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  1. After dealing with acne and hormonal cystic acne since I was 13 as a female it was extremely hard. I'd get made fun of if I didn't wear foundation or even if I did. Always felt as if people were staring at me and I did for so long gave me horrible anxiety and took a toll on my social life. Over the next 5 years I've tried every regimen I could get my hands on. Every scrub and mask and treatments. Nothing ever worked. Just recently I decided to try zinc after doing a lot of research. I also added fish oil because I heard good things as well. For the first month it was as if my acne was getting worse. But now after 2 months my face is cleared up for the most part! I still have a few tiny pimples here and there but nothing compared to what I'm used to and the best part, no cysts! If you have severe hormonal cystic acne you should give it a shot. Now I just do a basic clean and clear face wash morning and night and take my vitamins at night and every morning my face seems get more clear. Now I just have to deal with these horrible acne scars. If someone has a good method for that I'd love to hear it!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been suffering from moderate to severe acne for years and seemed to be able to keep it moderate by cutting out all sugary drinks and replacing them with green tea and water. I'm also taking a few supplements that have helped, including fish oil and a multi-vitamin. Anyway I seemed to never be able to get over the next hump as anything else I tried to take things a step further never worked. I then found out that the yellow/whitish tongue that I have may be a symptom of a yeast infection that may be an underlying cause of my acne. I mentioned this to my doctor who initially said it was a fungal infection and told me to use these drops on my tongue and then swallow the accumulated liquid. When this didn't work I took a course of Ranitidine which had no effect either. Most recently I was prescribed Nexium (40mg) and am beginning my 3rd week of tablets. The worrying thing is that the doctor says if the Nexium works, I will have to be on it for a lengthy period. My concern is that I have been reading up on the side effects, and ironically one is acne. Apparently there are multiple reasons why one might take Nexium and those suffering from acne usually state that they never had a problem with it before. If my yellow tongue is a symptom of something that may be causing my acne, I'm wondering if taking the tablets might do more good than harm. Cheers.
  3. So my acne consists of small, flesh colored bumps around my mouth and mostly my chin area. It's been like this for almost or just about a year now and has increasingly gotten worse. The area where I do have acne is slightly red JUST IN THAT AREA, which is around my mouth. Not cute. I'm almost positive this is hormonal. I started getting it around the time I had developed anxiety. Now that my anxiety has been gone for months, I want my acne to be gone! I started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo about a month ago. I am not seeing much improvement but I know this is too soon to even tell. I've been told by my gynecologist that it will take three months for my body to adjust to the pills. I'm only 18 and having acne is the worst--especially from having flawless skin to this. It takes a toll on my self-esteem. If anyone has birth control stories DEALING WITH HORMONAL ACNE ONLY--please share! I also know that hormonal acne is usually either cystic or small comedones around the chin area. Also I have a pretty good diet. I take Vitamins E, C, Fish Oil, and Biotin everyday. I drink PLENTY of water--about five bottles daily. Drink at least a cup of green tea a day. And I eat healthy, with occasional sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth! I hardly ever drink milk. I heard that Zinc and Magnesium is good for your skin also. I'm thinking about buying them tomorrow. For skin care, I wash my face in the morning and at night only and I use a facial scrub once a week. Please people share your stories and help me out! I'm desperate.
  4. Hello Everyone. Won't keep this too formal, but like many of you I tried Accutane, had a few minor side-effects while i was on it, like dry lips and skin, blood noses, dry eyes, soreness after sport, etc. Then when I discontinued Accutane, some of these effects left, but were replaced with other far more insidious side effects. In no particular order these included: -Erectile Dysfunction -Depression -Fatigue -Joint Pain and more injuries -Low Testosterone These are just the core ones. If you have these, it goes on to affect every other aspect of your life, like you become less social, and feel anxiety in social situations. It also means you no longer enjoy things you used to enjoy doing, like sports, especially seeing you’re feeling sore from it and can’t seem to gain strength anyway due to low T, or see the point in studying to do well in University because you don’t know what you want to do anymore, and struggle to picture a future where you are happy and fulfilled. You don’t want to get into a relationship and you don’t feel like you deserve one, especially because you don’t know whether you could physically perform in one, etc, etc. The fact that you don’t see an end in sight to these maladies is what makes the situation seem more hopeless, more despairing, and it is why many people commit suicide, especially in a society that insists in “all in your head” or ”you’re imagining it” “X, Y and Z had it as well and they are fine, so just get over it”. Because on the outside you look the same, people disregard it, and it is only because of the people that lost hope and ended it the only way they knew how that this issue has been acknowledged by the world, but it is still far from accepted. Anyway, luckily a lot of this bullshit for many of you should be over soon (approx 3-6 months) I have come to the conclusion that the long term side effects of Accutane is due to brain damage. The downside to this conclusion is that brain damage can’t be cured. The upside is that the difference between a poorly managed TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and a well managed TBI are like black and white, and if managed well you will be VERY close to 100%, but poorly managed and you will feel… maybe very similar to how you feel now. These are the symptoms of a TBI Fatigue or lethargy Irritability Depression Anxiety Difficulty falling asleep Feeling “slowed down” Feeling “in a fog” or “dazed” Difficulty concentrating Difficulty remembering becoming fatigued easily; disordered sleep; Headache; Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction; vertigo or dizziness; irritability or aggression on little or no provocation; anxiety, depression, or affective instability; changes in personality (eg, social or sexual inappropriateness); or apathy or lack of spontaneity. If these sound familiar, that not a bad thing. If you found out you are short sighted and needed to wear glasses, then it means now you can wear glasses, so you no longer need to suffer the symptoms of your blindness. Same thing here. You are currently dealing with the symptoms the best you can. However, now knowing what the actual issue is you can treat it the way science has shown it should be treated. The best measurable way to recover from a TBI is to improve neuroplasticity. This has been shown in many other animals as well as humans, and is now becoming a prominent way to treat many mental illnesses. The most conventional way is through “Mindfulness Meditation”, which is a form of meditation where you get comfortable and try to think of nothing for 10-30 minutes a day. This has been shown to promote Neurogenesis/Neuroplasticity1 and this has been shown to help people