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  1. I am a 35-year old woman who has suffered with acne since the age of 17. I was a late-bloomer, an athlete, and an emotional basket-case. I was super skinny. I did well in school. Today, I am successful in my career as a counselor and behavior analyst. Anyone on the outside looking in might think my life is great. The only thing missing in most ppl's minds would be a husband/child/family. What most people don't know is how miserable I am. I have fought to get rid of my acne and discover the source of my acne and the source of other issues (struggling to lose weight, deal with menstrual irregularities, etc.) for going on 2 decades. September 2 years ago, my periods stopped for 4 months. I was on birth control and terrified that I was pregnant. Doc ran a few tests, everything was normal, said oh it's no big deal. Finally had a period. No more worrying. September of this past year, I decided I was sick of birth control. I couldn't lose weight. It wasn't controlling my acne. I stopped taking it. Then I went 6 months without a cycle. Then my acne got worse. Then I started growing hair where hair isn't supposed to grow. I was mortified. Doc ran tests, (I've taken more pregnancy tests than most women who are TRYING to conceive), thyroid, LH/FSH, among some others. LH/FSH ratio is 2:1 but doc says it is still in normal range. I finally say send me to a gyno. I'm convinced at that time that I have PCOS. She says I don't. Fast-forward to a gyno who takes me seriously and agrees I probably do have it. He runs an anti-muellerian (sp?) hormone test. It was in the normal range but above 4.5, which he says in his decades of practice (he's old y'all) has been indicative of PCOS. He says birth control will help symptoms but sends me to an endocrinologist for further testing to rule out other endo-disorders. I got the nexplanon implant before seeing the endo because my symptoms were out of control, and I started dating someone seriously & needed birth control. The endo was an a$$hat. He pretty much told me I was overweight, and there was nothing else wrong with me. He said that the AMH test my gyno did was normal, & that I did not have PCOS. He said he would test for that. He put me on metformin. He said lose weight. He was not helpful. I am not extremely overweight. I'm 5'7" and roughly 175 pounds. I've always been somewhat athletic and have a lean body. I've had breast augmentation because literally had no boobs before or after puberty. (36-double A...smaller than an A cup). I generally wear a size 8-10-12 depending on the clothing. Anyway, test results come back, and i have high DHEA-S. The letter from the endo says "based on this information and your menstrual irregularities, we can say you have PCOS." I wanted to punch the man in the face. Anyway, the metformin started making me sick. I had to stop taking it and got in to see the PA. I was 5 min late to that appointment (thank you acne that my makeup wouldnt hide), and they rescheduled me. I lost my cool and bawled my eyes out. My primary doc agreed to see me for the endocrine stuff now that I had a diagnosis. We talked about my options, trying metformin again, getting different birth control since my acne has gotten worse with nexplanon (it actually can raise androgens), trying supplements, ways to manage my diet, exercising, and getting a referral to the dermatologist. This has been going on now since January when the gyno said I have PCOS. It is about to be August, and I have my derm appt. Monday. I haven't stopped researching everything I can find about hyperandrogenism and PCOS and acne and hirsutism. Last night, I did for the first time about the anti-androgen medication (flutamide). Now I have been on accutane twice, spironolactone, every antibiotic under the sun, and spent thousands of dollars on topicals. Along the way, I've discovered I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide & macrolide antibiotics (z-paks and their relatives). I have had good months and bad months and in-between months, and I'm so sick and tired of this. I'm tired of it taking me almost 2 hours to go anywhere because of my face and hair. I'm tired of the effort. I'm tired of feeling lonely, depressed, and like I'm just not good enough. I've got acne on my face, scalp, neck, chest and bad acne scars all over, including my legs, bikini line and butt. Here is the thing that that upsets me most, why did it take so long (and take me advocating for myself) to get this diagnosis, why aren't my doctors talking to me about trying something a little more potent (like flutamide or its relatives in the antiandrogen world)? When will doctors realize that medical risks are sometimes necessary to ensure a person's emotional well-being? I am exhausted. I've cried my eyes out today. I've also punched a wall. I'm currently resisting throwing my phone because of the typing lag it is experiencing. I needed to vent and see if there is anyone else out there who feels as desperate as I do right now. Sorry for the long post.
  2. Prep & Prime

    I adore my MAC concealer & powder foundation however halfway through the day, my skin quite obviously has make-up on and can look somewhat "mask-like". I was wondering if anyone used Prep & Prime by MAC to deal with that...? And if so, did you find that it broke you out or clogged your pores? [i break out easily] Is it worth it or is there something else anyone can recommend?
  3. anyone know of a good tinted oil-free,non-comedogenic moisturizer? I figure if I use this I would get some coverage for my red marks and need to put less make-up or maybe none. Maybe guys can use one too. anyone know of one? thanks
  4. Going make-up free--help!

    Hi all-- 25 y/o female hormonal acne sufferer here. I've been on Accutane twice in the past three years, and though it's helped tremendously, I still have persistent acne cropping up on my cheeks. I've tried everything from changing my diet to going on the pill, and nothing seems to help. My acne is a result of multiple factors, but I know for sure that it is exacerbated by wearing make-up. I feel like I break out WAY more after wearing foundation multiple days in a row. Does anyone else feel this way? Anyhow, I'm going to attempt to go make-up free today, for the first time in a while, and I'm kind of freaking out. Looking for some support--anyone here who's had positive experiences ditching make-up?
  5. I've been on Week 8 on the Regimen (using all Dan's products) and it was going great before I used Jojoba Oil. I ordered it because my skin was insanely dry and I needed relief. After listening to people on this forum praising Jojoba Oil as if it were Jesus, I decided to use it. SO FAR- BIG MISTAKE! After a week of using Jojoba Oil (12 drops into 2 pumps of moisturizer) and my skin in ON FIRE! Also, I did breakout somewhat (small). I tried putting Jojoba Oil before the BP, and that made my skin BURN even more. I look at myself in the mirror and it seriously looks like I have a sunburn (forehead and entire sides of my face). This is embarrassing. Does anyone have an explanation why this is happening? I'm standing-up at a wedding tomorrow where I'm groomsmen... And you know what I have to do now? I have to wear make-up. I'm a guy that has to wear make-up because products made me look like a clown after almost two months of the Regimen. Unreal. Very disappointed.
