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  1. Hey guys, So I've been on the regimen for a little over 2 months now, and it pretty much got rid of any inflamed acne for me after about 5-6 weeks of using it. I just added in the AHA a week and a half ago, and I've used it 3 times since then, using a small pea-sized amount. But in the past week and a half, I've had 2 inflamed pimples, which were huge, and yesterday I started getting a very red bump under my skin, so I'm not sure what that's gonna be. Is it possible that this is the AHA causing it? I also noticed that it brought up any whiteheads I had, but I'm confused as to why I'm getting huge inflamed stuff too since I've been on the benzoyl peroxide for a long time. I'm scared that the regimen is starting not to work, or my acne is getting too intense for it. I also started using the AHA on my shoulder acne and my shoulders are breaking out every day now.
  2. Hi! I've recently started using this AHA/BHA toner and it says that I need to use sunscreen with SPF 30 after applying. Do you guys have any recommendations? I've used the Cetaphil Oil control moisturizer with SPF 30, but that made my face break out....
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    I've been using the regimen for almost 3 months now are used to use half a pump of BP but now I'm using one full pump of BP are use AHA once a week now because the website said it would take away my peeling because I have extremely peeling skin, before being on the regimen my skin was your generic oily skin I thought that the AHA would it take away my peeling so I use it, I also moisturize twice a day heavily using the moisturizer recommended and also a few drops of jojoba oil I don't understand why all of this Dead skin is clinking and not falling off I can't apply make up on top of it because it looks rough am I exfoliated once and it broke me out in two places on my four head
  4. AHA on Acne Scabs

    so i picked at a pimple whilst it was forming, and before there was a white head, and got no pus so i kept trying to pop until i formed myself a huge massive sore scab. it's painful underneath the scab which leads me to believe there is still pus. people say to moisturizer your acne scabs because that'll help them fall off, so my question is should i use aha or the regular moisturizer that comes with the regimen and dab that on? any advice on acne scabs or skin picking or really anything helps.
  5. week 6, wednesday.

    so the AHA last night did not burn i was so happy. recently i did every other day, half moisturizer half AHA. Last night i didn't know HOW MUCH aha to use, so i put pea sizes on my fingers and only covered my face with an even, thin, layer of AHA. slowly i will work it up and see how much i can handle. Im going to do this every other day. I also started using only a thin, even layer of BP in the MORNING. and full amount at night. I can see my scars fading!!! Im SO HAPPY i stuck with this regime. I actually think that i can wear makeup today and my skin won't look gross!!! i don't want to wear makeup though, at least until i know for a fact my skin is FULLY CLEAR. Idont want to mess up this regime on a good streak. I haven't had a breakout in like a week?? again, only TINY TINY whiteheads but those honestly don't bother me. Side note, my forehead has been 100% clear since the first week i started this regime. I used to have bumps all over my forehead and i could see it in pictures and i hated it. My face still gets red. i think thats just because I'm really white lol. YAYAY IM HAPPY SO FAR FINGERS CROSSED IT ONLY GETS BETTER!!!
  6. Okay so back story I used to suffer from acne throughout high school. One year later my skin is acne free BUT its full of acne scars. I dont have the usually dark spot acne kind I was left with boxed scar and scar pits. And after doing some research its come down to products that contains AHA/BHA or vitamin C serum that can help with skin regrowth. I just want to know if using products with AHA/BHA will help the scar heal, fade, or disappear for good or a chemical peel is better(I've had one and i don't want to have dry peeling skin for days) or that vitamin c serum can help balance and reduce scar. Here are some pics of my skin as of now.
  7. I've been using the regimen for 3 months now and I show zero signs of improvement. Actually my skin has gotten worse. I was using Clindamycin with decent results (now that I look back at my pics). But I wanted clear skin as I've seen reviewers claim to have achieved. According to the website you should see improvement in 3 months. This is not happening for me. Is there anyone who had to use the regimen 3+ months before they started seeing results? Any advice? I've attached my before and after pics while using the regimen. Im not achieving the great results everyone else is getting.
  8. Hey Ladies- Mirena And Acne?

