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  1. Hi, I've just started a new skincare regime a few months ago and it has cleared up my skin drastically!! However I'm left with some pretty bad red scaring. Whilst its not permanent I'm still embarrassed to go out makeup free as my face is so scarred. My dermatologist thinks its possible I've got rosacea too so that doesn't help. Can anyone list possible at home treatments or products they have tried and have help. My derm also wants me to do a ALA photodynamic laser treatment which he says will clear scarring however I'm hesitant as ill be unable to leave the house for a few days and was told my face will become very red and peel. Id appreciate any advice Current skincare is listed as below Morning: - Cetaphil gentle cleanser - Aczone gel - Mario Badescu moisturiser - Sunscreen Night: - Cetaphil gentle cleanser - Mario Badescu moisturiser - epiduo gel
  2. Never Give Up

    Well well well, here I am. Back again. Back in the early 00s this community gave me so much support. I thought I would come back and give an update. Back then I was known as "Guardedly Optimistic" now i'm "Guardedly Optimistic 2017" This is the thing, it's a journey. My skin is still very damaged; mostly visible under harsh over head lighting. But...and get this...I ended up pursuing my dream of being an actor and filmmaker! Yes, acne and scars and insecurities and all that crap was not going to hold me back. I don't want it to hold you back either. Here are some recent pics under overhead lighting. This is the harshest of pics I could take. It's painful for me even to look at now but you know what? That's ok. I will keep trying to improve it but not let it hold me back. After the accutane helped to take away the cysts, the scars started showing in time. I think i've spent the following, estimated: Doctor 1: Deep Fx Laser (4K) Doctor 2: Consult $100 Doctor 3: Consult $100 Doctor 4: Fraxel ($800) Subscision with Restylene Filler ($600) Fraxel ($800) Excision ($400) Subscision with Restylene Filler ($600) Doctor 5: Consult $350 Total: $7750 Never giving up = priceless You can see the scars are still there but they are definitely more shallow than when I started revision. Strangely, I think the micro needling (which was the least painful or expensive) was the most effective. I think i'm going to start doing that again at home because I was happy with the results I was getting. Now, and I don't know if i'm right, but micro needling soon after injury prevents the building up of scar tissue I think. Now back in the early 00s before YouTube or anything of the sort, we wouldn't have known that but now we do.
  3. Pixel CO2 versus Active FX?

    I have these two options to choose from. The doctor does have Deep FX - however she has stated that in some cases, she has found Deep FX to make indented/atrophic scars worse. She is a VERY experienced doctor, who has likely done this thousands of times. I am however completely unsure that I would just want to do the Active FX - from what I've read, it doesn't do ANYTHING for acne scars, and people's experiences on here seem to be mostly disappointing. The only pro with the Pixel Perfect (CO2) is that I would be able to have the treatment sooner, and the doctor is confident that it will take no more than two treatments. Seems like he will be quite aggressive with it. However, I can't imagine that this incredibly experienced dermatologist with the DeepFX would want anything but the best results for her patients - if she is hesitant to use the Deep setting, there must be good reason why? She said she MIGHT use the DeepFX in the areas where the scars are not as indented. Any insight - highly appreciated! I believe the Pixel penetrates between 50 and 350 microns, whereas the Active penetrates 300 microns. The Deep penetrates 1.2 mm.
  4. Hi, When I was 16 - 18 (I am 24 now) I had a lot of break outs on my nose, some of which have stayed on as hideous bumpy scars. The bumps are relatively hard and make my nose feel rough. I know people tend to notice them because sometimes people tend to touch their nose when talking to me. Below are some images (the lighting makes them appear less severe than they really are) What is the best treatment? Thanks
  5. My Saving Grace (Paula's Choice)

