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  1. Have a nodule from subcision, and had 1 round of kenalog. When I touch it, seems to have flattened the nodule, but visually kinda looks the same. Does kenalog actually treat the nodule or just flatten all the skin?
  2. Hi, new to the forum. I am really beating myself up for a poor, poor decision I made during April. About me - 25 year old male. For 4 years, I've had an extremely unusual bald patch in my beard, right on my jawline. The thing is, I was not dealing with a "patchy" beard. It is coarse in other areas, even the cheeks. the left side of my face grows thick facial hair. I told myself at age 21 that if I didn't start seeing an improvement by age 25 that I would address it. I have done tons of research and spent countless hours on how i could stimulate hair growth in the patch. I tried every conservative treatment out there that you could find online. No results. I decided NOT to give into to applying rogaine, which has become popular for beard growth these days (believe it or not) due to concerns about the systematic effects that applying it on the face can have (including heart issues). I had read up on some people having a lot of success with cortisone injections into the beard for alopecia. It really seemed like this is what I was dealing with. So i went into the dermatologist and didn't shave for a few days so they could see for themselves what I was dealing with. She told me that any dermatologist would tell me that that's what I must be dealing with based on observing my face. To get to the point, the side effects weren't fully communicated to me, but I sort of knew about the "dent" risk going in and thought the potential reward outweighed the risk, as i thought the side effects were rare. I got my first shot during the 3rd week of April and experienced no side effects (up to 3 weeks). I then received a second injection mid-May. 2 weeks later, I noticed a dent/atrophy. Picture attached shows how it is right now. The dent has been there about 6 days, and I haven't seen an improvement. The picture doesn't really do it justice, I'm going to be honest, honest, it's really bad and very noticeable. Symptoms: 1) atrophy/dent 2) very wrinkly/thin skin, especially when I squeeze around it 3) white hue I'm honestly rattled right now... my confidence is shot and I'm so down right now. I've scoped every historical thread on these forums up and down, and while the majority of anecdotes out there will tell you these dents are usually temporary, it's not really enough to give me peace of mind because there is some chance it could be permanent. Things could be worse but this is a really crummy way to start out my summer. What am i seeking: 1) maybe some success stories? 2) at what point should I consider saline injections, which I've read can be effective? 3) any other words of wisdom are appreciated. Thanks for reading
  3. Hello, I have had big pimples on my nose for the past 3 years and they left me with raised scars. I went to a dermatologist and she said steroid injections could help flatten them. However, I am unsure of steroid effects. Has anyone received similar treatment? What should I be aware of? Are there adverse side effects? And does it last? Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Kenalog shot

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    For those who have received a kenalog injection or cortisone injection to a cystic pimple, when did you start noticing skin atrophy? I had mine done almost 24 hours ago, and while it's completely flattened out, I still feel a small bump. It isn't visible from looking. No skin atrophy. When will I be in the clear? When did you guys start seeing skin atrophy (if any) after treating a cystic pimple with an injection? And if you didn't see any skin trauma or atrophy, please share that too.
  5. skin atrophy by steroid injection

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    I had a steroid shot in my nose, and all the left side on my nose has an indentation now. the spot where the needle enter its obviosly the worst part of it. did anyone have this problem? did it resolve on its own?
  6. A few years ago, I was told by my dermatologist that I needed Kenalog injected on each and every single keloid scar spot on my chest. I was nervous at first because I have a very low tolerance in pain. After a few months of injections once a month, I got sick and tired of it. I realized I was just simply unable to handle the needle pain of each injection. I know I'm a grown man but every single injected spot feels like a knife stabbing my chest. It just hurts really badly. I asked the dermatologist if he had a pre-treatment for needle pain but he said no, he does not have it. I even tried to ice my chest as much as possible before each injection but no, I still felt nearly the amount of pain as I did. I mean how do surgeons cut open a patient's stomach without a patient feeling pain? Because some sort of numbing or knocking out was done. I also tried another dermatologist but no, she said the same thing on my first visit that only needles were the solution and there would be no anti-pain medication to take before each appointment she can think of. I even asked my family doctor if she could prescribe me something that would knock me out temporarily so I felt no pain but no she couldn't. She couldn't say anything that would've numbed the needle feeling. So what now? It seems like I want to get the keloids removed but I can't because I have a very low tolerance for pain. Is there not any medication that you can take beforehand to completely numb the feeling on the needle?
