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  1. Ever since I was 10, I've had acne, which 10 seems like a young age but it happened. In middle school, it got worse (one reason was bc I didn't really have a skin care routine). But in high school, it absolutely EXPLODED. Zits covered every square inch of my face (my forehead didn't really break out tho). So I was prescribed Minocycline and Birth Control & I used a Clinque skin care line, which all 3 helped get my acne minimal for about half a year or so. Then, it came back!!! So I switched out my skin care stuff for a prescribed face wash and a prescribed Clinamycin BP spot treatment. Those worked for about a month and then my acne came back again!! I've been off the Minocyclune for about 3 weeks but it didn't make my face worse or better. And in the past, I've tried EVERY thing possible: retinols, BP, salicyic acid, AHAs, charcoal washes, EpiDuo, Proactiv, washing my face with natural products, drinking lots of water (girl, i drink 8-9 water bottles a DAY), exercise regularly, you NAME it and i've tried it. So my new dermatologist told me I should get on accutane. my acne is mild / moderate, EXTREMELY prone to breakouts (even when I don't wear makeup for a week), and it's persistent in the same spot (usually around my chin area). Do you think i should go for ACcutane?? (I'm 17 btw so I've had acne for 7+ years now)
  2. I've noticed that whenever I get acne on my cheek area it leaves a red mark that lasts forever, I also noticed that the scars look milder when I first wake up which leaves me confused. My mom told me not to pick at my scars or they'll become permanent but I haven't noticed any improvement whatsoever.
  3. Which is more beneficial to drink warm or cold water for acne prone skin??
  4. Diferin cream

    So basicly I'm using diferin and my face has defiantly seemed to become more red all over rather than my natural skin tone, I think this is due to the cream making my skin more sensitive to sun, as I have just been on holiday and even though I use sunscreen I'm sure the sun still effected it. but will the redness fade? Or will it stay. Im really hoping it fades but not sure . Please help
  5. So I've been on proactiv for about five years, although I switched to proactiv plus when it first became available. My skin has been red for a long time, and while I went through times when it was clear I just never felt like it was doing its job, so I chose to switch. I'm seventeen now, and bought Philosophy's purity cleanser since it seems quite natural and many people love it. I've been off proactiv for a few days now and have begun to break out. Not horribly, I've had much worse much more when using proactiv, but was curious to those who have quit how they quit, and how long it took for their skin to adjust.
  6. Hi, I was in the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks and about 1 week into the holiday i noticed a few spots and bumps. By the end of the holiday I had about 3, of which I now have an extra one (4). Im hoping that it has been caused by the hot weather/sun cream/greasy or sugary foods. Please tell me what you think. I noticed my dad got quite a lot, around 10!
  7. Self-esteem affected

    I don't have severe acne but I am severely affected by what I do have. Bumps and redness between my eyebrows, about 5 visible pimple dark marks on my left cheek and a couple active bumps on my chin. Doesn't sound like much but believe me I'd rather stay at home then go out with my face like this. Will putting Vicks on the affected areas help? I've had average skin with the occasional or 2 pimples my whole life, up till I was 18. It changed this year though (I'm 19), pimples I had left scars and the scars took longer than usual to fade and new pimples form faster than before. I used to have clear skin on my forehead but now there's this area of redness and marks between my eyebrows and it is unsightly. Any advice??
  8. Does anyone know what kind of acne this is or how to treat it. Mixed oily and dry. I don't get a lot of big pimples, but I have small spots and lumps all over my cheeks. help please!
