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  2. Hello all. I'm going back to the doctors tommorow to try and get a prescription for my old topical cream (duac) to see if I can try to get my skin back on track. I always go back to it if I feel benzoyl peroxide on its own isn't doing as good.. The added antibiotic in duac had really helped me in the past..however every time ive got it on prescription before I get it once from pharmacy then the next time they always tell me its been this true? I'm so confused. Will I be able to get hold of it in my area? I'm in weston super mare, north Somerset... Hope u guys can help. Dont want to go really if they say its been stopped. Thanks and good luck to everyone suffering acne is a terrible condition to live a daily battle. Xxxxx
  3. Can someone please help me figure out what the heck happened to my skin? Because it is bad right now. And I mean really bad. Compared to how I once was, at least. I've been on the regimen for four weeks now (actually, was) and unfortunately my acne took a turn for the worse. I had to stop cold turkey because I cannot handle this level of "purging". (If that's what it even was.) I may have started the regimen too fast, because I was already using two full pumps. But I thought my skin could handle it, as it was taking well to each increase in dosage in the previous weeks. In the pictures you can see the acne stayed within a specific area on my cheek, which was the only place I would add BP. The acne even follows a distinct line lol, which was where the BP would end. So, I'm pretty sure BP is the culprit. Has anyone ever experienced a reaction like this? Also, has anyone stopped BP cold turkey and lived? Any ideas as to how long it takes for skin to regulate without it? Because, unsurprisingly, my acne just keeps coming, and I don't want to add any new products because my entire face is just so irritated... It really saddens me that I may be allergic to BP, or that I may have developed an allergy from incorrect use. But it did help me gauge the sensitivity of my skin, so there's one -- albeit tiny -- good thing I got out of this. I want to try it out again, but obviously much more slowly. (Please excuse the flaking)
  4. I was on Benzyl Peroxide and Adaplen to treat my acne, and it improved my situation, but it still didn't fix it, so I will be going on Accutane after summer. While I was on BP and Adapalene, I had severe breakouts, so I was wondering if I would break out AGAIN after Accutane, or would my condition improve immediately in the first month since my face is technically clear underneath my skin from my previous break out? The break out started to clear up 3 weeks before this post, and I should be going on Accutane in about a month and a half, so would I have another breakout? I would still be using BP and Adapalene before I start Accutane also.
  5. 9 weeks on Biacna/ziana

    9 weeks in and my skin is still a complete mess. I stopped the salycylic acid moisturizer completely and saw a little improvement. After stopping the moisturizer noticed my skin feels normal and not soaked in oils. Also seemed to clear up slightly without the moisturizer. Will post photos if I see some better improvement. Just don't want to take pictures since it brings my self esteem way down.
  6. So I've been on the regimen for 6.5 months now, and I'm still struggling with redness caused by BP. I know it is not rosacea because there is a pronounced line on my jawline, and around my eyes where the skin turns red from applying BP. So I currently use only 1 pump of BP, and this is enough to help me stay clear. I also use jojoba oil. Anyone have any advise to help redness??? Should I wait less time in between applying bp and my moisturizer? ( I currently wait a strict 10 minutes ). Anything helps guys. Thank you.
  7. Hi all! I am a 24 year old female. I took accutane for 3 months but had to quit early due to losing hair from the medication. I took Ortho Tri Cyclen which cleared me up. When I quit Ortho Tri Cyclen I began breaking out and my derm prescribed me Zovia 1/35. I am currently on my fifth month/pack of Zovia 1/35 birth control. When I started I was mostly clear. At around the 3 month mark I began breaking out. I begin breaking out on the hormone pills but then clear up again on the placebo pills. Could this be an initial breakout? How long should I give Zovia to work before switching to a different birth control? How long does it take to stabilize on a birth control? I also use erythromycin, aczone, retina a, benzoyl peroxide face wash, salicylic acid face wash, sulfur masks, charcoal masks, no dairy, vitamins, etc. Feeling frustrated and hopeless. Any suggestions or thoughts appreciated.