  7. Skin Condition Skin redness seems to be minimal like it usually is Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no more whiteheads two small red pimples emereged on my upper lip. Nooo. No whiteheads on my chin Just like yesterday my skin was quite dry and flakey. Dryness around my pimples Not as dry around my eyes as yesterday (improvement!) Not as dry around my mouth, But this is still the dryest area of my face my forehead looks relatively smooth and the 1 whitehead is gone The deep "underground" pimple is still hanging around, it seems a little smaller since yesterday and no longer hurts my vicks treatment didnt bring it to a head but still seems to have helped Application This morning I washed my face with warm water and then a my hydrating cerave cleanser i didnt use sulfacleanse like i usually do because of an event tonight and i want to minimize skin flaking I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed I applied a thick layer of moisturizer After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it I iced the underground cystic pimple and the 2 new pimples in 10 minute intervals to decrrease inflammation before tonight (which really reduced the redness) I took my doxycycline I applied some makeup Moisturizer!! A light layer of BB cream on my cheeks A SUPER light dusting of translucent powder (i used a tiny fan brush) No concealer as much as i wanted to because i knew it would look bad on the dry patches Before bed Washed my face with cerave hydrating cleanser waited 20 minutes applied adapelene all over my face waited 5 minutes applied a thick layer of moisturizer Im running out of this particular moisturizer as ive owned it for quite some time. If anyone has suggestions for a hydrating moisturizer that isnt greasy, leave a comment! Feelings/Thoughts/Observations Less dryness than yesterday = steady improvement This could be of the precautions i took yesterday to apply moisturizer BEFORE adapelene (so my skin would be moisturized today) my skin overall is CLEARLY improving, but i do still get new pimples (like today) I want that big pimple under my nostril to leave!!! I made an appointment at the derm to get it injected next thursday (9 days away), so if its still there by then ill get it taken care of (and ill explain the process more) However before bed the pimple was looking pretty small so I might need to cancel my appointment. Notes If you are interested in seeing the ORIGINAL routine given by my derm initially, go look at my blog description here (click read more). If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!
  8. This is my first post and I know there's other posts about this but I have been getting really depressed and I need to talk to people who understand what I'm going through because none of my friends or family understand. They think it's comforting so say "oh it's not that bad" but that's easy to say when it's not on your face and you don't feel violated by a dermatologist. I was on accutane for nine months. My final accutane check up was in April (2016) and during that appointment, my dermatologist decided to inject a bump that was under my skin on my cheek. The bump did not hurt, it was not physically visible, you could simply feel a little bump under the skin. My dermatologist did not tell me there were any side effects to the shot (if I knew it could cause atrophy, I obviously would not have done it), I did not sign anything accepting any risks. That same night, I noticed the skin around that area turned white, it lost its pigmentation. Then a week later, the area began to sink. At first I just thought the skin was just getting darker but it was also starting to dimple. It has been getting worse and worse and my dermatologist kept brushing me off until I started asking for information about why I wasn't informed of side effects or given any consent forms to sign for the procedure. She even entered in her report that she injected a "large, painful, red, and swollen cyst" on my left cheek. LIAR. Finally she agreed to see me (June 2016). She tried to deny that the obvious atrophy was from the cortisone at all, she tried to say it's because there was a bump there, and now there's not. Simple as that. Of course that could have played a part but this dent is SUFFICIENTLY larger than the little bump that was there to begin with. It looks like someone put a cigarette out on my cheek. I am so devastated. I've been suffering on accutane and my skin finally looks amazing and then she deformed me on my LAST VISIT. I feel so cheated and no matter what I do, I can't be proud of my face. I was offered laser treatment (by a different and far more experienced dermatologist) as my best option. Since it was free, I decided to try it. I've had one laser treatment and there is no improvement yet but she says it could take three treatments. They said saline shots won't help. I just want to know if anyone has had luck with laser treatment or just any luck at all with the atrophy filling in. I'm trying to hold on to some hope that this will go away. Thank you for reading my rant, this has been eating away at me (quite literally). Any response is welcome. Please help