  9. I thought I'd write this to try and help someone who has the same issues as me! Before I bought any products to help my acne, I spent hours reading through info here at and found them really helpful so hopefully I can help someone too I'm a 21 year old girl from England, I've suffered with mild - moderate acne since I was about 16. I get cystic acne round my chins and jaw line and in the hollows of my cheeks, also some on my forehead (I don't know if anyone else notices this but my acne seems to 'move around'...when my jaw line is clear my cheeks will be bad, when my cheeks are clear my forehead will break out) like many people, this gets significantly worse as I start my period or just before! anyway, I finally have a regime that works and my face is now clear minus 1 or 2 small pimples, hidden well by a tan currently. Last month I found my holy grail product that was the final step in stopping breakouts even during my period. Anyone who has acne knows how horrible it makes you feel, I used to find it hard to meet people's eyes when talking to them because I felt so self conscious. In January of this year things really got bad and that's when I started researching things properly. First I tried body shop tea tree products on my back and face, I stuck with them for a couple for months even though I wasn't seeing improvement as I thought this was a purging stage. It's really hard to tell the difference between a purge and a bad reaction but I eventually decided tea tree really wasn't for me, it was making things worse. Next, I tried cutting out dairy (I LOVE cheese, milk, butter , anything dairy) but let me say, this is when things really started to improve and I will never look back. The difference was noticable within just 4 days. I had a friend who recommended this to me years ago and I wish I'd listened back then! Milk is full of hormones as cows are pumped full of them as they are expected to produce milk all year round. If your acne is hormonal like mine it makes sense that this would be a trigger. Even a little bit of cheese now will cause me to break really is worth the commitment if you've tried everything else! Finally, I heard about Mario Badescu, this is another turning point for me, I'd be lost without these products now. I use the AHA Botanical cleaner on my back and chest and don't get any spots there anymore, not even during my period. I go to the gym a lot so try and shower as soon as I can, this really helps. On my face I use the acne facial wash (acne cleanser) twice a day. Then if I have any under the skin spots (cystic acne), once a day I apply the buffering lotion followed by a dot of the drying mask over the top. I'll use the drying mask on any active spots while using the healing and soothing mask on any red marks/scabs that need healing. The healing and soothing mask is really amazing. I never use both masks all over my face, seems like a waste of money when you can just use it like a spot treatment cream on the affected areas once a day, they both give immediate improvement I then tone with the Glycolic acid toner. I used to use their soothing cucumber lotion but found it was too weak and didn't seem to make a difference to my oily skin. As long as you don't have dry skin, the Glycolic acid toner is great to use twice a day. This is my new holy grail, the missing puzzle piece and I believe it's what's stopped my period breakouts! Finally I use the ceramide moisturiser twice a day and if I have any active spots over night I'll use the drying lotion which extracts the puss in hours! I appreciate that this is a lot of products to use but I've built these up over the last 6 months. To start with I just purchased the acne facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Once things started getting under control I started introducing the other products to help with acne scars and brightening. Confidence is worth the money in my opinion! I take vitamin D supplements every day, this is a huge help. I also love the sun and find my skin is even better after a tan and a few hours outside. I also avoid caffeine where possible and when I drink/smoke at the weekends I avoid beer. Alcohol can give me small breakouts still if I'm run down but hey, you've got to enjoy life Sorry for the extrmemely long post but thought I'd explain as much as I can! I'll try and answer any questions you have! thanks for reading xo
  10. Please help

    I have mild to moderate painful acne on my jaw, chin, and 1 or 2 on my cheek. I wash my face 2 times a day and use %10 benzoyl peroxide 2-3 times on all affected areas. I use face lotion before school, but nothing I do seems to help. Does anyone have an idea on what to do.
  11. THIS IS A REALLY LONG POST BUT I PROMISE IT'S WORTH THE READ Hey guys just wanted share how I once got rid of my acne for a period of time (because now I have acne again) So first off, I started clearing up the summer of 2014 (april - august - yes we had a 5 month summer in the Philippines) but I started breaking out again around October this year (probably because of college, sleepless nights, stress and finals) Anyway I'm a 17 year old who has mild acne. I didn't get cystic pimples back then but my face was covered with pustules, papules and comedones. My skin wasn't oily nor was it flaky but it just looked bad. What worked for me then was: Celeteque (dermoscience facial wash) hydration Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Toner SOS (roll on topical treatment) Celeteque Facial Moisturizer Hydration I used these products consecutively for 5 months twice a day. By the third month, I wasn't growing any more pimples. And by the fifth month, my dark spots and scars were gone. It was amazing. Life felt amazing. But there are other factors that should be considered such as the sleep that I was getting, the diet and the sunlight. Since it was summer and there was no school, I was basically stress free and I slept almost the entirety of the day. I would walk my dog in the morning and I read somewhere that sunlight helps in the manufacturing of Vitamin D which in turn helps in regulating sebum excretion. And I ate healthy food because I was at home everyday with very little access to junk food and fast food. I just really wanted to put this regimen out in the open to help those who are desperate of getting rid of their acne. Although it should be noted that this regimen worked for me because I was diligent, had more than enough sleep, wasn't stressed at all and was eating healthy food. So if you're going to try this, might as well do some changes in your lifestyle because nothing worth having ever comes easy. It should also be noted that my skin started showing significant changes on the third month. Perfection takes time. Healing is a process and it doesn't happen overnight. Hell, it doesn't happen for at least a month. But it will happen. You will just have to be patient and persevering.
