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  1. Protruding plug from pores on nose

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    Hello, I'm a 24 male seeking some insight on what the hell is going on with my nose. I have clear skin on my entire face except for the sides of my nose where I get protruding gunk coming out of my pores. This gunk will keep getting larger until plucked, after it is plucked it is left with an empty pore that does not return to its normal size. The pore wil hen fill up with the same exact substance within a week or so. I'm not sure what the plug is But I'm guessing it's hardened sebum? It's a tan-yellow type color, much like petroleum. I went to the derm about 2 months ago and he precibed me tazorac gel 0.05. Since using taz my nose has been popping up with more of these plugs and it seems like these pores are scarring. I have been doing a lot of research to figure out what the heck this is and I've been seeing answers from some sort of fungal infection, demo-Dex or sebaceous fillaments but no concrete diagnosis . im having a hard time finding people with the same condition. To give you some backroumd my nose is very oily. Here is my regimen . Am cetephil gentle cleanser cerevea am lotion/sunscreen pm cetephil gentle cleanser cerevea pm moosturizer taz 0.05 thw he past two weeks I have also been adding 10% gycoloc wipes and alternating nights with taz. Check out out the picks of my nose. This is about after a week of leaving my pores unplucked. I'm really hoping someone out there knows what' the is.

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    Hello, everyone. I’ve had this on my left cheek for a while now, and I don’t know what it is or how to get rid of it. Does anyone have any clues?
  3. Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me not want to show my face at times. Thanks a lot any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hey guys I am not an expert on this but i just wanna share my experience on what i did. Here is the list of things that did to have clear skin , everybody is different tho so i cant guarantee it will work for every one , but why not give it shot Mind my grammar Here are the list : 1.Stop being obsessed or stressed about your acne , it will actually make things worse and I also actually believed that Mental health and acne has some sort of correlation. 2.Stop looking in the mirror all the time, By not looking in the mirror all the time , you wont be obsessing how many spots you have.You will much happier trust me :).Put your time on other things that is more important !. 3.Stop picking/ touching your skin. this will only make your acne worse by spreading bacteria and gunk to your skin and causing scarring.You will see a big difference from not touching. 4.Change the way you sleep , especially your head position. Don't face your cheeks directly on your pillow this will only make things worse. Your skin needs to breathe !! 5.Change your pillow case at least once a week 6.Drink at least a gallon of water a day which is equivalent to 3 liters of water. By doing this on a regular basis , u will be constantly flushing out toxins , oil and junk out of your body. Urinating frequently is a good sign. 7.Watched out for your diet , especially foods that contains allergens. 1.Milk 2.Eggs 3.Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod) 4.Crustacean shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp) 5.Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans) 6.Peanuts 7.Wheat 8.Soybeans 8.The way you washed your hair should be change , don't let the shampoo flow onto your face. Some shampoo's contains silicons and non comedogenic substance which will cause clogged pores. Instead try tilting your head down to wash your hair. 9. Try to not to wash you face with cleansers , just water twice a day morning and night. By doing this your are not constantly stripping your acid mantle , which the mantle has a specific role to keep bad bacteria and harmful particles out.You could still used skin products after washing it with water but make sure that it is not harsh and does not contain any non comedogenic substance. Try more natural products 10.Finally exfoliate your skin once a week , try investing on a cleansing brush as the process of removing the dead skin will be much faster. Try to avoid exfoliants with beads. After investing the cleansing brush use only water to exfoliate and not cleansers My Basic skin routine - Mornings - Bathe and rinse my face with mild to cold water Night - Bathe and rinse my face with mild to cold water and apply my favorite vitamin c serum Once every week - i would apply a green tea mask Once every week - exfoliate my face with a cleansing brush with no cleanser
  5. A few months back, I saw a blackhead on my cheek and tried to pop it (I know it's stupid to pop it but.. oh well), but nothing came out. It became red and swell by a little. At first I thought that the redness and swelling will be gone very quickly but it didn't!! For the first few days, the red bump actually hurts whenever i touch it, but it doesn't hurt as much after a few weeks. The bump (which look like a pimple) has been on my face for a few months already and it did not go away.. :'( My mom asked me to go to my usual facial place but I am afraid that the beautician would think that it is a pimple and try to squeeze it. What should I do??
