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  1. Hello. First of all, don't get too excited if you're in a similar situation to me and were hoping this post would hold the fix for long-term (Ro)accutane damage. I just wanted to express my situation and see if anyone can help. I'm bored of reading depressing no-way-out answers and I refuse to give up and stop trying to fix myself. I'm also not inviting those who say the side effects aren't caused by this drug - I am 100% sure, and have read enough posts from others to know that Accutane isn't simply 'out' of your system after a month. I've read several theories into why things like IBS, Erectile Dysfunction and knee problems can occur months or years after stopping treatment. I'm talking about the liver storing the high-levels of Vitamin A, Accutane staying in the colon, and even something - which if it's true means only bad news - to do with DNA change and 'Telomere' shortening, which means a slow but sure decrease in health(This has been written by Nathan Carr, who you may of heard of). But I'm not writing to find out which of these theories, if any, is true. I want to see if anyone can actually give good advice on supplements/diet, or whatever else, to repair damage from this poison. Below, I will list the details of when I took this drug and what side effects I have + how I cope with life. One last thing - Anyone saying that these side effects are rare, i.e 1%, forget it. 1% reported. Since taking this drug, my life has been limited and difficult. I'm not in that 1% statistic because I haven't reported it directly to the manufacturer. I expect the figure is a lot higher. As I said, side effects can come on AFTER taking this, so people could be ignorant to the cause. However, I know better, and after watching my health drop dramatically while/after taking Accutane, I can firmly say it's the cause. Let's begin ... Basics: I'm 21 at the end of this month. It's now 5 years since I touched Ro-accutane (Ro-accutane is just the British name for it). I took it from December 2005 - May 2006. I was meant to finish in June, but stopped due to feeling very depressed/suicidal (because of the drug). My problems are below... - Dry Eyes (Severe) - E.D/ Low Libido (Started last year and has gone on consistently since) - Hair-loss (Including eyebrows, facial hair 'gaps' and body hair) - Slow Healing (Shaving is a pain now - No, it's not my technique) - Lack of sebum (oil) - Brain Fog/ Memory problems - Somewhat minor - Anxiety (mainly because of the other side effects - i.e. dry eyes causing me to feel embarassed about eye contact) - Excessive hair (Not related to head, but my beard grows high up on cheeks and even on the outside of my nose) - I believe I look older than I should due to lack of oil - Joint/Muscle problems - Aches/ Slow recovery - Excessive sweating.. Terrible if I go running at the gym, for example. - Dry mouth - Nosebleeds more than I should - Fatigue - Overall depression and confusion (*Rhetorical question* Is this a direct symptom or am I like it because of all the other side-effects stressing me out?) That's what I can think of for now. Of course, I wasn't told about half of these being a possibly problem and I was told any side-effects will be temporary. I was 15, so I had no reason not to trust the Doc's word. I've tried lots of different supplements (a lot of which I still take just incase they are helping/slowing down the problems) including Omega 3, Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera Juice, MSM, Colostrum, Garlic, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Quercetin, Tumeric. So, yeah, I've tried a lot of things. The Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root are recent additions because despite having my liver test results come back as positive, I've heard your liver can still not be functioning correctly and people are given liver tests monthly while taking this drug for a reason, right? I'm starting to eat better foods as this sh*t taught me that Natural is the way to go. I still binge on cakes and that occasionally - Mainly for comfort. I'm average weight and height, but want to cut out processed foods to support my body. I don't want to make this EXTREMELY long, so I'll cut it short. I'm currently seeing a Homeopathy about these problems. And Yes, I know "Science says it's boll*cks", and I don't understand how it's supposed to work, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and give things a go. I don't have high hopes for things getting better these days, but I'm not giving up. There is so much more I could say, but let me know your thoughts. I don't want to hear negative and hopeless responses. What HAS helped you? seems to be the biggest place to speak about this, but we NEED the word out, so the 'experts' can do the research instead of hoping for someone else to fix us. Thanks for reading, Indy.
  2. Hi people of the internet, my name is Ryan, I am an 18 year old male from the United Kingdom, and I have been on accutane approximately a week. I am writing this because I want to talk directly to those who suffer from stubborn and persistent acne that most people would define as 'mild', and unworthy of accutane. Here's some back story. I first started getting acne when I was 10 - annoyingly young but hey life has a habit of being a bitch like that. I started with just forehead acne, I'd never have less than 3 cystic/boil like whiteheads (incredibly sore and left marks for about a century). My simple solution to this was to grow my hair and pretend they didn't exist. This was fine until I was about 14 when they decided to plague my cheeks too. They were sore, unsightly and honestly disgusting. I have an incredibly pale complexion too, so they stood out like a sore thumb. I've also suffered from bacne, or more specifically shoulder-acne for as long as I can remember - no sore cysts but persistent whiteheads that scar. When I was 16, I had to start shaving - another recipe for disaster. My skin is incredibly sensitive, and it took me about a year to find a product and razor that firstly didn't cause my skin to go red raw, but also prevent me from getting bumpy whiteheads all over my jawline. (If I shave more than 3 times a week now, I still get this issue.) So, whilst my acne has never been considered severe, it's always been enough to be an emotional and mental challenge for me, and it's always dented my self esteem and when it gets bad I could end up in the house for weeks on end. I went to the doctor the first time when I was about 14. I knew of Accutane at this time but this site always made me feel embarrassed to ask since by acne was never as bad as half the photos on this site. My doctor said something along the lines of you have okay skin but I can see your concern, and for the next year I went backwards and forwards to him, being prescribed different topical treatments. None of these worked, all of them destroyed my skin – I’m going to document everything I’ve tried over the years below to give some advice for others. A year later he finally gave up on the creams and prescribed me lymecycline, followed by doxycycline – both of which I can confidently say did absolutely nothing other than reduce the time my spots stayed red raw (nice, but it only lasted while I was on the pills). By this time I was about 16 and going through my GCSE’s so my skin wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. Finally, after 8 years, I heard somebody tell me what I wanted to hear, that my acne was stubborn and appeared sore, uncomfortable and was more than just teenage spots. She comforted me, examined me, talked me through all the options. Much to my disappointment, she said she wouldn't prescribe me Accutane. She prescribed me trimethroprim (also known as bactrim) - it’s probably given me the best results to date and whilst I saw no change to my back, my cheeks cleared up and I only got small whiteheads (my forehead still always had at least one giant beast of a cyst). I would still breakout but they were nowhere near as harsh. My skin also had a relatively nice complexion too, as she told me to just avoid all skin products except a cleanser which she prescribed, and the antibiotic. Fast forward to November and I have been prescribed Accutane. I want people to know, in the same situation as me, there is NEVER a situation when your acne isn’t ‘that bad’. If it’s bad to you, that’s all that matters, don’t listen to what other people say. If it affects you, mentally or emotionally, that’s enough to want to get a fix. Sometimes you have to pay good money to get somebody to listen, and sometimes you have to take things into your own hands, but never think you aren’t a good enough candidate for something that could change your life. And yes – acne can cause depression, no matter how many times people tell you it can’t or how there must be ‘other underlining factors’ – only you know what is affecting you the most. Most of all, don’t tell yourself ‘others have it worse’, if you have that attitude you’ll never be happy because there are always going to be other people in the world who are worse off than you. You should always prioritise your own happiness in life. So – that’s my back story. So far I’ve been on Accutane about a week and I have very dry lips. My skin itself isn’t dry, but that’s probably because my skin was very oily to start with. I haven’t experienced a purge yet, but that may be because I stopped trimethroprim the day I started Accutane. I have however experienced a couple of cysty spots on my cheek that I haven’t had since I started trime. In all honestly, my skins kinda soft, but I don’t know if that’s just coincidence. No change on my back/forehead so far, nor the blackheads on my nosee. I’ll keep updating bi-weekly and we’ll see how my Accutane journey goes! TLDR; Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm 18 and from the UK, and I have suffered from mild acne since I was 10 years old. I started Accutane a week ago and this is my log. Random things I have tried: Tea Tree Oil - Burned my skin Panoxyl gel - Good for drying up spots, but bleaches skin, clothes and leaves marks Quinoderm - Same as above Some retinoid cream for the back can;t remember the same - useless, did nothing Freederm exfoliator - good, makes skin feel soft Cetafil cleanser - Great! I swear by this product, so good for sensitive skin (prescribed by my demro) Cetafil moisturiser - Wasn't for me, too greasy and made me break out Manuka honey - broke me out hugely, but I used it on big swolen spots and it seems to help reduce them in size quicker Freederm gel - helps prevent big spots spread to other areas of face Proactiv - AVOID AVOID AVOID, this stuff is so expensive and it decoloured, dried out and did nothing of any use to my skin toothpaste - don't use toothpaste unless you want red marks on your face for weeks Aveeno cream - great for dry skin zipmist - great for shaving if you have sensitive skin lush mask of magnaminty - really good, makes skin look fresh and feels great, reduces redness too (dont use too frequently) Sudocrem - oh my god why didn't i use this sooner its so good for healing redness and reducing spot size I'll add others as they come to mind.