    When I was around 17 years old, I started using Proactiv because I "thought" I had acne. I had tiny white bumps and minor congestion. I was young, never really did any research on the products I was using on my face, and just wanted clear skin. Proactiv was doing just that! My skin was always clear with the odd pimple every so often. Until about 2 years ago, I was always happy with Proactiv until the little bumps slowly started coming back, I was noticing my skin was very dull, dry and very sensitive. At the same time, I had decided that I wanted to stop putting chemicals in my body and on my face. I decided to get off birth control and stop using Proactiv - "au naturel" What could go wrong? I was doing something good for my body. Well, my skin went CRAZY! That was the beginning of my 2 year long acne journey - but real acne this time! I decided to start off my using an all natural skin care line called Suki. A few days after starting the line, my skin flared up. Tiny little pimples everywhere - not red or inflamed, just small white pimples. Everyone calls this the "purging" stage where all the crap in your skin starts coming to the surface. I was told to "hang in there" or "it gets worse before it gets better". Apparently this stage can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. So, I tried. I tried to tough it out. I used the products for about 2 months as my skin continued to get worse. I finally decided to return the products and try something else. All in the meanwhile, I was doing countless hours of research trying to find something that would a) fix what was currently happening to my face and b ) bring back the clear skin I once had. I got scared and started using Proactiv again, however, my skin was no longer used to the harsh chemicals. My skin was red and it BURNED. I knew I had to find something else. The research continued and I ended up going to Sephora and spending hundreds of dollars to formulate a skin care regime which didn't include the same harsh ingredients Proactiv did. I tried the natural route - Aloe, Tea Tree, Sea Salt, Honey, Oatmeal, Apple Cider Vinegar. Nothing was helping. A relative referred me to a skin care clinic which friends of hers had gone to and had great success. There, I had painful extractions done, was put under blue and red lights, was given facials, did microdermabrasion and had a new natural skin care regime to go home with. It helped somewhat but I had to go out in public with red marks and scabs all over my face due to the extractions and wear a noticeably white cream as my moisturizer every day. Between the money I was spending and the embarrassing marks all over my face, i decided to stop going. THEN came the cystic acne. The huge painful, red, swollen, hard pumps all along my jawline. So, I said screw the natural way! I need powerful acne fighting ingredients. I went to the pharmacy and bought over the counter benzoyl peroxide creams and gels, salicylic acid treatments. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me "Biacna" (it's Canadian) which is extremely harsh on the skin. I even tried the regime for a few months. NOTHING was helping. My skin just became more red, inflamed and irritated. The acne kept coming. I was feeling depressed, I didn't want to go out or have anyone see me, I was getting to work and appointments late because of the time i was spending ensuring my acne was all covered with makeup. So the research continued... I was on daily and for hours at a time. I then started looking more into treatments versus products. I tried laser acne treatment or IPL rather. I went for 3 sessions which cost me $600 in total. I will admit, the laser treatment did help with the cystic acne on my jawline but the pimples kept on coming. I got so desperate, I decided to try Proactiv's new line Proactiv+. I was going back to the roots. Within 2 days my face felt like my skin had peeled off the burning was so bad and I developed tiny little water-filled blisters all over my cheeks. I had to ice my entire face to provide some sort of relief. After that, I decided to give my face a break from everything and used only the mildest cleanser and moisturizer while I did more research. During my hours of research, I kept coming across a skin care line called Paula's Choice which has individual lines depending on your concern - from anti-aging