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  1. Have a nodule from subcision, and had 1 round of kenalog. When I touch it, seems to have flattened the nodule, but visually kinda looks the same. Does kenalog actually treat the nodule or just flatten all the skin?

  2. Take vitamin D and K to begin with, that will help rebalance your retinoids. Anxiety is probably one of the main causes, as Accutane completely messes up your stress and sex hormones, so right now your body probably feels a tonne of stress. People who take such a limited dose recover much better, and one of my friends took 80mg for 15 months and he is good now, though it knocked him around for a fair bit.

    One of the ironic things about accutane is it makes your body react poorly to stress, then creates a fuckton of it.

    My full recovery advise is:
    "Buy creatine, fish oil, coq10, zinc, multivitamins and a decent protein powder, take the recommended dosages for all of these, and try to meditate for 20 minutes a day"(if its early days take some k2 and vitD as well, that will get your retinoids in check post tane)

    Anyway, even if you are a random healthy male the things I've recommended would only improve your health, all would probs be available if you went to your local discount chemist 
  3. Hi, new to the forum. I am really beating myself up for a poor, poor decision I made during April. About me - 25 year old male. For 4 years, I've had an extremely unusual bald patch in my beard, right on my jawline. The thing is, I was not dealing with a "patchy" beard. It is coarse in other areas, even the cheeks. the left side of my face grows thick facial hair. I told myself at age 21 that if I didn't start seeing an improvement by age 25 that I would address it. I have done tons of research and spent countless hours on how i could stimulate hair growth in the patch. I tried every conservative treatment out there that you could find online. No results. I decided NOT to give into to applying rogaine, which has become popular for beard growth these days (believe it or not) due to concerns about the systematic effects that applying it on the face can have (including heart issues). I had read up on some people having a lot of success with cortisone injections into the beard for alopecia. It really seemed like this is what I was dealing with. So i went into the dermatologist and didn't shave for a few days so they could see for themselves what I was dealing with. She told me that any dermatologist would tell me that that's what I must be dealing with based on observing my face. To get to the point, the side effects weren't fully communicated to me, but I sort of knew about the "dent" risk going in and thought the potential reward outweighed the risk, as i thought the side effects were rare. I got my first shot during the 3rd week of April and experienced no side effects (up to 3 weeks). I then received a second injection mid-May. 2 weeks later, I noticed a dent/atrophy. Picture attached shows how it is right now. The dent has been there about 6 days, and I haven't seen an improvement. The picture doesn't really do it justice, I'm going to be honest, honest, it's really bad and very noticeable. Symptoms: 1) atrophy/dent 2) very wrinkly/thin skin, especially when I squeeze around it 3) white hue I'm honestly rattled right now... my confidence is shot and I'm so down right now. I've scoped every historical thread on these forums up and down, and while the majority of anecdotes out there will tell you these dents are usually temporary, it's not really enough to give me peace of mind because there is some chance it could be permanent. Things could be worse but this is a really crummy way to start out my summer. What am i seeking: 1) maybe some success stories? 2) at what point should I consider saline injections, which I've read can be effective? 3) any other words of wisdom are appreciated. Thanks for reading
  4. Hello, I have had big pimples on my nose for the past 3 years and they left me with raised scars. I went to a dermatologist and she said steroid injections could help flatten them. However, I am unsure of steroid effects. Has anyone received similar treatment? What should I be aware of? Are there adverse side effects? And does it last? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Kenalog shot

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    For those who have received a kenalog injection or cortisone injection to a cystic pimple, when did you start noticing skin atrophy? I had mine done almost 24 hours ago, and while it's completely flattened out, I still feel a small bump. It isn't visible from looking. No skin atrophy. When will I be in the clear? When did you guys start seeing skin atrophy (if any) after treating a cystic pimple with an injection? And if you didn't see any skin trauma or atrophy, please share that too.
  6. skin atrophy by steroid injection

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    I had a steroid shot in my nose, and all the left side on my nose has an indentation now. the spot where the needle enter its obviosly the worst part of it. did anyone have this problem? did it resolve on its own?