with suicidality, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and depression, as well as chronic pain, insomnia, and hypertension. The way I’m treating myself is through the nutrition approach. It has been shown that creatine, fish oil, (unheated) extra virgin olive oil, vitamin d, zinc, magnesium, glutamine, taurine all also promote neuroplasticity. The Ketogenic Diet also helps promote Neuroplasticity, and many people who go on that diet who struggle with libido problems and are on antidepressants recover over the months and years they are on that diet. I have been doing these things for the last 5 months, and ahve noticed a great improvement in both my mental and physical health. I'm in a bit of a rush but wanted to get all this out there, so be forgiving of any and all poor formatting. Also challenge this and use what I've found to build up your own theories, and if you agree feel free to find other things we could be doing to promote neuroplasticity and improve our recoveries! Best of luck everyone 1(when looking up your own research on the topic these terms are virtually interchangeable, the ways to measure it are changes in brain metabolism and hippocampul growth) Interesting studies + exerts "Beneficial changes in the brain energy profile have been observed in subjects who are on a ketogenic diet (28). This is a significant observation because cerebral hypometabolism is a characteristic feature of those who suffer from depression or mania" Exert from a study on meditation (Decreased stress and hypertension have been related to decreased autonomic arousal or reactivity,95–97 a possible means, along with positive emotions, reduced oxidative damage,98,99 and enhanced immune functioning,100 by which meditation may preserve cognition101 and reduce age-related allostatic stress and neuronal loss, thereby promoting brain longevity, plasticity, and learning) Nutritional treatment for acute and chronic traumatic brain injury patients. "omega 3 fats, vitamin D, N-Acetylcysteine, branched chain amino acids, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, taurine, coenzyme Q10, and many phytonutrients" Mindfulness Meditation can stimulate hippocampal brain cell growth. A smaller hippocampus is correlated with a poorer recovery from TBIs, in the case of war veterans suffering PTSD at least. Study supporting Creatine consumption as one of the top supplements for recovering from a TBI, and this one supports Taurine use as well. Sources (For my mindblowing hypothesis) Functional brain imaging alterations in acne patients treated with isotretinoin. Traumatic brain injury: a disease process, not an event. Ketogenic Diet research article (contains research on how keto diet resets brain metabolism after TBI and how it is neuroprotective) Will add more stuff to OP over time, and reformat it as well
  5. I registered today just to tell my story that I feel compelled to share with others. After 22 years of suffering from extremely oily skin and acne I have finally found what I believe is my own personal cure. It's been a very long road to get here and I still can't quite believe it, but Vitamin D supplements have COMPLETELY eliminated my super oily skin and acne. I'm not talking a little bit here, not a 50% or even 90% reduction. I'm talking 100%. I still can't get over it having suffered for so long. I know some of you aren't going to believe what I just said or what I am about to explain. I would have my doubts too if I were reading this just a few months ago, but I am 100% telling the truth of my own personal experience. So here I go... I am a male, now in my late 30's and have suffered with excessively oily skin (way way way too much sebum) and severe acne since puberty around 14yo. I have taken EVERYTHING over the years. This gets said a lot around here by 16-18 year old acne sufferers, and I can certainly sympathize, but trust me when I say I have had over 20 years of experience trying EVERYTHING from prescription meds to over the counter topicals to various supplements. I have tried every systemic and topical antibiotic prescription known for acne. I have tried every topical retinoid. I have been on 3 courses of Accutane. I have been on doctor prescribed very high doses of Vitamin A (a safe aqueous form) after my 1st course of accutane when my acne flared back up after treatment. I have tried and used many of the over the counter washes, scrubs, masks with BP, salicylic acid, tee tree, etc. over the years. Fed up with prescription meds that never fully worked (or in the case of Accutane worked only while on them), over the last few years I have also tried various supplements, including fish oil, cod liver oil, B5, vitamin B multivitamins, antioxidant multivitamins, borage oil, and others. About 4 weeks ago I began supplementing with Vitamin D3 1000IU. Why? Well a year ago I got a blood test done showing my Vitamin D level was low. It was a 19 which is considered quite deficient (normal I think is 50-70; reference values have been upped recently). At the time my doctor prescribed Vitamin D over a 3 month period but at the time I saw no results so stopped after 2 months (this was to try resolving fatigue not acne anyway). But this winter I started reading up on Vitamin D again as my fatigue was increasing again and came to find out that the Vitamin D that is prescribed via a pharmacy is of the D2 form which some studies have now shown is ineffective in vivo. So I decided to start taking over the counter Vitamin D (in the D3 form), like I said about 4 weeks ago. Again, the intent was to possibly help with fatigue and perhaps immune support, not necessarily help with my oily skin or acne. But to my amazement, about one week in I began to see significant reduction in sebum on my skin. By week two my skin had become COMPLETELY normalized. I can't even believe I am saying that after so many years of super oily skin. The only medication capable of doing that for me is Accutane (isotretinoin). Nothing else could reduce or control sebum production for me. Not prescriptions or supplements of any kind, even B5. Remember I'm a male, so there is no other option other than Accutane for us males like BC or Spiro to try and normalize hormones/oily skin. After taking Vitamin D for 4 weeks now my skin is tighter, smoother, looks normal, and I haven't had a new pimple of any kind surface in 2 weeks which for me is nothing short of a miracle. Most amazingly is my oily skin is completely gone and hence why I'm confident this is going to work long term for me. In fact the results, both sebum and acne elimination, are just as good if not better than Accutane (Accutane can be super drying in normal doses and can affect wound healing). I was going to wait 3-6 months to tell my story because I know there will be naysayers that say 4 weeks isn't long enough to judge long term efficiency, or maybe this is just an anomaly, or something like that. But after 22 years I have more than enough experience with my oily skin and acne to know that this is a fundamental change in my skin that I have never seen before (other than again with Accutane usage). So I just couldn't wait that long to post. I felt compelled to do so today in the hopes that my experience might help some others right now, not months from now. So anyway, completely amazed by this result I have experienced with Vit D I have been doing quite a bit of research online about it and the more I research the more things make sense of how this is affecting my skin. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and was mislabeled a long time ago as a vitamin because at the time researches didn't realize the body (skin) can actually produce vitamin D. In a strict sense, vitamins must be supplied by diet, while hormones are produced in the body. Now, we all know acne is a result of what is most likely an imbalance of hormones in the body. This is why it is very rare for pre-pubescents to have acne, their pubertal hormones haven't kicked in yet which is when most acne first appears. "Vitamin" D, being a HORMONE needed in vital bodily functions, can be one of those hormones that is deficient. Vitamin D is produced via UV light action on the skin. In fact, it is produced in the oily cells (sebocytes) in the skin. Interesting but slight gross side note - I read somewhere that dogs and cats actually get their Vitamin D intake from licking the sebum on their face and hair follicles where the vitamin D is created (their skin cannot directly absorb the vitamin D through the skin). Apparently (and luckily for most humans) human skin can directly absorb vitamin D on the skin . So I've been pondering, perhaps very oily skin (and associated acne) is a negative feedback of low vitamin D levels in the body. With lower and lower Vitamin D in the body, the skin produces more and more sebum in efforts to create more Vitamin D to bring the body in balance. Perhaps those like myself who have consistently super oily skin have an impairment in the ability to create or absorb Vitamin D in the skin. (I don't really see a reduction in oil during the summer when I get a fair amount of sun). For me, perhaps the only way to increase my vitamin D levels is not through sun exposure but through supplementation. There are very few sources of foods with sufficient levels of vitamin D so the only way to get it in sufficient amounts is through vitamin supplements. In my research I also found out that Vitamin D will bind to some of the same skin cell receptors as certain forms of Retinoic Acid (one of the metabolites of Accutane). I believe this is likely why Accutane works in a similar fashion (normalizes sebum production) by binding to the same Vitamin D and related receptors in the skin. Now this is my own hypothesis here, but perhaps when those receptors have vitamin D or retinoic acid bound to them, they in essence tell the skin they have enough Vitamin D and not to produce any more sebum. Perhaps Accutane works by substituting for and mimicking Vitamin D in the skin . This could possibly explain some of the side affects of Accutane like bone and joint pain which can be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency (accutane thereby exacerbating the Vit D deficiency). I could go on about this but this is getting a bit tangential to the subject. Anyways, I am completely beside myself that Vitamin D has worked better than anything else out there, and that I have suffered with acne for so long due to what appears to be a simple Vit D deficiency. I really implore others to try this too. It is cheap and easy to do with no side effects. The amount I am taking is 1000IU and is considered a relatively low and completely safe dose. I am not going to state this is the cure for everyone as I am a case study of one right now (although I have read here and on other websites others having great results with Vit D as well). But if you have very oily skin, especially into adulthood, I would give vitamin D3 a try. Not that I think it matters, but in light of full disclosure, I am taking "Natures Made" Vitamin D(3) 1000IU tablets once a day. I don't think the brand will matter so much, just make sure it is Vitamin D3 and not D2. I am also taking Safeway brand Vitamin C 500mg tablets at the same time (this is your generic ascorbic acid Vit C). Note these are run of the mill vitamin brands, not anything special. It's possible the Vitamin C is adding a synergistic affect to the Vit D; I really don't know. But I do know Vitamin C alone hasn't done squat for me over the years that I have taken it so Vitamin C alone isn't causing the amazing results I'm seeing. (I am taking Vitamin C for immune support). These are the only two supplements I am currently taking. I have dropped all topicals other than washing my face in the morning and night and have just begun moisturizing at night with Aloe Vera Gel. I'm hoping others will try this as perhaps this might be the solution for them as well. I'd be more than happy to answer anyone's questions.
  6. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    I wanted to make sure people were more aware of this. I have been talking to Lamarr1986 and it seems I have been suffering from this I recently took a cod liver oil supplement and with the help of lamarr1986 I think this is probably what has caused it. Here is a picture of a scar that has spontaneously appeared in the last few hours. It is not the best quality but I have highlighted where the scar is If you have previously been on accutane, you shold stay away from fish oil, vitmain a and fatty acid supplements.
  7. Omega-3 and subcision

    Hi! I'm wondering if taking Omega-3 fish oil capsules will have any effect on the results from subcision. Omega-3 acts as a blood thinner, which makes you more prone to bleeding. Would this be beneficial when having subcision or would it be bad in any way? I take Omega-3 every day for other reasons but I'm considering not taking them a few weeks prior to subcision if it would mean better results. Thoughts? Replies are appreciated!
  8. Well, I think I've found it... I think it's finally over! it's been about 2 months, and *no new breakouts*. Absolutely none. I'm... shocked! After all this time, I think I finally found the acne cause and solution, for me. Two months ago, I started taking vitamin D supplements, about 1000IU per day. Nothing else changed: work has been no more or less stressful, my diet hasn't changed, nothing significant in personal life. I just noticed that my skin is always better after getting a little bit of sunshine, so decided to try taking vitamin D... and, voila! My skin has *never* looked better... It actually looks kind of pretty! It's hard to believe it could be so simple, yet it kind of makes sense: I never had acne until moving from Arizona to Seattle, and, it always got worse in the winter. The only other time I had acne in my life was while still living in Arizona, I tried a brief stint of eating a very, very low-fat diet (yes, I was young and foolish), and wearing sunscreen religiously; perhaps since vitamin D is fat-soluble, and I was avoiding the sun, I was just unable to synthesize or absorb it. And, sure enough, once I abandoned the low-fat foolishness, the acne disappeared as well. Until I moved to Seattle, that is, when it returned with a vengeance. The only heavy-duty medications I tried were retin-A for a year, and orthotricyclen for four months. Both were ineffective, unfortunately: the retin-A had absolutely no effect (after a frickin year!!) and on orthotricyclen I still had reliably regular monthly breakouts, plus some in between. I tried eliminating various foods from the diet: chocolate, dairy, peanuts, and citrus, all to no effect. Also, I absolutely don't eat processed foods, and very little sugar; mostly whole foods, lots of veggies, low sugar, lots of fish oils, only grass-fed organic meat when I do eat meat, blah, blah, blah, etc etc, all the usual recommendations. I got extremely sick of claims that acne is punishment for dietary transgressions -- I *don't* eat crap, at all, yet still had acne. Anyway! All this is to say that after 3 years of trial and error, I've been pretty much stumped! Until now... taking vitamin D. It's very weird. It's possible that this one simple thing, vitamin D deficiency, has been the problem the entire time. Wow. It's been about 2 months, so I'm hoping this keeps up. If anything changes, I'll let you guys know, but... so far, so good! If anyone is still trying the litany of various dietary/medical/vitamin tricks, well, don't forget to give this one a try. Not the cause for everybody, I'm sure, but if there are any others out there like me, maybe this will help!
