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  1. Bumps/pimples on forehead

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    Hi, maybe someone has similar problems or could give me an advice. I don’t know what to do, these small bumps and red pimples appear on my forehead. My skin is normal, little to the oily side. I eat healthy, wash my face twice a week, use noreva acnomega cream and exfoliac foaming gel. Maybe some of you know natural masks, etc. that could help me get clear skin, or maybe these pimples/small bumps appear only because of my hormones, because i am 17 years old and I just cant do nothing about it?.. any kind of response would be nice.
  2. I'm two weeks away from completing a 6-month course of Accutane 30mg x 2 a day. I'm wondering, for those of you who have completed a similar course, how was your oily skin after finishing? Before starting Accutane, I had extremely oily skin. I think the oil might have honestly been worse than the actual acne. I really just want to know what to expect. I've absolutely loved not having to worry about my oily skin these last 6 months. What have been your experiences? TYIA
  3. Super oily skin

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    Hi! I hace moderate acne and incredibly pily skin, and no products seem to help! Has anyone found products that help their severelyoilu skin? Thanks!
  4. My daughter was struggling with acne since last summer. We tried everything in store, proactive, etc. She went from small pimples on forehead to cystic. Accutane was the worst for her. After alot of internet research, including blogs on this site, by me trying to learn about skin we decided to try an organic approach. This worked for her calming her skin and reducing oiliness. She has oily sensitive skin. If you have this skin try washing your face with colladial oatmeal and a dab of raw organic honey. You can mix the Honey with a few drops of tea tree oil and store it in a seperate container. Test tea tree oil sensitivity. You have to store the aveeno oatmeal in a spice container and mix with water and honey mixture when you wash. Lather, leave on for a minute, rinse. You CANT get water in the container b/c mold will form. Then follow up with organic apple cider vinegar toner. Look up dillution online . Start with more diluted. Then follow all of this with organic aloe vera moisurizer. Get dollar store small Tupperware. The size for salad dressing. Mix aloe vera with 4 drops of organic cocunut oil ( melt in microwave in bowl), then two drops of tea tree oil. U could increase the latter a drop or two if ur skin is less sensitive but be cautious to make sure no allergies. The idea is to remove dirt from pores while maintaining skin ph and moisturize skin calmly. Be sure to use organic ingredients bc there are no chemicals. Regular aloe gel in particular has chemicals which may be fine for ur legs but not ur face. Vitamin shoppe is where we purchase. I would also recommend healthy diet, less sugar, lots of water. Take proper multivitamins to promote good skin. Avoid junkfoods. drink smoothues, eat whole grains, dark chocolate ( bc u have to have chocolate). Good night sleep. She does this and we saw a difference here too. I would post picrures but shed be embarrassed. For you moms, i wash my face with oatmeal and moisturize with aloe with 6 drops of coconut oil mixture. My skin has never looked better. It took a month or so but dark spots faded, small pimples cleared, and less bags under eyes even with 3 kids. i hope this works for you. And you are happier. Take care, happier daughter and so happier mom.
  5. Hi I've just joined this forum. I was prescribed Epiduo Gel in Feb, but I actually started it seriously four weeks ago. I tried on Feb but I gave up after less then a week, then tried again and gave up a second time. Now I have decided to stick with it- and I am right in the middle of week 4. Honestly, the reason why I dropped it twice was the amount of side effects I had... redness, itching, peeling etc. I know it's ordinary but I couldn't take it. Four weeks ago, I decided to try it again even if I was still unmotivated... and I still don't know how I managed to endure these first weeks haha The side effects slowed down: currently my face doesn't really burn, it's very itchy after I apply it and the peeling got a bit better. I am still red but not as red as when I started it. Is it okay that the effects slow down like this on week 4? Or am I supposed to feel the burning and redness till the end? Because sometimes I truly think epiduo isn't working since many had the effects till the end About the "purging": I started to purge really quickly, before ending week 1, and it's ALL in my left cheek. My forehead has always been clear so I don't apply epiduo there, my right cheek is basically acne free. It has just two white heads that popped yesterday. So it's all up to the left one- which has about 5 pimples. I've noticed also that my scarring got suddenly better after epiduo, I have no scars but the recent ones due to the purging. My skin texture also became smoother but (as the title states) OILY! Idk how this is possible, I peeled, I am peeling but by skin is so greasy and oily! And these increased with epiduo. Sometimes I think it's the weather, because I live near the sea and it's very HOT, but I am afraid this could mean epiduo isn't working... That's why I decided to post here. I hope someone can tell me if everything is going alright or if I should ask my derm to change the medication. I hate oily skin and my left cheek, it makes me so unmotivated to go on, and it's gross too. Sorry if I wrote too much!
