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  1. Hello there! So I would like to get some pointers, what treatments could effectivly help me treat my acne and chickenpock scarring. I suffered from Acne in my teens and got some degree of scarring as you can see. In addition I have quite a few chickenpock scars since I got them when I was 18 (now I*m 22 now) I don't have any active acne anymore, just the occasional pimple, but I do suffer from hyperpigmentation (which happens really quick for me). To help with hyperpigmentation and to treat my scarring I do microneedling+microdermembrasion once a month (7month in). This definetely helped reduce hyperpigmentation, but I don*t feel it effect my deeper scars. So my question to you: What treatment/s would you recommend? ( Btw I have somewhat ethnic skin since I'm Eurasian and also I live in Germany so if you know any dermatologist you would recommend please let me know)
  2. I’ve suffered from painful cystic acne for the past three years and only three months after getting an IUD taken out and stopping a medication it have no acne on my face. I’m obviously left with a lot of red hyperpigmentation just on the sides of both cheeks but it’s pretty bad and extremely red. I’m new to post acne treatments but have started using azealaic acid and different products with glycolic and lactic acid. I just wanna know if this will ever go away or if it’s just something that I’m stuck with forever. There’s absolutely no texture to them thankfully.
  3. Hey everyone, this post is gonna be a little bit shorter because I am gong to the dermatologist in 3 days so I will update everyone more after my visit with her. I will also be uploading a picture of my progress after being on 40mg for one month. So far I am so happy with the results and I can't wait to show you all how my skin is looking! This week I experienced a few nose bleeds but they were very light and short, lasted a total of maybe 45 seconds, I also have noticed that my arms are very dry and scaly... I think it might be eczema? My skin is still the same, and the awful breakout I experienced last week is finally cleared up. So far so good! Talk to you all in a few days.
  4. I've been suffering from acne for about 2 years now. At first I only had a few pimples and a bit of hyperpigmentation on my left cheek, but around March last year, I started breaking out excessively on my right cheek, followed by my forehead and on my left cheek. I went to a dermatologist to help me with my skin problems, but it didn't work, so I stopped visiting her. Now, during the day, I use the Cosrx Gentle Morning Cleanser, followed by the Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner, followed by the Corsx Centalla Blemish Ampule (which I ran out of), followed by The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, followed by THE ORDINARY Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, then [APIEU] MADECASSOSIDE CREAM as my moisturiser, and finally a sunscreen. During the night, I use the same cleanser, followed by the Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner, followed by the Corsx Centalla Blemish Ampule (which I ran out of), followed by the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop, followed by THE ORDINARY Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, then [APIEU] MADECASSOSIDE CREAM as my moisturiser, and I either finish it off my mixing the moisturiser with 2 drops of Tamanu Oil or I apply a Laneige Night Cream. I also made the mistake of using the Laneige Night Cream during the day, as I didn't think it would really matter, but as a result, I had gotten much more whiteheads because of that. The reason why I am using this routine is because I wanted to reduce the hyperpigmentation and scarring on my skin, but it doesn't seem to be very effective, so I am hoping you guys would have some recommendations of products or tips I should do to get rid of the whiteheads, hyperpigmentation and the acne. P.S. My skin is on the oily side and I am 18 years old. I also use Pixi Beauty Glow Peel Pads Advanced Exfoliating Treatment every few days to exfoliate.
  5. Almost One month on Accutane! Yay!!! So far everything has stayed the same for me, my lips are still dry, I have some dry patches on the back of my hands, and I produce absolutely no oil! My skin had been looked amazing the past few days but on day 17 I got an under the skin pimple on my left cheek bone and a small pimple on the right side of my face. I think this happened because I did skip a day of Accutane and didn't wash my face that day ( ewwww I know). Sometimes you just get crazy busy with life and that's what happened to me. I was not home at all one day and I left my accutane pills at my house, as soon as I got home that day it was already 2 am and I was so exhausted I passed out in my bed with my makeup still on. Two days later I woke up with those two pimples... I have still been doing the oil cleansing method every night and I have been adding Jojoba Oil into my moisturizer. This stuff is like Gold to me now! If I don't put a few drops into my moisturizer my skin is dry and my makeup does not look good at all. So far all is good and I am so excited to see what the next few months hold.