  3. Before / during & after pics- you can probably guess which is which and why im so upset. I have always had mild acne but went on roaccutane years ago and have maintained pretty decent / clear skin for years with Duac gel and regular cleansing but recently I have been getting horrific "allergic reactions" to ALL of my facial cosmetics- just on my face- and cant even wear my foundation / use my facial cleanser without horrific results (see pics) . Basically now im house-bound and have been for months as i wont leave the house unless its to go for doctors/derm appointments and feel so horrific about myself i might have to drop out of uni . So depressing. Sometimes these reactions can clear within a week completely if i remove the culprit- at the moment, EVERYTHING is the culprit even water stings and burns and makes my face sore and bumpy. I take anti allergy tablets every day with little to no obvious help . I cant even use cetaphil cleanser at the moment without it burning/ itching and the dermatologist just said it was acne and i must be stressed........... it will probably flatten within a week though but i still wont be able to cover the marks because every foubdation i try gives me a similar reaction! so frustrating. Anyone been through anything similar? Im at a loss. So sad. Before: perfectly smooth skin (albeit with makeup.... but i didnt have one bump!) again, before: nice normal smooth skin: just before a flare up no makeup : ( my skin gets sore and red and itchy and uncomfortable and bumpy...... annnnnnd after a particularly bad 'reaction'..... (thankfully its not to this extent now but its still bumpy and sore and not right at all) bad. (^^^^^that awful reaction that got diagnosed as acne by a derm actually went completely flat within a week after i swapped laundry detergents and threw out flannels that i was using that were washed in the strongly fragranced stuff and liberally applied my beloved Duac gel which of course i am now sensitIve to and seem to have developed a reaction to after years of use) please help- desperate x
  4. Hello, I am a 19 year old female. On July 21st 2017, I was put on Spiro, at 100 MG a day. I take Nuva Ring Birth Control with it. I have struggled with moderate to severe acne since age twelve. A very brief history on my acne, I tried every OTC product that exists and three step system. I tried Bactum antibiotic and a topical prescription in High School. I had persistent and moderate acne for four or five years. It really destroyed my social life, self esteem, and put me into a deep depression for a long time. I was bullied a lot for my acne as well. I was put on Accutane in my Sophmore year or Junior year, I don't remember. It cleared me of acne completely, something I didn't even remember the feeling of. I never saw myself with clear skin since I was a child. It only took 1-2 months for it to clear. I was on it for I think 4-5 months. I had side affects of IBS, back pain, super dry skin, and very chapped lips. The cons didn't bother me compared to the pros. It kept me clear for 3 years. I am now entering my second year of College in a week. I switched my Birth Control Method to the Nuva Ring about a year ago, with no acne problems. I was originally on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was just sick of taking pills. I went a year or two feeling confident with zero makeup in public and strangers would tell me they would've never known I struggled with acne for years. I liked going natural. In May 2017,three months before today, I thought why not quit taking my Nuva Ring too. I thought I grew out of acne and was cured from Accutane. I got my first apartment in April with my boyfriend who never even saw me with acne for the three years we have been dating. Two months later, It was July and my face exploded in acne like I haven't seen for years. It was all over my forehead like Middle School. Looking back, since March of 2017, I was noticing more frequent acne, It just never got bad enough to bother me till Summer 2017. It spread badly on my cheeks as well. I also have tons of white heads. I was so devastated and thought my boyfriend would leave me and be disgusted by me. I usually wouldn't even wear makeup around him. Acne scars didn't bother me. I have been a hermit, crying, rarely leaving my apartment. I feel so insecure in public without makeup. I have come to hating applying foundation after years of needing it. I feel depressed putting on makeup and seeing the acne still. I can't believe it came back so heavily. I started taking the Nuva Ring again in July when it got so bad. A few days later, I was prescribed what I stated at the beginning, 100 MG of Spiro a day. I was also prescribed Retin A Cream, 0.025. I was told to continue my Clindamyacin Gel as a spot treatment, which worked amazing after Accutane with small breakouts. It has been a few days more than 3 weeks on Spiro. I haven't seen much progress. My forehead acne is almost gone from the Clindamyacin gel. I still have bad acne on my cheeks, temples, and white heads on my chin. I personally think it's almost gotten worse since I started, on my cheeks. The Retin A is awful and I don't want to use it, it is so drying and it worsened my cheeks. I just wash with Cera Ve cleanser, Clindamyacin gel, and Burts Bees moisturizer. I feel pretty sad and anti social. I decided on taking all online classes for my first semester of College in a week. I truly don't want to be seen in class this way. It's sucks struggling for four years, being clear for about three, just for it to explode nearly as badly again. I'm trying to stay positive because it's not a quick fix. It's so hard though. I'll be back when I hit the one month mark, and probably post weekly or bi weekly my journey from there. I hope this goes well and people will support me or I can help someone else.
  5. Hello everyone... I'm in need of help. A year ago I had nice skin... it wasn't perfect as I had dark marks on my cheeks due to acne and also tiny holes on my right temple, but that didn't really bother me... However when 2016 was about to end I sadly lost a loved one and that made me super depressed... I became a shut in, I couldn't sleep, I ate too much and the like... I was able to get on my feet by early march 2017 and I noticed that my pores became larger.... I became very self conscious about it and so I tried to do home remedies. First, I tried ACV and I think it just made things worse! My nose became puffy and as for my pores, I think it grew too! after that I decided to stick with over the counter products like facial foams and such... I also used lemons as a toner and the results were positive... at first. Yes it did shrink my pores A BIT but then it just stopped and I was once again cursed with active acne... I then decided to go to a dermatologist and have my skin checked. She prescribed me with yet another facial foam, with the addition of a toner containing salicylic acid and a retinoid cream... now its been more than a week and I don't know what to feel about all of this.... ever since Ive been using these products, white heads appear more often... Is that normal??? is that a good sign? LOL.... I can feel the whiteheads on my skin. Theyre very easy to remove and it's quite annoying... Is it too early to start complaining?? IDK guys... I just don't feel too good about myself.... I feel like trash... I already have low self esteem ever since but now with the addition of acne scarring.... I don't know how to deal with all of this... I'm only 18!!!! that means my pores are gonna keep growing right??? Sorry if I sound so dramatic...
  6. Links to some recently unpinned threads Add your story! ---------------------------- First: Don't Panic It's not as difficult as it looks. Everything is inter-related and the same basic diet and lifestyle habits are repeated over and over. Because they are good for everything and how humans should eat and live. So, take a deep breath... and read: Good things for Acne (For when you only have time for the answers, but with links to more info. And see also this thread for more details on the Ultimate Question on Acne, Diet, Health and Everything!, a collection of links to numerous of the most valuable discussion threads ever. Including the best of SweetJade, the fairy Godmother of this forum. Click on it!) Covering all these interrelated things: -Stable Blood Sugar/Insulin/good Glucose Metabolism (no link because it's below in this post) -Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle -Hormone Balance -Healthy Liver Function -Healthy Adrenal Function -Good, Complete Digestion/Healthy Digestive Tract -Allergies and food intolerances -Reducing Hyperkeratinization/Hyperproliferation - Stage 1 in the formation of acne. -Good Sleep/Light exposure/Circadian cycle. -Nutrition -Hyper/Hypothyroid - lowers SHBG levels, increases inflammation -Stress -Immune system -Topical treatment - care from the outside. -Exercise - The right kind. Affects nearly everything, like blood sugar, sleep, stress, mood... -Body Fat - affects inflammation and hormone levels -Brain health, Stress, Mood, Willpower, Depression, etc Because your diet can't clear if you stress out over everything. -PCOS -Oily skin, fat metabolism and Sebum quality -Your Health - Numbers to know and monitor, home tests -Anti-Aging - because someone asked and the same diet and lifestyle habits help that too. All this may seem overwhelming, but it's really not. Notice how inter-related most of these things are and how the same nutrients and habits appear over and over because they help so many issues. Also, most things listed here are just plain good for you period. Things everyone should do regardless of acne. Good for whatever ails you. For anti-aging, disease prevention, wellness, happiness... What you want is a healthy lifestyle with natural circadian cycle, stress management, physical activity and a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory blood sugar stabilizing diet habits that don't include anything you have an intolerance for. More on WHAT TO DO.If you just want to be told what to do, skip to here. Other great threads: -Food and Recipe thread index -Doctors and other experts admitting to the diet and acne connection thread Members who've cleared their skin via diet and lifestyle habits - -Why you should avoid/limit dairy, especially cow, especially unfermented, etc. -Improving fructose metabolism for those that break out from fruit -Diet and health tips and tidbits -Autogenic and Biofeedback for stress, anxiety, emotions -The Necessity And Benefits Of Sulfur -Epigenetics - what you do to yourself affects your genes -Farm subsidy and other bad things they do to our food -'Recent' Advances in Acne Pathogenesis Information -Patent request for an enzyme that works on a gene involved in acne -SHBG - Sex hormone binding globulin -ZAG enzyme which impacts normal formation and exfoliation, possibly inhibited by lectins in grains/seeds Special Posts: Clinical studies on the connection between diet and acne The truth about Calcium and healthy bones- for those afraid to avoid or limit dairy Vitamin D Coconut Oil Omega 3s and our supposed lack of ability to convert ALA from plants to EPA and DHA Will always be in progress. I'm working on it all the time adding good things and links to sources and more info. Refer back when you need reminders of all the factors. I know I need reminders. I'm sure there's plenty I've forgotten in these lists. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good things for Blood Sugar/Insulin/Carb Metabolism Insulin is a master hormone that influences almost all other hormones. Elevated Insulin stimulates Androgen and IGF1 production, while simultaneously inhibiting production of the proteins that bind them--SHBG and IGFBP-3. Androgens stimulate oil production, IGF1 causes hyperkeratinization and hyperproliferation of skin cells. We become somewhat insulin resistant during puberty. It stimulates & helps utilize resources for growth. Elevated Insulin also causes inflammation which worsens acne and scarring. Inflammation is also aging and the root cause of degenerative diseases. Causes loss of elasticity in tissues. In addition, when cells become insulin resistant leaving sugar floating around in the bloodstream, it causes glycation which also reduces elasticity in tissues. Post filled with links to research about insulin resistance, puberty, role in acne, IGF-1, etc: Note: This is not about avoiding carbs or eating low carb!! It's not even about never consuming sugar or having a dessert. It's about habitually avoiding High Glycemic Load meals, drinks. And about the nutrients and habits that improve the body's ability to manage blood sugar and insulin response. Just know that every time you consume more sugar than your cells can take in at that time, damage will occur. Your body can counter damage. Just not at the rate that's become normal in this soda drinking, nutritionally void refined food consuming, chronically stressful, unsleeping, sedentary society we've become. Also, many hormones are involved in blood sugar regulation. Insulin sends blood sugar down and cortisol sends blood sugar up. And cortisol is a major culprit in metabolic syndrome. Part of the reason sleep, stress and physical activity are as big a players in the formation of diabetes and acne and related conditions. Basics: Glycemic Index - is a measure of the effects of a food on blood sugar levels. Glycemic Load - as above but takes into account the amount of food eaten. For example, a small piece of candy can have a lower GL than a bigger amount of a lower GI food. Simple chart of the GI and GL of some common processed and unprocessed foods. http://archderm.ama-...TABLEDOB10212T1 Nutrition Data article on GI and GL and their own Fullness Factor index Insulin Index- A measurement of blood insulin levels in response to various foods. Turns out that certain amino acids also stimulate excess insulin and so even low GI foods can be insulinemic. Dairy is insulinemic, being high in the most insulinemic amino acids: leucine, valine, lysine, and isoleucine. Discussion: and website http://www.mendosa.c...sulin_index.htm So, The Good Things for Blood Sugar/Insulin: Diet habits -Avoiding foods and drinks that spike blood sugar like sugars, refined grains, high GI foods not eaten in combination with low GI foods, - making a high GL meal. -Eating Fats, protein and fiber to lower the GI of a meal, doesn't mean diet needs to be high fat or high protein. And very high fiber might not be good for you either. -Avoiding over eating. High calorie meals can also be high GL meals even when composed of fat and protein. And because cell mitochondria are capable of processing only so much glucose so consuming more than your body can handle will result in excess glucose in the blood stream causing serious health problems. -Resistant Starches -Consuming vinegar before carb meals - acetic acid in vinegar blocks a digestive enzyme as well as improving stomach acid PH. Have a couple spoons of ACV in glass of water or have salad with vinaigrette prior to meal. -Intermittent fasting or calorie restriction - Skip a meal now and then. Or spend a day having minimal calories, now and then. -Eating foods high in the nutrients listed below. Anything that improves circulation, Blood pressure, cholesterol, so: -Exercise!!! - also increases insulin activity in order to provide energy for exercise, especially beneficial is short bursts of very intensive activity like interval training such as walking combined with sprinting, stairs, or hills. Or weight/resistance training. Any short bursts of intense exercise will help blood sugar, so take the stairs!! -Omega 3 EFAs - from fish, krill oil, flax seed, chia -The Omega 6 EFAs: G.L.A and linolenic acid -Anthocyanins - phytonutrients primarily in red and purple fruits and veg, strengthens capillaries. -Capsaicin - from chili peppers -GINKGO BILOBA - for circulation -Ginger - for Blood Pressure -Limiting salt - also for blood pressure -Potassium - blood pressure - balances sodium intake -B3/Niacin/Inositol/Niacinimide - helps improve just about all the bad things in your lipid profile as well as circulation & BP. But high doses can reduce insulin sensitivity and harm the liver. -Chamomile tea - studies show it both improves blood sugar and complications of diabetes as well as being calming to help with stress and sleep. -Curcumin - in the spice Tumeric, so have some curry with plenty of veggies! Or yellow mustard. Nutrients specifically involved with insulin signaling and glucose/fructose metabolism -Chromium - essential for insulin activity -Biotin - works with chromium? -Cinnamon -Fiber - slows metabolism of carbs. If you must cheat, such as to have a slice of birthday cake, you can take a supplement like psylium or Glucomannan -Alpha lipoic acid - Insulin signaler, helps insulin transport glucose into cells -Vanadian - same as above -Magnesium - part of carb metabolism, helps body use carbs for energy, may stimulate release of insulin. Study finding magnesium supplementation reducing insulin resistance. -Vitamin D - It's actually a hormone, not a vitamin. Helps maintain insulin levels. Also helps Blood Pressure, immune system... -Zinc - involved in insulin storage and release -CoEnzyme Q10 - carb metabolism -B3/Niacin/Inositol/Niacinimide - also involved in the activity of in enzymes that transport and break down fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Has been shown to improve blood sugar, androgen levels, hirsutism and acne in women with PCOS . But high doses can reduce insulin sensitivity and harm the liver. -See also d-chiro-inositol from buckwheat and d-pinitol from Carob -Taurine -Thread also has a lot of info on fructose malabsorption. -Melatonin -Sulforaphane- sulfur compound in Brassica veggies like broccoli, cabbage, watercress.... -Resveraterol - especially beneficial for insulin signaling in the brain. (yes the brain makes it's own insulin.) Other nutrients that have been shown via studies to play a role in lowering blood sugar/things people with insulin resistance/diabetes tend to be deficient (although we all tend to be deficient)/Things that supplementation has tended to lead to improve insulin resistance for whatever reason: -Vitamin E -NAC - shown to increase insulin sensitivity and lower androgen levels in women with PCOS. - Inositol part of the B vitamin group, comes in many forms d-chiro-inositol -abundant in buckwheat and Myo-inositol also high in seeds have both been studied and found beneficial to insulin sensitivity/carb metabolism and sufferers of hormone disorders such as PCOS. They have have insulin-sensitizing capabilities. Myo-inositol is integral to properly functioning insulin-receptors and has also been linked to the activation of serotonin. Myo-inositol is a component of the phytic acid found in seeds. -Salt -polysaccharides in Tea- and there's more in black tea than in green, white or oolong And lots of things that help deal with damage from and/or degree of poor glucose metabolism like C, B vitamins, E, zinc, CoEnzyme Q10. All kinds of antioxidants. Other habits/issues: -Sleep/Circadian Rhythm- You need bright light exposure in the daytime and darkness at night and regular sleep. Affects melatonin/seratonin, insulin sensitivity, carb metabolism/insulin sensitivity, hormone production and release, stress, digestion. Researchers have begun to believe sleep plays just as big a role in the development of diabetes as obesity and exercise. -A healthy liver - part of sugar metabolism, especially regarding fructose. -Healthy Adrenal function - for proper cortisol levels, which is involved in glucose metabolism. Adrenals also involved in hormone production. -Low body fat - visceral fat(around your middle) secretes hormones that impair insulin sensitivity. -Muscle mass improves insulin sensitivity. -No smoking - Smoking reduces insulin sensitivity. Also, some people may suffer from Fructose Malabsorption or even be fructose intolerant and may need to take steps to improve fructose malabsorption or avoid fructose. See also Good Things for Liver, Sleep/Circadian Rhythm - adequate bright light exposure in daytime affects carb metabolism. Fructose is best absorbed when in equal amounts of glucose. See this Chart of fruits and the amounts of each type of sugar to help you avoid those fruits with excess fructose. And There's evidence that Saturated fat lowers insulin sensitivity and low fat diets have been found to improve diabetes. And this was posted by a member here, but I don't yet have any additional source: Also, see this list for reasons besides acne that you should try to keep blood sugar stable: 146 reasons why sugar is destroying your health. Except that it's not just actual sugar, but refined carbs easily turned into sugar by your body, and any high glycemic or insulinemic meal.
