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  1. I have had these scars on my chest for a long time now, roughly 10 years. I've tried peels as well as 5 rounds of sublative laser. I didn't seem to get that much of a result from the laser maybe a reduction of 20-30% in appearance. What's the best way to get rid of these scars? Right now I'm just using a retinoid and a moisturizer so nothing much right now. Looking for a way to diminish appearance of the large rolling(?) scar in the middle
  2. Hey guys ! I´ve been feeling like crap lately. My face looks awful and I feel hideous just looking in the mirror and for that reason I try to avoid looking at all . My cheeks in particular look so bad, full of acne and red marks from older pimples. I´ve also been crying so much, mostly because I remember how beautiful my skin looked last year and how bad it looks now . I don´t know what happened , I just know that my skin looked perfect and now looks awful. I also don´t want to go out because I´m ashamed of my face and worried that others will only focus on my terrible acne. To make things worse I have also heard my dad say to my mom that my skin lately has been looking really bad and that really hurt my feelings. I don´t know what to do anymore, I´m going back to school again in less than a month and I already feel like not going. do you have any tips ? what works for you ? Feel free to comment . PS:I´m also on 20mg of accutane . this is my 3rd month.
  3. About 4 months ago, about 10 little bumps appeared on my forehead. At first, I assumed it was acne and I treated it like it was. I heard great things about the Shea Moisture African Black Soap and decided to try it out. I used it for about 2 weeks and it made it 100x worse. Now my forehead is absolutely covered. I began researching it and I learned about something called Malassezia Folliculitis and it really does look like it could be that. I have no idea which it could be, and how I can treat it. I inserted some pictures to help. Thank you.
  4. red lump on side of nose

    Hi so I've been using a benzoyl peroxide treatment for about a month now, and it's been working very well. About 5 days ago, a small spot started on the side of my nose and I treated it with bp. It's been growing and finally stopped except the shape is rectangular. I've been icing it 1-2 times a day and washing my face 2 times a day. Anyone know what it could be or how to treat it? It has no head
  5. I have been using Dr Organics Snail Gel for 3.5 weeks and it's made such a huge improvement to my skin already! I would highly recommend for anyone suffering with acne, scarring and an uneven or oily complexion!! Snail secretion filtrate is all natural, cruelty free and the latest craze to come out of South Korea! It's well worth it - I would highly recommend.
  6. Accutane Week #1

    Hello! This Friday marks the end of my first week on accutane. My starting dose is 60mg per day ( 1 30mg pill twice a day) which is about 1mg/ kg for me. I have to say, this week has been pretty rough but towards the end, things got better and I am feeling good now! The first day of accutane was fine but the second day I woke up with a mild headache, which is unusual for me. The headache lasted about 3 days on and off and I just felt off. I began to worry so I called the derm and he said that I was probably dehydrated. I drank a ton of water and it went away! So I would recommend drinking extra water on Accutane! Around day 3, everything started to dry out. My lips have been mildly chapped and the skin on my face has been peeling around my breakouts. I have been using Cera Ve cream moisturizer on my body and Cetaphil moisturizer with spf on my face and I have been washing my face with Cetaphil for normal/ oily skin. The only thing that helps my lips is Aquaphor. As for the initial breakout, I have noticed some larger than usually marks coming up but they dry up really quickly. Another side effect I have been experiencing is sun sensitivity. I cannot tolerate being in direct sunlight for more than 5-10 minutes at a time no matter how much sunscreen I have on. My skin gets so red and irritated. The final thing I notice during my first week is joint pain. My job requires me to stand for extended periods and do heavy lifting and I have been coming home with some soreness. Nothing extreme or terrible, but noticeable. My week started out kind of bad with my side effects but I feel that my body is adjusting and I am feeling better now! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day
  7. I've made quite a few posts in this forum and it seems my skin is getting progressively worse. I was convinced it was from the stress of school, but now that I'm graduated my skin is actually the worse it's ever been. I took the week off to just chill, wear no makeup, excersize & do yoga (de-stress) and eat really well and I swear to god everyday it gets worse. I'm not eating dairy. I'm taking Omega-3, Multi-Vitamin, and a Probiotic everyday. I wash my face with Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic face wash and follow up with the moisturizer, then topically apply tea tree oil. I think it's hormonal, but it's not in the usual places for hormonal acne. I actually rarely see acne in the cheeks like I have. I'm not sure if it's related but my mom suffered from really bad acne throughout middle school and highschool, although I'm 19 and never had ANY acne prior to this (started last September) I have never been to a dermatologist and would prefer to deal with the root of the issue rather than taking a pill to fix things. Although I am considering birth control, so if anybody has experience with that I'd love to hear. This is my skin on August 4, the day I graduated August 10 August 11 August 12, today