  7. A few years ago, I was told by my dermatologist that I needed Kenalog injected on each and every single keloid scar spot on my chest. I was nervous at first because I have a very low tolerance in pain. After a few months of injections once a month, I got sick and tired of it. I realized I was just simply unable to handle the needle pain of each injection. I know I'm a grown man but every single injected spot feels like a knife stabbing my chest. It just hurts really badly. I asked the dermatologist if he had a pre-treatment for needle pain but he said no, he does not have it. I even tried to ice my chest as much as possible before each injection but no, I still felt nearly the amount of pain as I did. I mean how do surgeons cut open a patient's stomach without a patient feeling pain? Because some sort of numbing or knocking out was done. I also tried another dermatologist but no, she said the same thing on my first visit that only needles were the solution and there would be no anti-pain medication to take before each appointment she can think of. I even asked my family doctor if she could prescribe me something that would knock me out temporarily so I felt no pain but no she couldn't. She couldn't say anything that would've numbed the needle feeling. So what now? It seems like I want to get the keloids removed but I can't because I have a very low tolerance for pain. Is there not any medication that you can take beforehand to completely numb the feeling on the needle?
  8. Skin Condition Skin redness seems to be minimal like it usually is Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no more whiteheads two small red pimples emereged on my upper lip. Nooo. No whiteheads on my chin Just like yesterday my skin was quite dry and flakey. Dryness around my pimples Not as dry around my eyes as yesterday (improvement!) Not as dry around my mouth, But this is still the dryest area of my face my forehead looks relatively smooth and the 1 whitehead is gone The deep "underground" pimple is still hanging around, it seems a little smaller since yesterday and no longer hurts my vicks treatment didnt bring it to a head but still seems to have helped Application This morning I washed my face with warm water and then a my hydrating cerave cleanser i didnt use sulfacleanse like i usually do because of an event tonight and i want to minimize skin flaking I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed I applied a thick layer of moisturizer After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it I iced the underground cystic pimple and the 2 new pimples in 10 minute intervals to decrrease inflammation before tonight (which really reduced the redness) I took my doxycycline I applied some makeup Moisturizer!! A light layer of BB cream on my cheeks A SUPER light dusting of translucent powder (i used a tiny fan brush) No concealer as much as i wanted to because i knew it would look bad on the dry patches Before bed Washed my face with cerave hydrating cleanser waited 20 minutes applied adapelene all over my face waited 5 minutes applied a thick layer of moisturizer Im running out of this particular moisturizer as ive owned it for quite some time. If anyone has suggestions for a hydrating moisturizer that isnt greasy, leave a comment! Feelings/Thoughts/Observations Less dryness than yesterday = steady improvement This could be of the precautions i took yesterday to apply moisturizer BEFORE adapelene (so my skin would be moisturized today) my skin overall is CLEARLY improving, but i do still get new pimples (like today) I want that big pimple under my nostril to leave!!! I made an appointment at the derm to get it injected next thursday (9 days away), so if its still there by then ill get it taken care of (and ill explain the process more) However before bed the pimple was looking pretty small so I might need to cancel my appointment. Notes If you are interested in seeing the ORIGINAL routine given by my derm initially, go look at my blog description here (click read more). If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!