  7. Hello Everyone. Won't keep this too formal, but like many of you I tried Accutane, had a few minor side-effects while i was on it, like dry lips and skin, blood noses, dry eyes, soreness after sport, etc. Then when I discontinued Accutane, some of these effects left, but were replaced with other far more insidious side effects. In no particular order these included: -Erectile Dysfunction -Depression -Fatigue -Joint Pain and more injuries -Low Testosterone These are just the core ones. If you have these, it goes on to affect every other aspect of your life, like you become less social, and feel anxiety in social situations. It also means you no longer enjoy things you used to enjoy doing, like sports, especially seeing you’re feeling sore from it and can’t seem to gain strength anyway due to low T, or see the point in studying to do well in University because you don’t know what you want to do anymore, and struggle to picture a future where you are happy and fulfilled. You don’t want to get into a relationship and you don’t feel like you deserve one, especially because you don’t know whether you could physically perform in one, etc, etc. The fact that you don’t see an end in sight to these maladies is what makes the situation seem more hopeless, more despairing, and it is why many people commit suicide, especially in a society that insists in “all in your head” or ”you’re imagining it” “X, Y and Z had it as well and they are fine, so just get over it”. Because on the outside you look the same, people disregard it, and it is only because of the people that lost hope and ended it the only way they knew how that this issue has been acknowledged by the world, but it is still far from accepted. Anyway, luckily a lot of this bullshit for many of you should be over soon (approx 3-6 months) I have come to the conclusion that the long term side effects of Accutane is due to brain damage. The downside to this conclusion is that brain damage can’t be cured. The upside is that the difference between a poorly managed TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and a well managed TBI are like black and white, and if managed well you will be VERY close to 100%, but poorly managed and you will feel… maybe very similar to how you feel now. These are the symptoms of a TBI Fatigue or lethargy Irritability Depression Anxiety Difficulty falling asleep Feeling “slowed down” Feeling “in a fog” or “dazed” Difficulty concentrating Difficulty remembering becoming fatigued easily; disordered sleep; Headache; Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction; vertigo or dizziness; irritability or aggression on little or no provocation; anxiety, depression, or affective instability; changes in personality (eg, social or sexual inappropriateness); or apathy or lack of spontaneity. If these sound familiar, that not a bad thing. If you found out you are short sighted and needed to wear glasses, then it means now you can wear glasses, so you no longer need to suffer the symptoms of your blindness. Same thing here. You are currently dealing with the symptoms the best you can. However, now knowing what the actual issue is you can treat it the way science has shown it should be treated. The best measurable way to recover from a TBI is to improve neuroplasticity. This has been shown in many other animals as well as humans, and is now becoming a prominent way to treat many mental illnesses. The most conventional way is through “Mindfulness Meditation”, which is a form of meditation where you get comfortable and try to think of nothing for 10-30 minutes a day. This has been shown to promote Neurogenesis/Neuroplasticity1 and this has been shown to help people with suicidality, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and depression, as well as chronic pain, insomnia, and hypertension. The way I’m treating myself is through the nutrition approach. It has been shown that creatine, fish oil, (unheated) extra virgin olive oil, vitamin d, zinc, magnesium, glutamine, taurine all also promote neuroplasticity. The Ketogenic Diet also helps promote Neuroplasticity, and many people who go on that diet who struggle with libido problems and are on antidepressants recover over the months and years they are on that diet. I have been doing these things for the last 5 months, and ahve noticed a great improvement in both my mental and physical health. I'm in a bit of a rush but wanted to get all this out there, so be forgiving of any and all poor formatting. Also challenge this and use what I've found to build up your own theories, and if you agree feel free to find other things we could be doing to promote neuroplasticity and improve our recoveries! Best of luck everyone 1(when looking up your own research on the topic these terms are virtually interchangeable, the ways to measure it are changes in brain metabolism and hippocampul growth) Interesting studies + exerts "Beneficial changes in the brain energy profile have been observed in subjects who are on a ketogenic diet (28). This is a significant observation because cerebral hypometabolism is a characteristic feature of those who suffer from depression or mania" Exert from a study on meditation (Decreased stress and hypertension have been related to decreased autonomic arousal or reactivity,95–97 a possible means, along with positive emotions, reduced oxidative damage,98,99 and enhanced immune functioning,100 by which meditation may preserve cognition101 and reduce age-related allostatic stress and neuronal loss, thereby promoting brain longevity, plasticity, and learning) Nutritional treatment for acute and chronic traumatic brain injury patients. "omega 3 fats, vitamin D, N-Acetylcysteine, branched chain amino acids, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, taurine, coenzyme Q10, and many phytonutrients" Mindfulness Meditation can stimulate hippocampal brain cell growth. A smaller hippocampus is correlated with a poorer recovery from TBIs, in the case of war veterans suffering PTSD at least. Study supporting Creatine consumption as one of the top supplements for recovering from a TBI, and this one supports Taurine use as well. Sources (For my mindblowing hypothesis) Functional brain imaging alterations in acne patients treated with isotretinoin. Traumatic brain injury: a disease process, not an event. Ketogenic Diet research article (contains research on how keto diet resets brain metabolism after TBI and how it is neuroprotective) Will add more stuff to OP over time, and reformat it as well
  8. I took oratane back in OCT 7 2016 up until JULY 7 2017, so for 9 months at 40mg/day. Before that I tried everything OTC from drugstore to highend, and prescriptions ever since I was 13 such as clindatech, epiduo, duac gel and 4 rounds of antibiotic minomycin. I also went vegan for 2 years, to improve my skin, however that was useless. I’m 16 yrs old and female. BACKSTORY - (YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS) This was when i was 13/14/15 years old - Before going on oratane, I remember previously studying and having to face the excruciating pain of pimples and the oiliness that just exacerbated the issue. My motivation and self esteem was lowered significantly because I was only one of the few kids who had to suffer. I was one of the only ones who had to not only stress about assignments/homework or school academic in general, but my skin on top of it too. I also remember the big container of glycolic pads I had to take with me overseas when i went to europe (which in total took 24 hrs flight time). The main thing about this trip is I vividly remember how anxious i was explaining to security before boarding at every country i stopped at, that I used them to wipe my face down every 2 hours. No one understood and the security were confused, they probably never experienced anything with their skin and I would think to myself, Why me? I also remember when stopping in Dubai I needed to urgently wash my face privately and in peace because i get super oily within 2 hours, and if i washed my face properly i could be at ease for another 3 hours in flight. Anyways, I was eager to wash my face privately in a room, so I went to occupy the babies bathroom for a while, and all of a sudden i heard the door being banged not even knocked, I was so terrified so i didn’t even get to wash my face, I went out to the ladies bathroom and i asked my mum if it was her knocking but it was another lady, that wanted to change her babies nappies and instead had to do it on the bare floor because the babies bathroom was busy due to me in it because of my skin. I remember before I had exams in school instead of using the extra time to study, i would have to go wash my face in the bathroom, to give me refreshment and get rid of all my oils, especially before science practical exams because we wore goggles. And I remember when I would go to the bathroom at school and wash my face and the teacher would always check on me/question me to see where I was because I took quite a long while. My younger and older relatives would question and commentate about my skin. Friends would make me feel shittier when we discussed our skin concerns. It became apparent that everyone seemed to hate me because of my skin. I always tried to stay positive but no matter what my skin wasn’t improving. I thought very low of myself due to my skin, so i purposely isolated myself and became lonely. The thought of my terrible oily and acne prone skin was the first thing that always came to mind. The very very oily skin and acne made my life tougher and more stressful than it was supposed to be. It lowered my self-esteem and confidence dramatically and made my day-to-day life harder. On a daily basis my excessively oily skin and acne piled up with other mental/social health problems, was hard to deal with. I never went out nor socialised with anyone, i would stay at home 24/7, i lost all my friends, i stopped going to school, going to relatives and going out entirely. In general I had lost nearly 4 years of my youth due to being dominated by acne and oily skin. I remember feeling suicidal at times. And Yeah, those are just a few of many stories which don’t seem bad to some but in my opinion were some shit skin experiences that just exacerbated the already poor condition of my social/mental health. MY QUESTION - PLEASE HELP ME Anyhow, back on track, I have had a great accutane experience, it makes life so so so so much easier, stress-free. I am finally able to look myself in the mirror for once, i am also confident enough to look people right in the eye, submerge my cheeks fully under the shower head with ease and no pain, wake up in the morning and not be in a negative mood because of my very oily skin, and for the first time in many years lay my face on my pillow thus having spectacular nights sleep. And just to sum my accutane journey all up, I never have to feel shitty about myself no more, I am full of hope and confidence, pimples cleared and only left with cheek hyper pigmentation and redness. I am starting to improve the state of my health gradually to this day, one concern at a time. HOWEVER that feeling of hope/confidence/being comfortable was whilst I was on accutane having great skin days, no pain, no oil, etc is utterly gone, now that I have been off accutane for nearly two months. I feel like now I am back to where I just started, with the excessively oily skin issue. I am also very paranoid and anxious because it is only post 1-2 months of my first course of accutane and I already am getting very oily around my t-zone especially after taking a nap or waking up in the morning and throughout the day I produce a greasy sticky film on top of my skin which bugs me a lot because oily skin can lead to blackheads, clogged pores, more acne and in general congested skin, i am already seeing a few very tiny/minor spots (2-3). I want to go back to the accutane normal/dry skin fantasy that I was living, and not have to deal with vulnerable, high-maintenance, troublesome, and dominating oily skin. Accutane made my life much more easier, and I was only beginning to get somewhere in life and had begun to improve but now I am basically back where I had started with excessively oily skin. I have been vegan for 2 years and that did not help oily skin, my diet consists of an abundance of fresh fruits/nuts/veggies/fish, I consume a healthy diet so that is not the issue. I exercise regularly, but recently haven’t because I am depressed, alienated and overthinking what will happen to my skin and life now that I’m beginning to get oily. My skincare is very simple cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. I am thinking that the oiliness is genetic or hormonal. I have heard and researched of low-dosage long-term accutane, which could help reduce sebum production and congestion, but do you think my dermatologist will allow me to go on accutane again after 2 months? I just really hope she doesn’t give me any bullsh*t creams/gels that are a waste of time, because I want to enjoy the Australian summer and Christmas time of the year. I told my mum to book an appointment with my derm, which i will probably be seeing in approx 4 weeks time. Previously my school told my dermatologist that I am “depressed" but the thing is that it is not accutane that is making me feel this way, IF ANYTHING IT MAKES ME HOPEFUL BECAUSE I SEE AND FEEL GREAT RESULTS, and I need her to know that i have always had underlying depression ever since and that it has nothing to do with her nor the medication? Because I really want to go back on accutane to control my sebum production. When I visited at the beginning of July at the end of my accutane course checkup this was when my skin was in great condition and heard the “depressed” news her response was the cliche “just enjoy your life, you’re young”, i just nodded my head and smiled. It’s been 2 months post-accutane, do you think there is a good chance that she’ll put me on a 2nd course accutane on a lower dosage to control sebum production or is she going to give me another useless cream? I’m scared there is a chance she will disagree and won’t put me on it however I will mention it to her. I really want to go on it, accutane is a miraculous drug. Its nearly Christmas/spring/summer and i just want to have a good one for the first time in a long while, actually i just want to finally be at peace with myself and genuinely be happy. What has your accutane experience been like and is there another way to combat oil production besides accutane?
