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  1. Hi everyone! Recently I had two pimples on my cheek and was very irritated by the large size of them. There was a little white in each center of them so I thought it was ready to pop. Well I was wrong! I popped them prematurely and they’ve left a big bump onto my face and it looks Iike bad rash. I’ve applied aloe vera gel and rosacea gel, which was what I originally thought it was, but none of it helped. Plus it’s super itchy and looks very inflamed, and is impossible to hide with makeup! Please help me!
  2. I used to see a dermatologist but I stopped because of family insurance problems. My dermatologist gave me pills that helped clear my skin so much! But I can’t get a refill anymore. Since then I continued using the Epiduo Forte she prescribed for the morning and Veltin with Flurandrenolide Lotion USP 0.05% at night. ( This medication is used on the skin to treat acne. This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). This product may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do appear. Adapalene works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing swelling and inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel off. ) ( Veltin gel is a precription medicine used on the skin to treat acne vulgaris) I still continue to use also a sulfur wash everyday which helps a lot as well. Now that I ran out of the Epiduo and Veltin, I have nothing to use. Are there any other good products similar to those like drugstore products or at a beauty store like ULTA/Sephora or online where I can purchase? Without like a prescription? My acne used to be really bad. It cleared up, so now I get pimples every now and then. I barely get them on my forehead. They are more spreader out like my cheeks, chin, or even jawline. And they become red and irritated and big or zits. I really don’t want to break out horribly again like I used to. If anyone knows some type for product I can use for my skin which is combination that would help clear pimples/zits/cysts please let me know. Or any similar products to the ones I described the Epiduo and Veltin ^^ Also if anyone knows of any acne remedies to get rid of acne holes and deep scars please let me know as well!
  3. I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ? Please I want honest reviews about it.
  4. I hope this hasn't been asked before, I couldn't find anything that answered my question. Quick Backstory: I've been struggling with moderate acne for over a year now and recently went to the doctor to get birth control and he prescribed me Taro-Clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide Gel instead (1%/5%) instead (slight eye roll). Currently I only have 2 actual white head pimples on my cheeks but tons of those under the skin bumps and black heads on my forehead (clogged pores?). I'm 20 years old and have combination skin. Currently it is EXTREMELY dry around my mouth area but I still have an oily forehead and get oily throughout the day. ANYWAY, my question is: how do I include the topical gel into my routine? I currently use a serum and a moisturizer. Do I apply the gel first? Or after my moisturizer? Does anyone also have any tips for this product? Thank you!!
  5. My Accutane ~Journey~

