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    This is when my lips began to peel Hi! Im on a week and a day of accutane (generic brand)... and the first layer of my lips just peeled off ! Like completely... my lips are BLOOD BRIGHT RED and swollen... I feel like this is even worse than super dry chapped lips? I have tried a million chapsticks Dr dans.. everything. My derm even prescribed me 2% cortisone.. but I think he thought my lips were dry because they aren’t flaky or peeling anymore they are just super uncomfortable and it’s hard to eat because they are so so so RAW. I did research and I swear I haven’t seen anyone else’s lips look like this ???? Im praying to god that someone can help me out with this because I don’t want to lower my dose. I started right at 60mg (which I was nervous about). I used auqaphor, dr and cortibalm, blister ultra hydration, neosporin night cream, Vaseline lip therapy... EVERYTHING. please help
  2. Hi Ive been dealing with mild to bad acne since 11 (i'm now 17), around summer of last year I started my first course of accutane which was 20mg a day + Augmentin Antibiotics. I didnt suffer from any initial breakout and my skin was barely reacting to it until about month 4 when i started to see progress. There was barely any drawbacks except for my body aches and dry lips. After about 6 months of it I moved countries and stopped taking it. I returned back home later and started college, possibly the best skin of my whole life as I barely got any pimples and my scars were doing really well. About 3-4 months after I started getting flesh-colored bumps on my forehead and started breaking out bad so I immediately went to my derm again and got prescribed with a different brand of isotretinoin and got a 3 month dose without the antibiotics as they made my immune system very weak. The first week my skin was red, shiny, peeling and so very sensitive. The initial breakout i experienced since day one (and still get so many pimples now) was the worst ive ever seen. At this point my skin flakes, can still get oily and my lips are extremely dry. But, my skin is so bad, its worst ive ever seen. The scars are so dark and red, my pimples are so frequent and its just overall in a horrible state. Any advice? im so confused why my first course was good in terms of IB and my skin just always getting bad but now its just getting worse and worse.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a video about a proper way of clearing acne once and for all. Tell me what you think, cheers!
  4. Hi guys I need help. I have noticed that my popped pimples have not faded away and it’s already been two weeks. I’ve never had this problem before but I think this is PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) so can anyone help and give me some advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, my skin has been looking this way for the last two weeks and all of my pimples have become red. My pimples normally took a week to heal before my horrible breakouts but now take up to a month. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix it? Also does anyone know if these pimples will leave me with scars in the future? Thanks!
  6. Hello, Let me start of by saying my name is Josh and I’ve been dealing with severe acne since I was around 14 years old, I am now 19. I’m not really sure if anyone is going to notice or pay attention to this post but I kind of just want to tell my story Growing up throughout high school with acne was pretty bad but it never really bothered my self confidence, my acne wasn’t horrible but it was still noticeable. I also had a girlfriend who was super supportive and always tried to help me out. Throughout highschool I was always just trying new things in my facial routine and I’m not sure if my age or anything had to do with it but my acne would usually go on and off. Growing up i was always outspoken and expressive, I loved the company of others and I loved to explore new things. While growing up my dream has always been to one day inspire a lot of people and tell my story, not just about my Acne but with all the things I’ve gone through. My dream was that after high school I would find a platform to talk and learn other people stories where I could possibly help them out and show the light at the end of the tunnel(ex. Youtube, Music, Social Media, Blogs, Acting) and ever since a kid I’ve wanted to do this. This was what my skin looked like before acne plagued me. But right as I was graduating high school my skin just went really bad, and it was pretty sad cause I had acne in all my grad pictures and it’s something you don’t really want to look at. I went to a dermatologist and he recommend I go on Accutane, but at the time I didn’t want to risk the health concerns. I was already going through a huge back surgery I was healing from and I didn’t think it would benefit me at the time to have to go through dryness and joint pain when I’m already hurting half the time. Then I finally got to college it felt a lot different, I never really felt self conscious about myself because I always had a huge group of friends, a wonderful girlfriend and a supportive family who all saw through my acne. But when I got into college a lot