  6. I want to warn people the best I can to save them from trauma to their skin and ultimately, their psyche. I don't have the most sensitive skin but not the best skin either. Although, I have been able to use tons of products and all kinds of various make-ups (seeing as I used to with make-up artists for shoots) without problems. Then, I decided to try Bare Minerals because it cut down my time to do make-up with it's quick swiping. although, it didn't cover very well so I had to often re-apply the make-up throughout the day. This stuff is dangerous to the skin. It's best to not even bother trying it out or messing with it because it's so finely milled that it can stay in the skin for months....maybe years. It has bismuth ocxychloride-"bismuth oxychloride is derived from a heavy metal that is brittle and easily refined." I used it for months and noticed my skin getting dryer and felt some itching, tingling sensations. I didn't really think too much into it. Then after 2-3 months, I started noticing these little bumpy pimples and scaly looking unhealthy skin on the sides of my face where I applied the make-up the most to cover acne scars. I still continued using the make-up thinking it was just some acne that would clear up on its own. I was wrong and once I finally stopped Bare Minerals, my skin became increasingly worse after stopping as if it had a delayed allergic reaction. I've had now for months this awful itching and bug crawling sensation on the face, tiny tiny bumps on my skin that do not go away, and pink rashes on certain parts of my face making me look discolored. The rashes tingle and burn and itch and it's hard for me to move my face or smile without feeling like my face is cracking and realizing that skin actually IS breaking. I have gotten some depresssions on my face, the skin is constantly dry no matter what, if my hair or something touches my skin it feels like it's burning from the skin contact to anything's awful and so sensitive. Water makes the patches redder and stings. My pores enlarged in certain areas and the skin has become scaly, rough and somewhat inflamed and red where the patches are. I'm in constant pain and sometimes I'm pretty certain I can see the little shiny metal crystals from the Bare Minerals make-up come off the skin onto my fingers when I brush over the skin. Bare Minerals damaged my skin and probably for a long time or permanently and it continue to keep getting damaged and worse. Save yourselves from this dangerous make-up powder. I should have's never a good idea to use a make-up so finely milled that can sink deep and quick into the pores of the skin. It's best to use cream liquid foundations and cream concealers and hypoallergenic pressed powders that aren't so finely milled, especially with a metal compound. Clinique seems to be best for these kinds of make-ups and even general drug store make-ups are safer.
  7. Hello, I'm a 20 year old girl that's planning to transfer over to a university soon. Naturally, living with strangers is terrifying because of my mild to moderately bad skin. I really don't want anyone to see me without makeup on because of a traumatizing experience I had in a past related to it and someone I trusted. Suffice it to say that I have a huge complex regarding it. This has only festered because my skin has gotten exponentially worse over the past 7 years. Luckily, I actually do have money for supplies and for the first time I do have enough to begin to take care of my skin. ...on a reasonable budget, of course (below 100$ for everything). Keep in mind that I'm looking for a full regimen and advice to take care of my problematic skin. I'm not sure if I want to commit to a full package (like Proactive?) because the formulas used in it might not work for me, so I don't want to take a risk unless you guys can honestly recommend me something as close to fool-proof as possible. I'm fine with the convienience of a package, Some details (basically things I want to combat/fix and concerns) -Face gets very oily during the day, and is sensitive (so I'm afraid of trying new products). I have a lot of large, clogged pores. -I only have three or less active pimples at once 90% of the time. The especially bad ones tend to be only undergrounders that don't have any whiteheads--they just make the area stay red for weeks and weeks. -I get mild amounts of acne everywhere on my face (nose bridge, forehead, temples, cheeks, jawline, upper lip, nostrils), but it seems like my chin has them consistently. -Honestly, I look older than I am and I feel very self-conscious about it. My skin just looks that dull and rough (emphasis on this)...oh, but just FYI: I don't really have any dents. The bumps last a long time, but generally it's hyperpigmentation the I suffer from. -Speaking of which, my whole face is spotty. Red and dark everywhere. It always seems like it's healing from something--it takes months for the redness to fade too. I really need something that'll accelerate the process and help heal my skin and not just be superficial. I definitely want something that'll help the scars, too. -I'm afraid to exfoliate. What if it damages my healing acne? Am I wrong about this, or should I get an exfoliator? I've just heard stuff about a lot of popular ones causing unseen damage to the skin... Let me stress that I only want to cover up my scars and acne with make-up, not my whole face. Do you have any recommendations for foundation/cover-up that's very effective, can be used selectively/blends well into the skin, will stay on all day (12hours+), neutralizes oily skin, and - if it doesn't make it better - doesn't aggravate acne? Oh, and another miscellaneous thing is that the university I'm going to is on a beach. I really need some sunscreen that doesn't make a greasy film and won't make me break out. ~~~ What I already have: Cerave facial lotion Tea Tree oil Cerave cleanser Is this fine or should I get something else? Note: I actually did have a well-used account here but I don't know what happened to it.
  8. Hello! Can any one recommend a foundation that has very good coverage for acne, and acne scars! For combination skin, thanks
  9. I think I just discovered something new the last few months. I got a clarasonic mia in Dec and maybe it's a placebo effect but I think my pores are somewhat smaller or at the very least the blackheads on my nose are gone. So one night I went a bit overboard and used the Clarasonic on my face several times and concentrating on my chin where I keep getting cysts on. (each cycle runs a minute. I must have done ten on my face.) I overdid it because my skin was really tight and dry the next day and I started getting 2 cystic acne in the two most common places where it always seems to appear and recycle itself. I started getting cysts only on my chin area for some reason my senior year of college after I slowly stopped breaking out all over my face and the cysts usually come in at the same spots. It drives me crazy. Generally, when I feel a cystic spot coming on, I use a deep moisturizer and overload it on my chin. I used to spot treat it with Retin-A-Micro but one summer while I was traveling through Europe for months and ran out of medicine, I discovered over-moisturizing my chin had a better effect for me. My cystic acne usually didn't get bigger and after a day or two of being in that stage where it throbs but is only visible as a slightly raised red bump, it dies down for me but there would be a small hard bump where the cystic acne was and it would stay there for what seemed like forever (2 weeks?) before it disappeared but it would leave a dark spot on my chin when it finally went away and that dark spot would be on my chin for at least another two weeks. Sometimes after I deal with one, another will pop up so I always feel like I'm dealing with this issue. Sorry to digress with my history with cystic acne but everyone is different and I wanted to give others who may be similar to me an idea on my background. Anyways I kept washing my face with the Clarasonic brush the 2nd day and my cystic acne kept getting bigger and bigger. I think it was on the 3rd or 4th day when I saw a white head appear on both my cystic acne for the first time ever. I tried self control and decided not to pick it but then it was driving my crazy and I don't scar on my chin so I decided to go for it. (I just squeezed it with two folded tissues gently.) Not much pus came out but it was really bleeding for both. The next day it left a raised scab but you could still feel the hard bumps underneath those scabs. The scabs looked