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  1. Please Help!!!!

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    I’ve never had spots, I’ve always had amazing skin but in January started getting a cluster of spots on one cheek. I thought it was due to a face wash I was using so changed but it didn’t get better, it started then to progress onto my chin, forehead and my other cheek. They turn into yellow heads which some get very big then when it pops it leaves a red mark. I’ve been on oxytetracycline and it didn’t work so my doc prescribed me a DUAC cream and it didn’t work so now I’m on Lymecycline, I don’t think they’re working either. I want to go on accutane I know the side affects but it doesn’t bother me, do you think mine is bad enough to get it or not. I’m so self conscious hate looking in the mirror and not wearing makeup and I used to be a confident person, help
  2. Hey guys, so all my life I have been eating processed peanut butter, and I know this is a big cause of my breakouts of acne. I have recently found some cool facts about organic peanut butter, and I wanted to share a video I made about this with u guys, cheers!
  3. Hello! I haven't been on here in quite a while. I first posted on here about two years ago after getting off Ortho Tri Cyclen which caused an extremely bad breakout after I discontinued it. For the most part before birth control, (which I was only on for a year and a half), I had mild but manageable and controllable acne. After birth control, which I got off due to weight gain, horrible constant migraines that caused vomiting, and just overall not feeling like myself, I had a terrible initial breakout that I struggled with clearing. After different topical and using cefadroxil orally on and off for about a year my acne seemed for the most part gone. Then a few months ago I started having health problems, muscles aches, headaches, feeling tired all the time. So I completely stopped using my antibiotic. I did find out that almost all of my blood test, and vitamin levels were normal except ana. I am ana positive (a bloodtest used to detect antibodies) my only other test, which I basically had to repeatedly ask for, that came back indicating anything was my thyroglobulin antibodies which is a bit higher than normal, (only other one they ever did was TSH and that was always low but within normal range) . What I find odd is for the last few years since getting off bc, I've been asking for them to test my thyroid since my periods have been messed up, I'm super cold all the time, I bruise easily, get headaches, and have a family history of thyroid issues. Since I've been off my antibiotic I've been breaking out and now that I know my thyroid antibodies are high I'm wondering if this is why I've had such a problem for the last couple years with acne? Has anyone else experianced something similar or noticed a thyroid issue after discontinuing the pill? Sidenote, since I know its mentioned a lot. I'm aware antibiotics are bad long term, I was only taking them when I absolutely needed them, and they weren't the first thing I went to when trying to get clear. I was already taking, and continued to do so on the antibiotic, probiotics along with vitamins. I also eat relatively healthy, drink lots of water and I'm currently trying a gluten free diet since I hear it can help with thyroid issues.
  4. I'm new to this site but have had acne for about 3/4 years. I'm 15 years old and currently I wash my fave twice a day with The Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser, then toner and a simple (as in the brand) moisturiser. In the past I have used Clearasil, freederm, Clean and Clear etc, and recently tried an Acnecide benzoyl peroxide gel but it did not go very well. I eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg everyday and do not eat meat, I do eat crisps and other junk food but I honestly don't think it affects my skin, at least not for me personally. I drink 2 litres of water and I don't understand how I can help my acne?? I've tried so many different creams and gels but it's likely that hormones are to blame as I am a teenager. What could I do to help this? Also as you can see from the pics (which are very bad quality sorry lol, also excuse the big white head I'm hesitant to pop at the moment) my forehead is the worst area but I usually get a few red+painful spots on my upper cheeks too.
  5. So I've been on adepolene .1% gel 4 weeks, with the fifth week starting today. So in total, a month. My skin is honestly a nightmare and I am so upset. I went from having pretty much perfect skin to full blown acne. The reason I started it was because of some closed comedones that were only noticeable to myself, from a stressful few months in my life. Now I have to say i completely regret this decision and I know its supposed to take time but I don't know when to stop. I'm studying abroad in a week and I'm so upset I'm going to be starting this journey with a face full of acne... I dont even recognize myself. Should I give up? When will this stop? As a side note- since I never really had much acne, the makeup I own doesn't cover anything (bare minerals). Not sure what to do, don't know a lot about makeup and acne.