  9. 20 Never Had A Pimple Before

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    Ok so I posted on here a month ago. I have now done tons of research and would like others input. So the first thing is genetics is absolutely not an option as no one in my family has ever had it. We are actually known for our flawless skin. As a teen not a single pimple. Not kidding not even one ( even wearing mac makeup for days on end and not washing my face). I've been in relationships constantly the last couple of years so I never really wore makeup. I started breaking out a little at 18 and 19 ( a pimple hear and there thinking it was the weirdest thing) last year this time I got a really bad break out from my first job ( clothing store) and used pro active and it cleared up there were only papules though but they still cleared up. I stopped using it and around october of this year ( had the worst nervous break down imaginable - the last 3 years just finally did me in) I was also smoking two packs a day. Of course the breakout that occured I thought was the worst thing I'd ever seen. It just keeps getting worse! Especially when I did any antibiotic or laser treatment or for the one week I tried the oral antibiotic. And I don't mean worse like pro active where it brings it out then takes it away I mean worse like made them from small to angry and "bloated" and my whole skin bright red ( like what I already had put on steroids). The stress has been non stop- so many changes, moves, growing pains etc,...These little papules just keep coming and they start off small or not even on the surface at all and end up being pustules and a couple even nodules. I had stated a month ago that I didn't have any on my neck or back but now that just started happening too. And of course they started off so small then got bigger. I already have a new bf so it's not like I'm worried for those reasons but the truth is I have been through so much trauma and there's very few things in my life that haven't been taken away from me. This is so much more than just appearance for me and the effects are so much greater than I can really explain. I used the bp but stopped as it did nothing (didn't make it worse but did nothing) I have now been on a very strict diet, a gallon of water a day, zinc pills, multi vitamin, fish oil pills,and milk thistle ( tons of cigs, caffeine, and monsters over the years). I just am so confused why they start off so small then end up being bigger and more inflamed. I'm now using lerosett and it's definitely helping bring down the inflammation and allowing me to get them to a place where I can pop them and dry them out but more little papules just keep coming. I will only have insurance for another month so I need answers now. For some people it may just be skin for me like I said it's alot more. I litterally can't focus on anything else. Also one weird little side not I'm getting dandruff for the first time too I don't know if that's any correlation. I'm also getting just one or two in the most random places like inside of my fore arm and one right above the breast. Also I'm pretty sure its not an allergic reaction to soaps or detergents or anything because I've switched to hypo allergenic stuff. The research I've done has made me want to question two things as a cause and I want to know from people who are here to help ( not sell their products) The first thing I'm thinking is that it may be like fungal follicultus as it did go away and it came back and the topicals made it so much worse I mean like from a level 2 to a level 10 and I've been on alot of antibiotics the last couple of years because I get sick alot when I'm cold especially because I smoke. The second is that it may be hormonal but my periods are super regular but I still plan on seeing the endocrinologist. I asked the dermo if she could do a cure to see if it was fungal folliculitus or if it was follicultus in general and she wouldn't do it because "acne and folliculitus were the same thing". So my question is how likely is it that it's fungal and not bacterial like acne? Also if it's 100 percent not genetic does that mean that birth control would be a better solution than antibiotics. Honestly, having my face that swollen bright red again makes me want to cringe. And the oral antibiotics sound awful to do to my body ( yes even though I smoke I don't want to put it through much more) These are from my first post Then this is now... even worse ! =(( I seriously cant even believe 6 months ago I didn't have a single pimple... =/ Also I've done alot of research and since bacteria is only one part of acne I really don't want to do the antibiotics. I'm not looking for a cover up ( laser therapies or extractions or "the right product" to minimize symptoms I really want help finding the cause) I'm obsessed I can't even fully enjoy my new bf or getting my own place soon etc all these awesome things because my perfectly flawless skin has turned into this ( in 6 months too! and it keeps getting worse and i'm so freaked out =/)