    aloha all Alright, so I know I'm only 23, but I feel like this issue might be more applicable to the "adult" population. More specifically, adult women. I had very mild, but extremely persistent acne that started when i was 18. A year later, a derm finally put me on accutane (highest dose was 40mg). It went great and my skin responded fabulously. Fast forward to 5 months ago. I decided to get the IUD mirena. It's got very low hormones (that i needed for my horrible periods) which are slowly released. According to my doctor, these hormones are released into the uterus, and do not enter the blood stream. A month after having it inserted, I started breaking out like crazy. I couldn't keep it under control. As a full time grad student, I didn't even want to go to class. I contemplated getting it removed, but other than what it's doing to my skin, I love it! I went to my derm and he agreed that he thought it was the mirena causing my acne. It's funny how doctors constantly disagree about the cause of acne! Anyways, have any of you ladies out there experienced this? If so, what did you do? No one i've met with the IUD has had any issues with it. I'm on a second round of accutane at the moment, and it's working great as it did the first time. I'm just scared as soon as i go off of it, the acne will come back because I still have the mirena. BEING A WOMAN CAN BE SO FRUSTRATING! mahalo for reading! have a great day
  9. I have read about this on other posts, but have never seen a solid answer. I follow the regimen pretty well, I use everything at night and some night i replace the moisturizer with AHA or use the AHA as a spot treatment and moisturize after. In the morning i use a good amount of BP, and one pump of moisturizer, as anymore seems like a TON on my face. My friends have all been asking if I have been going tanning/ comment on my face looks a little red. My face looks way darker than my neck and this is really embarrassing. Could it be the moisturizer, the AHA, the BP. I do not know what to try as my results have been good and I do not want to break out, but I want to get rid of this fake tan look. I do not use SPF in any products, and I am not outside a lot these days as it is cold. I will get a new moisturizer with SPF soon if I can not find a solution. I also have never used jojoba oil, could this help? My skin feels a little dry during the day, but never looks dry or bothers me really. Any suggestions?

    Hey eveyone! Im in my teens and have your typical hormonal acne I've been using after using cylindamycin and tretinon from my derm for two years and it was successful for a while but after this school year it stopped working for some reason.and i was getting more acne than ever that created scars and PIE scars. I started using for almost 2 months and my skin was getting better but was incredibly flaky so i started using aha which helped a little my skin has been getting random breakouts all of a sudden though but for no reason which is causing more PIE scars after seeing this i started using their jojoba oil because there was so much dry skin build up, Did any of you guys experience this? Thanks - Brooke BTW my skin IS SUPER CRAZY FLAKY AND THEIR IS SO MUCH DEAD SKIN BUILDUPPPP I Have been using aha a few times but my skin is still so flaky I want to exfoliate it but I know doesnt allow it but I feel like I need it.
  11. So my AHA came in and I did a test on the bottom of my jaw and I didn't have any bad reaction so I put it over the 5% benzoyl Peroxide that I have as a prescription from my doctor. I only used the AHA as a spot treatment and I only did it for two spots (the red Marks) for one night in case it made my face really really red I wouldn't want to have weird red spots all over my face but I used it on all my spots as a spot treatment last night and it is red in those areas but the texture is literally completely different from what the Benzoyl Peroxide usually makes it feel like all day. INCREDIBLE. I did what Dan said and put it over an Active pimple that was starting to come up and it didn't really do anything besides what the benzoyl peroxide usually does . so I don't know maybe It'll start working more when I use it more often. for those that have seen results with the glycolic acid when did the redness subside from it and when did the marks really start to fade ??? does the acid help w/ blackheads
  12. I don't have a phone right now so I can't take pics. so I've noticed that my 99.9% of my face (everywhere on my face) is red, itchy, and seems to have open-pores and orange-peel-like texture. I'm wondering if its from over-exfoliation since I use AHA everyday. I decided that I'm not going to use anything on my face except cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer until my skin becomes less irritated. Is it gonna help? Will the orange-peel-like texture go away in a few weeks or is permanent? Edit: I have also been using tee tree soap as a facial wash before putting aha on my face, it stings. In contrary, If i use my neutrogena facial wash and then aha, it doesnt sting. I decided to put an antibiotic cream and moisturizer after I experienced the stinging, is that also a reason why my face is acting up? 2nd Edit: So, i found out that my pores aren't actually open, they looked raised up
  13. Can anyone who's done chemical peels offer me guide? I'm currently on Epiduo Forte and minocycline. I have so many red marks, hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks and really want to get a chemical peel to fade the spots. For anyone who have done chemical peel while on retin a, epiduo or other topicals, what steps did you go through?
  14. Success With Retin-A

