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  1. Monocycline and Tazorac Log

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    I recently started my treatment for pretty mild acne. I am taking 135 mg Minocycline once a day and using 0.1% Tazorac on Monday and Friday. I use aquaphor at night and EltaMD sunscreen moisturizer during the day. I posted topics previously asking questions and people viewed them but no one really answered at all, which is a little disappointing considering I joined this forum to receive advice. I'll be logging my use of both products. Week 1: The day after I first applied tazorac, my pimples were a bit red and I did notice some dryness but nothing too severe. A new pimple started forming on my chin but has since gone away (it didn't come to a head or anything, it just went away) I haven't really noticed any severe changes. Beginning of Week 2: I have a few new smaller pimples and the larger ones are going away (I think??) slightly. Nothing really remarkable though... I guess we'll see. I'm supposed to start to see results after week 4, according to my derm. I don't have any significant redness or dryness as I am easing into the tazorac treatment little by little.
  2. Hi! So I've been on Tazorac 0.1% for about a month and a half now. Overall was seeing improvement, but I've had waves of purging (as people said would happen). Over last few weeks, seems like all the pimples came to the surface. Flat at first, but now they're bumped out and more pimple-like. I'd assume those are just old pimples resurfacing that are being cleared and it's part of the process. But just wondering if anyone knows about how long it takes for the pimples to actually mostly clear after they've been resurfaced (in one wave anyway, not necessarily gone for good since I know the whole thing can take a really long time)? I know it's different for everyone but just wondering what it typically is. Is it like a week? A few weeks? A few months? Thanks!
  3. Helloo Since around the beginning of September, I have been breaking out. Normally, I have relatively nice skin and only get around 1-3 pimples a month. Before school started, my skin was the best its ever been. There was a point where I had no pimples! But now I broke out badly. I think its partly from the stress because this school year has brought on more stress than I've ever encountered. But because of this bad breakout I went to the derm for the first time and she prescribed me 0.1% Tazorac on monday and friday, aquaphor as a moisturizer, DermaE as a sunscreen, and 135 mg minocycline once a day. (I have never had acne before and I'm not familiar with the terminology or the treatment so I'll try my best to be clear!) My main concern is that my derm seems to be starting me out with heavy dosage (does that make sense?) I've been reading and most people take 50 mg minocycline and start out with 0.05% tazorac but she's starting me pretty heavy straight out of the gate. I am worried that my acne will get worse and not ever get better because at this point its taking a really heavy toll on my mental state. I've completely changed as a person becaue of my newfound acne. (I have around 9 small pimples on the right side of my face, one active good size on my left side as well as around 2 pimples that just finished up but still seem to be under the surface, and a big one in between my eyebrows. Its bad ) if anyone has advice I would really appreciate it. I plan to start my treatment tomorrow (10/26/18) and hopefully everything clears up.
  4. Literally. I went from this disaster (peep the Tazorac lathered onto my face): to this: I went through the worst depression of my life last winter. I stopped caring about everything, so that meant my two-hour long skincare routine and healthy vegetarian/low-dairy diet were no longer. In addition, I stopped taking all supplements, drinking a gallon of water per day, and going to the gym. Yes, I thought that terminating my extremely healthy lifestyle would evidently result in my skin getting even worse than it already was. (correction: I didn't think, I knew). And yes, at first it actually did... the initial breakout was pretty awful. However, my insecure self was pleasantly surprised when my acne began to clear as the weeks of sleeping in my makeup, eating pizza/mcdonalds every day, and lying in bed went on. I kid you not, my acne dramatically improved in a matter of three months. Today, I still live a pretty shi**y lifestyle, but it makes me feel so freeee!!! I sleep in my makeup like 2x per week, and those nights when I do remove my makeup I use wipes. I use African Black Soap from Target when I shower, and I exfoliate once/twice per week. I don't take any supplements, I smoke on the weekends, I eat pretty unhealthily (ate an entire pizza today), the last time I had water was yesterday morning (I live for coffee & Gatorade LMAO). Honestly, looking back, I tried so damn hard only to make my skin worse. I was