  6. Hi, so I posted a while ago expressing my concern over my skin, my acne in particular. I know that my acne isn't severe- or even close, but I am asking for help because I personally want help as I am unhappy with my skin, so please don't comment if it isn't going to do so. I have continued to stick to my normal regime, in hope that doing nothing would help, but as expected I was wrong. I've took the pictures attatched today which is probably my best skin day in a while but as I type this I am in so much pain from my chin acne that I can't even move my chin. I am becoming desparate as summer approaches- I still don't know whether my acne is hormone caused as I just have it all the time so I can't tell if it gets worse on my period or not. Originally my acne was mainly concentrated on the centre and crease of my chin, but recently it's been spreading all over my face. The acne is also painful under the skin cysts which are most difficult to get rid of. They even show through my makeup - that I hate wearing but I have to due to my self consciousness. To add to my problems I am under a lot of stress and am currently on a weight loss regime. I am desparate now so could you please recommend advice and products. I have normal/combination sensitive skin and bright red acne scars so I could do with a product to lighten those. Thank you!
  7. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  8. I'm only 15 yrs old and in the last couple of months I've been getting very blotchy uneven skin tone and texture, it's gotten to the point that I don't ever feel comfortable showing my bare face to anyone. whenever I touch and feel my cheeks it feels very rough and sandpaper like (it seems to be a blackhead problem, not quite sure) also the same problem in my inbetween the brow area. in my forehead and in the rest of my face I have really weird cluster of TINY tiny bumps that is barely noticeable individually but because it is in groups it makes my skin look and feel very dull and disgusting. it looks even more disturbing in real life compared to the pictures, but if you look closely you'll find colorless bumps all over my skin.
  9. Skin Care Tips For People With Acne 1. Do not wash more than normal. Twice a day is normal for most people. Use a mild soap and lukewarm water. (Very hot or cold water may worsen acne.) Do not scrub hard when washing acne-affected skin. Do not use abrasive soaps, cleansing granules, astringents, or exfoliating agents. Use a soft washcloth and fingers instead. Excess washing and scrubbing may cause more inflammation and possibly make acne worse. 2. Antiseptic washes may be beneficial. 3. You cannot clean off blackheads. The black tip of a blackhead is actually skin pigment (melanin) and cannot be removed by cleaning or scrubbing. 4. Some topical acne treatments (described below) may dry the skin. If this occurs, use a fragrance-free, water-based moisturising cream. Do not use ointments or oil-rich creams, as these may clog the holes of the skin (pores).
  10. Weird bumps on face

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    Hello everyone. So, I have a problem with my skin and it's that I have these little colourless bumps on my face. At first it was only on my forehead, but now it's also on my cheeks and on my chin. It looks really bad in certain light, especially in bathroom light and in the sun and also in pictures, which makes me really self conscious (I have linked a picture). I really hope some of you can help me with what it is and how I can get rid rid of it!
  11. Hey there, I'm currently a teen and I have always had these black dots on my nose. I have tried Biore strips and even that japanese/korean blackhead mask that got popular with a facebook video. There was stuff when I peel it off but it looks kind of white but the black dots on my nose are still very visible. I don't have any other acne problems... I only get about a couple of pimples in a week but I guess that's explainable because of puberty, and usually just happens because of my bangs or my snapback. My skin is on the drier side but I use an aqua moisturizer and one of those expensive spinny vibrating brush things every morning. I even went to a professional facial spa and after suffering through pain by having my bones stabbed with that tool, it still didn't work. (I fear going back there... it was not pleasant) I'm wondering if I just have abnormally dark filaments... and if there's any way to lighten them up because they are /really/ noticeable and doesn't look so attractive. And if they are just very deep blackheads, recommend me some other ways to remove them? Thank you! I haven't used any strips in a while so it's not the cleanest it can be but I would appreciate your feedback
  12. So my last login was from November of 2013.... Now I'm back. This time to offer some help, advice, and insight. I'm going to spend a decent amount of time writing this - so I hope someone reads this and finds it helpful. So November of 2013, a junior in college. University of Tampa - where everyone is near perfect. Suffering from acne. Taking a cab to my dermatologist appointment. Same visit per usual - quick glance at my skin and an increase in dosage of my doxycycline. I leave extremely depressed and choose to walk back to campus. It's hot and humid, causing me to sweat, causing me to worry about more breakouts - leading to a phone call to my mother to vent. "I'm fed up with this f***ing bulls*** mom. I don't know what to do. It just keeps getting worse and this medication isn't doing anything." She replies with a sincere "You're going to be okay hunny, you'll grow out of it." -- We've all heard that before. Ludicrous. Now I'm wishing I hadn't called. I