  6. So I’ve been on the Regimen for just over 2 months now - a point at which many, many people have said they’ve started seeing results to the point where their skin has pretty much stopped forming new pimples altogether, or they may get a breakout every week or so. I wish I could say the same thing. I’ve had moderate acne and very oily skin for 5-6 years of my life now, and I have tried countless treatments ranging from natural to chemical; different brands, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, zinc, African black soap, aloe Vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel - but none have made my acne disappear for good. While my skin had improved, it was still far from anything I’d be happy with. I would still get new pimples every day or every couple of days, and after switching up products I would get breakouts of small bumps around my T-zone. I would get both small and large, deep pimples at that point. That’s what my skin was like up until I started the regimen. Far from perfect, but not as bad as it was before. I decided to start the Regimen because every time I would research acne solutions, I would always stumble upon good reviews of the Regimen - of people saying after they’ve tried everything this finally worked. I decided I really had nothing to lose; my skin wasn’t getting better. I haven’t resorted to accutane yet - that would truly be my last option. Now I knew, going into the regimen, that it would get worse for the first few weeks but then show significant results. I also knew it would dry out my skin a lot to the point of flakiness, so I was fairly prepared. The first night I tried the regimen, a deep pimple that had been forming just disappeared when I woke up. I was really starting to have hope. Then the weeks that followed we’re absolute hell. I don’t think my skin had ever gotten so bad as it had then - from weeks 3 to 5 my skin felt like it was bubbling because large pimples would form in clusters and wouldn’t go away for days, and new ones would form right after. I would get several new pimples a day and would end up popping several everyday too (which is bad, but I really had no choice because they would all come to a whitehead at one point, which looked disgusting to me). The good news is that the small bumps on my T-zone completely disappeared and my skin there was smooth. Just that my acne went from moderate to what felt like severe. And another thing - I would get pimples in places I’ve never had before, like on my jawline, cheekbones, and center of my cheeks (closer to my nose). That was the entire first month. I felt like absolute shit and really wanted to quit, but I had heard that it takes a good 3 months at least to become clear. I wanted to stick it out for the whole 3 months first and see where to go from there. But I was really starting to lose hope because although I heard of people’s skin getting worse for the first month, I didn’t think it would get SO bad that my acne would jump from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. Then something wonderful happened! Around week 6, the right side of my face became COMPLETELY clear. Not a single pimple, big or small, in sight. The left side was clearing up as well - just some recently popped pimples flattening out. I had barely any new pimples forming - but that lasted for just a day or two. Then out of nowhere my skin started freaking out again. I literally hadn’t changed anything about my routine. I had been following the regimen to a T - exactly as instructed (or so I thought). 10 seconds to cleanse (2 pumps). Wait to dry. Apply finger’s length of BP (and I also gradually built it up from the start as Dan directed). Let dry. Apply 2 pumps moisturizer. And I used all of the regimen’s products too. At this point, I realized the one thing I wasn’t doing right was rubbing the BP and moisturizer in for about 3 minutes and then letting the rest to soak in. I had been doing it for a minute or less (never timed it and was kinda impatient). I’m not sure how big of an effect this had but I made sure to time myself every time I did the regimen from that point onward. Flakiness was also pretty bad at this point. I should also point out that I did and continue to wear makeup everyday for school, just because of how bad my scarring has become. About halfway into month 2, around week 6/week 7, I noticed that after that one day of clear skin, my skin did get worse but not as bad as the first month. Rather than large clusters of breakouts, my pimples were more spread out. However, while during the first month my forehead was completely clear, now I was getting new pimples on my forehead every single day. On random parts of my cheeks too, and on my jawline and chin. They were smaller pimples for the most part, but some were deeper cystic ones. Around this time, I introduced the AHA lotion and switched the regular moisturizer with the Cetaphil moisturizer because of how bad the flakiness got and wouldn’t go away (both really helped with flakiness, but I can’t tell if they help or worsen my acne). Now I’m just a week into month 3 and I have barely seen any improvement. I admit, my skin was not as bad as the first month of the regimen, but now I’m getting random, noticeable forehead pimples. Every day I wake up to like 4 new, painful bumps on random parts of my face and several smaller whiteheads. The pimples are slightly smaller than before, but overall I feel like my skin might be worse than when I started the regimen. Somehow through all this I still have hope, that maybe one day I’ll wake up and have absolutely no pimples, just scars (should say that the first month of the regimen left me with deeper scars than I ever had before, but I’m less worried about that as this can be covered up or solved later). Does anyone know if this is normal? To be more than 2 months into the regimen and still get regular, pretty bad breakouts daily? Has this happened to anyone and has their skin still cleared up with the regimen? Thanks for taking the time to read all that. Feedback would be much, much appreciated.
