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  1. Hi there! I've been trawling this site for a good many years as I've had recurring acne throughout the years. This is gonna be a fairly lengthy post as I go through my history so please bear with me! I'm now 22, and started getting acne when I was around 15. It was always mild, I'd get a few pimples but nothing terrible. Only thing was that as soon as one went down another would crop up. as I got older my skin steadily got worse and worse, I started getting cystic acne (around 18 I think). I tried numerous birth control pills, OTC products, prescribed products such as duac and antibiotics, many others that I can't remember the names of, eating really clean, going vegan, exercising etc etc. Nothing helped at all. When I was 19 I started dianette, and that helped a little bit I still kept getting cystic acne (just a little less of it). I decided to go with a private derm and was prescribed roaccutane. I stayed on this for about 4 months and saw no change for the better, only that I was dried up from the inside out, extremely lethargic, and since I am diagnosed with moderate depression I felt it definitely didn't help in that department. Then, curiously, the acne cleared up. I know stress had a major part to play here, but I went from hiding away indoors because I had such terrible skin to having absolutely flawless skin. Could eat what I want, sleep in make up, party all night and wake up with like ONE spot. It was magic. that lasted for about a year, and then my dad died. Moved back home a few months after to support my mum and slowly but surely it crept back... and worse than ever. Then, moved to London and it cleared right back up again!!! Was living with a new boyfriend, had started a great job (I work as a model) and was peachy. cut to another year later, I break up with this abusive boyfriend and spend two months in between houses. so thats obviously when I start breaking out again. And it's worse, AGAIN. I will add that I had the copper iud inserted in February this year, and had been off BC for a good three months before that (as I felt I didn't need the dianette) and I have been speculating whether or not that has had an effect on my skin. i went for a mandelic peel about two months ago after being recommended it by a friend for the sudden cystic spots that flared up on my forehead. Now I'm not sure if it was a reaction to the actual peel or incorrect after care by me but I now have these little white bumps all over my face!!! And I NEVER broke out there, I only broke out on my forehead. My thoughts/advice I've gotten from friends is that I either reacted badly to the peel, or my skin didn't need it, or that the products I used afterwards gave me this rough bumpy skin. (I used anessa sunscreen, and very stupidly the perfect whip cleanser that I found drying but kept using because I was so lazy and couldn't be bothered to find a new, more gentle one and I put Estée Lauder foundation on the next day!) They are impossible to get rid of, I've tried multiple exfoliators, moisturisers, washing less, colder water, nothing! My forehead has cleared up somewhat, it's definitely better and curiously with less of these little bumps but I'm still getting terrible cystic acne (now more so around my temples and eyebrows, really painful and flaring up within a day, coming to head within two). So now I'm here, and at a total loss. I'm not really sure what to do as it seems that at every turn there's something to make my skin worse. With my job there's flying involved, which definitely breaks me out, people touching my face constantly, hair products and possible comedogenic makeup, unclean brushes. So I can't help that, I don't wear makeup in my own time. I eat quite healthily but smoke, and eat pretty much what I want. I do eat junk food but that never affected my skin the two times it was clear so I don't think that's the culprit. I'm not on any prescribed drugs, for acne or otherwise, no BC apart from the coil, do not exercise. I am basically wondering if anyone's had the same reaction to a peel as I have, how to combat these new spots (both cystic and strange little bumps) and also how to deal with stress induced acne. I am going for an allergy test as soon as I get back and am considering taking out the coil as I've read sooooo many (anecdotal) posts on here from women who reacted the same way! Currently I double cleanse with cetaphil in the morning, tone with watered down tea tree oil, and moisturise with simple moisturiser. Then the same again in the evening except after my first cleanse with cetaphil I use clean and clear deep pore cleanser (which I do think has helped somewhat with the forehead acne... maybe.) Anyway, rant over! Felt good to write it down. Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far. I'm sure I've forgotten a lot to add in but please ask questions so I can put together a more comprehensive story line! Xx
  2. Can anyone who's done chemical peels offer me guide? I'm currently on Epiduo Forte and minocycline. I have so many red marks, hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks and really want to get a chemical peel to fade the spots. For anyone who have done chemical peel while on retin a, epiduo or other topicals, what steps did you go through?