  8. hi, i'm wondering if there has been anyone that succeeded in stopping bp by weaning off? a lil bit of an intro, i've had mild-moderate acne since puberty. my acnes are mostly closed comedones and whiteheads (it started off from my forehead and then it went down to my cheeks). i've never gotten any cystic acne thankfully. since puberty, i have been trying many different acne products like differin, tea tree oil, antibiotics, clindamycin, manuka honey, vitamins and salicylic acid, however they don't really cleared me up (or maybe i was just very impatient). i also eat healthy - my mom is a health freak. so a year ago, i just decided to go to a chemist and buy a 5% bp, without even knowing what it is (i just looked around the skincare section and pick a random acne cream lol) it turns out bp is so effective for me. it cleared up my skin VERY fast and i do not get any scars or dark spots from it. so i kept using bp for about 1.5 years now. i've only been using it as a spot treatment though, and wash my face with cetaphil's oil-control foam. i still get 3-4 small pimples sometimes but that's alright with me. i then started to think, what if bp is preventing my skin to heal on it's own, because i've had friends who had acne but they didn't bothered to use any acne cream and their skin cleared off by itself after some time. those thoughts had me curious and so i stopped bp COLD TURKEY that day. first week - it was okay. been getting small whiteheads here and there but i dont mind cos it's not that visible second week - still getting small whiteheads but the small whiteheads from last week has vanished so that's fine third week - started to get these weird hard skin-colored closed comedones all over my jaws. i didn't mind cos i know i'm gonna get an initial breakout from stopping bp. fourth week - the closed comedones are VERY hard to clear. i tried extracting them but there's literally nothing i can extract. my face is starting to feel like sandpaper. i still think that this breakout is normal since bp does dries our skin so MAYBE our skin is producing more oil to compensate with the dryness and because i'm stopping bp, nothing is no longer drying out my skin and so my skin is probably super oily, maybe that's why i'm getting all these clogged pores that become closed comedones fifth week - Im getting all these weird pimples on my cheeks. i'm still not sure what they are until now. some of them i can identify as whiteheads, but some are pink-kish in color, and has a tiny bump but when i try to press it, it does not hurt (so i'm assuming it isn't inflamed) - it is however, VERY itchy. the whiteheads are also very itchy. I've never had such itchy pimples in my life. At this point, i was very depressed because my face has never broke out that bad and everywhere felt like sandpaper. At that point i decided to give up and apply bp back. When i apply bp to the pimples, it itches like crazy. But after 3 hours of using bp, the close comedones on my jawline dissapeared and those pink-kish colored pimples' bumps are decreasing in size. here is a pic of me before and after using bp in just 3 hours I am very amazed and scared at the same time. 1) i think my skin is too hooked to bp, it doesn't know how to heal my acnes without bp 2) i dont want to depend on bp forever - i dont like being dependent on something so my plan at the moment is to use bp again, and then slowly i'll decrease the amount of bp i use. does that sound like a good idea? has anyone had success doig that? i appreciate any advices! thank you so much!
  9. Hey, I'm very confused! I started using accutane almost 2 weeks ago, but due to some very annoying factors regarding ipledge, my pharmacy, and my insurance company, I only have 5 more pills to last me until August 9th (Yeah I know, shoulda gotten 30 days, blah blah blah). Now I'm on a new dosage schedule so that it gets into my system at least somewhat consistently until my next appointment. However, when my dad called my dermatologist's office earlier today (dunno why), my doctor's assistant told him I should be using Oxy face wash, if I wasn't already. What? Has anyone else used stuff like this early into treatment? My lips feel like shit but my face itself feels more or less the same, just a bit flaky and sensitive around my nose. I feel like it's risky, but at the same time I'm going through my IB and all this drama with my meds has me feeling really down and impatient. I'd only use it until the 9th. My doctor told me not to use other acne medications, but that was before I had this problem. Anyone else have experience with this weirdly specific issue?