  7. Very oily skin

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    Hi guys, I have skin which floods with oil 15 minutes after washing. I have some huge anxiety/ocd problems which make me a serial picker, scratcher and toucher. I have tried everything to my knowledge to try and help matters. I am 32 now and struggle every day with this. Does anybody know how to cut back the oil production? I figure if i can try to train myself not to pick and touch my skin it will go a long way in preventing eruptions. I hear it is possible to have large pores and oily skin, yet not have eruptions.
  8. Hi, I have found that my skin seems to respond better to me using just three products: Lush Ultrabland cleanser, benzoyl peroxide wash and Simple light moisturiser. Recently I bought an Exfoliating Wash (not a scrub because apparently, scrubs irritate the skin) from Simple (I think they're only in the UK, basically their products have minimal ingredients and no perfumes for sensitive skin). Do I even need to exfoliate? Do I need to use toner as well? (I have the lush tea tree toner spray) Will this make my skin better or just irritate it? I have moderate acne. My nose also gets super oily and has loads of blackheads that seem to respond well to exfoliation.
  9. Hello all who is out there reading this, I’m James, a 23 year old male & I have been suffering from acne since age 11. I’m not quite sure on the exact cause so I’ve come here to hopefully seek some wisdom from maybe those who’ve been in my shoes. Get ready for a bumpy (face of a) ride. Here’s my journey. A brief background on my acne. I’ve tried pretty much all over the counter products. Cleansers Moisturizers Topicals: BP, Salicylic Acid, Clindamycin, Essential Oils Minocycline, Doxycycline, & eventually 6 months of Acutane. All have done there fair share of either helping slightly or damaging my skin. I would say my acne has always been pretty moderate. Anyth region above my eyes has always been crystal clear but my cheeks, chin, & forehead never have been clear. My current regimen includes: VITAMINS & MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Beta Sitosterol (active compound in Saw Palmetto), Probiotics, & Fiber capsules. AM: Wash with a gentle gentle cleanser in the morning, use Thayers Witch Hazel (rose water) as a toner with a few drops of Salicylic Acid Moisturize is Aloe Vera gel. Before I head out the door I spray my face with Green Tea water mixed with Thayers. PM: Recently switched to a 3% Sulfur cleanser to help my dead skin cell slow turnover rate. Thayers again as a toner. Also recently switched to Azelaic Acid (20%) as my topical. Lastly I use a Retin-A . I found that Azelaic Acid & Tretinion compliment eachother. MY DIET: This last month I did a full month long colon, liver, & full body detox cleanse to insure my acne wasn’t purely internally based. I am a very health conscience person and happen to be allergic to dairy & gluten so those two factors are already out the window. I stay far from excess sugary foods & hydrogenated oils. Other than that I eat a high fiber/omega-3/omega-6/ diet. Lots of beans, lentils, veggies, avocados, fruit, rolled oats, pumpkin, flax & chia seeds, almonds & cashews. No alcohol. I drink about 3-4 cups of Green Tea a day as well as 1-2 Spearmint or Chamomile teas at night before bed. I also drink plenty of water (at least 100 fluid ounces per day). I believe I may have Hyperkeratinoisis which is a buildup of protein on the skin that clogs pores with dead skill cells. Add my excess sebum (oil) and it’s a mixture from hell. I do get stressed out but not any more than the average person. I’m a fairly calm & level headed human. Depression has taken its toll on me over the last few years after I’ve seen a dermatologist for about 2.5 years which did nothing. I actually obtain more clear skin by researching for myself and trying more holistic approaches. The best thing a dermatologist offered me was Tretinion which I still use to this day. SIDE NOTE: My acne or at least sebum production goes into overdrive after masturbation. I’ve tested the theory and I have broken out bad masturbating consistent days. Also I’ve