  3. Hi guys, I have quite bad acne scars, deep pitting on my cheeks and it's effecting my relationships and self esteem. I am looking at Pixel ErbiumYAG Laser treatment to try to improve the appearance but if I am going to get treatment I want the most effective treatment possible. Does anyone know if chemical peels would be more effective? Are there any other treatments that are very effective? Here is a photo of the scaring;
  4. Hi! I've been using the regimen for ~8 months and it completely cleared my face up. It made my facial skin very smooth, no texture whatsoever. However, red marks are left behind by old acne. How to get rid of hyped pigmentation spots? Has anyone tried chemical peels or microdermabrasion or LED treatments?
  5. Hi! I am 14 yeas old. I've had acne since I was 12. I've tried many things except for a facial. I've been to a dermatologist but nothing helped. I don't want temporary acne pills, nor I don't want to be on accutane. Should I get a facial? Also, I have these colorless bumps almost all over ym face now. What are these? I also have "whiteheads" that don't go away. I feel hopeless.
  6. So I've been reading a fair amount and it seems everywhere gives slightly different advice regarding TCA Peels. Basically I have mild to moderate boxcar (maybe VERY mild rolling/icepicks). I figured I should probably be doing at least something to help them and it seems TCA Peels have quite a few benefits. I have a few questions for you guys. Here are my questions For a beginner what percentage TCA do you think I should peel with?. (I've heard everywhere form like 7%-30%.) Would 12.5% even potentially make an impact on my scars or is it only the higher percentages that penetrate deeper? Can very mild peels (say 12.5%) actually improve acne scars over say the course of a year? Do you think I should go with a higher percentage to start? Where and how much should I purchase on my first go? Would love to hear any other advice as well. Thanks!!
  7. Can just one chemical peel make that much of a difference in hyperpigmentation? I have PIH and I am mixed race but half white. I have had 15% TCA peels before and undergo light peeling but didn't notice much difference from those. If I go higher what type of peel should I try? Also for a 25%+ of TCA, glycolic, mandelic or lactic acid peel did you have much experience with lightening of PIH?
  8. So I got on Differin because of my clogged pores, and three months into the treatment, my skin was 100% clear. No clogs, no pimples, no bumps. All I had left was the scarring caused during the initial purging process from the Differin. To speed up the scar reduction process, I decided to get a ViPeel. I had never gotten a peel before, and my peel options were limited because I have tan/brown skin (indian decent) so the Vi peel seemed like a good option. A week after the procedure, when the peel finished peeling, my skin looked amazing for about two days. However, after that, my skin got extremely dry and it looked like it did when you’re about to peel… and that’s exactly what happened. I went through a second peeling stage. This time however, after peeling, my skin was bumpy. I had little bumps (clogged pores) all over my forehead, cheeks, and nose. I waited a week and I went back on the Differin to get rid of the bumps, however, I feel the Differin has stopped working. It is now two months after the peel and my pores are constantly clogged with stringy white stuff. I’ve used the Differin consistently but my skin is not changing. I don’t know what is going on because Differin worked so wonderfully on my skin prior to the peel but is not doing anything right now. Whenever I take the stringy white stuff out the pores, it is pointless because it clogs again the next day. I don’t know what to do. I regret getting this peel because it ruined my skin texture. My skin is dry and bumpy and clogged. I don’t want to get another peel because my skin is extremely sensitive and obviously does not respond well to peels. Could it be the dry skin? Could it be my skin is damaged permanently? Has anyone else experience this because of a chemical peel? or a deep exfoliating procedure? Please help.
  9. was suffering from bumpy skin several weeks ago from visiting a country with pollution. My skin had closed comedones and felt a little bumpy. I was recommended a light chemical peel from an esthetician (probably a BHA or salicylic acid) and this is my second time having the peel so it's been 3 weeks since I started having chemical peels. I've noticed way more bumps than usual and my skin looks worse than before. Is this purging or is my skin just reacting badly? My skin was just great a few months ago and this is really heartbreaking, please help!!!