to acne. I kept putting it off because I had to order from the US (I live in Canada), I didn't know what products to chose, and the products are the cheapest especially when I had already spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on my face. Then I thought, "what do I have to lose other than money". I have to try something new. So, I did! I spent quite some time on the Paula's Choice website reading product reviews. I decided based on the reviews from people who had similar experiences, I created my own regime and place my first order. I nervous and reminded myself not to get my hopes up. Here's where it all turned around for me. Within the first 2 weeks, the products started to erase the mess Proactiv+ left behind. I have been using Paula's Choice since November of last year and my skin continues to make progress every day. Some days I don't even feel the need to wear makeup and feel more comfortable than I've felt in 2 years. Now, my skin isn't perfect but I'm learning to accept that nothing ever really is. It's been a rough journey I thought I'd be stuck with but Paula's Choice has been my saving grace. I couldn't be happier with the results and would recommend you at least give it a try. If you're interested in knowing what my regime is, I'm happy to reply to your comments. The acne struggle is really hard and only people who have gone through it understand. I hope everyone can one day find their cure <3
  6. Hi guys, I have quite bad acne scars, deep pitting on my cheeks and it's effecting my relationships and self esteem. I am looking at Pixel ErbiumYAG Laser treatment to try to improve the appearance but if I am going to get treatment I want the most effective treatment possible. Does anyone know if chemical peels would be more effective? Are there any other treatments that are very effective? Here is a photo of the scaring;
  7. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  8. After Matrix RF laser with too strong power(6 month after accutane) and a fraxel, subcision treatments... this how my skin looks like today at a age 23... looks like a planet from space, with all the craters and big holes/scars..... you can't see it on the pics, but my skin also looks like I have been tanning sun 100 years efter day... like a leather bag..
  9. Ugh... ProFractional really screwed up my skin. It's been 7 months since I had it done and I wish I could go back and warn myself to never mess with it. My skin is more sensitive, gets red and blotchy very easily, cannot handle Retin A micro anymore - none of these were issues in the past. My scars are also more obvious. I can't believe I paid to do this to my skin Anyways, be careful if you are considering this. The reviews seem extremely mixed. I am not the only one that has ended up with worse skin after going through ProFractional laser resurfacing. I wish I had stuck with microneedling which was going awesome (I thought ProFractional would speed up my results but I should have stuck with the slow and steady approach).
  10. Would really love some feedback from a dermatologist but any feedback is welcomed. I've only had one very light fraxel laser treatment, and to be totally honest it didn't have much effect. This is two years post-accutane. I've accepted my scarring emotionally but at the same time, this is something that I would be really happy to not have to worry about at the ripe age of 20. I would be so thankful to just be able to be free from this once and for all. If anyone has scarring similar to mine and has received treatment I'm really interested about your experience/procedure. Please include before and after photos, if you have them. I'm wondering if it's even physically possible to improve my scars. If it isn't, I would love to accept it and move on from this. But if there is some kind of miracle treatment I would be very relieved. -- T
  11. I have an appointment to have Clear + Brilliant laser treatment in a few weeks. I have some very shallow scarring/pigmentation that I'd like to deal with, but I'm not 100% sure if this is the best option to spend money on. I understand that an ablative laser treatment would be more effective but I simply don't have the time to set aside for recovery. Based on the pictures attached, is this a good option or is there another treatment you'd recommend?
  12. How I've Been Treating my Acne