held off work about two weeks and yes my skin got better but never fully cleared me up. The most frustrating part of this whole journey to clear skin is the teasing of new practices I implement. I try something new & it works, starts to clear me up then out of no where either backfires or stops working. Some examples of these are... Green Tea. Lost its effectiveness so I bumped up to Matcha green tea which was strong and worked again but slowly diminished strength. Pure Tea Tree Oil (huge clogger of pores). My skin was beautifully clear after dabbing pure Tea Tree Oil on my face daily unless it clogged my pores horrifically. Took 3-4 months to unclog them. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Lost its effectiveness. High Fish Oil intake. Stopped its high effectiveness & to thin out my sebum BP. Always overdried me & made my breakouts worse. It’s like my body becomes immune to all of these wonderful options and just wants to make my facial inflammation worse. There’s a few questions that I am eager to have answered. Such as products I’ve been curious to try but have not yet. So without further ado I’ll fire away. Borage Oil over EPO (evening primrose oil)? Does the higher GLA content really make a huge difference Can eating eggs & almonds truly cause more acne? Topical Spironolactone? Anyone have positive experiences with Azelaic Acid? Anyone have positive experiences switching to Sulfur cleansers? If I’ve tried Beta Sitosterol & it didn’t work should I still bother with Saw Palmetto? Sodium Sulfacetamide & Sulfur Topicals/Lotion effectiveness ? Should I try these Best products for Hyperkeratinosis acne? Best acne bacteria fighting/non-drying/non-comedogenic day time moisturizers? Does it does as if I have hormonal acne? Any advice Alpha Hydroxy Acid products? Very curious to try them out if Azelaic doesn’t pan out well. Thank you so much if you got this far. I hope that some of this info can shed new light to those out there struggling because I know some of these products work well for many acne sufferers. I haven’t found my answer yet but I’m still striving to do so. Keep fighting everyone :)!
  10. So basically I started using a regiment from an esthetician which cleared up my forehead mostly but did nothing for my chin because it was hormonal. I hen switched to cetaphil about 2 weeks and it dried out my skin too much so I went back to Neutrogena deep clean cleanser with a sensitive skin moisturizer which is what i used before this acne started. I also started a Neutrogena spot treatment benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. Recently I just went in for a light chemical peel Microdermabrasion with extractions. This is my second day after the facial and in the areas where the extractions were done I have pimples coming back that are whiteheads. Although This is normal for me, I was just getting over a pretty bad breakout before the facial due to the time of the month. so I was just wondering if you guys think that it’s purging or it’s a bad reaction to the facial? They hurt pretty badly.Another question I have is what your opinion is on Retin-A and clindamycin which is what I got prescribed my doctor but haven’t started yet. I’m nervous that I’d start purging or get even worse acne from them. Please any advice would help! Thank you and sorry this is so long Also, because I was told to use a gentle cleanser after the facial, I bought the dermalogica special cleansing gel which is made for all skin types and is supposedly very gentle for your skin
  11. skin care

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    What's the best skin regime for people with depressed acne scars on their face? I have terribly deep scars (boxcar and icepick) so I'm a little confused as to what products I can/cannot apply. Also, I'm currently undergoing treatment for the scars so is there something I should totally avoid? I follow my regular CTM routine that's all. I use a cleanser prescribed by my doc then go in witch a hazel toner followed by cetaphil moisturizer and finally spf 50 in the morn. At night I cleanse and replace cetaphil with vit e oil and skip spf. That's all. any suggestions?