  10. Cortisone Shots Gone Wrong

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    I know this topic has been covered multiple times before but I wanted put out a warning and vent a little. ) I visited my derm to get an ingrown hair drained. He offered cortisone. I told him I was afraid of the side effects, the denting due to atrophy of the fatty tissues (I have read way too much about this stuff over the last 12 years of issues). He told me it was a very diluted dose and that if it did dent it should go away in a few weeks. I was still hesitant. Then he asked "Do you want it gone?" I said yes. It was probably the worst decision of my life. 1. It's not just the dose that determines the denting but also the technique. 2. There's no way to judge a doctors injection technique before being injected. 3. A doctor with a brilliant mind for connecting the dots and solving our issues may have hands of stone and not the delicate hands of an artist. He plunged that needle into my face. I was shocked by just how deep he went. IMHO, definitely into subcutaneous tissue. Then a second shot which I truly didn't expect. I trusted him cause he is the best doctor I ever had in other areas. 3.5 months later I still have two dents in my face. I've been a shut-in and really have stopped enjoying life. A follow-up visit didn't help. The solutions offered were to cut out the dent/scar and replace it with a slightly better scar or microneedling where the derm jabs your face with a needle to stimulate collagen growth. If there's scar tissue they can also try to jab away at it to break it up. People will say they've had cortisone shots in their face and everything went fine and I'm sure this is true but they were gambling. Bad technique and your face can be ruined. It's called a cortisone injury and it can be so severe that the body may not recover to normalcy. As you all know cortisone doesn't just reduce inflammation it causes other tissues to atrophy. I'm going to try some non-invasive approaches in January as a last ditch effort to save the day. I really hope & pray it works. With all my other skin issues I've always been able to find a solution but atrophic dents are the trickiest to solve and there's not many solid solutions on the web. American doctors, in general, are WAY too eager to give steroids. Almost like their bored unless they can break out the cortisone and stick you with needles. So if you're offered cortisone injections you may want to consider holding off. You can always go back to the derm a week later and get the shot if needed but it may turn out that some antibiotics(topical & oral) will heal you up fine. I wish I had stayed on that route. If anyone has any success fixing their dens/redness caused by cortisone over many months (over 4 months) please let me know your solutions. I'm open to all non-invasive approaches. Fasting, topical, excercise microcurrent etc. It seemed that saline solution was seen as merely a temporary solution on these boards...
  11. Desperate Times!

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    Hello, Im Lorraine a 31 year old desperate acne sufferer. Ive always had mild acne and Im a wonder with makeup so no-one ever really notices however, for the past 6 months it's been really bad. I invested in some really expensive products, Dermalogica MediBAC designed for adult acne, WHAT A MISTAKE! I am now covered in spots on my face, it is red raw and feels like I've been burnt. On Friday it got so bad I went to hospital and was prescribed Flucloxacillian 500mg tablets (4 times per day) to fight the infection and Fucidin H cream. I have since learnt by going to my doctor in FLOODS of tears yesterday that my eczema cream which is a strong steroid had caused Perioral Dermatitis on my face alongside the acne, therefore I had a major infection which has made my face swell and be bright red. I have been signed off work for 2 weeks pending a private appointment with a dermatologist within the next week. I have also been prescribed Tetracycline and two different Bactroban creams which I have to use 5 times a day that fight the bacteria. I have been told not to use Fucidin H cream as it is a steroid and will make things worse. I have been house bound for 5 days now, no confidence to leave the house, depressed, crying alot and refuse to show my painfully red face to the world. After reading reviews on here I think I am going to ask for a course of Roaccutane. I want an end to this for good. At the moment, I'm living in constant fear that this will never go and I am going to look this way forever. A bit dramatic I know but I just don't know what else to do. If anyone has any similar experiences with anything I have mention, PLEASE PLEASE REPLY! I need help!