    This time last year I went for my first dermatologist consultation from a real adult dermatologist. The first thing she did was prescribe Spironolactone. Of course, I fought her on this, I did everything short of stomping my foot. I knew that this wasn't a medication that has worked for me in the past, so I had reservations about it (also, I am notoriously horrendous at remembering to take pills). She looked me dead in the eyes and said: "In six months you will have reduced your acne to 1-2 breakouts per month." SOLD. She was right, and for six months I took pills on time, never missed a single one, and my skin cleared up! We did a Pulse Dye Laser (PDL) treatment, which was covered by my insurance, and I was walking around looking like a blueberry muffin for the better part of my spring break. When it healed, I was expecting a clean face, no redness, no remanence of what genetics had done to my face (thanks, dad). I almost cried when I saw how many red marks I still had, I almost gave up on myself and my dermatologist. Until I saw some before and after pictures we took. WOW. I kept up with the Spironolactone. Then over summer break, I got another treatment, and again. WOW. But afterward, I had gone about 6 months without seeing my doctor and I started forgetting to take pills, my face started breaking out, and every single time I got a breakout it lasted for 1-2 months, and the scar stayed around until my last laser. My dermatologist put me back on the Spironolactone with an inspiring speech, and I stayed on for about 2 months. My acne cleared up so fast my mom thought that I was wearing makeup when I came home for a visit. I cleared up the remaining scars with a third PDL treatment and the scarring went from purple to baby pink. It has been a month since I did my treatment and I am kicking myself because I KNOW I have to take the damn pills, but I just don't do it. I don't know why. My acne is back, and going down my neck this time. It is nowhere near as bad as before my first visit, but it is still upsetting. I'm a big skin picker. It's gross, it's making my acne worse, it's making my scarring worse, it's making it harder to apply makeup, but my studies are so stressful that without even knowing it I pick my pimples and ruin all the work I've put into making it go away. I have yet to find a solution to my skin picking problem. I hope that someday I have enough self-esteem to post my acne before and after pictures, but for now, I will leave them to my eyes only.
  13. Hi guys - i'm new to and have decided to start a blog. Hopefully this will blog will be able to help someone out there who is currently suffering the same way as I am!!! To YOU or anyone who's reading this that is trying to get rid of their acne - DONT WORRY, i've been there (and still am there when its that time of the month tbh.) There's a way to get rid of your acne, guys. Try my regimen and i assure you that it will at most give you clear skin and at least help improve your acne Okay, so i've always had moderate acne since I was 13. I am now 17. Just a side info - I also have PCOS-like symptoms. FOr those who dont know, basically my periods are irregular because of my hormonal imbalance, so i am very prone to hormonal acne. In May of 2016, I started a no carb, no dairy, and no sugar diet and intended to lose weight (i had mild to moderate acne back then but wasn't obsessed with getting rid of them!) I also ran 3-4 times a week and swam everyday for an hour for 5 consecutive weeks. Suddenly, in July of 2016 my skin was CLEAR. In fact, I believe that that was the clearest my skin has ever been in my entire life - I had no acne and only used a cetaphil cleanser, cetaphil moisturizer and sunscreen! And i had no acne for 3 months straight!!!! Fast forward to October of 2016, I started getting lots of whiteheads and some cysts and my forehead and was FREAKING OUT. MORe cysts appeared on my cheeks as well and I didn't understand why. Looking back, it was because i was using the wrong shampoo, ate junk food everyday (like packaged ramen),did not exericise at all, was too lazy to wash and mosturize my face and was stressed out about school. I shouldve known and just switched to a paleo diet and did what i had done in May... but no. I was a freaking dumbass.During christmas break of 2016, I decided to go to a dermatologist and he had reccomended that I get laser for my acne and hyperpigmentation. HE Also told me to switch to a baby shampoo to prvent futurr acne on the forehead. Now, the laser did help greatly on the forehead, but it also left some scars on my left cheek. FOR THose who are planning to get laser - be prepared. The reulsts are at most 70% improvement, and you may experience some scars and breakouts afterwards. AFter getting the laser, i vowed to myself to never get it done again and started following my own regimen. I am now on the paleo diet once again and have been so for 1 week. I have also been running and doing hard exercise for only 2 weeks now and my acne is improving greatly! I only have 4-5 visible whiteheads, and no cysts!!!!! However, those 2 factors arent the only 2 things helping me with my acne. I WILL list a couple to help yall. 1) cetaphil cleanser/clinique foam cleanser are great bcus they are not drying. IF you use drying spot treatment, ur cleanser shouldnt be drying 2) I add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to my water and drink it between meals 3) I take zinc supplements 4) MOISTURIZE - cetaphil, biotherm and orgins night a mins are the bomb! 5) use q tip and spot treatment tea tree oil on cysts, mario badescu on whiteheads and aloe vera on red spots 6) use dr jart's healing solution mask 2 times a week (its at sephora - has tea tree oil and sacylic acid!) 7) clean ur phone daily, change your sheets often! 8) SLEEP - if u have trouble sleepinf like me, use melatonin! 9) GREEN TEA IN THE MORNING during the weekends! 10) sunbathing a bit also helps 11) use a gentle shampoo! 12) tie ur hair in a bun when u sleep 13) use a water base makeup remover 14) dont stress! 15) all kinds of meat are ok except beef - they clog up ur digestion 16) blueprint juices r ur bestfriends 17) mario badescu clay mask is also great 18) hiruscar legit healed my scars pro tip: if u can feel or see a cyst coming, lightly press the area with soaked cloth/tissue (preferabbly cold), drink LOADS and i mean LOADS of water plus apple cider vinegar and cover the whole area with mario badescu before you sleep. I did that 5 days ago and the hidden cyst on my chin disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR REAL GUYS. trie these things and i assure u - ur acne WILL BE GOne!
  14. This thread will go thru my journey as I get my scar treatment. I plan on getting mixto with subcision with dr David rahimi. I am quite young only 18 so I figured why not get my treatment when my scars and I are young. Any my questions you have I will answer. I will post pictures of my scars once most people join in on the thread. But right now my scars are mild not super mild but not yet moderate more in the middle. I have mostly box car scars with a couple ice pick and about one your two rolling scars the are very shallow. i will start up dating this once people join in and I actually get my laser which will be next month when I graduate from hs. So around June 22. I already had my consultation and all that I'm just eating to save up a little more money and find a good date.
  15. enerjet