  9. Hi all. So I was on accutane back in 2013 with great success. However, back in November I had a breakout that was a little worse than usual. I wasn't too worried because I tend to get these in a very minor form still a week or so before my time of the month. However, at the same I had been to see a doctor because I was having issues with painful periods, bad PMS etc and she recommended that if I wanted a natural solution I should try Evening Primrose Oil. I started taking these with great success in terms of controlling my PMS symptoms, except for one thing- my acne just seemed to get worse, then look slightly better, then get worse and so on and so on. I had read a little about balancing omega 3 and 6 and thought perhaps if I resumed taking my cod liver oil supplements at the same time (which I had been taking prior to all this without issues) that it might be help- but nope. At this point I was getting papules and pustules on my cheeks, which I never got even when my acne was at its worst before accutane. Usually it is heavily concentrated around my mouth and chin. The leftover marks are also taking months to heal, which I never usually experience. I then decided to try borage oil instead, so I went ahead and bought an omega 3-6-9 supplement containing Fish oil, borage/starflower oil and flax. So far I keep thinking my skin looks slightly better one day and then suddenly I'll get these really angy red blemished forming all over again. So, basically I'm wondering if is due to these omega screwing everything up? Should I stop them completely?
  10. I only ask you to spend 2 minutes reading and replying to this thread. It is simply a method to gather some data to help me with my various experimentations. If you are willing could you please provide 2 pieces of information in your reply: Q1. What food item (if any) are you greater than 90% certain causes you to have an increase in oil production? I'm not looking for foods which give you acne that you assume is because it increased oil production. I'm only interested in oil-affecting foods whether they give you acne or not. Q2. What is the approximate time it takes for this to come about? (e.g. within an hour, the next morning, 2 days later, etc..) My answers: 1. Salmon and fish oil supplements (i.e. fish oil) 2. Noticeable in 2-5 hours !!Please do not give answers which 'everyone knows' make you oily. Or something you are 'kind of' sure makes you oily. Only put it if it has caused you to become oilier without doubt. i.e. don't just say: 'greasy pizza and greasy french fries' just because you assume if they have grease on them as a food item then it must undisputedly mean grease will come out of your face. Also, please stick to a food item as opposed to a generalistic term such as: 'carbs.'!! Thanks, Listener
  11. I recently started taking 1300 mg epo by the brand sport research. It has fairly good reviews for acne. 87/91 of the reviews are positive. However when I started taking it, the pimple on my forehead and between my eyebrows became bigger and red. I had also consumed a slice of cheesecake that day so idk if it was the epo or the cheesecake. I did some more research on epo and discovered that it does make many people break out, some people recommend taking it with fish oil. Will fish oil with epo be more helpful? Or should I just continue taking the epo alone. I have took fish oil before and it did cause me to break out so idk if I should take it again with epo.
  12. Which one is more effective in terms of helping the skin? All I know is that non-fermented cod liver oil (Carlson's Cod LIver Oil capsules) is way less expensive.
  13. I've noticed many threads where people say they become clear, vanish away. They have so much potential to help many people but become spread apart in the midst of many other threads. They list exactly what they did and it's good advice. So I figured I would make a thread that will link to the threads in which people have had success. This way anyone who is interested has a variety of diets and regimens to try right from the get go, and also it lets people become aware that there is hope in holistic health and also other means in combination. So if you do remember any threads, please link them here and I can start updating the first post and begin linking. __ I don't have much right now, but this will build with time. Threads: User: Healthoid Title: What Can Be Achieved Using Holistic Methods, Before and After Pics Summary: After many years of acne, even after going through accutane with acne still coming back, taking out grains and dairy was his underlying cause of acne. Detailed with complete regimen and pictures. User: Antony Title: My Acne Program, This Is What Worked For Me Summary: A highly detailed multi-section acne program, dealing with cleansing, flushing, diet, supplements, general tips. Including before and after images. User: crevin Title: Everyone here needs to take a careful look at what you are eating, There is a reason why you have acne Summary: Acne since the age of 15. At 25, finally found out that eliminating grains and anything that raises blood sugar levels kept him completely clear.;#entry2062016 User: SCAR Title: i stopped it. after 10 years, i stopped acne from coming, seriously Summary: After 10 years worth of acne, at 24 he stopped acne because he realized the root of his problem to be diet. He has tried antibiotics, creams, and most of what everyone has before. Now he avoids dairy, processed carbs, and many sauces that contain dairy etc. Lost acne, and lost weight. User: Xec Title: I am CLEAR because of DIET change Summary: After following a strict dietary regimen based on fish oil, cocunit oil, avoiding some meat, processed foods, grains, and high GI foods. He cleared his acne completely. With pictures;#entry1710298 User: sicr2000 Title: Acne Free Diet...No gimmick, no profit seeked, just clearer skin!, A simple, affordable diet that really helps prevent acne Summary: After a trip to China, his acne cleared up, but came back upon coming back to the USA. He found that it is the food that he ate which caused it. He lists exactly what to eat, and what to avoid, and why to avoid it. Many images in his gallery of before and after. User: bfg9000d Title: Folks Please Read this on getting clear skin, This is not a joke. Summary: A 500 post thread. After a talk with his grandmother, she told him people would eat raisins and clear their skin. After a few years, he tried this and within 2 weeks he was 100% clear, even after trying many other regimens. User: Clear At Last Title: Clear after 15 years..., commercial products Summary: After following a super akalinic diet, he cleared his acne after 15 years. Detailed with diet, what foods to avoid, and a regimen of how to do it. User: SweetJade1980 written by Healthoid Title: (no title, individual post) Summary: Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet. She believed the main cause was rooted from Leaky Gut Syndrome.;#entry1570320 User: xxbobmckeexx Title: Foundations of Clear Skin, what makes a person have it and what stops others from not... Summary: In depth, highly detailed, analysis and regimen of what it takes to have clear skin. He has been on Accutane 3 times as well as various other holistic methods before finding out what it takes to clear up for good. A lifestyle change based on diet, supplementation, and much more. User: KT Title: Amazing! I'm clear Summary: After 14 years of acne, with moderate acne and a course of accutane, clarity came after trying a combination of herbs which cleared her up within a month. User: LivesInABox Title: Very very very nearly clear!!!!! Finally!!!!, And the flowers are still standing... Summary: After 19 years of acne, he finally figured out his triggers, including no grains and dairy. Detailed wth a summary of supplements and dietary tips. User: cassiopeia Title: (no title, individual post) Summary: After Accutane, the acne eventually came back. A combination of Fish Oil and topicals such as Paula's Choice products, AHA, and Glycolic facials kept her clear. User: TheX Title: i've gotten clear from coconut oil, yes, my acne was related to candida. Summary: Finally found his acne was related to candida. By taking coconut oil, he cleared his acne.;hl=chromium User: confessions Title: I beg all of you to try Zinc + Chromium Summary: After adding in zinc and chromium to his diet, within two weeks he became completely clear. At one point and time this had also worked for Dan here:;hl=chromium User: KancerStick Title: Im clear, and it sure as hell aint from benzoyl peroxide., come see how i did it without BP Summary: With a strict diet, supplementation, and exercise regimen along with good personal hygene and general tips, his face cleared up. Included is a detailed regimen of what to do. User: sadcaroline Title: What has cleared me 99% in one week, anyone with acne,read! no pills/creams Summary: She had suffered for acne for 10 years, while being on antibiotics for about that length of time. She went from white heads, to cystic acne. she finally found complete relief by not drinking water 2 hours before, during, or 2 hours after so she can effectively break down the food. User: dudeman Title: Almost clear Summary: After 7 years of acne, his acne subsided with a dietary organic regimen of beating acne. User: Mr.Envious Title: I am clear, for the last 3 weeks Summary: After going vegan, and avoiding grains and junk food his acne completely disappeared User: h20 Title: Whats keeping me clear, maybe 2-3 small pimples a week now.. Summary: After 8 years of acne, he has finally maintained relatively clear skin. After adding in fish oil, acv, and cutting out grains, dairy, saturated fat, and refined sugar, his acne is now manageable.