a ugly dark color and was really raised so I picked them off and there was a little white pus underneath so I squeezed it out again. Hardly anything came out just the pus that appeared in the first place. When it scabbed over the next day, the hard bump that usually stays for weeks was gone. The two spots on my chin healed rather fast but as it was healing another cystic acne formed right near where one just healed and I decided to use the Clarasonic brush on it too. I think I did 3 - 5 minutes just on my chin. The next day, a white head appeared for that acne - before using the clarasonic brush, my cystic acne NEVER formed white heads. Since I healed within a week from the last two, I decided to pick it and same thing. It scabbed the next day, I picked the scab and a second white pus appeared. There was hardly anything that came out. The next day, the hard spot underneath my skin was gone. The hard spot that usually stays under my skin for weeks disappeared within a few days! The pus that came out of the white head and scabs was very little. There was mainly a lot of blood. I thought I would at least get the hard root or something like that to come out but it was nothing like that. Hardly anything was there other than blood. Every time I picked my cystic acne after there was a white head, I wash my face with just a combination of cream cleanser and cold water and give it time to harden over before I apply lots of moisturizer on my face. Overall this whole process took 4-5 days and within a week my chin only has a slightly darker spot from where the cystic acne was but it is lighter than when I let the hard spot go away naturally. I've been dealing with cystic acne on my chin for around 4 years now. I always feel like I'm on the look out and even though I can usually manage it well enough so it looks like a slightly raised bump on the outside, (if I stuck my tongue out over that area, it's like a pea sized lump) its so painful and really does a number on my self-esteem. It's been weeks now and my chin is clear and smooth. The 3 cystic acne that appeared after I overstimulated my chin area with the Clarasonic brush were the 3 main places where my cystic acne keeps recycling itself at. My guess is that the sonic action brought out the acne. I'm being very hopeful that with continual use of the Clarasonic brush, I can prevent my cystic acne on my chin. I've actually over stimulated my chin area a few times and nothing has appeared. Before it felt like if I accidentally touched my chin, I would get a cystic spot. I've really found the Clarasonic brush to be very helpful. ****Please note that I would not recommend picking on areas that scar easily. I've had acne on my face since 6th grade, really bad in jr high and high school but tampered off in college. Just when I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, I get cystic acne on my chin. While my case with cystic acne is not as terrible as others, I'm not going to be apologetic about it because I've been dealing with acne for a very long time. I only picked because my chin area doesn't scar. I don't use BP or SA or medication anymore because I don't break out on my face other than my chin. I actually discovered in college that over moisturizing my face prevents me from breaking out. BP and SA makes my skin too tight and dry and I actually break out because of those dry patches. Even when I spot treat, it dries out that area and I can break out because it. My skin is oily dry and sensitive. With the right make-up it can look normal these days but since it is dry, I mainly use lot of moisturizer. I've learned through a lot of trail and error that I can only use cold water on my face, cream cleansers, and when my face is well moisturized, it doesn't get as oily and break out. Please feel free to ask me any questions and products and habits. It's been a very long journey and I'd be happy to try and help others. I've been going to dermatologists for years who have prescribed just about every ointment under the sun, taken antibiotics for years in high school and college, gone to Chinese doctors in Taiwan, taken their medicine and ointments, tried Chinese herbal remedies, etc... I've been very depressed over my acne, been made fun of behind my back and to my face...(I've actually had so-called friends go to my mom at church in high school and ask my mom why my skin was so bad and I was crushed when church guys I grew up with made fun of my acne to my face.) Now I feel like I've reached a place where I can hopefully help others.
  10. Hello everyone, I made a new thread for this because it did not fit well in any *one* thread. This is going to be a short synopsis and reasoning behind my acne struggle, how I chose the products I did, and the varying results I received. My goal is to spare you all the trials and tribulations I went through. I am currently 19 years old. My skin is fair but warm-toned, exceptionally oily, and slightly sensitive. My acne began to emerge in 8th and 9th grade--only as clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. Come sophomore year in high school, my acne turned highly inflammatory. I had large red bumps all over my face in conjunction with the previous whiteheads, blackheads, and clogged pores. My acne was primarily located on my forehead, my chin, and around my jawline. I would define my acne as moderate to severe--but more along the moderate side. I did not have a face-full of pimples, but the pimples I had were horrible. I was, and still am, a heavy make-up wearer. To deal with the acne during high school, I relied on drug-store things. I used foam cleansers, cream cleansers, cleansers with benzoyl peroxide in them (various strengths, no more than 10%), cleansers with salicylic acid in them (no more than 2%), scrubs (round beads or natural asymmetrical grains), tea tree oil, ACV, toners, masks, literally everything possible without a prescription. For those, like me, who did not want to go to a doctor, I would recommend: ---Apple Cider Vinegar either full strength or distilled 50/50 as a toner every other night, or, Q-tip spot treatments ---Scrubs with round, synthetic beads ---Cream cleansers, I highly recommend Cetaphil ---Clay masks every once in a while I would not recommend: ---Cleansers with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. For me, having an all-over-the-face drying chemical was simply too much and often, I felt like my acne got worse. ---I would absolutely stay away from scrubs with walnut shells or asymmetrical grains in them. Retrospective research has revealed to me that these are sharp and tear at your skin. They do exfoliate, for sure. However, they do more damage than good. Many say that damage is good for your skin because it spurs healing processes. This is true and I did notice that my un-acne-affected skin looked brighter and smoother. For active acne lesions, though, I would stay away from these harsh scrubs. Tearing the inflamed skin over already red and swollen pimples is a bad idea. IF you do want to stick with one of these harsher scrubs, I recommend lessening its use. Once or twice per week is adequate. More is likely hurting you in your quest for clear skin. ---Foam cleansers tended to dry me out. Even though I have oily skin, the answer was not to dry me out. Drying my skin actually led to increased oil production. My skin felt the need to compensate from my harsh oil-stripping techniques. ---Tea tree oil was okay, it wasn't great. It was a nice anti-inflammatory. Through my troubles, I have found that Visine Red-Eye Relief actually does a better job of that--contains a non-harmful chemical that constricts blood vessels. Results: This cleared me up only marginally. The scrub with round beads was a lifesaver and the ACV helped to bring down the pimples that I had at the time and re-balance the alkalinity of my skin. Cetaphil was gentle enough not to over-dry--which can lead to more breakouts. Clay masks helped some of my clogged pores, but only slightly. There was barely noticeable, but still discernible, improvement in my skin. For those who want to stay away from expensive prescriptions or doctors, this may be a step toward helping you out. Spring of my senior year (2010) I caved and saw a dermatologist. She prescribed me Retin-A Micro at night .025% and 1% Clindamycin pledgets morning and night. This was a breakthrough for me and I couldn't believe I waited so long to seek a professional. ---The Retin-A Micro is a chemical derivative of vitamin A called Tretinoin. The brand name comes solely from the delivery system--a gel-base with