soooooo anal about everything. My skin would only clear when I went to the beach and sat in the sun for hours. Does it anger me that I wasted tons of time and money? Yeah, I'm still pretty butthurt. Do I still break out? Yes, mostly around my period, but it's not nearly as bad as the first three pictures and it clears pretty quickly. Am I still oily? yes, haha. But at least my skin is comparable to the average person's, probably within one - one & 1/2 standard deviations from average. Do I endorse a lifestyle as shi**y as mine? Absolutely not. Rather, I endorse a moderate lifestyle. Treat your skin like your normal friend with average skin does. Face wash once a day, minimal-to-no products (no Rx). Do you want that slice of cake? Eat that damn slice of cake. Do what makes you happy and don't stress yourself out!!! Honestly, after all of this, I feel as if big pharma is putting us into a trap that keeps us coming back for more. They prescribe us drugs that get our minds/bodies reliant. Specifically, I believe that we become extremely dependent on acne prescriptions, even topical ones. They don't really treat the problem, they just mask it. They help the symptom (acne) until the real problem becomes used to the treatment, and then you need to up your dose, and even then you still get minimal results. This is why you get a really bad initial breakout when you stop using your scripts... the underlying cause of your acne is trying to fight your skin at the strength it was when you were using your medication (hope that makes sense...?) Anyways, I'm not a scientist, this is just something that I've pondered... our bodies are smart (there are people who had 1/2 their brain removed and are THRIVING!). Trust your body. Good luck everybody DISCLAIMER: n=1. Don't take my words as facts, I am merely stating my observations from this longitudinal study conducted on myself (thus this may suffer from research bias). And yes, I am aware that this model may also suffer from omitted variable bias, and there may be other explanations as to why my skin cleared.
  5. I started on Tazorac about a month ago. It seemed to go through a mild purging stage, then a sort of red, burning stage, then a flaky stage, then my skin was very cleared up for a couple days. But then the pimples seemed to come back, at least as bad as before if not worse. They seem to be mostly flat this time though. Is this just a second round of purging or is it a bad reaction to the Tazorac?
  6. I've been on epiduo for a couple of years post accutane, and have had fairly clear skin (think a pimple or two at all time, but clear other than that). 5 months ago I took plan b and it WRECKED my skin–worse than I've ever seen it before (even pre-Accutane), cystic acne and whiteheads and blackheads everywhere. After a few months of hoping my body's hormones would adjust, I gave up and went to my dermatologist again, who just prescribed me tazorac. I'm only 4 days in and already experiencing an initial breakout. What has your experience been when you've switched retinoids? Desperate to know how it's effected other people.
  7. Hey all, Before creating this topic I did quite a bit of googling and searching on the forum for any answers about this but I haven't gotten as much information as I like. My question to you all (specifically users who have used tazorac but any retinoid experience is welcome) is if you can mix some of the taz with moisturizer (in my case Cetaphil cream in the jar) in your hand and then spread it over the skin and still receive the benefits? I've sent my doctor an email about this but I wanted to know what you folks think, the reason I ask is because last week I picked up my prescription for Tazorac 0.1% cream and have been using it on my body (chest and on entire back and shoulders) and I find that I am going through the 30g tube quite quickly. What I am currently doing is after my skin is clean I apply cetaphil all over my torso, then apply the taz in pea size amounts dotting around my body then rubbing it in. I understand the medicine is still effective doing it this way but I want to know if mixing it directly makes a difference. Sorry for the lengthy post.
  8. I’m pretty sure that I have PCOS (almost positive)- irregular periods, ovarian cysts, acne, hormonal imbalance , etc. Sometimes I have clear skin and sometimes I get huge flares. This month 1/2 I got a terrible flare. My skin feels rough/ waxy like I’ve never felt it before. I have tiny bumps all over my face that won’t go away no matter what topical medication I use. Does this look like a food allergy? Can it be something other than acne that’s mimicking it? About 10 years ago I had such a flare that my entire face was red and there wasn’t an ounce of skin that was clear... I’m afraid I’m heading down that path again. I have done the BC pill and Spiro in the past (which worked for a few years and then stopped). Right now I’m on Metformin, tazorac (0.5) cream and Clindamyacin solution.
