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  1. Hey everyone, I’m pretty embarrassed to post this considering I’m super insecure of the condition of my skin. I’m extremely fair and the contrast of my scarring and hyperpigmentation are very noticeable. I would like to know: from the pictures below (sorry for the bad quality) how severe would you say my scarring/ hyperpiemtation is? What would you suggest treatment wise for someone who has sensitive, easily scarred skin? Thankyou!
  2. Ance Scars

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    Can someone tell me what treatment I need? This shit is making me depressed also I have not been outside in 3 months. I can't stop hating myself for what happened to my face.
  3. I've been on this website for awhile. I have acne scars and I am looking to get in a relationship with a guy that has them as well.Maybe we can treat them together so we're not on this journey alone I am a female by the way and I'm 27. Message me if you'd like to chat
  4. I have been using differin every other day for the whole year and my acne is so much better than before. I also started taking birth control pills and i'm pretty sure it helped. I used to have painful cystic acne all over my cheeks that left me with scars and hyper-pigmentation. Now i only have occasional small pimples. The hyper-pigmentation has been fading away VERY slowly, my scars haven't really gotten any better and some of these occasional pimples do still scar. I NEVER pick them. Honestly, i don't mind my current acne scars, but i'm very afraid that i may keep getting more and more. I panic whenever i get a new pimple because of the fear that it will leave a scar. I don't want to use differin every day because my skin gets really dry and flaky. I spot treat my pimples with clindamycin sometimes but idk if it's working. Also, my skin can't stand anything with benzoyl peroxide, it gets extremely irritated and flaky and it doesn't even help my acne. What should i do?
  5. okay so i diluted white distilled vinegar with some water and dabbed it on my forehead w a cotton ball (idk probably bc google said its good for acne) and it ended up just leaving little scars and scabs on my pimples. i also had comedones that were burned and now are red and scabby. now my face is all red, inflamed, and scarred. heeellppp!!
  6. Hi Ive been dealing with mild to bad acne since 11 (i'm now 17), around summer of last year I started my first course of accutane which was 20mg a day + Augmentin Antibiotics. I didnt suffer from any initial breakout and my skin was barely reacting to it until about month 4 when i started to see progress. There was barely any drawbacks except for my body aches and dry lips. After about 6 months of it I moved countries and stopped taking it. I returned back home later and started college, possibly the best skin of my whole life as I barely got any pimples and my scars were doing really well. About 3-4 months after I started getting flesh-colored bumps on my forehead and started breaking out bad so I immediately went to my derm again and got prescribed with a different brand of isotretinoin and got a 3 month dose without the antibiotics as they made my immune system very weak. The first week my skin was red, shiny, peeling and so very sensitive. The initial breakout i experienced since day one (and still get so many pimples now) was the worst ive ever seen. At this point my skin flakes, can still get oily and my lips are extremely dry. But, my skin is so bad, its worst ive ever seen. The scars are so dark and red, my pimples are so frequent and its just overall in a horrible state. Any advice? im so confused why my first course was good in terms of IB and my skin just always getting bad but now its just getting worse and worse.
  7. What do I do?

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    Hi there! All the while I’m fighting current acne I can’t help but notice something else. I have these marks being left behind and I’m just not sure what to do about them. They have been there for about 8 months or so. Please help!
  8. I have had severe acne for a long time. I am currently using a topical salylicic acid, bactrim, and 40 mg isotretinoin daily. I feel like I maybe doing this the wrong way and that these are hyperpigmentation scars. Can hyperpigmentation be treated with isotretinoin, bactrim, or topicals? I am seriously depressed because of how my face looks, why me? Everyone else is normal... Should I consider dermarolling or laser treatments? Thank you all in advance.