  9. I am a 35-year old woman who has suffered with acne since the age of 17. I was a late-bloomer, an athlete, and an emotional basket-case. I was super skinny. I did well in school. Today, I am successful in my career as a counselor and behavior analyst. Anyone on the outside looking in might think my life is great. The only thing missing in most ppl's minds would be a husband/child/family. What most people don't know is how miserable I am. I have fought to get rid of my acne and discover the source of my acne and the source of other issues (struggling to lose weight, deal with menstrual irregularities, etc.) for going on 2 decades. September 2 years ago, my periods stopped for 4 months. I was on birth control and terrified that I was pregnant. Doc ran a few tests, everything was normal, said oh it's no big deal. Finally had a period. No more worrying. September of this past year, I decided I was sick of birth control. I couldn't lose weight. It wasn't controlling my acne. I stopped taking it. Then I went 6 months without a cycle. Then my acne got worse. Then I started growing hair where hair isn't supposed to grow. I was mortified. Doc ran tests, (I've taken more pregnancy tests than most women who are TRYING to conceive), thyroid, LH/FSH, among some others. LH/FSH ratio is 2:1 but doc says it is still in normal range. I finally say send me to a gyno. I'm convinced at that time that I have PCOS. She says I don't. Fast-forward to a gyno who takes me seriously and agrees I probably do have it. He runs an anti-muellerian (sp?) hormone test. It was in the normal range but above 4.5, which he says in his decades of practice (he's old y'all) has been indicative of PCOS. He says birth control will help symptoms but sends me to an endocrinologist for further testing to rule out other endo-disorders. I got the nexplanon implant before seeing the endo because my symptoms were out of control, and I started dating someone seriously & needed birth control. The endo was an a$$hat. He pretty much told me I was overweight, and there was nothing else wrong with me. He said that the AMH test my gyno did was normal, & that I did not have PCOS. He said he would test for that. He put me on metformin. He said lose weight. He was not helpful. I am not extremely overweight. I'm 5'7" and roughly 175 pounds. I've always been somewhat athletic and have a lean body. I've had breast augmentation because literally had no boobs before or after puberty. (36-double A...smaller than an A cup). I generally wear a size 8-10-12 depending on the clothing. Anyway, test results come back, and i have high DHEA-S. The letter from the endo says "based on this information and your menstrual irregularities, we can say you have PCOS." I wanted to punch the man in the face. Anyway, the metformin started making me sick. I had to stop taking it and got in to see the PA. I was 5 min late to that appointment (thank you acne that my makeup wouldnt hide), and they rescheduled me. I lost my cool and bawled my eyes out. My primary doc agreed to see me for the endocrine stuff now that I had a diagnosis. We talked about my options, trying metformin again, getting different birth control since my acne has gotten worse with nexplanon (it actually can raise androgens), trying supplements, ways to manage my diet, exercising, and getting a referral to the dermatologist. This has been going on now since January when the gyno said I have PCOS. It is about to be August, and I have my derm appt. Monday. I haven't stopped researching everything I can find about hyperandrogenism and PCOS and acne and hirsutism. Last night, I did for the first time about the anti-androgen medication (flutamide). Now I have been on accutane twice, spironolactone, every antibiotic under the sun, and spent thousands of dollars on topicals. Along the way, I've discovered I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide & macrolide antibiotics (z-paks and their relatives). I have had good months and bad months and in-between months, and I'm so sick and tired of this. I'm tired of it taking me almost 2 hours to go anywhere because of my face and hair. I'm tired of the effort. I'm tired of feeling lonely, depressed, and like I'm just not good enough. I've got acne on my face, scalp, neck, chest and bad acne scars all over, including my legs, bikini line and butt. Here is the thing that that upsets me most, why did it take so long (and take me advocating for myself) to get this diagnosis, why aren't my doctors talking to me about trying something a little more potent (like flutamide or its relatives in the antiandrogen world)? When will doctors realize that medical risks are sometimes necessary to ensure a person's emotional well-being? I am exhausted. I've cried my eyes out today. I've also punched a wall. I'm currently resisting throwing my phone because of the typing lag it is experiencing. I needed to vent and see if there is anyone else out there who feels as desperate as I do right now. Sorry for the long post.
  10. Differin journey

    Hi everyone This is my first blog for exprrssing my suffer from long term acne. I have been suffering from acne since high school. Now I am 23 years old, still have severe acne all over my face. I have all kind of acnes: white head, blacl head... I fisrt started out to see dermatologist. It heal fast but costly.I had a perfect skin when I was using their skin's products and treatment but when I stopped, everything just came back. Things get really bad when I was 22 and 23. I would describe these situation as a mild depression: I cried as I felt that there is no way out to get my skin clear. I had to stayed home and do nothing because I was to afraid to get out and enjoyed life. I became an anti social person and I am still. Everytime I wash my face, I can feel the bumpiness of my skin. It hurt really bad. I feel depressed that I cried over and over agin because of my facial skin. I have no confidence in my life when facing someone. There is no help that really understands me. Therefore, I am here to share my life and hope that there is someone out here to cheer me up. Anyway, I am also here to share abput differin journey week by week. As I have been using differin for 7 weeks going up to 8 in a few days, I will give a brief feeling after using it for week 1 to week 7. Week1: things already get bad before starting. I have around 30 red spots on my face and around 10 - 20 severe acne that come with either white head or infammatory acne that hurt me really bad. Differin did nothing much but this is just the beginning so I wasn't expecting anything from the first few weeks. Week2: acne was still coming up with new and old acne. Differin starts to smooth some areas which has no acne. Week3: I can see small pimple under my skin when I looked at my face under the light. I knew that it was going to be really bad in tge next week. Week4: I guessed that this was when initial breakout looked like. Everything popped up. It hurt and this was when i started to cried. Sobbing in my bed. Wish there could be a better tomorrow. Week5: most of the IB were gone but there were still some big acne on both of my left and right cheek. Hurt and come with scarring. I should mentioned here that these acne appeared for a month and never disappeared. Week6: thing was going well. Differin did it job but still old acne existed and red spots were eveywhere. Week7: things got worst as new acne existed and left red spots on ma face which probably almost all areas on my both left and right cheeks and my forehead had 2 big inflammable acne. I am going up to week 8 and hope things should get better. I wish I could get rid of red spots but it looks like impossible since new acne still coming up. I hate myself right now and feel sorry for myself. I did everything that could help me from the inside but there is no progress: zinc, bedtime, drinking water, did nothing at all. If there anyone out here suffering the same issue like I am, please feel free to discuss and cheer each other up. I am happy to talk and exchange experince. Will update week8 soon... Thank you for reading my long suffering blog.
  11. Genetic Acne - My story

    Hello there This is my first time speaking out (or should you say writing out?) about my acne on any social forums or websites. Perhaps this is the first time I will be speaking out honestly about my situation and truly open up regarding what has been haunting me since as long as I can remember, in hopes that it might shed clearness to anyone who doesn't know what acne does to a person or to find solitude and strength in others of similar situation. Acne. That thing I have genetically programmed in my DNA since the moment of my conception. Something that is more a part of me than my fashion style, my sense of humor or my poor taste in wine. Perhaps I should be used to it by now, or have learned to accept it and grow strong. Unfortunately that is not the case. If anything, I hate it more than ever and dream of a time where my skin might be torn and broken at the age of 45 but at least I won't need to see those horrible red bumps and fat pimples on my face no more. My acne started somewhere at the age of 13. We all knew what was coming, except for me perhaps since I was a blissful young child with no worries about my looks or my face. It started gradually, I hardly even noticed it the first year but my mother had a keen eye and hoped that somehow we might prevent it if we started treating it early. You know, as with most diseases? I went to the doctors soon after and was given Basiron 5%. I have to say honestly I have very little recollection of the quality of my skin at that time or how badly my breakouts were. I was blissfully unaware of them, but what I do remember is my mother rubbing in Basiorn every night on my back and my face for a year or perhaps two. After that we continued to visit the doctor, this time I was given Basiron 10% which I used every night for maybe another 2-3 years. It was at this time I started taking a notice to my skin. I covered it up with makeup (as badly as any 14 year old could) and mostly pretended I didn't have any. What has come to my attention in later years is how my mother never tried to stop me from using makeup, even at such a young age. This since I have a half-sister turning the same age soon and my mother is strict with her not wearing any makeup at all, although she does not have the genetic acne of my father so I guess she really doesn't need it. Anyhow, acne didn't bother me that much as a youngling. A lot of young teenagers have acne and at that time I had only mild to moderate acne (although persistent!) at worst. It was when I started Senior/Upper high school (Gymnasium) that my acne became worse and especially my scaring. I have a lot of melanin, being half Persian with dark hair and dark eyes, making my skin tan very easily but also get scarring and deep brown marks without any effort. At this point I was started to get really troubled by it since you wanted to look good in school, get a boyfriend and do all that sort of teenage stuff. Something that I realized was waaaaay much harder for someone with moderate/severe acne. I went to my doctor again, and got Tetralysal for a month which cleared my skin like nothing else and then I was to continue with Dalacin. The latter did not help at all. My acne continued as persistent as ever making me feel extremely insecure about myself and my looks. I would never leave the house without full coverage of my skin and I became depressed. At age of 17-18 I was barely in school and my grades took a heavy hit, as well as my entire social life and my self-esteem. I was at such a low point of my life; the best days were when I was emotionless just playing videogames or watching series. The worst days I would be lying in bed, reading depressing books and crying into my pillow hoping no one would take a notice. I was at a low but thinking towards the end of my graduation that soon this would be over. My doctor had many times pointed out that it did not have to be genetic acne, it could be hormonal and could disappear after my 18s. Oboy I wish that had been the case. After my graduation I met a guy who was all the things I wanted in a man. He was funny, intellectual, kind and a gamer. Best part was that he barely took notice of my skin even though I still