  6. Hi. I have dealt with acne forever. I can't really remember what my acne was like in my teen years pre pill but I don't remember it being as bad as dealing with it while on the pill. After a year on the pill and poor eating habits I saw a dermatologist who did facial treatments on me such as Derma and light therapy. A year later the treatments have helped tremendously.. to this point my about two years into the pill. I got so clear at one point. I have been on BC since 2-3 years at this point and started face treatment a yearish into BC. I'm unsure if it was the pill or BC that cleared my skin. But my derma quit her job and ever since my skins gotten worse it was perfection at one point and my diet wasn't even that great. Now I'm eating so well, no diary be refined sugars so it's strange I'm breaking out. I keep producing oil around my chin and cheeks. Also, I originally went on BC to regulate my periods. Again, I don't remember my skin pre BC but a year into the BC and before seeing my dermatologist, my skin was the worst it's ever been!!! I just wanna know if I'm guaranteed to get worsened acne when come off it. At the moment skins pre bad but not as bad as pre facial treatment and 1 year into pill I'm about 3 years into pill now and haven't done facials for like 8 months - gets worse slowly. I once when off it in the middle of the pack for two weeks but when I got off had been eating well and good skin then all of a sudden I was eating very very badly like 3000+ calories of junk of daily as a result of being on a restrictive ridiculous low cal diet. Then when I went back on I didn't follow correct instead I carried on and took the pill that I was would be even up to had I not stopped. When I stopped I took doxy which dried my skin so bad. I'm rambling I'm just head on certain my skin will worsen. Bc should stop oil production instead it doesn't. Again I can feel remember my skin pre bc. I'm taking it purely for regularion reasons but wanna get off it because I'm tired of putting fake hormones into my body. Advice? I've tried ocm, salycic acid, differin, antibiotics etc. And nothing helps!
  7. Hi Im 24 years old girl and im writing here for the first time .Its been 2 years since i deal with adult acne , ive been to severe dermatologists , tryin different creams and home remedies , but now i really cant help myself from WHAT i`m breaking out. There are days when my cheek zone and chin zone is so clear and it only have red marks , but after some days these red marks turn again and again into cystic acne (filled with pus) , that hurt and are all red and they gone after they do their job!!!! Can anyone help me , is it due to hormones or stress or sugar or whaat ?! Im changing my pillow case twice a week , im not touching my cheek with my phone , im not touching my face with my hands , im using vichy neutrogena gel cleanser , im using foundation for oily skin that ive been using since 5 years , im using a daily creme and witch hazel also , what is missing heree ?!!!!My diet is perfect , i drink a lot of water , i eat fruits and healthy meals , because i cook for myself every day ! Can anyone PLEASE help , how to fade away these acne from my face and also these red marks ???! i will attach some pictures of my face in this moment. BEST REGARDS , HOPE ANYONE WOULD HELP ME WITH THIS.
  8. Hi Guys ! I got several sources of information (dermatologist, books, forums)... But I find hundreds of different opinions. I just want to know your opinion on this specific situation : Would accutane work for mild to moderate acne with 30mg or 40mg per week and with how many weeks will the skin change? Thanks for your time!
  9. Usually my skin is pretty clear but recently on my chin a bumb formed. It was one of those under the skin pimples that developed on my chin and it was my first time getting one, before that I only got white heads. It was tender to the touch and kind of big, but it was the same colour as my normal skin tone so it wasn't that noticeable. However the feeling of it annoyed the crap out of me and i wasn't sure how long it would take for it to go away on its own. So I tried to pop it (I know, bad idea) before it came to a head, nothing came out and the skin was much more sensitive and became more irritated. The next day the pimple turned dark brown although there is no scab, it's still sore when I touch it. Currently it's big and dark, is there any way to lighten it?
  10. Hi, I am 14 years old and I began Accutane almost a month ago. Going on this medication was a very difficult decision for me. I have struggled with acne from a very young age, and I can’t really remember life without a few pimples. Recently, I have been made fun of or judged for my acne, and it can be difficult because all of my friends have clear skin. Acne has begun controlling my attitude and outlook on life, and I really need this medication to help my self confidence. My acne can best be described as moderate. I have blackheads and a few whitehead’s, but the pustules are what bother me the most. Lately, I have began getting larger “under the skin” pimples, so I am glad that I could began Accutane before this got even worse. Like some people, I had my “initial breakout,” and I am still getting active pimples currently. I hope that this will lessen as time goes on. I also began with severely dry skin and lips, but products have helped with that. If you have any advice on products or just the emotional effects of acne in general, please share!