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    So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  6. I was a member of this site,, last summer when my cystic acne was ruining my life. In October I discovered a naturopathic doctor who spoke of “regenerative detoxification” to get my kidneys filtering. After I attained kidney filtration my health issues went away. My cystic acne, head to toe psoriasis, eyelid dermatitis and facial eczema cleared up, and the cysts on my ovaries disappeared, all of these conditions had been created through years of eating the wrong diet and I had created systemic acidosis throughout my body. I saw also diagnosed with pre-diabetes which i have reveresed. We are a frugivore species and designed to eat fruits and leafy greens if you wish. Fruits berries and melons have regenerated my autonomic nervous system where before I was “on my way” to multiple sclerosis per the doctors opinion. I’m here to tell you that the power of raw foods, with an emphasis on fruits berries and melons have the power to regenerate and detoxify your body so that you can claim your power back and not only clear your acne but experience true radiant health. You can check out my YouTube for the video of my progress from my acne at its worst in October 2016 until now. My name is “regenerative detoxification” and you can also check out my Instagram “regenrative.detoxification” with a period in between the words. Please check out Robert Morse and GET YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR JOY BACK. That is all that matters!! Blessings to you all.
  7. So I've been dealing with this issue for as long as I can remember honestly. Before I begin, the photos I'm going to post are pretty hard to look at. At least in my opinion. So be warned. It's also not the shortest read, but I do believe that there are elements of this story that can help many people on here who struggle with skin issues. In fact, it's more likely that it will than not. Very, very, very long story short(er..ish)-- In high school I had regular hormonal acne. It was just a little acne. Something millions of people go through. I also had low self-esteem as a teenager, again a phenomenon not particularly unique to me. This wonderful combo really did me in, as I decided to attack my face with any cleanser, cream, and ointment I could get my sad little hands on, and my skin became increasingly more irritated. Looking back, I would literally give up everything I currently own to have that problem again, but I digress... I talked about it with my mom-- who's a pediatrician-- and she gave me a steroid/antibacterial cream that she used in her adolescent years. I do love her trying to help, but this was horrible, horrible advice. It worked for a while, as steroids do a great job at stopping inflammation. However, it does an even better job of completely destroying your skin if used for more than a short period of time, something I wasn't aware of. After some time, I started developing massive zits, and my face was truly a sight for sore eyes... if one wanted said eyes to become flaming balls of fire. To cut this a little short (because I'm nowhere near the end)-- went to a dermatologist, prescribed Tazorac, worked!!... for a while.... then my skin became ridiculously oily (not great, but can handle it)... then itchy (wait what)... then dry, oily, AND itchy (oh no...). I realized the Tazorac dehydrated my skin and destroyed my skin barrier, making it prone to rashes, pimples, pustules, and excessive sebum production to compensate for the dehydrated state. My curse came back. What makes my case particularly, um, interesting, is that no matter what I used, it made my skin worse. I tried gentle cleansers and lotions and creams and oils for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, dry/oily/slightly reptilian skin; whatever product type the crooks at these big pharma companies pushed out to the market, I tried. All they did was make my skin burn, itch, and harder to look at. Afterward, I tried the caveman method for full year, a method I heard from this website. It helped a bit with the acne actually, but it made my skin so incredibly dry, I couldn't smile without feeling the collagen crunch in my cheeks. After a year+, I decided to adopt a water only method. Another bad move. My face felt like crunchy dead grass at this point. I slowly came to the realization that this might just be something I'd have to live with. I developed HUGE nose pimples which caused hypertrophic scarring (I currently have another monster on my nose as I write this). My cheeks & forehead are covered in discolored patches of dry, itchy skin. So yea... life really sucks right now. Pics; Again, pretty nasty... So there's the issue. Believe it or not, it's a lot better than what it used to be (imagine that). And the thing about skin issues is that its it's all relative-- what seems as a plague for one person could be seen as a non-issue for someone else. But at this moment, I am 22, in my parent’s basement on a Saturday, while my close friends are at a bar talking about their successful jobs and future goals. So if anybody can offer some sort of opinion on methods—lifestyle changes, diagnoses, or even routines—they wouldn’t mind sharing, I would be sooo grateful. As of now, I'm thinking that it might actually be seb derm, but I'm still unsure. I'm looking into treatment options with low risk, but I also have little to lose at this point. This problem has already taken away sooo much time, money, and experiences away. The prospects of a happier future is what keeps me hopeful. Thanks for reading. I do believe in the notion of giving before receiving, so here are some of the lessons I've learned about acne, medications, and methods that can really help others out there struggling: BY FAR MY BIGGEST POINT: If you have mild/mild-moderate acne, CALM DOWN!!!! I'd be a hypocrite to say this is an easy task, because I know better than most the anxiety, social discomfort, and self-deprecation acne can impose on an individual. But please believe me when I say that to 96% of people, it is NOT NOTICEABLE. I promise. This isn't my opinion, this is a FACT. The reason why is that almost EVERYONE has struggled with acne to some degree, so if you have a little more, DO NOT PANIC. You are in the majority. What makes acne a problem is when you try to aggressively treat it!! These pharma companies would love nothing more than to trap you in a spiral of dependence on their products. So, while some super-duper magical potion claims to cure your acne, it also can damage your skin so that it becomes more PRONE to acne. So please... just chilllllll. Stay hygienic, stay healthy, and stay happy. Your body will heal itself. Just stick to a very basic routine of gentle cleansing, moisturizing and sleeping. If you’re face is burning, peeling, dry, etc., listen to those signs—they are happening for a reason. If you have acne leaning to the more severe side- firstly, welcome to the club. Secondly, acne methods may be helpful, but I think what may be worth looking into is NATURAL METHODS. Products such as raw honey and apple cider vinegar has helped me tremendously. I’m still FARRRRR from perfect, but I am a big endorser of both products. Also, if you have dry skin that seems incurable, it may actually be SEB DERM. Seb derm on the face can lead to acne because of what it does to the skin barrier, so while you may be treating acne, you could be making seb derm worse, which makes acne worse, and seb derm worse…. You get my point. So finding methods to treat seb derm symptoms could possibly treat both! Buzzwords: sulfur, demodex, ketoconazole. I'm suspecting it might be my problem actually.... STAY AWAY FROM STEROIDS PLEASE See 3 Mental Health: I read a post on Quora that talked about the "Lottery of Life", how some the problems we face are not because we necessarily caused by anybody or anything, just simply the hand we were given. Given that we all even have the ability to interact on this website shows that we are certainty in the 15-25% of people who won this lottery. So take advantage! Don't let acne stop you from doing anything and everything you want to or hope to. If you don't have one already, find a solid, loyal group of friends, explore new interests, and live your best life! Wishing you all health and happiness!
  8. Acne Program Poll