    hello everybody , i need your opinions , im going to go next week to do the enerjet treatment , what do you think this treatment ? my doctor says is something new ,any review ? here is : pd : beautifullambition i hope your answer is important for me .
  16. V Beam for acne scars

    I have acne scars on my cheeks that have been there for a few years now. My acne is not nearly as bad as it used to be, so my dermatologist suggested I get a laser treatment to get rid of the scars. I was told the V beam would work best for me. I have read other reviews about the treatment on here, but I wanted to know, for those of you have had it done, what was the pain like if you had to rate it on a scale form 0-10, 0 being you did not feel anything, and 10 being extremely painful. I also want to know how long it took for the swelling and bruising to go away. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
  17. What should i do?

    Hey, Im really bothered by My scars on My temples. Ive had Two dermastamp sessions done but No Idea what to do now... those treatments were about 1-2 years ago. went to a dermatologist couple weeks ago and I had questions regarding fillers and if it would help. He said that the skin is damaged and that the scars aren't deep enough on my temples. he recommended laser. please help. hope the picture is good enough to show what I mean
  18. Skin condition

    Hello everyone, that's my first thread on this forum. Found it somewhere in the Internet cause I was looking for help and here's my story. As I started puberty, I got acne. It wasn't as bad as in some cases but it left me with scars - especially on the temples. Anyway - when I was 18 I've started taking isotretinoin for about a year and I got rid of acne. About a year after my isotretinoin therapy had ended I underwent a sieries of fraxel laser treatment (for the scars) - the last one was 2 weekes ago so the skin doesn't look healthy yet (redness and the peeling). I'm describing this so that you knew my situtation. I'd like you to assess condition of my skin. Especially the center of the forehead - don't you think there's something weird going on - I've got a problem with those dark little dots, what are they, are they scars? How can I get rid of them? Sorry if I made any mistakes writing this - English is not my first language .
  19. Hi All, does not promote Dr. Lim, I share this for educational purposes to give you a insight to the treatments we advocate here in the Scar Treatments sub. To give you both sides, Dr. Lim is great with his videos and scar knowledge, but a few members have not been happy with their treatments with him. We all heal differently, and mistakes can happen, I have had experts do damage with lasers to my skin. The nice thing is the information shared in this video can be done locally at your nearby Dermatologist / Plastic Surgeon. Checkout the FAQ in my signature below to learn more about these procedures. The greatest change I have seen consistently is through Nokor traditional subcision, followed by a filler session (can be at a latter date to prevent tethering). TCA Cross for large pores and Icepick scars, and tca peels and microneedling for boxcars / rolling scars. Laser has caused many damage (fat loss, etc). Please be aware I am not advocating for you to fly to AUS and get laser done. Enjoy, BA!
  20. Laser treatment Combo

    Hey guys, Today i just got a laser combination treatment for my acne scars. I basically have all of my scarring on my temples and cheeks which are mostly boxscars, and a old chicken pox scar in between my eyebrows. I'll spare you guys the long storey of my acne scarring struggle and just get straight to the treatment. Today I just had my first round of Micro Laser Peel + Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. Both lasers are made by the same manufacturer called Sciton. The Fractionated laser they used was called the "ProFractional". See below for the before shots and the gruesome day 1 photos. Warning it is bloody.It was super sketch making my way out from the office to my car. I literally had to cross one traffic light and sprinted 2 blocks to my car lol. Hopefully I will be ok by Monday. Also the before photos do not show my scaring on my cheeks that well, as I was only focusing on trying to show the scarring on the temples.
  21. My face is ruined