of things went badly, I lost my girlfriend, my father kicked me out of the house and I felt so lost that I had to leave college because everything was coming at me all at once. Leaving college was a huge regret of mine and all these things happening around me caused a lot of insecurity. I started to feel lost in my own body, like I’d look in the mirror and I wouldn’t feel myself. My dreams of inspiring we’re all covered up by my own insecurity, and I really felt like I would amount to nothing. Right around when I turned 19 my acne was horrible, it was the worst I’ve ever seen it and it looked like my skin was falling off because I was picking it and touching it because I was so self conscious. (NUMBER ONE MISTAKE) Yeah pretty nasty. This is when all the stress and anxiety really hit me hard, and I became almost obsessive with the fact that I didn’t want acne. I thought in my head that once I get rid of my acne I can love myself again and I can flourish, and all those dreams I tucked away I can reopen, I just have to get rid of these pimples. When I turned 19 I made the decision that I would take the time I have while I’m not in college to really change the way I lived, my attitude towards things, my feeling about myself, and also other things like really taking care of my body and not eating things I shouldn’t have. It’s been around 7 months now and I haven’t had a piece of candy, I don’t eat fast food, I can’t even drink milk because my acne and I loved milk. All I try to eat is meat and vegetables, and probably the biggest lesson that acne taught me is that you can’t give up on things. That one glass of milk would shoot up 4 more pimples and then you’re back at square one. You have to learn to be consistent and strong and not cave into stress. You have to learn to understand that acne is only a battle with yourself, and once you get through that hump you really understand what it’s like to feel proud of yourself. For everyone struggling with acne especially at a young age you just have to use all your will to get through it because acne is the one thing I’ve been through in life that with all the hard work and care you put into it, it still doesn’t matter at times because it always comes back. You have to test things out and see what’s right for you, and you can’t let acne win the battle because then you feel like giving up and you don’t learn anything from it. You have to understand that a lot of people really don’t understand what you’re going through and can’t help you, and that the only person who can help you is yourself. Currently my skin is still covered in acne and I’m not perfect but it’s a lot better then it was, and in the next two weeks I will be starting Accutane and I hope for good results, and I made a promise to myself that once I get through this hump in my life I’ll learn a very important lesson in life, and I’ll follow my dreams. This is what skin currently looks like, but I’m not where I want to be yet. If anyone decides to look at this message I will update you with photos on what my skin looks like and I will show my journey through Accutane. But I want everyone to know not to give up and that acne can teach you a very important lesson, you just have to accept it and use it. Thank you for reading this, if you read it all give me some feedback and tell me your story. I would love to see what others are going through and if possibly I could help.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my own idea about vitamins for a healthy skin. Vitamin A, B, C, E and D are all really good vitamins and here I will tell you why and how this is true, cheers :)
  8. What is this ?! NEED HELP ASAP

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    What is this and how do I fix it. I always had mild acne but the past few months my pores have expanded and acne has gotten worse. What is this and how can I cure it???
  9. Acne affects more than 60 million people just in the U.S. alone annually. It ranges from low-grade to full-blown cystic acne. Acne treatment is a thriving global business. The multi-million acne treatment industry is driven by the constant pressure to look presentable. Acne and teenagers are inextricably linked. Students in the teens have to battle with raging hormones and they often lack the financial capability to put together an anti-acne skincare regime to battle the stubborn acne condition. To understand how to treat acne, you need to know what acne is. We talk to Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics to tell us more about acne and the treatment options. What is acne? Acne is a skin condition in which dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum produced from your oil glands clog your pores, causing acne bacteria to develop. There are generally 4 different classifications of acne: whitehead, blackhead, papule, and pustule. WHITEHEAD In less serious cases, pores can get clogged up and form a bulge under the skin. A whitehead is formed in the initial stage. BLACKHEAD When whitehead has been left on the skin for an extended period of time, it darkens on the surface, forming blackheads. They are often exposed above the skin surface, making the skin rough and unpleasant to touch. PAPULE When the blackhead is