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  1. Does anyone have any alternatives to Spironolactone (Aldactone) for cystic acne in women that are safe to use during pregnancy (and when trying to conceive)? How long do you need to be off of Spironolactone before it is considered safe for conception? I have been taking it for a few years now, and currently take 50mg per day. It is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for my cystic acne aside from 2 rounds of Accutane when I was a teenager. (Accutane has horrible side effects however, and is also very unsafe to take if you plan to become pregnant.) Doxycyline does not work for cystic acne on me, but I still take a 50mg of that for rosacea as well. I can easily cease that though at any time if necessary. The Spironolactone, however, I'm petrified of stopping since it is the only thing that has kept those awful cysts at bay. I'm even more terrified of the potential harm it would cause to a fetus though, so obviously, that trumps my physical appearance. Thank you for any suggestions and/or input.
  2. Here is my acne journey thus far... I began to get pimples in 4th grade and saw my first dermatologist at that time. I was prescribed topicals and continued on these until 8th grade when I began the antibiotics: tetracyclines, doxycycline, amoxicillin, you name it. Some of them worked to clear my acne, some didn't. I also took Retin-A. I had combination skin and my forehead was the area most covered in zits. By sophomore year of high-school, I began to get large cysts on my forehead and pimples around my mouth and my cheeks. So, I went on Accutane for 9 months (although I only took it for four because of the dry skin and my skin had been cleared) No extreme side effects, and my skin remained clear for a year. What a glorious year. I also decided to become vegan. Unfortunately it came back with forehead cysts and the like and I took azithromycin to fend it off. (This is when I realized that I got my acne every fall, and was clear during the spring and summer...) The fall/winter after I graduated, it hit me like never before. Cysts, pustules, papules, covering my cheeks, jawline, and mouth. (none on my forehead) I was working at a ski resort and broke veganism. I wasn't eating a very healthy diet either. I had gotten an paragard IUD inserted earlier that summer. I was put on azithromycin again, it didn't do shit. So, I went on spironolactone. After 3 1/2 months on it, during which I experienced migraines, I decided enough was enough. That spring, I got my IUD removed and stopped taking spiro. My skin instantly cleared for the spring and summer. Cue to this fall: the acne attack is back Just as inflamed, and cystic as ever. I started Yaz almost 2 months ago and am on my first month of my second course of Accutane. I am vegan again. I'm trying an elimination diet. I am currently not eating diary, meat, wheat, added sugar, peanut butter, grains, potatoes, and corn. I'm sick of the physical and emotional pain that comes from cystic acne. I'm tired of the self-isolation and depression I experience every fall and winter. The social anxiety and hyperconsciousness about the appearance of my face and how people will react is draining. It's hard to find strength when you feel disgusting. It's hard to live life without obsessing over every bump. I just started college. It's hard to focus on studying when all I can think about are FOD-map diets, how do I heal my gut, do I have a candida overgrowth, do I have a food sensitivity. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of hours I have poured over acne information in forums, youtube, or other platforms online. I wish acne would simply go away. These photos are from this fall and were taken when my acne was far from it's best, but not at it's worst, enjoy. My questions for the acne community are as follows: What does acne primarily on the cheeks mean? (if anything) What are causes of seasonal acne? -if you have experience with this, is it just the sun that halts your acne? Do you have similar experiences? Please share!
  3. Whoever had skin/acne problems and had tried both spironolactone and Yasmin( doesn’t need to be at the same time ) , please give me some advises ~ which one do you prefer?? My background: I have genetic oily skin with acne problems since teenager and tried many topical treatments and products , nothing really worked except the brith control pill Yasmin. So I have been on Yasmin for at least 7 years and stopped it six months ago. During that 7 years my skin has improved A LOT ! Still have some mild skin issues occasionally but I barely had acnes , Things were uncontrolled. However I choose to come off the pill bcoz there were some side effect , also I wanted to have baby . Unfortunately my skin has gone downhill since then.i know I have to do something to make my skin better again . Instead of having Yasmin I chose to try spironolactone . I ve been having Spiro 50 my once per day for one month and my skin is worse than it was , more acne and still oily . I started to wonder of Spiro just not work for me and thinking if I should go back to Yasmin .
  4. Hi guys, about 6months into Spiro it finally started working and my acne cleared, but my hair started shedding like CRAZY and I'm losing my hair (it comes out with the bulb). Has anyone experienced this? Is it temporary? Please help it's the only treatment that worked after Accutane relapse and I'd be devastated to lose it....