  9. This is my first post and I know there's other posts about this but I have been getting really depressed and I need to talk to people who understand what I'm going through because none of my friends or family understand. They think it's comforting so say "oh it's not that bad" but that's easy to say when it's not on your face and you don't feel violated by a dermatologist. I was on accutane for nine months. My final accutane check up was in April (2016) and during that appointment, my dermatologist decided to inject a bump that was under my skin on my cheek. The bump did not hurt, it was not physically visible, you could simply feel a little bump under the skin. My dermatologist did not tell me there were any side effects to the shot (if I knew it could cause atrophy, I obviously would not have done it), I did not sign anything accepting any risks. That same night, I noticed the skin around that area turned white, it lost its pigmentation. Then a week later, the area began to sink. At first I just thought the skin was just getting darker but it was also starting to dimple. It has been getting worse and worse and my dermatologist kept brushing me off until I started asking for information about why I wasn't informed of side effects or given any consent forms to sign for the procedure. She even entered in her report that she injected a "large, painful, red, and swollen cyst" on my left cheek. LIAR. Finally she agreed to see me (June 2016). She tried to deny that the obvious atrophy was from the cortisone at all, she tried to say it's because there was a bump there, and now there's not. Simple as that. Of course that could have played a part but this dent is SUFFICIENTLY larger than the little bump that was there to begin with. It looks like someone put a cigarette out on my cheek. I am so devastated. I've been suffering on accutane and my skin finally looks amazing and then she deformed me on my LAST VISIT. I feel so cheated and no matter what I do, I can't be proud of my face. I was offered laser treatment (by a different and far more experienced dermatologist) as my best option. Since it was free, I decided to try it. I've had one laser treatment and there is no improvement yet but she says it could take three treatments. They said saline shots won't help. I just want to know if anyone has had luck with laser treatment or just any luck at all with the atrophy filling in. I'm trying to hold on to some hope that this will go away. Thank you for reading my rant, this has been eating away at me (quite literally). Any response is welcome. Please help
  10. I have developed severe hypopigmentation after injection of kenalog / hydrocortisone shots for multiple hypertrophic / keloid scars on my face. Some of my skin seem to be now completely depigmented and is extremely bright and light, some are much lighter but not too bright. I've read a bit but it seems treatment is limited. Any one with similar issues? What are the available treatments such as retin-a, dermarolling, lasers and such...? Or am i out of luck?
  11. Steroid Acne

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    Hi! So I was using the steroid dexamethasone for my eczema on my face, which is a topical steroid, and it backfired. I was told I shouldn't but I thought it would be good for my eczema but just gave me steroid acne all over my forehead that looks like this: Anyway, my derm gave me clindamycin pads for my forehead and have been working great so far, also I'm on 100 mg doxycycline for another 6 weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced steroid acne before and how long it took for it to go away? Thank you Nina
  12. Okay so basically this nasty cyst thing popped up right under my nose about a week and a half ago and it was huuuuuge...I mean it was probably big enough to land a plane on haha. anyway I had a dermatologist appointment a week after it popped up so while I was there I decided to have her inject it with that steroid stuff because it was so big and so ugly I just wanted it gone. That was my first steroid shot for a cyst, I got it about 3-4 days ago and anyway I'm just wondering if I should be concerned because while the cyst greatly reduced in size it isn't completely flat still...and the whole area is like a reddish circle...does this mean it'll dent? I really hope not...I thought it would be flat by now but it's looked basically the same for like 2 days now...I'm really upset over this like crying multiple times a day because I'm afraid it'll look like this forever and I used to never cry...of course maybe I'm just overreacting and it needs more time...please help me guys I'm only 16...I don't want this thing on my face permanently.
  13. Hi all! I'm new here (well posting wise, been surfing the forums for a lil while now) and have had some hypertrophic/keloid scars on my back, chest, shoulders, neck from some pretty bad cystic acne back when I was younger (did some acutane to end the acne but by then the damage was done). I've gone to a dermatologist who did steroid injections for over a year and although there was some minor improvement it just wasn't working out (especially with how many there are each treatment was 17 or more injections in a single sit down). I'm not sure what to do now at what would be the best thing to try next since some say iodine stains, others lasers of sorts (but theres so many laser types that I wouldn't even know where to start with that), to dermastamping/rolling (which I've done a little bit and my word does it help stop the itching at least if nothing else), think I read about some different types of chemical peels for raised scar tissue as well; but just so many things it really leaves me confused. What do you all think would be my best bet to do? Would really love to get rid of these scars some day so I could go back to swimming and enjoy the summer times. All help/ideas are appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I never thought I would one day be posting here so frustrated with everything that's being going on. I have had acne since I was 14 & I am 22 now. I thought they would clear up as with everyone else, but they didn't. They got so worse that it was a common joke among my friends that I don't need to hide behind the door to scare people. I laughed with them, but it hurt... I tried everything, every medication available, even tried homeopathy. Only Accutane showed some relief 4 years back, & those were most horrible 5 months. I got cut off from all my friends, lost self esteem, confidence and just would sit in my room at home, study. I enjoyed 5 months relief, but then they started coming again. initially they were small but then they increased, my derm suggested trying some steroids this time, and they again cleared after 3 months. This medication was much better than accutane in terms of side effects but sadly not permanent. They came back again after 3-4 months. But I didnt enjoy it this time. B'coz I guess people here will agree that Acne makes one paranoid. I would freak out everytime a dust particle found my face and everytime I used some cream a little extra or little less on my face. well they returned again, and as bad as ever. At one point I got so frustrated that I poured dettol on my face just to burn all bacteria, but it just burned my skin. I am back on Accutane now, and its been a month. I thought I had it bad before Accutane. Derm said I might experience some increase initially, what I experienced I thought I would have to get an extra face just to accommodate all the cysts. And now I have got swelling, my derm reduced the dosage and I am on 20mg but it still swells. But thats not the worst part, its the irritation, its the itching and constant worry. Its the fact that its been months since I last slept peacefully bcoz everytime I turn in my sleep some acne would poke so badly that I would wake up. Its the fact that girls dont even look at me and certainly dont talk to me. My friends stare at me and now I feel that whenever I go out everyone stares at me, this might not be true, but I would like a peace of mind. I have lost so much confidence that despite being the final year at college I am sitting at home these past 3 weeks locked up in my room. My derm says just 2-3 months more, I just wish there was an escape, why acne had to be too difficult, I am so frustrated with it that I am bored of being frustrated and so sick of being non productive... I just dont know what to say me in some way please...I am sick of it...
  15. Hi, I'm new here, so I had these hypertrophic or keloid scars from chest, shoulder and back acne for 2,5 years. They are ruining my life I'm 16 years old I can't go to the beach no more I can't even remember when was the last time that I was without without shirt in public... This year I decided to go to dermatologist well she said that there is no way to get rid of them, I'm currently treated with steroid injections triamcinolone acetonide (Kenalog) and IPL. I see a bit of improvement but I really want them to be gone! some kind of surgery? please tell me no matter how expensive it is I just really want to know if there is some way to get rid of them. Thanks, sorry for my bad english
  16. Cystic Acne & Inhalers

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    So I have been struggling on and off for years with cystic acne and for years i was using Advair and over the summer I have switched to Flovent. I was just looking at the side effects now because my derm mentioned about inhaled steroids making acne worse so is this true? If so are there any inhalers that dont have steroids I could try? I have been on them for about 8 years so far. I have been trying to use it every other day now since I only have allergy related asthma from my cats but I cant go much longer than that or I start wheezing. I know I shouldnt have cats but I love them to pieces. Anyways has anybody else noticed worse acne with the inhalers? Would using a steroid also screw up my hormones over time and make it harder for me to heal?
  17. Are there any natural remedies to remove or treat an open hole on chin? It is from a cyst I had injected with steroid over 15 years ago. I assume the sac is still in there. Has anyone had a sac removed so many years later ? MAybe this topic already came up.Can someone direct me to the thread?