    I don't post in the forums often but I thought I'd share a success story. I discovered Dan's regimen about 4-5 years ago, the time before spawned Daniel Kern products. I used the BP regimen faithfully for about 4 years with great success. Then got on BC (Yazmin) and cleared up my skin even more. For a good while, I had pretty much found a consistent, useful routine to keep my skin relatively clear with no major breakouts (my acne has always been mild to moderate) and quick fading of brown marks. That is until a year ago. The year when I had the most stressful experience in my life that not only wreaked havoc mentally and emotionally but re-ignited my battle with acne. I immediately just went back to vigilant and precise use of Dan's method to no avail. After about 5 months or so, I literally through my BP away. I had to start from ground zero with my anti-acne experimentation which included, many OTC products to no avail including AHA lotion, African black soap, salicylic acid pads (Oxy) and apple cider vinegar (these did help with small forehead bumps and a few deeply ingrained marks). I was getting desperate and finally went back to the doctor to get put back on Yasmin. The BC helped some but didn't get my skin back to normal. Not wanting to continue to pay co-pays for every derm visit to do the same kind of experimentation on my face, I went rogue. I finally opened up a now expired tube of 0.05% tretinoin cream (at least by 6 months!) my dad had brought back from a trip from Mexico nearly a year before. I think it costs him about $15-20 in US dollars for the tube (40g). I never really tried it because I never needed it and then by the time my acne had resurged I forgot about it. I had read some studies that said most meds don't expire and that you can use any drugs that you don't necessarily have to work at 100% effectivity. So, I went for it. And started using the cream as most derms direct: Gentle face wash 30 minutes prior, pea-size amount, every 3 nights, then every 2, then every night once your face acclimates to the drying factor. It's been about 3 months and my face is FINALLY started to return to normal. I experienced the intial purging at about week 3 but nothing abnormal just a moderate acne breakout on my cheek and chin that dried and faded rather rapidly. And then week after week, a few little bumps would come to head and then heal and fade quickly. The process still seems to be happening with much more time in between the mini-breakouts and the pimples drying up faster and faster each time. At this point now, I have 5 tiny little whiteheads that are already drying out. But the most noticeable difference is that my skin feels generally smooth to the touch with none of those pesky, deep bumps that usually recur on my face. I only have dry patches when I use too much medicine. I have quite a bit of cream left in the tube and won't expect that it will need to be refilled for a quite sometime (about 9 months) unless I notice a decline in its effectiveness as time marches on. So far so good though so keep that in mind if you have left over prescription. Once my breakouts end completely I plan on adding AHA lotion back into my routine in the mornings as I hear that the one-two punch of glycolic and retinoid acid does wonders. Good luck to you all who are starting a retinoid acid regimen. I hope you have similar success! Here's my log: Morning: Wash with Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash Clarifying Cleanser using the soft side of the Sephora Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush Tone with Apple Cider Vinegar-Water (1:3 ratio) Wait 30 minutes Pea-sized 0.05% Tretinoin Cream Wait 30 minutes Moisturize with Rosewater-Glycerin Spritz Protect with Coppertone Faces 30 Spf Lotion Night: Wash with Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash Clarifying Cleanser Tone with Apple Cider Vinegar-Water (1:3 ratio) Wait 30 minutes Pea-sized 0.05% Tretinoin Cream Wait 30 minutes Moisturize with Rosewater-Glycerin Spritz if normally dry or The Body Shop Nutriganics Night Cream if extra dry
  15. 7 months

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  16. 7 months, already?