  8. Need help with acne/scars !

    Need help from all you on the forum. Been struggling with acne since I was 13/14. It was never that bad till after high school. As soon as I graduated I started breaking out pretty bad on my face, chest and back. I tried plenty of the typical acne treatments you see in stores with no success. Went to the doctor and was prescribed Doxycycline as well as a topical Clindamycin. It worked for about a month till eventually my skin started reacting badly to it and would turn very red. I went back to the doctor and told him but he didn't really seem to care and told me that treating acne is a slow process and wouldn't prescribe me anything else. (People with clear skin never seem to understand how this feels!) So anyways my acne breakouts continued and now I have bad scarring all over my cheeks and back. I just ordered the regimen so hopefully it helps but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what to use for the scarring, preferably something that doesn't require another trip to the doctor. I've heard great things about rosehip oil, can I use that while also using the regimen? Any advice will help! I'll also attach pics so you guys can see what I'm working with. It's pretty bad. Thanks guys.
  9. Cysts, cysts, cysts… This past week, I developed a couple large cysts on the upper part of my cheeks that were very painful and inflamed. One of the cysts (right cheek) popped naturally on its own in the shower which cause a black hole filled with blood. It is currently healing and turned into a scab. Tiny Whiteheads… I continue to develop tiny whiteheads along the side of my mouth and chin area. Before starting Accutane, I had a lot of under the skin whiteheads that were not noticeable at all. I assume these are now all coming to the surface to get pushed out. Skin Flattening out... I have noticed that my skin is much softer than before starting accutane and I have less bumps. Although I still have a lot of red marks, my skin isn't as sore.
  10. Spironolactone- 1 Month Update

    I have been reading reviews that after 1-2 weeks, this pill made peoples acne magically go away. This hasn't been my case. I never had super severe acne this time around, but it was mild closer to moderate. It would not go away for weeks. This week, I have noticed a big difference, just from Monday to Friday. My acne on my cheeks, is almost all gone. The second and third week of the month my cheeks and chin were breaking out alot. The pimples are significantly smaller. It looks like they are almost completely gone. The whiteheads on my lip, have went down a ton. It honestly looks like there is not a single "super severe" breakout going on today. When I started, I felt like there were small pimples on almost every part of my face & bigger ones. I think starting my Nuva Ring has helped alot. I stopped birth control for two months for the first time since Accutane. It was the biggest mistake ever. I believe that is what made my skin explode. Before I stopped, my acne still was starting to pop up alot more often than usual, but not as severely. My skin is very red and sensitive still. My acne scars from the past look more prominent & I did notice my initial breakout has really made my acne scars on my cheeks even worse and left more. It looks like acne still, but it is much smoother. I for sure see improvement. I am so happy. Week two compared to the 1 month mark, is so much better. I know I had an initial breakout on the second & third week. My Retin A cream made my cheeks break out worse too. My Clindamycin gel has helped shrink my pimples so much. I use that daily. I still have acne & for sure don't feel clear. I still have whiteheads going on, but it is better than deep bumps on my cheeks that aren't close to shrinking. I am so excited to see my skin on Month 2. I feel like the medicine is now finally starting to work the magic. I don't want to jinx myself, but I see improvement. I still would not feel confident without makeup & still am not ready to even take on College on campus this semester because of my insecurities. I am hoping by the new year, I will be clear & confident & ready to go back on campus again. For now, I am taking online classes, avoiding mirrors, doing my makeup, even though I dread seeing my face when I take it off at night. I am going to stay positive! I have a new job & I am proud I went to the interview and aced it, even though I felt insecure. One last comment, when I take off my makeup & wash my face, the redness often makes my acne scars stick out so much more, & make the acne look more severe than it is. I still feel insecure looking at the mirror until about 15 minutes later, when the redness comes down. I would love comments or questions or some support down below!