  10. Hey everyone! I've been doing research on AHAs and BHAs and decided to try out a new BHA (salicylic acid) since I have very oily skin and unforgiving clogged pores. Dan recommends that you either apply his AHA 2-3 times a week or mix it 1/2 & 1/2 with your nighttime moisturizer. I was thinking of buying a salicylic acid (SA) product and mixing it with my moisturizer to bring it down to ~2% SA, but I have only really found SA gel peels. Does anyone have any experience mixing the SA gel with a moisturizer and using it every night as an exfoliating moisturizer? Also, has anyone tried a SA peel (I'm scared to tried this)? Any recommendations? Here is the gel I was thinking of buying:
  11. The 1.5 year war with acne, and my success

    This is going to be a long post. A little background info, I have had acne since I was 10 years old, and I am turning 20 this year, finally with clear skin. I call the past 10 years the "decade of hell". I think we all encounter some kind of moment where we go, damn, I've had enough of this crap. And thus began my last ditch efforts to salvage my skin, which I am happy to say has finally become beautiful. Having lurked on this forum for years, I feel like its time for me to give back. 1. Diagnosis First I narrowed down and diagnosed what conditions I had. Cystic acne on forehead, painful boils on my butt and pityrosporum folliculitis on my back (recurrent, would flare up from time to time). Now this was tricky, because I had both bacterial AND fungal infection. Am I supposed to care for my face and butt and aggravate the situation on my back, or the other way round? Damn this body of mine. 2. Prevention Having determined all the skin conditions to be treated, the most important thing now was to PREVENT FURTHER SCARRING AND PIGMENTATION. I cannot stress how important this is, because deep scarring is so much more difficult to cure, and being fair skinned, my hyperpigmentation takes a hell lot of time to clear. I'm talking about dark spots that remain even after a year. For my bacterial infections (acne on butt and face), I immediately went on doxycyline. Cheap, effective, doesn't cure the root problem but it did the job for now. The doctor would only prescribe me 3 months of doxycyline, 2x100mg pills per day. What I did was take a 100mg pill a day with breakfast, which lasted me for 6 months and worked fine. For my fungal infection on my back, I began orally taking oil of oregano by Swanson. The dosage is 150mg per softgel, and you are recommended to take 1-4 pills per day. Now this varies by manufacturing brand, so follow guidelines accordingly. I started off with taking 2 a day in the afternoon and evening (not clashing with my doxycyline). In addition, I would also apply topical oil of oregano to my back (either buy the liquid in bottle kind or cut open a softgel). Be sure to do it sparingly, and dilute it with an oil/cream of your preference if its not diluted beforehand because the strong stuff can burn your skin. Last of all, I used Head and shoulders shampoo to wash my back as it had 1% zinc pyrithione. All this is gonna make your back dry as hell, but do not moisturize because the fungus thrives in wet environments. Along with all these, I was applying 5% benzoyl peroxide on my forehead and 2.5% on the rest of my face as a precaution. I use the brand Benzac, but probably any kind of BP will do. All of these worked to curb the acne from ever rising to the surface for the time being. 3. Dealing with scars/pigmentation Now the acne was gone, but there were A LOT of scars and pigmentation, which looked especially terrible because I'm a fair skinned Asian. This is the part where it all gets expensive. For my face, I caved and did a full ablative Fraxel on it, which removes pigmentation, scars, and returns pores to original size. This is very costly in most countries, but I was in Seoul, South Korea for a month, and I managed to find a clinic that offered Fraxel for 280 usd. Fraxel was significantly painful and I had red peeling monster skin for about 7 days, but the end result was flawless. For my back, I did a 35% TCA peel for about 130 usd. Once again, skin blisters, angry red skin, the whole works. This was truly painful as hell after the numbing cream they used wore off. However, I had clear skin after it all peeled off and the one week mark. For my butt, I had been using arbutin and hydroquinone creams, but the results were too slow for my liking. I did a ng yag laser for brown spots at about 130 usd. I believe that alexandrite lasers could do the job as well. One session was all it took for the brown spots to dry up and flake off, but if I had not been using creams beforehand I might have required more sessions. 