  9. Hi guys, I have done 4 MRF treatment and 1 CO2 laser treatment. But i cant see any noticeable results also in some lightning i think it look more worse than before. 1st Mrf treatment: Aug 2017 2nd MRF Treatment: Nov 2017 3rd MRF Treatment: Jan 2018 4th MRF treatment: April 2018 5th Fraxel CO2 treatment: 13th May 2018 Left most picture is the pre picture taken in a room with no sunlight Top right is the pic after 3 MRF treatmemt taken in room with direct sunlight on face Bottom right is the pic after 5th treatment taken in room with direct sunlight on face I didn't used to bother so much before my first treatment but now post treatments it had made me very very conscious. What can be done to improve the scarring? It looks really bad in some kind of lightning (Lift, Washrooms etc). Treatments has made my face looks thinner
  10. Hi everyone, I had light acne since starting college, and then decided to go to the dermatologist to learn if they can get to see why was I getting acne in the first place. Instead, I was prescribed spironolactone and birthcontrol, without even them seeing if there was something wrong in my body (organs, etc). After taking both for over a year, my skin became perfect and crystal clear, BUT I started getting headaches that I haven't had before, so I decided to stop taking them. Right after I stopped the intake of birthcontrol and spironolactone, my chin started to HORRIBLY break out like never before, I got huge underskin cysts all over my chin, several at a time. I have never experienced these types of hardcore acne in my life! Then I went online read many blogs on cystic (hormonal) acne, bought all the OG products that were praised on youtube and google, my chin was covered in ichtammol 24/7, and the cysts didn't stop coming. Then, I learned that I had issues with my pancreas, it was not producing enough of juice like its supposed to, so I started to take pancreatin for it from Vitamin Shoppe. The first day of taking it, my chin started to finally clear up, thanks to GOD. The bottom line is make sure that your prescriber or whoever works with you, gets to have you check up the internal organs' effectiveness of yours. Birth control is never a solution, it makes things worse. All the best.
  11. Hey all new to the forum, I have been battling acne most of my life probably like the rest of you. Went on two rounds of accutane in college and have since been pretty pimple free with the occasional break out once or twice a month. I'm left with some scars which from the few doctors I've seen have been classified as moderate ice pick/box scars. I'm looking for advice on what treatments you suggest, I'm looking into Dr Rullan in San Diego and Dr Novik in NY because I've heard those two are some of the best at treating scars. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  12. Hello! I generally have a nice face – it is the one thing about my body that I feel confident about. However, I have always had large pores on my nose and cheeks – this is exasperated by the fact that I continuously pick them. I have been doing it since I was a little girl and a neighbor showed me how – unfortunately, I believe this makes them bigger as the years go on. My good friends tell me that I have a dysmorphic image surrounding the size of my pores – but close-up you can TOTALLY see them. Anyway, I had a change in my regular medication and got even more compulsive than usual – I started scrubbing my face four times a day with the vitamin C’s grab which made it super dry and the more I try to fix it the worse it got – I used all kinds of oils and creams, I read all kinds of blogs, etc. etc. etc. anyway, the point to this is that I am basically in desperate need of help – the people surrounding me are freaked out by what is going on, and yes, I will be getting professional help and counsel regarding the medication change – my psychiatrist is just on vacation and when I tried to see the regular doctor he just tried to put me on a narcotic and I don’t like those. Anyway, I sat for six hours the other night tweezing out every single one of my leg hairs, after running out of pores to pick on my face. Apparently, the medication made my skin extra thin and I ended up with torn bleeding red marks all over – the thing is, that now that my skin feels “ruined” to me, I just keep digging and digging and digging and digging and digging – I’m even using tweezers to try to tweeze out little blackheads and whiteheads or ingrown hairs or ANYthing I think I see under the skin. I know this sounds stupid but it’s affecting me functioning on a daily basis and is actually super scary to me. Anyway, I read about excoriation disorder and the last thing I need is another disorder – LOL – but I thought I would check in with you all and see if you had any suggestions on : 1) How can I heal this fast With as few scars as possible – I’ve never had scars before and I am petrified and pretty freaking positive that I will – I’ve been digging the same sores over and over for the last two weeks. 2) does anyone else have any experience with medications causing this kind of reaction and someone – like I said, I’ve always been a person who wants to clean out my blackheads on my nose, but it has gotten so insanely crazy that I am literally looking across my entire body to find something to pick. I am really hoping it’s a medication reaction, but honestly, it feels like some weird crazy psychotic addiction and I’m petrified that I can’t stop!! Thank you so much !!
  13. I used to have a lot of acne but now im left with some acne and lot of box car scars and redness, is the regime for me?
  14. please help..

