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  1. Hey guys, i have comedonal acne (whiteheads) can you guys suggest any tratements for closed comedones that actually works? Right now im on nixoderm with 6% benzoic acid and 2.5% salicylic acid (not sure if it works). Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, theres this thing called "isoderm liquid" thing in my house, my sister got it from a dermatologist so i guess its prescribed. Any idea what this isoderm liquid thing is?searching on google comes up as isotrenetoin but no mentions of isoderm. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, i have severe comedonal acne (whiteheads) and i need lactic acid (AHA) prevent more from appearing. I also need clindamycin to treat acne vulgaris. Can combine them? As in, using lactic acid and putting clindamycin on top? I have tidact gel 1% (contains clindamycin and alcohol) and eucerin active concentrate which contains concnetrated lactic acid and decandiol (doesnt say the percentage). Im just asking its safe to do that. Also if you guys have extra tips for dealing with closed comedones let me know. Thanks!
  4. I have a really bad oily nose that overpruduces sebum oil. I know it doesn't sound that bad but to me it truely is ruining my life in regards to me having no confidence when talking to people because my nose is glowing and looks greasy. It really is affecting how I socialise as I refuse to go out with friends due to my nose almost dripping with oil and I know it is down to my T-zone but only my nose is affected other parts of my face are fine except for my nose which also gets red. Now hear me out as this is a fact because I have had friends and family confirm that it is not just in my head but often people when they look at me their first reaction is to wipe their face the same way as if someone yawns it is contagious I can be having a conversation with anyone but because I am working hard building up a sweat say in the Gym or at Work I notice people will look at me and use their hand and even their arm yes please read on and randomly wipe their face countless times I have been speaking to friends and when they do it when I ask them about it they have no idea what i’m talking about because like yawning it is an automatic response but this is ruining my life I turn down events and days out apart from work because I need to earn money because my nose is so bad and please don’t reply with I should not care what people do because confidence wise this has changed my entire life. I have tried Creams, Gels, Facials and many Home Remedies but nothing has worked for me and yes I don’t eat greasy foods also I don’t eat Dairy as that has made me break out even more. I have seen dermatologists who have stated that I have Seborrheic/Comodones over nose and was told to wash face twice a day using face washes containing salicylic acid and to use Isotrex/Isotretinoin gel at night. I have also been told that because of my condition that there are limited treatment options but I won't give up. In May 2017 I was told that I had Tuberculosis in my toe which I had Antibiotics to treat now one year later I have now finished the course and no longer have it and the reason I am telling you this is because before I started the treatment I never had issues with my nose getting oily and a lot of people have stated that perhaps this could have been a side effect to the course of treatment I was on also the Antibiotics which I was taking were Pyridoxine and Riffinah I have discussed this with the TB nurses but they said they cannot say for sure if it is related. I really need help and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, I am using different serums and exfoliants to decrease scarring, but I don't know if these methods are correct, tell me what you think! Cheers :)
  6. Some background information to start off.. I am 17, currently one month from graduating highschool. From what I can remember, my skin only started giving me major problems during my last two years, grade 11 til now. My forehead is where most of my acne is located, a lot of hyper pigmentation, unevenness, and pimples/whiteheads that come and go in waves. I also get a reoccurring whiteheads on my chin and near my mouth. My cheeks are clear and smooth, opposed to a pimple once and a while. I do get very oily (although my face used to be really dry) throughout the day as well. I don't have a dermatologist in my town so topical treatments like that have been out of the question. My routine now consists of Tea Tree Scrub/Mask/Wash, tea tree toner, witch hazel toner and cetaphil cream, 2x a day. (this routine is fairly recent, I still had acne problems before this) This routine has kept some of my acne at bay but has never really "treated" it. I've restricted myself when it comes to greasy foods, sugar, and dairy and I drink lots of water however I didn't see much improvement. I'm sick and tired of feeling self-conscious over my acne, I would kill to have close to perfect skin!! My last resort would be this Caveman Regimen. I've been looking through a lot of forums and have seen mixed reviews on this. So I decided to give it a go myself, because what the hell! (although I do rinse my face in the morning and before bed, these last 4 days I haven't worn makeup but once i go back to school i will start to) I'm on day 4 currently and I'm not feeling very happy about it. I am aware of purging, I'm just curious to know if it's usually this bad? My old breakouts are healing fine but I've broken out tremendously on my forehead (literally the first day I started!), consisting of small whiteheads. The skin surrounding the whiteheads isn't inflamed like usually but there are a lot of them! Is this just the purging period? And if so how long does it last? I've heard people say that the acne gets worse within the first 3 months of this, however my grad/prom is in a month and now I'm contemplating on whether or not I should stop now and try again after I'm done school, or ride it out for a couple weeks and see how my skin feels then? Any input or advice or anything along those lines would be of great help! (below is a photo of the state of my forehead now, day 4 of modified caveman regimen, doesn't look as bad on camera but its defintiely worse in person)
  7. Bumpy skin

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    Hi, So I’ve had these skin coloured bumps for about 2 yrs and im yet to find a cure . They are not itchy like Pityrosporum folliculitis, they’re not usually red and they’re pretty small. I’ve never had other acne before, just this. The bumps are all over my forehead and some on my cheeks and chin. I’ve tried apple cider vinegar, salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, tea tree oil products, oil cleansing method, witch Hazel, even salt water, lemon juice and my latest hope was nizoral 1% shampoo which I am using as a mask for 10-15mins morning and night for 10 days (I’m at day 3 and nothing has changed). If you have any advice or have the same thing please share it with me, I’d love to hear from you.
