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  1. My skin was very clear when I was young (like 11-12years old ) but soon later I started getting these little bumps on my nose that weren’t normal whiteheads or blackheads I overlooked it because it wasn’t that big of a problem. Soon later it started spreading to my cheeks and the overlaps of my nose at a alarming rate . I started using facial products such as simple to wash my face but it still wasn’t stopping. I get separate spots for my period and when I know I’ve eaten a lot of bad food but it has been 3 YEARS and it has only gotten worse. Now it’s spread out to you upper lip, the whole of my cheeks, my whole nose , the bit between my eyebrows, my chin . I exfoliate twice a week I use clearsil on my skin perfecting face wash on my face and I drink a lot for water but nothing has helped M.D. is it’s starting to spread aim help me please x Sorry the pictures are not that clear p.s bumps are small in a certain area imagine 100small bumps on your cheek area
  2. Hello! So I’m an 18 year old female and weighing 115 llbs and I’ve been on 60mg of accutane for three months. Im ending my 4th month of treatment in 2 weeks and my skin is still horrible! I don’t have the typical dry skin that everyone complains about but I do have horrible eczema. That’s about it for the side effects. During my last derm appointment they said that I wasn’t improving and so they switched me from Claravis to Absorica. So it’s been a month of Absorica and the only thing I’ve noticed is that I have eczema on my hands. Will it ever get better? My treatment is supposed to end in 2 months and my skin is still so bad. I’m so embarrassed I can barely function. I’m terrified accutane won’t work for me. Has anyone else been slow to clear up and how did it turn out for you? Please help.
  3. How do I get rid of that on my cheek? Is it a scar? Idk! Help! It used to be a beauty mark but I accidentally picked it and ever since then it’s been messed up. HELP! Any tips pls!!??
  4. Severe Acne On Forehead [HELP]

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    I have had acne since I was about 12, I'm a male. But the last few months it has become worse and worse, I'm 18 now and it's absolutely destroying my confidence. I need help. Also I dont know if most if my acne is hyperpigmentation or scarring, or actual acne. I need advice really bad. The worst parts are my forehead and chin. I don't have any acne anywhere else. I change my pillow case 3 times a week. And I wash my face with water every night before going to bed. I don't do anything else to treat it. Please help.
  5. I began to struggle with acne when I was about 15 years old. During my senior year of high school, I was started on my first dose of Accutane, which was successful in clearing my acne. However, I had to stop taking the medication after 5 months because I was experiencing severe irritability and depression. I experienced terrible panic attacks for the next four years, and my acne returned, full force. During my senior year of college, I reluctantly chose to go on Accutane once again. “It’s a lower dose, so your side effects will be controlled.” These were the words spoken to me by every doctor I encountered. No one warned me that what would result months afterward would be my own personal hell. Once again, I had to stop taking this medication after 5 months, because I began to develop fatigue and migraines that were out of control. I had vision problems, and began seeing stars and spots in my periphery. I began to lose balance and I lost interest in things that I loved. My anxiety began to become off the charts, and depression began to sink in deeper and darker than it had ever been. Perhaps the worst side effect has been numbness and tingling and this prickly, almost cold-like, sensation down the left side of my body. It begins in my head and makes its way all the way to my foot. It has been constant since I stopped taking the medication. My headaches have been out of control, and I have about 3 migraines a week. I used to run half marathons and workout every day, and now I am lucky if I can get up to do yoga or go on a walk. I eat healthy, and I have seen 7 doctors in the past 5 months. Each doctor keeps diagnosing me with “Chronic atypical migraine.” My MRI showed nothing and my blood tests come back completely normal. But I can guarantee that something is not normal. I am fighting every day to find what it means to be “Normal” again. I am tired, I have headaches daily, I am anxious, I experience severe numbness and tingling, and I feel as if I have lost a lot of my zeal for life. I am writing this to see if there are any fellow friends out there who have also suffered from bizarre symptoms with no diagnosis? I do not know if Accutane is linked to these symptoms, but I truly do feel as if it plays a huge role. If you have experienced these things, PLEASE impart your knowledge or advice to me. Anything helps. Cheers and blessings!
  6. HELP! I didn’t know I wasn’t able to wax on accutane bc my derm never told me about it. I have skin ripped off under my eyes and school starts in a week and I need it healed before school!! Will it heal before school if I apply Vaseline to it everyday? So far I’ve been applying it for the past 2 days but it looks the same??? Help!!