not yet removed from the pores, sebum and bacteria may seep into the pores. Formation of papule occurs when there is an early stage of infection where the defence mechanism of the body is fighting against it. PASTEL When the infection is more serious and it affects the deeper layers of the skin, nodules or cysts may form. In such cases, if it is left untreated, permanent acne scars may form. Does acne only occur in teenagers? Acne in teenagers is usually caused by excessive sebum production, but adult acne is mostly linked to hormonal fluctuations. There is a wide range of acne treatments in Singapore with varying price range. Always consult a doctor for the most suitable acne treatment based on your budget. Options for acne treatments Low-grade acne sufferers can benefit from medical facial treatments. Medical facial treatments offered by clinics are designed specially by doctors to help cleanse the skin thoroughly and remove the debris that are responsible for development of acne. Topical acne creams are also effective for treating low-grade acne. Topical retinoids are derived from vitamin A and they work by unclogging the pores so that inflammation doesn’t happen. Topical retinoids are often the treatment of choice for blackheads and closed comedones. People with more serious, recurring acne can consider AGNES acne treatment. It is a Korean technology that uses an insulated micro-needle to deliver radiofrequency waves to destroy the offending sebaceous glands. With the offending glands destroyed, acne no longer recurs. Review your skincare regime to battle acne effectively There are some proven ways to better manage your acne from the comfort of your own home: Change your pillowcase weekly Wash your face with a gentle facial wash Only use non-comedogenic makeup and skincare products Wash or change your makeup brushes regularly Consume healthy, balanced diet and include more vegetables and fruits in your diet Acne is not necessarily caused by dirty skin or bad hygiene. Don’t feel embarrassed about having bad skin. Putting together a comprehensive plan to combat acne by making changes to your daily regime and going for a regular facial treatment and seeing a doctor can tremendously improve your acne.
  10. Hey, just wanted to share with you guys my 9 week progress with my acne. I am so proud! So I changed to a paleo diet, I had a very dry skin, so I started using a proper moisturizer. I cut out dairy COMPLETELY (tough decision). And my results have been awesome. Can recommend this to anyone who are lost with their acne and have tried everything, cheers Image linked
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has/had a similar issue to the photos I'm showing.. I have these tiny bumps (some are hard like whiteheads), along my jawline and on my forehead.. right after a shower I can squeeze some stuff out of them and the bumps will go down.. but I'm not gonna do that all over my face because I'll definitely end up with a few pimples the next day (as you can see this is a main cause of the redness and pimples on my forehead). I also deal with a bit of hormonal acne on my chin and my cheeks which for us ladies is super annoying. I'll have amazing looking skin for a day or two throughout the month, and then boom.. back to little baby pimples and scars. I'm soon going on birth control in two weeks or so as recommended by my doctor, at least for a couple of months to help with hormonal acne. I've heard of these bump issues also being an overproduction of yeast on the skin or in the body, and I really don't know how to fix this. I try my hardest to eat healthy, I wash my face nightly and remove all my makeup.. I don't know what to do anymore. I've heard of Nizoral for this yeast-bump conspiracy. Has anyone tried it? Please leave any tips/tricks. I appreciate it greatly!
  12. Hi I’ve been getting these purple pimples on my cheeks and they’ve formed a line under my eyes, they hurt and feel dry. One of them has puss coming out, how do I get rid of them?
  13. Hi guys . I need your help in my condition . I uploaded photos for more clear vision . I have this condition since my late childhood . Maybe 12 years old untel now . 30 . I can not shave the beard because it will irritate my face and all comes nasty . So i keep it on . But still pimples all over my face . Oily skin all day . I wash it 2 to 3 times a day with a cleanser . I tried tea tree oil but nothing . Tried other pharmaceutical tubes and nothing . Maybe the only thing it changed it a bit is accutane . But i used only one packet and stopped . Too much side effects and poeple talking dangerous things about it . So what you think i should do ??
  14. Hi, recently ive developed keratosis pilaris and acne (after an accutane course) so i went to the derm and he gave me clindamycin and urea. Its been a month and i still have like 6 tiny pimples on my cheeks , blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and some underskin puss in areas where I had acne. I see my derm in 3 days and i was thinking on asking him for a tretinoin cream. The last time I went to the dermatologist he did not want to give me something stronger because he said my acne was not so bad but now it's worse . What should I ask him to prescribe me?