    Well, I'm coming up on a year already! Slowly but surely seeing progress and making moves towards the skin I've always wanted. I have been feeling disheartened as of late as I sort of felt like I had stopped seeing and progress or change. Everything seems to be pretty stagnant and I have become more focused on procuring quality makeup and learning makeup tricks to cover up the rest of what's left. I've always known that chemicals at these levels weren't going to remove physical scars (if anything even will) so I figured I've gotten to a stopping point. But this morning my coworker once again mentioned how much better my skin was looking and I decided it was time to compare again. And I can't say I'm overly disappointed. The coloring is even. The pores even seem somewhat refined. And the scars seem a little more shallow than before. I realize I'll always be more critical than anyone else, (although an incredibly blunt person made me realize recently that this may not actually be true when he mentioned he still thinks I'm cute even if the scarring is bad...thanks ...) but I'm still determined to continue on this path and hopefully get where I'm trying to go with the way I look. So here's to 7 months and continued improvement!
  17. 7 months

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  18. 7 Months

    From the album AHA & Retinol

    So it's been about 7 months since I started my new skin chair regimen. The physical pitted scars are still prevalent, but so much of the hyperpigmentation is gone. So much better than where I started last year!
  19. Hey forum I've been on a treatment for 4 months which kinda worked, but I stopped because I wanted to try the regimen. A part of my old treatment was to exfoliate twice per day, however I just got really dry skin from doing it. I therefore asked my cosmetologist if this was supposed to happen and she said it was supposed to happen. So I continued but now I litterly have flakes of dead skin on top of my skin. It feels and looks awful and has completly taken all confidence from me. I'm pretty sure this is a result of over exfoliating, so I completly stopped doing that. I hope the dead skin will subside naturally (it has now been 4 weeks without exfoliating and it's stille there) but I'm not quite sure and would like to get rid of it! I am cleansing and moisturizing evry morning and noon. My cleanser and moisturizer is from Exuviance and are formulated with AHA (the cleanser) and PHA (the moisturizer) and I'm thinking about switching them out because they may cause more dry skin??? So do you know how I can get rid of it? Keep in mind that this is not just dry skin that you get from using BP, but flakes of dead skin cells covering my face... I've been looking at Glycolic Acid but I'm scared of exfoliting my skin after my past experiences. Please help -Chris
  20. Hello Beautiful People, today marks the day for a new upload on my Youtube channel. Please check on my face washing routine using products. I have been using the regimen for 8 months, and I have achieved GREAT results. PLEASE subscribe to my channel to stay updated on future content. Feel free to Like, Share, and comment on the video. -Chaz Marie
  21. AmLactin 12% on face?