  8. Hi, So I’ve had these skin coloured bumps for about 2 yrs and im yet to find a cure . They are not itchy like Pityrosporum folliculitis, they’re not usually red and they’re pretty small. I’ve never had other acne before, just this. The bumps are all over my forehead and some on my cheeks and chin. I’ve tried apple cider vinegar, salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, tea tree oil products, oil cleansing method, witch Hazel, even salt water, lemon juice and my latest hope was nizoral 1% shampoo which I am using as a mask for 10-15mins morning and night for 10 days (I’m at day 3 and nothing has changed). If you have any advice or have the same thing please share it with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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    Hello, everyone. I’ve had this on my left cheek for a while now, and I don’t know what it is or how to get rid of it. Does anyone have any clues?
  10. Hello I am 29 and about 2 years ago started getting LARGE red bumps that started to look like whiteheads but when I went to pop them they wouldn't pop and just got larger and redder. I got some antibiotics from a friend (no health insurance) and after a couple weeks they started clearing up. Cleared up for a few months and came back again. Rinse and repeat and now they are back again. I've taken some photos of an unpopped one and some zits in a group I've popped. Can anyone help me with these or is a doctor my know hope? Thank you a ton in advanced.
  11. I’ve had my forehead acne like this for more than 3 years and the acne on my cheeks have been there for 2 years and it appeared during the warm season. I have been to many dermatologist and they all have put me on the same treatment but non have worked so far. My acne is sometimes itchy and I have flaky skin that is also sometimes oily. Can someone let me know the possible conditions and treatments of my acne?
  12. Hello everyone! I would appreciate someone's help in this. I an 24 years old and have pretty clear soft skin. However, I do suffer from constant breakouts on my chin. I do understand the causes and I have maintained a good skincare that helps prevent acne. HOWEVER, I do STILL suffer from white small hard bumbs under the surface of my chin that never go away. With the right steam I can sometimes extract them with a tool, but they come back again. I have some around my nose as well. I can specially notice it when I apply foundation. I don't even know what they're called? Milia? Whitehead? Clogged pores? I dunno but I do know that I need a cure. I think adaplene or retin is the only thing I did not try. I use BHA AHA serum and oil free moisturizers and they didn't help remove the bumps. I am also allergic to benzoyl peroxide. I turn read and itchy when I use it. I have light-medium skin with netural undertones. help me
  13. whitehead problem

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    does egg face mask can remove whitehead and blackhead permanently and does people in this world when became teenagers doesnt have pimple at all PLEASE REPLY
  14. whitehead problem

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    does egg face mask can remove whitehead and blackhead permanently and does people in this world when became teenagers doesnt have pimple at all PLEASE REPLY
  15. Hey guys I am not an expert on this but i just wanna share my experience on what i did. Here is the list of things that did to have clear skin , everybody is different tho so i cant guarantee it will work for every one , but why not give it shot Mind my grammar Here are the list : 1.Stop being obsessed or stressed about your acne , it will actually make things worse and I also actually believed that Mental health and acne has some sort of correlation. 2.Stop looking in the mirror all the time, By not looking in the mirror all the time , you wont be obsessing how many spots you have.You will much happier trust me :).Put your time on other things that is more important !. 3.Stop picking/ touching your skin. this will only make your acne worse by spreading bacteria and gunk to your skin and causing scarring.You will see a big difference from not touching. 4.Change the way you sleep , especially your head position. Don't face your cheeks directly on your pillow this will only make things worse. Your skin needs to breathe !! 5.Change your pillow case at least once a week 6.Drink at least a gallon of water a day which is equivalent to 3 liters of water. By doing this on a regular basis , u will be constantly flushing out toxins , oil and junk out of your body. Urinating frequently is a good sign. 7.Watched out for your diet , especially foods that contains allergens. 