4. To cure the root cause Now this was the hardest thing of all, because I suspect my acne has hormonal causes (it got drastically better when I was on hormonal birth control for 6 months). However, I am not willing to be on hormonal bc full time (I use a copper iud), so that made things difficult. In addition, as a female who is open to having kids in the future, what the hell am I going to do when I get off bc? Suffer the same skin conditions once more? So I did it. I WENT ON ACCUTANE. Now there are smart ways to do this, and stupid ways. One stupid way is to go on low dosage accutane (about 10mg-40mg) and then complain that the results don't last. I am horrified at the number of derms and docs that actually allow this. Of course it doesn't work, accutane is not meant to be used this way. One good way to calculate dosage is by body weight: 1.0mg x ___ kg = your dosage I weigh about 45 kg, and this was my dosage for 6 months Month 1: 40 mg (To adjust to the dryness etc.) Month 2, 3, 4: 60 mg Month 5: 80 mg Month 6: 120 mg to knock the acne senseless forever Depending on whether your weigh more or less, your dosage will vary. Monitor yourself, don't push the limits of your body and take care of yourself. Note the side effects you suffer from accutane and DO NOT STOP taking it halfway just because your skin has cleared and you think you're set. You are not using accutane as an antibiotic to keep acne at bay, you want to knock out this pesky acne once and for all. Be smart about this, take a fatty meal with accutane so your body can absorb it better. For dry skin, any rich moisturizer will do, for painful cracked peeling lips, go to the pharmacy/get a prescription for certain brands of lip ointments that not only moisturize but promote healing of lips. (there are several, they cost about 10 bucks a tub, ask your doc/derm about it) Most people do not experience the feelings of depression that may come as a side effect, but if you do get a family member/friend to monitor you. Remind yourself that this lasts 6 months, but the results will be for a lifetime. Now I know some of you are firmly against accutane and prefer changing your diet/using whatever topical creams and solutions. I'm happy it works for you, but you have to understand that for a lot of people acne is not necessarily caused by diet, and topical treatments only keep the acne at bay, not cure the root cause. Do you really want a lifelong battle to keep the acne from erupting to the surface? 5. Aftercare All the problem skin areas on my body are finally clear after approximately one and a half years since I started this entire war against acne/pityrosporum folliculitis. For maintenance, I use very simple and gentle products on my face, just a face wash, toner and moisturizer. Sometimes I apply some 2.5 % bp on my nose, to keep it from getting too oily. For my back, I bought a znp bar to wash my body with, and I am starting with a new treatment-ELECTROLYSIS. Yes, without the hair follicles, there is no way for the fungus to survive. Ha! This is because although I no longer have even a single red spot on my back, 10 years of suffering have made me paranoid as hell and I will never go back to that ultimate emotional and physical low I was at before. Summary: Acne: Doxycycline, Accutane, 2.5% and 5% BP Pityrosporum folliculitis: Head and shoulders, oil of oregano (oral and topical), znp bar, electrolysis Scars and pigmentation: Fraxel, Ng YAG, 35% TCA chemical peel, arbutin cream, 4% hydroquinone cream Long story short, a battle with skin conditions can be long and tedious, but in the end when you look in the mirror and have clear beautiful skin after a decade of hideousness, it will all be worth it. Honestly, now I have friends who only knew me after I solved my skin problems, and they complain over a single small pimple and tell me "Omg you're so lucky, your skin is so good and you don't understand how stressed out I am over my pimple". This makes me think about just how much effort, money and time I put into researching and healing my skin, and just how far I have come. I hope this post can help some of you readers out there, if only in the slightest way. I love you guys and may we all achieve clear, beautiful skin. Work hard! Lots of love, Pursuitofperfection
  12. Yesterday I did an at home 25% Mandelic Acid Peel from I did it to treat hyperpigmentation, red marks from shaving, breakouts on the sides of my face and some ingrown hairs. Today, my forehead is covered in small red marks. It looked much better before the peel even happened. The sides of my face have very minor peeling but are mostly covered in red blotches. I discontinued using tretinoin roughly 36 hours before the peel, did not leave the acid on for more than 3 minutes or so, and washed it off thoroughly. I am wondering if this is a normal reaction and will go away in the next few days or if I did more damage. This was supposed to be a mild peel. I've attached pictures. my aunt, who has had peels done before, said it looks like a normal day after result, but a second opinion would be much appreciated