  14. I dont know if i started this topic in the right section but is it possible to cure or help hormonal acne WITHOUT medication? fish oil makes my skin worse but ive heard it work for others. Ive recently started drinking 2 cups of green tea a day (i cant do more because i have iron deficiency). I basically have clear skin for two weeks, then two weeks before my period i break out with papsules and around 4 days before my period i get 1-2 massive cysts. All on my chin. People would think i suffer from acne just because of the scars! I hope someone could help, im losing confidence....
  15. Ok lets just get straight down to business. I've had acne for not even a year and it has already amounted to this. Cystic acne started developing within 5 months of me getting acne and they haven't stopped since. I currently have 15 cysts on my face and I cannot touch my face without a pinch or throb of pain. Started Roaccutane (or accutane) 11 days ago and would like to share some photos with you guys to show you my progress throughout the 6-9 month course. I'm currently on 10mg for 1 month then bumping to 20mg. I am currently experiencing an initial breakout (or flare) like reaction and my lips are starting to dry up. This photo here ^ is well before I started accutane and was when I decided to do something about my acne. This is my first day on minocycline ^ , it had no effect - in fact (not the drugs fault) it got worse. I was getting acne on my jaw line I was so disappointed and made me so anxious to start accutane and get rid of this awful acne. So I did it's been 11 days, here is my week 1 progress photo(s). Please stay tuned for the weeks to come! Week 2 has arrived here are the photos for my second week of accutane, dry lips, dry eyes and very itchy legs. xD I don't know why but yeah.
  16. Claravis Journey

    It's my first day of taking Claravis... So this is my first attempt at keeping a record of my newest fight against acne... I'm a 30 year old woman who has dealt with acne since puberty. It was really terrible during middle and high school, but by college I was on birth control consistently and it really evened things out for many years. The problem is that in the last 8 months or so, my acne got really bad. Breakouts around my jawline and ears were especially terrible, and I'd never dealt with that kind of acne before. Before it was usually just on my chin and sometimes forehead, and occasionally near my nose during my period. I generally didn't have particularly good skin, but it was manageable. I learned the jawline breakouts are hormonal and fairly normal around age 30, but my skin was worse than it had ever been since I was a teenager. At this point, I was ready to do some serious work to finally fight it. I went on oral antibiotics (Solodyn), as well as topical tretinoin (Atralin) and benzoyl peroxide (Onexton), which weren't terribly effective but did help. After a few months though they just really didn't help much so my dermatologist and I decided to try out Accutane in its current form... I shied away from it in the past, but now I'm 30 and don't want to deal with terrible skin anymore. I have to say I'm pretty nervous, but optimistic. So today I took my first dose of Claravis, 40 mg. Since you're supposed to take it with a big meal, I took it with a bowl of homemade beef stew and a fish oil capsule. My stomach is a little queasy (I wouldn't say I'm nauseated but I don't feel great), and my mouth is a little dry... So maybe this is due to the pill, but it's a little early to tell. To mitigate the side effects, I'm trying to use as many preventive treatments and be as proactive as possible. I moisturized the hell out of my skin already. I always drink a lot of water, so will up that as much as I can. I also already regularly moisturize as soon as I'm out of the shower, and plan to do so before bed as well. I also keep lots of lip balm and hand moisturizer with me at all times, so I try to will be prepared... Question 1: I've read that fish oil is good for keeping your skin and hair healthy, and keeping them from drying out too much. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does it seem to have any effect on dryness? I anticipate serious dryness no matter what, of course, but I'm trying to keep it in check. Question 2: I also have heard about taking biotin for hair loss--this is something I'm really afraid of, since I actually really like my hair! Has anyone had any positive results by taking biotin along with Accutane or Claravis? Any feedback or support is much appreciated. I will try to post as often as possible in order to help others and track my progress... Thanks!
  17. Hello everyone, I would like to share the results I have experienced by following this diet, specifically to cure my acne issues. I had mild/moderate acne since I was about 18... I'm 20 now and in college. In college, it became worse..probably considered moderate. At the end of my freshman year I was talking to my father about how fed up I was with these pimples on my face and how it destroyed my confidence. He is a firm believer that our skin is a visual representation of our internal health. SO he suggested I read the primal blueprint and download the dietary cure for acne by Loren Cordain. So I did, and decided it couldn't hurt to try it for a month. A bit more background, I was eating like an average college kid. processed foods, soda, coffee, and the occasional fast food. It was not at all healthy/ balanced. Plus, I wasn't exercising... during the Summer, I began a 1 month paleo experiment. this is a picture of my skin at its very worst... God I hate looking at this. Here's what it was like right before I started the diet This is about 18-20 days into the 30 day diet... and at about day 28-30...I was clear! I admit, I still had blackheads, but I hadn't had a single new zit in weeks. Hopefully this inspires some of you to try the paleo diet. I realize it does not help everybody, but it was just what I needed. I Kept a log of everything I ate for 30 days, so if you guys have any questions, I will try and answer them! I can tell you all now that I followed this program strictly.. with the fish oil, zinc, and vitamin d supplements, and I think that's the reason for my quick success. I only washed my face occasionally with a mild almond/oatmeal natural soap I bought at Winco's. thanks everyone, goodluck!