  10. Hello there, I guess I'll start by saying I'm 25 and I've had acne since I was 13. Throughout my teens I used/tried everything but to no avail. It wasn't until my 20's that I gave up and just embraced my skin and it's imperfections (no makeup!!). Then I found and figured there was no harm in trying one last thing. So imagine my surprise when 4 days into the regimen and I'm already pimple free! It's a modern day miracle! Here's where I disclose that my acne is nowhere near severe. A few blackheads, yes, whiteheads, yes, not forgetting the monthly lumps and bumps. However, without fail they'll scar. A few days into the treatment and all I'm left with are the scars. Being week 1 I'm using the recommended amount of Benzoyl Peroxide once a day. So my question is: Do I still need to increase the dose of BP if I'm already acne free? OR do I continue to use this starter amount knowing that it's suggested to return to this amount once acne free? Quite the conundrum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. So, I was recently prescribed duac daily and antibiotics for my acne and I haven't had any problems with my tablets. I put on the duac cream about two nights ago and I found that my skin looked okay the morning after except for a small patch of skin that was slightly red (but I couldn't even notice it that well). I didn't really think too much of it. On my second day of the benzoyl peroxide treatment, the morning after, I had redness everywhere that I applied the duac cream and my face felt really dry and the texture of my skin didn't feel right. I called the person who prescribed the treatment to me and they said to discontinue use of the cream for two weeks but keep taking the tablets. I'm not sure what I can use on my skin to get rid of the dryness. I woke up this morning and it's pretty much the same as yesterday but my face feels a little bit swollen and puffy. I was wondering how long this burn may take to fade? And what should I do to get rid of it faster? Please help, I'm really worried!
  12. So I am just a week shy of hitting my 6 month mark on the regimen, and I am still battling excessive flakiness. I wake up with a big amount of flakes all over my face, and also at night, I start to flake quite a bit as well, not even 12 hours post morning routine. Here is my current daily routine, for both morning and night: Cleanse, 1.5 pumps bp, and Cerave Moisturizing Lotion to moisturize, with about 6 drops of jojoba oil. Please help me out as this is very frustrating, and I haven't heard of too many people on here that have made it to 6 months and are still flaking. I am considering switching to the cetaphil moisturizer at night time because I've heard it's really moisturing. Anything helps!! Thanks!
  13. Hi, ive been using BP 2,5% for almost a YEAR now. After few months my skin cleared up, i tried to lower the doses but it started coming back again. i cant stop! even though i have tons of hydrating face masks and serums, my skin is ridiculously flaky and no makeup looks good on me. i try to use a little, but now im left with dehydrated skin AND few pimples. Im glad i found BP cos its the only thing that has ever helped me but... should i try something else? azelaic acid or retinoids? i feel like i cant keep this up for long. (im also occasionally using glycolic acid and salicylic acid)
  14. My Acne Journey

    I would first like to thank Dan for this website, it's such a terrific resource with invaluable information. Hi, my name is Aumkar. I'm 19 and will be 20 in about 2 months. I started getting Acne when I was 17 which is pretty normal age for Male hormonal Acne. It started off pretty mild so I didn't may much attention to it, it remained to be calm and acceptable till I was almost 19 when it started to get out of hand and severely embarrassing. I didn't do much as I had no knowledge on the subject and was just busy with life to even bother going to a dermatologist. I battled through it trying to tell myself that it was just a phase and will be history in no time but at one point it got so bad that I had to seek professional help. This was around October, 2016. I had my first major breakout. I do have to agree that my Acne was still very moderate compared to others I've seen on this forum and I consider myself very lucky for that but still, it was a bad breakout..around 8 large zits. It was time to meet a derm. My derm prescribed me "Clinictop" a brand name for Clindamycin Phosphate gel and some Homeopathy medicine, LOL. Scammer. Clindamycin was a blessing in disguise. It completely cleared my skin within 3 months, I got occasional breakouts in the first month but the intervals were drastically increased, I was thrilled. The second month I had only one breakout the entire month, I was shocked. The third month, I was clear all month. I for the first time in my life found true profound happiness after experiencing such marvellous results. I continued to use Clindamycin and added a new mix of Clindamycin and Adapalene which I used at night. I noticed no noticeable difference in this change which was sort of unsurprising. I was clear the next month too. 2 months of breakout free skin, I was convinced Acne days were behind me until three week when I noticed breakouts appearing after 2 long months of being clear. I was a little upset but I wasn't too unhappy as it was after a very, very long time. The following days the I started breaking out again with 3 consecutive zits. I started to panic