  9. Is it ever okay to use topical tretinoin or tazorac (tazarotene) while on Accutane? I am a long time nightly user of tretinoin/tazorac for both acne and ant-aging. Though it (and oral spiro) controls 98% of my breakouts my dermatologist suggested I get one low dose Accutane for six months “to finish off” my acne. I am fine taking accutane but because because I am in my late 20s I am concerned about not using topical retinols for six months as far as aging is concerned. Has anyone continued to use topical retinol while on Accutane? Perhaps backing off from nightly use to every other night? I currently use .1% Tazarotene (tazorac) at night? My dermatologist hasn’t said one way the other about quoting any of my prescriptions while on Accutane other than the spiro which I have quit taking since starting the Accutane.
  10. Story time: I'm on last pill of the fifth week of Ocella. About two weeks ago, I had a pregnancy scare and ended up taking Plan B. The next four days I had a horrible cystic breakout and then my period came. I don't think I can entirely contribute my acne to the Plan B because I had been breaking out a little before then, things definitely did spiral out of control after. 2 weeks later, and I'm still trying to heal that breakout. Morale is low tbh. I have a pimple on my left cheek which I am nervous might blow up as well as one on my forehead. Both are extremely painful which is unusual for me. In addition there are little bumps almost like blackheads popping up around my forehead and upper cheeks.
  11. I'm 17 years old and I've dealt with mild to moderate acne for the last year or so... Three months ago, I was prescriped 75 mg doxycylcline, .1% tazorac cream, and 6% benzoyl peroxide wipes. I take one pill each day, and use the benzoyl peroxide and tazorac when I wash my face at night. I hesitated to use the tazorac, and have only been using it for 8-9 weeks while I've used the other two for the entire 3 months. 4 weeks after implementing tazorac into my routine, my skin had been the best it's been in a long time. It was smooth and clear and had no bumps or pimples at all. Since then, its gotten terrible. Im 8-9 ish weeks into tazorac, and my skin has never been worse in my life. I've read that tazorac causes initial breakouts, so that is what I figured would be making my skin worse... however I am confused why it would take this long for the initial breakout to occur, as with others it doesn't take as long. I never normally breakout like I am now, I have countless spots on my face, and my self esteem has been rapidly decreasing, especially at this point in my high school years... I'm just becoming very frustrated, as it doesn't seem my skin will ever improve. Tazorac has done nothing but make it red, irritated, and breakout more than it ever has... If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know... is this normal? should I keep using tazorac or is accutane becoming the only option?
  12. This is my first time starting a forum! I’ve been on these message boards for weeks now looking for support so thought I’d go for it. I started dealing with a resurgence of acne in September of last year, age 28 (now 29). It was consistently mild and linked to my period. After several months of trying spironolactone, changing my diet, and changing up my skin care, I saw no improvement. It actually got worse. So my dermatologist put me on Tazorac .1% cream every other night and finacea gel mornings. I declined antibiotics because they’ve made me sick in the past. But as the weeks went on, my skin FREAKED OUT. I had a cluster of cysts along my jaw and more appearing on my cheek. My jaw was so swollen I looked like I’d had my wisdom teeth removed. I agreed to go on antibiotics, but they didn’t help much. I changed my morning topical to Aczone gel and upped my dose of antibiotic, and together that seemed to help for a few days, but it didn’t last. I kept reading forums and everyone said Tazorac makes it worse before better, but this just seemed so extreme. I’ve never had acne even close to this bad in my life. I was depressed for weeks. I went back to my dermatologist again and we agreed it was time for Accutane. I started last week at 30 mg 2x/day. I feel like I’m already seeing some improvement, but then I have nights like tonight where I wash my makeup off and I panic because I feel like the cystic ones are itchier than the night before or more tender or more red. It’s an emotional roller coaster. And I think the hardest part is just wishing that I’d never done Tazorac. I look at pictures of my skin when I started and it was nothing like it is now. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar situation and how you’re doing now. I’m hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel. <3
  13. How do I layer Tazorac and hydroquinone? Do I put on Tazorac first or hydroquinone first? By the way, my hydroquinone is a cream the the Tazorac is in gel form.