  12. Jj's Roaccutane Log

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    Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forum for months now and since I'll be starting my Roaccutane course today, thought it would make sense to log & share my experience and hopefully find a buddy or two A bit of background info (if anyone is interested): Didn't have much pimple or acne problems in my teen or early adult years (I'm 29 now), things started to went downhill from beginning of 2011. For some reason my face started to get much more oiler than usual and I’ll be consistently getting pimples around my cheek and jawline area and also clogged pores/whiteheads on my forehead. It was pretty much manageable throughout last year but it got worse in the last 2 months. I started to get cystic acne (the really painful ones that doesn't come to a head and just stay there for more than a week) around my problem areas (cheek, jawline, forehead). I went to my family GP early this year and got prescribed Differin 0.1% and Minocycline. He also referred me to see a Dermatologist but the earliest appointment I could get is in mid-March. So in the mean time I took the antibiotic but unfortunately had to stop after a week due to sever side effect - constant nausea, vomiting. So one month went by and my acne became a lot worse, it's sore & red and the only area that is clear on my face is my eyes & nose I finally manage to get an earlier Derm appointment (which is last Monday), the doctor was really nice & understanding and I feel a lot better after our first consultation. We chatted about my health & skin history and at the end he asked me to do a blood test. If all goes well he'll put me on a 6 - 9 months Roaccutane course. Before I start my course, he also had prescribed me on an Antibiotic (Erythromycin) and Steroid (Panafcortelone) to calm my acne down cause they were pretty red and inflammatory! I’ve took them for a week now and it has indeed calm down my acne a lot – I still breakout and my face is still bumpy but they are less sore and seems to heal much quicker. Today I had my second consultation, my bloodwork looks fine so the doctor had put me on a small dosage to start - 20mg/day for 2 months (I weight about 45kg, 164cm tall). I'll see him again in two months and if I don't have too much side effects, I'll probably get bump up to 40mg/day. I'm not sure how long my course will be, the doctor said 6 - 9 months depend on how my body react to the drug, I am hoping I could be done in 6 months. I’ll continue to take the antibiotic for another month while I’m on tane (I think this is suppose to help the IB), the steroid I’ll be taking for one more week then next week I’ll need to take half a tablet then stop taking it the week after. I’ve heard a lot of negative stories about Roaccutane so I am fairly nervous to be on the course…fingers cross I would be able to power through it and hopefully cure my acne problems. I’ll continue to update this log weekly on my progress and will take pictures when I can. Here’s what my face looks like currently (I look much worst 2 weeks ago, my acne was so red & angry! These photos were taken tonight without makeup) Right Side Left Side Thank you for reading my story, I am very grateful to be able to find out about this community and am happy to finally find someone that can really understand what I’m going through physically and emotionally. Take care & have a lovely day J JJ
  13. Quick background: I got a bad pimple/cyst on my left cheek sometime in late fall of 2010. I popped it and it left a boxcar type scar. When another pimple starting forming about a centimeter or two above the scar in mid February 2011 I vowed not to pop it because I didn't want to end up with another scar. So, I just treated this new pimple with Proactive. When that didn't help I tried Retin-A .05%, which didn't help either. This new zit had gone from a small pimple to a huge cyst swollen to about a half dollar under my skin. I finally went to the dermatologist on March 23rd and got a kenalog shot. By that time the pimple-turned-cyst had been on my face for a month and a week. On March 24 it started to atrophy and by March 27 it looked horrible. Instead of a swollen cyst I now had a hole in my face. To top it all off, about a week later I noticed the head of the cyst looked kind of yellowish so I gently applied pressure and pus oozed out. Great. So the shot didn't even get rid of the cyst after all... I had to pop it anyway to get the pus out. I went back to the derm and she prescribed me doxycycline and clindamycin topical... The cyst finally healed. Long story short: I will NEVER get another steroid shot in my face. All it did was atrophy that spot and I ended up having to pop the cyst anyway. If I had known that, I would have popped that bad boy back in February when it first appeared. Now I might be left with a scar that will probably be worse than what it would have been if I had just popped it in the beginning. Instead of popping it I just let it sit there and damage my tissue.. Big mistake. LESSON LEARNED: Never let a cyst fester on your face for a month and don't get a steroid shot unless you're prepared for the atrophy. Thankfully my face is starting to heal, but this has been very stressful for me. I went back to the derm one more time to ask about saline injections to help with the atrophy and she said that I needed to leave it alone and let it heal itself. She said I needed to wait at least 6 months before I try to have it filled. She thinks it will fill in on its own. We'll see.. Does anyone have an opinion about my atrophy/scar? Does it look to you like it will completely heal? Do you think I still have atrophy from the steroid shot? I'm anxious for it to be gone, but I don't want to jump the gun and get a filler injected if it'll eventually resolve itself. Thanks in advance for your responses. **Note - The bottom of this scar is a boxcar that was there from a prior zit. That scar and my new scar/atrophy have kind of melded together to form this long thing... Kind of a hybrid scar of sorts. Looks to me like rolling/boxcar mixed with an icepick scar in the middle....?
  14. the damage done

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    i used to post on here regularly but went away because i kind of forgot about my scarring and i didn't have active acne thanks to accutane and later using tazorac cream. i return back because i have run into trouble. i'm not sure if this best falls into the scar category but i'll give it a shot. maybe a mod can re assign if needed. last summer at the end of july i developed a yeast/fungal infection on my face from the heat and humidity. i went to a derm that told me to use desonide cream (a low grade steroid) plus an anti fungal topical (i forget the name). so she said to mix the 2 together and put on my face morning and night. so i did this for maybe 4 - 5 days and then stopped because the irritation went away. maybe a week or 2 later it was hot and humid out again, i'd sweat that the bumps and irritation would come back. so i used the 2 creams again for maybe a weeks time. finally, it came back a 3rd time, she told me to use the creams again and gave me a diflucan to take. ever since i used these creams, i've noticed that my acne has come back mildly in addition to noticing that the skin on my forehead became very shiny and greasy looking even thinner. it looks like i have hundreds of tiny clogged bumps and this disturbs me because my forehead has always been the clearest part of my face, even when i took accutane. i asked her if using this anti fungal plus steroid cream for like roughly give or take 3 weeks am and pm could have possibly thinned and damaged my skin. she claims its a mild steroid but i'm concerned that the excessive use has caused permanent damage plus my acne to come back. it has been 8 months since i took these creams and i've been using tazorac again but my forehead remains greasy and bumpy. could this be due to the steriod or also the clogging effects of these heavy creams? i thought by now tazorac would have pulled out everything but it still looks the same and acne bumps keep coming no matter what. i saw the derm again and begged for a low does of accutane but she said no. so i guess my question is, could a steroid cream have caused poor texture and greasiness on my forehead?
  15. OMG, my scalp is filled with painful bumps & scabs!! It greases quick too. I never had this problem before. This sh*t doesn't go away, no matter wtf I tried. I've tried ACV, tea tree oil, nettle tea rinse....dermatologist medicated shampoos and steroid solutions. NOTHING has cured it!! I'm so sick and tired of this. It's making my hair fall off a lot and thinning! I've had this for a while now. Since the fall. I'm going to another dermatologist in two weeks to see if she can give me something better. If anyone here has any advice/tips for me, i'll gladly appreciate it a lot. Thx!!
  16. Hi All, Has anyone out there had steroid-induced rosacea, and what is the best treatment option? Unfortunately I had minor seb-derm several years ago. My dermatologist first put me on a steroid cream, which she had me using 2x/week indefinitely. She also prescribed me elidel cream 6m ago. She told me I could use it every day, so I did for about a month. A couple months ago I started to get what I thought was seb derm but much much worse than ever before. I now realize that it is steroid-induced rosacea. I'm not 100% sure if the steroids or the elidel caused this? I've heard that elidel is typically used to treat steroid-induced rosacea, but then in other places I've read that elidel can have similar withdrawl symptoms of it's own. So my questions are 1.) Could the elidel be equally responsible? 2.) How do I treat this? I'm assuming my derm will prescribe either elidel or protopic, but given that I'm nervous that elidel could have played a hand in the problem, i'm not sure what to do? Also if anyone has any success stories with this affliction please share them and how you cleared yourself, would be a moral booster. Many thanks!
  17. i heard that it can cause lightening of the skin. is this true? and is the result permanent?
  18. Someone help me!!!

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    First off im a 19 year old guy...So i tried murad and its useless. Im using BP 5% with coconut oil and tea tree as a moisturizer than i dab with a hot towel to get the excess off. For wash i use a sysilic acid wash. This is done twice a day. Im also into bodybuilding and after i workout i rinse my face with hot/warm water and apply apple cider vinegar than the coconut oil tea tree mixture. Any thoughts on these procedures because i haven't been using it for very long im just coming off murad's stuff which is crap. My biggest problem is the whiteheads/milia or whatever they are...ugh...Im so sick of this crap im seriously considering taking up on girls.... and getting disgustingly huge...i don't care if it gives me pimples my complexion is crap anyways. I mean i wear mineral makeup when i go out because im a bit of a metro or high maintenance (so im told), How sad is that??? I will mention i have ordered Dans products, but i have a feeling i will hate the moisturizer since i live in Canada (cold and dry) and im an electrician meaning i work outside frequently. Could i use the coconut oil and tea tree instead?