and then discovered this website, it took my a couple of days to educate myself on why Clindamycin wasn't working.I was disappointed but relieved to learn that "Clindamycin" an Antibiotic can only work as long as the Acne finds a resistance against it which takes around 3-4 months which is what happened in my case. I knew it was time to change the regime. I have to admit that I did have some experience with BP before Clindamycin, a week before I went to my derm in October, I tried BP and Retino-A and had terrible dryness and flaky skin, I think I might have used 10% BP, as I said before, I had no knowledge at the time. So when I took a look at the regime and saw that BP was the hero of the movie, I was very hesitant to use it. Fast forward to today here's the regime I follow with promising results. Morning - 2.5% Benzac AC w/ Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer (Which has Glycolic Acid and other Non-Comedogenic chemicals) Afternoon - Clinictop (Clindamycin Phosphate Gel) Night - 2.5% Benzac AC w/ Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer I noticed the same results with BP as I did with Clindamycin, a very mild initial breakout which has settled down considerably now. I use a "generous" amount as Dan recommends. Side effects of dryness took more than 10 days to surface, it's still not bad and is masked after using the Moisturizer. I'm exactly 15 days into this regime and already can tell where it's headed. I'll upload pictures of my skin before Clindamycin and after Clindamycin and intend to do the same for BP after a couple of months.
  15. I have been using a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel for 2 days. I put it over some of my acne spots and left it overnight. This morning I woke up with huge red/brown angry marks over where I put the gel. They aren't raised or painful, just ugly and dark. What are they, are they permanent, and how can I make them go away?? Please help!
  16. I started my benzoyl peroxide 5% (Cintex Brand) I know it's not necessarily the BP however, I've been following the forums on this site and have found the information Dan shares about acne and benzoyl peroxide is helpful and comforting. So I wanna know if I can put the glycolic acid 10% on my face after BP at night? My face is sensitive as hell, & since it's 5% I am only prescribed once at night. It cleared me up in the past this way but I NEVER had embarrassing red marks like this. so I'm feeling really desperate to buy the glycolic acid cream. Do ya'll think it would be helpful or would it be too sensitive? I've been using my bp5% for about a month and a half now, almost two months.
  17. First off, I'm a 23 y/o Male with Combination/Sensitive/Acne Prone Skin. I've been using Dans 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide for just over a month and a half, once a day (at night) and it really works. It cleared my Acne like nothing within 4 days and within the first 2 weeks of using it, i only encountered one pimple that disappeared in 2 days and after that, not a single one. But since Thursday night (which is 2 days from now) I've run in to a problem where certain areas on my face like the right side chin area, sides of my nose, mustache area, and upper region of my T Zone area have re-begun the initial "sensitive/redness" phase of "The Regimen" minus the flaking. But now I've got 3 tiny "scratch like" blemishes on my face with a bunch of redness. I should also add that this didn't start until i changed from my usual "Thursday Plantation Tea tree face wash for Acne" to the "Cetaphil Gentle face wash". I know that it should raise the red flag, but I'm on the fence due to the Cetaphil face wash being labeled "Gentle", and the amount of good reviews on how gentle the Cetaphil face wash is. Is it my new face wash, or is it the BP ? And if it's the BP, should i consider minimizing my use from once per day to one every three days ? Oh! and this is how many daily skin care regimen goes: Morning: Cleanse, Moisturize, Sunscreen NIght: Cleanse, Half of an index fingers length of BP, Moisturize I use the CeraVe Pm moisturizer for both the morning and night, even though it's meant for pm, it still does a good job for the day. I also add 4-5 drops of Hemp seed oil with my moisturizer at night. And my sunscreen is the "La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid" Any advice will be appreciated
  18. Don't know if this is the correct place to write this but -- I'm having negative side effects to the regimen, more specifically benzoyl peroxide. Okay. So I'm on the first week, around day 5, and my skin is very red, dry, itchy, and painful. The texture of my skin is off, dry and odd feeling (don't know what to compare it to, maybe scaly?) around my inner face area (T-zone, nose, chin, cheeks). It feels like a really bad sunburn. Last night when I put the benzoyl peroxide on my face, it felt the worst out of the other days. It's more of a discomfort than pain but it doesn't feel right. My skin is less red when I don't use it, after a splash of cold water and the cleanser, it lightens a bit. Same discomfort though. I'm following the regimen to a T! Even added cold pressed, all organic jojoba oil to the moisturizer. I'm doing everything right (I'm very anal about these things), so what am I doing wrong? I've always been sensitive to benz. but it was always a higher dose, so I wanted to give this a fair chance. I'm at a wits end. Do you think I'm allergic or is this expected?