  6. should i change my routine to BP and AHA of i have no idea what should i do to my skin now Currently routine Stridex Pads(pm$ the ordinary niacinamide (am) the ordinary alpha aburtin (am) the ordinary azelaic acid(am) dickinson astringent the blue one (am/pm) cerave cream moisturizer (pm) neutrogena sunsc spf 70 i want kms i cant stop breaking out
  7. Day 11 I woke up with 3 huge under the skin pimples on my chin and I could feel one under my skin on the right side of my cheek bone. I'm assuming this is the initial breakout? I never get pimples on my chin..these are the worst pimples I have ever had. The only good thing about them is that they are under the skin and not red at all. Day 12: I woke up with another pimple on the right side of my face, however this one is a small whitehead. I put on makeup today and it looked horrible on my skin. It was a really weird texture and made my under the skin acne stand out more. I have decided to start doing the oil cleansing method with Jojoba Oil so I can really get all the dirt out of my pores and add moisture to my skin at the same time. I did put Epiduo on my pimples last night, and when I woke up this morning they seemed smaller but now my skin is very red/ irritated in the areas i put on the Epiduo... looks like I wont be spot treating anymore. Day 13: When I woke up this morning my skin looked amazing! The hyper pigmentation was very faint and the pimples on my chin are down in size by about 60%. When I put on makeup today the texture was perfect. My skin looked very smooth and I didn't have any oil throughout the day( I don't think I have ever experienced a day without having to blot my skin every two hours)! My scalp Is very dry and itchy, its so hard to stop myself from scratching it, I am going to invest in a really good deep conditioning treatment for my hair because i'm really scared it'll start to fall out. The corners around my nose are starting to become very dry and my lips are still about the same. They are no longer uncomfortably dry and I'm gonna have to give all the credit to Aquaphor for that one. Day 14: WOW! I woke up this morning with my skin looking the best that I have seen it in a while and I strongly believe this is due to the oil cleansing method and Accutane combined. I have been doing the oil cleansing method for the past three nights and let me tell you I should have started doing this a looooong time ago. I was just scared that if I tried it I would wake up with ten new pimples on my face. I couldn't take the dryness in my face anymore and I decided that since I am on accutane already I might as well just go for it. I remove my makeup at night with Jojoba Oil and then wipe that off with a warm paper towel, I then get more Jojoba oil and massage it into my skin for 2 minutes and remove it with a warm paper towel after, Finally I wash my face with a cleanser and apply CeraVe Moisturizer. My acne is down by about 90% and the hyper pigmentation is also down by about 50%. I'm so happy with the results so far and I do believe the OCM and Accutane combined have really helped my skin. Now I am not to sure if this was my initial breakout? I was expecting it to be a lot worse, I'm still going to expect the worst just so I don't feel discouraged if I do get another Purge. But for now things are looking great and my skin has never looked so good! I am loving this Jojoba Oil!!!
  8. im so confused as to what im supposed to use first, i usually use the toner prior to the serum but i heard that can lessen the effects of the vitamin c. i would really appreciate it if someone could help me. im not sure about what ph vitamin c needs either so i dont know if the toner should be before or after. im aiming to get rid of my discoloration from past acne with the vitamin c. toner: thayers witch hazel alcohol free unscented vitamin c: derma-e vitamin c concentrated serum thank you!