  13. Hi everyone! I just got back from my 3rd session of CIT + growth factor and my face is redder than an angry tomato! :-) I can say that I have seen some improvement over the past 2 months in terms of what seems like newer collagen growth (and thus shallower scarring), especially on the right cheek area. The overall color tone of the scarred area may have some slight improvement as well, but that it tougher to tell. I am not in a hurry to get too many things done too soon and will not be going in for my followup appt. until 3 months from now. The aesthetician said that they really want to see how well my skin has responded by then. At that time, several options will be discussed to addressed leveling off my cheek areas - especially the huge atrophic scarred area on my left cheek. I am looking into temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and may get them put in at that time. The aesthetician also suggested that a chemical peel (medium strength SA or TCA) could be done before getting the fillers put in. I am unsure if I should get both of those procedures done on the same day. Do you think it would be too much done in one day if I got a chemical peel and fillers injected? I am likely going to lean toward just getting the atrophic areas filled since that makes the scarring look a lot worse.... The overall color tone isn't as important to me. Also, is my Dr. right to suggest temporary fillers such as Restalyne versus "permanent" ones like silicone beads or PMMA? She said that permanent fillers can cause some issues and if they do, they are a hassle to remove.... As always, I appreciate the knowledge, research, and advice that is available here!
  14. I am currently using tretinoin 0.1%. I have been using it for more than a month now and have used tazorac for two months prior before I switched to tretinoin (it was too harsh and I used it once or twice a week). I did a 15% salicylic acid peel last night and wake up with whiteheads on the underside of my lower lip. Is this normal or should I just stop using the peel? My face is not irritated or dry afterwards though I don't intend to use tretinoin tonight. Please help!
  15. I just had my 2nd Jessner peel last week and this time I didn't peel or really flake. I did notice that I shed a very fine layer (i was dry and "scaley" day 4). My esthetician told me that if I'd ever like something slightly more aggresive she could do a Vitalize peel or perform microderm immediately before a Jessner peel. I'm considering the microderm before the Jessner, but I'm not sure if that would be too much for my skin. I had microderm once about 2 years ago and my skin tolerated it fine, but my skin had very tiny bumps that came up for about a week after, nothing bad and it went away without leaving a trace. Do you guys think it might be better to try microderm maybe a week before the peel or same day? I don't mind spending the money if it's going to give me results. My skin is fairly clear, breakouts here and there. Mostly congested skin, minor red marks, large scarred pores and very shallow scarring and uneven texture (orange peel).
  16. I've had acne for years and years now. I tried all the usual stuff - BP, duac, lymecycline, adapalene, probably some other stuff that I can't even remember. I finally got started on roaccutane of which I'm now on my third month. I am getting less severe breakouts but I'm starting to see these little scars. I'm not sure if they are ice picks or enlarged pores and I know you shouldn't mess with scar treatments whilst on roaccutane, but I was wondering if I could do something about them once I'd come off. Also I have a really bad habit of over-exfoliating when my skin starts to get a bit rough and peely. Could that be causing the enlarged pores?! Sorry the pics aren't great and the lighting is a bit rubbish. It sort of looks like hyperpigmentation at first glance, but there are dented scars below the redness. Can anything be done? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Sorry I can't get any clearer pictures. The scars aren't that deeply indented tbh, and they're hidden by all the redness! I know it could be a lot worse but I was wondering which treatments, if any, would be suitable for small ice picks...
  17. Hey guys So I finished my Absorica course in August and my dermatologist said I should be doing peels to help with the redness and scarring. The peels I've been doing for the past 4 months and they've helped tremendously. My skin has never ever looked so smooth and clear. I don't know what happened but I recently did a peel 2 weeks ago and I got a bad reaction on my forehead. My skin was irritated and it took an extra 5 days to heal. It was really red, flaky, and bumpy. After it healed, everything was back to normal. So suddenly one day I start to notice tiny bumps on my forehead. There's like 20 of them. It's barely noticeable, but I obviously see it because my skin's not smooth. They're not whiteheads or pimples...but just super tiny bumps. I noticed I got them after I exercised, so does the heat/sweat have anything to do with it? Does anyone know what this is and what I should do?