  11. I'm a 20 year old guy who's been dealing with acne since 2015. I've tried a lot of treatments - bp, clindamycin, adapalene. Some of them workes for a while, but now my skin has been deteriorating. I was on doxycycline for 6 months which cleared me up, so the doc told me to stop, 4 months ago. Its been downhill ever since. Currently I'm using bp 5% every night. I don't know what to do. Honestly, acne is causing me major psychological stress. I've lost count of the number of times I looked at picture of myself and felt like crying. I used to have perfect, glowing skin at one time. I take all hygeine precautions, stick to the doctors regime, watch my diet, eat healthy and clean. I don't deserve this. I'm sorry for the rant but this is how I feel. My self esteem has taken a major beating. I really don't know what to do. Im afraid of Accutane cuz of its side effects. here are the products I use - Cetaphil cleanser BP 5% Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture
  12. Hi guys. Was wondering if my acne was mild moderate or severe. Generally dont get much acne on my forehead but my cheeks are where I get most of my breakouts. Might take down this post soon as I dont feel comfortable with my face in public
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me as I literally don’t know what else to do. So my history: I had mild acne during my teenage years (blackheads and very small whiteheads) that did not leave any scarring. As I approached 18/19 the acne cleared and I had relatively normal skin. Then I got the mirena coil and a stressful job and my skin went wild. Almost all of my face was covered in small, hard, red painful bumps. I had the coil removed and went on the pill which temporarily got rid of the spots. However 2 years ago I came off it and every so often I get these small hard red bumps which leave red marks for at least a month after they’ve gone away. I use paulas choice products religiously which seems to clear up the majority of it and sometimes (rarely) my skin can be clear. The bumps are on my face (usually below my cheek bones and forehead), my back and my chest. Does anyone have any advice? I’m so frustrated!
  14. Last night I started my nightly regime as per usual. I removed my makeup with a makeup wipe, washed my face, applied my astringent/toner as I typically do and finished it off with a salicylic acid spot treatment (a liquid and a cream) and some moisturizer. I was frustrated with a few zits that have popped up over the last week on the side of my face where a lot of red marks were almost healed and I just wanted to shorten their lifespan. I put extra spot treatment on them and noticed they were stinging but I figured that meant it was really getting in there and helping to heal. Then when I looked I saw that the pimples were suddenly white. This freaked me out a bit but that had happened before and the pimple just stayed white and eventually went away. I woke up this morning and was pretty upset with what I saw... the zits were bright red and each one has a circle of angry redness around it. I have no idea how to bring the redness down and I really don't want these to become another addition to my vast collection of red marks. Is there any way I can make them less red and fade in a reasonable amount of time or am I stuck with more slow healing PIE? Thanks guys!
  15. Hi I am 17 and deal with post acne hyperpigmentation. Any tips on speeding up the fading process?
  16. So my skin type is normal. So it'll started with little hard bumps I got on my forehead in the end of December. I regularly used salicylic acid facewash then and it really kept my skin clear. But these little things won't go away by salicylic. Regardless I kept applying it. It didn't make the bumps any better but it didn't make them worse either. So I went to a derm in the beginning of January to treat those bumps. She prescribed fusiderm topical and an oral antibiotic. I used to for about 5 weeks but there was no improvement at all. The bumps got a little, just a little worse. Then I went to the derm again and this time she prescribed clycin T lotion and some acne aid soap. I used that for 3 weeks. After using clycin t lotion for 3 days, I had a cyst and the bumps started to grow. I thought they were coming out and would peel off. But it's been three weeks and there worsening like hell and worsening everyday with no hope in sight. I'm really down rn. So please help me get rid of these. My diet is pretty good. I don't have dandruff. I exercise regularly. I'm slim fit. Change my pillowcase every week. I like to stay clean. I'll be uploading two pics here. First one is of when it al started and the second one is of now.