  9. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to notice the Accutane was working, I woke up with my lips feeling very uncomfortable. They did not feel dry, they felt more dehydrated (In my first post I talk about how I have very dry lips to begin with so I was concerned about that).I went out to buy some Aquaphor and that helped me so much! Now remember how I had the cluster of pimples on my jawline near my chin, well on day 7 I woke up with them completely dried over (almost like a scab) and my skin in that area looked like it was wanting to fall right off. I gave it a few hours before deciding to steam and exfoliate that area, right after I did that all the dried up pimples that I had were gone and the hyper-pigmentation in that area was very very light,it was like My sin had been healing that area for a month or two(usually right after I have a breakout that bad I get very bright dark red marks that do not fade for 1- 3 months.) Now for days 8-10 I have had extremely dehydrated lips, I have to apply the Aquaphor once every hour or more, I am going to have to start exfoliating my lips once a day because my skin is flaking off so easily. It doesn't hurt its more just a very uncomfortable feeling. One positive thing is that My hair isn't oily at all, Its been three days since I have washed it and it still looks fresh!!! I woke up with two very small whiteheads on my cheeks and a big pimple right below my lip, its not bothering me that much because it is not visible it just hurts whenever I touch it. Anyway that is my update for now, I'll be back in 5 days to update you all on how everything is going! Oh yeah I forgot to mention something.My period came about 5 days late, I am on hormonal birth control and my period is very regular so I am guessing its a mixture of the HBC and 40mg that made it come late? If anyone else has had this problem while on Accutane let me know in the comments because this is kinda weird.
  10. Day 1

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    As you can see I have moderate acne, I will get maybe 5 cysts a year. I usually wake up to 2 new pimples every week which leave very bad hyper pigmentation that will last for more then 6 months. I am lucky in that I do not get bad acne on my forehead, back, and chest. I get all of my acne on my cheeks and recently it has been leaving ice pick scars, that is when I got serious about tackling my acne. Today is my first day taking 40mg, and the one thing I am nervous about is dry lips and eyes because I already have dry lips and eyelids to begin with. I'll be updating this once a week to let you know how each week has been and I will be uploading pictures of my journey once a month.
  11. Help!! My skin has erupted in loads of spots whiteheads and cysts as well as loads of little bumps with lots of redness. I used to have isolated chin acne (it was no where else) Even my cheeks were super clear- I’ll put a before and after pic below (the before is from last year) I feel like I’ve tried absolutely everything from natural remedies to creams and topical treatments right now I’m using the neutragena clearing face wash and the Liz Earle moisturiser and toner and I occasionally use the Barnier pure active face mask. I feel like I’m at the point where I’ve probably wasted £100s on treatments and it just goes in a circle:I get slightly clear and then bam I’ve got spots everywhere again it’s so embarrassing. I’m going to be 19 soon and I feel like I have the skin of a 13 year old it’s really getting ready down. Please can anyone help???
  12. So for a bit of context, the first two pics are of me before my microneedling session, and the last two are of me 1.5 months after my microneedling session. I know, crazy!! my skin has actually gotten worse because of microneedling. Is this normal??? I regret doing the treatment so much. will these new scars i have now ever fade away to a stage like it was before?
  13. Hello guys, I just want to know how serious are my acne scars (out of 10). PS: Most of them are post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or not, I'm still confused). And the images are really close enough in daylight.. Will fading away PIH improve my appearance? PICS included:
  14. I've struggled with acne since around age 12...I am now 19 and always thought I'd have it all cleared up by now but that is not the case and it's an on going battle that often feels like has no end. I started using foundations and concealers at 13 to cover the problems... I wouldnt even let my own family see me bare faced... In my own house. At age 15 I had enough and started looking into the impact of diet on acne and from that day forward I was drinking a gallon of water a day with amazing results (my face almost completely cleared) but anytime I indulge in any type of sugary, salty processed foods my face suffers greatly. My mood is entirely dependant upon how my face is doing that day and it is so completely exhausting. I haven't left my house without foundation on since I was 12..... That's 7 fucking years. My skin is so pale it holds on to ALL of the hyperpigmentation so even when my face isn't bumpy or textured it's covered in red spots from years upon years of acne, I usually get cystic acne sometimes white heads.... Currently the only thing helping me is organic jojoba oil on my face, gallon of water a day and never eating anything tasty but I still look in the mirror and see a face full of red spots so it's like nothing has changed or ever will and I feel so completely hopeless sometimes I just think it'd be easier to off myself and shed this mortal coil that has caused me so much pain. None of the friends I've had have struggled with acne so they wouldn't understand and I couldn't confide in them anyway because it's a problem I don't want to draw attention to.... Something I hope they'll overlook....thinking of someone other than my boyfriend seeing me without foundation is absolutely mortifying to me and I don't think I could bare it. I'm constantly checking mirrors to see if my makeup is still covering up all the skin on my face sometimes I wish I could just take a knife and slice all the skin off of my own face, this is not living it's merely existing and has made me a hermit and recluse essentially. This is the only place I felt o could vent where someone might understand. I've never had ANYONE to relate to about acne.
  15. Please tell me what to do with these marks. I’ve been to the dermatologist many times. But I didn’t get any satisfactory answer. I do not want to get any laser done yet. How do I fade them? It’s been a year like this.
  16. This is what my face looks like. I’ve been off accutane for 4 months now. I feel like if this redness was from acne it would’ve faded by now, could this be rosacea? Are there any laser treatments to get rid of this?
  17. About to do a TCA peel of 30%, after I have determined that my skin does not react negatively with this percentage of TCA and has healed rather quickly. I was wondering if after stop peeling from the peel itself if it would be okay to use a 2% Hydroquinone & 10 Glycolic AHA cream to help with hyperpigmentation that has been on my face years before I even started my chemical peel, this is of course if my skin is not sensitive, swollen or redness is worsened after the peeling from the TCA peel. The cream I puke be using is from Alpha Skincare, and it does not have any peeling agencies or chemicals.
  18. So for the last 2 months I had a small skin colored cyst on my cheek. (I could tell it was not a pimple because it didn’t go away for two months.) Anyway I went to my doctor before coming back to school. (Normal doctor, couldn’t get a derm. appt. soon enough) and he said “as a doctor my advice is to use the product Differin to treat your skin with medicine, but I would also say pricking it with a sterile needle isn't a bad idea.” Long story short I finally pricked the stupid thing today (regret that) and the red mark on my cheek that it left behind after squeezing everything out is pretty big, bigger than the original cyst pimple thing and it's BRIGHT RED. It’s just making me nervous because it’s stayed pretty red all day and I don’t know what to do. I shouldn't have squeezed so hard... Anyway if anyone has recommendations I’d love to hear them. I went out and got some Differin to just start using anyway but I’m not sure if that matters at this point. The time frame for all this is I pricked it this morning around 11am and its now 1am and the pictures are what it looks like now. For most of the day today I had a bandaid on it with neosporin. Sorry to ramble on I just wanted to make sure I explained everything.
  19. I have been suffering from dark spots (due to picking my face) since I was 11. Now I'm 15. Recently, I have been noticing that my face has been going lighter and lighter and now I have a skin tone that makes me look absolutely sick like a zombie...My skin tone has gone lighter, but the dark spots haven't moved at all.. I need a lot of advice to how I can get my skin tone to get a bit darker. Help me... Here's my skincare routine: - Papaya soap to cleanse - St, Ives Apricot scrub to exfoliate, - Salt water toner - Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% - Shea Butter and lemon essential oil to moisturize.