felt horrible about it. As we got together I started using birth control pills. I had heard it could help with acne and it was pretty good all around. It honestly improved my acne a bit; those tiny white heads mostly disappeared. But those inflamed/sore big pimples that you mostly can't pop still persisted, especially around my cheek areas and chin. 2-3 months before I turned 19 my dad asked if I wanted to go and see a doctor for my skin. My parents had long gone stopped asking about my skin and mostly pretended like it didn’t exist. This is something that I found, still find, annoying. Yes I know I’ve had this for a long time. Yes I know it probably won’t go away for another 15 years. Yes I know I only have one life and I should live it to the fullest. But it does not help that my parents kind of ignore it and don’t at least ask me about it or how I feel. Still tho, I was feeling so miserable and had almost given up hopes of curing my acne. I wasn’t 18 anymore dear doctor of mine. Yet my skin showed no sign of improving. So after the kind attention of my dad I went with him to a new doctor. I will always remember what she said. I used to ask my previous doctor to prescribe me Isotreotin (aka Accutane), as I had noticed Tetralysal (also antibiotics) had worked wonders on my skin and I was ready to really clear my skin. I was already at such a low point, what else could I be waiting for? As I met my new doctor, the first thing she pointed out after examining my face was that the only thing that would help was Isotreotin. Oboy oboy oboy. I was so excited. Delighted! Finally someone who listened to me! Maybe it was because I went with my dad, whose obvious torn and scarred skin even at his 50s is a strong reminder of his dealings with acne and proved that I indeed have genetic acne from my father side. So I tested my body to see if I was fit for Isotreotin. Meanwhile I was given Differin and Skinoren, two other medications that haven’t had any effect on my skin. I used them for 2-3 months before I was allowed to go on Isotreotin. I don’t even know what to say. I guess my skin need antibiotics? I guess it needs really heavy medication to work? I had no side effects whatsoever. My skin glowed when I used Isotreotin. Immediately my acne stopped, and started the healing process of my skin. I have never been happier in my life. My skin was a bit dryer than usual but oh hell yes I will trade that any day. My marks started to heal and disappear and most of my scars. I had a wonderful time until the bad news came. It was a week before Christmas and I was visiting my boyfriend and his family on the other side of the country. I got a call from my doctor saying to stop taking my medication at once; some of my blood results have been looking bad. This was 1 & ½ months after I had started eating the pills. After the holidays she explained that my liver couldn’t take the medication. My results varied extremely to the point where it could go 3x over the maximum limit or go twice below the normal. She told me that we were going to stop this at once and advised me to never use this medication again. I cried on my way home on the subway. I knew what was going to happen. As she kindly pointed out, my acne was gonna return. I was given Differin once again although I stopped using it after a month since it did nothing for the small pimples on my forehead and otherwise my skin was completely clear. It was normal. I loved it. I almost forgot about not taking any medication again and went on for a year without any trouble whatsoever. I think I made the mistake to convince myself that it wouldn’t return. Everything was going so well. And that’s when it hit me. Exactly a year later I started breaking out more and more. I used Basiron 5% again but after a couple of months I noticed clear signs that it was still getting worse and I had no way to stop it. I decided to try skin peeling with AHA acid. I went to one of the best clinics in town, they decided on which I should try out (a moderate skin peel since I hadn’t used it before) and I paid an extreme amount of money to do this twice. I never did it again, cus it didn’t show any signs of improving. Instead my skin was breaking out more specially around my forehead. So I went back to Basiron 5% and here I am; sitting inside during summer, being depressed again and single since almost a year back. I had a breakdown a month ago when I went to Paris with my mom and stepdad (I know what a dream holiday?). I couldn’t enjoy it one bit. My skin was worse than it had been for over 5 years. I had gigantic deep growing inflamed pimples all over my cheeks and chin. My face was red and I couldn’t bear to look people in the eye. I didn’t even bother putting on makeup and as we were walking outside, enjoying the river I just broke down crying in the middle of the street. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I don’t even remember why, my mother had asked my something about my dating life and why I was looking so depressed. She probably thought I was going to commit suicide right then and there. After that my mother has been very attentive to me and asks me weekly how I feel. It feels nice to have someone to talk to but I have to confess she does not know what it is like. She never had pimples or acne. She was a beautiful young woman with guys swarming around her feet. I look like I have been stung by 5 bees. I know. Why do I feel so bad? I have everything in the world. I live in a great, civilized country free of war and racism and whatnot. I was born to a well-educated middle class/upper middleclass family with various culture and ethnic backgrounds. I have never in my life been treated wrongly. I wasn’t bullied for my acne, no. I had a lot of friend growing up and I still have a great deal of good friends. I have never been treated differently. I have an amazing caring bear mother, 2 great fathers (my biological and my stepdad), an older brother and a younger sister. I have never had cystic acne. I have no allergies or diseases. There is nothing wrong in my life except my acne. So why should I be bothered by it? The answer is I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about it. It hurts to wake up and instead of treasuring a wonderful life I constantly think about what my skin looks like, if it’s a bad or a good day. If I’m going to be strong enough to walk out of the house today, or if I need to skip class in University because I can’t make myself look in the mirror. I have to pay extra attention on how I dress myself since I can’t show any part of my back. That would probably disgust people. This is especially hard during the summer when all you want to do Is walk around In nice tops and bikinis. I have been watching all kinds of videos, listened to all kinds of people and I WISH I was strong enough to just not care. To just think that it is a minor flaw on my face and ignore it. Oh god I wish for the day when I can’t be bothered anymore. But today is not that day. In a sense I have given up hope to find anything to cure me of my acne. I still have my usual skincare routine and I use Basiron 5%. But I can’t be bothered to go to the doctors. Why? So they can give me something I know won’t work. Cus the only thing that works, I can’t eat? Isn’t that ironic. There is one thing that can cure severe acne. But I can’t have it. I was blessed with acne and a weak liver. If you are still reading this, I must confess I am surprised you stuck out with me for so long. This text turned much longer than I thought. But I need to beg you of one last thing. Don’t try and give me advice on how to treat my skin. I know people do it out of kindness. They honestly want to help. But for someone who has tried EVERYTHING, for someone who knows their skin inside out, it is not helpful in anyway. Yes I tried eating no dairy products. Yes I tried different medication. Yes I tried no medications at all. Yes I use moisturizer and a special soap from the drugstore that my doctor told me of. Yes I don’t eat sweets/chips/chocolate/ice-cream/nuts. Yes I eat healthy and I use sunscreen EVERYDAY. Yes I clean my makeup brush. Yes I always wash my hands before touching/applying anything to my face. Yes I am very strict with my skincare routine. I think a lot of people with acne can sympathize with this. We are not unclean people who never wash our faces. In fact we are probably the cleanest people you will ever meet. So this is me dear I have lived with acne for almost 10 years, both on my face and my back. I am still young, although my brother who had worse acne than me still gets a good amount of breakouts especially on his back. And he is 32 soon. I should be used to acne, I have lived with it most of my life, but I tell you it never gets any easier. Not for me at least. Maybe it’s because I saw how it could be without acne. Having an entire year with no troubles. Oboy.. I know it’s not gonna disappear in the near 3-4 years. I know I’m gonna continue to feel awful and try and fight through this depression. Maybe I should open up to my friends a bit more. I have to confess it feels better to have explained it all, it does ease the pain if just for a bit. Maybe some of you feel the same way? Well this is me, signing out for now. Regards, Just another victim of genetic acne
  12. Life after acne

    Hey guys, I really want to crete a conversation about life after acne (once you cure/temporary fix your acne). This is a topic that is not discussed a lot and i think its important. I have been acne free for 1 year and i no longer have any pigmentation either. I no longer find the need to wear makeup, and i never worry about my skin anymore. I remember when i had acne i was self-conscious and i would tell myself "when i have clear skin i will have no worries." The truth is yes you may not be conscious about your skin, but other insecurities appear.I realised that i no longer obsess with my skin, instead i would be conscious about my weight or how thin my hair is. Its important to mention that i am on birth control (what fixed my acne) and i have gained 15 pounds, have a headache everyday and my hair is thin. However, the fear of going off birth control and have my acne back is still strong. I guess what i want to get out, is that i find that once you fix one problem, another becomes obvious. thats what makes us human. I have learnt to love myself and i think thats the real cure. I have been off birth control for a week and my hair is great again, my headaches are gone and i have lost alot of water weight. My acne may come back, but at this point i've decided to deal with it. I would love to hear everyone else's experience of 'life after acne' or even if you have temporarily fixed your skin issues.
  13. Life had handed you a grave disservice when you're 75 years old and you still have acne. At age 10 I was told acne wouldn't last forever and I believed that. Most of my body was engulfed in severe cystic acne. I waited for my acne to clear and the years gone by. Middle school. High school. Work. Retirement. It's the mildest it's ever been now but it's still there and pretty bad. I struggled with depression and anxiety because of my acne. I tried to be as invisible as possible. There was a point I said to myself. Diana. You wasted your life. You never had a relationship. You never kissed a male who wasn't a blood relative. You didn't go for the job you want. You're old and in a wheelchair and maybe die in a single digit amount of years. Live. Just live. I then did. I signed up for a dating profile and met a man who I would marry 14 months later. A man with 3 daughters with severe acne. A man who had acne in his teens. A man of 45 years of age. I got a family once I stop letting acne hold me back. It's true acne is associated with puberty but it is common for acne to continue into adulthood. For someone it never goes away. Are you really going to wait until it clears to live ? Maybe it will clear when you're 15. Maybe when you're 25. Maybe 37. Maybe 43. Maybe 52. Do you want to waste your life ? Take it from an old owl. Live your live.
  14. For example when I was in high school I wanted to kill everyone who bullied me for it. I also use to punch and break things because of how it wrecked my life. Now a few years later I still have violent thoughts in general because of it and constant anger.