    So I can't really access the regimen, and I was wondering if I could replace their 10% aha cream with the 12% AmLactin(which I already own)? I have occasionally mixed it with a very neutral no-perfume basic body lotion and aloe gel and put it on my face, but I was wondering if anyone else have used it and how, or if it's very horrible for my skin.
  22. First a little background information · Girl, currently 19 years old · Started getting acne around 14 years old · Dry, sensitive skin + large pores (the most ironic combination) · Few big ones on my forehead or near my mouth / chin, never my cheek, often pretty deep with no head + ooze for a really long time · Doctor prescribed me clindoxyl(Benzoylperoxid/Clindamycin), did not do much but irritate my skin · Dermatologist who put me on lymeceline pills (two years ago), helped with the inflammation + my pimples went away faster + removed the ones in the lower area of my face near my mouth. · Still used the clindoxyl cream but was also described isotrex gel(isotretinoin) which only dried out my skin in a weird film like way · Sometimes skin would be almost clear other times it would be bad(I also a have pretty serious picking obsession) · Was advised to stop taking the pills in summer time = instantly bad(or worse) skin again + inflammation would stick for longer again Half a year ago I started little hard bumps around my jawline, hair line and neck that I couldn't/can't stop scratching and I've also gotten more dandruff(could be seborrheic dermatitis?). Some of the bumps are 'poppable'(they dont really 'pop' like they that, it's very much a pushing process) and the things inside them are very firm, sometimes like a grain, sometimes just like a hard string and I suspect that they are ingrown hairs, because i have found little hairs inside the the 'stuff' sometimes. My dermatologist said they were acne and I also get the little bumps on my shoulders. If I pick them until they bleed, they often form a weird scab / scar looking surface and they won't really properly go away. Sometimes I squeeze/pick them again and a very grain like/black head looking thing comes out(sometimes with a little hair)! Only then will they disappear completely. It's also often really easy to squeeze something out of the bumps(makes it even more addicting ). She then prescribed me Finacea(15% Azelaic acid) but that didn't help. The bumps have only gotten worse and more irritated and I don't know what to do. My keratosis pilaris has also gotten worse on my chest / neck / shoulder area, it's like literally every part of my skin is filled with poppable bump. My routine used to be/is: La Roche-Posay Effaclar H cleanser + Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant + La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer I would also sometimes use pure acv directly on pimples to 'burn' them away because at least then it would form a scab instead of the constant oozing. I know it's a terrible method because of scarring, but the longer it would stay on my face, the more i would pick it and the scar would have become deeper. I have now switched the BHA liquid with the clindoxyl because i find that it's better to stop the oozing but it's still not getting completely rid of my acne. It has taken a huge toll on my confidence and especially the acne around my jawline / neck since it's hard to hide with make up. I already only wear long sleeved shirts because of a million scars and red scabs on my arms from picking my keratosis pilaris. I use Amlactin which helps and a tough scrubbing glove but the urge to pick doesn't help and the scarring is still too visible. I know physical exfoliating is a no-go but i have SO MUCH DEAD SKIN on my body, it's crazy. Especially on my back. Sometimes I even use my nails when I shower. I've just ordered mizon snail recovery gel in hope that it will help with the scarring. I'm seriously considering getting my facial hair lasered away because I suspect my hair follicles so much for causing all these bumps but it's so damn expensive. I also had red spot between my eye / nose / cheek area. There was a white part visible but it wasn't bumpy per se. I tried to squeeze it out but it was like the white part was too deep down. It would always end up with a messy scab and after it had healed, there was still a red spot with a white dot. Then finally yesterday I went at it one more time and out came an ingrown hair!!! I had been dealing with it for 6 damn months. It's like my body/skin hates me. Anyways, I'm really getting desperate and the fact that I have been on antibiotics for two years straight scares me a bit(a lot). tl;dr - acne + keratosis pilaris + sebhorric dermatisis(maybe) on forehead, jawline, neck, shoulders, lots of small firm bumps with no head but with stuff inside - dry senstive skin with large pores - have tried: clindoxyl, isotrex, finacea, pc bha liquid, amlactin(aha), hydrocortisone cream - been on tetracyclin for 2-3 years - i drink 2-3 litres of tea a day(no sugar or milk) - nearly dont eat any dairy(a little cheesy maybe twice or thrice a week, no milk), tried no gluten(didn't help) tried drinking water mixed with two tbs acv a day(didn't help) - considering laser hair removal, otherwise pretty desperate - somewhat irregular period(interval is anything between 20-40 days), could be hormonal problems? I have attached a link to a picture of my forehead, jawline and back just in case. Any advice is appreciated so incredibly much! I'm so sick of my skin preventing me from being happy and living my life and spending money on it. Also im sorry for any grammar mistakes.
  23. Should I use AHA?

    I've been using the regimen for 6 months now and I've seen really great improvements! I haven't had a pimple in a really long time! I'm really happy with the results but I still have some hyper pigmentation, i think that's what it's called, and some scarring as well. I've heard that AHA helps with that but I'm not sure if I want to use it if it won't really help with the scarring that is left from my acne. Is it supposed to help with scarring? Or just to help the appearance of your skin?

    Okay so a while ago I posted about having flaky skin and it has NOT went away. It only improved a little bit. The actual reason for this post is that I am thinking of restarting the regimen! I am STILL breaking out and it is my 4.5 month using it! I did start with a lot but it was because a pea size just wasn't enough to cover my whole face. I have tried switching moisturizers so the flakyness could stop, but it has not. So, I have a goal of no flakes and almost clear skin before July! I want to stop using it for a week (Or maybe even recommend less/more time?? or to just use it once a day??) and that week has to be after the 13th of May! Do any of you think I will achieve being clear and having no flakes by July? Should I keep going? Should I just stop using it once a day for a couple of days before I stop using it? MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCTS (including AHA) Cleanser - It is SO COMPLICATED to make it lather up so I end up touching my face with my bare hands with the little amount of lathered up cleanser. - Makes my face DRY. Benzoyl Peroxide - It is so complicated to measure it, but I do use 4ml (as compared to 3 pumps) -IDK if it works or not. -Only helps have a few pimples, but not be completely clear. Moisturizer - SO ANNOYING - Makes my face red for some reason -Does not help controlling face oil - STINGS when putting on AHA - Made my face tight when using it daily at night with half moisturizer (I could not even speak properly!) - Makes skin more flaky - I drink lots of water. - I have cutout dairy.