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  1. Hey guys, I need some skincare advice as I am extremely upset with my complexion. I have always had clear skin up until March this year when I broke out massively, at the age of 22, I am talking twenty plus spots not one or two! Due to having anorexia for six years, I have never really had my periods regularly and I am still having them rather infrequently. I went straight to the doctors and I had blood tests done. My vitamins were all fine and my liver/gut both came back healthy however my estrogen levels and testosterone levels were both low, my estrogen levels being super duper low! So I have a testosterone dominance. I have been prescribed the Yasmin Birth Control Pill and I was told it would bring up my estrogen levels to make them balanced with my testosterone levels, clearing my acne. However, I have been on them for more than a month and my acne has not cleared and is still very persistent. If you have any advice or have been on a birth control for acne please comment below. I had to move back from university for a while as I wouldn't leave my room due to the acne and this has led to my depression returning. I also quit my job as it was very face on face and I just couldn't take it:( I just want to peel my face off. Thanks, Ells Other things I am doing: cut out dairy, eating more fruit and veg, started using Clinique Three Step Blemish Kit (hasn't seemed to help at all), using topical treatment Zineryt nightly (decreases acne by morning but acne will become worse during the course of the day), cut out coffee and soft drinks, drinking water and peppermint tea daily, already vegetarian, wearing non-clonogenic makeup (cut down on using foundation so much), switching pillowcases every few days, taking supplements which contain omega3 and zinc. Ive been doing this since march AND NOOOOOOOOO IMPROVEMENTS!
  2. Hi all, A little bit about my situation: I’ve never had horrible skin, just a few hormonal breakouts every now and then. I started birth control about 3 years ago and about a year in I started getting horrible side effects (weight gain, breakouts, greasiness, anxiety, etc) so 2 months ago I decided to stop taking the pill and all the side effects went away except my breakouts which turned into a raging case of nodular acne. Since I’ve tried literally every topical and oral medication for severe acne my dermatologist is insisting I try accutane, however, I know I need to be on some type of birth control in order to take it. My question is, if I go on birth control for my round of accutane then stop a month after the accutane is over, will my face start breaking out again due to hormones or will the accutane have been strong enough to prevent hormonal acne?
  3. Hello! I’m a 18 (about to be 19) year old female. I have been struggling with acne since I was around 14 or 15. My acne has gotten super severe only once, and thankfully minocycline quickly took it all away. Well, since then, I have been on antibiotics on and off, ranging from minocycline to doxy, and tetracycline. I have also tried many facial topical creams. Nothing has worked in the long term to cure my acne. (However, I do know that nothing will “cure” it forever..) About 2 months ago my skin got horrible again, but this time, instead of the acne being on my forehead, I got it on my chin. Very bad. I went back to my dermatologist immediately, and she reccomended either Accutane (hell no) or Spironolactone. So, I decided the spiro was a good choice. I started out the first two weeks with 25 mg / day, then upped to 50 mg / day at the two week mark. I also went on a two week antibiotic, Keflex, that helped reduce inflammation and calmed things down a little. I am currently on a day 31 and I feel as if my acne is a lot better, but there is so much scarring, and still new ones popping up, but slower and tinier. I never had cystic acne, but big, pustular, nodular acne that either came to a head or remained red and inflamed. I will also be starting Tri-Linyah Birth Control (generic for Ortho-Tri-Cyclen) on my next period, main reason being contraceptive.... but hoping it will help with my skin. I have experienced some side effects that I think are from the sprio, which are only dizziness & headaches. Did this work for you? Let me know if you have a similar story... please feel free to comment and share and reach out to me. xoxox till next time
  4. So I stopped tri-sprinted (birth control pill) about a year ago and since then, my skin has been out of control. Based off what I’ve read, I’m pretty certain it’s hormonal. It was good for a couple months, and then had been progressively getting worse. It’s also unlike any acne I’ve ever had before. The texture is really gross looking, small bumps, lots of blackheads. I don’t know what to do. I’m awaiting an appointment with a dermatologist, and in the meantime I am using Beauty counter cleanser, cocokind natural products, and taking zinc supplements + a probiotic. Has anyone experienced this?! I keep waiting for my hormones to get back to normal but it really seems like it’s takig longer than it should. Side note: I was on the pill for about 6-7 years and have fairly sensitive skin. Help