  15. I'm on Spiro but....(Advice?)

    (Ugh, second time writing this out as I refreshed the page by accident. Sorry this is LONG!) Female, 26 Medications I take YAZ - for about 3 years now Vit D3 Spironolactone (100 mg 50am/50pm) I'm on day 5, with little change. A quick summary of what has happened: The beginning of this year I started breaking out badly in cystic spots along the jawline. previously I had been perfectly clear on YAZ and topicals. (Trentinoin .025%). I just attributed the breakout to stress and went on about my life. Fast-forward a bit - my skin texture started to change drastically. I started to have increased oil production and random scarring, especially on the apples of my cheeks. My mood went from good to the depths of depression, literally. A little extra info, I am in the military, currently stationed overseas. 1) Military doctors are insufferable and it is almost impossible to convince them there is something wrong with you. 2) Being overseas, I can't really pursue my own treatment. The first thing to happen when I went to my doctor, was, basically, them calling me crazy because my skin did not "look that bad." Sparing you the long story, I was sent to a therapist, diagnosed with depression (DUH my face was deteriorating and you didn't believe me!) They tried to get me to take Zolof, but that lasted two days because it was unbearable. I FINALLY got to see a derm and he agreed to Accutane, but at the same time suggested Spiro (Which I was aware of.) I told him no, initially and began the 30 day wait for Accutane. The closer I got though, the more I contemplated Spiro. I have a plethora of weird things going on with my body and I was actually pretty terrified that Accutane might make them worse. I am going to list them here, because maybe while I wait to see an endo (whenever that is), some of you can help me be less anxious. Acne. (Not just on my jaw anymore, but small pustules pop up everywhere, they do not discriminate.) Scarring, even where there was nothing, no acne, no inflammation. (Icepicks, boxcar and PIH) EXTREMELY reactive skin that turns red over nothing and doesn't really handle any acne products well. Large pores and excessively oily skin whereas before it was normal all around with pretty smooth skin aside from the acne itself. Excess vellus hair on my entire face and on my neck, not terminal aside from the ones I've had on my chin for a while now. ( I am not anorexic nor do I have an eating disorder.) It seems to have grown in density and length. Dry, brittle hair that breaks easily and is graying faster than usual. Spider veins appearing on my thighs, hips, butt, chest and shoulders. Before I only had them I my left calf. New stretch marks on my inner thigh and lover back above my butt. They are not purple. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, basically I am an emotional mess constantly. So , based on all of that there are a few things I'm trying to rule out, but it is hard with my circumstance. PCOS I have had blood work for this, but my doctor always says it is normal. I show a few signs and have for a while. Thyroid I have also had my thyroid tested, but again, the doctor has no worries over the results. Cushings As I write this I am actually in the process of a 24hr Cortisol test, and will find out how that goes soon. I have recently learned of Estrogen Dominance, but I'm really a little overwhelmed honestly. ANY and ALL advice or support is welcomed. Thank you so much for reading this.
  16. Accutane

    Hi I'm new here, I am a 17 year old boy and have been dealing with acne since the 8th grade . Acne has made my life so difficult to starting high school and meeting new people. I first have had acne all over my face and as time went on, it moved to my back. Big, painful, embarrassing and ugly looking cysts on my shoulders and lower back. After every other medication has failed, accutane was suggested for me. I am on ( most likely ) my last month of the treatment, which was 9 months and my face has a couple pimples left and my back is pretty clear, but I have marks and scars all over and I have two or three really painful ones on my lower back. I am really stressed out and upset because this was supposed to be my last month. I have been on 80 mg for about 4 months I think, the rest was 60 mg then 40mg when I began. I've become depressed on this medication and have had every single side affect out there (or so it feels like) does I really just want to know your experiences with post treatment. I have a lot scars which affect me just as much as the acne and I don't think I will stop breaking out after I finish accutane. Thank you for listening and I hope that there is still hope for me and that last month break outs are normal? Or something like that also: if anyone has done laser treatment with scars please let me know, I was considering getting that, my mother has said she would do it, but I don't think she knows how expensive it is- or so I've heard. Please let me know the post-accutane process. Thanks
  17. (For the explanation of the topic itself, skip to the button.) Honestly if no one reads this, it's ok. Too long, didn't read for you? It's ok. I don't blame you. I know, it's really long. I just need to get these emotions out. I wanted to do this many times before, but I didn't, and now here I type. History of me and my acne (if uninterested, feel free to skip) I need to pour all of these emotions out somewhere. I'm tired of locking myself up in my room and screaming silently and crying and hating myself. And I wanna see if anyone else feels the same or is going through the same thing. I never thought that I'd be posting here. A couple months ago, I never even knew that websites like these existed. Why? Let me begin. I used to have a flawless, clear, acne-free face (except for blackheads, but they were barely noticable). I had acne during the 5th grade, but I was young and didn't care that much, and once in 6th grade I don't recall ever having acne (except for once in a while, and the acne would always disappear in a matter of days, and the worst scarring I got went away completely in a month). All the way until 11th grade, I had a clear skin and people would wonder what I was using on my face. Girls were jealous. I used Clean n Clear all those years, and it worked wonders. But then I made the mistake of trying a different acne wash for my face, to try to get rid of my blackheads. Then acne appeared, and I made the mistake of popping one, and it scarred for months. I continued using that different acne wash because it promised to get rid of acne scars, but it just gave me more acne, and the acne scar was still there. So I went to the dermatologist. I was an idiot and freaked out when the medication made me break out, even though the dermatologist already told me that it'd get worse before getting better. I stopped the medication after three weeks and went back to Clean n Clear for a week. Didn't work. Then I switched to another dermatologist, the one that cured my brother of his acne in a matter of one month. And here I am, with the medication causing tiny red bumps ALL OVER MY CHEEKS, even on the places where it'd been clear. I also have rather big brown-ish acne scars, and some more acne appearing. My right cheek is a lot worse than my left. Left cheek used to be almost clear (only a couple acne) before dermatologist came in. Now my left cheek is all covered. My chin is beginning to get affected, already two places scarred (though they're small but noticable). It's been five months now of acne destroying my life. On the fifth month, my skin is at its most terrible condition. How acne affected my life I'm not over-stating it when I say that it completely changed my life and flipped everything upside down. Before, when I used to have clear skin, I used to whine about the smallest of things, get ticked off easily, let the smallest of problems get to me, but now...when I'm dealing with THIS problem of acne, I feel like those problems are NOTHING. I swear to God, if my acne and scars are gone and my face is clear like before, I will never complain about a single thing ever again. I'd live life to the fullest. All I want is this clear skin. If a genie were to pop out of a lamp and ask me what I wanted for myself, I'd say, without any hesitation and no need to think, "CLEAR SKIN." Selfish? Probably. But when my face used to be clear, I loved to help people. So much. When someone needed my help, I'd jump in and help them. But now, I'm afraid. I'm embarassed. With this face, I'm afraid of approaching people. I'm trying my best to screw the acne and help people anyway, but I feel that I'd be more helpful if I just got rid of this stupid acne. I hate myself because of this. If I added up the days that I pretended to be sick from school because I was embarassed of my acne, the days would sum up to at least two weeks. I skipped two meetings with friends that I was sure would of been the time of my life--if only my acne was gone. I can't watch tv shows or movies the same way again. I keep comparing my skin to the actor's flawless ones. And to think that I used to feel uncomfortable whenever seeing an actor with one tiny pimple on their face! Now I just feel thankful and tell myself that they're also human. I can't listen to a love song or story and watch romance stories the same way again, because I feel that I can never experience the same thing if I have this terrible acne. I look at strangers on the streets and compare their skin to mine, feeling good whenever I see skin that's worse than mine. Hating those with clear skin, even though I know that it was not right for me to feel that way. I feel terrible when I do this but I can't help it. I hate myself for it. I look at classmates more intently now, stare at their skin when they're not looking.... I USED TO NEVER NOTICE PEOPLE'S ACNE THIS MUCH, OR EVER GAVE MUCH THOUGHT TO THEM WHEN MY SKIN WAS CLEAR. So it's true. People who never or barely had acne DO NOT NOTICE OTHER PEOPLE'S ACNE AT ALL, OR BARELY NOTICE. AND IF THEY NOTICE, THEY SHRUG IT OFF AND DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. THEY DON'T MIND IT. I feel that my dreams are beginning to become pointless. I want to be a film director. I want to be a voice actress. I want to be a novelist. I want to be a comic artist. I actually thought of being an actress one day but no way---not anymore. Not with this face. I want to work for my favorite film directors. But I feel that I can't. I can't even go anywhere without hating myself. Without hating my face. Without feeling like I'm nothing and feeling ugly compared to other people. And I feel sorry for the people who has to look at my disgusting face. How can I fulfill my dreams with no confidence? I don't want cameras to capture my acne. I used to like getting my picture taken (I wasn't the type of person to take thousands of pictures of themselves tho). Now, for five months, I avoid all cameras unless the picture is taken from a distance or with a low quality camera, where my acne won't be noticed. Am I depressed? Yes. Am I suicidal because of my acne? Perhaps. Maybe. I have been suicidal before when my skin was clear, because I had no friends and felt that nobody understood me, but I got over it. I was happy. Now I feel that I will never EVER feel suicidal again if my acne is gone. Now I feel that if I were to drop dead, to have a building crash onto me and only me, I'd be ok with it. School days feel so long now. I always can't wait to go home and hide and not have people look at me. Just as I'm typing this, I'm listening loudly to music with the topic "hating myself". It makes me feel better. I know, I'm so messed up right now. Now the question I want to believe that I can live with my acne, but another part tells me the opposite and sends me to tears. HOW DO I BATTLE THIS? During the 5 months when acne hit me bad, I had good days. I had days when I just forgot about my acne, said to myself "Screw acne, I wanna live my life" and then live my life. Go to school, laugh with friends, do my homework and tests, and have fun, and just enjoy life. When I can't forget about my acne, I keep telling myself "it's ok. It's not actually that bad. I keep blowing it up to proportions. People don't actually mind that much, and maybe they don't even notice it" and I can enjoy life and the blissfullness of it, although that feeling of depression will nag at me once in a while. Besides from these moments, other