  12. Chest Acne

    Hi i'm very frustrated and depressed with my chest acne. I haven't used any cream or medicine. I've had this kind of problem when i was a teenager and doctor prescribe me with Synalar. I haven't try that again because it causes me thinning of skin. Any advice?
  13. I'm a 17 year old male been on 80mg of accutane since February and my skin is clear ..but I keep torturing my mind with the idea of relapsing ... I suffer or "suffered" from super severe cystic not exaggerating when I say my skin makes almost everyone elses skin on here look good I would usually only have 1 or 2 cysts on my cheeks doesn't sound bad right? Until you realize they're the size of 3 or 4 quaters next to each other and are swollen like crazy and take about 3-6 months to leave my face...anyways idk I just feel like shit and needed to vent ..
  14. This is my first time posting here, but I really needed to talk about this because nothing seems to work. My skin looks so bad that I could never go out without makeup, and I hate to admit it but in the past it has made me feel suicidal because I just can't live with looking so bad. I'm only 20 and I've never had acne this bad in my earlier teenage years, it just gradually got worse since I've been 18. What the hell is wrong with my skin? It shouldn't be this bad at my age, and nothing seems to work. I've tried all kinds of spot treatments like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. I've used tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, retinoids, witch hazel, those acne system packs similar to proactive, lots of stuff. My acne just seems to keep coming and I get 1-2 marks a day. What's more is it doesn't seem to heal fast enough, I get huge cysts, or I get dark marks and hyperpigmentation. I feel like I'm doing everything right, washing day and night and putting noncomedogenic moisturizer on my skin. But maybe someone has ideas I haven't thought of? Or just words to help me deal? Pictures below, cropped because these are basically the only places I get acne and I don't know why. Multiple pics of the same areas because they look drastically different in some lighting from some reason. Some random info: 20 yrs old, female, can't figure out my skin type but it's definitely not dry, doesn't react well to harsh stuff yet seems to need something strong, however the skin on my back in contrast loves harsh stuff for the acne (I used to get a lot there, but it's cleared up after I figured that out)
  15. Hi All, I've been lurking on the forum since July last year and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences on my journey and how I've come to a decision to begin roaccutane (UK). I know many people do not agree with this drug but I am completely aware of it's side affects and have read the booklet and the ipledge programme information already. People often bash others that take roaccutane for mild acne, but just like the rest of you, we suffer too. I can't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and felt happy about my face, I cry every single day and have started taking sertraline to be able to cope with how I feel about my face. FYI I'm not depressed, the sertraline is suppose to help with the OCD towards my skin, Acne has been a battle that has completely changed my life, I completely sympathise with every single one of you who post on here. My acne is mostly comedonal, I do suffer with the persistent breakouts of papules and pustules (normally 1-3) in the chin area but the main issue for me is the blocked pores, they cover my entire t-zone. Many people have told me my face is fine, most are extremely shocked I have been prescribed such a strong drug, but both my mother and sister have taken roaccutane for acne and we have strong acne genetics with-in our family. I want to get rid of this in its early stages and while I'm still 19 I have time to deal with it before it would get worse and begin to scar like my sisters. I started getting acne when I was 18, before then I had a FLAWLESS complexion. it began in the most persistent area to date, the sides of my mouth and my chin. As I became more worried about my skin the acne began to spread, it began on my chin and then blackheads and comedones began to spread all around my nose and up to my forehead, this destroyed me inside, witnessing it getting worse was devastating. I visited two dermatologists privately in the UK, both which prescribed a combination of medications. I have tried countless topicals (Differin, Duac, Epiduo, Zineryt) in combination with many different antibiotics (Lymecycline, Doxycycline, Emerythromycerin) All of which had no affect on my skin what so ever (Baring in mind I gave each treatment combination atleast 3-5 months). Lymecycline with Differin was my last treatment option, I gave it about 2 months and nothing had changed, I get I could've waited longer but I just no longer had the patience, the acne has stopped me from leaving my house, it has completely destroyed my life and relationship. People try to scare me with the side effects of roaccutane but I'm already at rockbottom anyway, I need the acne to go away. I went to a dermatologist yesterday (02/03). I made the appointment yesterday morning and saw my consultant dermatologist by 18:30 (02/03) in the evening. (I have private healthcare in the UK which means I don't have to wait at all) I went into the appointment expecting a prescription of Retin-A and another antibiotic combination. I