  12. ive been on a long journey with acne, which has been jumping around in parts of my face randomly it seems. Im 17 and ive first started seeing redness on my cheeks when i started conditioning for swimming last august. The unusual part was that my face felt sensitive, like I was being affected by the chlorine (i did waterpolo in april and I wasn't affected at all). My skin felt really dry, sometimes like it would crack and fall off, especially on my cheeks and chin so I decided to buy moisturizer (cerave). At the time all I was using was jojoba oil, rosehip oil, salicylic acid by st ives scrub, and the corsx ph morning wash. of course, I used these sparingly since my face was already dry by the chlorine. i was hoping that once i stopped swimming my skin would be restored. one day after swimming i noticed a few speckles of red on the top part of my right cheek but i dismissed it, thought i was hallucinating. i stopped paying attention to it and in october i think it was, i broke out on both of my cheeks (cystic pimples). they were really under the skin so i reluctantly used benzol peroxide 3.5%. i was really careful with it so that my skin wouldnt get burned. it worked and now i have some pigmentation. well in november, i was outside and it was really cold and windy. when i got home, i felt my cheeks semi hot and checked myself out and surely, my cheeks were red. i noticed theyd get super red if the wind hits me directly in the face. ive been really insecure about it because my face gets oily easily and it makes the redness stand out more. i went to the doctor to hopefully get recommended for a dermatologist and thankfully i did. my doc thought the redness was due to the salicylic acid and told me to stop using it and use SPF (photosensitivity). so i stopped using it but the redness still lingers. I bought a zinc pyrithione soap to combat the flakiness i had at the moment too which i suspected was seborrheic dermatitis (i have a mild version of it on my scalp). the image shows how bad it was. the soap cleared it up tho and helped a bit with acne but not so much because i broke out again. does anyone have any knowledge on this?? i dont use makeup, im eating healthy, i lift weights and im increasing my caloric intake (but not to an extreme). i havent really changed anything that ive been doing for the past year and now suddenly im getting acne. i cant tell if this is hormonal
  13. I’m a high school student that’s been dealing with acne for years, just recently i started doxycycline and it had cleared up my face so quickly within days my forehead was a smooth blank canvas basically. After being on it for a month or so it stopped working? I don’t have as much acne as i did before but i have 3 current breakouts. Within the past few days of getting back on it after running out my skin has become dry and peeling to EXTREMELY oily and my pores are so large now on my cheeks on the sides of my nose and my texture intensified. When I wasn’t on it for a few days my skin wasn’t as bad and i had little to no skin problems at all. Do you think I should stop taking it or continue despite it being the possible cause of drying out my skin and enlarging my pores. I also used to put tretoin gel on my pore area which was probably a horrible idea since it’s like a drying lotion (i stopped doing that) i also apply clindamaycin twice daily and the tretoin during the evening
  14. Hello! Let me tell you some background information. I'm from Venezuela and recently moved to Spain (Barcelona). Since I was 13years old I started getting acne, it wasn't very bad but it was very persistent. Then at the age of 17 it started getting worse, so from mild it went to moderate acne. I tried many products and all that stuff and it only made it worse. So i was really desperate and my derm recommend me using Accutane, very low dosage 30mg, I weight 64kg and my heigh is 174cm, and eventually i went from 30mg to 10mg since my skin did improve and a lot. Well now I'm here in Barcelona, the weather is not good on my skin, mine is oily but very sensitive. I purchased neutrogena visibly clear face wash spot proofing, because i ran out of my products that i used to use in venezuela, and I think is harsh on my skin. My pores seems to get bigger everyday :c and i dont know what to do... I cleanse only at night due to the product and I moisturize when going to bed. I wash my face in the morning with water and then moisturize. Well here are some pics of my skin, I would really appreciate if I can get some help. (This is my first Post)
  15. Hi, just gonna give you guys a short intro of my acne story. Started to getting mild acne when i was 17 ish years old (i'm 23 now). It wasn't that much but my self -confidence hit the rock bottom when i had a few spots. When I was 20 I got better self-confidence and didn't care that much anymore but I still looked in the mirror every morning and evning for a new pimple. I haven't tried that many acne-products but a lot of cleansers-toners-moisturizer, but I have tried Acne.orgs regimen but my skin couldn't handle the BP so stopped using that like three years ago. When I stopped using the BP my skin got a lot better and I just used the Acne-orgs cleanser and a moisturizer from the pharmacy that had mineral oils and all that bad stuff in it. Since I just had like on active spot at a time i didn't care that much about my skincare-routine. But this summer my skin got very, very oily and I had to do something about it, so I tried a bunch of different products during the summer which didn't help at all, not for the oily skin and not for the "acne". My skin went from good, but oily, to bad in just a week, I got so many pimples and my self-confidence was gone again. I went back to dan's cleanser and the bad moisturizer since I know that my skin wouldn't break out from it. But I did know that they were causing the oily skin due to dehydrated skin. So a couple of weeks later with the bad skincare-routine my "acne" was gone, or almost, I still had a lot of red marks and 1-3 active pimples. In desperation i went to a beautysaloon or whatever you call it in english, and she gave me some products from Bioline that contained AHA and other good stuff that would take care of the oiliness. I tried this for 2 months and my skin got oilier and I got new pimples every or every other day. Then I tried a couple of other products for a short time which I know is bad for your skin, by switching products all the time my skin went crazy. Then one day I got so tired