  18. So I am currently being tested at a teaching hospital. I've always struggled with acne, but mainly when I hit around 18 ish. I'm 24 now. It's only gotten worse and now it's moderate, sometimes severe. I was just diagnosed with Nonclassic congenital adrenal hyperplasia. To make a long story short, a hormone called 17-Hydroxypregnenolone, a sex steroid hormone, was extremely high. it means you lack the enzyme to efficiently process the hormones coming from the adrenal glands. Also, please understand the distinction between "classic" and "nonclassic." What are the symptoms? I thought was interesting as most people with this disease suffer from severe acne. The most notable symptoms would be the acne ( often times in over 80% of patients ) and hirsutism ( excess hair growth, like of the face) and other excess androgen symptoms. Your adrenals seem to not be able to properly convert the androgens and they just go into your system as 17-Hydroxypregnenlone in the pathways. "Non-classical CAH Non-classical CAH (NC-CAH) is milder than classical CAH. It is often referred to as “late-onset” CAH, because symptoms do not appear until later in life. Patients with NC-CAH do not have genital changes. Instead, the disease is diagnosed when the effects of too much androgen appear in childhood (rapid growth, early puberty) or during the teenage or adult years (too much face and body hair, severe acne, irregular periods). Both males and females may have fertility problems." I just wanted to let people know that if diet is not working for you ( as it did not work for me basically for years ) there's other things out there that may be causing your this case, the doctor told me that YES, this particular hormone was the cause of my acne and (slight ) hairgrowth. However, I didn't have hair growth really on the face, just the tummy, and then of course the irritating acne that never seems to heal. I also DID NOT have early puberty so I guess you won't always! Just another option for the acne people to look into. I had to have what's called a corsyntropin stimulation test in the outpatient portion of the hospital to find out if this hormone was high. From what I read, the treatment is typically a small low dose of dexamethasone before bed time to reduce acne/hair growth within a period of 3 months or so. Edit: Oh and yes, it's genetic.
  19. Accutane Years Later

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    Back when I was 17 my acne flared up and I would wake up with 4 whitehead pus filled zits a day. It was terrible. I went on accutane 80mg a day for 6 months and it cured it almost completely. Although over the years my acne returned and now id say its just moderate-pretty bad. I was going to take steroids in a year. Im worried ill flare back up like at 17. Is accutane safe for a second round? And how can I convince my doc to give me accutane before it gets out of hand,
  20. Hello, so I have been battling with really horrible acne for the past couple of months. I started on a regimen of clindamycin wipes and tretinoin cream a month ago to try and combat this problem. Although I feel as though this combination of meds was slowly starting to improve my skin I was experiencing a great amount of dryness. I do not know if this is due to the cold weather or the meds but it seemed that no matter what I would put on my face, it would still feel dry and almost hurt. I made a trip to the derm today and she prescribed me a desonide 0.05% cream and instructed me to add that to my regimen twice a day because of the redness and dryness on my face. She assured me this would help me with the inflammation and improve the overall appearance of my skin. I am not sure about this cream though. I mostly get a lot of whiteheads and blackheads and some inflammation, and also have a ton of red acne scars from previous breakouts on my face, however I researched online and am seeing mixed reviews about this product. Has anyone else been prescribed this by their derm? Do you know if it is helpful?I was not aware of the fact that it was a steroid earlier but now just the thought of that is sort of freaking me out!! Also I was confused as to why she would prescribe this to me when it has only been a month that I have been on my tretinoin regimen. Isnt dryness a normal part of the process? What I do not understand is derms tell you you have to be patient with your treatments and yet only a month in and shes already wanting to add more topicals into my regimen? I am so confused and not sure what to do. Maybe switching to a diff derm would help. Hoping someone could give me some insight on this!
  21. Accutane ! ?..?

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    yooo i'm new here...but ive just began a 5 month course of accutane about ten days ago. My acne has never been awfully severe just mad persistant. The thing is that these past few days ive broken out worse than i ever have. like ever. my derm said he could give me a steroid to surpress this. does anyone have any experience with this and know what its called? it be real helpful 100
  22. Hello. This is my first time on Accutane and I'm about to finish week 4. I'm currently on a 30mg/day dosage. I think I'm experiencing the IB phase, and this is the worst my skin has ever looked ... I am so frustrated and depressed, I would really appreciate some advice regarding the following problems: 1. I have a lot of huge (cystic?) acne on my chin/jaw area. A few of them have been around since week 2... I know Accutane pushes out the acne and it should eventually clear up, but I was wondering if it's okay to get steroid shots or should I just give it more time? 2.I have a LOT of whiteheads on my cheeks/chin since week 2. They are SO visible it makes me very self-conscious. (Click here for the pic). My skin is also peeling a bit, my face feels like sandpaper I want to pick them out so it won't look gross but they might leave scars... I don't know what to do, please, anyone give me some tips!!