  5. Spironolactone was a wonder drug for me. Complete and total miracle, and transformed my hormonal acne. That is – until my pharmacy started switching generics. I am so frustrated, my insurance won’t pay for the brand name Aldactone. (I have never tried the brand-name but I’m just assuming it’s better). For anyone else who has had this problem, which brands do you find are the worst? These are the brands I have tried with success: -Sun Pharmaceuticals 50 mg twice per day (total 100 mg ). This pill was white and round and minty. -Amneal BIEGE 50 mg twice per day (total 100 mg). This pill was brownish beige and matte texture. I also had success taking 100 mg pill once per day from the same manufacturer (same brownish color). Then my pharmacy gave me yellow pills. They still have a AN (pharmacy says they are from Amneal) on them but they are yellow with a shiny texture. After about one week on the yellow pills I started getting cystic acne again and was bloated/puffy. I didn’t put it together until I noticed my sex drive was also going through the roof. I had some of the 100 mg beige pills in my medicine cabinet so I started taking those instead and within a couple days I lost all the water weight and my skin immediately dried up with no more acne. When I called the pharmacy to complain, they are not too helpful… I get my stuff filled at Giant Eagle pharmacy. They said they have no control over which generic they order. There are only certain brands they can special order. I’m really frustrated. Has anyone else had this experience? The main reason I’m confused is because apparently they’re both manufactured by Amneal but why would one set of pills be beige and the other one yellow? It’s super annoying to feel like I know more than the pharmacy tech. Any advice?
  6. I’ve had it. My face is literally destroyed from breaking out in the past few months. Still have some cysts but not as many... still have some closed comedones but way less... scarred horrifically from the cystic acne. Indents and hyperpigmentation. I feel like under the light I look like a burn victim. I’m just washing with a salicylic acid wash now. Had to stop the BP again because of the irritation and burned skin... peeling and flaking and it just wouldn’t stop. My face wouldn’t just get used to it this time. It made it worse too. Right now I’m on 50mg of spironolactone from the dermatologist and while my face isn’t worse, it’s not a lot better either. I have new cysts along my jaw and neck too. Bad ones. Can spiro cause initial outbreaks? I’ve been on it for a little over a month. How long before you notice results? Is the 50mg dose too low you think? Tbh my face is causing me severe depression and I feel hopeless against my breakouts at this point. I’ve been on accutane once in the past as a last resort. I never imagined I’d get it back worse than ever less than 10 years later. I really don’t want to go on it again but the spiro isn’t doing a whole lot. I’m 32. I already had scars that I tried to fade or years, only to be hit another round of cystic acne and worse scars.
  7. I was on Spironolactone 75mg for almost a month, Minocycline 65 and Adapelene. I didn't have IB on it. My jawline acne is very much in control. I am very much happy about it, otherwise I would have got scarring. still have hyperpigmentation to deal with :(. But I was still having zits here and there on cheeks, forehead everyday. My oiliness was very much reduced though. So I have started Isotretinoin 10mg 3 days ago. Right now I am on Spironolaction75 (25 after breakfast, 50 after dinner) and Isotretinoin 10 both. Taking Ascazin (zinc supplement) as well for 3 months. Just stopped Mino as I am starting Accutane. Dryness is still the same like it used to be with spironolactone. Not too dry, very much manageable. I cannot feel any difference/side effects yet. I am going to blog my Accutane/Isotretinoin journey here. Day 1 - Taken first medicine. Day 2 - 1 zit/pimple on forehead. Day 3 - The one on forehead went away, new zit on cheek, looks like might come with whitehead. Does not look like IB though. Will keep on updating.
  8. Hello everyone. I was wondering what was the difference between the effects of Spiro and Estroblock (and/or other similar "holistic" alternative, DHT Block etc.), and I decided to ask here since I couldn't find any answer to my question online. - Can something like Estroblock/DHT Block help with PCOS acne? - If Spiro works for someone (by decreasing androgens, and oily skin etc.), will Estroblock work the same way? I have been on Spiro for some time and while I *FINALLY* see results, I'm also scared of having to be on it forever (I'm only 21 years old). Thanks for reading this. Hope you guys stay/get clear!