  19. Hi im 16 and recently I've been getting really bad acne. It's mostly redness and hyperpigmentation with the occasional whiteheads. I got on Epiduo and took it for 2 months but didn't notice any effect, it was staining my clothes and my bedsheets, and was really annoying and depressing to use. I researched online and saw that Tea Tree Oil was good for my type of acne. I've used it for a couple days now, and the redness seems to be slightly better although I have more whiteheads. im also taking proderma 100mg every night. I'd like to know your opinion on the matter: should I use Epiduo or Tea Tree Oil? Which is best for redness and hyperpigmentation? It's really bad and I'm kinda desperate for a solution...
  20. Hey guys, It's been a month since I've started an regimen-like skin care routine for my acne. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser and a store brand of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, that has a moisturizer in it, and I do this twice a day. Things were on and off for the past month but generally, I looked better than when I started, so it kind of was working. I had multiple purges, and every few days I'd get a spot, but my face looked a lot better overall. I was totally clear less than a week ago. Today, however, I have a large cyst on my chin that's been growing for a few days (I rarely get cysts), a painful red area under my lip that's been there for days, and now my cheek is breaking out again. I'm really concerned because I always thought my acne was fairly mild, but it is completely caused by hormones. Should I give up and see if maybe accutane is the only way to go? I have a picture below. I also have fairly severe shoulder acne that isn't responsive to anything over the counter, I've been using a 10% BP wash on it for a month now too. I'm just so at a loss and upset, because I really thought this treatment was working. But every now and then it just gets bad again and I'm back to square one. Any advice?
  21. I need help! About two years ago, I began using the Clean and Clear Exfoliating Cleanser with 5% benzoyl peroxide. It successfully cleared my skin with no problems. My skin was so clear. But then, (after many months of use), my eye area all of a sudden started becoming itchy and swelling after I used it. So I stopped use of it and began using a Neutrogena daily scrub with salicylic acid. My skin was fine for a quite a while, but then just recently I started breaking out again. I assumed it was because of going off of benzoyl peroxide? But my skin was fine for quite a while after going off of it. Anyway, so a few days ago, I got the benzoyl peroxide cleanser again. Since it had been so long since I used it, I assumed I wouldn't have the itching and swelling problem. I began using it again 2 days ago. I made sure to keep it far away from my eyes, but I ended up having the same reaction as before. My eyes became so itchy!! The itching is under my eyes, my eyelids and on my eyebrows. It's almost unbearable. This is the only area that has a reaction. It's a shame because it works so well at clearing my skin! I should probably mention that my acne isn't that bad. It's mostly bumps all over my forehead and breakouts in between my eyebrows. My nose breaks out a lot as well.
