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  1. Hello, How are you all ? After beating acne the biggest enemy will be the scars ! The scars will not pain you but it will give you a bad feeling I had done many lasers treatments more than 10 with different types of lasers I tried dermaroller , and subcision which i had with more than 4 doctors over 4 years but nothing fixed anything and my face still have alot of deep acne scars which many of them are rolling type and some are boxscars I went to doctor chu which was recommended from doctor davin lim and he told me he will do many seassions from me which will be prp+ tca+ derma pen and subcision I searched for reviews for this doctor but all opinions and reviews I find is from 5 years ago and more So I made this post so anyone who have tried to treat his acne scars with this doctors post his review and tell us his opinion please because he is the most famous one on the UK for these treatments
  2. Hi! I regret going to a medspa for help with the way my acne scars look. I am left with several 3 inch long raised scars in a cross-hatching pattern on my R cheek/jawline. It looks like there are thick gauge needles under my skin. I don’t know if this is scar tissue or filler. Can my skin be saved or am I screwed. This happened a year ago. Also, can I sue them for what they did to my face? thank you
  3. Suggest scar treatment

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    35 year old female suffering from acne scars. In a span of 15 years I have had the following procedures on and off. Erbium yag :2 treatments while on accutane which gave me a rolling scar on my right cheek. TCA Cross 90 % : 5 Treatments in a span of 4 years. Suture Excision : 2 deep boxcars Dermarolling 1mm : 3 treatments Subcision plus dermapen with PRP : 1 week ago. I am trying to get rid of these scars but have hardly noticed 40 percent improvement in a span of 15 years. Previously i had deep boxcars whose borders have improved due to TCA cross. I have been looking into Infini and Co2Re. I have two dermatologist in Pakistan offering these treatments.I need someone’s advice on whats the best mode of treatment for my kind of scars, and how many treatments at what depth and level of Infini do I require? The practitioner offerinf infini doesnt look tht experienced. Theres one offering Scarlet RF and Hitone Rf too. Out of all three RF devices, which one gives the besr results and is safe? Hitone is by AMT technology and is korean made. Unfortunately, dermatologists here arent very experienced in performing subcision. I am not tht satisfied with the results. Ill have to look for an experienced doctor performing subcision here. I know its not the device but the doctor but unfortunately my choices are very limited in this country.
  4. Hi, there were 3 sessions fractional laser for acne scars. I didn't see much impact. And I've decided that the wounds are appropriate for subcision treatment. I talked to my doctor and he told me I had to combine subcision + fractional laser treatments. In addition, fractional laser treatment is completely free. I'm just gonna pay for the subcision treatment. My plan was to make this subcision and suction. Can I still suction after fractional laser treatment? because my doctor will combine fractional laser and subcision treatment.. Does it hurt my skin? Normally, 3 days after subcision treatment, suction should be performed. I'il do it in seven days.. Do you think that's wise?
  5. Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to read my post I'm trying to figure out where mr.wantsgreatskin is . He has been a member on here since 2009 and I'm wondering what happened to him and why he hasn't logged on. I'm really trying to get a hold of him , so if you know his name or any other thing about him please let me know. Also , mr.wantsgreatskin if you see this , please log into your account I have sent you a lot of messages and I have been trying to get a hold of you since July. Hope you're all doing well. And I hope I hear from him soon.
  6. I am left with these horrible scars after adult acne. I have had chemical peels, dermaroller, laser treatments with barely any results. Should I be looking into subcision? Please help me understand these scars better and find the best treatment for them.
  7. Here I am back again after 5 years of dormancy. Can you please let me know what I can do about these giant scars on my nose? These pictures are from 5 years ago. Now the scars are a lot deeper and wider. I'm moving deep into my mid-30's and my life is just slipping away like sand through my fingers. Not that I had any life to begin with, but that's another story. Laser is only for superficial scars. I've been thinking about TCA cross but I read on Realself that it only really works for narrow icepick scars and not for the "giant wide icepick scars" like mine. Davin Lim and another derm specifically stated that TCA makes non-narrow icepick scars worse. There was a person with three scars on his nose that had clearly gotten bigger. So I've narrowed down my options to subcision with filler. Looking into Novick. I'm based in Asia so a trip to USA or Israel will not be easy on my wallet, but if it's effective then I'm willing to spend the money. Is microneedling an option too? Any feedback or comment will be appreciated.