  17. Hello everyone. I am new to this site and really feel like discussing my scenario here. I am an acne sufferer from my early twenties and im 27 now. Its been seven years of on an off acne nd it got a bit severe the past year. My acne is cystic and on my cheeke alone. Those big deep rooted nasty acne which doesnt even come to a head but keeps my cheeks all bumpy and painful. I have tried many products and it just dint do anything to my acne. I could still see the painful cysts building under my skin. The thing with my acne is that they are only on cheeks. Rest of my skin is so clear and i always am researching about the reason behind it. But in no way im getting why. I tried everything from cutting out diary and food that cause acne, use salicylic acid,topical creams, clindamycin and many other dermatologist medicines. But nothing was really useful and by time eventually i wil stop it and just use my mild cleanser alone and just wait for new acne to pop up coz i dint even understood what was causing my acne and i was not able do anything for it. The last dermatologist i saw suggested me to do the CTM routine alone(which i dint do before because i was breaking out anyway and dint give it much thought. I usually skipped the toner part and will just moisturize) and doctor dint suggest me any medicines as nothing was effective for me. Anyway, last week i read about apple cider vinegar and thought to give it a try as a toner. I had these about-to-get-bigger cysts on both of my cheeks. But since i thought i had nothing to lose and reading a lot about ACV i thought to give it a try. I use it as 50/50 toner with water after cleansing my face in the morning and night followed by a non comedogenic moisturizer(neutrogena hydra boost) for the past one week. But i could see that, those cysts which were already there had become so nasty in a week. They are huge and i could literally feel deep rooted inflammation under my skin which is worser than last week. The places where the small cycts were there, they have become so huge and some into a head with puss inside. But the rest of my skin is the same or even better because i think i got a shine on the rest of the face and the face tone is even now. Even my huge cyst is pinkish rather than those brownish ones. I am having a tendency to pick those up coz i could literally feel all puss on the surface. The cyst is having that head too at some places. But i am controlling coz i had read about the initial purging stage. I dint get any new pimples on the rest of the face. Its just breaking out or getting inflammed on where it was there before.what shall i do? Is it normal purging? As you can see from the images, i get those cysts only on my cheeks. And i get it inflammed when my diet goes out of control. But i am on diet control the past three weeks. I dont understand what is happening. Did anyone experienced this?
  18. I have normal skin. I get a pimple here and there every now and then. A single pimple. I have never had something so bad as in the pic. So it started off two months back as tiny bumps(colorless, no puss in them, rough to touch) on my forehead. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed some fusiderm cream. I applied it for like three weeks. No improvement. I started using salicylic acid soap on my own two times a day. It would help me with the acne alot. Also with the acne scars. But this time it started irritating the bumps making them red. So I stopped using it too. Then I presumed it was because of the winter and dryness. I started applying moisturizer all day long. Didn't help. Then I went to another derm. He prescribed clycin t. Again nothing improved. I dropped it and one day later a cyst appeared. And then the next day. Boom. All the whiteheads were there. And also it's soooo itchy and hurts bad. Can't even wash my face or touch it. Also I use sunscreen everyday and I used it before the bumps too so nothing wrong with that. And I double cleanse my face every night to remove the sunscreen properly. So PLEASE HELP ME. Can't apply bp because my skin gets super dry and brownish. Ok
  19. Ok so since I was 13 (I'm 18 now) I've been struggling with acne. Specifically cystic and pustules. I've been on and off plenty products and have always maintained a acne regime that I never missed a day of since I was at least 16. The only time I never woke up and used a product was when I didn't have any. But nothing EVER seemed to work. So I started wondering maybe it has something to do with my lifestyle. Well I went into the army in September of 2017 while I was 17 and to my surprise my face was clear. Ok not really clear but there was so huge pustule zits on my face or any cystic acne so I was fine with it. There was just small bumps around my face that I would have to lean into the mirror to really see. So because of this I basically figured that me being active, drinking alotta water, and maintaining a steady sleeping schedule was the key. But one thing that I didn't do was eat right. I was drinking alotta chocolate milk in the defac and eating unhealthy foods but my face was still better with me only getting like a zit maybe once every 2 weeks and sometimes 2 in one week. Well when I came home in December I wasn't as active but I was still trying to maintain a good level of activity, doing 50 push ups and like 60 situps then doing pull ups. When I came home I would start using the acne products I used to use again and I noticed the zits and cystic coming back just as it used to. I even ordered cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and tried using that in hopes it would work and noticed the zits just keep poping up no matter how active I was or how consistent I was with the acne products. I then ordered aztec mask clay and soon brokeout after using it. So with this being said I am guessing it has something to do with the acne products that I'm using. Does anyone have any clue whats going on or any idea why my skin is reacting this way to acne products that MOST people say work for them but only fucks me up more? I've literally been on trenoin a, used prescription pills, used benozyl peroxide, etc but the only thing that seemed to do it for me was when I was in the army and did nothing but stay active and have a constant sleeping schedule and used NO products while I was there. That was what cleared my face (but still small bumps around face with occasional pustules that'd go away fast)