need to grow up and deal with it. I have class later. Am I even going to go? My face looks absolutely brutal. I probably went, I don't remember. But I know I skipped many classes because of the way I looked. I know I let my acne control my life. I needed a solution. So I'm a good looking guy. Solid job, friends, and family. I workout a lot, I golf, I go out on the weekends. Still do the same things I did when I was acne ridden. It's just a little easier now and less stressful. I was popular growing up. An athlete. The best player on the basketball team. Handful of girls. A leader and role model to some. I was all of this with my terrible acne. But I was still letting my acne control my thoughts and perceptions. It held me back in more ways than one, and that is extremely unfortunate. So for those of you that have read up to this point and can relate - keep reading. I am now 24 and rarely get pimples. I'm much more confident because of that. Although when I do get one I panic. I'm at the point in my life now where I've dealt with so many pimples that I can see and feel one coming in the very moment it begins it's process. Probably 3-4 days before anyone would even notice it in the slightest bit. They still worry me, but I'm much better at dealing with it. My Solution: Stop whatever treatment you're currently on. Just stop. Don't use face wash. Don't use your oral prescription. Don't use a washcloth to scrub your face when you shower. Don't clean your face twice, maybe three times a day. Shower in the morning and let warm water run over your face. Don't pick or pop anything during the day, and go to bed at night. Shower after your workout if you workout - but do not use soap to wash your face. The day I literally said, "F*** IT" was the most important day of my acne journey. And this is what I've learned from it. Anything we buy over the counter is in the store to make a profit. Benzoyl, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, moisturizer, lemon juice, honey, etc - none of that is going to be a permanent cure for our acne. That is something that you need to realize and understand right now. Our skin wasn't made with the intention of applying foreign cleansers to it. It isn't normal for our skin. Our skin doesn't like it. That's why it burns and dries out - leading to more breakouts. My Perception: I genuinely feel bad for people who suffer from acne. But that's because I went through it and I understand how you feel. But what I've discovered is that our friends and family don't necessarily feel bad. Sure, they notice. But they don't perceive you differently because of it. Certainly not how we see ourselves in the mirror. They aren't just "staring at our pimples" when they talk to us. That's the last thing they are going to do. That's that last thing I do when I am talking to someone with acne. So stop letting it affect your day. Your conversations, your relationships, your goals, whatever it may be. It may not seem like it's going to get better today, but have faith in what you've just read. Stop using cleansers and creams and I promise your face will feel and look better within the next 30 days!
  13. Hello everyone, time has come to make a post, hoping someone could give some directions or tips. About me: Male, 26 years old. Sensitive skin. Lifestyle: Work with computer, but love to exercise, mostly - running. Acne type: Mostly - blackheads and blackheads that turn in to whiteheads. Whiteheads can show up really fast and are filled with loads of white puss. They pop really easy and also heal pretty quickly. Since they are on top of surface, I get no scaring. No cystic acne for me. Acne history: Been fighting acne since puberty, so more than 10 years now. At the start it was all over my face, but now mostly on/around my nose and around mouth. Also for many years now - I have developed puss filled whiteheads on my scalp - in my hair. There is also some acne on my upper back, but I can live with that. My acne experience has been like a roller coaster - good days and bad days. Treatments: I've been to unlimited numbers of dermatologists and other kind of doctors, and so far only two treatments have helped me - 1) My first dermotologist prescribed - Roaccutane/isotretinoin, but after the course acne came back and there is no way I'm taking that poison again. 2) One of allergologists prescribed- food diet, for about 6 months (cut out white bread, processed foods, alcohol, sweets and many many more, basically all I could eat was meat, fruits and veggies.) As a result I lost about 10 kg/s and felt really terrible. As the doctor suggested - slowly started to introduce the limited foods in to my died aaaaaand acne came back. + Been taking all kind of supplements- Vitamin D, linseed oil, zinc, shark oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice, lots of water, green tea and so on. Lotions and creams wont help me at all, I strongly feel there something in my gut is responsible for acne. + Done many possible-acne related blood tests and none have shown anything extraordinary. Well, except IgG4 food allergy panel - according to that I can really eat only fish, meat and vegetables. No wheat/grains/peanuts/gluten/sugars/dairy/bananas/apples/eggs/corn and so on. Current situation: A month or two has passed since I took the IgG4 food allergy panel test. I have decided to do a food diet again, more than a week has passed, but sadly my acne has gotten even worse -(image added), also my scalp seems to have more pimples + I feel tired and sleepy most of the time. My current acne remind me of herpe virus or even cold sores. Feels like my immune system is breaking. Question: Has anyone ever experienced anything nearly close to my situation?