  19. I just got off of a 6 month course of Amnesteem. 80/40 every other day (80 one day, 40 the next) Some facts: I cut out ALL dairy products in my diet, only take in egg white protein now. I don't eat any bad oils. I'm a vegetarian (wonder if this has something to do with it) I did a Prohormone about a year and a half ago (over the counter steroids) Accutane: I got horrible sides from it I broke out the entire cycle, even on month 6 one side of my face is clear, and the other has 2 big cysts on it. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO AT THIS POINT. Can someone suggest something? Thank you.
  20. About two years ago, I got a small hypertrophic scar on my chest. It took several steroid injections, and after two years (because I couldn't always schedule the injections together), the scar is finally flat. The problem is that it's still very red, and the texture is sort of..bumpy and rough feeling. It's also a bit shiny, but it doesn't hurt or itch anymore. Being that I'm of fair skin, I feel like it's very noticeable and it prevents me from wearing certain shirts. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with redness or texture for hypertrophic FLATTENED scars? I'm scared to put something on it that will give me a bad reaction, but I'm sick of seeing it everyday and concealer doesn't help much. Please help! Thank you.
  21. Accutane and hair loss

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    I took accutane for a course of 30mg for 10 months (first course). I lost lots of hair upwards of 100. But it stopped halfway through the course for some reason. The hair loss came back and persisted even after I stopped the medication for 10 months. I took my second course 4 months ago and for a period of time the hair loss stopped. This time I suspected that the hair loss stopped because of my use of my asthma inhaler which contains steroids. On both occasions where my hair loss stopped (completely, hair loss was only 3 or 4 in the showers instead of 30+) I used the inhaler. I noticed during the second course that after I used it long term, 1 month later I would drastically reduce my hair fall. I asked my derm about it, he said it was unlikely and improbable, but I'm just throwing it out for you guys as my personal observation. Any ideas or similar experiences? At this time though, I must say I've no idea whether steroids (or other active ingredients in my inhaler) actually addressed the root cause of my hair loss from accutane (which I don't know) or it induced hair growth only on the head and not else where (which was shot down by my derm and internet research).
  22. Treatment for THINNED SKIN

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    I had clear skin until I was 24. Then all hell broke loose. I was pregnant at the time when I got severe cystic acne. The doctors kept saying I didn't have many options because most things would harm the baby. So they mentioned they could inject all the cysts with cortisone(or whatever the steroid is called)....I was DESPERATE so I said ok. Well this doc used way too much and even said "You have the most severe acne I've seen and I will need to inject high doses for this to go down" . I didnt know about any of that stuff, and just wanted an instant fix. So after the baby was born, I got on antibiotics and benzaclin...they worked GREAT! But now I was left with EXTREME scarring. Is there anything that I can do to help my thinned skin and the pits on my face??? I know people use lasers and dermarolling for their scars, but will treatments like that MAKE MY SKIN WORSE? I cant help but think putting needles into the already damaged, thinned, torn up tissue skin will NOT help! Any ideas? Thanks BTW I have had 2 Fraxel restores 3 years ago and I'm not sure if it made it worse on the really thinned out parts:(
  23. I'm just wondering why there are not many excision/punch excision reviews on this board ? I think it's a good way to treat acne scars unless you really have a lot of big ones. Because it's a fact that surgery scars are much better to treat than indented acne scars. They can be treated with steroid injections or botox very well. Also treatments like dermabrasion or lasers work much better on those type of scars. If you check google pic search you will find many impressive scar revisions. More improvement than in 95% of all before after acne scars pictures I've ever seen (not considering the obviously faked ones). What do you think ? Here are some examples: http://plasticsurgerybeforeandafter.blogsp...-and-after.html you will find many more if you also search for mole excision or skin cancer.