  20. Acne Scars/ pores ?

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    Hi i have a few dark spots on my skin and a some irregularities on my left cheek that I suspect to be scars.The very idea of peels and lazer treatment scares me to say the least. *Are they scars or open pores ? *Does Retin A improve the appearence of scars ? P.s I have applied #Dapsone #Benzoyl peroxide 2.5 #Adapelene #Clindamycin
  21. Please help me I'm desperate... I'm coming up to the two months mark of using Epiduo and my skin has completely transformed. I used to have extremely mild acne; some raised bumps on my forehead which were barely visible and the occasional pimple and I now have awful acne and the most awful scars. I'm wishing that I never even started Epiduo. My self esteem is ruined and I've cried myself to sleep these past few nights. My face now has so much deep, red and purple scarring (something which even when I constantly picked at my skin was never an issue before), I have acne on my cheeks where it never was before other than the rare pimple, my skin is still getting dry and I feel like my pores have gotten larger. So I thought I'd give you a run down of my experience... I've always been someone who picks at their skin and I think that probably caused me to have these minor skin issues such as barely noticeable small raised bumps on my forehead. I also started wearing foundation more often (NARS sheerglow) so in retrospect that probably was what was causing my skin to be that way. What annoyed me about my skin was these bumps and an increase in the occurrence of pimples so I wanted to go to the doctor to get rid of them so that I would stop picking at my skin which also gave it a flaky texture and could stop wearing makeup on an everyday basis. The doctor had a very quick skim of my face, said "it's acne" and prescribed me epiduo in conjunction with Doxylin 100 antibiotics to take once a day. So I began using small amounts of Epiduo on my forehead, on the middle of my cheeks (which I now wish I hadn't because I only had very sparse raised bumps) and on my chin where I has blackheads and under the skin bumps. In the first week or so I was fine and I thought I had mostly escaped the big Initial Breakout I had read about. Then it began. I got lots of raised pustules on my forehead and my face went extremely red and flaky. I hated it but I was fine because I thought I was on my way to better skin and I was in the middle of exam study so didn't go out very often or wear makeup. I also heavily resisted popping anything although I did slip up a few times but was still good. However my "initial breakout" was lasting much longer than anticipated and only seemed to be getting worse and I was getting proper pustule pimples on my cheeks which would come to a whitehead and also had a hard lump under the skin next to my mouth (is this a cyst? I've never had one before). My skin didn't burn as much when I put moisturiser on but it was quite red in the pimple ridden areas and was extremely flaky. During this period I would sometimes stop using it on my cheeks and use only a minimal amount once in a while. Keep in mind that I've never had more than 3 pimples on my forehead at once and during the few months before Epiduo had only had 3 pimples on my cheeks (which I think I picked and the scar and redness went away extremely quick). Up to the 6 week mark my skin was still awful and I began to get frustrated, especially as lots of the pimples would come to a head then never go away. So I would pick at my skin every now and then until about week 8 when most of my raised pustules were gone. However I was left with TONS of icepick, red scars (which never happened before) and I STILL HAVE BUMPS UNDER THE SKIN on my forehead. I also am still getting new pustules although not as many. Also my cheeks still had bumps under the skin, whiteheads and pustules also a few on my chin. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the type of acne I have now is really different to what i used to have and so much worse. I don't understand why picking at pimples now has caused icepick red scars when it used to sometimes scab, fall off, heal and look exactly the same. It's now past week nine and I'm just confused and extremely upset. I wish I had never gone on Epiduo and that the doctor had just referred me to a dermatologist who may have recommended me some simple products and to change my foundation (I now have begun using the bare minerals powder). I also use an even smaller amount of Epiduo on my forehead and only as a spot treatment on my cheeks. However, my right cheek (which used to be practically perfect) is just getting worse and worse and I don't know whether to stop using it there and possibly ruin it even more or keep on using it til I see results. Also I still easily get flaky, burning spots sometimes, generally around my mouth and the sides of my chin. It's annoying because now I have all these other issues and it hasn't even fixed what I wanted it to do in the first place. I feel like I've gone through a traumatic experience which is supposed to come out good... however I'm never getting to the other end and i know that even if I do, I will be left with intense scarring and texture changes which I would trade for a few bumps any day. At the moment I don't think I'm even using Epiduo to fix the issues I had before but using it to fix the problems Epiduo caused. Should I stop or keep going? I don't want anymore acne to come up and more scarring. But if I stop now I am just left with awful skin and this whole thing was a big mistake (which it already is). Also I'm worried that the new issues that have arisen will become ongoing issues even if I stop. Has anyone else had this experience? Will the scarring ever go away completely? Is it possible for my skin to go back to normal? I have no idea what to do I just want to reverse time completely and never begin Epiduo. I feel like it's ruined my skin forever The first two images are of my skin before Epiduo. The first one of my forehead was taken long before and at a particularly bumpy point(I probably had just been picking it), but you can see the texture of it although I think I had two pimples when I went to the doctors. Then my cheek was fine but I could see a few small bumps up close). The other images are during epiduo and the last two are my skin's current state.