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    Looking for feedback of what others like to participate in if you were presented the opportunity... Thank you for your opinion!
  9. Acne questions poll

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    Hi everyone! I just have a question I'd like to post to everyone about acne... If you were given a proven system to clear your skin without topical treatment, what would be your most preferred method of learning how to do it? Method 1 - Online Program (e-Learning platform describing everything about clearing your skin - do it yourself at your own pace) Method 2 - 1 on 1 Coaching (Customized system to meet your needs working 1 on 1) Method 3 - Group Coaching (Webinar format with others watching with you) Thank you for answering!
  10. I've been battling with acne since I was about 13 years old. I am 18 years old now and For as long as I can remember my skin has never had a smooth texture. At a first glance you really can't tell much. With makeup on in pictures you can notice a few spots here and there and some redness but it doesn't seem like a huge problem. However, my skin has a whole bunch of bumps. Specifically on my forehead, between my eyebrows, chin, and nose. I don't usually break out on my cheeks but there are definitely minors bumps and redness around there as well. For for the most part I eat a healthy diet. Try to stay away from meat. I've cut out dairy completely, and I drink tons of water a day. But it never seems to make any difference. I was my skin twice everyday, see an oil free moisturizer, occasionaly use tea tee oil on active zits me I try to do an exfoliating mask once week. I don't take any supplements besides an everyday multivitamin. My skin on a "good" day is bumpy but no active zits anywhere. I have simply just grown so tired of being insecure about my skin's texture and I really just need some advice. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or if there is anything I should do or add to my routine to get my dream skin! Below are some close ups of my acne. Thank you.
  11. So if you've been stalking my old posts, you would know that I'm really big on using DMSO ( DMSO pretty much scavenges and eats free-radicals for lunch. More importantly, it breaks up scars and boosts collagen.* Iodine, being an essential metabolic element, helps in scar regeneration. Copper peptide works amazingly well in scar reduction. Hyaluronic acid serum is all about wrinkle-free smooth skin, aka anti-aging. * DMSO should not be used alone but combined with others like the ones listed above. Only use topically, namely, don't get it into you eyes, nose, mouth, and any other possible opening or orifice that I've left out. Lastly, be smart. Don't overuse it. One word of caution about DMSO: DMSO is a transdermal agent, meaning it gets absorbed into the skin, so make sure you clean the site before application and be certain it doesn't come in contact with anything dirty, like soiled clothes. Also avoid plastic and latex gloves when handling DMSO. From what I know, all the toxins found in plastic/latex will get sucked in by DMSO and penetrate into the skin and/or bloodstream. Spooked yet? On the other hand, because DMSO is very effective as a delivery agent, it works beautifully as a vehicle to take your topical cream or liquid down into the skin. Take hyaluronic acid serum for example. The molecule of HA acid to too damn large to penetrate our skin barrier, so it just sits on top. To be effective, the hyaluronic acid needs to be absorbed into your skin, period. By using DMSO, this is quite possible. ◙ Previous threads worth regurgitating ◙ Regeneration of Human Scar Tissue with Topical Iodine
  12. Does anyone have a clue what this is?