  11. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned. I've had closed comedones for approximately 8 years. They were the main source of my acne and were especially bad on my chin, side of chin, jawline, and areas around my mouth. I got them on my forehead, too. I have very oily skin and always assumed this was the source (which is kind of is). I tried prescription medicines like tretinoin and retin a, salicylic acid creams and toners, and aha creams. Sometimes they worked okay but left my skin dry and irritated. Then, for awhile, I tried all natural products which left my skin more intact but did not help the CC's. Last Christmas, as a 25-year old, my mother bought me a Clarisonic Alpha, which is the male version. It's basically the same as the female one but is advertised for men with beards and is a charcoal grey color. It came with an AHA cleanser that I was hesitant to use but ended up liking. My problem before was that I could get the comedones to surface into pimples but not prevent them. The clarisonic and the cleanser it comes with have done that. I just went to the beach for a week and only used it once: no cc's cropped up. With that said, I have never had a CC just disappear. They have to come to the surface and be popped/extracted. I'm not talking about blackheads or the small bumps with rice grains in them (Clarisonic has helped them but not as much), but comedones that turn into full fledged whiteheads when they fully inflame and surface. They're like ticking timebombs just waiting under the skin. It took abut 3-4 months when I noticed I wasn't getting anymore clogs besides some small blackheads. I went from approximately 20 closed comedones under my skin to 0. My face is much clearer because there is no repeated cycle of erupted comedones and dark marks, which altogether took about a month to fully clear, in which another would erupt by then. I just felt it necessary to share my method because I've had these for so damn long. I thought about suggesting the use of a soft brush instead of the clarisonic, but I read that the clarisonic not only exfoliates, it sends waves into the skin for deep cleansing. I'm not sure which has been more effective: the cleanser, clarisonic, or both, but having no closed comedones is amazing. P.S. After re-reading my post, I want to add two things: diet seems to play no role in CC's, and exfoliation is key. My skin is so so oily, yet I have eradicated all CC's. I still get some small bumps and blackheads but those are almost invisible, easy to deal with, and harder to fully combat with the nature of my skin.
  12. My oily skin is gone

    Im 14 nearly 15 and I've had acne and oily skin since I was 10 (i know I was young), but suddenly my oily skin has gone and in my t-zone it's normal and the rest of my skin is dry. Does this mean that my acne is going? As it has dulled down a bit lately. I just thought that I'm too young for my acne to go already, even though I wish it would.
  13. 1month- 10mg 4months- 20mg 1month- 30mg 4months- 40mg (1 month done-currently 3months more to go) So a total of 10months on Isotretinoin/Accutane course for mild cystic but presistant acne on both cheeks and jawline. Hoping for good results; it wasn't a easy ride. November is the last month for me. Cant wait.