  5. Hi everyone I'm 25 years old, over the past years i have been battling mild but persistant acne I have taking 3 months of antibiotics and had pretty much tried everything besides accutane, except 2 days ago I swallow my first pill. Today is my second day of treatment and I'm very scared. I'm a low dose: 20 mg x day. I weight about 54 kg, Idk what's in lb I guess around 110ish? Overtime I swallow the pill I get really scared. I'm already dry per se because of my SD and i'm scared is going to get worse with accutane. I'm very depressed already but my derm said it was from the disease and really she had seen people with acne that got their spirit back once they were better. I was already clinically depressed before accutane and diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder. I'm very apprehensive and upset easily, so starting accutane to me is being thorn between hoping this is what's going to help me get better and thinking this is just going to make everything worse. I also want to know do I have to take BC pills while on it if i'm not being sexually active at all? Like I was planning on taking them to tackle acne from other perspective if so which one would you recommend? Btw I'm from Mexico so getting BC is quite easy for me , I just have to and buy it. So am thanks and I'll keep you updated I guess
  6. I have been on a birth control pill to control my acne for around 6 years now. I had severe acne all over my face when I first went on it and it cleared my skin completely. I was acne free for about 2 years then got the occasional pimple. Now I am 24 and am experiencing some bad hormonal acne (i think it is hormonal as it is just on my chin). Nothing has changed for me recently for me to start breaking out like this, although I have had trouble over the years with random big break outs. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Or since I went on the pill when I was younger, has my body changed and my pill no longer controls my skin how it used to? I would like to go off the pill to see what would happen but I am terrified that I might look like my 17 year old self and I'm also about to go travelling for a while and I don't want to have to worry about my skin too much.
  7. The question has been circling in my mind for a while now... is the fact I’m having more sex the reason I’m getting acne? Ill give you some background info on my situation. I’ve never had any huge breakouts for most of my life. Always had clear skin. Until I went on the implant/met my man. i hated the implant and had it removed pretty fast. They say the hormones leave your body, but I’m not sure if they have? (Could be a factor) I have been vegan for over a year, but recently gluten free and unfortunately I wasn’t watching what I was eating for a few months. Gluten free products are processed, packed with tonnes of sugar and unhealthy fats which cause candida overgrowth which can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome thus leading to acne because leaky gut is where what you eat goes into the blood stream and passes through the blood brain barrier... check can cause an immune response. I had been eating grains and dairy for years so the damage to my gut wall was already pretty bad. I meditate a lot and raise my vibration so my body physically cannot eat low vibrational foods. So, with my boyfriend, we were staying up late sometimes 1-3 am sometimes 4-5am. We were eating Red Thai curry with rice (GRAINS GRR) without realising the damage was and doing. It’s also very sugary and fatty. So there arenthose factors. I hadn’t been exfoliating or using any products consistently - but I am now. My routine is working and my skin is starting to clear slightly. I keep food diary. Ive sarted working out 5 times a week.(cardio, yoga, walks) I stick to time-restricted eating. Which is where you eat in a 8-12 hour gap. Your liver had a circadian rhythm too. I do not eat anything processed, I eat fresh leafy green vegetables. Around 5-7 a day. I try to eat a small amount of fruit (because fructose is still inflammatory) lots of herbsand spices. Maca, hemp, linseed etc. I drink lots of water. Now to talk about the other factor that’s playing on my mind. My partner and I have a age gap relationship which makes me think his gut bacteria, which can be found in his saliva is being spread to me through kissing. When we do oral I get a yeast infection. We also sometimes have sex 2-4 times a day. We have sex lots during the week we are quite horny for each other. However, it can be so overwhelming and stressful because it feels like I’ve tried everything and how am I supposed to heal if my boyfriend is the one with an overgrowth so ever time we get intimate I’m at risk of an acne break out?! ...and he also has stubble (which is irritating to my skin and stimulates oil production, clogging the pores. ) is being respectful and not kissing me too roughly any more. But sometimes I still feel sore around my chin after a long session of making out and love making. He understands and listens to me and has been cooking us healthy food when I stay over (which is 3-4 times week) he is making an effort. He has athletes foot which is a sign of Candida over growth- he really wants to heal it too! my main question is: Are my hormones going crazy because of all the sex? Should I take a break from sexand see if my acne goes away? Has anyone else experienced this? please help! Who has usedClindamycin Phosphate? Does it work?