some jive micro-delivery technology. ---Clindamycin is an antibiotic Results: From the Retin-A Micro, I suffered a horrible initial breakout for which the clindamycin helped only nominally. My skin was purging all of it's clogs-in-waiting. While I was getting substantial numbers of new pimples, they were coming to a head faster and clearing faster. My old acne scars also faded slightly. I did suffer side-effects. My face was persistently red (which made me incredibly self-conscious given that I'm already a super-easy hardcore blusher) and my skin peeled constantly. Makeup was incredibly difficult to wear during this period---despite the fact that I needed it more--and often, my skin took to unsightly and embarrassing flaking. It took a good 6-8 weeks before I saw improvement in my acne breakouts, but when I did, it only got better. The side-effects never went away. I was always red and always peeling/flaking. Within four to five months, I was almost completely clear. It was truly wonderful. I was still using heavy make-up, Cetaphil was my cleanser, and I used Neutrogena Eye-Makeup Remover. No toner, no scrub--as per the dermatologist orders. It was during the summer/fall of that year (2010) that I made the mistake of stopping my prescriptions. I was fed up with the side effects--redness and peeling. I was also getting really bad sunburns despite my constantly applying high SPF sunscreen--the Retin-A Micro seemed to be doing more harm than good. And, I figured that, since I was completely clear, there was no need to continue. This was an absolute disaster. The Retin-A Micro and clindamycin were making my skin function as if it were normal--the products did not change the biological and genetic factors that predisposed me to moderate to severe acne. Thus, once I stopped, the acne slowly came back to full force. I also made the mistake of changing the other aspects of my skin-care regimen. I am constantly wooed by products that I think will be miracle-workers. Instead of Cetaphil, I switched to the original Noxzema. My grandmother recommended it for me and internet reviews made it seem wonderful. I also added in St. Ives Apricot Scrub (regular, timeless (alpha-hydroxy acids), and blemish control (salicylic acid)) thinking that, since exfoliation was the new thing, I needed some intense exfoliation to scrape off the dead skin cells before the got trapped in my oily pores. I kept trying to restart myself on the regimen that had worked so well before. This time, though, the side effects were even worse and I just kept purging and purging and purging even with the Clindamycin. Results: My acne stayed pretty bad. It hit a point of stasis where it was bad, but it didn't get any worse. I still had many big, red pimples. I constantly purged. My skin was dry and flaky, so I exfoliated more and more with harsh (and sometimes chemical) scrubs. The Noxzema dried out my skin and left a residue. The clindamycin and Retin-A Micro prevented my acne from getting worse, but my acne never got better because the other aspects of my skin care regimen were sabotaging my efforts. January of the following year (2011) I had the Mirena IUD put in place. I did have hormonal acne prior to the Mirena, but the hormones in the IUD exacerbated the problem. On top of my forehead and chin issues, my jawline issue escalated and my cheeks began to break out horribly with deep, red, inflamed, painful pimples. I gave up on regular applications of the Retin-A Micro and clindamycin. I stuck with the Noxzema and St. Ives. I also started using a salicylic acid spot treatment (Clean and Clear Acne Advantage). Results: Nothing changed, in fact, the Mirena made everything worse. I was using heavy make-up still, bad cleanser, harmful scrubs, and the spot treatment worked only marginally. While I was sporadically using the Retin-A Micro and clindamycin, my lack of regularity forever delayed the benefits and made me constantly suffer with the side effects. I was doing everything wrong. I did not have the Mirena out. I loved it too much in other respects. But, tor the next few months, my acne went up and down. Some days/weeks were better than others, but any clearing up never lasted for very long. Summer before my sophomore year in college (2011), I decided I wanted to really restart myself on my prior regimen (only slightly stronger). However, intricacies in my insurance coverage changed. Instead of being able to purchase the brand name Retin-A Micro, I needed to purchase the generic Tretinoin. I was prescribed it in .025% strength as well as .05% and .1% strength--my derm told me to work my way up. I was also placed on clindamycin again. I turned down Spironolactone. I kept with Noxzema and the various St. Ives. Results: The newfound consistency helped me greatly. My acne did clear up slightly even with the bad cleanser and scrubbing habits. However, I must say that the tretinoin .025% was far harsher on my skin than the Retin-A Micro .025%. The delivery system (reason for the brand name) really does make a difference and, if you have a choice, you should really go with Retin-A Micro. With the tretinoin, the clindamycin pledgets were actually burning my skin. I kept with it, but my redness was far worse than it was on just the Retin-A Micro and my peeling was also worse. I never actually upped myself to the .05% or the .1%. While I did see overall improvement, especially on my forehead, my cheeks, jawline, and chin remained pretty bad. January of my sophomore year (2012) I returned to the dermatologist. I told her that I had been consistently on the same regimen for 6 months and saw only slight improvement. It was certainly better than nothing, but I wanted to see if I could do more. Instead of tretinoin, I was placed on .1% adapalene (the generic version of Differin) and instead of clindamycin pledgets (which contain alcohol in them, that's why I was getting the harsh burn) she placed me on clindamycin lotion. This prescription regimen has been a life-saver. The side-effects from adapalene are FAR more mild and transient than those of tretinoin and the clindamycin lotion was much gentler on my skin than the alcohol-infused and abrasive pledgets. On a whim and a need for chance, I switched away from the Noxzema cleanser and St.. Ives scrubs. I went back to Cetaphil and replaced scrub exfoliation with exfoliating pads (cheap target brand, circular abrasive sponges). Since I was peeling less and my skin was generally less irritated, this made a big difference. Even though I still had the Mirena, within three months this regimen showed me marked, but not 100%, improvement. Unlike times before, I didn't mess around with what worked. Recently, I have slightly changed my routine. I have transitioned away from the scrubbing pads--they worked, but I was going through them like crazy and I started to get scratches and broken capillaries. I did my research and splurged on a Clarisonic Plus. For a dirt-poor college student, this was a hefty purchase. I received the typical 20% discount bringing the price down from 225$ to 180$. I was FULLY ready to return it within 30 days if I was IN ANY WAY unsatisfied. Luckily for my skin, but unluckily for my bank account, the Clarisonic has been really wonderful. Since the majority of my inflamed acne lesions around my jawline and cheeks had been tamed and had been starting to go away, I was left with a lot of small bumps and clogged pores. As a consistently heavy make-up user, someone with clogged pores, oily skin, slight flakes from the adapalene, and still some inflamed acne on my cheeks, the Clarisonic seemed like it could really do some good for me. It has done everything promised and, though my skin took about a week to adjust to it, it has been simply magnificent. Results: I am satisfied. My current regimen: Morning: Cetaphil All Skin Types Clarisonic (two runs of the sensitive brush) Olay Complete moisturizer Night: Neutrogena eye makeup remover Cetaphil Clarisonic (two runs again) Adapalene cut with moisturizer (75 adapalene/25 moisturizer) I have taken myself off the antibiotic lotion. With no purging and less active acne, it was not needed and made my skin a bit shiny. The Clarisonic has begun to make inroads on my clogged pores. It helps clear off the flakes on my skin. It cleanses my skin deeply and makes sure all my makeup is off. I cut the adapalene with moisturizer now because I am verging on clear and don't need the full strength. After years of dealing with acne and many missteps along the way, I am almost clear. Those who read this, I hope to spare you the mistakes I made.