  9. Hi everyone! I really hope I get at least one reply! lol I have been browsing this site for a while and reading up about many treatments I have tried to treat my hormonal acne! Unforuntaely, I also suffer from rosacea and perioral dermatitis (though these are pretty much under control now THANK GOODNESS). Anyway, my new derm just gave me Spiro. I am to take 100 mg a day (50 mg in the morning. 50 mg in the evening.) MY QUESTIONS: * Has anyone here started Spiro on 100 mg?? What should expect? * How long to get 100% clear? Will I get worse before better? * My acne is now considered mild thanks to VELTIN (used it for a month and a half now) and I just had an extraction facial 5 days ago so my skin doesn’t look awful now. Just hyperpigmentation. However, my acne flares always right before my period.... IS IT WORTH IT TO TAKE SPIRO NOW FOR MILD BUT PERSISTANT CYSTIC ACNE? Or should I just wait a little longer on Veltin (Retin-A day antibiotic combo). Thank you so much!!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A little background on me (skip if you’re not too interested): I had VERY mild acne (here and there I’d get 1 quick healing Whitehead pimple throughout college. Usually before my period). After college, that’s kinda when the crap hit the fan. I started getting cysts on my jawline. I went to the derm for my first time ever then. She gave me Epiduo and Tazorac (made my skin PEEL off and turns BRIGHT red...I used the directed amount. I’m just very fair and sensitive). When she saw how I reacted to the topicals, she just prescribe 100 mg doxycycline. I WAS RID OF ACNE IN A WEEK!!! I had no more cysts for about a year or so. Then they came back but pretty mild. One quick healing cyst right before my period. I thought “I can handle that.” So I just bought full coverage foundation and learned how to cover that one cyst really well. Well, over time one cyst became two...and then three...and they were taking longer to go away. So I went back to the same derm. Again, antibiotics. Now, THIS was my biggest mistake. :’( My face BLEW UP. Full face of acne. I was on antibiotics for 3 months. My acne was not getting better. I was prescribed epiduo again. Again, my face burned. Hyperpigmentation was awful. I am very fair. I also developed rosacea and perioral dermatitis at this point. Maybe caused by he stress of the whole ordeal. Maybe hormones. Idk. I was a mess. Did I mention this all happened RIGHT when I first started dating my boyfriend? I felt so ashamed of my face but he has been so supportive and has loved me through it (I’m tearing up right now thinking about it. I’m so blessed to have had him through this). :’) Anyway, I’ve discontinued everything. Including that derm!!! And I eventually got better...but it took nearly a year to be where I am now. I currently alternate Metrocream and Veltin in the evenings. I use Onexton in the mornings. Violet extract for perioral dermatitis. And maybe, SPIRO will control my monthly breakouts that still remain after all this drama. After all, fixing my hormonal acne was all that I was trying to do all along. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR READING! <3 If if I do start Spiro, I plan on making a log to help others!
  10. So a year ago I started taking Spironolactone 100mg and Birth control. I had really oily skin, VERY oily, and my acne was hormonal, around the jaw, cheeks and my chin. It took about four months for me to see results. I have had nice clear skin for about 6 months and the oil isn't there anymore and I don't even have to was my hair all the time because i have a less oily scalp. Well all of a sudden this week my hair and face got super oily again and i got one cystic pimple on my chin. I was so happy before, because i had nice skin and literally all of sudden this happened. So I don't know if i need a stronger dose of spironolactone or what, but It just really upset me this week. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Hi all - I'm pretty sure I've read everything there is on the internet about this topic, so I'm not sure if I'm looking for answers so much as I just need to vent. I've had acne since I was 13. I'm 28 now, and my husband and I have decided we're ready to try for a baby. We've actually been ready for a few years, but one huge factor in my hesitation is being terrified of getting off of spironolactone. Spironolactone is god's gift to me... my skin was as close to perfect as I could reasonably ask for while I was on it (acne-wise at least). Well, 3 weeks ago, I decided I was going to do it, and I stopped. To be honest, the results are worse than I imagined. I was fine for the first 2.9 weeks, but then overnight (and that is not a hyperbole), I grew 5 cystic pimples on my chin, all at once. If it wasn't so damn depressing, I would be in awe over how quickly my face was able to do that. I also have a handful of "normal" zits all over my face, but I can't care about those too much given what's going on below. I know that it's (hopefully) temporary and that it'll go away once I can get back on the spiro, but that's not doing much for my emotional state. I cry every morning and night when I wash my face (it doesn't help that the acne HURTS physically). Sometimes I cry when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Sometimes I cry when I move my mouth and feel them. And sometimes I just cry. It's pathetic, and I tell myself I shouldn't feel this way and that it's only acne and