  8. Two months ago: today: So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakout. I am guessing it was hormonal as I broke out a month ago at the same time as I was experiencing blood spotting and my boobs had swelled that week. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me Yasmin as I have been having weak periods every now and again since September last year and he thought this would regulate my periods and help my acne settle down. Now when I say I had a breakout I don't mean 3 or 4 spots on my chin, I am currently sitting here with around 20 spots on my face! I have never had a breakout before only the occasional pimple. I am unsure whether to go on the pill I am worried that it will cause my acne to get worse as it has been slowly getting worse and worse since the breakout in early march. I'm already vegetarian but over the month I have cut down on dairy, I'm drinking more water, taking vitamins, drinking green tea, eating more vegetables, I've been using a topical cream named Zineryt (for the last week) and all has led to no results so far! I'm feeling lost on what to do and I already suffer from body dysmorphia, all I now see when I look in the mirror is a girl covered in spots and I need to find a way out of this mess. I'm extremely distressed, cancelling on friends, hiding away, finding myself skipping university lectures etc. Also, it is making my anorexia hard to deal with again as it keeps telling me to just lose weight so my body won't be able to have the energy to produce the hormones. I DON'T WANT TO RISK EVERYTHING I'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR IN RECOVERY, I know I'd be put back in rehab. So any advice would be very much appreciated! Should I start on birth control? Would that be advisable? What were your experiences? I mean the doctor thinks so but he only chatted with me for five minutes so he doesn't fully understand my situation at all.
  9. I was on Tri-Sprintec for a very long time and last year switched over to Vienva. Now I've been experiencing chest and back acne since I switched (which I thought could have been related to this one shampoo). I used to NEVER have chest acne and all of a sudden this started. The past 2/3 months I have had cystic acne and the side of my face flared up. I have not changed any regimens. I moved last year to a much more polluted area but I don't think thats the cause considering I've been here for a while. Should I switched back to the tri-pill? I think this one is causing body acne. I'm 27 and very much over trying to figure out what's going on with my body. (Also had scalp acne which has improved ALOT since my gluten free diet and changing pills.) I'm worried that may come back if I switch. Ugh. Anyone have any advice??
  10. Hey guys, so my GP just prescribed me Yasmin for my moderate-severe nodular acne which is on my face, back and chest. Up until about a month ago I was controlling my acne with Retin-A but after 1.5 years of around 80% clear skin my acne came right back I'm not using the Retin-A anymore because I don't see the point in putting up with the side effects if it's not keeping me clear anyway, I was wondering if you're generally supposed to use something topical in conjunction with Yasmin? My GP told me to just use a basic cleanser and non-comedogenic moisturizer so that's what I've been doing, just trying to see what other peoples' experiences are. Thanks!
  11. Ok so I came off microynon pill in April/may 2017 my skin was so clear but then 5-6 months later in October 2017 my skin flared up out of no where to these tender red bumps on just my cheeks sometimes would come to a head but sometimes would just be red it was like a group of them on my cheeks every day I would get new ones as others would go down so I then decided to go back on my old pill and within 2 months they were dying down abit but still had some so my Doctor recommended I go on gederel pill 30/150 also known as Marvelon as it’s suppose to be good for skin etc.. Im on my 2nd packet and my skin is no better it’s obviously got worse because I’ve changed pills but I have seen no sign of improvement I have 5 days left of my packet and then I’m on my 3rd one. Every day I’m getting these new red raised bumps I can only put it down to hormones? Has anyone had anything similar? Or used Marvelon?? These bumps only affect my cheeks and jawline.. I’m just worried It’s never going to go away, but maybe my hormones just need to get use to this pill..