  14. 7th month on ACCUTANE 40mg (24,female,cystic acne on both cheeks, jawline and chin) Skin type - normal Side effects - *HAIRFALLLLLLLLLLL lots and lots of hairfall *Sciatica nerve pain (mild 5-6 times in a month) *Absent minded *Feeling numb emotionally UPDATE- No cystic acne just small 4-5 pimples
  15. Hi people of the internet, my name is Ryan, I am an 18 year old male from the United Kingdom, and I have been on accutane approximately a week. I am writing this because I want to talk directly to those who suffer from stubborn and persistent acne that most people would define as 'mild', and unworthy of accutane. Here's some back story. I first started getting acne when I was 10 - annoyingly young but hey life has a habit of being a bitch like that. I started with just forehead acne, I'd never have less than 3 cystic/boil like whiteheads (incredibly sore and left marks for about a century). My simple solution to this was to grow my hair and pretend they didn't exist. This was fine until I was about 14 when they decided to plague my cheeks too. They were sore, unsightly and honestly disgusting. I have an incredibly pale complexion too, so they stood out like a sore thumb. I've also suffered from bacne, or more specifically shoulder-acne for as long as I can remember - no sore cysts but persistent whiteheads that scar. When I was 16, I had to start shaving - another recipe for disaster. My skin is incredibly sensitive, and it took me about a year to find a product and razor that firstly didn't cause my skin to go red raw, but also prevent me from getting bumpy whiteheads all over my jawline. (If I shave more than 3 times a week now, I still get this issue.) So, whilst my acne has never been considered severe, it's always been enough to be an emotional and mental challenge for me, and it's always dented my self esteem and when it gets bad I could end up in the house for weeks on end. I went to the doctor the first time when I was about 14. I knew of Accutane at this time but this site always made me feel embarrassed to ask since by acne was never as bad as half the photos on this site. My doctor said something along the lines of you have okay skin but I can see your concern, and for the next year I went backwards and forwards to him, being prescribed different topical treatments. None of these worked, all of them destroyed my skin – I’m going to document everything I’ve tried over the years below to give some advice for others. A year later he finally gave up on the creams and prescribed me lymecycline, followed by doxycycline – both of which I can confidently say did absolutely nothing other than reduce the time my spots stayed red raw (nice, but it only lasted while I was on the pills). By this time I was about 16 and going through my GCSE’s so my skin wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. Finally, after 8 years, I heard somebody tell me what I wanted to hear, that my acne was stubborn and appeared sore, uncomfortable and was more than just teenage spots. She comforted me, examined me, talked me through all the options. Much to my disappointment, she said she wouldn't prescribe me Accutane. She prescribed me trimethroprim (also known as bactrim) - it’s probably given me the best results to date and whilst I saw no change to my back, my cheeks cleared up and I only got small whiteheads (my forehead still always had at least one giant beast of a cyst). I would still breakout but they were nowhere near as harsh. My skin also had a relatively nice complexion too, as she told me to just avoid all skin products except a cleanser which she prescribed, and the antibiotic. Fast forward to November and I have been prescribed Accutane. I want people to know, in the same situation as me, there is NEVER a situation when your acne isn’t ‘that bad’. If it’s bad to you, that’s all that matters, don’t listen to what other people say. If it affects you, mentally or emotionally, that’s enough to want to get a fix. Sometimes you have to pay good money to get somebody to listen, and sometimes you have to take things into your own hands, but never think you aren’t a good enough candidate for something that could change your life. And yes – acne can cause depression, no matter how many times people tell you it can’t or how there must be ‘other underlining factors’ – only you know what is affecting you the most. Most of all, don’t tell yourself ‘others have it worse’, if you have that attitude you’ll never be happy because there are always going to be other people in the world who are worse off than you. You should always prioritise your own happiness in life. So – that’s my back story. So far I’ve been on Accutane about a week and I have very dry lips. My skin itself isn’t dry, but that’s probably because my skin was very oily to start with. I haven’t