  15. Hi, maybe someone has similar problems or could give me an advice. I don’t know what to do, these small bumps and red pimples appear on my forehead. My skin is normal, little to the oily side. I eat healthy, wash my face twice a week, use noreva acnomega cream and exfoliac foaming gel. Maybe some of you know natural masks, etc. that could help me get clear skin, or maybe these pimples/small bumps appear only because of my hormones, because i am 17 years old and I just cant do nothing about it?.. any kind of response would be nice.
  16. Hey guys, so all my life I have been eating processed peanut butter, and I know this is a big cause of my breakouts of acne. I have recently found some cool facts about organic peanut butter, and I wanted to share a video I made about this with u guys, cheers!
  17. My acne was never this bad until I went to sleep at my cousins house two months back. I’ve tried honey and lemon and all other things. Can someone please help me fix my skin to back how it used to be??
  18. Hi. I have dealt with acne forever. I can't really remember what my acne was like in my teen years pre pill but I don't remember it being as bad as dealing with it while on the pill. After a year on the pill and poor eating habits I saw a dermatologist who did facial treatments on me such as Derma and light therapy. A year later the treatments have helped tremendously.. to this point my about two years into the pill. I got so clear at one point. I have been on BC since 2-3 years at this point and started face treatment a yearish into BC. I'm unsure if it was the pill or BC that cleared my skin. But my derma quit her job and ever since my skins gotten worse it was perfection at one point and my diet wasn't even that great. Now I'm eating so well, no diary be refined sugars so it's strange I'm breaking out. I keep producing oil around my chin and cheeks. Also, I originally went on BC to regulate my periods. Again, I don't remember my skin pre BC but a year into the BC and before seeing my dermatologist, my skin was the worst it's ever been!!! I just wanna know if I'm guaranteed to get worsened acne when come off it. At the moment skins pre bad but not as bad as pre facial treatment and 1 year into pill I'm about 3 years into pill now and haven't done facials for like 8 months - gets worse slowly. I once when off it in the middle of the pack for two weeks but when I got off had been eating well and good skin then all of a sudden I was eating very very badly like 3000+ calories of junk of daily as a result of being on a restrictive ridiculous low cal diet. Then when I went back on I didn't follow correct instead I carried on and took the pill that I was would be even up to had I not stopped. When I stopped I took doxy which dried my skin so bad. I'm rambling I'm just head on certain my skin will worsen. Bc should stop oil production instead it doesn't. Again I can feel remember my skin pre bc. I'm taking it purely for regularion reasons but wanna get off it because I'm tired of putting fake hormones into my body. Advice? I've tried ocm, salycic acid, differin, antibiotics etc. And nothing helps!
  19. Hey guys, I am currently SOOO frustrated. Here is some background: I never used to have acne not even as a teenager, im talking not even one pimpleeee (knock on wood). I had a pretty bad diet in college and I STILL didnt break out. I never even thought about acne lol I used to be happy haha Anyway, I started law school this year and idk if it's the stress or what not, I BREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY on my cheeks and chin. like my skin is so bumpy and frustrated. It is dry and flaky and large pores. It is just bad. I wash my makeup off every single night with Almond Oil and then use a gentle cleanser morning and night. I make sure every bit of makeup is off my face before I sleep. I would moisturize every day as well (I have dry skin). I used ACV vinegar for a while, seemed to work a little but not enough so I switched into witch hazel (the Dickinson one) and that didnt have bad or good effects on my skin. I was still breaking out (everyday I would wake up with a new bump). I used witch hazel for about a month, did nothing so I switched into ACV toner (diluted of course). I thought it was gonna be fine since I used it before with no purging. BUT after 1 night of using it, I got like 10 new pimples on my cheeks AND I didnt change anything up... I am frustrated. Am I purging? I also used this before with no purging...I am confused and frustrated...