  11. Adult Acne: Causes and Treatments

    I am an adult! Why am I still battling acne? Adult acne can be frustrating and embarrassing but more than half of adults suffer from acne at some point in their adulthood. Since it is so common, what can be done about it? Acne usually occurs when oil and dead skin cells get clogged in a pore and mix with bacteria. Adult acne can be caused by stress, hormones, birth control or bad cosmetics. This is why women are more likely than men to suffer from it. First, take a close look at your make-up. If you suffer from acne outbreaks avoid make-up that is oil based. Choose products that are labeled noncomedogenic. Certain medical conditions and prescription medications can also cause acne. If you have other symptoms of a hormone imbalance or if your acne began when you started a new medication, consult your physician. Adult acne often manifests itself differently than teenage acne. Adult breakouts are often mild or moderate and do not usually result in scarring. Blackheads and whiteheads are less common. Adult facial acne is usually seen on the chin, lower cheek and below the jaw line rather than all over the face as is common in adolescents. As an adult with acne, you might choose to visit your dermatologist. A dermatologist can diagnose the condition on your face as acne or a very similar appearing skin condition called rosacea. Rosacea often appears with acne and can be caused by some acne medications. However, it is a separate condition and needs to be treated differently. A dermatologist can prescribe an effective topical or oral treatment for both acne and rosacea. If you are confident that your skin condition is adult acne, you might chose to visit your local drugstore and try some of the over the counter treatments available. There are many kinds available and it is worth doing a little research either by talking to your friends or searching the internet to find one that is worth trying. No matter which acne treatment you try first, be sure to wash your face twice a day with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Also, use moisturizer and sunscreen daily for good healthy skin. Adult acne can be embarrassing. It is not a life threatening medical condition but it may have significant ramifications. Suffers of adult acne may have low self esteem and lack the self confidence to succeed. With all of the products available to treat adult acne, there is no reason to suffer. Visit your favorite drugstore or dermatologist soon and get the help you deserve.
  12. At the end of June I'm moving in with my current boyfriend. He's amazing and wonderful and I love him to bits. It makes me sad, however, that the ONLY thing that is bothering me about moving in with him is my acne. It's gotten bad again for no apparent reason and I've really been struggling with it. I've been embarrassed enough being around him when it gets real ugly, but at least I could come home, take off the make-up and try and battle it in private...try to heal some of it before the next time I saw him. Now, he'll be there 24/7 and have to see it at it's worst & me without makeup and they'll be nowhere I can "hide". I know he loves me for who I am and still thinks I"m pretty, and I do my best to remind myself of that...but on the inside it still is terrifying me, and just plain makes me sad. I know this may seem a small problem to the people that feel like b/c of their acne they can't even GET a gf/bf....but sometimes I think dealing with acne while having a significant other can be just as hard. As accepting as my bf may be, it still hurts ME on the inside that he has to see me like this and nothing he can say will ever make me less embarrassed about it. After all these years (been dealing with it for ten years, and I'm 27 now) I think my scars may be deeper on the inside than the outside...and I have plenty on the outside. Anyone else ever feel this way when it comes to a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  13. Hello everyone! I finally have clear beautiful skin!! (Knock on wood)! I want to share my story on here. If it can even help one person then it's worth it! This post will be quite long because I'm covering my background, products and tips. I'm 41 years old and have suffered off and on with acne/cystic acne since high school. I had a really bad outbreak about two years ago that I couldn't get rid of or get a break from. Diet has no part in my acne as I have been gluten free, dairy free, meat free for over 10 years. I don't eat any processed foods/sugar and eat a mostly raw food diet and am free of grains. I don't take any medications and only use homeopathic remedies when I get sick/ill. None of the homeopathic remedies or suppliments/vitamins I took would work on the acne I had. Several times during a two year period I changed my face cleansing regimine, trying to find something that would work. I did at home peels and bought really expensive products. I tried sulfur soaps, tried oil cleansing, colloidal silver, neem oil ect. but nothing worked. At one time I counted 18 cystic bumps on my chin alone- the cystic acne was piled on top of each other! I had these weird hard white plugs sticking out of my skin. My jaw line was covered in itchy bumps that were flesh colored. My entire nose was covered in black heads and my forehead had hundreds of tiny baby acne bumps. I was a mess!!! Then I found the regimine on-line and decided to give it a try!! While I was waiting for my regimine to arrive I decided to stop washing my face with water. I thought our well water could be making my skin worse so I bought some witch hazel cleansing facial wipes and used those. I wouldn't even let the shower water hit my face! My face started to look a bit calmer so I kept up with not letting the water touch my face. My regimine arrived and I started using it as described. I would cleanse and let my face dry completely before putting on the treatment cream. Once the treatment cream was dry I then put two pumps of moisterizer along with 6 drops of jojoba oil on my face. After a week or so I noticed my cystic acne was getting smaller and less irritated looking. Then BAM horrible itching and cystic acne again. I decided to cut out the first step using the cleanser and go back to using the witch hazel pads and not letting the water touch my skin. I still used the treatment cream and moisterzier/oil. Within a couple days my face was looking and feeling MUCH better. At this point I hadn't tried the AHA -which came with my kit so I tried it one night mixed in with my moisterizer and it made my face burn really bad. I looked up information and found that it should be used only after using the regimine for a couple weeks or so. I decided to use a teeny tiny amount of AHA each night and work my way up. That worked great for me! I noticed after starting the regimine that the wrinkles around my eyes were looking really deep. I decided to create a barrier around my eyes by putting a layer of eye cream underneath each eye (kind of like a football player with the black under his eyes). This keeps the regimine from making any contact with the delicate skin under my eyes. The deeps wrinkles are gone and my eye area actually looks so much better than before using the regimine because of all the barrier eye cream I use! My process as of today: Morning: Step one- Cleanse using witch hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely Put on my barrier eye cream Step two- Treatment cream- started off with pea size and have worked my way up to a half dollar size. Let dry completely. Step Three- 1 pump of moisterizer with 6 drops of jojoba oil After this soaks in then I put on my make-up. Night: Step One- Cleanse using wich hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely Put on my barrier eye cream Step two- treatment cream- let dry completely Step three- 1 pump of moisterizer, same amount of AHA as moisterizer (started off only using a tiny amount), 6-10 drops of jojoba oil Anyway, I did initially get really dried out with the treatment cream. I kept on using it (pea size amount) and moisterizing and after a couple of weeks the peeling and dryness went away. I gradually used more and more of the treatment cream til I got to the amount I use now. I don't have any dryness now. My skin is so soft and smooth!!!! I wish I had taken "before" photos but I avoided all cameras and pictures.