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    hi, I am 20 years old i have had acne since i was 11, they started from my head and then filled my whole face , my mother(box car scars like me) and her family also have terrible skin, one i decided to fight back so i went to a dermatologist he told me to lose weight so i did lost 25kg eating clean and exercising but it didn't affect my acne. so i went to other dermatologist when i was about 17 he gave me low dosage accutane 10mg per day, i took for a long time it helped, i even got laser done from him but it didn't do anything + he didn't use any anesthetic so it used to hurt a lot but my acne started coming back, i went to another dermatologist when i was 19 (current), she gave me minocyclin and it worked like magic i was clear in a week, then after staying clear for some time i got laser from her and this time i saw at least some improvement, this medicine also stopped working in beginning of 2018 so she gave me doxycycline didn't work, gave me accutane 10mg (1month) with defza and this time it destroyed my face i had acne everywhere like before and it was very very painful somedays i couldn't sleep, she gave me minocycline again and it worked but now again it have stopped working again, she gave me azithromycin (3 days 2 weeks) with minocycline but it didn't work, shes telling me wait more and if this doesn't work she will put me on accutane 10mg alternate days with defza. I really don't know what to do anymore, im tired now with this endless tug of war, the toughest part is seeing your work and whatever you have built gone over and over again i just hope my acne could go away or become like a normal persons so i can focus on my deep box car scars. I live in Delhi, India and i think there are not many good dermatologists here. I am not very rich but im desperate and im willing to travel internationally for cure if i have to, i will do whatever it takes for a cure, i am willing to spend 10,000 - 20,000 usd if i have to. I am sure there is a solution to my problem, that's what keeps me alive and going so please please please help me with the fastest possible resolution for my acne and scars, redness and small spots i have. sorry for the long forum i just wanted to give as much details as possible. I also get acne on my back and shoulders black t shirts ones are recent (first three are of today) grey t shirt one is on accutane
  15. Hii, I'm kinda at a point where any light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared for me. But I discovered that the internet, and this site in particular gave me strength in a way, since people went or go through the same. Since I don't see any options anymore can someone help me and give an input? Doesn't matter what it is. I couldn't be more hopeless right now. Anything would help. I'm going to list the things I'm doing right now for my acne. But first let me give a background. My story I got acne when I was around 14, I'm 19 now. At first I got antibiotics (don't remember what). Everything I got prescribed did nothing. Around age 16 I went on accutane. Ages 16 - 17 I was about95% acne free. Ofcourse when I turned 18 it came back and it got gradually worse. Right now I'm back at age 14 when my acne was the worst. Or I would say I'm a bad case of moderate acne right now, but it feels just like when my acne was severe. I have cysts (such a pain, literally), whiteheads, closed comedones. I believe it's hormonal since nothing ever worked for me and it always starts with my chin having a breakout. But that would mean that if the yasmin pil doesn't work I'm literally out of options. Medicines I went trough Minocyline Doxycicline (helped for the months I was on it) Accutane (Yes full 6 months, after a year my acne is back.) Topical creams I went trough Benzoyl peroxide (Allergic) Treclinac (horrible) Duac acne gel (Allergic.. it has bp in it) What I take now Yasmin birth control (2 months and 2 days, no results yet whatsoever.) Zinc (does nothing) Current Diet I've been vegan for 2 years. I also cut out sugar and deep friend & unhealthy food. I know it doesn't make a difference but I'm still holding onto my diet. I also tried being gluten free for months which did nothing. Morning: Mint tea or green tea with some fruit or bagel Evening: Chicken and vegetables Yes, I'm aware I don't eat a lot but that's just how it is with my depression rn. Current Skin care Micellair water Garnier (removing make up) Zomedical oilacleanse (cleanser) Son & park (toner) Clinique moisture surge oil free (moisturizer) Dalacin-T 10 mg/ml (lotion from my doctor) P.s. I also went and got a chemical peeling, it helped for a week but the proces was hell and after a while my acne got even worse. I know I was supposed to do it a few more times but I don't think it would've made a difference. So here's what I'm thinking: Actually I'm not thinking anything, I literally feel like I'm just walking into a hopeless brick wall. But let's say I had to think something; First of all I thought my acne was hormonal. So going on accutane for the second time, would make my acne return. And I'm mentally unstable to go through that process again. My last resort was going on birth control. I'm currently on yasmin for 2 months and 2 days and even today I got a new breakout. I don't want to have any hopes, but if this doesn't work it feels like I'm literally out of options. Also, I left everything emotional and mental because of my acne as much as possible aside so that I could focus on real actions I can take. If anyone could share their thoughts or experience, anything would help!! Thank you so much for even reading this, it was longer than intended.