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    I've had this for 6 years. Never knew how to get rid of it. Still don't know exactly what it is. They don't turn into pimples they stay just like this. Only time they started to get better is with a spin brush but that didn't last long. It's gotten to the point that I don't wear ponytails, being afraid of the look. HELP ME!!
  13. Popping Zits With A Bobby Pin

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    From the album popping

    just a short video of how i treat my acne
  14. Is this cystic acne?

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    is this cystic acne? and if so how do i get rid of it? i use panoxyl and apple cider vineger as a toner afterwards and an occasional face mask. i have been drinking water, my diets iffy. but ill do whatever it takes. ill be seeing my doctor asap but i want a second opinion, i dont pop my pimples but how do i prevent scars? and rid of scars if i do happen to get any... PLEASE HELP.
  15. Before and After Transformation

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    From the album I can't believe I've found a cure

    I've had bad acne since I was about 15, I'm now almost 25. It started as 'bad acne' and moved onto cysts and puffiness, horrible painful lumps under the skin, millions of whiteheads, blackheads, postules, you name it. It felt like a never ending trauma no matter what I did to try to stop it. Treatments I tried and their success rates, from least helpful to most: (I've left out the most trivial things like getting a full nights sleep, drinking lots of water and taking your makeup off before bed, because lets face it, if you've got good skin, you can get away with caking your face in makeup all day and all night and still never see a blemish and the same goes for having bad skin, I've found that the little things don't actually matter) - Homemade/Store-bought facemasks - (Honey and oat lotions and potions and all the rest) Didn't notice any change. - 'Natural/cream remedies' - Toothpaste, Tea tree oil, witch hazel, sudocream, silver serum, spot zappers, aspirin, honey.. etc. You name it, I've rubbed it on my face night after night to no avail. - Anti-acne face washes - (Simple, Neutrogena, Clearsil) Seemed to do absolutely nothing to help. Whether I clean my face with a face wipe, or do the full process of cleanser, toner, blah, blah, it seemed to make no difference. - The Regimen - A nice idea, but no results (and expensive because I had to have it sent to the UK). - Miracle tablets - (Weirdly named superfood supplements) Taking pills containing all sorts of vitamins and minerals shipped straight from the bottom of the amazon rainforest or the bottom of a drug dealers basement floor for all I knew. Potentially lethal, can't really believe I ordered random pills off the internet and took them like medicine. No success and luckily no harm done. - Benzoyl Peroxide gels - I've tried a few different brands, mostly used Duac and Epiduo. Yes, they start to dry up your spots but they do nothing for cysts under the skin and they don't solve the problem. - The Contraceptive pill - Made my skin much worse with some brands (Dianette), others seemed to have little to no effect (Yaz, Yasmin, Celest), perhaps I never stuck it out long enough, but in my opinion they never made much difference and certain brands gave me slight mood swings. Also, at this point in my life, I don't need them for the job they were designed to do, so why fill my body with more stuff it doesn't need. - Antibiotics - I've tried many different types and brands of antibiotics (doxycycline and limecycline were popular from memory), lots of courses, and yes I've seen some slight success, but that's because it stops your skin producing sebum. It's a roundabout way of getting results, but you can't stay on them forever and it's not long-lasting once the course stops, or even particularly effective in the first place. - Accutane - It was horrendous for the 4 months I endured it, but there were real results, well, for a short while at least. A few months after my course ended and I thought my skin was going to be relatively okay - still far from perfect - the cysts returned and the redness continued until I was back to square one, minus a lot of dry skin, pain, unhappiness, time and cash. It's a nasty drug and I'm sad I had to put myself through taking it. Being ashamed of your acne may seem superficial, but there are more times than I can count where instead of enjoying myself with friends, I've stayed home and cried because I just couldn't face going out into the world with such a hideous face. At last, my personal cure: - Giving up dairy - I don't know how it works. I've read and read and read and can't find a definitive answer, the hormones, an intolerance? For me, giving up dairy has cleared my skin up from one end of the spectrum to the other (check the pics). It's the cheapest and almost most ridiculous treatment I've tried, but I'm literally blown away every single morning I wake up and don't look at myself feeling disappointed when I look at my face in the mirror. Please try it. And make up your own opinion. People say diet can't change your skin and for a long time I believed it (that, and I didn't really fancy giving up pizza for the rest of my life if it worked). If a person has a nut allergy or intolerance and they eat that food - immediate reaction. Why could it not be the same reaction to the hormones in dairy products? I have noticed that after slipping up and eating a big wad of cheese with dinner, within 24 hours I notice spots beginning to form on my face. Call it coincidence - I call it a miracle that I've finally found my cure. The hormones in milk are designed to turn baby cows into big fat cows, full of growth hormones and nasty stuff we shouldn't be ingesting - look it up, try it out, see the results, switch to soya and sorbet and never look back. Good luck. Hallelujah!