    What should I do??? Is my life ruined???? Is there anyway I can have the scars go away???
  22. Need advice (pics included)

    What is the best course of action to reduce my scarring? Some background: I never had cystic acne, just a lot of pimples on my cheeks for a couple years. I did a course of Accutane, and my derm told me that, based on the severity my acne, I wouldn't have any scars. Three years later, I've got some pretty nice ones. I recently decided to do something about it, and was recommended laser treatments. After a consult with a specialist, who pushed me to undergo ActiveFX CO2 Laser Resurfacing, I felt that he didn't thoroughly examine my skin and seemed to be after a paycheck. What do you guys think? I tried to use lighting to highlight the depth of my scars, they don't look this bad in person. My upper right cheek (2nd pic) is definitely the most severe.
  23. Because I'll never know this feeling due to my deformed face.
  24. When I was in my teens, i had really bad acne I tried every cream there was.... and at that time I didn't think so much about the diet.. I of course didn't eat candy, cake, really unhealthy food... but still I got acne... at that time I didn't knew about milk, wheat and so on could give acne and bad skin and maybe a paleo or vegan diet could help, I didn't think about that, because I wasn't that old AND I thought the high professional many years studdying doctors/ special skin doctor in my country, knew what they talked about and what to do.... Thats why I trusted them, and said yes, when they said I have to do accutane... I trusted them, also because of all the things they said about the pills, how many they have helped and with the small side effects there was, there was some side effects, but not permanent... I didn't mind have side effect when I was on the pills.... But know 4 years pluuuus, I have bad skin healing, easily scar, easily get dry skin... saggin age skin MANY wrinkles..... And months after I stopped the accutane I didn't knew I had bad skin healing or knew it would do that to the body/SKIN many months , years after!!! I have tried laser, subcision and dermaroller/pen and that harsh of treatment isn't the best job to do, if you have bad healing and easily scars.... I know and regret of all my life, but I didn't know that in till AFTER all that my skin and scars are so much worse than after the accutane ended and I wanted to do something about it.... my life is forever ruined and social life / normal fucki?=G life is gone at a age 22.... all doctors everywere gives accutane to people,,,, but no one, no where on the internet or clinic or in the fuck^`?G universe knows how or what to do with that permanent side effect .... If I knew all this that time at the doctor ... I would rather have acne my hole LIIIIIFE!!!! And thats no bS!!!! I rather have acne than bad heavy scars all over the face..... OR if I knew all this with bad healing, I wouldn't have been doing all the treatments AFTER and live with those scars .. I got after accutane.... cause now I loke like a monster scar face.... my life motivation is gone.... even more, when you see the threat/ Forum on this website.. and sees how many there have been comment AND still doooooo!!!! and we are getting nowhere!!!!! fuck?``G NOWHERE!!! there are many skin conditions in this world, this life... and all kinds, there are a way, diet, or treatment to help.... but not this, not us who have been damaged and harmed by accutane... we are the ones who took the longest straw.... NO juice diet, vegan diet, paleo diet will help... accutane victims are F?C=D for life.....
  25. I'm still healing from the profractional treatment I had a couple of months ago. i still have faint areas of 'track marks' on my face from the laser. I'm actually starting to worry that they might never go away I try not to think about it too much but it definitely bothers me. At this point I wonder if I made the right decision by choosing to go through with it. I'm still working on my diet. My skin is holding up pretty well but, as always, the diet takes it toll. Pores are more clogged, I look more dull and tired, and more puffy, less radiant. I am still only using Retin A Micro once a week but want to work up to 2x per week. I hope that it might help to get rid of the track marks faster. ProFractional - All the Details: Retin A Micro Diary: ProFractional - Before & After (6 week update):