can admit I did have roaccutane in mind. After explaining my distress to my doctor and explaining to him how much this has affected my life he examined my skin, asked about what treatments I have pursued already and questioned me a little further. After a 20 minute discussion he asked me if I had ever heard of isotretinoin, and after trying different combinations said it would be the most affective form of treatment. There was mutual agreement and I am overwhelmed with joy to undertake my treatment and I feel so grateful that it's happening as fast as it is (Normal wait-time on the NHS to see a dermatologist is 6 months considering my case isn't severe). I left the doctors office and had my blood tests done right away, I had a few more this morning too (03/03) but I am picking up roaccutane either today or monday (if my dermatologist doesn't get back to me). My point is people out there with very mild acne, don't suffer in silence. It has had such a profound effect on my life and my dermatologist could see this, after understanding my situation and that I've already attempted other forms of treatment I'm happy I am going on roaccutane. I've heard it has changed many people's lives and I cannot wait to witness it change mine, when he prescribed me the drug I felt like my life was being handed back to me. I'm going to document my journey on, I don't see many people with mild acne documenting there experience on the drug as many never decide to take it anyway. I just had a few questions to the accutane users on the more mild end of the acne scale before I begin my roaccutane experience... First of all I currently am using clean and clear and differin to help clear my skin up, should I stop this? I've heard many people have dry and irritated skin from roaccutane and my doctor did mention it would be a side affect. If so should I be washing my face at all? My skin is super sensitive btw (I have combination skin oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and if I should can anyone recommend any products to wash my face with and any moisturisers that I should consider buying in the UK! Thanks for reading and I hope you understand my decision to undertake roaccutane as my treatment. I hope I gain some responses! Ben!
  16. HELP

    Basically I have all these bumps/redness close to my chin and cheek and they are aren't going away. I've used masks and all types of stuff. Can anybody tell me what these are and how I can get rid of them?
  17. I was on roacutanne for 6 months and my skin cleared up really well. It was almost near perfect and I took care of it afterwards. My skin stayed relatively clear for more than a year but then a few months ago I started getting pimples and acne and blackheads again. I have very bumpy skin on my forehead and cheeks now. The bumps are flesh coloured and don't hurt but the skin looks rough and uneven and bad. I've tried exfoliation but it doesn't go and I really dont wear makeup, except sunscreen on a regular basis. Any suggestions or thoughts would be welcome and greatly appreciated!
  18. So I decided to go into the dermatalogist because I had mild acne and some scaring of pigmentation on Sept 6th. I went to Obagi Skin Care in Beverly Hills and was put on an extensive skin care regimen. (Keep in mind that my face was okay when I went). Point is, that in the morning I have to cleanse its Oilacleanse, then use Cebatrol Pads, then I apply two pumps of Melamin, then two pumps of Glycogent. At night, I cleanse again, use Vitascrub, then I apply Daily power Defense, then finally I mix two pumps of Melamix with complex A then apply that. In total I paid around $600 almost $700. On top of that I am also on Accutane and will be going on two months. My first set of pictures are from october 2nd. The second set is from October 26th the third are from today, Nov 1st. Keep in mind that I stopped using the products for a week. The Last, are prior to starting this all and are from September 4th. The derma says it gets worse before it gets better, but I don't see any results. At my two consultations I have pictures taken and the difference is obvious. I look way worse then how I ever did. Are these skin care regimens too much? Is it all bullshit? Pls help me. p.s i use sunblock too.
  19. Hi! I've noticed that when I sleep on a clean pillowcase my breakouts are less severe. Have you tested this too? I'm considering buying a bunch of pillowcases to change nightly to help with my acne.
  20. Hello guys! I'm 14, I am a filipino and lives at the Philippines. I just recently got acne months ago, I think because I scrub alot like before and I stopped it when I knew it can irritate my skin and make me breakout more! My bad. I have this acne, I use a saclyclic acid cleanser, it has 2% on it, and it seems that it helps my acne, but, it makes my acne dark and becomes a hyperpigmentation, it fades away for like a really long time. I use a gel type moisturizer just few days from now, and I used an moisturizer that is really heavy and it cause more acne, so I use an moisturizer, oil free, and have aloe vera on it, and it was good for all skin types! (I have Combination Skin) And I use a face mask 2x a week but some week I can't continue using it because I have no time to buy but now I have plenty. And I still exfoliate 2x a week. I still got hyperpigmentations from my recent acne and blackheads and whiteheads in my nose area, chin, and the forehead, any tips to get rid of them?