  23. Hi All, I'll try to consolidate years worth of history into as smaller as post as possible. Background I'm a 23 year old male, 150lbs, living in California. I remember getting my first pimple in the 4th grade. I wasn't really aware of what that meant for me at such a young age. During rest of elementary school, I would occasionally get a few pimples. Nothing too bad at all, it was by far mild. By the time I entered the 6th grade, I had mild-to-moderate acne. I remember being the only one who had acne at such a young age. It definitely made me keep a lot to myself during that year. Thankfully, while my acne never did improve, as middle school progressed, everyone else's skin got worse. At least this way I didn't feel like I was sticking out too bad. However, by the end of middle school, my acne was terrible. By this time I was getting cysts on fairly regular basis. I would have an uncountable amounts of pimples in any given day. By that time I also was going through the various OTC medicines. Some helped a bit, others didn't really do anything. I remember watching the Proactiv infomercial time and time again. I really thought it was going to fix everything for me. Like I'm sure of many others here, I was severely disappointed with that as well. By the time I was in high school, I begged my mom to take me to a dermatologist. She finally made an appointment for me, and I remember the excoriating 2 months between the time she made the appointment, until the actual appointment day. I went there several times over a course of about 2 years. We tried various antibiotics combined with topicals. While my skin was improving, I still had very moderate acne. Then came the discussions of Accutane. My mom would not even have the discussion with the derm (uh, what?). So after a very large fight, I stopped asking her to take me to the doctor. That's when I found and followed the regime for a few years. It definitely helped me out a lot, there's no denying that. But there were several instances I remember going to the school with an extremely bright red face from the BP and moisturizer combined. Extremely embarrassing for someone who was in high school. Fast forward to a few more years, I entered the workforce. I was still using the regime religiously, and the crazy time commitment that it requires. But after so many years on it, it seemed as if it was losing its efficacy. That's when I decided to go to the derm on my own. Over the course of about a year, we played with Retin A (all the way to the highest strength), with minocycline (later doxy), and Sulfacetamide combined. It worked very well; the clearest I ever was. I did this for over a year. I still had acne. There was no doubt about that, and I would regularly break out. I moved about 8 months ago. I decided to get a new derm. On my very first visit he had mentioned Accutane, and also let on that I was running out of options. There just wasn't much more left for me. At this point Accutane still scared the living daylight out of me. I was so scared when he mentioned I had very little options left. He kept me on doxy, Sulfacetamide, and changed the Retin A to Epiduo. We did that for 3 months. It helped, again, I still was breaking out. I got more scared as the dreaded Accutane seemed to loom closer. We swapped out the Epiduo with Tazorac. I was on Taz for about 2 months, and it was the same story. Again when I got switched, I was so scared. This was my last option. The only thing above this was the highest strength Taz, something he had warned me of. If Taz made things worse, I was officially out of options. I woke up on Monday morning having two large cysts on my forehead, and several zits around my mouth. After talking with the significant other, I made the decision to go on Accutane. I made an appointment on Monday, for Thursday. And here we are now. I'll post Day 0 (Thursday) as its own day since I had some treatments done. Treatments Tried OTC Oxy Clean & Clear Proactiv Nature's Cure Stridex Garnier Prescription Minocycline Doxycycline Retin A Tazorac Epiduo Erythromycin Sulfacetamide Regime/Natural [*] Regime [*]Apple Cider Vinegar [*]Baking Soda [*]The-do-nothing-but-wash-with-lukewarm-water "regime" [*]Paleo Diet [*]Diet changes (no dairy, no simple carbs, no sugars, no soda) With a lot of the above, I tried numerous variations and several strengths for most. Regime My new regime will be extremely simple (about time!). I'll be using Cetaphil gentle cleanser in both the mornings and evenings. I'll be taking 3 Amnesteem 20mg pills daily, each time with food. I'll be using Cerave moisturizer in the morning, and Cetaphil in the evening. Aquaphor for my dry lips, and then Systane for my eyes since I wear contacts. I also take Flovent, which is a corticosteroid, with a known drug interaction with Accutane. So I'll be taking a Vitamin D/calcium pill twice daily to help counteract that. I'll also be taking fish oil pills to ensure my cholesterol stays in check. No alcohol for me, and I will do my best to help keep the fatty foods to a minimum. Since I am mostly clear now after being on Taz and doxy for so long that, my derm is optimistic that I'll be fine with 4 months of 60mg daily. I've noticed that he has been a bit too optimistic in the past, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much. Concerns I'm not really too worried about the crazy side effects. There's definitely a small concern there, don't get me wrong. But what I am mostly worried about is the IB. I've had acne for more than half of my life (how scary is that when you say it?). And in the past 10 years or so, I can point at only 2 separate 1-week incidents where I was not on anything. And it was not pretty at all. So I am very cautious about the IB, but I will force myself through it regardless of what happens. I'll try to update as changes come in.