of the routine, and I tought that my friends don't use any products and they have good skin, of course they get some pimples from time to time but that's normal. So I decided to start the caveman regimen, i will only wash my face with water when i've excersised and my face is all sweaty. Other than that I will try to avoid water as much as possible, of course I will get water on my face when i shower but I will not care about it to much since the main goal of this regimen is to let go of our anxiety caused by our skinproblems. The first week I didn't noticed that much of a change, I got a bunch of pimples but I know that's because of all the products i tried the weeks before. The day I started this regimen (13 dec) I had probably my worst breakout since forever so I can't blame the caveman regimen the first weeks for any new pimples. Week 2, I could feel the flakiness started to form but it wasn't noticeble yet. My skin felt dry and it was as oily as before. Had new pimples forming every day but I guess that was because of all the products still. If I shouldn't have had that breakout the day I started i would say that my face was good if we talking acne, but all the red marks makes it look that I have so much pimples. Week 3, still get som pimples, some of them are gone within a few days and some is taking forever to heal. I actually exfoliated some parts of my skin with my bare wet fingers, mainly in my "mustach-area" and the nose. Seems like the oiliness is getting worse actually which is really discomforting. Everone else that had sucess with this regimen writes that their oiliness subsided during week 2-3 and that was what i was hoping for. If it weren't for the red marks now my skin would be good in acne, still get some spots but not that much it seems. Feels like all the clogged pore is purging and that their is no new one forming, some is like a white worm (disgusting i know) that i can easily just take off after a couple of days and some turns into a pimple. If it continues this way I know I will have sucess with this regimen, cause as I said, without the red marks from the first two weeks i wouldn't care about my face, just about my oily face. Since you should give a new skincare routine 6-8 weeks at least I guess I will give the caveman regimen that time as well, after all the years that i have totured my skin with harsh cleansers I know it will take more than 3 weeks to learn how to take care of itself again and balance the sebumproduction. The only thing that makes me a little bit worried is that the oiliness hasn't improved at all. Becasue of the oiliness I have to go to bathroom every hour when i'm with people to wipe away the sebum which makes me look at the mirror and destroy my self-confidence again. Well as I said, i will give this regimen at least 5 more weeks (I hope), I really hope this works cause the freedom of not having any skincare-routine is AMAZING. I will probably update in a couple of weeks or at the end of week 8.
  16. Has anyone tried using Azelaic acid? Were you successful? I just ordered a tube from Amazon and I'm quite eager to try it. From what I read, Azelaic acid has many acne-clearing benefits such as being able to kill acne bacteria, reduce keratin production, clear pores, and reduce inflammation. That's like everything I want in an acne treatment!!
  17. I'm 23 y old. I've always had issues with my skin (acne, moles, scars from mole removal, acne, etc..) but that's all kinda endurable. However, ~ 5 years ago my skin became permanently damaged which has been ruining my life ever since. I was using some facial cleansers and acne products, some with benzoil peroxyde and salicylic acid. One of these has permanently damaged my skin (forehead, nose and around the nose) causing some kind of dermatitis, but on top of that - and this is what bothers me the most - it damaged my skin and caused a permanent indented scar that looks like a wrinkle straight across my forehead (as you can see in in the photo). This wrinkle has been ruining my life! So since then (5 years ago) I've had this wrinkle-like indented scar on my forehead, skin that is dry and peeling after showering but really greasy after (forehead, nose, around nose creating a lot of oil/sebum) and red, sometimes itchy, sensitive, irritable skin. When I'm on the sun, or doing something and starting to sweat, my forehead starts to itch and get red. You can't really see the redness or just how bad my facial skin has been for the past 5 years, because of the lighting. When I'm outside, on the sun, it looks even worse. I've been trying to cover my forehead with hair to cover the "wrinkle" for the past 5 years but this is not a solution and it's horrible aswell. Please help me, tell me there's a solution to these problems, especially the scar on my forehead. The dermatologist I've been to recently just said well it's a wrinkle and you have dermatitis. And that's it. She didn't offer any advice, solution, nothing. And it's always like that..Also, if this is relevant to you, I've had acne for ~10 years and finally at the start of this year I started using Roaccutane, which kinda helped. But I was on it for only 3 months and with a 2x smaller dose than the min. recommended for my weight, because my doctor was afraid of side effects I guess. It still got rid of pimples for a few months, but they started coming back now. It's been > 6 months since I stopped taking Roaccutane. Anyway, thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice. The dermatologists I've been going to over the past few years really aren't much help.. They literally just want to give me creams to use for my acne, no real solution for all my other problems.Edit: I also forgot to mention.. I've had (I think) exfoliative cheilitis on my lips for as long as I can remember (more than 10 years). Basically my lips constantly grow a layer of skin which then peels away and this happens over and over. I'm always using lip balm so it's soft and it just peels when I'm in the shower or I peel it myself, but if I were to leave it unattended it would be dry, flaky, would probably cause my lips to bleed. I have lip balm 24/7 so it's soft and after I remove the layer of skin that grew there's fresh, sensitive skin below. This happens every 2-3 days. My lips look normal the day after I peel them but it starts to get noticable afterwards. Also, pretty sure another sideeffect of this cheilitis is that my lips are kinda swollen. My lower lip feels like it's much bigger than it should be.