  14. I've done a lot of research regarding the uses of Tazorac and Duac, but have found very little information. It's been a while since I've used these products, and have lost the notes my doctor prescribed to me. What is a regimen designed to incorporate these two products most effectively? Currently my regimen is as follows: I wash my face using CeraVe foaming facial cleanser in the morning and night. I put CeraVe moisturizing cream during the day. I apply Duac and Tazorac at night, alternating between the days I apply them. (e.g. on Monday, Tazorac at night - Tuesday, Duac at night - Wednesday, Tazorac - Thursday, Duac - etc.) I was wondering if I could use Duac in the morning and leave it on for just one hour, and then at night I apply Tazorac at night (instead of alternating it nightly every other day).
  15. I am starting Tazorac .1% next week and I was wondering if anyone has been on it and how it was for them?
  16. I'm 19 years old, I have cystic acne mainly on my forehead, and some on my jawline near my ears, and I first experienced acne at 16. My mom has never had acne and my dad has adult acne. My acne tends to come and go, and I have combination skin. In the past, i have been able to clear my acne up with medications such as clindamycin, oral antibiotics, retinas, and sulfate washes and experienced several month periods without any pimples and just oily skin. This year it came back when it usually comes back, right before I start school, and it was the worst it has ever been. So I started on Tazorac, clindamycin gel, an oral antibiotic, and dapsone, which has drastically helped my acne. But I wanted to know if anyone could tell me, from their past experience with acne, what could be the cause of my acne and if in their opinion if I am likely to grow out of it. There is no way that my diet could be causing my acne as I have a very restricted diet, for the most part I stay on top of my skin regimen, I exercise almost daily, change my shower towels/pillowcases, I try not to touch my skin as little as possible. I was thinking it could be pubertal acne seeing as I hit puberty only 3 years ago (which is when it started), but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions on what the cause could be and if I'm likely to outgrow it.
  17. I'm 19 years old, I have cystic acne mainly on my forehead, and some on my jawline near my ears, and I first experienced acne at 16. My mom has never had acne and my dad has adult acne. My acne tends to come and go, and I have combination skin. In the past, i have been able to clear my acne up with medications such as clindamycin, oral antibiotics, retinas, and sulfate washes and experienced several month periods without any pimples and just oily skin. This year it came back when it usually comes back, right before I start school, and it was the worst it has ever been. So I started on Tazorac, clindamycin gel, an oral antibiotic, and dapsone, which has drastically helped my acne. But I wanted to know if anyone could tell me, from their past experience with acne, what could be the cause of my acne and if in their opinion if I am likely to grow out of it. There is no way that my diet could be causing my acne as I have a very restricted diet, for the most part I stay on top of my skin regimen, I exercise almost daily, change my shower towels/pillowcases, I try not to touch my skin as little as possible. I was thinking it could be pubertal acne seeing as I hit puberty only 3 years ago (which is when it started), but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions on what the cause could be and if I'm likely to outgrow it.
  18. Tazorac week 7

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    So I've been on tazorac for 7 weeks now and still getting cystic acne. Should I just stop and ask the doctor for a different medication?? When I originally went it was just hormonal acne on my chin, but now it's on my cheeks and their big and cystic. I take bactrum and wash my face with cetaphil face wash. Any suggestions??
  19. After one month of Accutane I was forced to quit due to high liver enzyme levels. Luckily, my acne wasn't/isn't too bad. I'd say it was at sometimes moderate, but now is mild...enough. The month on Accutane really did wonders on my oil production. It went down significantly. All I'm doing now is using a 10% BP wash morning and night as well as using a honey mask at night, most nights, and using a Tanda Blue and Red light thingy that I got off of Amazon recently. I had 3-4 cystic-like pimples pop up on my forehead and left temple the other day. One on my chin several days ago...Besides that, I just have fairly noticeable red/brownish scar/marks on my forehead and temple. Cheeks and chin aren't too bad. Today, I went in for a Blue Light treatment. 16 mins 40 secs. Also got a script for Tazorac .05% from my derm, which I purchased off of a Canadian online pharmacy for $110 sans insurance. I was going to do it with the Levulan, but decided against it due to work and the down time required...mostly. $200 for just the Blue light or $700 with Levulan. Seems REALLY STEEP!? I guess that's South Florida for ya? Nothing to report or say about the light as of now, nor do/did I expect anything crazy for the first treatment. I AM debating on getting it with Levulan next time, though. I like this derm, but damn is that expensive. I might want to shop around a bit. So, with that said, does anyone have any experience with this treatment and care to share? I've read numerous reviews already on here and Real Self, but am still looking for maybe a little more reassurance before I take the (expensive) plunge! As far as downtime goes, did anyone have relatively short DT or excessively long DT? Experiences and opinions are welcome!