  8. Wanted to Share... Thank to Dr Lim For his contributions to the acne scar community. Happy Watching. Welcome New Poster's. You can PM - message me for help (please be patient), post, or read the FAQ - the very top post of the acne scar sub for recommendations and general information. BA
  9. Hi Everyone! I had had a really bad medication induced breakout that lasted for months this year and left tethered saucer shaped scars all over my cheeks and chin and jawline. I am finally done with accutane and planning my first Scar treatment with a specialist in NJ. Because I'm currently living in the UK for school I have to go for a one week period and have the treatments done in that time. After assessing my scars he said they weren't that bad so he'd do PRP, Subcision, infini, and fraxel in one go and that would likely be enough but I might need another treatment in 6 months to a year. The thing is it's 2600. And while my scarring may not be severe I'd still say it's very widespread and tethered so I'm confused how it could be very improved in one go and if I'm being ripped off. The dr is Rappaport. This has caused so much emotional crap and I worry I'm blowing money on another disappointment. Would love to know thoughts.
  10. İngilizcem kötü, özür dilerim. 2 seans Fraksiyonel lazer tedavisi aldım. İşe yaramadı. Bu yaralar için eksizyon işe yarar mı?
  11. Hi guys,I am writing this to help and to get helped by people who are suffering from acne (and scars) like me..I am 26 years old Asian guy and I live in Canada.I have taken a full regular dose Accutane course about 2 years ago. I was cleared up after taking Accutane for about 7months and stayed acne free for about 6 months but it left me a lot of severe acne scars.. After 6 months, it started breaking out again, nothing really serious though. Acne was pretty much moderate and under control but the major problem was severe acne scars left after the course of Accutane.Recently, I was planning to do some scar revision treatments and have scheduled TCA CROSS + Subcision. At this time I had only few active acnes on my face, so my Dr prescribed me low dose Accutane to make my acne under control before the treatment (my Dr said it is okay to do TCA Cross and Subcision while on low dose Accutane). I am currently on 10mg/day, 8th day, but Initial Break out started I believe.. Currently, I have few whiteheads, several small bumps on both side of my face.. 3 stubborn red acnes that stayed at least 2 weeks on my face which seems to be never come up to the head surface.Those new acnes basically become white heads > dry up > fall off one day eventually > become brown spot. I have gotten at least 15 brown spots for past 2-3months..I decided to postpone my scheduled treatment because I was certain that it is not a good idea to do any type of scar revision treatment with active acne on my face. I am going to take low dose Accutane for maybe few more weeks/months until my active acnes are fully under control and then going to start treating my acne scars. (I am planning to take low dose Accutane for at least one year btw).I am planning to update this thread until I finish treating my acne (low does Accutane) and acne scars (Subcision + TCA Cross + ETC)..I will keep it updated.. I am planning to upload pictures too. or 1-8 days - Initial Break out is happening- No side effects are shown- Acnes are getting dried up a little bit faster- Few more little bumps appearedfor 9-10 days- I skipped taking Accutane today, decided to take 10mg/ every other day- Few stubborn ones seem to finally come up to the head- 3-4 new acnes- Many brown Spots- Many small bumps on forehead and 2 new acnes in mian (I usually never break out on forehead/mian)- Definitely dry lip - Hair Thinning?