  12. have been put on antibiotics (doxycycline) and the contraceptive pill gedarel for hormonal acne which was caused by the implant (even after 6 months of its removal). They seem to be working but not sure which, does anyone have experience using antibiotics and the pill together? i dont want to be on antibiotics longer than three months but im worried about the acne coming back worst ? also if anyone has good skin experiences on gedarel i would love to hear them (think it used to be called marvelon or something)
  13. Over it

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    Thanks for reading my post. First, I know that there are people out there with acne a lot worse than mine but mine is driving me crazy. I’ve suffered from anxiety, depression issues since my husband passed 5 1/2 years and the acne is making those issues worse. I don’t even want to be around people. My face has been broke out non stop for months now. I’ve been using antibiotic (I forgot the name) wipes every morning after washing my face with dove. At night I use Epiduo forte after washing my face with miceller water. I started using the water because the soap twice a day was drying my face out. I’m also taking Bactrim once a day and just started taking the generic brand of ortho- tri- cyclin. My my left cheek is almost clear but the right one and my jawline looks a mess. It itches and feels like the moisture has been sucked out of my skin. anyway, I don’t know why I’m posting other than to vent and see if anyone has any extra advice for me? I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. The no makeup picture is from a month or so ago and the makeup is today. I feel like it’s getting worse.
  14. Ive been on Mercilon for 3 months now. The first 2 months have been great but on the 3rd month i started breaking out really badly, should i continue 4th month and see how it goes or should i stop??
  15. I have been on mercilon for about 3 months now. The first 2 months have been great i was breaking out less and my skin was clear but now on the 3rd month my skin is worse than ever, inflamed and breaking out. Should i wait for 6 months or change to another bcp?
  16. Hi!!! I was recently on Lo Loestrin Fe for about 3 years for really bad cramps which worked for a little. I went off it about 5 weeks ago because I was getting really bad cramps again, irregular long periods, my period every two weeks, and it was giving me bad acne. I just switched to Altavera 5 weeks ago (generic of Nordette, other names are Portia & levora.) The first month my skin was doing about the same but just looked like a healthier complexion. The placebo pill week and week of getting my period my skin looked great and I was so happy. This first week on the second month my acne really flared up. Is this normal? Is it just fluctuating? I’m super scared it’s going to make it worse. My mom took nordette when she was younger and she said she loved it which is why I went on it. Someone give me hope that this initial breakout in the second month is normal!!!
  17. I started taking Gianvi 2 months ago as I needed to be on a form of birth control to start Accutane. I start in the beginning of March but I needed to share information about Gianvi sooner than later. A little but of background on me I am 27 and have dealt with acne on a serious level since about 21. I saw a serious level because I had a few breakouts in high school but, nothing compared to what I experienced after having my 1st child. From about 16-19 benzoyl peroxide would do the trick. Then around 19 I joined the military and decided my "acne"(2 or 3 breakouts a month) was better managed by taking Minocycline everyday. WOW did it do the trick. My face was clear as ever and during this time my self confidence was so high I ended up meeting my husband. I found out I was pregnant and stopped the Minocycline. My face has NEVER been the same. After his birth I tried Minocycline and doxy again with no luck. I tried every cream and gel under the sun. During these 6 years I did not want to get on Accutane because of the potential risks to future children. Long story short my husband and I had a 2nd child in 2017 and after her birth I knew I needed to get on Accutane. My husband and I have since divorced (I do believe my lack of self confidence due to acne was partially to blame) and I do not plan to have anymore children. So I asked my derm to put me on Accutane and I began to take Gianvi as directed. Present day, ever since week 1 of Gianvi my face has been the worst it has ever been. There is no end in sight. Everytime I tell myself "Oh its getting better" 4 more pimples pop up. I have had no self confidence, I am so embarrassed to go out in public. I of course wear makeuo everywhere I go. Its a NIGHTMARE. I am stopping as of today. There is nothing in the labs that will test for wether or not you are on birth control so i will be fine to begin accutane soon. I am just so upset that after so much research and thinking Gianvi was the ONE that would HELP me with acne it fell all the way short. I am thankful for makeup but I want tk warn others. Please make another choice any version of YAZ is TRASH. Lol but no really steer clear. Unless you don't want to leave the house ever again. SN: I'm sure someone will think 2 months wasnt enough but considering I'm going on accutane in 3 weeks I will be fine. I would much rather never find out how it ends with Gianvi.

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    Im just about to start roaccutane which I heard causes an initial breakout. However I’ve been on dianette/teregezza/co cyprindal for 2 months and this is targeted at acne which reduces oil production too and gave me an initial breakout. So is there any chance this will prevent my breakout from accutane ?
  19. I recently went to my GP to get a prescription for BC pills as I'm in a relationship again and my acne is still present (it's been almost ten years now and I have tried pretty much everything to keep it at bay). My GP prescribed me "Yaz 24+4" which, according to my GP, helps to fight acne. Even though I got my hands on something that actually might make a difference to my skin, I can't help but feel anxious about starting this BC, as I am aware of the possible serious side effects (pulmonary embolism, intravenous trombose) and I quit a BC pill in the past (Diane 35/Dianette) because of the extra risk it gave me (I've also read some articles linking Yaz to the risks I previously mentioned). Therefore I'm considering to switch to Mercilon as this one has a lower dosage of hormones. Do you guys have any experiences with either one of these BC pills? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! P.S. Diane 35 greatly improved my skin when I was on it and this is the only BC I have used so far.
  20. implant induced acne

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    I am 22 years old and up until last year have perfect skin and no history of spots in my teenage years or anything (other than a few small ones in t-zone). But In february of last year (2017) I was persuaded to get the contraceptive implant nexaplanon. before this I have been on the bc pill for three years. Two months after getting the implant I started getting acne, specially deep painful cysts. I stuck it out for a while but got it removed in August (after 6 months). It is now January (2018) and my skin has got no better even after 4 months of its removal, every time I think its maybe improving a new wave hits me. Ive read that the progestin in nexaplanon basically eliminates your bodys progesterone which causes acne so I assumed I was estrogen dominant. I have been taking DIM and Vitex for about a month now but no improvement yet my periods came back to normal very quickly after the implant was removed (I only got one while I was on it) and weirdly my skin is normally very good right before and during my period but it TERRIBLE the week after it has ended. has any one else has experiences with acne induced by the implant ? or good stories about DIM and Vitex? desperate to know when my hormones will go back to normal
  21. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

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    I have dealt with acne for the past 4-5 years (I am now 25). My acne started when I went off my birth control. I know some people go back on it to fix their acne again, but I was didn’t want to use a band-aid and I knew one day I would want to have kids so I bit the bullet. The first 2-3 years I believe the acne was my hormones adjusting, but this past year and a half I don’t get anything cystic and I notice my breakouts get really annoying once I’ve been on a picking spree and squeezing all of my pores. I have been browsing this website for these past years and today I finally decided to make an account to share my story because I’ve noticed a lot of people have tried to stop picking at their skin, but I didn’t see many make it all the way through to their goal date. I have tried to quit picking numerous times and kept failing. NOT THIS TIME. This time I mean business and that’s why I am posting this. I don’t want to post everyday if people aren’t really interested so if no one replies to this I will post an update once a week of every day that week and how it went. This is my day one and as of now the left side of my face is fairly clear with one big pimple mark and the right has clusters of pimples and lots of red marks by the jaw line. I really want to do this not only for myself, but for all of you because I think you all deserve to really see this be followed through!