  20. So for the past two years I have been using tazorac 0.1%. My skin is lots of scarring all over my cheeks with some active break outs and lots of redness. I don't breakout around my jawline or forehead typically and this area is spot and scar free. I was tired of not seeing any results so I started the regimen. I use ultra repair cream as a moisturizer with jojoba oil with cetaphil face wash. Right away I noticed improvement especially with my redness decreasing along with active large breakouts. I noticed my face became textured so I bought jojoba oil to improve the dryness however I realized my skin wasn't dry, it was full of tiny pimples. (It's difficult to notice because of my scarring). All over my cheeks and the places where I don't usually breakout (forehead and outer cheeks) are full of tiny bumps. I don't want to stop the regimen because of the progress I already made but the bumps are so unsightly and really bothersome. Is this my way of purging? I'm really concerned the bumps will not go away because my sister used the regimen which cleared her skin but she's left with tiny bumps as sure what to do or what these bumps are. I started the regimen two weeks ago and my sister suggested juice beauty green apple tea peel for the bumps, but I Am scared to try something new. If anyone has any idea why my skin is now breaking out with tiny bumps like crazy please help! The first week this isn't happen!
  21. I've been using tazorac for about a week now, and I've noticed my skin becoming slightly bumpy, mainly around the forehead area, and then a tiny bit on my nose and my chin. the bumps aren't red, or irritated, they're not normal pimples and I wouldn't even consider it acne. Just bumpy skin. I'm worried this will become the permanent texture of my skin after I stop using it. My skin was never like this before, and was rather soft. Now its bumpy and starting to become noticeable. Has anyone experienced this before as well? Any advice? I have also been taking doxy, then minocycline for about a year now, as well as retin-a for the same period of time. this regimen was perfectly fine and didn't give me any issues similar to this. The only thing my dermatologist wanted to change was the retina a, to tazorac, to help counteract the possible acne flareups as i taper off my oral antibiotics.
  22. Hi all! I started using Tazorac a couple of months ago when I got samples from my derm- I fell in love with it so decided to get a prescription. After finding out the cost of Tazorac I asked for the generic prescription which is the Tazarotene .1% cream. I've been using the cream for about 4 weeks using the short contact method (anywhere from 10-15 min each night) and I'm waking up in the morning with extremely irritated skin. It doesn't feel extra dry, but it also doesn't feel like it's healing the acne breakouts, only irritating them more and leaving the rest of my skin that isn't broken out, red. I'm just curious if anyone else has had any experience using the generic cream. I know that it is fairly new to the market, but any insight or feedback is helpful! I'm just not sure if I should just suck it up and pay for the brand name Tazorac. For the record, i'm 30 years old with mainly hormonal acne- I started using Tazorac to help control breakouts and to help with acne scars/discoloration and prevent fine lines/wrinkles.