it's only temporary, but good lord, I haven't felt this terrible for a long time. Anyway, if anyone has any miracle cure, I'm all ears, although I'm pretty sure there's nothing to be done. I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week, but I'm not sure what I expect her to tell me. The acne is definitely hormonal (given how well the spiro works and how awful it's been coming off), so anything that will touch this is going to be off limits when I'm trying to get pregnant and/or am pregnant. I've been eating well (limited dairy, lots of water, hardly any sugar), I've been sleeping as well as I can, I do yoga, and besides the acne-related panic attacks (again, not a hyperbole), I've done a pretty good job of reducing the stress in my life. I've also started taking zinc supplements, and I'm using that renee rouleau anti cyst stuff along with a salicylic acid serum, but yeah, that's mostly just made the tears rolling down my cheeks extra expensive as they wipe the crap off haha
  12. hi there! I’m new in the forum so please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this. I mainly made an account to meet people going through the same problem I’m facing, and maybe finding a bit of hope for when the acne demon brings me down. I’m 27 yo and I’ve been struggling with cystic acne since I was 16. Back then my dermatologist prescribed me Accutane after every topical and antibiotic treatment failed, and I took it for 1 year. I was also indicated to take Diane for birth control, but since I was not sexually active and the bcp caused me a lot of awful side effects, I dropped it after a few months. My skin finally cleared up, leaving me awful boxcar scars that have haunted me ever since and never went away even after trying with creams, peels and many intense pulsed light sessions. However, 3 years later the acne came back, and before it made a disaster like the first time, I immediately visited my dermatologist who once again prescribed me Accutane but this time in a lower dose, and along with it I started Yasmin and regular peelings for the damage. The problem was under control, with occasional pimples coming out but nothing to worry about. After I finished this second round of Accutane, I continued with Yasmin for another 7 years, until I made the big mistake of leaving them. After 4 months free of bcp, my acne came back with big painful cysts. The last 5 months that passed I’ve visited 3 different dermatologists and went through many different topical treatments and a round of tetraciclines with no success, if anything my acne got worst. I was determined not to take Accutane again, so I started reading a lot online and found out that my problem could be hormonal, so I visited another dermatologist with the purpose of asking for an hormonal blood test, which I made and the results confirmed what I was suspecting: the damn hormones were the root cause of my big acne problem. So she prescribed me Spironolactone, starting with 25 mg, increased to 50 mg after one month and finally 100 mg which I started 3 weeks ago. Since I was not seeing any results with spiro alone, and since I am very impatient, I asked my gynecologist to prescribe me bcp again. So I started taking Yaz 3 weeks ago along with the spiro. I was told by many physicians that spiro was safe to take for young healthy women, so I only take the precaution of drinking plenty of water, reducing potassium intake, and will have my blood tested in a few months. So far the side effects of it are nearly to none, other than occasional tiredness. I was vegetarian already, but I decided to quit dairy (almost completely), reduced significantly my sugar and carbohidrates intake, and started eating more atioxidant vegetables. So far I have not seen any results. Nothing seemed to have helped. I have currently 5 cysts, 2 in my cheeks and 3 in my neck/jawline, and many red pimples. I read all about skin care routine, so I recently started cleansing my skin twice daily with jojoba oil, effaclar gel, a bha/aha toner, tea tree oil, non comedogenic moisturizer for my dry skin, and at night I alternate Salycilic acid 6% with Benzoyl Peroxide. This last one caused flaking and much dryness in my skin so I barely use it. I confess that I am obsessed with my acne. I don’t want to go through the nightmare I lived when I was a teenager again, I am 27 yo and never imagined I would have to go through this again. I am mostly worried about the scarring, because the first time I had cystic acne it ruined my skin. I know I have to be patient, that spiro and Yaz take at least 3 months to show results, but I can’t avoid to feel anxious and get mad everytime I see my face in the mirror. So... has anyone gone through something similar? Do you have any advice? My dermatologist recommended me 2 sessions of IPL for the red marks and then starting a treatment with glycolic acid + hydroquinone for the scars, does anyone know if it works? Thanks for reading xx
  13. I was wondering if any of you have had experience with your acne getting severely worse after being put on spironolactone. I’ve been on it for the second time now (the first time worked beautifully) for 4 months (2 at 100mg, 2 at 150mg). My skin originally just had some Whitehead’s and two or three cysts on my chin. Now I have a bunch of under the skin cysts on my chin and all over my cheeks. im worried that it won’t get better, but I’m also afraid to wean off of it in fear of it getting even worse.