  14. DAY 1 Hi all, One of the things I found the most frustrating when researching about isotretinoin (accutane or now aka Claravis) was that it was difficult to find the side effects and effectiveness of the medication throughout the entire course. Another topic I found impossible to find was people taking Accutane to treat hormonal acne, which is what mine would be. Hope this will be some help to others. So ironically, I had perfect skin in my teens. Then I got off Sprintec (birth control pills) about a year and a half ago (which is a whole another story by itself) and it took me a full year to get my menstrual cycle back. During that year I had absolutely horrendous back acne. I mean it was so bad I couldn't sleep on my back and I had to throw away several white tops from spots of blood, but weirdly enough during this time my face was still completely clear. I had bacne for about five months I would say and then one day it just completely went away, and I thought the worst of my problems were now the scars left on my back. I was so wrong. First it started with small blackheads on my nose and my cheeks. Then came actual full blown pimples and last but not least cycstic acne. Physician told me once my body balances out my hormones and I get my period my acne should also go away. so I waited and finally got my period. But my acne stayed. I tried ALL sorts of natural remedies, from spearmint tea to DIM supplements to cutting out all non organic meat and produce and ridding of all plastic ware but NOTHING WORKED. Finally went to derm and after few blood test and appointments I finally have my accutane and my fingers crossed. I was hoping my face acne would go disappear as magically as my back acne had but i don't think that is going to happen. So my physician and derm had two completely opposite outlooks regarding treating hormonal acne with accutane. Physician (who was very anti-accutane) said that because hormonal acne is an internal problem it needs to be treated from the inside out. The thing is I got blood work done for my hormones and I checked out and my period is super regular now... The derm said skin type can change so accutane might give it that little push it needs to start heading in the healthy state it used to be in. She also said even if I'm having hormonal issues accutane literally shuts off that route of getting acne so acne will not be one of the channels of my hormonal problems showing up on the surface. Right now, I got about 3 cystic acne along my jaw, blackheads around my eyebrows and nose and acne scars and regular pimples all along the side of my cheeks. Today is day 1 so obviously i don't have much to say regarding the effectiveness of the pill, but I will be posting here at least once a week to journal my progress with the pill along with any side effects that I experience.
  15. Hi guys, Firstly its amazing to be part of this community. We all know what we are going through, and that already makes me feel slightly better as I sit and type this message with an ice pack to my face to calm down my massive break out, but later i'll talk about that. Since I hit puberty I have never NOT had spots. I wouldn't say I have acne, although when I break out...i BREAK OUT. I can go through months of clear skin, then suddenly one comes, I feel another, a family arrives, then my face is just red, sore tight and ARGHHH WHY ME?! I decided to write now because I am 24, which means its been about 10 years that I've been living with on off/mild to moderate acne and boy i can tell you some of the things i've done to get rid of my spots...from a stupid 14 year old putting detail on my face to clean off my spots cos i thought i was dirty, or a 16 year old using bronzer to cover it up but only making them orange, or a 21 year old putting baby oil o my skin to stop the dryness..You name it i've done it. So now...As of today i am going to document my skin updates for you guys.. I will use only the following on my skin.... -Dermalogica special cleansing gel -Acnecide 5% gel -Dermalogica active moist moisturiser This routine has been inspired by regime. I am starting fresh from 25/03/16 and I will document it, answer questions, post pictures and do whatever I can to help other sufferers as I know how you feel, we all do. We all need to help each other.
  16. It has been 3 months already. I never had any blackhead problem but in november i tried black head extraction with the black head extractor and steam to get rid of few white heads i had and it became the biggest mistake of my life. The extraction was done roughly and was pressed hard on my nose. After that i am left with holes on my nose !! Which is okay without makeup but when i apply makeup no matter what technique i use the pores seem to be the highlight of my face. This has caused so much of emotional stress in me that i cannot even explain in words,just hope everyday that it goes away.. I had flawless nose prior to that extraction with no visible pores. Since then i have tried retina A to shrink the pores but it just doenot do much. I have tried benozyl peroxide whixh is better than retina A in terms of the pores looking a little bit smaller but i am not sure if i should continue applying it or just leave my nose alone and let it heal naturally. My biggest fear has become this that maybe this is permanent..has anyone experienced anything similar?? How long will it take for the pores to be like before???? If i just wash my face with face wash and moisturise at night with bioderma combination skin moisturiser will that be goodenough for the healing?? I am so disturbed... Please help me out...