  14. Week 1 With Pictures

    I am currently taking: Spironolactone, 50 MG twice a day Trimethoprim 100 MG twice a day Gianvi (Yaz generic) birth control pills Topicals: Aczone in the morning Ziana at night I wash my face with Cetaphil and I have an oil-free moisturizer made by Purpose. Just noticed that it's not noncomedogenic, so I will probably switch back to my Aveeno or Cetaphil moisturizer. My goal is to wean off of antibiotic pills this week so that I'm only taking Spironolactone and Birth Control pills. NYC in the summer is deadly, and I'm sweating so much! Does anybody have any tips? I use Exuviance foundation and concealer, but I just feel like liquid foundation is not the way to go in the summer. I will be working long hours, and I know having loads of make-up on my face for such a long time will not be good! What type of make-up works for you? I'm learning towards doing a powder like Bare Minerals. Is this noncomedogenic? Has anybody had luck with Manuka oil? I bought it a few months ago and I didn't really see improvements after doing it. It did help with redness, however. I may start using it every other day. Below are some picture of my current state. This is 10X better than it was a month ago. I do have a lot of actives, but I also have a ton of hyperpigmentation and scarring. I also am getting some acne on my forehead, chest, and back, which is completely new to me. I've never had back/forehead acne, even when I was on Accutane.
  15. Right, I'm having a bit of a hard time right now and instead of continuing to struggle through alone, surrounded by 'clear-skinned-"it's not that bad" people', I thought I'd give this a go. It might be a little whiny and probably super self pitying but I haven't had the chance to tell anyone how I'm really feeling for a few months now so consider this truthful word-vomit. So about two years ago, I went on Accutane. Before those little miracle pills, I had red cysts all down my cheekbones and along my jaw line and I was reaching a point where I used my long hair to cover my face and kept a scarf wrapped around my neck through all my a-level lessons (I reckon the teachers thought I had some kind of fetish). I skipped weeks of school causing my mum to stress out and I cried every morning when trying and failing to cover the red lumps of evil. I was in a bad way. I went to the dermatologist after 6 weeks of waiting for the appointment only to be told I had to go back to the doctor for a blood test and then return in another 6 weeks for my first prescription, needless to say I wasn't happy about that. Other people don't understand. They say "don't worry" "have you tried clearasil" "no one notices" and "it's what on the inside that counts" whilst staring at their feet and wishing you would stop moaning. My Mum understood, to a certain extent, she knew her daughter wasn't exaggerating, that she didn't want to skip parties and ignore friends. I've got a twin sister whose beautiful, inside and out. Clear skin and legs that go on for's hard being compared to's impossible. We're not identical so I suppose it could be harder, at least it's not just my acne that sets us apart. She complains occasionally about dry skin on her nose, and as much as I try and understand that even though it's nothing compared to my skin problems it's still affecting her, I can't help but wish for her to realise that if one day I only had dry skin on my nose I'd jump for joy. Two years ago, my acne cleared up. My confidence soared. I still wore make-up on a daily basis because of the scars but I didn't have to worry about new spots popping up at sleepovers or keeping my hair down to try and cover the lumps. In the winter I could take a snowball to the face and not worry about spots being revealed and in the summer I went to Greece with my friends and my acne free back and chest were revealed in a bikini. A few spots came back around Christmas time that second year but it was nowhere near as bad as before. Those 2 years were freaking awesome. This September I started studying English Literature at the University of Reading in England. I had one or two pimples when I joined and I made a ton of friends who I know will be friends for life. I met a boy...who I really like. He lives next door and at first we were just friends but before Christmas break I realised I wanted more. It scared the crap out of me. I've never had a boyfriend, never gotten 'down and dirty' if you know what I mean so the idea of getting close to someone who has already been in one long term relationship and 'knows what he's doing', is pretty intimidating, especially when my confidence is still somewhat recovering. Then the bastard came back...acne. Granted it's not as bad as it was, but it's obvious, and red, and bumpy, and no one else in my friendship circle has it. And now we're back to the present day. One week after we got back he told me he really likes me and that he has since he met me, that he understands I've never been in a relationship before so we can just see how it goes, take it slow. He's sweet and protective and for two weeks he's stayed close but in those 2 weeks my skins exploded. I'm now sat in my room with benzoyl peroxide smeared on my cheekbones whilst he's out clubbing on a rugby club social. I know he's not the type of guy to go running at the sight of these crapbumps, he lives in the flat next to me and we're best friends but I also know that he tutors other girls who he won't have to wait for, who will let him see them without make-up, that'll stay the night and not worry about yellow lumps emerging. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I don't want to sit in my room and tear up at my poor red face. I want to go out and have fun, to be with the person who makes me really happy. But I just can't muster the courage. I'd really appreciate some advice or encouragement from people who understand what I'm going through. I've attached a photo below so that maybe you can get an idea of what treatments could work for me. Thank you so much if you've made it to the end of this insanely long semi-diary entry. xxxxxx
  16. Why Am I Still Getting Acne!?

    It's really getting me down! I have had acne for 7 years, and in that time I have changed so many things to make it go away. I have tried all the usual things for acne ie: Benzol Peroxide/ Accutane/ Anti-Biotics etc etc. About two years ago I gave up sugar, coffee and alcohol and I became a vegan. I had my vitamin levels tested by my GP and the tests showed that everything was fine. I eat so many vegetables, I eat brown and wholegrain food, drink so much green tea and water, I excersize and use a moisteriser with no harsh oils. I exfoliate (but not too much) I don't pick at my skin. I do everything right! I mean, it has gotten a hell of a lot better that it was, it used to be horrific and now it's moderate. Why am I still getting acne!!!? Edit: I wash my face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, I moistorise with a fragrance free with no added oils. I am taking no medication and I'm on no birth control. In my experience, medication sorted out the problem for a while and the the problem came back with a vengence. I wake up, wash my face with a E45, moistorise with my fragrance free moistoriser, apply light make-up and in the evening I remove my make-up, wash my face and moistorise. i very occaisonally exfoliate with an asprin and honey mask. That's it.