  14. To start off, I am going to try and start posting once a month at least, hopefully, more often than that. As for the update on my skin, it hasn't been the best few days. I think that is because I have run out of acidophilus that I pair with spiro, and my skin is not liking that. I forgot to call in the refill before the weekend. As a result of that, I have a few new spots on my cheek that are honestly really bothering me. I can't feel them, but my skin was looking good before this. It might also be a result of me not using many products to help with acne (For the past week, I have only used calamine lotion as a spot treatment at night.) I am taking a break from the other stuff because I have to get my picture for the yearbook + my drivers license this week and I am trying to avoid dry skin. Some steps of my usual skincare routine could dry skin a little, so I don't want to risk that. However, I will be doing it all again after I get those pictures done. I thought for this entry, I could share my skincare routine because it has as much of an impact on my skin as the spiro. In the end, I will include a picture of all of these products so that you know what they look like in case you are interested. I will also add where I got all of these. First off, I have three cleansers: 1) CereVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser - for when I have dry skin 2) Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash for Redness-Prone Skin - for when my skin is clear, and not dry + for mornings 3)Bioré Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser - for when I have spots/breakouts For my nighttime routine, I usually use the Bioré cleanser, and then if my skin is not dry, I will apply the Thayers rose petal witch hazel to my skin using a cotton round. Only if I feel especially down about my skin and I know I won't be putting on makeup soon, I will use Differin Gel. It could be pretty drying after a few uses. I'll then apply the Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream while I let the other products sink in. Then I put on the Cetaphil Redness relieving Night Moisturizer. Then if needed, I put the Walgreens Calamine Lotion on my spots. If I have a spot that I just can't stand, I'll put the Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) on it, and that makes it flatter so that it is less visible underneath makeup. However, I rarely use it because I have noticed that is leaves behind especially dark red marks after it takes care of the breakout. I then put on some chapstick and I am done. I think pretty soon though, I will be testing out Bio-Oil to see if that helps with my scarring, and later I will be trying out The Body Shops Drops of Youth for the same reason. But for now, I just end with the calamine lotion. When my skin is clear and/or dry, I would just skip the witch hazel, spot treatment, and different gel. For my morning routine, I use the Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash (above). I then use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 50+. (Sunscreen helps prevent sun damage and supposedly helps fade acne scars when used daily.) Then I use the same eye cream as before and some chapstick. After I take a shower (The steam helps open up the pores), I sometimes put on a face mask. The type varies based on how my skin is that day, but the ones I usually use are the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mud Mask, the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask, and the Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. Both the African Black Soap and the Origins Mask are for acne, and I think they work very well. Also, once a week (after a shower) I use the Health and Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask paired with water. There is a lot of hype around that mask, and I agree that it works super well for treating hormonal acne (which is what I have). It works especially well if you use a toner after you take it off (I use that same witch hazel one). I also then use the Mario Badescu spray (the green one) after a mask and when I get out of the shower. And one more product I use every few days is in the shower: The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel. I use it as a facial scrub, and it makes my skin super smooth and glowy. Vitamin C is also supposed to help with scarring. I stick to these routines because for me personally, all of these products work super well for me. I believe the reason I am breaking out now is just that I have not taken the acidophilus in a few days. I hope this helped if maybe you are looking for a good skin care routine or just a product or two. I think the next time I post, I will do an update + a makeup routine that I do to cover my acne + scarring, (including a before and after) because I know I could've used that a couple of years ago. Take care, and I hope you have a good day! Products: Walgreens: -Bioré Cleanser (above) -Differin Gel -Neutrogena On-The-Spot Treatment -Blistex chapstick/salve Ulta (Most are drugstore and can be found at places like Target or Walgreens): -Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash (above) -Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer -Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with sunscreen (above) -Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream -Both Shea Moisture Masks (above) -Bio Oil -Mario Badescu (green) facial spray -CereVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser Target: -Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel -Walgreens Calamine Lotion The Body Shop: -vitamin C Liquid Peel (above) -Drops of Youth Origins mask (above) was at a mall in Spokane, but can be found in many malls + online, and the Aztec Secret Clay (above) was on Amazon.