  20. Me and my battle with small bumps, itchy, and burning skin goes way back. Every once in awhile my old foe makes it's comeback, each time harder than ever. So yes, what you see isn't anything new to me. But it seems my 'old friend' has leveled up yet again I've been going through a weird phase with my skin for the past few winter months. First I had problems with dry spots, then discoloration, and now this. It started off as just a stubborn patch on my forehead that I payed no attention to but is now, as you can see, a f*cking hurricane. Not only is it physically there, my skin also feels irritated & itchy. I've tried using my normal acne products (tea tree oil, Oxy spot treatment) but the effects are kinda meh. I still feel and look the same. I've started taking my allergey pills again in case this is some sort of allergic reaction, but would still like some type of guidance ;-; for some more background on me: • I had excema in the past, not sure if I have it now • I don't consume any meat or dairy products (team vegan ;D) • I used to workout daily but because of winter laziness I haven't done any recently; have been consuming more carbs/sodium than usual T_T • I have dehydrated, acne-prone skin • The included pictures is my skin after day 5 (I think) of trying to recover after applying all my night treatments
  21. Hi, I'm 13 years old and I have a blackhead and oily skin problem. Whenever I get ready in the morning, the oiliness of my face is too much and I result in not following the regimen because I find it to be too light. I use a gingko leaf cleanser, morning ph level balancer, and a salicylic acid cleanser to finish it off. After that, I use a clinique moisturizer and a vitamin b5 lotion. (When I use these, the oil does not subside.) Though the pimples that come up drastically improved from the past 2 years, the oiliness has increased 2x. I get 1-10 breakouts every week. I have the blackheads only on the sides of my face and everywhere below. So, I'm just wondering how I can stop the over-flow of sebum and get rid of the blackheads once and for all.
  22. Hello everybody, I would like to share my experience and ask for advice, if possible. I had always had oily skin with a few pimples once in a while, nothing serious, until in October 2017 I got the WORST BREAKOUT I have ever had, exactly in the middle of my forehead. Since the inflammation didn't seem to go away (notice we are talking always of the SAME inflamed pimples...) in January I've used DALACIN T for about a week and that really put out my breakout. I was finally starting to feel confident again! However, a few weeks later I started noticing grapes and bunches of tiny sebum-balls-like things underneath my skin, always in the middle of my forehead, so I started using DIFFERIN (I had already used it years ago, I know it takes a lot of time to show results) and guess what... I'm back with that awful breakout once again! And also the horrible dark scars that the old breakout left me with are still there, not fading AT ALL after two months! I'm really embarassed and sad about this. I don't feel like this is myself, I always have to wear foundation and I hate when people look at me. On my skin I use aloe vera gel and an organic moisturizing cream twice a day, and my face except for my forehesd looks great, so I really don't understand why I keep breaking out in that exact place! In the photo most of the redness is actually acne scars. Do you have any advice? Thank you
  23. So for about a year and a half I'd say i started getting these small bumps all over my cheeks and they become quite red. They don't itch or anything so Im not sure if its a rash but ive had them for a while now although ive changed all of my skin care products and even makeup, stopped using a clarisonic, dont eat dairy, hardly any gluten (its hard but ill have the occasional pasta or toast once a week), i exercise, eat clean (no processed foods) and they are still there. Ive gone through trial and error and im just getting so tired My skin before these bumps was extremely dry and sensitive to heavy products i used to peel on my nose if I wouldn't moisturize but It was very clean with the occasionally pimple here or there. My skin is still dry as I live in London (and when I moved here this started, im not sure if its the pollution) Now these bumps are all over my cheek and jaw line - they aren't hard and usually only a bit of string of puss will come out or nothing at all. Ive tried things like the Kate Somervile cleanser, Kiehls, and Boscia none of them worked. Right now Im using the Kiehls face wash, aloe vera oil and Kiehls midnight recovery, but i dont think anything but the Aloe Vera is working. Sometimes Ill use the Good Genes by Sunday Riley and it helps my skin look a bit clearer the next morning. If anyone knows any good products or have gone through something similar or know whats causing it pleeeeease share your thoughts x
  24. My daughter suffers from tzone, chest and back acne. She is currently on 2x daily dalacin t lotion and hibiscrub as a cleanser. Do you think Exfoliating skin with active acne is a good or bad thing to do. Her skin feels very rough and feels like it needs Exfoliating. Thank you. I was thinking deep sea salt scrub???
  25. Open pores or Acne Scars?

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    Not sure if they are very large open pores or acne scaring? I also have active acne on these spots. I only have them on both my cheeks. They are very noticeable up close. Any help?