  16. Hi everyone, I'm posting here because I've been trying to figure out what I'm dealing with, and my derms aren't helping. I've been dealing with this weird outbreak on my face. I had pretty flawless skin last summer using basic nuetrogena products. But in November, I started noticing red, bumpy patches on both sides of my cheeks. I didn't think much of it, and just continued my routine of neutrogena acne wash + toner + occasional moisturizer. Everything was going alright until December near Christmas time. I started developing pimples near my mouth and chin. By New Year's Day, I had around 10, puss-filled heads on my chin. It was super out of nowhere. My parents were really concerned and started getting worried. I started getting acne on my forehead, as well. My diet before (and after) the breakout was clean. No dairy, no gluten. I ate primarily salmon, shrimp, egg whites, and chicken as protein sources. Occasional brown rice or quinoa. Ate a plenty of green vegetables and a variety of fruit. I sometimes treated myself to sugar-free jello or a piece of dark chocolate. Coconut milk was my milk of choice. Took probiotics. I also went to the gym 3 days a week because of school. I would go at least 5-6 days during the summer. So I felt diet was out of the question. I did some research and found out fungal acne was a thing. I went out and bought some Lotrimin at target and OH MAN. I thought my worries were over. My my chin and the rest of my face was the softest it ever had been. All that was left on my face were acne marks, but my face looked flawless with makeup, and I was super happy. Even one side of my cheek got cleared of bumps. Three tubes of lotrimin later, the cream stopped working. The whiteheads came back and I was livid. My mom set me up with a derm right after that. It was a terrible experience. One look, and they prescribed me antibiotic pills and 10% BP wash. I cried the rest of the day after leaving that derm office. I refused to take the pills and tried the BP wash. BP wash didn't do anything. After waking up with 15+ puss-filled heads on my chin one morning, I realized this was ridiculous. I had acne before, but nothing like this. This couldn't be acne. So I did research on the internet and, and found the term folliculitis. This seemed like the best explanation for my face. AND SO, for the last week I've been washing my face with Head And Shoulders and applying Polysporin (topical antibiotic) to my problem areas, nostrils, and ears. I haven't seen a huge difference like I did with the Lotrimin (antifungal), but it's better than the BP wash. I'm planning to get Hibiclens face wash today to try out. I've attached pictures of what my face looks like today. I'm drinking 2tbs of ACV with a glass of water before breakfast everyday. I haven't waxed my face in 5+ months so I don't irritate my skin. MY QUESTIONS: What do you think I have? Does my acne look/sound like folliculitis? Staph? If so, could it be fungal or bacterial? What other fungal creams/ treatment besides Lotrimin are out there? Please help. My face right now: For reference, here's my face after a week of lotrimin. Not perfectly clear like I was in the summer, but way clearer than I am now...
  17. Water and acne?

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    Can drinking tap water be bad for acne as it may not be filtered? I don’t usually drink a lot of water but I am starting to now as I want to improve my acne, I am worried that if I suddenly start to drink a lot now my skin will get a lot worse as it can purge if toxins are brought to the surface of skin due to suddenly drinking a lot of water, would a solution to this be to ease into it and slowly drink more and more water? Is drinking bottled water better than tap water for acne? Some people do say that toxins from plastics in bottles may be bad?
  18. Washing your face when you have acne

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    When applying Duac once daily gel I wash my hands with hand wash and then just wash my face with water before applying the gel, what cleansing routine should I be using to improve my acne? Should I be using some sort of soap when washing my face? I also dry my face with a paper towel/kitchen roll sheet instead of a towel as I find it is cleaner than towels, could this be making my acne worse as small bits from the paper towel/kitchen roll sheets could be sticking to my face and clogging pores?
  19. If you live in a city but with greenery around is it better to keep your window closed or open a lot if you have acne and want it to improve? I am hoping the fresh air will improve the air in my room and that will help my acne.
  20. Shampoo, soap, showering and acne?