  17. Hey guys, I'm currently on accutane (9 days in), I had originally got and appointment with a dermatoligist because of my scarring. I hadn't had any spots for a good few months so thought I'd see about what I could do for the scarring. Unfortunately, literally days before my appointment I broke out in big cysts again. Typical So I got put on accutane, which I'm very happy about. I know while your on accutane and for a good few months afterwards, you cannot have treatment for scarring, but I thought seeing as everyone has been so helpful and supportive on the accutane forum, that I would ask for some advice on this forum. I have 2 patches on my face where I have proper scarring from persistant cystic acne, not just red marks. One patch is worse than the other. I have sat and tried to distinguish which type of scarring I have, but the worst part is honestly all four types in one. At first it was just a rolling scar but it now has boxcar and icepick scarring to it, and a hypertrophic scar attached to it from a cyst that seemed to never completely go down. Quick horrible to look at in certain lighting because part is raised and part is sunken There is some discolouration to it aswel but thats the least of my worries because redness can be covered with make-up. The other patch, my better side I call it , has some ice pick and is a bit sunken. I wish I could take a photo to show you but I can't bring myself to see it in a photo. Anyway, basically what I'm looking for is some advice on the different types of scar treatment, reviews of scar treatments or just any advice that you think may be helpful. My doctor and derm suggested dermabrasion, but I have read a few reviews on the net that this has ripped peoples ice pick scars and made them worse. I liked the sound of laser treatment but my derm said that was a bit extreme. I just don't know! Sorry, I didn't mean to write so much! Thanks for reading and any help or suggestions is very much appreciated
  18. Baby Oil

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I don't have any jojoba oil to help the flakies when they appear, but what I do own is some baby oil (which is essentially mineral oil). I'm not wearing make-up anymore until I get this ance under control but I did previously use it as a makeup remover which did not irritate my skin and hydrated it well. Is there any harm in me mixing this with some moisturizer if I need the extra hydration?
  19. Hi all, I've come here in hopes of finding someone who can at least point me in the right direction in curing some of the issues I've been plagued on-and-off by for a few years. I'm 22 years old. Problem 1: It seems to be irregular, but once a month or so for about 1-2 weeks I get a massive breakout of whiteheads. For example, when I wake up I notice between 10-20 new ones centered around my nose and spreading out to my cheeks, upper lip (and sometimes lower), inside of my nose, between the eyebrows and a few on my forehead. They seem to pop up during the day, but I notice the greatest increase right after waking up. These seem to clear up eventually without any acute treatment. Recently this has become so bad that the "creases" around my nostrils where my cheeks meet my nose have become raw and for a couple days was releasing a fairly slow, but constant, flow of puss that would scab over until the moment I yawned/smiled/opened my mouth wide. This seemed to clear up when I was very diligent about the use of both Desert Essence products (mentioned below), but it's still red, raw and there are continually whiteheads lining the "crease" around my nostrils. Problem 2: Probably related, but these areas (nose, cheeks and upper lip) vary from itching to burning every day. The itching can be as severe as feeling like I have poison oak on my face to small tickles throughout the day. The burning seems to interchange with the itching and will cause a great deal of redness and inflammation. Burning seems to especially coincide with sleeping - I'll wake up sometimes and visually notice and feel my face is "puffy" in the areas around my nose. The itching is constant (and I attribute part, if not all, of it to Methadone; I'll cover that below) and the puffiness/burning seems to come and go with the outbreaks. Problem 3: I sometimes get these nasty irritations (the best I could describe them as being persistent zits) that occur only one at a time. They usually become very large, can become quite painful and continually become a large whitehead for about a week to a week and a half. Popping them is pointless; they just come right back. It'll usually clear up within two weeks without any acute treatment. Problem 4: I'm fairly certain this is unrelated to acne in any way but I figured I would mention it. I have terribly dry skin on my face and upper back; within 30 minutes of stepping out of the shower my face feels very tight. My skin then becomes very oily, very quickly, so it's a difficult battle to fight. I have also been diagnosed with seborrhea on my face and chest (polar opposite from the dryness), but it's become fairly under control once I realized what causes it. Diet: I'll admit, my diet sucks. I'm currently 6'2" and 135lbs due to various medical conditions and lack of appetite. I usually eat once or twice a day but eat enough to keep my weight steady (I've been between 135-145lbs for nearly 7 years) and try to eat as healthy as possible. I have not noticed any relationship between what I eat and outbreaks, though I certainly wouldn't rule it out. Daily Activities: Because most of my leisure activities and work constitute sitting in front of a computer monitor, that's usually how I spend 18 hours of each day. I've probably spent 95% of the last 7 years indoors in dark rooms so I wouldn't be surprised if lack of sunlight had anything to do with this. Medications: I am currently taking very small doses of Methadone three times a day: 1.25mg in the morning, 1.25mg in the afternoon and 2.5mg before bed. I realize a common side-effect of this is itching, and I am currently in the process of weaning myself off of it. I was also prescribed Monocycline (100mg once a day) for my seborrhea but I'm having a hard time telling if it's actually doing anything. Skin Care Products: - Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub (oil free) - I use this in the shower with a sponge to clear away any dead skin. - Comodynes "oats" Make-up Remover Towels, face and eyes for sensitive and dry skin - I use this at night when I don't shower to get rid of the excess oil on my face. - Desert Essence Throughly Clean Face Wash (with tea tree and awapuhi) - I use this in the shower after using the Neutrogena scrub to get rid of the excess oil. - Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil - I just recently got this from a friend and haven't had a chance to use it but a few times. I've applied it after I've gotten out of the shower and MAN does this stuff burn and smell bad! Notes: I have seemingly incredibly sensitive skin when compared to anybody else I know. I have yet to find a real rhyme or reason behind these problems. I realize Methadone causes itching with causes me to unconsciously touch my face which in turn causes some of the acne...but it can get really absurd to the point where I don't even want to leave the house. It seems like a futile battle and the only way of winning is to let it do its thing and it'll pass (and come again) eventually. My current outbreak seemed to coincide with dropping my Methadone dosage and has continued at a steady pace for about a week now. I would assume this is the major factor but I have yet to find a source that says Methadone is a cause of acne/whiteheads/etc. I realize this is a ton of information and a lot of problems but ANY help and ANY direction anybody can point me in would be really helpful. Thanks.
  20. Hi guys, I have been self-reflecting for a while and it really dawned on me how much my acne was holding me back. A bit about me: 25 yrs old and have had acne for about 9 years now. I became so self conscious that I started puting make-up on my marks. I try very hard to make it seem like I don't have any on so its a real drag. People have even accused me of being gay because of it. Its very embarrassing. I've only had one serious relationship but I was fortunate. She was very beautiful. Had some acne herself but nothing more than some spots. It has become hard for me to get close to someone because I always think they see my acne rather than beyond it. Also going out with friends has become non-existance. Job searching is probably the worse. Its difficult to put my best foot forward in a job interview when that thought creeps up "I hope he/she is not staring at my acne". Acne really feels like an anchor weighing me down. Has anyone else felt this way?