  23. I am getting ready to start my second round of Accutane at the beginning of August 2017. Am I terrified? Oh, yes. Even after swearing by Accutane after my first treatment ended, I still have so much trepidation going into this second treatment... around 11 years after my first treatment ( age 15/16). Let me state.... Accutane works. But it's so damn slow. Your body has to adjust, your skin has to change, you have to go through the side effects. Basically, you have to walk through hell in order to enter into heaven. But, according to 16-year old me, "I'd do it again". Little did I know... I would have to do just that. Since my first treatment, I was clear for probably a good 5-6 years before the acne started to work its way back to my face. I never thought my acne was bad enough for another course of Accutane, so my derm would prescribe me antibiotics. Specifically, Solodyn which for a long time, effectively worked to keep the large, red and inflamed bumps at bay. That is until my newest derm told me that I couldn't keep resorting to antibiotics to clear my skin. 1.) My body was already building an immunity to it, thus the mgs had to keep getting increased, 2.) antibiotics are not safe for long-term use. So, when I started having my yearly acne flare-up (which had been occurring like clockwork around 8-9 months post-Solodyn), my derm decided to switch me to Tazorac and Spironolactone. The combo that initiated my downhill spiral into the worst acne I've had since high school. I tried to stick it out, but after having intense cystic places on my cheek, I scheduled a follow-up appointment. I burst into tears right there in the office. My face hurt, my makeup looked wrecked, I was fatigued from getting such little sleep due to my acne anxiety.... so, she put me back on Solodyn without hesitation. Solodyn began to slow the occurrence of new breakouts, but I still... kept... breaking.... out. I tried to be patient. I tried to let it get into my system. Three weeks in, I saw little improvement and my stomach began to hurt, something it had never done before when taking Solodyn. During that "crying-spell" appointment, my derm stated that after this, if there was no improvement, she recommended that I take Accutane again. To reiterate, three weeks in, I saw little improvement using Solodyn, Ziana & Aczone. My chin, a place I'd never had issues with before, had (and still has) deep, cystic places that would just spread and spread and spread. They were painful. I attributed these breakouts to the Spiro which targets certain hormones. It really messed me up hormonally , and I'm still waiting to have my period after 2 months being off of the medication. Anyway, during those three weeks I really started reconsidering Accutane again. I had already tried changing my diet, taking supplements, exercising, sleeping more, being more gentle with my skin, not picking, etc. But my skin would not make any postiive changes. It would not slow its breaking out. It was irritated. I was irritated even more. So, I stepped out of my office at work and made the call to my dermatologist. I said that I wanted to take the plunge... I wanted a second course of Accutane. Things happened so fast. The next morning I was filling out the paperwork and within two days I was all set. First pregnancy test cleared (as you have to take two negative tests before getting your first prescription). My second pregnancy test will be taken through my bloodwork on the 31st of July. After that clears and I answer my iPledge questionare, I will be prescribed 40 mg (20 mgs more than my initial Accutane course). So, what am I doing the month before my treatment begins? I am prepping. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually because I know that this process is... well, a process. I am getting by body ready for the dryness by "pre-moisturizing". I am making sure that I have all of the essentials: CeraVe lotions, Aquaphor, gentle hair shampoo (I opted for baby shampoo/wash), Eczema bath oats (as I got eczema the first time), eye drops (as I got an infection in both eyes), and the best of the best lip moisturizers. I am mentally preparing for another initial breakout (I had a pretty severe one my first time), and I am being selective on the information I choose to read/watch as to not spark any negative thinking before my treatment begins. I am being self-loving and gentle on my skin before I start the meds. I have no plans to share my "before photos" until I start seeing an improvement. This is a skin journey for me, and I don't want to display my skin right now until I am comfortable with my process. However, I would like to communicate with any other users who are currently in the "waiting" period before their treatment. Let's stay in touch!
  24. Which one of these 3 prescription creams is best to use a spot treatment for one large pimple that is being stubborn! I alternate between finacea and tazorac at nights, my skin is pretty clear with a few hormonal pimples here and there. Right now I have 2 big ones. Is one of these better to leave on overnight to try to shrink/get rid of spots quickly?
  25. Hi, My dermatologist prescribed me Tazorac and wants me to use the "short contact therapy" where i put it on my face for 5 minutes and rinse off.. Then work the amount of time I keep it on my skin up. She also told me to put it on my skin (dirty skin) which sounds sooooooooo weird to me. What is the proper way to do this? i dont really feel comfortable putting it on my dirty skin, (i.e - makeup, sweaty from gym etc) it just sounds so wrong... So can i wash my face regularly in the shower, than put the tazorac on for say 5 minutes.. then wash it off with just water? or wash it off again with cleanser? Then apply night moisturizer? I'm a little confused of the order to do this in. What do you guys think?