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    What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  21. Water and acne?

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    Can drinking tap water be bad for acne as it may not be filtered? I don’t usually drink a lot of water but I am starting to now as I want to improve my acne, I am worried that if I suddenly start to drink a lot now my skin will get a lot worse as it can purge if toxins are brought to the surface of skin due to suddenly drinking a lot of water, would a solution to this be to ease into it and slowly drink more and more water? Is drinking bottled water better than tap water for acne? Some people do say that toxins from plastics in bottles may be bad?
  22. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  23. Oh. My. God. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get anymore interesting after the last face mask… IT DID. It’s mostly my fault. I have all these idea’s that I think will be so easy and successful, and I overlook small details and it just ends in DISASTER, because I am an illogical fuck (Spock would not approve.) So, MY ingenious idea was to use a blackhead clearing strip on my nose to sort of open up the tops of the blackheads, then use a charcoal mask mixed my a pink clay one I’ve been using right after, hoping that if the pores were open, maybe it would get more gunk out of my pores. Has anyone seen those videos for the DIY blackhead mask peel with charcoal and regular old school glue? Because that’s what I did. Glue on your face? For shame! you say. Yeah, yeah, I know. In my defence, I attempted to buy some of the good old Biore nose strips, but I couldn’t find them anywhere in my town. Maybe they’ve been discontinued? I searched the drugstore for any sort of “blackhead strip” but nada. Also, I am broke, so if I can make something for free that I’ll probably only use one, sure I’ll save myself the eight bucks. So I mixed up that glue with the charcoal and put it just on my nose and cheeks. It took FOR-FUCKING-EVER to dry. I got so impatient, I finally said, “Fuck it, I have other things to do today, I’ll just peel it off.” It was mostly dry, and didn’t really hurt to peel off, but nothing came off with it. No blackheads, no dead skin, no hairs… NOTHING. So I just wasted twenty minutes. Moving on, I then applied my pink clay mask mixed with activated charcoal. Threw some saran wrap on my face (so sexy), had my cat look at me like I’m nuts, then proceeded to clean my oven while the mask sat for another twenty minutes. (I swear, after all these face mask experiments, even if my skin still looks like shit, my house will be clean. This seems to be the only way to get me to do housework.) THEN I proceeded to wash it off. Now, just to interrupt here, but the last time I did this, the charcoal took a while, but it eventually loosened and came off. Thought it would be the same this time… WRONG. So wrong. You see, my pink clay mask has honey as the second ingredient, and the honey clung to my face with the charcoal like… well a mask, I guess. An impermeable mask. I began to panic, wondering what I had done to myself. I had to go to coffee at my Grandma’s today, followed by picking my boyfriend up from work. I couldn’t let them see me like this! My dark secrets of the strange things I get up to when home alone would be exposed! May I also mention, the charcoal clung to the hair of my eyebrows, making them look as dark as an angry Russians. Eventually, after much scrubbing, a thousand cotton pads and a siruis skinsonic thing all over my face, I started to see skin again. I then used more cotton pads and some micellliar water to get the remainder off. My skinsonic brush head may now be stained grey, all the towels in my house stained, my soul as black as the activated charcoal, but I had finally gotten it all off of my face. Jesus Christ, what an ordeal. As good as the charcoal is, having to rub and irritate your face that much can’t be beneficial. I’m going to give my skin a few days and see if it either a.) gets better or b.) deteriorates faster than radioactive decay. Will I give up on the charcoal? NO. It truly is good for clearing out your pores, I just need to find a way that’s less messy and time consuming. From start to finish, those two face masks I applied took an entire hour to put on, wait, then remove. I ain’t got time for that shit! So, for my NEW, devised plan of facemask insanity, I’m going to stick to my pink clay mask on the weekends, and then try JUST the charcoal midweek. No cling wrap, no sticking the mask over every square inch of my face, just on the areas that need it, and mist it with water to keep it from flaking off. I also have