  16. does anyone know any effective ways or remedies to get rid of red acne scars?
  17. Hi there, for years ive been very insecure about my pores/scars. My acne has mostly gone ...other than a few whiteheads when I eat bad. Are these scars? Large damaged pores? They are on my cheeks and nose. They fill with dead skin cells quite easily and require constant maintenance. ive noticed that when I’m not stressed, eating healthy and drinking lots of water they appear better... but I want them fixed because half the time they look really bad ...especially in bright light. FYI: pic is used with iPhone flashlight at night just after a face wash so it looks worse than in the day but I figure it will give the clearest idea and look so you can identify if it’s scaring.
  18. Day 6 The scarring is really starting to clear up now which makes doing my makeup a lot easier! There’s so much I would normally squeeze out of my pores but keeping this blog up to date helps me to leave my skin alone. H x
  19. I have a variety of PIE and PIH scars that I got from skin picking. I picked at them over and over again so they're pretty red and brown. There's a few on my face and a few on my body. I've tried a lot of products that are recommended for these scars but nothing has really helped. I don't know what to do next. I'm thinking of dermarolling but I'm not sure. What should I do next? I can't afford laser treatments for multiple areas of my face and body as it'll cost too much. But, I'm considering it for the scars on my face atleast. Anyway, what should I do next? Thank you!
  20. Hello everybody! Firstly, I cannot believe I did not sign up here years ago for advices throughout my teenage years of fighting acne. I had acne since high school and been on acutane treatments twice to fight the acne off of my face and the result as you can see in pictures are the scars. Now that I got a great paying job and have more than enough money available (no issue here), it is now time to invest and take care of my face that I cannot believe I have been able to get by over these past years. I am wondering before I visit the doctor and they try to sell me the most expensive places to go to to get this ugly scars off my face for a few suggestions or advices: I wanted to ask the community on here on your suggestions and what can you recommend? I greatly appreciate your help and suggestions!! Looking forward to this forum
  21. I am 22 and have mild to moderate acne with a lot of redness. It's not even the acne that's the problem, its more the "scars" or hyper-pigmentation. It is ONLY on my inner cheeks! My whole inner cheeks are always red and "bumpy" looking! I have tried EVERYTHING that I have been able to, from prescribed to OTC. I have tried retinol, glam glow masks, aloe vera, clinique 3 step system, neutragena, cerave, you name it, I have probably tried it...what have you all done for redness? not even so much the frickin acne, just the redness! HELPPPPP!!! TIA!
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    Hey everyone! New to this forum and thought it would be a good way to educate myself and learn how to deal with acne. Recently I’ve been getting bad acne and was prescribed to take a antibiotic (Minocycline HCL 50Mg 2x per day), and topical product (Taro-Benzoyl Peroxide/Clindamycin). The first few weeks were rough... I had a lot of breakouts/purges and still get the occasional cyst. I’ve been on the medication for 3 weeks and my skin has gotten MUCH worse. Is this normal? I was wondering if what I should do to improve my acne and if the mark on my right cheek will ever disappear. I’m not expecting any miracles. The first two pictures are recent and the last two just before I took the medications thanks!
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    Hello I have dealt with acne for awhile now but now I barley break out only when my period comes so I visited my dermatologist and she gave me trentinoin 0.25% which I am scared to use because of the initial breakout which I barley am breaking out but I have been putting it on just scared it might get worse then this
  24. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good derm in Sydney/Canberra Australia for temporary fillers for acne scarring on my cheeks/temple? Thanks!
  25. Hi all, I'm currently about 3.5 months into my second course of accutane. Face has cleared up well. Still getting the odd pimple but overall much clearer. Question 1: I have fairly bad scarring that I believe would warrant temporary fillers (have been given this advice from derms in the past but not gone ahead with it). Am I able to get fillers while on accutane, or will I have to wait until 6 months post accutane? Question 2: Same as above, except v-beam for the redness? Not looking into any other procedures such as TCA cross or any peels, just these two. Thanks