  21. Hi, all. I have suffered from various types of acne since puberty, and have faced cysts & more severe acne in the last 6 or 7 years (I am 37). The pattern that I'm dealing with now is that my skin will get terribly itchy for a day or two (I try not to scratch, but...), then a huge tender cyst will emerge. Usually I have a swollen, red spot for weeks and often they scab and then peel. I have spots like this around my jawline, on my neck, and on my chest. I have been pondering whether this is truly acne or if it is some sort of allergic reaction or infection. Does anyone else see a pattern of itchy first, then cyst? Is that a normal occurrence? I am so sick of fighting acne, or caking make-up on spots & generally trying to avoid close contact with others.
  22. I guess my main problem is huge, isolated, cyst-like pimples. I don't know if they are cysts or just very large pustules. Once I had one over 1cm in diameter that lasted about 4 weeks, with a LOT of swelling. I had lots of little spots before all over my chin area when I was a bit younger (guess it was mild acne) but I found that much easier to control and hide with make-up than these huge things I get now I'm later in my twenties. Horrid. I am on birth control (Yasmin) which has really sorted out my skin over the last few years (once I didn't have a single pimple for a whole year). However when I'm under stress like recently I still get big ones which I find so self-esteem damaging. I literally don't leave the house. I've used Freederm and Tea Tree Oil with limited success. Freederm does bring the swelling of some pimples down temporarily, but only for a couple of hours. I also find it seems to prolong the life of a pimple (sorry to be gross but perhaps by preventing it from coming to a head or whatever). I find tea tree oil reduces the redness and feels like it's cleansing and healing the skin, but doesn't do much in terms of healing until the pimple has popped. It's good for healing/drying out the skin once all the bad stuff is gone. I've also been prescribed courses of doxycycline, oxytetracycline and lymecycline over the years but I know these aren't a long term solution. I've also tried topical antibiotics but my skin is too sensitive and as I only get huge isolated pimples I don't need an all over treatment...or do I?! Anyone got any suggestions for what else might work? Does anyone know if cortizone shots are available in the UK?
  23. Total FX

    Hey guys, im a 22-year-old girl from germany.( So please excuse my bad english) After beeing on accutane for 7 months( february till september 2010) i've waited 6 month before doing something against my acne scars. Im not having really bad acne scars. "Only" some ice-picks( 5 at each side of my cheecks), and 3 rolling scars and a really ugly boxscar on my right temple. At the beginning of the month march i went to a derm, who offered some plastic surgery treatments. After reading so many bad experiences with the "normal" fraxel restore and partically with the fraxel repair, too, i decided to have a treatment with the Total FX( DeepFX combined with Active FX) for my both cheecks. The procedure was really really painfull, althoug i get multiple pain killers(i felt like the didnt work really well). I thougt the pain of the DeepFX was similar to a sewing machine and the pain of the Active FX remind me of a bunsen burner( do you know this word??^^) My whole face was bloody, swollen and it stunk like a burned pig:( The first 3 nights were really cruel. I could not sleep at all, because i was afraid to sleep on my waist(like always) and i had to rub my face every hour with a cream of antibiotica and vaseline to keep it moist. On day 4 my face started to peel. I was not allow to pick or to rub the scab, because of the risk of new scars. After 12 days my face looked almost "normal" and i could went out with some make-up to hid the redness. Now almost 2 month after this horror-procedure i have to say, that im not really satisfied with the result. Friends, who didnt know about my surgery didnt recognized anything...... I can only notice an improvement of at most 20 it really wasn't it worth at all..... But i really had a very good and friendly dermatalogist. I wrote him that im very disappointed with the results and he apologized and offered me a deduction from the price. So after arrange a price of 1100 Euro( it have to be about 1600 US-Dollar) i had to paid "only" 600 Euro( 900 US-Dollar) Additional to my disappointment i'm breaking-out at the moment it's not a really acne, at not as bad as before taking accutane, but it bugs me:( So i've tried to take a cream which is called "Triacneal" from a french company( Avene- i dont think you guys know this brand in america). This cream contains only a little part fruid acid( 6%). Have you any experiences what to with a break-out after a laser treatment for acne scars? What other options do i have to get rid of my acne scars? I really dont want to do a laser-treatment again:( I've read that you guys often do a TCA-Cross by yourself, but i will not have the courage to do this on my own and i couldn't find a derm here in germany, who offers this treatment. So have you other suggestions for me, what possibilities do i have? Thank you very much for reading "my story". i hope you have understood, what i wanted to write, although my english isn't the best:) Greetings from germany Simi
  24. Epiduo+Doxycycline

    I suffered from acne for 2 years now im 21 and very self conscious I dont go out anymore and when i go out on the weekends i wear make-up keep in mind I am a male. So its that bad. And its mild-moderate so while its not bad it does ruin my life. I hade flawless skin 2 years ago not one flaw. Ive tried Proactive, BP 2.5 soap, Salycic acid, clean and clear, avon, clearasil. And no luck. I set up a apt. with my dermatoligist, and when i arrived i pretty much begged and pleaded to go on accutane. She said no she doesnt prescribe accutane. And gave me some samples of epiduo and monodox. Ive been taking it as directed by my doctor. Along with Dan's Regimen. Cleanser is Cetaphil and moisturizer is Neutrogena oil-free SP 15. I also apply lemon on my face in the morning for 5 minutes instead of epiduo. My diet, is above average i do go to the gym 5 days a week, so life revolves around my diet. 10 bottles of water a day. And 6 small meals. I never eat junk food, no pizza, no soda, no McD, no white rice. I recently lowered my milk intake as well. I started my journey 4 days ago, and my doc said it was going to get worse before it gets better. That wasn't the case, my skin is actually is starting to clear. I see this as a bad thing because maybe its not working, i fell as if its going be another let down. Even tho my skin gets dry and red my pimples have been diminishing noticeably. This is only day four so i guess i have to wait it out. Morning. Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser. Pure Lemon Juice 5 minutes. Wash off. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 Mid Day after Exercise. Blotting papers and splash my face with water to take sweat off. Night. Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser. Epiduo Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 Vitamins Magnesium Zinc Omega-3 Lutein Complex B Creatine
  25. I'm 20 years-old & have been dealing with terrible acne for over 4 years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I'm sick of being too self-conscious to go out in public without make-up on. I've tried everything -- proactiv, maxClarity, doxy, sacilyic acid, benzoyl peroxide, birth control... you name it! Nothing seems to work and I need answers! My derm isn't a huge help, she suggested acutane, but with all the side effects & horror stories, I'm not sure it's the right decision for me. Does anyone have any tips?? Or miracles?? I'm desperate & border-line depressed.