  20. When beginning ones conscious choice to make a big life change, there are many things you need to consider. A big factor in me making the decision to change my skin for the better, and seeing results, required a few big changes. A very overlooked side to the causes of acne would, hands down, have to be diet. Growing up, my mom had always warned me against certain skin destructive foods. At one point I actively began to rebel against what she was telling me mainly because I think I was embarrassed that others were seeing negative changes in my skin. A lot of foods she was telling me to avoid were simple cuts and could have spared me 1. A lot of money, 2. A lot of embarrassment. The first thing that is super important when trying to maintain clear or less bacterial breakout prone skin would be a regular consumption of water throughout the day and especially after working out. Something else to look out for as far as diet goes would be things that you know cause inflammation or redness on your own complexion. For me those foods were: dairy & lactose, milk chocolate, super sugary foods, and really high fat or highly caffeinated fruits and veggies. After swapping out my yummy iced white mochas for a simple almond milk latte, a milk chocolate lava cake for a small piece of dark chocolate, and being more mindful about consuming larger portions of both fruits and veggies, within a few weeks I was able to see wonderful results in both my skin and overall energy level. Another simple beverage swap would be cutting out soda and sugary drinks completely. If you are really craving something other than water when out at a restaurant try something like iced tea which contains less dye, sugars, and potential negative health effects. If are someone who more enjoys the carbonated aspect of soda try something such as La Croix, San Pellegrino, or a generic club soda. Being a super huge coffee fan, I found it hard to cut out caffeine completely so instead opted to drink just one 16 oz. homemade iced almond milk latte on weekdays before school. This helped me get through the day while also saving money on sugary and expensive Dutch Bros. drinks (I still really miss those). Once you really get over that bad caffeine difficiency headache, the cut of all those toxins will really start to clear up your skin. Remember, aspirin is your friend. Completely depriving yourself of the foods and beverages you love is never good, instead use these cravings as a reward to your body and make sure to remember that moderation is key.
  21. Usually my skin is pretty clear but recently on my chin a bumb formed. It was one of those under the skin pimples that developed on my chin and it was my first time getting one, before that I only got white heads. It was tender to the touch and kind of big, but it was the same colour as my normal skin tone so it wasn't that noticeable. However the feeling of it annoyed the crap out of me and i wasn't sure how long it would take for it to go away on its own. So I tried to pop it (I know, bad idea) before it came to a head, nothing came out and the skin was much more sensitive and became more irritated. The next day the pimple turned dark brown although there is no scab, it's still sore when I touch it. Currently it's big and dark, is there any way to lighten it?
  22. I´m on accutane and have taken 300 pills of 20mg. Early on, I experienced getting many tiny, small bumps on my forehead and I dont know why... See my pictures. What are they and will they ever go away? I´ve never had this before and sometimes it´s itchy and red. Kind of looks like small blackheads, but they never disappear.. Also, I just get them in the centre/middle, not the whole forehead. It is driving me crazy and I dont understand why I´m having them since my forehead´s never been my problem-area... And one more thing, this is my second round of accutane, and this was NOT something is had my first time around.
  23. Need Help- PLEASE

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    My acne was very light at first but I wanted to perfect my skin (BIG MISTAKE- don’t fix what isn’t broken). So I went to a dermatologist and she gave me clindamycin which only ended up drying my face and causing for it to get rough. After I stopped using it, I started to only rub soap on my face a few months later (big mistake personally). The weather has been really dry and after going to sleep over at a friends house my acne has incredibly worsened. Can someone help me and tell me if there will be any scarring, how to get rid of it, will this acne continue to grow in these places? And most importantly can someone tell me if there is a regimen to follow and if my skin can heal and go back to how it used to be.sorry I can’t upload many pics. First pic is current, 2nd pic is a week before clindamycin (3 months)
  24. Hello everyone after some years pimples are Goan not completely but it's Goan and after that some holes Created in face I'm 19 year old so anyone have personal experience Some one told me that it's fill naturally itself and some one told me that its cannot filled
  25. Hi everyone. I have been suffering from acne as long as I can remember.. literally. Back in elementary school is when it started and when it ruined my life. I was made fun of on a daily basis for it and quickly became super insecure and I still am to this day (I am now 27 years old). I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne and NOTHING helps. Does this look like cystic acne? Maybe that’s why over the counter products are not working? I’m not familiar wirh cystic acne, so I don’t know. I just know I need help. Please! Any advice, input, insight. Also, are these icepick scars? How can I get rid of them?