1.Milk 2.Eggs 3.Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod) 4.Crustacean shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp) 5.Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans) 6.Peanuts 7.Wheat 8.Soybeans 8.The way you washed your hair should be change , don't let the shampoo flow onto your face. Some shampoo's contains silicons and non comedogenic substance which will cause clogged pores. Instead try tilting your head down to wash your hair. 9. Try to not to wash you face with cleansers , just water twice a day morning and night. By doing this your are not constantly stripping your acid mantle , which the mantle has a specific role to keep bad bacteria and harmful particles out.You could still used skin products after washing it with water but make sure that it is not harsh and does not contain any non comedogenic substance. Try more natural products 10.Finally exfoliate your skin once a week , try investing on a cleansing brush as the process of removing the dead skin will be much faster. Try to avoid exfoliants with beads. After investing the cleansing brush use only water to exfoliate and not cleansers My Basic skin routine - Mornings - Bathe and rinse my face with mild to cold water Night - Bathe and rinse my face with mild to cold water and apply my favorite vitamin c serum Once every week - i would apply a green tea mask Once every week - exfoliate my face with a cleansing brush with no cleanser
  16. Hello, I'm an 18 year old male who has a oily T-zone, I get at least 1 pimple per week. Whenever I get pimples, they are 90% of the time on my T-zone. They mostly appear as deep cystic pimples with the occasional whitehead, however they clear up within less than a week without any scarring. I've been struggling with this problem for about 3 years now, other than my T-zone my skin is basically flawless. I've tried using 2.5%/10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream, Cetaphil Face Wash, 2% Salicylic Acid Toner and Face wash. None of these worked to completely prevent my pimples, they do however help reduce the size of pimples already present. The problem is that most of my pimples are deep cystic pimples that are very red and large, this ruins my confidence and social drive. Right now I am using a Neutrogena Oil-Free 2% Salicylic Acid Facial Wash along with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks and haven't noticed any real difference in my skin. The only thing products do is reduce healing time, but they dont prevent pimples. Another thing is I've developed these very small flesh-colored bumps about the size of this 'o' on my forehead that have been there for 3 months. I tried popping them, but they are so small I can't do anything about them. I thought they would go away so I didn't apply any products, since they didn't I started my current routine. After using my face wash and applying benzoyl peroxide cream to my T-zone, the area doesn't become dry and instead becomes oily a couple hours later. I only want to use over-the-counter products that aren't expensive, I feel like my T-Zone (specifically my forehead) is the only problem. Should I change to a benzoyl peroxide face wash with a salicylic acid toner? I cut back on dairy for a week and noticed my acne was better, but I'm not sure since this was only for a week. PICTURE OF MY FOREHEAD TLDR: I can't consult a Dermatologist because it's too expensive, my acne isn't bad enough to spend tons of money on products. What should I do to prevent cystic pimples on my Oily T-Zone and how do I get rid of these small flesh colored bumps? My skin is pimple-free other than my T-Zone.
  17. Hi everyone! So this is my week 8 of using differin. Last week was a mess. Still, this week is a mess. I have 2 whiteheads on right cheek and one on left cheek. This week I also apply benzac 5% for 20 minutes and wash out before washing my face with cleaser in both morning and evening. Acne reacted to benzac quite well but it leaves dry skin. I will keep using benzac but lower the time to 15 mins. My major problem for this week is scars which appear all over my face. Both left and right cheek got almost 50 red forehead have atleast 10 red spots. So I can assume that it looks ugly. I try not to look in the mirror and fortunately I have short eye sight so thag saves me when I am home wearing no glasses. My acne situation as I said, wasn't really good but better than last week. Week 7 I would give 5 out of 10 but for this week I would givr 6. I am feeling a little better bht still feel unsecure about the acne that could flame up at any time without reason. I think this is all for week 8. Hope my acne situation get better after this. Thank you for reading.