  17. It has been 3 months already. I never had any blackhead problem but in november i tried black head extraction with the black head extractor and steam to get rid of few white heads i had and it became the biggest mistake of my life. The extraction was done roughly and was pressed hard on my nose. After that i am left with holes on my nose !! Which is okay without makeup but when i apply makeup no matter what technique i use the pores seem to be the highlight of my face. This has caused so much of emotional stress in me that i cannot even explain in words,just hope everyday that it goes away.. I had flawless nose prior to that extraction with no visible pores. Since then i have tried retina A to shrink the pores but it just doenot do much. I have tried benozyl peroxide whixh is better than retina A in terms of the pores looking a little bit smaller but i am not sure if i should continue applying it or just leave my nose alone and let it heal naturally. My biggest fear has become this that maybe this is permanent..has anyone experienced anything similar?? How long will it take for the pores to be like before???? If i just wash my face with face wash and moisturise at night with bioderma combination skin moisturiser will that be goodenough for the healing?? I am so disturbed... Please help me out...
  18. Im 18, live a healthy lifestyle but have been plagued with acne. Can anyone tell me whats under my eyes? And im also on accutane for my acne so im looking for product suggestions (Mainly coverup that wont make me break out!) Thanks
  19. It's been a week since I tried popping this blackhead or whitehead I don't really recall what it looked like before it hasn't gone away and tried doing the whole toothpaste on and it got worse it got bigger and swollen and black. i am now trying apple cider vinegar with water on area. I haven't seen any improvements yet but was wondering if anybody has any advice on the swelling going down! I just don't want this to turn into a wart or anything in that sense I know it might sound crazy and maybe I'm just panicking but I've had this happeneded to before years ago and had to get it surgically removed.
  20. Please help!!!! I have been having lots of skin problems since I was young and they just worsen each passing day. I have oily, pimples all over my face, my nose is full of blackheads, my forehead has all these little bumps on it and everything else you wouldn't want on your face. I have tried a lot of methods and medicine of sorts to get rid of at least one of them but none seems to be helping.... Please suggest cream or cleansers or just anything that might help. As it worsens I feel more miserable when standing next to my friends and became camera shy just because I didn't want anyone to see my condition. Leave suggestions to how to reduce them if you can please, Thank you.
  21. 1 Year And Still There..

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    I've been having this (I am not sure what this's called) for more than a year. i tried many things (including scrub, mask and oils) but nothing works. What should I do? any suggestion?
  22. I have a pimple on the left side of my face that has been on my face for nearly a year. It has never come to a head. I have gone to estheticians who have had a hard time removing it. I really feel insecure about the pimple because I feel like my face could be flawless without that pimple which will not come to a head. I even tried Retin A (Refissa and Green Cream) but the pimple has not gone away or come to a head. I feel like someone needs to remove the pimple with a knife because of how stubborn it is. Should I visit a dermatologist or different and more professional esthetician about taking care of the pimple? Money is not really an issue for me, I just need to know what I can do to make this pimple go away. This is the only pimple on my face that has not gone away and it is really bothering me. I cannot pop pimples or use a needle on a pimple because I feel like I would only cause damage on my face.
  23. Hi all, I've currently been on the Regimen for a little over a month and I still have these small bumps in between my eyes that are DRIVING me crazy!!!!! I keep putting extra bp on them to keep them at bay but it doesn't seem they are going away at all. I'm not sure if they are blackheads whiteheads or something else but I have no idea how to get rid of them. Or if they'll ever go away. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Pictures attached!
  24. Maybe this will be the time that I actually LEARN and stop squeezing! My face has finally stopped breaking out with these horrible huge cysts and two nights ago I thought it would be a good idea to try to extract a huge blackhead on my cheek. I typically cover the mirror with a piece of paper because one mirror in my bathroom is basically dubbed the "skin picking mirror" by my sister and I because you can get so close and see everything. We had guests staying at our house last week, so the mirror was uncovered. The temptation was too much. Now I'm left with this enormous scab! When I squeezed the blackhead (I always use a tissue), the tissue slipped and took off the surface layer of the skin. It throbs and is pretty painful. I started using aloe on my whole face which seems to help the scars but does nothing for this. I put my topical creams on it the first night, followed by neosporin, and have been trying to keep neosporin on it since then. Is there anything else I can do? Also - unrelated, my hyper-pigmentation/scars which you can see on the edge of the picture have started to itch. What does this mean?
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    This was a few weeks prior to starting Isotretinoin, makes me glad I did!