ordered some activated charcoal soap, which I plan to wash my face with twice a week or so (since it can be drying.) While I babble about this charcoal business, I tried brushing my teeth with it last week to “whiten” them. Can’t say it did shit for that, but man were my teeth smooth. If you ever had braces as a kid and remember how smooth your teeth felt after they were finally off? Yeah, THAT feeling. They still feel smooth even after a week, so I may continue to do that every two weeks to a month. As for the charcoal as a hangover cure, I went skiing last week, and me and the boyfriend kicked back with a few (alright, more like ten or twenty) cold ones afterwards. I administered the charcoal (two pills each) sometime that evening (can’t exactly remember when, but close-ish to bedtime.) I went to sleep, had a shit, alcohol-withdrawal, heart-booming-like-a-kettle-drum induced night where I probably slept three hours and laid awake thinking I was dying for the remaining five, but I felt okay in the morning. No headache, no super terrible feelings, just the usual meh of your garden-variety hangover, in which I had no drive to do anything but eat greasy food and sit on my couch all day. I am one to get VERY hungover, VERY easily, so I will say that this did help, since I drank less water than I should have, and got a very shitty sleep. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was super hungover (and he usually doesn’t get that hungover.) It’s possible it’s because he stayed awake longer than me and drank more, or maybe he needed more than two little pills (since he is approximately three times the size of me.) But hey, I think I’m going to keep throwing those pills back at the end of a night of drinking, for now at least. They don’t do any harm. As for how my skin fares from the vigorous rubbing and exfoliating to get the mask off, we shall see. We shall see indeed.
  24. Hey all! My name is Rachel and I am 34 years old and have finally FINALLY found a solution to my acne. Please see my very embarrassing before photo and my after photo that is not embarrassing at all. These pictures are about one year apart & I have foundation/make up on in both of them. I have tried everything under the sun for my acne. It's been a problem for me since my early 20's (surprisingly not a problem so much as a teenager-which seems completely backwards to me, lol!) when I say I've tried everything I mean it...hundreds of over the counter products, countless visits to the dermatologist office with no success, home remedies...the list could go on for days. Then I met a Physician Assistant who introduced me to the Unblemish regimen by Rodan and Fields. It literally has transformed my skin. It's a 4 step regimen that you work up to using twice a day. I've never been happier with the way my skin looks and feels! Please show me mercy with my before photos. It still hits home and pulls at my heart strings that I lived with my skin like that for so long!!
  25. Hi everyone. I have posted a few times on here now, always on the "emotional and psychological effects of acne" page, because that's the most important one, I feel. I started having acne when I was 13 (I am 22 now) and have been self-conscious about my face ever since. When I read through peoples' posts, I can relate. I also NEVER go out without makeup, I overanalyze myself in the mirror on the daily, and I hate having my picture taken lest my latest zit shows up on camera. Side note: the state of my acne is mild- I have maybe 10 active pimples of all sizes, and pink scarring on my cheeks. I am also taking Dapsone gel and birth control pills. Anyway, when will I finally decide that enough is enough? Don't you have enough of obsessing over your skin? The only definite cure, I have decided, at least for myself, is to stop valuing external beauty to such a gross, unnecessary degree. I have been wearing makeup (foundation) basically every single day for the past 10 years of my life, not to enhance my beauty, but to cover up my face in shame. Since I'm so used to seeing my face all covered up, my natural face seems distorted, ugly, and in need of fixing. Let's not lie to ourselves- makeup can be severely damaging to the self-esteem when it's used as a crutch. Starting today, December 20th, I will not wear makeup for 30 days straight. I'll fly through Christmas and New Year's, and take family photos, all without my thick mask that shields me from my true self everyday. And guess what? I'LL SURVIVE. Who is with me? At the end of 30 days I will post my emotional and psychological results. I hope that as time goes on, I will realize that people don't care about my acne as much as I think they do, and that beauty truly is on the inside...