  15. Hey. So... I’m still breaking out. Mostly the bottom half of my face. My jaw, under my cheekbones... it’s depressing because I already have scars there from my former cystic acne ten years ago. It’s cystic too. It hurts. I’m using benzoyl peroxide lotion but I think I will need to ask my doctor for something oral, as topical just isn’t stopping the cysts. I have done a lot of reading about spironolactone being an androgen blocker. I truly believe I have high levels of androgens and am waiting for the results of my blood test. Has anyone been on this before? Did it help the cystic acne? I’m sure there will be side effects, but I’m willing to have them for clear skin. Having cystic acne again is making my mental health really bad. Severe depression and anxiety from it. I just want to hide inside my room all day but of course I can’t. I have been on accutane ten years ago for cystic acne, and although it cleared me up, it returned after a year. Plus it made my already terrible depression and suicidal thoughts a lot worse, so that’s not an option for me. The only birth control that has ever agreed with me was yaz, but my insurance won’t let me have it anymore. I have been dairy free for years. I recently went gluten free. My face is no better and just worse. I feel at my wits end dealing with this again. Please tell me there’s some hope for possibly using spiro?
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    Hey everyone. I have been a long time reader of I have followed so many other personal logs, I decided to start my own. I know a lot of others have shared their journey with Spironolactone but I decided that I am going to start this log today for myself. Brief history: I have had acne since I was 11 (23 now). I have had some success with benzoyl peroxide, but I didn't like how it left my skin texture looking. I did a complete year of natural skincare (organic cold cream only, and ACV and jojoba oil) which I actually really liked, but it still didn't stop the hormonal breakouts that I got. I have tried a bunch of other things, too many to list. I started taking Spiro last night, so this is day 2. As of right now, I have a pretty bad breakout happening on my chin, I think it is partially due to hormones, and partially due to trying a new skincare regimen, that I don't think my skin likes. I am taking 25 mg of Spiro and I am also on birth control.
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    Hi, I recently started taking 25mgs of spironolactone. My face is dry but other than that I haven’t noticed any side effects. Should I continue taking this pill or should I just try to get low dose accutane? My reasoning behind this is having to take spironolactone forever to keep clear skin?? My acne is mild but it causes depression and emotional problems for me. I’ve alwsys had 95% clear skin but started breaking out last year. I get a 2/3 cysts every 3-4 months.
  18. So I was on 100 mg of spironolactone for about 8 years and then down to 50 mg for the last two years. I have hereditary high cholesterol ( 28 years old female) and my cardiologist has been tracking my levels and within the last 10 years my levels even on cholesterol medications have been slowly going up. 6 months ago she told me to stop taking the acne medication ( spironolactone) as that has been shown to possibly raise LDL cholesterol. Now, I didn't even think about it and I Just quit taking the medication and within a few weeks the breakouts started coming and coming hard! Not just that but my hair turned real oily and I would often find myself needing to double wash my hair and take a shower every day when I used to get away with it every 3 days ( my hair is curly in nature and shouldn't be washed every single day) SO my question is... did I royally screw myself by going cold turkey? I was really hoping my body hormone levels would re-balance and maybe I would adjust to this level. But reading comments on this website I realized most people coming off of spironolactone are weaning themselves off of this medication for this purpose probably to avoid what I am currently experiencing. I am currently getting white head after white head, and then redness in the spot that the whitehead was. What should I do? I have been off of it for about 7 months now, I am going to see my dermatologist and she said maybe I should start a trial of accutane and she said I may never re-adjust to being off of spironolactone and that greatly distressed me. I am using a new topical ( aldapelene) and that seems to be helping the emergency white head to at least shrink it but not prevent it from turning red after it goes away. Any help or anybody who has a similar experience, I would love to hear the suggestions or support!
  19. After 5 months, I started to get really swollen eyes, it starts at the upper eyelids and goes above towards the eyebrows, not below the eyes. It's the worst when I wake up, my eyes are so swollen. I'm pretty sure Spiro is causing this and I'm really concerned. Has anyone experienced this side effect? I'm trying to limit my sodium intake and drink lots of water, but I think I want to stop taking Spiro. I've heard about a topical spironolactone, but I think it's only available through a compounding pharmacy. I found a pharmacy journal article that gives the recipe for it, if anyone's interested google "Spironolactone, Niacinamide, and Cimetidine Acne Gel." Has anyone tried topical spironolactone? I would be willing to try this compounded acne gel because systemic medications suck!