  18. Hi Everyone, I finally broke down and went to a new dermatologist last week. He prescribed Aczone, Tazorac and Sulfacleanse. His aesthetician (who I know personally) said a chemical peel would also help. I'm aiming to rid myself of both active acne and specifically dark scars/hyperpigmentation. I haven't started the Aczone or Sulfacleanse yet, I've used the Tazorac every other night since my appointment last thursday (3 times so far). I am wondering what I should expect from my first chemical peel? This is what the pamphlet says for the type she suggested for me: Ultra Peel I & Sensi Peel $100 Effectively treats aging and sun damaged skin, leaving your complexion supple and hydrated. Best for all skin types and sensitivities. On the website it has a little more info: Sensi Peel $100 Gentle yet effective treatment for even the most sensitive skin types. Light exfoliation that combats aging, sun damage, acne, and even reduces inflammation. Ultra Peel I $100 Effectively treats many skin types & conditions, especially dehydrated or mature skin, leaving the skin plump and supple. Helps improve pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, and acne. Does anyone know what I should expect from my first chemical peel? How much downtime? If you are curious about the current condition of my skin, I posted pictures in Thanks!
  19. Hi, I had two dermalogica bio active peels about 9 months ago. Before I had fairly good dark skin with a red undertone (I'm Jamaican and Indian) with some superficial scars on my cheeks. After the peel my skin just has this weird texture and color and I'm not sure what happened to it and no one seems to notice but me. Am I crazy? The peel is a Dermalogica Bio Active peel which goes on in 4 layers. First is 20% salicylic acid, second is an enzyme layer and two layers of 30% lactic acid and 15% tca. Please let me know your thoughts, I've become really depressed because of this and I no longer feel like I look the same.
  20. I have beaten acne! I have no active pimples but need to remove the red marks, tretinoin is working too slow and I need them gone by school pictures, here's my progress from February when I started my regimen. What's the best treatment?! Laser ,chemical peels, I have no clue, please help!
  21. Hi, Regarding the downtime of at home chemical peels, whats the best amount of time to leave between peels, and how many days after a peel should you wear sunscreen for? Thanks!!
  22. Hi, So a few days ago I applied too much 5% Benzoyl Peroxide to my face, when i woke up i could see where i had applied it and there was a red/pink marks all over my forehead. They didn't itch at all and were not dry or irritable they were just there, I did try and moisturise but it didnt seem to make much difference, from close up its hardly noticeable but far away you can see the outline. Is this just a general reaction? or a burn? should I leave it, or treat? And also, I was going to do a chemical peel on myself today (30% Glycolic peel), would this be safe? or should I completely miss out the bits where I've become red from Benzoyl Peroxide? Thanks so much!!!!
  23. Internal Cure For ACNE

    First off I want to tell you that I am not trying to sell anyone anything. My GOAL is to share my experience with others for free in hopes that it will help them as well. You DON'T have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money to be ACNE free!! All you have to do is be DILIGENT and PATIENT with what I am about to share with you or else it will not work. I have lived with the problem of ACNE for 15 years. It has cycled from moderate to severe and everything in between. I am thirty years old and have spent probably tens of thousands of dollars trying to battle this common disease on things like: Creams, Toners, Oils Pimple popping, Not pimple popping Masks, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion Accutane, Night creams, Retinol Astringents, Antiseptics (Peroxide, Alcohol) Soaps, Scrubs, Topical Analgesics Sunblocks, Lotions Fasting, Diet Change Cortizone shots Extreme situations in the past: Applying toothpaste,nail polish remover, egg yolk on my face. I'm sure there are a lot of other things that I have tried in the past but theses are the MAIN ones that come to mind. I am convinced that Big Name pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies know what causes ACNE and how to stop it but will NEVER share that information with the public because it is not within their best financial interest ($$$$). I understand that everyone has to make a buck but when millions of teens and adults are literally struggling with an ever growing epidemic