experienced a purge yet, but that may be because I stopped trimethroprim the day I started Accutane. I have however experienced a couple of cysty spots on my cheek that I haven’t had since I started trime. In all honestly, my skins kinda soft, but I don’t know if that’s just coincidence. No change on my back/forehead so far, nor the blackheads on my nosee. I’ll keep updating bi-weekly and we’ll see how my Accutane journey goes! TLDR; Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm 18 and from the UK, and I have suffered from mild acne since I was 10 years old. I started Accutane a week ago and this is my log. Random things I have tried: Tea Tree Oil - Burned my skin Panoxyl gel - Good for drying up spots, but bleaches skin, clothes and leaves marks Quinoderm - Same as above Some retinoid cream for the back can;t remember the same - useless, did nothing Freederm exfoliator - good, makes skin feel soft Cetafil cleanser - Great! I swear by this product, so good for sensitive skin (prescribed by my demro) Cetafil moisturiser - Wasn't for me, too greasy and made me break out Manuka honey - broke me out hugely, but I used it on big swolen spots and it seems to help reduce them in size quicker Freederm gel - helps prevent big spots spread to other areas of face Proactiv - AVOID AVOID AVOID, this stuff is so expensive and it decoloured, dried out and did nothing of any use to my skin toothpaste - don't use toothpaste unless you want red marks on your face for weeks Aveeno cream - great for dry skin zipmist - great for shaving if you have sensitive skin lush mask of magnaminty - really good, makes skin look fresh and feels great, reduces redness too (dont use too frequently) Sudocrem - oh my god why didn't i use this sooner its so good for healing redness and reducing spot size I'll add others as they come to mind.
  16. i'm new on here but desperately need some help. like 2 weeks ago i had a bad hormonal breakout and got a lot of pimples on my cheeks. i got one near my jawline that was a whitehead but hurt pretty bad, i had refrained from picking at the other pimples bc i know how bad it is but this one had a lot of pressure so i popped it. i felt like it had SO much stuff oozing out of it that i had to keep popping it which resulted in a red mark bigger than the original pimple. anyways it's been a while and it scabbed up for about a week and the scab was kind of coming off on its own around the edges so i thought it would be a good idea to pull it off, but turns out the middle as not healed!!! now i have this indented scar looking thing on my cheek and i have picture day tomorrow so i really hope i get some replies. i know it would go away overnight but there has to be something that can flatten the hole a bit right?! i also attached pictures of the hole so please look at those
  17. Ok so I have moderate to severe acne and I have a lot of whiteheads that I can never get rid of due to an old face wash that I've used , I recently bought the NEUTROGENA oil free stress control toner & ive been using it for about 1 week and I've been breaking out like crazy ! Idk if it's purging because there is 2% salicylic acid in it or if I'm just breaking out because it's not working ! I thought maybe my little whiteheads are turning to pimples and will soon disappear ? Idk I need answers because I can't find it anywhere & I need to know if I should continue using this or just stop
  18. Alright, so I promise my skin didn't look like this before I started using retin-a. I'm normally a pretty confident person but this is terrible. My skin texture is like an orange: shiny and my pores are almost open everywhere. I stopped retin-a today after taking it for 8 months. Is there any hope for my skin? The pock marks, open pores, and scarred pores? What kind of treatments are available and most effective? This is seriously killing my self esteem. And anyone know how to get rid of the shiny/ texture effect of the retin-a? I wish I could go back and not even have used it.
  19. Hi! I have been dealing with small bumps all over my forehead for years. They do not hurt & simply just sit on my skin. Although they aren't EXTREMELY visible, they can become so in certain lightings. I wash my face twice a day & have tried many acne medication. I'm not sure if they are simple acne or clogged pores. If someone could offer some advice on treatments or what they are, it would be much appreciated
  20. my dermatologist told me to stop using moisturizer, as he believes it contributes to my acne. he also gave me an oral antibiotic for my acne and two topicals (one for AM one for PM). my skin has become so dry and though i've quit using the topicals for about two or three days now, my face still feels like sandpaper. should i use a moisturizer, like jojoba oil, or should i listen to my dermatologist?