  20. I am a female, 22 years old. I've been on 2 rounds of Accutane and my acne came back. I've tried Doxy, Minocycline, Tazorac, etc. My dermatologist sort of said this was the last chance I had at getting better with this strong medication. The Retin-A is 0.1% and Spiro is 50mg. Now, my forehead is covered in white heads that are hard to get in photos and my cheeks are just as bad. Could my forehead be a fungal infection? Another course of Accutane isn't an option due to me developing severe migraines from it during the second course. I am also allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. My current skin care is the Salicylic Acid Cerave cleanser in the AM along with Cerave SA lotion and Neutrogena clear face SPF. Evening is Cerave hydrating cleanser along with the Cerave SA lotion and the Tretnoin when my skin is dry. I would appreciate any advice! Thank you in advance!
  21. I’ve been taking 75 mg Spironolactone for a little over a year now. It didn’t stop my period like others have reported and I had a seemingly regular cycle with sort of short periods lasting around 3-4 days. This month, I stopped taking Spiro for about 5 days when my prescription wasn’t refilled and started again on the 75 mg as soon as I could. However, I’ve noticed that this month my period is very late, and it’s making me panic a little. Could stopping the Spiro for a week and taking it again affect my cycle in this way? I’m sexually active and always use protection very, very carefully (I’m a little paranoid) but I’m not on birth control. I’m experiencing very small very minor cramping that comes and goes every day, which is normally something I experience leading up to my period, but it’s definitely a little past it’s scheduled time.
  22. Hi everyone. So prior to spiro, I was getting cystic acne that I controlled with epiduo. That worked beautifully for a few months but I was still getting more shallow hormonal acne. My dermatologist put me on Spiro 25mg twice a day (so 50 mg daily I guess). I was still getting the hormonal acne and some small white big deal for me. I stopped spiro for a week after the second month (vacation...I forgot) and since then have been really consistent. ANYWAYS I'm about3.5 months in and my skin has EXPLODED. I have a few deep, painful, large cysts on my cheek. Is this a part of the process? I heard it can take a few months for spiro to kick in and most people mention it getting better around month 2/3....but this seems to have come out of no where and I can't tell if it's a sign it'll get better or worse.
  23. Hi Everyone!!! So three months ago almost I came on to this website, 1 week on spiro, really struggling with severe cystic acne all over and severe nausea. I have great news!! My pimples/cysts are GONE!!! I still have hyperpigmentation but oh my heck. Its been almost a year since i haven't had painful cysts all over my face! I take 50MG at night time every day. I still have mild nausea but nothing too bad. Keep with it even if you're struggling, I didn't see much progress until the last 2 weeks.
  24. Hey guys. I have been on Spiroloctone for now 1 year. I am really upset and need advice. After 6 months on the drug, my skin was flawlessly clear. I was so happy. In June, I was going through alot of Mental Health issues. I started staying out late, not washing my face before bed, and just abusing my skin again since it cleared up so well. I randomly made the terrible decision to switch the products I was using. I was using Cerave cleanser and moisturizer which has always been amazing for my skin. I started using a Burts Bees cleanser that I later realized was FILLED with fragrances and alcohol and was not formulated for my skin type. I thought that the medication would be enough. Fast forward a month and my entire face broke out again. I currently am feeling extremely depressed about this. Right now I have like 10 or more pimples on my face. They are all on my chin and jaw. I started adding random toners and peels and oils to experiment which also was the worst mistake ever. I should still be clear and actually at my clearest point right now. I see pictures from a month ago and I was so confident and I am going on a huge trip in 4 months and I am terrified it is going to keep going downhill. I feel like I am back at square one. I recently started just using the Cerave cleanser and moisturizer again only. I just cant believe that the products destroyed all my progress like that. I never stopped taking Spiro and Ortho Tri Cyclen. I guess its a lesson to not experiment with products and stick to what works. I just need advice. I don't want to go on any topical creams or antibiotics. Spiroloctone is still very much in my system. Do you guys think my skin will heal itself if I just keep using Cerave and taking the Spiro? I am having this anxiety the Spiro just stopped working, but it has to be the products. I am so discouraged right now since I have TONS of whiteheads all over the lower half of my face. Please help me if you can.
  25. Hi! So I was wondering, what is the difference between spironolactone and birth control? In my case I'm talking about the yasmin birth control. You can also share your experiences if you want Thanks in advance