  7. Hey, so anyone have any good suggestions for acne aftermarks? Something that makes them fade faster.
  8. how do I get rid of this? I’ve been applying vitamin e gel, and aloe vera on it for months. ~keep in mind this is a picked beauty mark (my dumb self picked it in middle school)
  9. Acne help

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    I have some scars/decolouration of the skin after some pretty bad acne over the past few years. I have been on doxycycline for around 6 months and my acne is starting to clear but I still have these marks from picking skin etc, and I want to know some of the best/quickest ways to remove and fade the colouring and marks and make my skin clear. Any home treatments, products etc will be appreciated and also anything for future prevention. Also if anyone could tell me what the name of the particular condition my face has (what type of scars) that would be awesome, Thanks
  10. Hey, I'm on here as a last resort really. I've had bumpy skin for almost 5 years now with minor pimples here and there with the occasional cyst. I honestly have no idea what these bumps are. I've tried facials, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, topical cream from my dermatologist and even recently nizoral because I heard it could be yeast related. And no change. Here and there they get smaller but nothing really changes. The bumps are really noticeable in lighting and really hurts my self esteem. They aren't itchy and aren't really red. They are also soft not hard or filled with anything like whiteheads. They are just there. They are small and consistently on my forehead, chin, nose and alongside my nose. I really need advice or ideas, I'm open to anything. My skin type is combination. I've attached a photo. I took the picture in the worst lighting to show you guys the worst it can look.Thank you for your time.
  11. Hey I just joined but I’ve read a lot of the posts here on the website and i think it’s my turn to write. So, i am a 17 year old male and ever since i was around 15ish I’ve had acne. The worst part about my acne is that it come and goes drastically. I remember at one point i had pretty much little to no acne/pimples on my face and the a few weeks later I’ll be covered with them, and then a few weeks later I’ll go back to having some acne/pimples. So i drink a shit ton of water( a lot, honestly at around a gallon and a half of water every day).I eat healthy cause i run track and field at my high school. I work out almost everyday at the gym. Almost barely touch my face, wash my face 2-3. Times a day. You would think that just with the things that i described my face would be soft and clear as ever, well it’s the opposite kinda. Like i still have acne even though i follow the things that i am supposed to do. It’s honestly a pain in the ass. I have tried almost everything that says that will cure your acne from salicylic acid, Tretinoin (both .25%, and .1%), olive oil, Aloa Vera, Vaseline, honey, lemon, egg whites, laser spot treatment(i bought it at cvs), baking soda, etc. First of all the salicylic acid, i shit you not has only worked for my chin area a nose area. If i were to apply it to a pimple near my cheek it would actually make it worse but it would help out my chin and nose area drastically, i still use it till this day cause it actually helps clear Whitehead’s a lot. The tretinoin was honestly a waste of time it did not do shit. Olive oil worked for a certain amount of time until my skin actually got worse so i stopped using it. Aloa Vera also did not do anything even though i was hoping it was gonna work because i read a lot of good things and it just made my skin red and i didn’t like that. Vaseline was bad too. Honey/lemon/egg white/baking soda were amazing but my acne still kept coming back so i barely use it now. Now the one thing that has kept my face kinda clear is Neutrogena stubborn acne spot treatment gel( that stuff would remove a pimple in a day). But it doesn’t clear acne scars. Recently I’ve been reading a lot bout unrefined shea butter and i am currently using that and so far it’s amazing.i I’ll keep you informed if you are interested on how this treatment goes. Anyways sorry it’s long but i just want anybody’s opinion. Please help what should i do?
  12. Advice? Help?

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    Alright so I literally never post on anything like this and this is my first time. I am 24 years old and I have struggled with acne since I was about 14. (10 years of this shit). My acne has never been insanely terrible in the sense of it’s covered my face from forehead to chin but it’s also not a “spot here and there” type deal. ITs pretty consistant. My face almost never 100 percent clear which sucks. I get pretty severe acne too. Cysts (I think) and all that. I’ve always got after marks/scars to deal with. I’ve tried a ton of different stuff to help. Over the counter stuff a bunch of home remedies like salt water, honey and cinnamon, tea tre oil etc. out of all the stuff i have tried the best was neturagema stubborn acne cleanser and that worked pretty well for about a year but now it doesn’t any anymore. I have suffered from severe depression and have bascially zero self confidence because of acne. I can barely look my wife in the face without feeling insecure, we cant even have dinner at the table without me having an anxiety attack over it. I don’t talk to anyone else about my battle with this. Antways, I’m at a bit of a crossroads over the last month my face is worse it’s ever been and I’m lost. I started the caveman with water routine to just stop using everything. I’m about a week into it hoping that it will “reset my skin” or something. I can’t add afford to go to a derm. I’m kinda thinking about trying the regimine on here or trying to get accutane but honestly I’m defeated. I’m tiredness of trying to fight this I feel like I could be a different person if i didn’t have acne. I’m afraid of becoming “dependant” a product, I just want normal skin, but honestly I’m to the point where I don’t care how I get it even if stuck on a treatment for the rest of my life. So any advice?
  13. help

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    Help me guys to remove this big whatever plzze guys
  14. i got prescibed accutane due to chest acne and i had some light acne on face in december 2017 and i carried on taking the 20mg dose till january 2018 then i quit accutane due to the depression i was getting and i didnt tell my doctor that i had quit accutane but she still prescribes me till this day a higher dose but i dont take it at all. january to june i had pretty much clear skin and a clear chest. but now my acne is returning on my face not my chest. what should i do??? i currently have 60mg of accutane laying around should i just start it on 60mg accutane or leave it as it is???
  15. I have taken accutane for a month and had to stop it due to me getting so deppresed, this happened back in january 2018. My skin routine is simply wash my face with cetaphill gentle skin cleanser morning and night. Dont know whats happening to my skin and how i can get rid of these spots and scars which are ruining my life and confidence!! So if you have any suggestions for how i can fix my acne please tell me!! I had light acne in the years 2015-2016 the end of 2016 and all the way up to summer 2017 i had perfect clear skin. But in the summer of 2017 i started to breakout and it caused scaring, then in september 2017 to june 2018 i only had scaring and some pimples which would pop every 2 months. Now in the summer im breaking out again what is happening??????
  16. I just wanted to share the skin care products and routine I have been using and following. I am an 18 year old male, currently on 20mg of isotretinoin per day and am on my 5th week of the treatment. I know this is a small dosage but my skin did become incredibly dry at about the week 3-4 mark and after changing to this new routine my skin is no longer dry and flakey at all and my face is less red and my acne is finally starting to improve. Morning 1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (wipe off with a soft towel) 2. Avène Skin Recovery Cream (only use on dry spots if there are any) Night 1. Shower in lukewarm water 2. Dermaveen Daily Nourish Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner (every third night) 3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 4. Avène Thermal Spring Water (pat dry face with tissue) 5. Avène Rich Skin Recovery Cream (rich: slightly thicker and more hydrating) This routine has improved my skin so so much. However, my dosage will be increasing after 2 months to 40mg per day so I may have to update the routine depending on whether this increases my skins dryness. Hope this helps!!!
  17. I'm really fed up with my skin. I can't stand living like this. I know I'm a beautiful girl but my skin makes me look so ugly. I want to stick to the caveman routine but what if I'm wasting time and I really need products too fix it. Because right now I don't know if my skin is purging or reacting. I have more breakouts then I ever did before and it's so itchy. I've cried more about my skin this week then I ever have before. It's affecting my mood, my relationships and my faith. And I can't stop wearing makeup. This may be affecting it, but I can't stop. Somebody please tell me it gets worse before it gets better or tell me to stop. I don't know what to do.
  18. Hi, been a long time reader but not a poster! I've been a neurotic skin picker for as long as I've had acne, so about 10 years now. I'm on Retin A Micro and Onexton. I picked at a spot at my face that I'm not even sure was really a clogged pore so I have no idea if anything/all of it came out. It's currently by my mouth and nose, right on the smile line and is about the size of a large mole so I covered it with makeup today to make it try to look like a mole. What can I put on it tonight to make it go down/heal faster? Will Aquaphor work? Im kicking myself for picking it. I need help to not pick
  19. I normally have relatively clear skin, however, I’ve had these red “indents” in my skin for around 2-3 years now and I’m not sure what they are but nothing I do helps make them fade or go away. I’ve tried cetaphil, cerave, micellar water, st. ive’s, and I’m now using plain old aveeno eczema baby wash and have seen no difference using any of those products. I spoke to my dermatologist about it and he said “it’ll go away in a few months” although I repeatedly told him it had been years since I noticed them. It has now been months since I spoke with the dermatologist about them and still no progress whatsoever. Does anyone know what these are?? Or tips on how to help make them go away??
  20. Please help me, this is upsetting me to the point of tears. I have been recently perscribed Duac, and I am hating it. I cant use ANY sort of skincare product before applying Duac or my skin becomes extremely painful and burns. I've tried applying less product, using it less often, and various different skincare on my face ranging from completely natural stuff (even 100% raw virgin coconut oil burned me) I have oily skin and i literally feel like i CANNOT go without cleansing/toning/moisturizing. What do i do about all this? Do I continue to use Duac? Ask my doctor for something different? I dont even think the stuff is clearing my skin up all that much anyway. I know its not supposed to be instant, but it still makes me want to give up on using it and just find myself some better skincare or something. I think its also worth pointing out that I have Asbergers which means breaking or stopping a daily routine (in this case my skincare) can cause me a ton of stress, discomfort, and lack of ability to sleep at night. I always do the same stuff before going to bed, and if i don't do something that I usually would, I can't stop thinking about it and I literally can't sleep until I get up and do it. (This is why this is really bugging me).
  21. Ance Scars

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    Can someone tell me what treatment I need? This shit is making me depressed also I have not been outside in 3 months. I can't stop hating myself for what happened to my face.
  22. Hi! I'm 15 years old and I've been struggling with acne since I was about 11. I have taken accutane 3 times, and I'm currently on it. Right now I don't have much active acne aside from the occasional breakout, however I have some pretty severe PIE from previous acne. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to get rid of these red marks without causing breakouts. I am scared of damaging my skin by using some of the recommended products I've seen which is why I am seeking suggestions specific to my situation. Thanks!!
  23. Hey guys. I badly need help. I’ve been being really conscious and pressured at clearingmy acne. Im literally the one that tried EVERY SINGLE OTC products- from facial washes, peeling agents (astringents/Salicylic/Hydroquine/tretinoin) soaps, creams. Ok, heres my background. Im from a tropical country and a student, the only product that has decently (decent for me means that after using that product, no more than one or two new pimples will pop out) worked on me are peeling agents specifically Hydroquine-Tretinoine. Its a product I discovered that features both anti acne and clears the spots (literally). while the skin peels, removing all the darkspots and my old skin, not even a sngle acne popped out. The only thing I hated about this kind of product (peeling) is that my face gets SO red. Trust the bold and caps. When I use this product, I make sure that I will NOT even put a foot outside our hide because if I cant even manage to look at my own face, how can others, right? It only takes one week domt worry Here’s what it does: Day 2 you will get darn red, day 3 you get a darker shade of red, day 4-6 shedding, day 7 you will have a literally naked skin. it looks so bare to the point that your skin is not dry, not oily, and not elastic. This is the point that I take care of it extremely- I sleep facing towards the ceiling, moisturizes, and use mild soaps. It was rainbows and unicorns at first, but fuck it was bad when i recall it and I dont wan to experience it again. Right now, i want to try out Benzac- the 2.5 one since I read a lot of good infos about it as well as reviews. Still, I cant get the courage to but it right now even if i can since i have lots of questions going through my head and google can asnswer it directly. Please, what I need is answers not background. There are times that when you give an answer and explain yourself, it makes the reader confused of what you are trying to say. Are you saying yes, no, or just explaining the effects of it? Q1: Im from a tropical country, shall I expect redness from using Benzac. I am expecting micropeeling like how kojic soap makes my skin very lightly peel to the point I see flakes of skin BUT it doesnt make my skin red. Yeah Benzac is my last resort. Im planning on turning to lasers and microneedling stuffs. Im really sad to say this unlike otc products that gives really blurred answers on my questions, dermatological procedures has very enlightening and clear answers. Q2: My reciepts are the proof of my trial and error. Shall I try my luck with Derma procedures like fractional needling?
  24. I have had severe acne for a long time. I am currently using a topical salylicic acid, bactrim, and 40 mg isotretinoin daily. I feel like I maybe doing this the wrong way and that these are hyperpigmentation scars. Can hyperpigmentation be treated with isotretinoin, bactrim, or topicals? I am seriously depressed because of how my face looks, why me? Everyone else is normal... Should I consider dermarolling or laser treatments? Thank you all in advance.