  22. Hi guys, So I'm almost 4 weeks on using benzoyl peroxide once a day in the morning, for mild acne. I started with 10%, but for almost 3 weeks, I've been on 2.5% lotion, which I'm pretty sure has a moisturizer in it, as I don't seem to get dry from this one. I also use a clean and clear cleanser in the morning and at night. I thought that the benzoyl peroxide was working, because the acne I've been getting hasn't typically been as inflamed, as I used to mostly just get inflamed pustules. But I still always have one thing on my face, like a smaller pustule or papule, as well as a number of white heads, usually around my mouth where I break out the most. I feel like at almost 4 weeks, I shouldn't be getting new slightly inflamed blemishes, so I don't know if I should give up on this treatment and try to get a prescription. I thought this would be enough for me, as I have mild acne, but it's very stubborn, and it's primarily hormonal. New blemishes just show up every few days, and just when I think I'm finally clearing, so it's very discouraging. Do you think that also using the benzoyl peroxide at night would be helpful, so I'd be using it twice a day, and leaving it on over night? I try staying away from junk food and washing my face towel and pillow case frequently, maybe I'm touching my face too much? I do use a concealer sometimes for really red spots, but as a guy I'd rather not get dependent on make up. I also seem to break out more after shaving, but my shaving cream is made for sensitive skin, so I'm not sure what I should change about my shaving. Should I maybe try using a higher percentage BP like 5%?
  23. Has anyone successfully quit Proactiv or another product that contains benzoyl peroxide WITHOUT breaking out badly? I'm 24 and I've been using Proactiv since I was 14. I feel my skin is no longer as acne prone as it was when I was a teen, but my skin seems to be addicted to it, specifically the benzoyl peroxide. I tried to quit Proactiv when I was 17. I was warned that many users suffer major breakouts when they first quit, so I stopped using it. Well, I broke out...HORRIBLY. For months. It got to the point where I had so many cysts and pimples on my face, that I stopped counting after I reached 30. So, I desparately went back on Proactiv, and the breakouts stopped almost immediately. I want to be free of my skin's addiction to Proactiv and benzoyl peroxide, but I fear for the major breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and scars that could form when I quit. So, have you quit an acne product with benzoyl peroxide without having major breakouts?
  24. Hi guys, So I've had pretty mild acne on my face, and more severe on my shoulders and back. For my face, I've been using benzoyl peroxide for around 3 weeks. I started with about a week and a half of using 10%, but then realized that concentration was probably way too high. During that week, I was breaking out pretty bad. I then switched to 2.5%, and my face had calmed down considerably for almost a week, with only one pimple. But the last few days, I've been having a lot of whiteheads pop up, on my chin especially, with some red bump acne as well. Is this a purge? I thought I had purged in the beginning when I was using 10% and broke out. Is it normal to have multiple purges? The only way my acne has improved is that I'm not getting large inflamed pustules anymore, as that was the usual acne I had. Now I just have way more white heads, and the red bumps acne, which don't hurt, I don't know if I'm developing cysts or something. The white heads also keep coming back after they heal. I want to think it's a purge and I should push through it, but I'm not sure. As for my shoulder and back acne, I've been using 10% benzoyl peroxide for a few weeks, with no improvement. Before that, I had used salicylic acid for like 6 months, with no improvement. Is it time for me to give up on using benzoyl peroxide?
  25. Advice needed

    i have come to the consensus that while epiduo does kill most of the acne I apply it to, it also kills the skin anywhere in the realm of it (it looks red, dry, peeling). Regardless of the length of time I have used it, I suffer the same side affects that I just mentioned. Even when applied after moisturizer. Thus, it is not worth it in my eyes. That said, i still wash my face with the Cerave Oil Control once a day (at night) and cerave's pm moisturizer. I wonder if my acne will clear up if I JUST stick with these two things for my skincare regimen (since the caveman regimen worked for the most part I infer that my skin does fine without harsh chemicals). I also have clean and clear's salicylic acid moisturizer (that worked in the past.) I am firm on quitting epiduo but what i need help with is if I like use the cerave (no antiacne acid) or the salicylic cod moisturizer after using my cleanser. thanks for reading i mainly break out on my chin so i added a picture to aid your advice