  22. no idea acne or rosacea or cause of guess is unclean polluted water or harsh product usage..acne only occurs below eyes and chin...every single mf pimple leaves a mark/spot somewhat permenant.. what do i do? want clear skin back again so bad..lost all my self esteem and confidence. any help or idea? plz most acne is pus filled..& inflammed. going on accutane good idea? i fear it will come back due to water usage again(tap water) not really sure if water is like that or its just my excuse thanks ❤
  23. This has got me so excited I just had to share. I have been using the clarisonic for only a few weeks now and I'm shocked at how much my skin has improved. I haven't had many breakouts for the last few months and my skin is pretty clear most of the time so I figured it was time to see what I could do for my PIE and hyperpigmentation. I have done a few TCA chemical peels with minimal results (I didn't end up peeling much on my problem areas), my scarring improved slightly but it wasn't quite enough. I bought a clarisonic when I noticed quite a few clogged pores that I didn't want to turn into a full on breakout. It definitely worked wonders on the clogged pores but something else happened that I didn't expect at all; my scarring has improved significantly! I can barely notice any pitting even in the harshest of lighting. I'm over the moon about this! It helped my red marks fade even more as well. I used the Biore charcoal cleanser with it daily for two weeks which also helped unclog my pores. I recommend the clarisonic for anyone who is frustrated with the lack of improvement in their scarring. It's honestly amazing what it has done for my skin in just two weeks, definitely worth every penny!
  24. To retinol or not to retinol, that is the question. So, I am thinking about starting a new regimen for some skincare concerns I have (mainly hyperpigmentation and scarring but also anti-aging related issues too) and I want to try using Retinol, but I need some advice. I have ethnic, oily, acne prone, sensitive skin and my current skincare routine consists of a cleanser, a moisturiser and a sunscreen (I use Cetaphil for everything), also I exfoliate gently with a hand towel every now and then. I have been following this routine for a while now and I can honestly say that I hardly ever suffer from breakouts anymore (just a couple of itty bitty whiteheads once in a while). However, this routine has done nothing for my hyperpigmentation and fine lines and that's why I am interested in incorporating other things into my regimen such as retinols or acids. But I am questioning whether it is even worth it for me to try something like Retinol at this stage since my skin is practically clear from all active acne? And if I stick to my current skincare routine, I will continue to control my acne and keep my breakouts at bay but if I use retinol or other products, I know for fact that they will cause my sensitive acne prone skin to purge and breakout which in my mind will be a huge step backwards because as I already said I don't even get breakouts anymore. So I need some advice guys; should I incorporate Retinol into my regimen and trade my hyperpigmentation for new active acne, or should I just stick to my current regimen, keep my acne at bay and not worry about the hyperpigmentation too much? I know experts propose the idea that Retinol and other acne medications cause the skin to purge because it regenerates new skin cells, unclogs pores and causes acne to come to the surface of the skin that would have come out anyways but my skin is practically free from all active acne right now at least on the surface level, so wouldn't using retinol and experiencing new purges just be a big step backwards for me? Call me misinformed but my mind is telling me this; as long as my acne is invisible on the surface level, then why should I bother too much with all the breakouts on the epidermic level? those breakouts will come out to the surface by their own at a more slow and controlled pace and they will heal at their own time. Anyway, my hyperpigmentation isn't going to heal by itself. So, I will appreciate all your advice and opinions. I am open to anything. Thank you.
  25. how do I get rid of this? I’ve been applying vitamin e gel, and aloe vera on it for months. ~keep in mind this is a picked beauty mark (my dumb self picked it in middle school)