  24. I'm positive my hair is falling out faster. It feels thinner and the scalp hurts. Actually I know my hair is thinner on the crown. Am I freaking out because the drug is messing with my head? I have a bald spot on the top of my head now. I'm almost positive I didn't have one this big before. I'm also thinking my facial hair isn't growing as fast... Should I be concerned? Should I stop taking the pill? Will my hair grow back? Me dermatologist doesn't seem concerned and gave me a topical steroid to help with the redness on my scalp. I have been taking 40 mg, weigh 160 and a male. Been on the pill for almost a month now. Really starting to get worried...
  25. Hey guys, I'm male, 36, been on Accutane since July. Ever since going up to 80mg/day two months, I'm having a real hard time. I've gone back to 40mg/day, but still struggling. Things I'm struggling with. Non healing skin abrasions. Mainly one area of skin that won't heal on my chin. Back on December 1st or so, I saw an area on the right side of my chin that looked a little red, so I put some Desonide on it, a mild steroid. No big deal. Some of the Desonide caked on, so I scraped the Desonide off the next day, and that scraped off some skin. That started this long nightmare. The skin can't heal. Tiny flakes of healing skin form over the top, then flake off. This repeats over and over. The skin underneath is red. I've been to the dermatologist, and he gave me Biafine to keep applying to the area as long as I'm on Accutane. He told me it wouldn't heal until I stopped the Accutane, but the Biafine should help. Scrapes on my face from my pillow during sleep. My skin is so dry, I sometimes wake up with scrapes on my cheek or near my eyes, just from my pillow. Bloodshot eyes. I have to use Systane Restore eye drops several times a day. I clean my eyelids every morning with OcuSoft eyelid cleaning pads. I've never had to do this in my life. Getting myself up and cleaned and dressed in the morning takes at least an hour. I was really happy I was cruising along on 80mg/day, moving fast towards being done with Accutane. Then I could feel my eyes drying out. I went down to 40mg/day. I got on Systane eye drops, and thought I had that side effect managed. So I went back up to 80mg/day. But the scapres, non healing skin, blood shot eye are just too much. So I'm back on 40mg/day. I weight 150 pounds, or about 68kg. Before I started on 80mg/day, 40mg/day was not a problem at all. I'm hoping these side effects get better the longer I stay on 40mg/day. I'm pretty sad. Going from 80mg/day to 40mg/day really extends the length of my treatment. Probably by another month. I know that might not sound like a long time, but it is when you're dealing with Accutane side effects. Especially when I was so close to being done. I thought I had 1 month left...not I think I have 2 months. I was really looking forward to buying that "last pack" of pills and knowing the end was in sight. I also really worry that this patch of skin on my chin is just not healing, and nothing I do helps. I put the Biafine on it every day. New skin forms over the area in tiny little flakes. The flakes of skin hang on for a few days, then fall right off, and the cycle starts all over. It's demoralizing. I constantly look like I have eaten a white, powdery donut, and some powder is left over on the right side of my chin. Well....I'm just hoping for some support. I'd really love to talk to anyone else who has gone through similar side effects from Accutane, and got through it. Or someone who is going throgh the same difficulties now on Accutane, and wants to talk about it. I could really just use a friend to talk to. I'm doing this all on my own, no family or friend support, so this forum is all I have for support. Thanks sincerely for any help.