  12. Hey all! Newbie here, but nice to meet y'all. I'm embarking on a new journey to improve my scars. I thought I'd start a thread to document my process. I'll my best to keep it updated. I'm hoping my experience helps you in some way. My scars I've had some form of scarring for most of my life. First, I have linear scars caused by someone who scratched up my face when I was a kid with long fingernails. Yep, childhood sucks. Second, I have mild to moderately depresses scars from adult acne during early 20s. You're all acne survivors, so I don't need to tell you how much acne sucks. Okay, I'm sure you want photos, so I've attached photos of different angles, that I took recently in one session. These were taken at the request of a doctor for a virtual consultation. Quick bio Male, Mid 30s, Southeast asian, Fitzpatrick IV skin type Based in San Francisco Area What treatments have I tried so far? In my 20s, I tried several rounds of microdermabrasion and a chemical peel to treat my linear scars. It did nothing, except trigger my my adult acne, resulting in more scarring. I had been acne-free before then. Early this year in 2018, I went through three rounds of Sublative RF at a local medspa. The machine used was by Syneron, and a precursor to eMatrix. Overall, this helped to even out my complexion and hyperpigmentation, and it softened the scars ever so slightly. What doctors have I talked to recently? Los Angeles I recently had a consultation with a well-known (and well-marketed) aesthetic dermatologist in Los Angeles. When I received the treatment plan and price quote, I was flabbergasted. The first session involved multiple lasers, a peel, subcision, PRP, Bellafill, TCA Cross, and several hundreds worth of creams. The total for this session was nearly $8000. This plan was just too aggressive for me, both in the number procedures and in the price. Florida Like many of you, I follow Dr Dreamy Davin Lim on social media (that accent amirite?), and I've learned a lot about acne scarring. Australia is too far for me to travel, but his website mentions Dr Steven Weiner in Florida. So I emailed him, and he suggested a draft treatment plan of Infini RF, TCA Cross, Bellafill (includes subcision). The ballpark price was much more reasonable to me. Most of his pricing is right on his web page, too. I also see that Dr Lim is a fan of Infini, especially for darker skin tones. So overall, Dr Weiner's plan resonated better me. I also liked that Dr Weiner said he'd have to see me in person to give an exact treatment plan and pricing. San Diego Today, I contacted Dr Rullan's office, at the recommendation of @beautifulambition. I am still waiting to hear back from them on suggested treatments. But I know that he specializes in subcision, Phenol CROSS, and peels. I see that many people in the forums here are happy with his results. What's next? I have an appointment with Dr Weiner's office next week for Infini RF + PRP. His wife, Sandy, performs the procedure and has a lot of experience with it. I'm pumped but tempering my expectations! I have my flights and hotel booked, and will be taking a couple of days off work to recover. What's next next? I had already booked my appointment and flights for Dr Weiner, before learning about Dr Rullan, so it's a bit too late for me to change those plans. But thanks to advice from @beautifulambition, I am now considering treatment with Dr Rullan. I hope to see him in November for subcision and Phenol CROSS, if he thinks those are good options for me. San Diego is also way more convenient for me. Well, that's all for now. Hope to provide an update soon.
  13. Hi! I just made a long post sharing my success with accutane in the prescription treatment forum. I completed my course of accutane about nine years ago. I’m just now addressing the depressed scarring around my mouth. I’m working with Dr. Jacqueline Calkin in Sacramento, CA. The photos show my scars before subcision + Juvaderm, the day after treatment, and a month after treatment. The subcision cost $250, the Juvaderm cost $500. I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Calkin has recommended touch-up Juvaderm as needed. She also said another subcision could be performed in 6 months if the results from the first one are not as permanent as I would like (ie results from subcision are cumulative).
  14. Hello everyone! I've had subcision + sculptra + cooltouch laser twice before (I just got my 2nd one a 6 days ago). I intend to get another scar treatment four weeks and I'm not sure what procedure to undergo. Please note, I still have one big lump and two small lumps on the subcised area. I am also using tazorac for acne & collagen renewal. Option A: Just subcision. I'm really leaning towards this since it's cheaper Option B: Get subcision + sculptra again Option C: TCA Cross for Ice pick scars Option D: TCA peel for general texture Thanks everyone!
  15. Always make sure that there is someone in the room to document the subcision to make sure you are actually getting the treatment you paid for!
  16. Hello all, I wanted to share the results I've obtained over the course of a year. This follows three rounds of Fraxel, followed by 5 rounds of subcision with Sculptra infusion. The last of these was November 2017. I think the icepick/boxcar scars are certainly shallower and less defined. It's difficult to capture rolling scars on camera, but there's definitely some improvement there too. I'm pleased so far, but hoping for a bit more of a targeted approach and looking into TCA Cross. Any advice would be much appreciated with regards TCA cross or other treatments for icepick scarring! Thanks in advance, Poole1989
  17. I have Fitzpatrick Skin Type V and had Erbium YAG laser resurfacing done 15 years ago on my cheeks, which didn’t do much for my scars and my cheeks ended up a shade lighter than my forehead/cheeks/under eye area. I did a zillion fractional laser treatments with no improvement at all and most dermatologists are scared to treat me due to my skin color. I spent years slathering my face with hydroquinone and gave up as I saw no change in the skin color, I regret not getting my whole face done but then again it did nothing for my acne scars either, so was a waste of money, time and made things worse with the discoloration - I should just never have had it done. Additionally, I am sick of wearing makeup all the time to camouflage the scars and the discoloration. When I first had the laser resurfacing done and was using makeup up, it clogged up my pores and made me breakout. Luckily there are now better brands in my skin color and I haven’t had acne in over 10 years after taking out dairy and starch from my diet. I live in Europe and Dr Lim recommended I see Chu or Henningsen. He mentioned I might need subcision and/or filler with light fractional co2 or RF Needling. This seems alright. I am not sure what the sequence is? You get subcision/filler done, then wait 3 months and get laser done and then 3 more months for next round of subcision/laser? Or is it done in one go? And does he treat you at the first visit? I can’t stomach the idea of PRP and after reading posts on here on Dr Chu’s procedure, I felt queasy enough to never want to attempt it. I think I will go to Dr Henningsen as he seems to be able to do fillers and laser as well.