  22. Hi! Ok so a background on my skin / experience with acne. I developed acne around the age of 15, every year come September it would pop up on my chin and around my eyebrows. Then in march it would go again and I would be pretty much clear. I've taken antibiotics (which worked 1st time around) but they are a short term fix. And I used to use DUAC. (My strong advice would be if you have naturally dry skin STOP with the DUAC!!) Anyway come august 2016 I had had enough and was reccomended diane by a friend of mine. So I got a prescription didn't read anything about it and started taking it. It fixed my skin. Took 3 months and even then it wasn't perfect but my acne had always been somewhat mild anyway. It just made everything easier, putting on makeup was more pleasant and I didn't feel ashamed of myself without it. So from month 4-6 I would say I had some break outs but rare they weren't acne they were like "normal" people's skin. I also think a lot of them were stress related and probably due to my skin care routine. At the time I was using murad to take of my make up and I would NOT reccomend this. I used it for over a year but as soon as I cut it out I realised that it really is paint stripper. I now use deemalogica medibac clearing wash. MUCH BETTER. Any way blah blah blah I was on dianette all going well and then I got too fussy and decided I didn't want ANY spots at all so I Came off it after 10 months. Please people never do this - if I had just googled it I would have seen it was the worst decision I could make but there you go. So for the next 2 months my skin was the best it has ever been and then the acne came back. So here's where it all goes wrong. I start taking dianete again and my skin of course FLARES. Now the problem for me mentaly was that unlike the first time I had now been used to clear skin and had forgotten how to mentally handle acne. It broke me completely. I picked at it I let it get dry I just did everything wrong. And that went on formonths. In month 4 I got a hold of my self. I stopped using shitty face masks and just stripped everything down. I use Clinique moisture surge and germolene on my skin with the wash I mentioned. THAT IS IT. And I think the combination of being on the pill for 4 months and healing my skin has given me results. Im currently on the 2nd day of the break in month 4 and have 2 pimples (not cysts!) so a recap on this month. week one - skin was good i had lots of marks left from spots but it was smooth and I didn't develop any cysts. Week two - now my acne knowledge in terms of terminology isn't great. But I developed I guess small cysts along my jaw line - flesh coloured. I also had one or two spots on my forehead. I got really down this week thinking it would never improve. Week three - skin was good again, developed one or two spots but mainly there's were ones that had been lingering for a while and needed to come out. And like I said I'm now on week four so let's see what it brings. I'm still extreemly fragile about my skin and any spots can make me anxious or upset but (and this won't work for some people) I have a log and photos of each day from month 3 and I look back on it to see just how shitty it was then compared to now and it brings me right back up. I recently deleted the photos because I wanted to leave it behind me but the log helps. This website helped me so much and I just want to talk to anyone else going through this so we can compare and help each other. Side note- i drink about 1l water a day i take vitamin d i wear bare minerals concealer i cut dairy out to begin with all love xxx
  23. Ladies! I am curious to know which birth control helped with your acne if it is something you have tried. I was on Loryna (generic for Yaz) for the last 9 years for my acne and I had trouble getting my prescription refilled so I stopped taking it in February 2017. While on Loryna, I had beautiful skin! You couldn't even tell I ever had acne. After getting off the pill, by July I had full blown cystic acne. My OBGYN put my on generic Loestrin 1/20 in October 2017 because I was getting migraines from the Loryna. I am also using Differing gel and on minocycline 100 mg twice daily. I would gladly trade take the clear skin and deal with migraines.. I haven't seen much improvement from the Loestrin, I mean my face isn't as bumpy as it was but I am still getting cysts and I have taken 3 packs already. I'm curious if I should switch back to the Loryna (which I was worried about because of all the hype about Yaz being dangerous, but I was also on it for 9 years with no problems..) or stick it out on the Loestrin or if there is another pill that might be better for me. Thanks for sharing any of your experiences!
  24. Hello! So I was recently prescribed the pill by my doctor (one with gestoden and ethinylestradiol) due to having some recent slight hormonal disturbances which I had never experienced before. I was having some slight cystic breakouts before starting the pill, maybe 1-2 cysts per week for a month prior. I am naturally prone to cystic acne but my skin had actually been completely clear naturally for the past year or so after discovering I have an odd intolerance/allergy to chocolate which would give me cystic acne without fail. The acne from chocolate would appear mainly on my cheeks while this acne seems to be mainly hormonal as it's confined to my jaw/around my mouth and chin. So now ever since starting the pill my skin has been going insane with a new cyst every single day. I am becoming a little desperate and I'm not quite sure what to do. I've just finished my first month so I'm not sure if maybe I need to just stick it out for longer with this brand or if I should try and switch to a brand that's used more specifically for treating acne? Thank you to anyone who can offer some advice or their own personal story!
  25. Hi everyone, So for the past six years I've tried diet, naturopathy, visualizing, and birth control to get rid of my cysts and whiteheads that appear mainly on my jawline. Birth control was the only thing that totally cleared it, but made me so depressed I couldn't enjoy it. So for the past two months I've been on Estroblock, which consists of DIM and Indole-3 carbinol. And WOW. I can't recommend this stuff enough. With birth control, I'd generally have to wait two to three months to see results. This stuff took about two weeks for me before I completely stopped breaking out. It freaking WORKS. And no mood-altering side effects. Also, I've been eating whatever the hell I want, including dairy and sugar. Still clear. Feels like a miracle pill and SUCH a relief. I had to spread the word.