  24. This part can be skipped: I didn't want to post in the big seborrheic dermatitis topic, so I decided to make a new one. I'll make this short. I first developed patches of flaky skin that later turned into rashes below my mouth. I thought it was perioral dermatitis, so I treated it with GSE. It went away but came back and this time it brought friends. I got the same thing around my eyes. I had to skip college for a few weeks. Fortunately it went away. I decided to see a derm because I still had red patches under my mouth and light redness above my eyes. The derm told me it's not perioral dermatitis and gave me a prescription for a steroid cream (elocon). I started using it yesterday. Oh yeah, I forgot. More red patches developed on my right cheek, so I used the cream on those spots too. Whatever it is, it seems to still be spreading. It seems to like the beard area. I also got a pretty bad case of dandruff after I first got the rash. Dandruff = seborrheic dermatitis. So maybe that's it? Also, it seems to be in my eyebrows now... I am losing a lot of eyebrows every time I touch them and I can also see flaky/red skin in that area. Since I count calories (have everything I eat logged online in FitDay) and keep a diary in my pc about everything new I bring in my diet and things like that, it should be pretty easy to find out what caused it. IMO it's definitely caused by diet. Idea 1: I'll get straight to it. I think it's the massive amounts of sweet potatoes I eat combined with a low fat diet (vitamin A is fat soluble). I also eat a lot of frozen carrots, spinach and broccoli daily. All of these are rich in vitamin A. Plus I used to take a multi that also had vitamin A in it. I eat 150g/5.3oz spinach packages and about as much broccoli daily. As for sweet potatoes, I eat them every other day as my post workout meal - usually more than 1kg/2.2 pounds. Idea 2: A BCAA product that had beta-alanine and betaine anhydrous in it seemed to cause it at first. I was certain that it was the cause of the rash around my mouth. The second time I took it I developed the rash around my eyes, which went away in a week or so. But I haven't touched that product for a long time and I still have the problem, it even seems to be spreading. Idea 3: I started my new fish oil product with q10 around the same time, so I dropped that supplement as well. Did not seem to help. Thought I was allergic to q10... It's possible. The derm had no clue. He told me I should eat more flour products because my liver needs carbs. Lol. How whacky is my sweet potato and vitamin A theory? Do I have what I even think I have? Here is how it went down: August 8 - started eating sweet potatoes again. August 9 - more sweet potatoes. And from here on TONS of sweet potatoes every other day (workout days) August 11 - started the BCAA product with beta-alanine August 11 - noticed the flakiness or redness below my mouth (on the sides, the area directly below the middle of my mouth seemed be to unaffected and still is) *battling with the weird rash until it almost went away?* August 21 - August 26,27,29 - tried the BCAA product again August 31 - reaction around eyes. Times worse than what I had on my chin. It was so bad that it was ridiculous. I still went to gym though and got A LOT of weird looks. I stopped using it immediately. And it went away. September - discovered dandruff. Might have had it before though. September 8 - stopped my multivitamin (cuz of the iodine, it was the cause of my acne around the mustache area). September 12 - found a red patch in my beard on near my eye. It was like dandruff, but in the beard? Shaved and now I still have a red patch there. It's still pretty bad. I'm gonna stop writing now because I have so much useless information that it would only make it harder to find the cause... I realize that I wrote quite a bit. No need to go through the whole post. You can get straight to answering my question about vitamin A and seborrheic dermatitis.
  25. Well let me start off with that i am new to and, also new to posting on message boards so please bare with me. I had serve acne all threw out high school. Long story short i was pulled out of school because of how bad it had gotten, i believe it was a reaction to acutane which i started to take in 10th grade, after taking acutane for about 3 months my skin really flared up also to the point where i would wake up in my bed with my shirt stuck to my back covered in blood. It been 3 years since then and my acne has calm down a lot, i have little cyst on my neck but nothing compared to what it us to be(there is how ever server scaring ) . I am on my second treatment of acutane and this time with a anti inflammatory steroid. My question is to those who have served in the military, my biggest concern is drill instructors seeing my scaring and using it to break me down(pretty much pick me out of the crowd and tare me a new one) and, also other recruits. If i do start to break out again will i be medically discharged because i wouldn't want that either