  21. So hey guys I'm new here. So about 2 years ago my doctor prescribed tretinoin and I ran out. Due to complication issue with my insurance I am not able to get another prescription for another 5 months. I found the regimen and I bought the travel kit and I as wondering if this works for clogged pores, I reallly don't want to salicylic acid, which was made for black, because I've had bad luck with it in he past. Alright so I'll give a brief description about my acne. It's in one spot,my nose i only get blackheads and white and I have clogged pores. I use to get these big and bad pimples on my nose which is why I as on Tretinoin. In conclusion will the regimen help my clogged pores issue?
  22. Hey everyone, I am a 22 yr old female who has been living with mild/moderate, but persistent, acne for about 10 years. It's on my face, chest, back, and shoulders. I have tried several over-the-counter products and nothing has worked. I currently use SheaMoisture African Black Soap as a cleanser and Walgreens Aloe Vera body gel as a moisturizer as well as for sun protection. Whenever I feel dead skin build up, I use Equate Apricot Scrub. I don't even know if these help at all but it is what I have for now. July 7, I went to a dermatologist for the first time. After talking a while, she suspected PCOS, drew a blood sample, and referred me to an OBGYN. I asked about Accutane and she said that she has used that medication on patients with PCOS before and the acne always came back; so, that is why she wouldn't prescribe it to me right away. She told me that after confirmation, they would prescribe me Spironolactone, Metformin, and birth control. July 11, I went to a gynaecologist. Again after talking a while, he said my blood work came back all normal and that I most likely don't have PCOS. He lectured me on eating right and exercising more (which I have been doing for the past week). In the end, I didn't get prescribed anything, besides adding Differin to my regimen as my derm recommended. My question is: what should I do now? I want Accutane and since I don't have PCOS, I feel that it might actually work. I will be going back to school in the fall and want to learn to adjust to the symptoms by then. Should I wait another week or two and see if the Differin... well makes a difference? Or should I schedule an appointment with my derm or maybe another derm ASAP? Please, any advice would be helpful. Thank you to anyone who has read this far!
  23. Hi,I am 14 years old and having acne since 12. I have tried everything EVERYTHING!! I Started my acne diet 2 months ago,but nothing has changed. I don't eat dairy(no butter,cheese,milk,ice cream... anything that contains dairy),sugar(no sugar at all(just from fruit)),no white rice,potatoes,I am gluten free,I have wild salmon once a week and organic grass-fed chicken breast once a week,sometimes organic egg. I don't buy processed foods,canned foods,I dont use salt and spices,I have plenty of vegetables and fruit. Nuts make me break out,so I don't know How to put on weight Cause this diet makes me very skinny(I hate avocado,but I have one half every day...please help me!!! And also my dermatologist said that diet has nothing to do with acne and that I don't need accutane Cause it is not that bad.. I use skinoren and differine and avene cosmetics.
  24. Please Help!!!

    I'm breaking out like crazy!!! My cheek area has been flaring up the most however. I'm not quite sure what am I doing wrong. I'm cutting dairy from my diet and avoiding as much sugar as I can. My skin type is sensitive and v acne prone. Here's some pictures of my skin currently and the products I use. I use the pure tea tree oil as a spot treatment.
  25. I've had pretty normal skin with the occasional pimple here and there but nothing major but everything changed at the start of this year. I've started getting more pimples but I wasn't worried at first as I had assumed they will go away like they always do and they did...but new ones came soon after and the marks from the old ones have yet to fade!! Now I have about 3 dark spots between my eyebrows, they aren't really pimples so I don't know how to deal with them. I have about 2 little pimples under the skin on each cheek and both cheeks have 2 old pimple marks. My chin has dark marks since like forever.. I used to only have to deal with 1 or 2 problems each time on just 1 area but now I have multiple problems happening at the same time everywhereeee. I was wondering if any of you has advice for me..? Besides hydrating myself and having enough sleep. Any general advice or product/remedy recommendation is appreciated!!