  18. Hello! Its been a while since I posted on here so I wanted to post an update on my scaring. Today I went through my progression photos before starting any treatments, up until today where I have had a CO2 laser, 3 subcisions and several sessions of dermapen. Its always hard to get lighting the same each time, but I still think I have some good results. Looking at the first photo, on the right side the scars look very "sharp", I remember my plastic surgeon saying the laser would smooth the edges out. None of the photos have microswelling, as all photos are taken several months after treatments. Let me know what you think :).
  19. Hi guys, I am traveling to Korea and looking for doctors who perform subcision. It's difficult to find anything on the internet because I don't speak Korean. I'm not sure how to find the best doctors! Does anyone know where to start looking, or have any recommendations? Side note: I'm interested in one subcision treatment in order to replicate the results from this study on acne scars.
  20. V-Beam After Subcision?

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    Is it ok to get Vbeam 2-3 days after subcision? Subcision causes blood to pool under the skin so I'm wondering if vbeam will have negative affect on the subcision outcome. My derm think its ok to have vbeam afterwards. Wondering if anyone has done that or heard about it?
  21. Have a nodule from subcision, and had 1 round of kenalog. When I touch it, seems to have flattened the nodule, but visually kinda looks the same. Does kenalog actually treat the nodule or just flatten all the skin?

  22. Take vitamin D and K to begin with, that will help rebalance your retinoids. Anxiety is probably one of the main causes, as Accutane completely messes up your stress and sex hormones, so right now your body probably feels a tonne of stress. People who take such a limited dose recover much better, and one of my friends took 80mg for 15 months and he is good now, though it knocked him around for a fair bit.

    One of the ironic things about accutane is it makes your body react poorly to stress, then creates a fuckton of it.

    My full recovery advise is:
    "Buy creatine, fish oil, coq10, zinc, multivitamins and a decent protein powder, take the recommended dosages for all of these, and try to meditate for 20 minutes a day"(if its early days take some k2 and vitD as well, that will get your retinoids in check post tane)

    Anyway, even if you are a random healthy male the things I've recommended would only improve your health, all would probs be available if you went to your local discount chemist 
  23. Hi! I have been lurking on this forum for a long time. It's my first time to post here so I apologize if I violated any rules or anything. Let me know so I can edit this. I need advice on what procedures should I get next to treat my acne scars. Last year, I had a couple sessions of TCA cross, microneedling and AGNES. In January, I had microneedling and my first subcision ever. There were improvements as far as ice pick scars are concerned but for the other scars, not so much and I think they got worse but I have poor memory lol so I really can't tell. I like to believe that my scars did improve no matter how insignificant and I am just being too critical. I have Asian brown skin. I tend to have hyperpigmentation but they go away with hydroquinone. When I had subcision, I didn't have any hyperpigmentation at all and things healed after 4-5 days So next week, I am planning to have a subcision for some of my scars and microneedling or RF microneedling (if my derma has it). I'll do the suction method too. I didn't know about it the first time so I wasn't able to do it. I bought those cupping cups and also this pore cleanser/blackhead vacuum thingy and I think the pore cleanser is better so I'll use that one instead of the cups. After 3 weeks-ish, I'll have a peel. Not sure what peel but I am thinking TCA. I've never really had strong peels. My derma used TCA last year but I didn't peel that much. I didn't ask her the strength she used but I'm thinking it was on the milder side since she tends to play it safe and only used 80% for my TCA cross. I use hydroquinone for when I get hyperpigmentation. After the peel (I usually wait 3-4 weeks before having another procedure), I'd probably have another subcision/microneedling then peel again. Hopefully, after all these, I'd see some improvements and then I'll have the Fractional CO2 which my derma says the gold standard for acne scarring but of course, I read stuff online so I don't believe it will help me unless I try to raise my scars more first. I want to ask for any recommendations or advice. Will a Fractional CO2 help me? What procedures should be good for my scars and in what order? I'd appreciate any help/tips/advice, especially from beautifulambition. Thanks! Please see below for my scar pictures.