  18. This was posted in the adult acne forum but I decided to make a thread here because i think it needs more attention and we need more people to try this. Anyways I've been taking Niacin for about a week and its giving me very good results. It's tightening my pores, i get less oil, and i just dont break out anymore. I've literally only had 2 pimples this whole week and they were so small that they disappeared once i popped them. When you take Niacin you get this thing called the niacin "flush" which is your body giving you a signal that you are detoxing. Basically what Niacin does is widen the capillaries around your entire body and including your skin. Wider capillaries = more blood flow to the skin = healthy skin Niacin also plays a role in liver function and aids the liver in metabolizing toxins. Here is some more info on Niacin If anyone wants to start taking niacin DO NOT GET THE NON FLUSHING KIND (niacinimide). You want the flush because it means that your widening your capillaries. Niacinimide will not widen your capillaries and you probably wont get results. Also don't buy the time released ones either. I just went to my local grocery store and bought 500mg tablets of Niacin for 5 dollars, its really cheap. When you start your gonna wanna take 100mg for 3 days, then 200-300mg for another 3 days, and then try taking 400-500mg. When you get to the higher doses you'll definitely experience the flush. If you're wondering what the flush feels like, it feels like nice hot sunburn all over your body with a little bit of tingly itchiness. Usually i can feel blood rushing to my head and it may get pretty intense. You just gotta do something (i play guitar) to keep your mind off of things for 30-60 minutes. I definitely think more people should be trying Niacin because its a very cheap supplement with good results and it doesn't require a strict diet at all. Right now I'm also taking 50mg of zinc and fish oil but I've been doing that for months and I haven't had good results since taking niacin.
  19. Linoleic acid is a vital component in normal sebum that does what it is supposed to: Protect the skin. Skin/sebum in people (and other mammals) prone to acne and other skin problems have been found to be deficient in linoleic Acid. Sebum deficient in linoleic acid is hard and sticky and clogs pores. It looks greasy and has fewer protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Key points: Acne and other problem prone skin (in people and animals) are lacking in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a component in the ceramides that make skin strong and impermeable and thus less easily ruptured and less sensitive to irritations. This can be changed with topical application. Grape seed and Safflower oil are over 70% linoleic acid. Linoleic Acid inhibits the enzymes that convert Testosterone to DHT. Both types. So it can help with hirsutism, hairloss and acne. Linoleic Acid is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from UV damage. Linoleic Acid inhibits melatonin and thus fades hyperpigmentation. Linoleic acid is anti-microbial as the P. Acnes blamed for acne. Linoleic acid deficiency causes an increase in interluekin -1a which is a factor inflammatory response. Tretinoin (Retin A & the like) alters the lipid profile improving the linoleic acid composition. Linoleic Acid improves the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) and retinoid X receptor (RXR) situation that regulates sebum production and hyperkeritinization/differenciation (and is what accutane affects) Linoleic acid is involved in the formation of Lamellar granules that produce the enzymes involved in normal exfoliation. They also form the armor that makes your skin strong. Acne prone skin has been found to contain fewer lamellar granules. Ceramide in a deficient skin barrier is lacking a protein called sphingosine. In winter our skin produces less sphingosine which is one reason acne often worsens in winter. Topical application of live cultured yogurt can boost production. Thyroid hormone affects lipid profile. One way that perhaps both hypo and hyperthyroid conditions affect acne. We don't necessarily have a dietary or systemic deficiency in linoleic acid. Just in the sebum and thus a topical application is the best course of action. This tendency is genetic. Examples of skin problems affected by a deficiency in linoleic acid include acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilares, hypersensitivity to allergens, and dry itchy sensitive skin of all types--aka dermatitis. A What To Do About This Post : It also might repel pests like the mites responsible for many skin irritations. And hopefully mosquitos, fleas and ticks for your pets sake. Excerpt from a good paper: ----------------- Nearly all the items in the list of roles played by linoleic acid in sebum above affect acne. i only bolded the ones that most here would recognize as causes of acne i.e. the inflammation. Note: These oils are not stable and should be stored in the refrigerator. Get a small, preferably dark colored bottle to keep a small amount at a time in your medicine cabinet. ------------------------ So, my dog is prone to itchy skin and is extremely sensitive to flea bites. Which attracts more fleas. They like dry, irritated, easily permeated skin. Most healthy animals aren't that bothered by fleas and some don't get fleas. My brother had an indoor/outdoor cat that didn't. And I have a friend with a dog and cat that don't get fleas which is amazing in this climate. So, there's probably something different about these animals. Just like there's something different about we acne prone people that makes the SAD diet leads to acne in us, but not everyone else. I've been looking in to what I could do to improve his skin and have found information on some dogs having a deficient skin barrier because their skin is lacking a ceramide. That lead to me finding info on them lacking linoleic acid, just like acne prone skin. And I discovered there is a topical 'spot on' treatment called Allerderm Spot on Lipid Complex For damaged epidermal barriers that involves putting a blend of lipids in a spot on the dog, usually the neck, where he won't lick it off just like with the spot on flea treatments. That means you must be able to change your lipid profile with topically applied lipids!!!! And you might not necessarily need to apply it directly to your acne prone skin if you don't want to. The way allerderm is not applied to the itchy skin but to some spot where the dog won't lick it off. Since dogs can't have grapes, I'm trying safflower oil instead of my preferred grapeseed for now. The rest of you should try grapeseed. Grapeseed is a little more potentially comodogenic. Here's some of the info and a study on dogs and Allerderm: More info on Allerderms informaton sheet. Explains some of the ways a linoleic deficiency causes many skin conditions. (but i've found more, including acne) : http://www.virbacvet...OCT09.sflb.ashx Dosage for Dogs and cats 6 pipettes of 2 mL each (0.068 oz) for small dogs and cats ≤ 20 lb 6 pipettes of 4 mL each (0.135 oz) for medium and large dogs ≥ 20 lb I've been trying to find the ingredients in the spot on treatment for dogs and cats. So far, all I've found is that it contains ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol without specifying which. I'm pretty sure it includes some omega 3 in addition to the linoleic acid. I've found info on capsules to be taken orally. They have a couple of formulas: Allerderm EFA-Caps Guaranteed Analysis (per capsule): Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 80 mg, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 50 mg, Linoleic Acid (LA) 30 mg, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 18 mg, Vitamin A 800 IU, Vitamin D 25 IU, Vitamin E 11 IU Allerderm EFA-Caps Ingredients: Fish oil, borage seed oil and sunflower seed oil (sources of fatty acids), glycerin, purified water, d-alpha tocopherol (source of vitamin E), vitamin A palmitate Allerderm EFA-Z Plus Guaranteed Analysis (per mL): Linoleic Acid 510 mg, Vitamin A 136 IU, Vitamin E 1.9 IU, Zinc 2.1 mg, Pyridoxine HCI 0.10 mg, Biotin 2.0 µg, Inositol 0.38 mg Allerderm EFA-Z Plus Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, fish oil and borage seed oil (sources of fatty acids), zinc sulfate, natural and artificial flavoring, alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), silica, propylparaben, inositol, pyridoxine HCl, vitamin A palmitate, methylparaben, biotin A pretty good paper: Atopy, pyoderma and the skin: Barrier function and beyond....... About dogs and cats, but there's lots of reference to human skin problems and research and products for humans. There's quite a few citations at the bottom that I haven't looked at yet.