  18. How can I get clear skin?

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    I am an 18 year old male who uses epiduo and tetracycline, but has oily skin (I think) My skin seems to be oily with it looking very greasy and shiny but sometimes ends up flaking, I think this is because of the epiduo which is for my mild acne I use epiduo in the evening along with tetracycline before I go to bed, then moisturize after applying the epiduo and that's basically all I do.. I really need to find some products that are reasonably priced (preferably up to £15/$20) that will make my skin just look how 90% of peoples do, matte and clear Please help, thank you!
  19. Rate my acne!!

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    please rate my acne from 1 being the mildest and 10 being the most severe - what can I do to get rid of my acne? I have oily, sensitive acne prone skin and ive heard reviews about dairy-free diet. Is it effective?
  20. Hi all! I'm a first-time poster on, but I've crept for a while! I'm currently on day 41 of 40mg of Isotretinoin (Myorisan is the brand name I'm on - with insurance it's $30 or so USD). I just turned 25 last month and decided to give accutane another chance after taking it briefly (like, not even two months) when I was 18. Being so young my parents were not happy with my decision to take accutane and talked me out of it after my first round of blood work came back (even though it wasn't really that bad). For some background, I've struggled with acne since middle school and tried what feels like everything under the sun, including antibiotics, topicals, "special" face washes - you name it, I've either tried it or thought about trying it but decided not to after poor reviews. My incredibly oily skin and cystic acne have always been a source of embarrassment and struggle for me, so I'm hopeful that this second attempt at accutane will work magic! I'm posting because the side effects that I'm experiencing aren't terrible, but I have developed little itchy bumps on my back that I've never had and I'm assuming are as a result of the meds. My side effects include your usual dry lips and skin - but not the skin on my face, just the skin elsewhere. I'm guessing this is because my face is so oily that it's actually "nice" for once. Has anyone else experienced any similar development of bacne? I've posted photos below of my skin when I started and intermittently throughout the past 41 days, as well as the bumps on my back that I took tonight. LOOK HOW HUGE THOSE PORES ARE
  21. Hi! Someone PLEASE help me with my skin! Advice, tips, or SOMETHING! Is there even a word for what my skin is?? As you can see in the picture my skin is like clear and normal under my eye and around my mouth. But below the under eye to around where my laugh lines are it's like an entire different texture! As you can see in the photo! The skin is like puffy too. Sinces its puffy it makes it look like I have bags or something ! I don't know if it's inflamed or irritated or what! The pores are opened, clogged, and my skin tone is so uneven I don't know what to do! I'm so tired of my skin being like this! My skin used to be so clear until 2 years ago, that's when my skin started acting like this And I've literally tried EVERYTHING! A clarasonic, exfoliating, toners, masks, face washes, black soap, steaming my face, a chemical peel, and I drink almost a whole gallon of water everyday! EVERYTHING! YOU NAAAAME IT! Lol seriously tho! If anyone has had skin problems like this and fixed it PLEASE help ya girl out! Thanks! God bless! xoxo ❤️❤️❤️
  22. Hi.. I'm currently looking for moisturizer (dermatologist recommendation) that suitable for oily and acne prone skin type as mine. FYI, i already just received a acne scar laser treatment for my acne scar skin and now just looking that suitable moisturizer for daily use. Hope anyone can recommend the best and suitable for my skin type. Thank
  23. **This is genuinely not sponsored or an ad- just a different type of treatment I never would have considered and am so glad I tried!** Earlier this year, completely desperate with my rough and scarred skin, I purchased a PMD device (personal microdermabrasion device). It is an exfoliation device and completely different to anything I have used before. I'm not even sure how I came across it. It was around £100 and a real risk but I had tried all creams and products and everything had just made my skin worse. With or without make-up- my skin was coarse, bumpy and dry. Over the last year I have really started to notice deep blackheads and blocked pores extend to all areas of my face: by my ears, my jawline, my nose.. The list goes on- but after one use of the PMD I noticed a difference, specifically on my cheeks and forehead. The device comes with a number of