  18. I've been dealing with progressively worsening acne for about a year now. I'll get the occasional blemish on my forehead, but there's always a clump on both of my cheeks. It's always worse on the right cheek, not sure if that's a factor but I thought I'd mention it. I'm at the point in my acne journey where I've tried everything. Essential Oils, Natural Remedies, Skincare Products, Weekly $100 Facials, EVERYTHING, yet nothing has helped. I'm wondering if there's potentially a hormonal imbalance? My mom suffered from severe acne, as well as my older brother. Has birth control helped anybody in similar situations? If so, which ones? I read the best are Yasmine, Yaz, Ortho Cyclen and Diane-35, any particular ones you'd recommend? Or any other suggestions,- honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.
  19. I had a very large, red, inflamed whitehead at the bottom of my cheek. I was holding a warm compress to it this morning to try to get everything out and the whitehead started to melt out of the skin. I gave it a tiny push with my fingers to see if anything else could come out, but barely squeezed because I know how bad that can get. Nothing else was coming out and I didn't want to squeeze, but it still seemed sort of raised, so I continued to spot treat. But now, the skin is very hard underneath and tender to the touch. It does not seem like anything is left. It also does not seem like a sudden cyst because it is pretty flat. I don't really feel a prominent lump, the skin is just hard. Anyone know what this could be? Could that indicate healing? Please help.
  20. Hi! So sometimes I get these tiny, under the skin, skin-colored whiteheads that are really impossible to extract without severely irritating the surrounding skin (I know this from experience which has caused me to never touch my face anymore lol). In this stage, they don't bother me because they are barely visible and I have suffered from severe acne in the past so I know how much worse I can have it. HOWEVER, over time (sometimes weeks or months), some of them will surface and turn into these HUGE, red, swollen pimples that eventually come to a nice head, but take a few days, look horrible, and leave some red marks behind. I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience and can recommend treatment for when they are in that tiny stage before they become big. I usually just left them alone (other than my nightly regimen of retin-a). Today, I started spot treating them in the morning with salicylic acid using a q-tip. Do you think this will help? Any other ideas? Thanks!
  21. I extracted some whiteheads last night, nothing major, and put some benzoyl peroxide on them, usually works and clears them up in a day or two. This morning the whiteheads were a bit swollen, (I've had cysts before and this did not feel the same) kinda wide, red but not painful. Later in the day the former white heads doubled in size. I freaked and went to a clinic, they gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics for skin infections. Still not totally sure what is going on, pretty sure the are not cysts, never had this happened before. Any guesses?
  22. I used to pop my pimples a lot (yes, I know, biggest acne sin) but only if it was a big, bright whitehead. I would use a needle just like recommended. But, I was told that seeing blood and clear liquid were actually good things, because it meant all pieces of infection and bacteria were oozing out. Now I just learned from that blood and clear liquid are bad signs. So, two questions: What is the clear liquid? Why is seeing blood and this clear liquid a bad thing when popping zits?
  23. Anyone know what these bumps on my cheek are and how to get rid of them? They are very visible in sunlight and make my face look like it has a rough texture. I have had them for ages and don't seem to go away! Flesh colored bumps is best how I would describe them. I don't get much active acne anymore but these stubborn bumps have always been there. Any help would be great thanks!
  24. can't control my spots!!

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    Wagwan, lately i've been getting new spots on my chin only every day or two. I never used to be very spotty, until like 6 months ago. I can't recall much I did differently then to now, so can't understand why i'm getting them. They're only ever on my chin which is weird. I wash my face twice daily with tea tree wipes, followed by tea tree face wash from the body shop. I've used stuff like clearasil but not sure if it worked or just lead to me having more spots. Some of them are more painful than normal cause when I touch them (clean hands) they just feel like they're gonna explode haha;)I just don't understand why i'm getting them though, so if anyone has any suggestions on products, pills, any of that stuff then that would be v helpful. Cause seriously, they've been really bad this week (possibly cause of recent mock exam stress)? But yeah, any help is greatly appreciated. FFFF SPOTS!Must also add that i'm male and I go gym about 4-5 days a week, I also eat quite a lot.
  25. I've had these whiteheads (I think that's what they are) under my skin on my cheek for over a year now and I tried pushing them out long before but nothing came out. What are these and how do I get them out?? It's been irritating me now since it's been blemishing my face for so long. My mom suggested I get a needle and poke it out like that, but I don't think that's safe. It feels like a ball under my skin that like directly under my skin but covered up and moves it's my skin.