  21. Hello, to all the wonderful people out there. I am desperately seeking for help. I'm completely overwhelmed with emotions after looking at all the pictures I will be adding to this post. I basically have some sort of acne/rash on my face that will not go away no matter what. I have tried retinoids, hydrocortisone creams, dermatologists, I've basically tried everything. I've spent tons of money on products, yet nothing works. I do not even know what type of acne it is. Please help me. I've outlined the main affected areas. Around the cheeks. When I touch the affected areas around the cheeks it feels as if its filled with fluids. It is very puffy. I also have very grainy-like skin on my forehead. My nose also seems to have the same skin texture. I desperately need help. Some insight on what I have would help tremendously. I've gone to dermatologists with no help. I do not know what to do. Having a proper diagnosis would help in so many ways as it would allow me to research different treatments. I don't know what to do. Thank you.
  22. First Day

    Hi! Iveth here. I decided to make this blog about my accutane process in case there's people out there who need to see some experiences to help them make their decision to go on the medication. A little background information, I have cystic acne. I get big bumps that are underneath my skin that hurt A LOT and i also get whiteheads that are really red and hurt as well. I get them on my foreahead, cheeks, and chin. I've struggled with acne for about 5 years but I've always managed to handle it with topical creams. This year in february I ran out so i decided to try natural products. Big mistake. It got bad and I got tired to the point that it led me to visit a dermatologist. At first glance she recommended accutane which made me realize how bad it really was lol. This was in July 07, 2017 so I had to wait a month and I officially started on August 07, 2017. It's only been 11 days so i really haven't seen much improvement. I have gotten new whiteheads but not in an alarming rate. Plus, i've seen other blog posts that says it gets worse before it gets better. I'm really trying not to be so critical of my skin because I should be patient and not expect to see my skin clear up in a few days but it's so hard when the acne is terrible and my self esteem is so low the only side effects i have seen so far are dry lips and a bit of back pain. I will say this, I feel like the pimples i am getting are going away pretty fast. I'm going to post pics of how my acne looked the day i started the medication. My acne got waaaaay worse witht the treatments the doctor gave me for the month I had to wait to start accutane. The acne and redness in the pics are mostly from that medication. I used a face wash and a nightly gel. The face wash is called Plexion 9.8-4.8%, ad the gel is called onexton gel. Anyways i stopped using the medications when i started accutane.
  23. Diferin cream

    So basicly I'm using diferin and my face has defiantly seemed to become more red all over rather than my natural skin tone, I think this is due to the cream making my skin more sensitive to sun, as I have just been on holiday and even though I use sunscreen I'm sure the sun still effected it. but will the redness fade? Or will it stay. Im really hoping it fades but not sure . Please help
  24. Flakes FLAKES flakesssssssssssssss

    Ok i have a super important question ive been using the regimen for about 2 and a half months now and its working ok. The first month was skin was peeling like crazy and i used 3 pumps of moisturizer, it was still flaky so i cut down and i am using a little less than half a pump of BP and TONS of moisturizer. I have started using Cerave moisturizer at night because its super hydrating, It has decreased the flakes but there still there, any advice on what to use? (ps. i already used jojoba oil in my moisturizer and i tried aha too but it made my skin more dry and sensitive.)
  25. Hi, so I've recently made an account here after reading a LOT of reviews and experiences on taking zinc for acne. I was like "perfect, gonna give it a try". I have very light acne on my face after months of trying to heal it due to a stress breakout with their respective scars and bad acne on my back that is leaving red scars behind. So I decided to buy zinc tablets but I couldn't find them ANYWHERE where I live. I decided to settle for a multivitamin cause it was all I could find, I wanted to know if any of you ever had a bad experience with them. The tablets have vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, E, copper and zinc. The other option was an effervescent tablet with zinc, vitamin A and E I think. So im really hoping for your opinion on this.