exfoliating discs, ranging from sensitive to coarse. I followed the instructions religiously- watching the DVD provided and reading up on all the guidance (I found on youtube lots of reviews from people who clearly didn't use the device properly so beware!) and I have never had any problems. Initially, it left some light pink marks on my face that lasted around 5 minutes, I followed up with a moisturising sheet mask and my skin would be left feeling a lot more smooth. I have worked my way up and now use a coarse disks weekly and my skin is never pink or marked anymore after using the device (I still follow up with a mask to soothe). I still get acne flare ups, I am a skin picker, but my make up goes on so smoothly often I could almost pass for being acne free and my acne scars and large pores are visibly reduced. I have also noticed my skin is not as oily- maybe something to do with my pores being less blocked? I obsess a lot less about what I put on my face and between using the PMD and not touching my skin with my own hands I am noticing a real improvement as the months go on. I really wish I had taken a before and after picture but people have told me that my skin looks healthier and I can 100% see it for myself. Obviously everyone's skin is different and my routine is not for everyone but for people who are noticing a real build up of bumps as a result of combination skin this could be a real game changer. This post is for anyone who finds almost all products block their pores, for people with skin that seems to get oilier with the use of ANY product and for skin pickers who are stuck in the 'I'll pick - my skin feels bumpy - I feel the bumps so I'll pick' cycle! I strongly suggest you do your own research but I have found a solution that is chemical free and works for me! Good Luck Everyone :)
  24. Oily Skin with Vitamin D3

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    I got a blood test done and my levels are at 22 and I've been struggling with oily skin/acne since I was 10. I started taking 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 on Saturday and my skin has gotten super oily within the past three days. Did anyone else experience their oil levels going up before it starts clearing out? I'm wondering if it's because my body isn't yet used to the addition of the vitamin. Also, does it make a difference as to whether I take the softgels or the dry tablets? Would it even help me especially because my oily skin is genetic?
  25. So hey everyone, this is my first time back to the forum in years. I am happy to say that Dan's regimen has been a success for me. I started with mild-ish acne with occasional cystic spots around the jawline and sometimes on/near my nose. After 3 months I was able to become clear and all was good as I continued Dan's regimen for the next few years. However, just recently around mid-October I started to notice that my face was becoming very shiny. Especially under fluorescent lighting, I could see that my skin looked like it had a different texture because of the film of oil. Almost looked "gritty," for lack of a better term. This has never been an issue for me in the past even through seasonal change. Since becoming clear, I have been able to reduce BP to pea sized dots per each section of my face (cheeks, chin, & forehead) and a fraction of that amount for my nose. Now for some reason, my face seems to get incredibly oily. It takes a couple of hours but when the oil is produced, it is VERY noticeable in contrast to my neck and the area around the eyes which are places that I have never put BP or moisturizer. Anywho, I am curious to know if anyone has experienced this as well? If so, how did you go about fixing the issue? Or any advice on how to control it; Different products, or changes to the regimen (like jojoba oil after cleansing and before BP) or anything? Curious to know, thanks! Additional info: since noticing the shine on my face, I am currently cutting back on BP to a spot treatment in the morning; only on forehead, lip, chin, and a small amount on areas next to my nose (old problem areas). No BP on cheeks, temples, nose, jaw, and I avoid the eye area as much as possible. Then the regular regimen for night time. Products I use include: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, Dan's BP, CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, and occasional AHA. These have not changed since 2013 and I use them as directed in the regimen. I am sure that after years of using products on my face, I have probably damaged my skin's acid mantle so I am planning on getting off of Dan's regimen for the caveman regimen in summer 2018 (that will be a separate log), but need a quick fix until then. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read! Any insight is greatly appreciated!