things have kept me happy. Music. Art. Movies and TV shows (though it hurts when I see those clear faces). Reading, writing. And comedy videos. But the moments when I can reassure myself that my acne is no prob is what really keeps me strong. Now. These momenst are ruined when three things happen. The third is the question of this topic. One: When someone mentions to me how terrible my acne is. OUCH. It just HURTS. A slap to the face. Geez. My ex-boyfriend went up to me one day and said "Whoa, you have acne now! You look ugly now!" WHAT THE---SERIOUSLY? A friend told me "Oh look, that burger has bumps on it. Pimples. Just like you." OUCH--- A baby sitter at the school, a dear friend of mine, said, "Ooooh look you've got acne now! What happened?" with a teasing smile on her face. I THOUGHT GROWN UPS WOULD BE MORE SENSITIVE TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLE'S FEELINGS. A senior at school, "Pimples on your face. You didn't wash your face, huh?" I WASH MY FACE EVERY DAY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. An old friend who I didn't meet in some time. "Why do you have so many pimples now?!" Right on front of so many people. DO THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS. And then I'm reminded, oh. So my pimples ARE noticable. And it bothers people. Ugh. I'm trash. I'm crap. Now what? Note: I don't know the difference with pimples and acne D: Two: When I'm in a bright room, where no darkness can hide my acne. It also hurts when I see myself in the mirror while the lighting of the room is good. My acne looks noticable but doesn't look bad in a dark room. Some of the acne looks like it's not even there. But in the light...IT IS TERRIBLE. IT IS DISGUSTING. I HATE IT. Just yesterday, I went to a restaurant where it was very bright and had MIRRORS ON EVERY WALL. I saw myself in the reflection and wanted to hide. My mom was looking at my acne-infested cheeks as she talked to me, and not looking at my eyes. I wanted to cry. But well. It's not like I spend all of my time in the sun. I should be ok at some dark places. I wanna be happy. I wanna enjoy life. THREE: When it's myself that tells me that I CAN'T live my life with acne. I want to hang out with my friends and family. I want to follow my dreams. I want to love living. I don't want to be depressed. I don't want to be suicidal. I know two girls at my school who has about the worst case of acne in the school (for the girls, that is), yet they are one of the most popular too. And they look happy, no matter the condition of their skin. (Although one of them would show signs of sadness of her acne, but it's for only a brief moment.) I want to be like them. Then thoughts would appear in my mind. "You're ugly with those acne." "Don't you feel sorry for people who had to look at your disgusting face? They'll have the image in their heads, scarred for life." "People are embarassed to be seen with you." "Everyone's skin is clear. Yours is not. You're ugly." I WANT TO ENJOY LIFE. But how can I when I'm hurting myself mentally? (and physically, sometimes). This medication from the dermatologist, I'm praying will work. It's gotten worse, but I have hopes that it'll be better. I'm giving it four months. If nothing gets better, then I dunno what I'd do. But in the meantime, while I wait for the medication to help, how do I tell myself that it's not that bad? How do I live with myself? How do I defeat that part of me that tells myself that I'm ugly and disgusting? I know that even if my acne is gone, there'll still be scars. But I'm ok with the scars as long as I don't have the terrible face that I have now. Sigh. Well, I feel better now that I typed up this long shizz of my heart's contents. and now.... How I would actually be thankful to have acne I...I would actually be thankful to have acne. Because I learned so many things from it. I would complain less about things. I'd smile all the time, because I went through a lot. Things won't bother me like they did before. My health will be better, cuz I drink more and eat more fruits and vegetables. I exercise more now. I'm more thankful of things now. I won't ever be suicidal and won't be depressed as often as before. I'd actually be thankful to have acne. But only if I've already gotten rid of the acne and restored my clear face, that is. :') I know, people have it worse than me. At least I'm not blind. At least I have both arms and legs. But still...Come on. I'm sorry. I really know how terrible I sound but I just can't help it. I can't help feel the way I feel I hate myself for it. So much. Sigh. Acne, go away please. And now...for you all I pray that everyone with skin not to their liking can find happiness, and have clear skin one day, or whatever they wish for that's positive
  18. Worsening Acne

    Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolantra, Minocycline, SOPHYTOPRO, Neutrogena bar soap, basic bar soap, & Aczone. (I also use the Xulane patch) I take fish oil, evening primrose oil, calcium, vit c, and zinc. Please look at the enclosed pictures and leave any advice you have whether it be diet, medication or tips and tricks!!
  19. UGHHH where do I start. So I'm 20 years old and I've had acne since I was 12 years old. Ive never had severe acne but I've always gotten these huge cyst/nodules on my chin, I use to get them on my nose as well but now just my chin. I've never seen anyone else who gets these types of pimples, mine are massive. They've taken a tole on me mentally. I've tried birth control, which cleared my cheek and forehead acne but not my chin acne. I don't want to do anything that isn't a holistic approach. I'm depressed and desperate for help! Any advice is appreciate like supplements or vitamins I should take. I've taken vitex and it worked for 8 weeks clearing ALL my acne but then it returned:/ currently I've been breaking out all over my face, it's worse than it was in high school or middle school! PLEASE HELP!! I drink a lot of water eat healthy and have an organic skincare routine
  20. Feeling Down

    Hi.....ive been really stressed lately and im at that time of the month also. I've been on Yasmin for almost a year now and I thought it was making a difference but the lady couple months its ad if it's stopped? My skin is in the worst state it's been in a long time even resorting to me having to try and extract pimples which I absolutely hate. I feel like im cover in small pimples as well as 2 or 3 bigger white heads that take ages to heal. I don't know what to do any more...all the doctors can offer me that I havnt tried is oral antibiotics. I feel like im at a brick wall. Has anyone else experienced Yasmin stopping working bout 9/10 months in ? I don't understand........thanks xxxx
  21. So I have been dealing with acne for a few years now it was ver mild at first just on my forehead and chin it came and went I was never all the bothered about it , until January this year it started getting worse I developeped acne all along my cheeks and my chin and forehead flared up , I soon realised it was to do with my hormones I went see my doctor but the cream and antibiotics they subscribed didn't help i a man now trying to fix it naturally with a herbalist. For the past couple months it has consumed me I don't wants too go out or see people I'm not motivated at school nothing makes me happy any more I used to love spending time with my friends now I go no myself making up excuses to go back out with them. I don't know what to do any more I don't see the point in anything because i nothing will make me happy. Sorry for the rant I just need to know if anyone else can relate or can any advice thanks
  22. I broke my hand playing Lacrosse and further injured it playing Tennis. Somewhere along the line I developed carpal tunnel (constantly computing and texting probably doesn't help?!). Anyway, I had a bunch of [painful and torturous] test performs. I was ultimately prescribed Gabapentin. I do not take a lot of medication. I just take my Gabapentin, my recently prescribed Solodyn, multivitamins, and omega 3 pill. Anyway, I was filling up my pillbox a few minutes ago and I had an epiphany. As I was putting my Gabapentin in the box I thought "Does this cause acne?". I looked at the pharmacist provided documentation and I didn't see it listed. Not satisfied, I turned to my good ole friend Google. I came across soem forums and medication information sites. I've suffered from rather minor acne up until a few months ago until it went from not so bad to... HORRIFYINGLY MONSTROUS. I've been suffering from huge, deep rooted pimples. Thinking back it started getting worse at around the same time I started it. I don't coincidence. Sorry for the huge rant, but I'm pretty much ready to flush the pills. Something that's supposed to help my neurological pain has possibly instead caused me vast mental damage. I mean completely destroyed my confidence and self esteem?! I guess I'll be making calls to my Neurologist and Dermatologist tomorrow. I feel so retarded. IF ANYONE IS TAKING THIS MEDICATION PLEASE LOOK INTO THE SIDE EFFECTS AND CONTACT YOUR DERM/NEURO. PLEASE!!!
  23. Hi so I started getting major cystic acne on my face so nothing worked so I had to go on accutane so it's been about 20 days since I've been on it I have a huge cyst it's really bumpy and it's not going down! I'm conerned if this is a keloid scar those are really bad so tell me if you think this will even out or stay like this I'll include pictures thanks a lot! Did accutane even out your skin?
  24. HELP....... went to get my regular bp prescription today and its no longer available no where else has it and I'm struggling to find it available online also.....i been using panoxyl 10% gel for just over a month and Iits really helped so now I'm absolutely gutted and at a loss also on Yasmin but I feel it helpful to use bp at night....does anyone know where I can get it or a similar 10% bp alternative sad right now seams everytime I don something that works it dissapears....
  25. So for the past 5 years I have been living with severe extreme acne. It's torn my life apart, made me a shell of my former self and has made me a recluse. But what does living with extreme severe acne really feel like? It makes you hate yourself, the way you look, the way you feel. It leaves you with crippling depression, with no hope for the future. You feel lost, alone, empty. You can try every diet, regime, products there are out there - all will and have failed. It will not only be painful mentally, however it will physically be painful. I struggle to even sleep with it. It makes you not want to go to sleep at night because you're petrified about going through the next day all over again. You slowly starting losing friends but more importantly, you start losing your family. You don't leave the house, you spend all of your weekends indoors whilst everyone else lives their lives. You can't even go meet the person you're madly in love with because you're so ashamed and scared. All hopes for a future are non-existent; your life literally revolves around pain, shame, and suffering. You envy and despise every person you walk by in life, who you see on TV, your friends, your family who have clear skin and think they don't know just how lucky they are. You constantly dream about what your life would be like with clear skin. Without this pain. Your mind becomes a toxic pool of harmful, depressive thoughts that make you want to do things to relieve the pain but you're too scared. I have tried so much stuff over these past few years. All have failed. I get people telling me I look incredibly ill because, well, I am ill. My face is just covered in huge cysts, bumps, redness, scars - I am barely recognisable to people I once knew well. You know the worst thing? Right now Im doing everything these so called 'experts' say to do. Have a good skincare regime, eat organic, drink my body weight and then some in water, don't drink, smoke - however every day it gets worse. The current acne I have doesn't heal either, it just stays inflamed and red. To anyone reading this who struggled with severe acne - and im not talking about the odd spots here and there that are easy to deal with - this is for people like myself who's condition is extreme and serious; I know what you'r going through and if you ever need an outlet to let people know just how broken you are - please don't hesitate to share your feelings. People NEED to know just how crippling this skin disease is.