  20. Hi and Thank-you for dropping by, My name is Hannah, a 22 year old female looking for allies to support each other through our difficult journey in battling acne. I had acne since my teens, but got 90% clear through changes in diet and taking supplements. I've tried from paleo to low-fat vegan, and I am still looking for what works best for me and my life style. (Of course I don't neglect traditional medicine, I've experience great results from anti-biotic topicals and dan's regime) I noticed throughout my food journey, I'd usually get isolated and feel like I'm the only one changing my diet for the sake of my skin, because everyone around me has clear skin despite eating junk food, or have bad acne however will not go as far as to changing their diets. I am looking for people whom I can openly share my unique experience as someone who is pursuing a healthy life style in order to get clear skin. if you don't feel comfortable discussing on an open forum, please feel free to message me personally and I will message you back It would be preferred if you live in Vancouver, Canada, but of course, I am always looking for friends from all over the world! (if you think I'm being a little creepy, message me anyways lol Any thing will be appreciated)
  21. Hey guys, today is my first day on this site. I am 21 years old I live In SoCal(hot weather) Before about 5 months ago, I would get acne here and there but one or two pimples with head and would go away 3 days tops. Now I have acne all over my jawline, my forehead, and on one of my cheeks. The ones on my jawline and cheek have no heads, are painful, and pretty red. the ones on my forehead have healed but there are still little skin colored bumps. I have tried, BP and it works for when my pimples have heads. These however dont, I use a 2 percent salicylic lotion, doesnt do anything. I started taking fish oil about 1 month ago, no improvement. Ive been dirnking spearmint tea every day because i hear it helps with hormones but same thing no improvement Yesterday i bought de la cruz sulfur ointment, (10% sulfur) and i applied it twice today Once when i woke up Intially felt really warm did not burn but it was warm. I left it on for 10 minutes as directed then washed it off and applied moisturizer then i applied it again in the afternoon. again for 10 minutes. I notice new acne now about 3 or 4 im going to stick to it for a month becayse i hear you can purge Any success with any products hormonal acne sufferers ?
  22. Internal Cure For ACNE

    First off I want to tell you that I am not trying to sell anyone anything. My GOAL is to share my experience with others for free in hopes that it will help them as well. You DON'T have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money to be ACNE free!! All you have to do is be DILIGENT and PATIENT with what I am about to share with you or else it will not work. I have lived with the problem of ACNE for 15 years. It has cycled from moderate to severe and everything in between. I am thirty years old and have spent probably tens of thousands of dollars trying to battle this common disease on things like: Creams, Toners, Oils Pimple popping, Not pimple popping Masks, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion Accutane, Night creams, Retinol Astringents, Antiseptics (Peroxide, Alcohol) Soaps, Scrubs, Topical Analgesics Sunblocks, Lotions Fasting, Diet Change Cortizone shots Extreme situations in the past: Applying toothpaste,nail polish remover, egg yolk on my face. I'm sure there are a lot of other things that I have tried in the past but theses are the MAIN ones that come to mind. I am convinced that Big Name pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies know what causes ACNE and how to stop it but will NEVER share that information with the public because it is not within their best financial interest ($$$$). I understand that everyone has to make a buck but when millions of teens and adults are literally struggling with an ever growing epidemic to the point of sheer frustration and these companies are "Beating around the bush", that angers me!! The following is information that I have gained through trial and error. Ready? : IMPORTANT:: Out of all of the products I have tried, I have found a combination that I feel will work for ANYONE!! First off, understand that ACNE starts from the inside of the body, rarely the outside. When we get bumps that are red and slightly raised it's usually due to skin irritation from things like clothing or hats in contact with the skin, reaction to facial products, dirt, ect, etc...all external causes. But when we get ACNE such as raised bumps with "Whiteheads" or "Blackheads" this is caused by an "OVERLOAD" of toxins in the body. I'll prove it! Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins several ways. Through our: Bowels (Urine,Feces) Kidneys Liver Storage in our Fat Lungs Skin!!!! (Especially when we sweat) Believe it or not we get rid of most of these TOXINS through our Lungs when we breath!! Unfortunately the body can only get rid of a select amount of toxins in a certain period of time. When it feels "overloaded" it chooses the last resort. Our SKIN!! With all of the preservatives, sweeteners, artificial everything, and so on in todays food, the body treats these as toxins and it is just too much to handle so the body chooses our largest organ which is our skin. Why predominately the face, I don't know. Well I'm thirty years old and decided it was time to rid myself of ACNE once and for all!! I decided to begin a new regimen by cleaning out the INSIDE of my body and not re-polluting it in anyway. First up, DIET CHANGE!! I know what many of you are saying" Yeah, yeah I've tried that!" Well I had tried it many times myself before but I was doing it wrong. You have to eat foods that are in their natural state or extremely close to it. That's right! No more SUGAR, WHEATS, FLOURS, BREADS, DAIRY, CAFFEINE, PASTAS, CRACKERS, CANDY, CAKE. When in doubt, don't eat it!! Yes it is hard but Yes it is possible. I had a MAJOR sweet tooth. I'm skinny but have been known to polished off whole cartons of ice cream and eat one whole half of cakes in just one day alone. Let's be honest folks. Sugar isn't even a necessary daily nutrient yet it is in almost EVERYTHING we put in our mouths. Stay away from it and you WILL see drastic changes!! Next up, INTERNAL BOWEL AND LIVER CLEANSING AND MAINTANANCE. This is an absolute MUST and goes hand and hand with the diet change. One will NOT work without the other so don't try it!! I have done this several times in the past but have found that I was not doing it correctly. Here are the products that work: 1) Super Colon Cleanse (Initial 10 day cleansing) 2) Fiber Supplement (3 times daily for maintenance, any brand will work) 3) Ultra Liver cleanse by Enzymatic (14 days) 4) Choose 1 day out of the week to fast (Hard at first but possible) 5) Drink Magnesium Citrate the day after the fast (Flush out built up toxins accumulated throughout the week) 6) Drink Flor Essence body Detox Tea (Finish the bottle) 7) Fish Oil pills with Vit D AND Omega 3 (Helps skin by Nature Made) Seems like a whole lot but if you are diligent and stick to this cheap and easy program it will become habit. FOLLOW ALL OF THESE STEPS!!! After you do that steps 1, 3, and 6 can be followed on a REGULAR BASIS!! Steps 2, 4, and 5 can be followed as you see fit. I would recommend every 2 months to follow up and thoroughly cleanse with steps 2, 4, and 5!! And Lastly, A good external cleansing program. This step, believe it or not, is NOT as important as the two mentioned above. For example: At the start of my day, I wash my face with Olay soap.Yes that's right, regular ol' moisturizing soap. No fancy, expensive cleansers here. Next, I take a washcloth and soak it with 91% Rubbing Alcohol and wipe down my head (I shave bald), neck, chest and FACE. Next I do the same with good ol' Hydrogen Peroxide. Next I do the same with Neutrogena Astringent (blue in color). Then to prevent dryness, I splash my face with water and rub my face down lightly with Oil of Olay Facial Lotion with UV protectant. Most of you are probably thinking "Well isn't that just washing off the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent ?". The purpose of these three is to cleanse the face and kill bacteria which they all do when you apply them. I only "Leave them on" when I know I'm staying indoors or when I apply them at night. The only thing different I do at night is instead of washing with soap I wash with Clean&Clear 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser. It is a light exfoliant so it can be used daily and it has peroxide in it which makes it even better!! Then I rub down with the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent as mentioned before but this time I DON'T rinse it off. Leave it on! Then I apply Caladryl Clear Topical Analgesic Lotion because it is a lotion that actually has a drying effect and it is a skin protectant. Lastly I lightly coat my face with Derma P17 clay mask and leave it on to help with drying out the ACNE (Any clay, mud, peel, or whatever type of mask will work, you are just using it to help dry out the ACNE present). This will work for ANYONE!! It will be hard at first (What isn't!!). It will be CHEAP!! (Thank God!!). It will take time (But you will see drastic results!!!!!) You have had ACNE for a while so it won't go away completely overnight!! Be Patient and stick to the program!! Create habit! Oh and get ready because people who don't understand what you are going through will try and deter you from the regiment but just keep in mind that they don't understand. You are sick of ACNE and are willing to try something different to achieve results! Pay them no mind! Well may the Lord be with you in your endeavor. If you have any questions or comments, contact me. Below is a price guide to give you an idea of how cheap this really is: Super Colon Cleanse (RiteAid/Online): $20 Fiber supplement (Anywhere): $10 Ultra Liver Cleanse by Enzymatic (RiteAid/Online): $20 Fasting for 1 day out of the week: FREE! Magnesium Citrate (Anywhere): $3 Flor Essence Body Detox Tea (RiteAid/Online) $25 Fish Oil Pills with Vit D and Omega 3 (Anywhere): $25 Olay moisturizing soap (Anywhere/Any kind): $7 set of 6 Clean&Clear 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser (Anywhere): $6 Caladryl Clear (Anywhere): $4 Hydrogen Peroxide (Anywhere): $1.50 91% Rubbing Alcohol (Anywhere): $1.75 Neutrogena Astringent (blue) (Anywhere): $5 Derma P17 10 minute oil control thermal clay mask (RiteAid/Online): $12 Oil of Olay facial lotion with UV protectant (Anywhere): $7 For those of you who shave, I wash my head and face with the exfoliant cleanser (warm water), wipe my face down with the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent to kill bacteria, coat my head with Vitamin E Oil thoroughly, and then apply a shaving Gel. This seems to fight off razor bumps quite well!!
  23. Tretenoin Progress

    Hello! I have been using Tretenoin cream .025% for 12 weeks to treat my non-inflamed acne. I use it every other night. I used topical clindmycin from Aug- September but have taken it out of my regimen with no adverse affects. My face care regimen is: for tretinoin nights: wash with dermalogica calming cleanser wait 30 mins. apply pea size amt. of tretenoin to face. on off nights: wash with dermalogica calming cleanser apply earth science almond/ aloe moisturizer I take high quality, medical grade multivitamins along with fish oil. I have been on BCP (gianvi) forever. I try to eat healthy and hydrate but do not restrict my diet at all. I am being tested for thyroid dysfunction, systemic yeast and adrenal fatigue and will update with the results of that testing once I know. here is the progress: 1st 2 are from June 2nd 2 are from today Thank you for reading!
  24. Hi, I hope this isn't too long, but please read and try to help me! So my acne is mild-moderate, mostly with small red forehead acne and maybe a few small white bumps or occasional red pimple on my cheeks. Last week, I realized that my skin was getting really clear. I had been taking a multivitamin for a while, and just started taking fish oil (Omega 3). I was also doing the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask pretty often. So by two weekends ago my skin was almost perfectly clear... and I assumed it was from the supplements I was taking (if you're wondering, it's the Nordic Naturals Omega 3 and the Rainbow Light Active Health Teen Multivitamin) as well as the mask I was using. However, this past weekend my skin started looking worse and worse, so I did the mask I always do. I actually think I used a different ACV with it, because that's the only reason I can think of that it wouldn't work like it normally does. I also did a raw honey mask recently that didn't seem to do anything. So anyway the morning after I did the mask, which was Tuesday of this week, my skin looked BAD. Worse than it had the day before--I had a new cheek pimple (near my nose), inflamed forehead acne, and tiny red bumps on my chin that are itchy, and seem like a rash. Now it just looks so bad. I'm wondering if anything you think anything I mentioned here might have to do with the sudden change. Before it got bad, I stopped taking the fish oil for a few days because I forgot, but could it be possible that the fish oil is causing the "rash" type thing on my chin/jawline/neck? What should I do?? My forehead and cheek close to my nose look terrible, my chin looks bad from the little red bumps and my whole face looks splotchy and bad. Please please help! Tell me if you have any suggestions, if I should stop taking one/both of the vitamins, etc. Thanks so much.
  25. Hi guys! im new here and just had a quick question about Krill Oil. I am taking fish oil every night to help clear up my skin. The pill is very big and is getting difficult to swallow The krill oil pills are very small. Do they work just as well or better? Im out of the fish oil, so i am going to the vitamin store today. Krill oil or fish oil? Thanks!!