to the point of sheer frustration and these companies are "Beating around the bush", that angers me!! The following is information that I have gained through trial and error. Ready? : IMPORTANT:: Out of all of the products I have tried, I have found a combination that I feel will work for ANYONE!! First off, understand that ACNE starts from the inside of the body, rarely the outside. When we get bumps that are red and slightly raised it's usually due to skin irritation from things like clothing or hats in contact with the skin, reaction to facial products, dirt, ect, etc...all external causes. But when we get ACNE such as raised bumps with "Whiteheads" or "Blackheads" this is caused by an "OVERLOAD" of toxins in the body. I'll prove it! Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins several ways. Through our: Bowels (Urine,Feces) Kidneys Liver Storage in our Fat Lungs Skin!!!! (Especially when we sweat) Believe it or not we get rid of most of these TOXINS through our Lungs when we breath!! Unfortunately the body can only get rid of a select amount of toxins in a certain period of time. When it feels "overloaded" it chooses the last resort. Our SKIN!! With all of the preservatives, sweeteners, artificial everything, and so on in todays food, the body treats these as toxins and it is just too much to handle so the body chooses our largest organ which is our skin. Why predominately the face, I don't know. Well I'm thirty years old and decided it was time to rid myself of ACNE once and for all!! I decided to begin a new regimen by cleaning out the INSIDE of my body and not re-polluting it in anyway. First up, DIET CHANGE!! I know what many of you are saying" Yeah, yeah I've tried that!" Well I had tried it many times myself before but I was doing it wrong. You have to eat foods that are in their natural state or extremely close to it. That's right! No more SUGAR, WHEATS, FLOURS, BREADS, DAIRY, CAFFEINE, PASTAS, CRACKERS, CANDY, CAKE. When in doubt, don't eat it!! Yes it is hard but Yes it is possible. I had a MAJOR sweet tooth. I'm skinny but have been known to polished off whole cartons of ice cream and eat one whole half of cakes in just one day alone. Let's be honest folks. Sugar isn't even a necessary daily nutrient yet it is in almost EVERYTHING we put in our mouths. Stay away from it and you WILL see drastic changes!! Next up, INTERNAL BOWEL AND LIVER CLEANSING AND MAINTANANCE. This is an absolute MUST and goes hand and hand with the diet change. One will NOT work without the other so don't try it!! I have done this several times in the past but have found that I was not doing it correctly. Here are the products that work: 1) Super Colon Cleanse (Initial 10 day cleansing) 2) Fiber Supplement (3 times daily for maintenance, any brand will work) 3) Ultra Liver cleanse by Enzymatic (14 days) 4) Choose 1 day out of the week to fast (Hard at first but possible) 5) Drink Magnesium Citrate the day after the fast (Flush out built up toxins accumulated throughout the week) 6) Drink Flor Essence body Detox Tea (Finish the bottle) 7) Fish Oil pills with Vit D AND Omega 3 (Helps skin by Nature Made) Seems like a whole lot but if you are diligent and stick to this cheap and easy program it will become habit. FOLLOW ALL OF THESE STEPS!!! After you do that steps 1, 3, and 6 can be followed on a REGULAR BASIS!! Steps 2, 4, and 5 can be followed as you see fit. I would recommend every 2 months to follow up and thoroughly cleanse with steps 2, 4, and 5!! And Lastly, A good external cleansing program. This step, believe it or not, is NOT as important as the two mentioned above. For example: At the start of my day, I wash my face with Olay soap.Yes that's right, regular ol' moisturizing soap. No fancy, expensive cleansers here. Next, I take a washcloth and soak it with 91% Rubbing Alcohol and wipe down my head (I shave bald), neck, chest and FACE. Next I do the same with good ol' Hydrogen Peroxide. Next I do the same with Neutrogena Astringent (blue in color). Then to prevent dryness, I splash my face with water and rub my face down lightly with Oil of Olay Facial Lotion with UV protectant. Most of you are probably thinking "Well isn't that just washing off the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent ?". The purpose of these three is to cleanse the face and kill bacteria which they all do when you apply them. I only "Leave them on" when I know I'm staying indoors or when I apply them at night. The only thing different I do at night is instead of washing with soap I wash with Clean&Clear 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser. It is a light exfoliant so it can