  24. Hello all, I'm back at my scars again. I was looking good for a few years after Fraxel Re:pair, subcision, and various IPL type lasers in 2012-14. However, my scars have now returned again..ughh.. (no new acne, just reappeared) I am currently taking a break from Microneedling RF treatments (non-insulated). I've had 3 so far and of course, my scarring looks worse than ever. My current doctor does not do subcision but she does fillers. I am taking a break from the Microneedling procedures because they are taking a toll on my sanity (Dr. went so aggressive I lost volume). Moreover, I believe that I should have Subcision done as a must needed scar revision modality. Previously, in 2012-14 I used Dr. Ting (San Ramone) and he's so expensive (per scar) for Subcision. I have scarring all over my face and would like a doctor that is good at subcision and is economical in the bay area. I'm looking to do the suction technique at home after the procedure. I read many posts and I think @beautifulambition mentioned trivalleylivewell for fillers but would they do just subcision? Like you mentioned in your posts, many professionals don't want to do just subcision because they make so much with their 'energy machines' as you put it. Thanks for reading! Chow!
  25. Acne Scar Treatment

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    Hello everyone, Introduction: I am a 27 year old female. The first zit appeared on my face when I was eleven. Since then it has been a continuous battle. I have seen good and bad days. While a doctor had advised me to take Accutane to knock it out for good, I decided against it given the side effects. Retina - A (0.025%), Clindamycin and general avoidance of dairy products seems to be keeping things somewhat under control (touchwood, I am going to say that a lot). I have some acne scars that are ten years old (very few).I was pretty clear before 2014 with the use of the same medicines. I thought my skin will be fine and hence stopped using these. In 2015, due to stress and poor eating habits, I started breaking out again. I was able to control that with the same topical medicines in around January this year. Now, I want to work on the scars. I have been told by dermatologists that it is a good idea to use tretinoin all over the face for the rest of my life to help with age, texture and further incidents of acne. Doctor: I have an appointment with Dr. Morganroth soonish (I live in the bay area). I was supposed to have been done by now (February) but he was traveling (which I was not aware of, I had taken the appointment back in November) and I was not comfortable about getting it done by his substitute. Hopefully he will be there on my next appointment and I can be done with one round of treatment. He was a nice man and answered my questions. Treatment modalities: I think I have a mix of rolling, ice pick and box scars. I failed to ask this to Dr. Morganroth. He said he will do subcision but not TCA Cross. He said it can lead to bad complications and the results we see could be the best cases. I asked him if he would be able to subcise all the scars. He said no, some of my scars are linear in structure. I am not sure what that means. He added that I can expect 25% improvement but some have seen 65% or more. I plan to do about two rounds of subcision before June. Supplements: I take three capsules of Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins every night. Every morning I drink about 400 ml of kale leaves, 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1 tbsp Vit C powder, 1 scoop of collagen peptides, a squeeze of honey, a splash of apple cider vinegar and some water all blended together. I also drink about two cups of green tea everyday. Topical medicines and cosmetics: bp face wash, clindamycin, a gel moisturizer, sunscreen in the morning. Salicylic acid face wash, tretinoin at night. I don't use makeup at all, primarily because I have no idea how to use any neither do I know what will suit my skin type. I use some eye cream as the are around my eyes tends to get very dry. Pre-treatment: The substitute doctor advised me to stop using retin A for about two three days after the treatment to avoid possible sensitivity issues. Apart from that he said I can continue to live the way I do normally. Post-treatment steps: I have bough a Chinese cupping set and hope to suction once the insertion points have closed. Any advice or ideas are very welcome. In the attached photo you will see active acne. But this photo was taken in November last year. I have residual scars now. I would love to know your opinion on what kinds of treatments would help. I am particularly thankful to this forum for giving me hope, Thank you. and to @beautifulambition for always being so patient and answering questions. The following are more recent photos: