits, everything is controlled by this acne. I've tried products, diet, working out, doing yoga to relieve stress, expensive facials, vitamins- everything. I know I have oily skin and the pores on the cheeks are very small. I'm assuming it's from excess oil but I'm definitely no expert. I've been told to change my pillow cases- I do twice a week. I've been told to cut out dairy- I did. I've been told to workout- I do everyday. It did start after I moved to a big city, so the environment could be an issue? But I don't understand why it would only be on one side. It used to be on both cheeks, always worse on the right though. I'm so confused about that. It's gotten to a strange place where it's really bad on the right side of my face and almost completely clear on the left. I'm hoping this is a sign as to what is causing the acne. My forehead also just recently broke out in these small, colorless bumps (the picture didn't pick it up.) Any advice is so appreciated.
  11. Hey guys! I was hoping to just start a convo about acne stories and what has helped you. My acne used to be quite bad and I managed to really clear up my skin by cutting out dairy, going on birth control, and using Retin-A. However, the past month, it's been acting up. Not nearly as bad as it once was before treatment, but more breakouts than I've had since almost a year of mostly clear skin. I really don't mind getting little whiteheads that take a few days to clear up, but I've been getting bad, red, inflamed ones. I've had about 3 bad ones in the past month. I know, not terrible. But it is concerning because I wonder about the root cause. I also tend to pick, which is the worst. Always left with such guilt after. So anyway, I'm curious to hear some feedback!!! Thinking about cutting out a lot of carbs...anyone have success with diet changes? What about exercise routine? Or good topicals for those big, inflamed pimples? Any tips to stop picking? Let me know, thanks!
  12. im 16 yrs old and recently just finished my 9 month course of oratane (the australian accutane or whatever) 40mg/day! In australia we dont get higher dosages in a shorter period of time, or at least thats what my derm put me on cause of my weight, etc. im so grateful for this drug, i am finally able to look people in the eye, go to school, socialise and look at myself in the mirror. accutane is actually god sent & worked miracles on my mild acne. When i started accutane i never had terrible and problematic skin, however i was oily and would break out in my chin area and sometimes on my cheeks, many of my pimples were small and some were painful. i can't describe or remember my skin before because oratane thankfully made me forget and erase the hell that ive been through with my skin in the past. in a nutshell i had those regular teenage breakouts with extremely oily skin but it got to the point where it interfered with my lifestyle such as school, mental health, etc. Anyhow thats a long story to discuss for another day. My main concern is that it has been 1 week since ive finished my course of accutane, but i still get very minor and tiny pimples here and there on the very front of my cheek. Like 2 days after i finished my course, i had a bump on my right cheek. Theyre those invisible pimples, aren't painful, not inflamed, but just very tiny bumps? at the moment i have two on my left cheek, overall my cheek area is so red too and has been during my medication. why am i getting these bumps when accutane was going to seal the deal and rid of my acne? what should i do and is this common after a course of accutane? I also threw out my epiduo and mario badescu drying lotion so i have nothing to put on these bumps besides the glamglow supermud mask as a treatment for them. do you have any recommendations? I just showered and used: - peter thomas roth complexion correction pads on my left cheek as a "spot" treatment - estee lauder advanced night repair serum - cerave PM moisturising lotion
  13. Hello, guys. I am a teenger currently going through acne and dark spots. This may be a stupid idea but I was thinking about mixing random materials that I found in the kitchen. I found eggs, pure honey and packed coffee. What I am doing is mixing egg yolk with coffee powder along with honey by putting it my face and use it as a cleanser+mask. This is my day 1. I will update more about this experiment when I see any difference. Day 1 begins.
  14. Stubborn acne

    so it's been almost a year since these 3 pimples came in, and I've gone through a stressful year as a high school freshman. my doctor prescribed clindamycin phosphate 1% and benozyl peroxide gel 5% (to be combined) for my acne, which can be seen in the picture. The 3 are on the top left, near my nose. This treatment has only made them smaller, but hasn't really removed them, and they flare up throughout thenday. I apply this medicine in the nighttime, and I've tried to do it twice a day (so morning as well) but the medicine has dried out my skin to the point where it peels. Help!
  15. Hi, When I was 16 - 18 (I am 24 now) I had a lot of break outs on my nose, some of which have stayed on as hideous bumpy scars. The bumps are relatively hard and make my nose feel rough. I know people tend to notice them because sometimes people tend to touch their nose when talking to me. Below are some images (the lighting makes them appear less severe than they really are) What is the best treatment? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone! So I've been battling with acne for probably my whole high school life from Yr 7-12 and it still hasn't completely ceased. I've been looking up treatments and many people have reviewed that Benzac works well for them. I suffer from small pimples; they feel hard and bumpy on my face everytime I wash and cleanse. There is literally so many of them on my face, it's like caviar. If anyone has used Benzac products, please let me know if they reduce any pimples like mine? This is the product: [Benzac AC Gel 2.5%] Thanks in advance!
  17. Let me start by saying that I'm the worst haha. I was very consistent updating for about two weeks, then I went off the grid...oops. Well, I am officially completely finished with Claravis! I was on it for a total of 5 months and I have been finished for about 5 additional months. My feelings towards this process is very two-sided. On one end, I really do have virtually perfect skin and no noticeable scaring. But on the other hand, my body basically went through hell, which I'll explain below. Overall? I do think that Claravis can be very effective, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND using it unless EVERY OTHER OPTION is attempted. Here are my symptoms that I experienced/still experience (symptoms that I still deal with will have an * by it): Physical: dry-itchy skin, oily hair, sunburn*, heat rash, sweaty upper lip*, dry mouth*, easy dehydration*, very low alcohol tolerance*, moderate and new allergic reactions*, headache, nausea, appetite fluctuations (both starving or not hungry for entire days), weight gain, red eyes Emotional/Mental/Psychological: mood swings, general anxiety, social anxiety, mild depression, occasional confusion, bouts of random crying, etc. So if you struggle with acne like I did, where you tried everything to no avail, yes, Claravis is an option. However, I would look further into other factors of your life. If you currently consume dairy or gluten, try going a week or so without to see if it makes a difference. If you have a bad habit of not washing off your makeup or wearing makeup most days, try going an entire week with a clean face or strictly removing makeup and washing your face morning and night. Or perhaps change your makeup to a natural or sensitive-skin friendly formula. If you consume processed foods or excessive sugar/candy, make an effort to reduce those products to a minimum. Wash your pillow ONCE PER WEEK. Wash your makeup brushes ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS. Try increasing your vitamins and minerals. Consider birth control pills as an option to regulate hormones. Basically, Claravis did a great job making the skin on my face pretty, but it TOOK A MASSIVE TOLL ON THE REST OF MY BODY. Not only was the period during treatment hard, I am assuming some of the side-effects will last the rest of my life. I can now barely drink because I get drunk off of two or three drinks and feel like misery the following day. I have a new array of allergies that I have never experienced before, which is scary as hell because I still am not sure exactly what I am allergic to/if some allergic reactions are more or less severe. My upper lip sweats like crazy and I still have occasional mood swings/periods of anxiety. Below I have attached pictures of my clean face, about two minutes after washing, so you can see the results. But take into consideration all other factors besides just the post-physical.
  18. I've been dealing with progressively worsening acne for about a year now. I'll get the occasional blemish on my forehead, but there's always a clump on both of my cheeks. It's always worse on the right cheek, not sure if that's a factor but I thought I'd mention it. I'm at the point in my acne journey where I've tried everything. Essential Oils, Natural Remedies, Skincare Products, Weekly $100 Facials, EVERYTHING, yet nothing has helped. I'm wondering if there's potentially a hormonal imbalance? My mom suffered from severe acne, as well as my older brother. Has birth control helped anybody in similar situations? If so, which ones? I read the best are Yasmine, Yaz, Ortho Cyclen and Diane-35, any particular ones you'd recommend? Or any other suggestions,- honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.
  19. Hello I have been using the regimen for about 7 months now and it has worked pretty well so far. Last week, I suddenly started breaking out on the right side of my face. I have a lot of active breakouts currently. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary for this to happen, but it is all over the right side of my face. Still continuing the regimen, but wondering if anyone could provide more guidance or reasoning behind this to avoid future occurrences.
  20. Annual Fall/Winter Breakout

    Hey all, EDIT: Preface: I have decided to change this topic into a cumulative, experiment report. In this topic, I have characterized Cyclic Fall/Winter Acne (the FW Cycle) as a moderate/severe acne break out cycle that occurs durring the Fall/Winter Season. This topic and report is devoted to finding the nature of and a possible, effective treatment for a reccuring acne symptom, the FW Cycle. In this report, I (and perhaps any willing volunteer will propose and test treatments for this type of acne cycle. The purpose of this report is to: -log the results of experiments that will be proposed, discussed, and conducted in this message board topic. -and, hopefully, ultimately find a way to cure the FW Cycle. The results and conclusions are placed at the end of this post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm starting to break out massively again but I think I'm beginning to see a pattern. I'm looking to see if anyone else is on the same boat as I am; and if there are people like me, maybe we can pin point a cause and find a way to solve this stupid problem for ever. :] I've been experiencing major breakouts during this time of year (Late Fall/ Early Winter) for the past couple of years (prior to 3 years, I generally experienced very mild acne). The pattern is as follows: -I start/continue to break out (whiteheads, pustules, some nodules and cysts) massively during the months of: Oct, Nov, Dec -New pimples/cysts/pustules stop forming but scabs/dark patches of skin remain on my face during the months of: Jan, Feb, Mar -I have very clear skin approximately during the months of: Apr through Sept -and the cycle repeats. This info may be useful: I am a 20 y/o asian male in college. I live in new england where the seasons change drastically. as mentioned before, prior to 3 years (before starting college), I generally experienced very mild acne and was relatively clear - even during winter. Also, during the clear phase, my skin is oily - especially during the summer; yet I do not break out at all (or have one or 2 minimal pimples). Unfortunately I did pick/mess with my face previous years (resulting in a bit of scaring last year). This year I'm trying not to mess with it at all. I want to rule out: -stress as I am equally as stressful during both fall and spring semesters; -food as I try to be as healthy as humanly possible all year round; -the cold since Jan/Feb is as cold if not colder than Dec (although this does not rule out the changing of the climate from warm to cold) [i say "want to rule out" because I can't totally be sure of it..] I did not keep good records of these patterns until last year. -------------------------------------------------------------------- So if your symptoms are similar please feel free to comment. In fact, I would really appreciate it! I am curious as to and would like to hear about: -If there are Similarities and/or Differences between my situation and yours. (ie. how long ago did you first experience this cycle, severity, time frame) -And what you've done/tried out to stop this vicious cycle -Theories as to what you may attribute this cycle to -And any other comments/questions you may have Please post in detail; I'm trying to understand all I can about this situation. I feel the more we know the closer we are to solving this problem once and for all. Together maybe we can find the cause(s) and figure a way to stop this affliction once and for all. Thats all for now, Thanks!! CM :] ps. Will update more if I get responses from people with similar experiences. pps. I originally posted this topic in the severe acne section thinking that Pustules were Nodules. EDIT: Please reply in the format listed above; makes it easier for me to see/log stuff; Thx! :] EDIT: Changed topic into report. Pre-face added. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This section will be devoted to theories and corresponding experiments: Format is as follows: Experiment # a) Theory b) Experiment Details c) Conclusion d) Other Comments e) Contributor Experiment 1: a)Lack of Hydration b)Drink 6 full cups of water every day, Cetaphil 15 SPF Moisturizer every morning c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster Experiment 2: a)Poor Diet b)Eat healthy; avoid fast food c)-Still Testing- d)-Still Testing- e)Cookey Monster
  21. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    These were different pimples from the ones that I found on April 23, 2017. These were the ones that I found on June 19, 2017, and June 21, 2017, which had scabbed up. I picked at the one that I found on June 21st.
  22. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    This pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017.
  23. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    The bottom-left pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017. The top-right pimple was about an inch below my left index finger.
  24. From the album Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    The bottom-left pimple was in about the same place as pimples that I found on April 11, 2017, and April 15, 2017. The top-right pimple was about an inch below my left index finger.
  25. From the album How I Cured My Acne

    Here i explain on a video shortly of how i got rid of my acne