be used daily and it has peroxide in it which makes it even better!! Then I rub down with the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent as mentioned before but this time I DON'T rinse it off. Leave it on! Then I apply Caladryl Clear Topical Analgesic Lotion because it is a lotion that actually has a drying effect and it is a skin protectant. Lastly I lightly coat my face with Derma P17 clay mask and leave it on to help with drying out the ACNE (Any clay, mud, peel, or whatever type of mask will work, you are just using it to help dry out the ACNE present). This will work for ANYONE!! It will be hard at first (What isn't!!). It will be CHEAP!! (Thank God!!). It will take time (But you will see drastic results!!!!!) You have had ACNE for a while so it won't go away completely overnight!! Be Patient and stick to the program!! Create habit! Oh and get ready because people who don't understand what you are going through will try and deter you from the regiment but just keep in mind that they don't understand. You are sick of ACNE and are willing to try something different to achieve results! Pay them no mind! Well may the Lord be with you in your endeavor. If you have any questions or comments, contact me. Below is a price guide to give you an idea of how cheap this really is: Super Colon Cleanse (RiteAid/Online): $20 Fiber supplement (Anywhere): $10 Ultra Liver Cleanse by Enzymatic (RiteAid/Online): $20 Fasting for 1 day out of the week: FREE! Magnesium Citrate (Anywhere): $3 Flor Essence Body Detox Tea (RiteAid/Online) $25 Fish Oil Pills with Vit D and Omega 3 (Anywhere): $25 Olay moisturizing soap (Anywhere/Any kind): $7 set of 6 Clean&Clear 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser (Anywhere): $6 Caladryl Clear (Anywhere): $4 Hydrogen Peroxide (Anywhere): $1.50 91% Rubbing Alcohol (Anywhere): $1.75 Neutrogena Astringent (blue) (Anywhere): $5 Derma P17 10 minute oil control thermal clay mask (RiteAid/Online): $12 Oil of Olay facial lotion with UV protectant (Anywhere): $7 For those of you who shave, I wash my head and face with the exfoliant cleanser (warm water), wipe my face down with the alcohol, peroxide, and astringent to kill bacteria, coat my head with Vitamin E Oil thoroughly, and then apply a shaving Gel. This seems to fight off razor bumps quite well!!
  24. Scars, Tips :(

    Hello, I used to have pretty bad acne, but then started on Accutane (Life saver) and quit February this year, this means I can't do any laser or deep chemical peels yet. However, it left quite alot of scars. I've been doing one filler (restylane) treatment a couple weeks ago. They used the thinnest restylane, they said they used it too see how it would work on me and to use a thicker one next time in case I saw a difference. They also went with a needle beneath my entire skin to remove the scar tissue (I don't remember what it's called in english). So my question is, should I do another treatment straight away now with restylane and a thicker one? Or should I maybe go and do one soft chemical peel to reduce redness and soften the scars edges (according to my other dermatologist) before doing another restylane treatment? The tricky thing is, that I don't know if there's a difference between now and before my first filler treatment, I'd like to think so, atleast in my forehead. But I just can't tell! But I feel like it's gonna work if I do another one or 2, with a thicker gel. Here are some pictures, it's worst in my forehead and in my temples. The pictures doesn't really show how it looks exactly, but almost. The light is so hard to get good to really show my scars in the right way. But anyway... Any tips are welcome, I'm desperate.
  25. I am 26 and have suffered from acne for 12+ years. I originally began with Clinique 's cleansing system back in my teen years, but when the breakouts kept coming I started to see a dermatologist (well... actually three over the years). I have tried every product from retin-a, benzaclin, epiduo, the list goes on... I've had oral medications and eventually turned to accurate which dried my face beyond belief, but did leave it clear for about a year and then that acne began to rear its ugly head once more. Next came the "lifestyle" approaches with manduka honey, caveman, diet changes. I could get my skin about 75% clear but never entirely there and hormonal changes would always turn my face into a virtual land mine. So finally, I happened to be on yelp and came across reviews for a local esthetician's acne clinic. The reviews were all glowing and all references he face reality products that she used. Upon further research, I booked my appointment!